The Kuntilanak is a female ghost from Indonesian folklore. She is usually described as a woman with pale skin and long black hair covering her face, dressed in a long white gown. They say that instead of eyes, she had vacant black holes in her face. The Kuntilanak also has a hole in the back of her neck.


The Kuntilanak is the ghost of a pregnant woman who died before her child was born. According to the legend, she stalks women, especially pregnant women, and tries to steal their babies. She makes sounds like a baby crying. If the crying is near, it means she is far away. If the crying is far away, it means she is near. SHe usually lurks in tall trees, old buildings and by the edge of a river or lake. Some Indonesian people believe that the sight of a Kuntilanak can drive you insane.

In the ghost photo above, a group of Indonesian teenagers were having a party in their backyard. Supposedly, they took a photo and were horrified to discover the ghostly figure of a Kuntilanak lurking in the background.

According to one story, a young Indonesian woman was returning to her college campus late at night. It was dark and there were only a few cars on the street. She decided to get a taxi and flagged down a mini-bus. On a darkened street, the mini-bus suddenly stopped. The girl looked out the window, thinking that another passenger must be getting on. She looked in the front seat and saw that the driver was gone. He had run away. Outside the door of the mini-bus, stood a woman in a white dress with an extremely pale face and long black hair. The woman was staring directly at her. She was trapped inside the mini-bus and could not escape. The next morning, people found her still inside the mini-bus, cowering on the floor with a terrified look on her face. She was sent to psychiatric ward and never recovered from the experience.

They say that the Kuntilanak is afraid of sharp objects and will not attack a woman if she is carrying either a nail, a knife or a scissors in her handbag. She can be killed by driving a nail into the hole in the back of her neck.


  1. dr.dead says

    Why fo most of the malaysian and indonesion ghosts wtitten here have a hole behind their back?

    Are the some kinds of robots with those holes charging points?

  2. Yuutsu Aiko says

    I have plenty of sewing needles, pins, tacks, and a pair a scissors…. I think I’m good

  3. fyuhi says

    When I was on vacation in Indonesia, I have seen this ghost.
    I saw it in my cousins house at 22:00 I think.
    I was just drawing and wanted to throw some dirt from my eraser away when I saw her in the guestroom.
    She had indeed her hair in front of her face, but I did not heard a baby cry.

    The day after I drew her and my aunt recognized her and told me she sees her often at my cousins house.
    That was also the reason why my little cousin was always crying at their house.

    Also, I was always outside at night, sitting in front of the house at a manga tree. Nobody ever wanted to go with me, but they never told me why. :(

  4. Nikki Sixx says

    <.< I always have A needle hidden in a beaded necklace. I wear it a lot of the time. I'm safe. Plus I keep Daggers on a belt at times. c: I'm one hell of a weapon holder. ~Nikki

  5. Candy Sally says

    Kuntilanak doesn’t always appear as pregnant woman. Sometimes it appears as beautiful woman so people won’t realize if she’s a ghost. Btw i’m from Indonesia

  6. bunnygirl says

    I’m scared of dolls but for sum reson I have like 3. IS THERE SOMETHING WITH ME???? Oh I had a dream that my dolls ate my family and me!! Wait my dolls where in my room. Why r they in the living room?? (2 minites later….) AHHHHH HELP MEEEEEE I’M GETTING EATEN BY MYY DOLLLLLLLLSS!! HELPPPPPP MEEEE!!!!!!1

  7. Night Wolf says

    Eww the pic of the ghost looks like me after a shower… >.< LOL something else too: The battery notification of the phone scared me while reading this! XD

  8. PinkGhostieGirl says

    Okay, this is really weird, but the Kuntilanak sounds a lot like a doll I had a dream about… The doll had black hair and empty holes for eyes. It was a pretty scary dream.

  9. MrPsychokiller69 says

    they had that too in Philippines, they can be avoided because they have bones. They’re not dead person or spirits but they are real people just like us, except they are capable of changing themselves into something different……….yes if the sound is near means they’re far, it’s it’s far it means it’s somewhere near you……………………………….you can avoid them by some chant or something, but it’s very effective and you can only acquire it if the one who knew will inflect you or transfer it to you.

  10. Nini Noggin Head says

    This is a pretty creepy legand but what really freaks me out is that photo.

  11. DeathAwaitsYou says

    @kuntilanak- Hey it’s like a Malay movie tittled Tolong! Awek aku pontianak! It’s was funny but I still don’t get it.

