Long Hair

The Long Hair in the Attic is a Japanese horror manga by Junji Ito. It’s about a girl with long hair who gets dumped by her boyfriend.

Long Hair

A teenage girl named Chiemi is out on a date with her boyfriend. She is shocked when he breaks up with her, He tells her it’s because of her looks. She tried to look her best for him, but he still isn’t satisfied. He lets her out of the car and drives off.

Long Hair

When she goes home, her sister, Eri, tells her that they have a problem with mice in the attic. Chiemi can hear them scurrying about in the ceiling above her bedroom, making a noise like: Tep… Tep… Tep… Tep… Tep…

Long Hair

Chiemi is very depressed about her breakup. She takes out an old picture of herself and her ex-boyfriend together and burns it. Then, she cries herself to sleep.

Long Hair

The next morning, when Chiemi wakes up, she is disgusted to find a dead mouse tangled up in her hair.

Long Hair

She runs into the bathroom and washes it out.

“How could a mouse get into my hair?” she wonders. “So disgusting!”

Chiemi decides to cut off all her hair and asks Eri to help her.

Long Hair

Eri goes downstairs to ask her mother for a scissors. All of a sudden, they hear Chiemi screaming. When they rush upstairs, they are horrified by what they see. Chiemi’s decapitated body is lying on the floor.

Long Hair

Eri and her mother start screaming. Pandemonium breaks out. The neighbors hear the cries and come to help. Nobody can understand what happened and Chiemi’s head is nowhere to be found.

“It’s the mice!” Eri screams. “They chewed it off!”

The police are called, but they can’t find the head either. All they can determine is that it was cut off with some sort of sharp blade. Some of the neighbors think Chiemi committed suicide, but if that’s the case, then where is her head?

A week later, Chiemi’s ex-boyfriend is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call. When he answers it, there’s no one on the other end of the line, just a strange noise. Krish… Krish… Krish… It sounds like someone grinding their teeth.

Long Hair

Eri wants to check the attic for mice, so she asks her father for a flashlight. He insists on going into the attic to check for himself. Eri waits at the bottom of the ladder. When he doesn’t come back, she calls his name, but he doesn’t answer. Cautiously, Eri climbs the ladder and peeks into the attic.

Long Hair

She finds her father slumped against the wall. She checks his pulse, but he’s dead and there is a look of sheer terror on his face.

Long Hair

When she looks around, she sees something that horrifies her. Chiemi’s severed head is hanging there, suspended from the rafters by the hair.

Long Hair

Eri reaches out to touch the head, but it swings away. The long hair is moving as if it’s alive.

Long Hair

The hair pulls open Chiemi’s eyes and pulls back her lips, making her grind her teeth.

Long Hair

The long hair unhooks itself from the rafters and slithers across the attic floor, dragging the head behind it. Eri follows it as it drops through the hatch and crawls down the stairs.

Long Hair

As the hair slithers out of the house and vanishes into the night, Eri realizes that her sister’s hair came to life and killed her because it didn’t want to be cut off.

The hair goes to the house of Chiemi’s ex-boyfriend and it torments him, slowly crawling through the cracks in the walls and ceiling.

Long Hair


  1. HorrorFanGirl says

    i also shaved my hair in march and donated to little princess trust, it was 32 inches of curly locks lol, so glad i did that before it strangled me XD

  2. HorrorFanGirl says

    ik i already commented in January last year but this is my fave story on sfk because it the creepiest story on sfk, lol makes sense!!!!!!

  3. Mary Shaw says

    I’m happy I cut like a lot of my hair off in third grade… I cut it up to my shoulders… I haven’t let it get to much longer than shoulder length and I never will

  4. HorrorFanGirl says

    this has honestly got to be the creepiest story ive read! that pic of her head and hair IS SO DARN SCARY!! I will never cut my hair:((

  5. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Hmmm…seems incomplete….ha the head looks all cool hanging in the attic…kinda seems lame that the hair came to life…so the hair kill the rat too or what? Hmmm idk still kinda cool I suppose…but I wanted the ex to die haha…

  6. Princess Of The Dead says

    I wanted to get long hair but I never got to bc its very curly 💇 Anyways I dont want it to come alive 😂 Take THAT long haired friends!!


    Creepy! Hair ghost for the first time! I wonder how come her hairs suddenly got out of control suddenly one day when her boyfriend broke up. Does the hair love her boyfriend and was angry at him when he left her.

  8. Sandertv says

    Wow thats pretty weird lol, how was it possible the hair came to life?? lol i like this story though.

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