Mother and Child

Mother and Child is a sad and spooky story about a woman who has a car accident on a lonely country road.

Mother and Child

Late one evening, a married couple were driving down a dark country road, which served as a shortcut across a mountain. The narrow road curved dangerously and the thick fog that covered the valley made the journey a bit treacherous.

Suddenly, they saw a woman stumble out into the middle of the road. The husband slammed on the brakes and came to a stop right in front of her. The woman’s clothes were bloody and she was waving frantically. The couple got out of the car to see what was wrong with her.

The bleeding woman explained that she had been in an accident. Her car had skidded off the road and rolled down the cliff. She told them that her child was still stuck inside the wreck and begged them to help.

Despite the heavy fog, the husband scaled the steep cliff and made his way to the bottom, guided by the cries of the child. There was an adult slumped over the steering wheel, but the man could see the person was beyond help. Using all his strength, he forced the boot open, then reached in and rescued the baby. Holding the child against his shoulder, he climbed back up the hill with great difficulty.

He reached the top, eager to reunite the mother and child, but he realized that the woman was nowhere to be seen. When he asked where the woman had gone, his wife told him that she had followed him down to the scene of the crash.

Leaving the crying child with his wife, the man made his way back down the steep incline. He checked the front seat and found the dead person still slumped over the steering wheel. When he moved the dead body to look at the face, he was shocked to discover that it was the woman who had flagged them down.


  1. Nightmare_Wolf says

    I’ve heard of this story when I was watching tv the couple were driving down the road until they see a naked girl on the side on the road…I’m skipping tho they went to go see the girl but when they discoverd a car there
    Was that boy still alive and the dead girl was the drivers seat dead it may be different because I was watching it on tv

  2. the dead emma says

    awww so cute :) the mom waz a dead ghost but the baby waz alive so she wanted to help her baby :) sad :(

  3. bensbuddy123 says

    Aww! Saving her child even after death, now that’s the kinda mother I wanna be! :D

  4. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    1.) in the pic, the kid is naked.
    2.) @XxKaMmYrOcKeRgIrLxX They didn’t save the baby for nothing. They saved it out of the goodness of their hearts.

  5. GhostGirl1607 says

    AAAWW she came back as a ghost and got the couple to save the baby for her

  6. I call myself demented says

    Why have none of you guys said anything about hoping that the couple adopts the dead woman’s baby?!?! Because I do!!!

  7. x pinkblood x says

    i live in vegas hahahah sucks i also go to school with delisous svreams hhiiiii hhaaayyyyklllleeeyyy oops sorry if you did not people to know that hey when is this site going to get a udated look????

  8. BloodymaryBloodymaryBloodymary says

    Proves ghosts have feelings….That is so touching that she saved the baby even after she had died. No words to explain how beautiful this story really is….

  9. imgianna says

    Aaaaaaaaw… So sweet!!!!! The mother did that for the child to be saved and did not care for herself </3

  10. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    ahh but reno and carson city is like 3 or 4 hours away from where i live, but its ok

  11. xFenrirWolfsbanePotterx says

    That’s actually really sad. :( My Nan died in a car accident, and when I was driving with my mum I swear that I saw my Nan in the spot where her car crashed. Even though it’s been a donkey’s-years since the incident, I still feel her with me. Anyroad, great story.
    (By the way, sorry for my British slang, like anyroad and donkey’s-years. I know that might not make much sense to some. :P)

  12. XxKaMmYrOcKeRgIrLXx says

    Lemme get this straight. the women was a ghost and they saved the child for nothing? did they keep the child the ending needs to be more specific but anyway good story.

  13. GirlMurderer says

    @MerrBearBallet OMG! Really?! I live in Nevada. I hope I’m not giving any personal info.

  14. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Wow, she’s a great mother, even after her death :’)
    I loved this story :)

  15. Horror Head says

    I think I have read this story somewhere on this site…
    Anyway, touching story

  16. killerkat101 says

    Aww that is so sweet, but a really sad story that they won’t be together ='(

  17. MerrBearBallet says

    oh this is actually based on a true story that took place in nevada. the kid is all grown up now

  18. Dead Girl XXx says

    Oh my god its so sad :'( And the mother and the couple were so nice :’) ADORED! <3

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