  12. soulserenade says

    YO! this is for all indonesians, thank u for bringing ur stupid ghost to my country! i still dont like indonesia.

  13. QStarrDaze says

    Lol, Chuck Norris doesn’t need a knife, nail, or scissors… The sight of him can drive her insane. 😂

  14. reTARDIS says

    you guys probably wont have time to kill her because if you really saw her you’d freak out. she makes a creepy laughing noise when she’s around..

  15. DeathAwaitsYou says

    @Blazingflame16 she watches other girls bcoz it’s her habit! I’m so lucky I don’t live in Indonesia! I live in Malaysia!

  16. Eszmerrelda says

    Luckly there is a pair of sissors on the head stand on my bed…. I am SAFE!!!

  17. Icyblu4211 says

    Who would want $400,000 worth of crap and piss and crying if you’re a ghost with no money?

  18. Icyblu4211 says

    She can be killed? She’s a frickin ghost! Not Jack the Ripper. Why would she steal the babies anyway?

  19. im_watching_you says

    @cookie monster make sure theyre under your bed or on a night stand or you might kill yourself

  20. venom says

    heyy everyone im new here i lk this story and the other japenese storys here i lk them except later i get scared lk red cape blue cape anyone ever read that story it made me scared to use restrooms in public bathrooms

  21. GroolingGrime says

    i was looking up and down the picture tryin to find the white women when i was about to give up i seen it and screamed i wonder if thats just a women dressed up

  22. hernandez99 says

    This story was cool but it wasn’t scary cuz if she wants a baby y can’t she adopt one its simple

  23. rockstar55501 says

    Interesting..but a woman should already carry a sharp object in her bag just in case someone tries to mug her, rape her, or harass her.

  24. erynnemily says

    actually, kuntilanak does not disturb pregnant women. She likes to disturb mens. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have kuntilanak. In Malaysia, we call her pontianak. Nowdays, people always saw her after 12am. No one have seen her face yet, some people say pontianak/kuntilanak face is very ugly, that’s why she hides her face behind the long hair.

  25. mastersofscare says

    This was really creepy but I’m not pregnant or Indonesian so I’m good!😊

  26. kuntilanak says

    I think kuntilanak doesnt have a hole in her back. the one with a hole in her back is SUNDEL BOLONG bolong means hole in indonesian, and if you drive a big nail in kuntilanak head, the kuntilanak will turn into a beautiful woman and you could marry her, but don’t pull the nail or she will turn into a ghost again.
    sorry for my grammar i’m indonesian

  27. Shinigamis Shadow says

    Thanks to my dad,I no how 2 fight xD n if i heard a bby cry that was far,I would have run til my legs were a blur like in the cartoons xD

  28. BloodyBloodjr says

    Thatscreepy! @cookie_monster I don’t think that sleeping with a knife is a good idea :S

  29. PeanutBrittle says

    @Banana phone
    hmm, i don’t know why they would be disappearing unless SFK accidentally deleted them. And yeah, for my first comments on this site it said they were awaiting moderation.
    Yep I’ve seen the grudge! It creeped me out more than scared me, but it was really good.

  30. Dead Girl XXx says

    The pic isnt real, is it? o_O
    And by the time I get pregnant, this ghost would have gotten bored of wandering around stealing babies and just date another ghost and live happily ever after XD

  31. Banana phone says

    rage man 99 (my brother)so you’re comments disapperaring too peanut brittle do you get tested at the start if your comments are nice or not? lol have you guys seen the grudge

  32. Rage-Man99 says

    @Peanut Brittle. That’s why me and Banana Phone(My brother) comments kept dissapearing :P.
    @Banana Phone. That explains it :L

  33. Duality says

    @Dragon Slayer
    I don’t think so – it kinda looks like something made in an app. Sorry to dissappoint bud :(

  34. PeanutBrittle says

    @Banana phone
    that’s because when you register the first comment(s) you make have to get approved or something and then after that you don’t see it anymore

  35. B-Lovely says

    I sleep with a pair of scissors above my bed also. Actually I had 3 pairs but I broke one and one of the others is dull. LOL :’D

  36. soulserenade says

    u better believe it! In east timor (where i come from) we call her Pontiana, they say that the indonesians bought her to our country when they tried to take over and started the war. AND she usually lurks in the oldest trees, AND three students were travelling to the mountains and decided to eat in front of an old tree, actually, there were 4 students. Cause one student took a photo but noting came up, all normal. Untill he printed it or something, everybody could clearly see a woman with white robes and black hair floating. But they couldnt see her face cause her hair covered it. And all those students went insane, always blacking out and talikng nonsense

  37. Banana phone says

    lol rashona BTW rage man 99 my comments are finally getting onto the website

  38. Banana phone says

    This story is so cool nice story beiberzmyne and also weird comment terrorteller I wouldnt do that because what if you wriggled around a lot and pushed the pillow out of the way then accidentaly cut your head with the knife!

