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Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion is a scary true ghost story about a real haunted mansion in Fairfield County, Ohio. They say it is haunted by the ghosts of a family who died there years ago under mysterious circumstances. Update: Sadly, Mudhouse Mansion doesn’t exist anymore. It was torn down by the owner on Sept 21, 2015.

Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion was a haunted house located outside Lancaster, Ohio. According to locals in Lancaster, the house was built in the early 1800s by a government official who lived there after the Civil War. The man still kept slaves in Mudhouse Mansion, even though it was illegal. It seems this man didn’t abide by the law and kept his slaves locked up in an outbuilding at night.

He treated his slaves very poorly and conditions were so bad that one slave started building a tunnel underneath the wall of the outbuilding. He dug a little every night after the lights in the mansion had gone out and the slaveowner and his family had gone to sleep. Eventually his tunnel was completed and he squeezed himself down the small opening and came up on the other side of the wall.

In the dead of night, he crept towards the mansion, slipped the lock on the back door, tip-toed up the staircase and killed everyone inside. In the morning, locals discovered what had happened, but all the slaves had escaped and no-one was ever charged with the crime.

The house lay vacant for years afterwards and neighbors heard strange groans and shrieks coming from within the empty mansion. Everyone believed it was haunted by the ghosts of the slaveowner and his family. Nobody dared to enter the menacing looking building.

According to local legend, a man actually did buy the house in 1892 and moved in with his wife and their 3 children. Neighbors saw the family moving in, unloading their belongings from trucks and carrying them into the house.

And then… nothing. Neighbors never saw them again. The family never left the house. Neighbors thought it was very odd for a family of 5 to spend all their time indoors. When one neighbor looked out her bedroom window, all she could make out was the figure of a woman, dressed all in white, standing at the second floor window. The figure wasn’t doing anything, just standing there, staring at her.

When the neighbor looked again, the following day, she saw the figure again, standing in the same position. Every day, whenever the neighbor looked at Mudhouse Mansion, the figure was always there. Standing in exactly the same position.

Mudhouse Mansion Story

On the 10th day, she called the police and asked them to investigate. When policemen broke into the mansion and climbed the stairs to the second floor, they were greeted by a terrible sight.

All 5 family members were hanging lifeless from the ceiling. They were all dressed in white nightgowns. It appeared that they had taken their own lives. The figure the neighbor had seen was the mother of the family. And she hadn’t been standing at the window, she had been hanging there… for 10 whole days.

Mudhouse Mansion

After that, nobody would live in the house and it has remained vacant to this day. People still come to visit the old mansion but the current owner will not allow anyone to enter the property. Sometimes, she sits outside with a shotgun in her lap, to frighten off trespassers. She is afraid that if anyone goes in, they will never come out alive.

Local children call it “Mary’s House” and tell each other that the famous Bloody Mary of legend grew up there. People who live in the area say that on cold dark nights, you can sometimes still see the figure of a woman, all in white, standing motionless at the second floor window.

Mudhouse Mansion Ghost


  • I was thinking I had read this already on scaryforkids and then I saw that the comments dated back to 2009 and realized that this had just been updated :P

  • Maybe sfk wanted us to know that the mansion is demolished… Since the date this story was updated and the day it got demolished is the same

  • I have read this story before. but its fine my old memories are back it was a really a very very very scary story and video was creepy too. But i think when came last time I didn’t see the video.
    But I have a doubt how can the woman who was staring from the window can be hanging I mean to say that how can it looked like she was staring at someone and also she was hanging I mean some rope must be held her hand and neck… can’t the lady who saw this see the Rope hanging around the neck?
    anyway nice story but when I saw the that pic I thought it was a white cupboard beside the window but when I read the story I found out that it was the girl haha so funny lol.

  • Awesome story! It gave me chills, especially the pictures. Btw, yesterday? It was torn down yesterday? Cooool. Let’s just hope that the future buildibgs in that place wouldn’t be haunted.

  • For ten days?? Thats horrible… I guess what people say about the chain of hatred never ending is true for most of the cases

  • This is the most scariest story I ever read well, not really can’t believe its real. If I ever go there I will kick those ghosts’ butt. Lol

  • Hey people! Umm, does anyone else reckon it wasent the 2nd owners who killed themselves?? Amd umm yeah.

  • Well, People who moan about where they live now can be gratefull because they wouldn’t want to live here!!

  • I’ve personally been in the mansion and I was scared to death. Every turn I made I felt like something was touching my shoulder and following me. I saw signs on the walls stating to get out and such like that. I was really into the whole ghost story/haunted houses stuff but after I went into that mansion, I will NEVER set foot into another one again. Not even one that’s set up as an amusement.

  • I lived about 3 miles from there growing up. As a resident of that community, it was kind of like a right of passage to sneak into Mudhouse mansion. My mom and her friends did it and so did we. The adrenaline sneaking up to the house is intense. When you get inside the house, it is very weird. I still remember the feeling of an eerie presence. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was definitely a scary experience. This was over 24 yrs ago and I still remember that feeling.

  • i was reading these stories at 3 in the morning and everyone was sleeping, and i think i almost starting crying at this story, out of all the stories, why did this one have to have the most pictures. the pictures scared the hell outta me

  • I actually live next to Mudhouse Mansion and I can see the ghosts of the hung people at night! Scary!

  • i passed this place all the time me wanna go in! and dear mr. scary for kids will you please start making more youtube videos i just love them!

  • i feel sorry for the woman. well, i must admit, the first owner really was a JERK. and i feel sorry for his family, cuz it was HIS fault that they were all killed!! but the poor woman (2nd owner) was so pretty lol!! and it looked as if she was wearing a wedding gown, not a night gown..!!!

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