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House of Mirrors

The House of Mirrors is a creepy true story about an abandoned mansion in Cadiz, Spain that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who was murdered by her own mother.

House of Mirrors

There is a house in the old part of the Spanish city of Cadiz, that is known as “La Casa de los Espejos” or “The House of Mirrors”. It is an imposing and elegant three-story house with architecture that evokes its Spanish past. This innocent facade fools no one because anybody in Cadiz who belives in ghosts and knows the mansion’s history, always steers well clear of the place at night.

Legend has it that, years ago, an important Admiral in the Spanish navy lived in the house with his wife and young daughter. The Admiral’s job meant that he was often away from home for long periods of time as his ship traveled from port to port. His journeys took him to many different and exotic foreign countries.

They say the Admiral loved and cherished his beautiful daughter more than life itself. Whenever he left, his daughter would wave goodbye with tears streaming down her cheeks. She missed him more than anything else in this world. His daughter collected mirrors and so, as a token of his deep affection for her, each time he returned from one of his trips, he would bring her back a new mirror as a present.

As the years passed, the house became filled with more and more ornate and exquisite mirrors. The girl enjoyed walking around her home and being able to gaze at her own reflection in each mirror. Her father often boasted to his friends and colleagues that his daughter was the most beautiful girl in Cadiz.

Over the years, the Admiral’s wife had grown old and lost her looks. She hated having to see herself in the mirrors and became very jealous of her beautiful daughter. Gradually, the woman sank into the depths of depression and her resentment towards her own daughter increased in its intensity. The arguments and fights between mother and daughter became more and more frequent during the periods in which the Admiral was away at sea.

The mother-daughter relationship was irretrievably contaminated by the secret hatred that grew in the mother’s spiteful heart. She became convinced that her husband loved their daughter more than he did his own wife. Blinded by jealousy, her thoughts grew dark and vengeful.

On the day the Admiral left on his final trip, his wife took the opportunity to put an awful plan into action. She gave her daughter a poisoned drink. The poor girl drank the poison and suffered for days, bleeding from the mouth and eyes, before she slipped into a coma and died. The mother was convinced that with the daughter out of the way, she and her husband could rekindle their love.

The father returned a week later, and was met at the front door by his wife. She calmly informed him that their daughter had contracted a horrible disease and died while he was away. Upon hearing the terrible news, the man burst into tears. He was completely devastated and spent the next few days sitting in his daughter’s bedroom, head in hands, weeping bitterly.

Late one night, as the father was wiping the tears from his eyes, he happened to glance into one of the mirrors that hung on the bedroom wall. What he saw made him tremble with fear. In the mirror, stood the ghostly figure of his beloved child. As he watched, a shocking scene unfolded in the mirror. His daughter was sending him a message from beyond.

Reflected in the mirror, he saw his wife poisoning a drink and offering it to his daughter. He watched as his daughter lay in bed, blood pouring from her eyes and mouth, screaming out in pain. At her bedside, his wife silently gloated. The sight of his beloved child thrashing about in agony before finally succumbing to the deadly poison, was more than the poor man could handle.

Stunned and full of anger, having discovered the awful truth, the Admiral ran downstairs and grabbed his wife by the arms. He forced her to confess to the crime and then marched her down to the local police station and turned her in. The woman was put on trial for the murder of her daughter and sentenced to spend the rest of her days alone behind the bars of a filthy prison cell.

However, the father never recovered from the death of his only daughter. He simply could not bear to go on living in the house where she had been so cruelly murdered. Each mirror reminded him of his daughter’s beauty and he was unable to get over the pain of her loss. He left Cadiz and moved far away, in an effort to forget his past. The house lay abandoned for decades, its walls still covered with mirrors.

People who lived nearby claimed that, late at night, they could hear screams echoing around the old building. They said that it sounded like a young girl crying out in pain.

Some brave souls ventured into the house to investigate the mysterious sounds. The noises seemed to be coming from the top floor. They heard the pitiful weeping and wailing of child splitting the silence of the night. The screams were so strange that they seemed to bounce off the mirrors, as if the sounds were emanating from each one.

One curious and careless individual accidentally broke one of the mirrors. They say that when he picked up the fragments and looked at them, they did not reflect his face. Instead, reflected in the mirror, he was horrified to see a dead girl. Her face bore an expression of anger that sent a chill down his spine and made him run, screaming from the house.

Others who visited the house claimed that they caught a glimpse, out of the corner of their eye, of a girl watching them from inside the mirrors. Upon seeing this, some fled the house in terror, counting themselves lucky to have escaped with their lives.