  39. Terrorteller says

    I sleep with a large pocket knife under my pillows. Just to help me sleep, but also so of anything comes after me, I won’t feel defenseless.

  40. reTARDIS says

    Also, i’m always scared at driving at nights in my dad’s car because i think i really really will see one. We live at a small neighborhood and there aren’t many much people. And there is a big, tall tree in front of our house. When my dad’s car arrive at night at our front gates, i have to open them, so it gave me the creeps.

  41. reTARDIS says

    I’m Malaysian and in our country, it’s called “Pontianak”. I’m pretty sure the picture above is fake. If you want to see a real one, try typing them out at Youtube or Google Images. And yes, the legend is real. Also, i’m always scared at driving at nights in my dad’s car because i think i really really will see one. *shudders*

  42. That_Kid_Ali says

    I have an Indonesian friend named Hen-hen. Imma ask her if shes heard this story…

  43. htfnutty4575 says

    The woman was saring at her? I think you made a mistake and sorry for being a grammar nazi.

    Scaryforkids says: Well spotted. Thanks. Fixed!

  44. Dimka says

    I sleep every night with a huge knife by my bed, I have my reasons and I like anything that is sharp and dangerous. :D And by the way, I have seen some crazy stuff, so I don’t think seeing her will drive me crazy. This website has made my very parinoid, but it is sooooooo addicting!!!!

  45. killerkat101 says


  46. BieberzMyne says


    At night, a lot of things seem scarier than they would normally. Like silly little nightmares, or interesting looking shadows on your wall. Or rain. Normally, I like the rain. I’ve lived in Phoenix my whole life, so rain was uncommon enough to be fun and beautiful instead of annoying. But when it’s four in the morning and the rain is creaking and tapping against your window, suddenly it doesn’t seem so beautiful anymore.
    I told myself not to look. In my sleep deprived hysteria, I somehow felt that looking would make whatever I imagined was behind my window real – or worse, let it in. As I dug my fingernails into my arm to wake myself up in case I was dreaming, I told myself I was being stupid, there couldn’t be anything there. The tapping against my window were just the raindrops. The low howls and growls were just the wind. The unearthly creaking were just the sounds my old window made as it tried to fight the rain back. And the trudging sound every so often disrupting the rocks outside was… was my dog, of course. But didn’t the tapping sound too rhythmic and hard for just raindrops? Didn’t the howls and growls sound more like… well, just that, howls and growls? Why hadn’t I heard the creaking noise before, in even harder rain? And didn’t my dog know to come in out of the rain? And not to be repetitive or anything, but since when could the rain keep a beat as it tapped persistently against my window? I tried to ignore it, I tried to stop hearing it, Tap tap tap, tap tap tap, tap tap tap… I told myself I wasn’t scared, and that didn’t seem to be growing louder, TAP tap tap, TAP tap tap, TAP tap tap… I wanted more than anything to sleep, no matter how hard I tried, It just kept echoing in my brain, TAP TAP tap, TAP TAP tap, TAP TAP tap… I didn’t look, I just stared in front of me, as the fear warped my eyes and made things seem to move and whisper, and lights slowly go out, TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP. I grabbed my blanket and threw it over me, hiding my face in my little tent, and for a second there was no sound but my rapid breaths. It was the rain. I whispered it to myself fervently. It was the rain making the tapping against my window, it was the rain making it creak and groan, and it was the rain hitting the rocks as it dripped over the side of my house. And it was the rain sliding my window open.

  47. PeanutBrittle says

    it seems like most in Asian scary legends, especially in Japanese legends, that the ghost has long black hair covering her face like the grudge

  48. The Writer says

    I’ve heard of this legend before! My friend is Indonesian and she told me that you can stab her also in her eyes o3o

  49. ShadowHuntress says

    This was kinda creepy. But I don’t live in Indonesia so I don’t have to worry.

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