No Face

This Japanese urban legend is called “No Face” and is about Nopperabou, a creature from Japanese folklore.

No Face

Though the No Face is able to appear to others like a normal person, this is just an illusion. The Nopperabou really lacks eyes, a nose or a mouth. Instead of normal human features, nopperabou have only smooth skin. People who encounter nopperabou usually do not immediately realize that they are talking to something that is otherworldly, as the creatures are able to create the illusion that they have a normal human face.

A nopperabou will wait for the right moment before causing their features to disappear, scaring the person they are speaking with. People usually run into nopperabou at night in lonely rural settings, although they can appear anywhere as long as the area is deserted. The nopperabou’s primary purpose is to scare humans, but beyond that they do not seem to have any sort of agenda.

One famous nopperabou story is Lafcadio Hearn’s Mujina. The story is short and deftly describes an encounter with a nopperabou, but it is also the source of much confusion. In the story, Hearn refers to the creatures as mujina, which is actually a different type of creature altogether (a sort of badger). This mistake has caused a lot of Western readers to mix up the names for nopperabou and mujina, and even today you will run across authors and scholars that are using the wrong name. Regardless, the story itself is a very typical tale of nopperabou mischief.


  1. hachishakookisama says

    I once had a dream about a faceless woman stalking me.She did not harm me but she really scared me…😶

  2. LivefromtheTARDIS says

    There are lots of Japanese horror stories,espescially on thiswebsite…SFK,have you ever been to Japan?

  3. Curious Shubhi says

    Nice one. It is similar to “THE FACE IN THE DARK” by an Anglo-Indian writer Ruskin Bond.

  4. CasHere says

    The two things I think of:
    1) No-Face from Spirited Away
    2) the Pict from Hetalia: Paint it, White!
    If I’m not mistaken though Japan says that the Pict remind him of Nopperabou…
    Watch the Hetalians take over this post…slowly…
    Marukaite Chikyuu…
    Marukaite Chikyuu…
    Marukaite Chikyuu…
    Boku Hetalia.
    Hatafutte, Hatafutte, Hatafutte Paredo….

  5. zombie_pegasister says

    slenderwoman she lives in japan i think i would still talk to a person without a face as long as they where nice and didnt try to steal my face i mean if slenderman didnt try to kill people i would probably talk to him. One of my friends said that if slender man had a face and all that he would be sexy because he is tall and skinny XD

  6. quietwriterofepitaphs says

    Slendy’s got a girlfriend, that he’ll never see again XD wait does that mean that he could have seen her before o.o

  7. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    Slenderman’s girlfriend! Oh, and yeah…animefruba is right. No butt grabbing for once!

  8. superkid says

    not even scary!!! if that stupid no face come to me i will kik her out of the glass windows! lol!

  9. animefruba says

    So they just scare you right? That is weird no butt grabbing, face cutting ,or bathrooms.

  10. Disasters GoOn says

    I know it’s a stupid question, but how can he/she breathe? Or do they even need to breathe?

  11. Paradise says

    It doesn’t say they kill you, just scare you…I’d still be terrified either way…

  12. ShadowHuntress says

    @PikaPower23 I think that’s where they got the inspiration for the pictonians from. Also in the movie Japan says that the pictonians remind him of a myth in his culture, the nopperabou.

  13. Midnight Spirit says

    Creepy legend, but @Gothicchick19 is right. What happens if you AREN’T scared, realizing its a Nopperabou and not fearing it?

  14. sophiemo says

    i had one of them in my dream once, then i looked up ”faceless ghost” and it came up with ” noppera bö”.

    then i was like ” now i know why my bf ddnt have a face :s ”

  15. Eva says

    marzzay how can he eat u if she has no mouth?? XD
    anyways i think she disappears or becomes confused or something but definitely not eat you.

  16. nightmares4545 says

    i do agree with gothicchick19. what happens?
    other wise this is a scary legend.

  17. Nya says

    I once heard that No Face tries to steal your face if they run into you. I wonder if that has any truth to it.

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