As the years passed, the history of the House of Mirrors and what had happened there began to spread from Cadiz to the rest of Mexico. The legend became so famous that many teenagers came from far and wide to explore the old, dilapidated building at night. Most of them wanted to either demonstrate their courage or investigate whether it was possible to look in the mirrors and catch a fleeting glimpse of the murdered girl.

A few years ago, some young people began organizing trips to the old place. They held a contest to see who would dare to stay the longest inside the haunted mansion. They say that once you spend a few minutes inside the House of Mirrors, you won’t dare to enter a second time…


  • I like the story..!!! I wish all murder mystery solve out just like this

  • I wouldn’t be jealous over my beautiful daughter lol. I’d show her off to everyone saying how pretty she is, but this is a stupid mother.

  • “He tried to kill Adi also, but he had the knife pointed the wrong way and killed himself”

    Awesome superheart97 XD

  • Scary for kids are you sure that the mother was not a step mother? because how could a mother kill her daughter out of jealous? In this group of stories I was able to finds many tremendous architectures… like house of tubes.. and now mirrors…Mirrors are one of the scary things…. I really wanna see these places but I think it is not safe at all…

  • LOL…
    you won’t dare enter a second time…
    posted by scary for kids


  • This is a story that me and my friend made up…
    Crazy Adi
    In Big Spring, there is a legend of a teenager named Adi. How the story goes, is that, many years ago, when Adi was just a little girl, her father became abusive. He had killed his wife because she would never come home until 4am with her make-up all messed up, and her hair always crazy wild. He suspected she was cheating. But the explanation for this was because she had been working over-time and had went to sleep and her hand would always mess up her make-up and hair. When he had jumped to conclusions, he poisoned her coffee, and she slipped into a coma and died. He became so abusive,that the little girl had to run away. She went to her Uncles house. She told him everything that had happened. But the dad found where she was, and killed the Uncle. He tried to kill Adi also, but he had the knife pointed the wrong way and killed himself (xD). But before he died, he vowed to come to haunt her, and that drove her crazy. She was so paranoid with everything, the Police had to put her in a Mental Hospital. But she showed herself to be so crazy, they HAD to put her in a well in the ground with a strait jacket. She managed to escape by tricking a little boy to help her out and taking the strait jacket off her. Then he took her to his house to get her some clothes and she took a sharp knife from the kitchen while he wasn’t looking, and killed him. Now, as legend has it, she walks the streets of Big Spring late at night. If she sees you, she will talk to you and tell you her story. If you don’t believe her, or if you DO believe her, she will go under your bed and wait until you go to sleep. Then she will wake you up with a crazy laugh. At first you won’t see her. As you look around, she’s right beside you, smiling. You then feel a sharp pain in your chest, and as you look down, you will notice it’s a knife……. Do you believe me?
    -By L and M
    It’d be awesome if SFK posted this story… Just sayin.. xD

  • DEAD scary are u British? Btw I LOVE the story :D and btw(again) I asked if ur British bc u said “999” and in America we say “911”
    Lol no hate I LOVE ENGLAND

  • By the time i read all the comments i forgot what the story was…. It was the house of mirrors one right?

  • I wonder what would happen if you tried calling upon Bloody Mary in that house. Would she appear in all the mirrors or just one? Or would she not appear because of the girl haunting her own mirrors?

  • guys just post your stories at the “tell me your story” section. anyway, i loved your stories! and this wasz a great story, too.

  • Here is some TIPS to writing comments…

    A. Dont post stories HERE post them at tell me your stories
    B. stop acting stupid


  • @furrykinz2234
    Ummm……..ya ur 11? And? Seriously just don’t try to act cool cuz u did bloodymary. Everyone has. But dnt worry ur not bein a snitch ur just tellin the truth. I wuda done tht 2.
    Lub ya guys!=o) <3

  • @NinjaYuuta, glad you like it. That’s pretty much what the story sums up to be about; your obsessions (and well in this case, pictures, come alive & try to steal your soul)

  • My dad is mad at me and I’m thinking of my grades so I’m gonna write another story. I don’t know a title so help :-). It was along day groaned mary. I don’t remember much of what happened all I remember was….. then she fainted the doctors around her shook their heads as one checked for a pulse. She’s gone he said slowly. He pulled the sheet over her head. Are you sure about that? They heard from the back of the room. They all turned to face a man in black he turned to one of the doctors and grabbed his arm and talked to him in a corner. Do u wanna become a rich and famous doctor with anything u want? The stranger asked. Of course the man said. The stranger whispered three words in his ear and left. The girl awoke and asked to have water. She drank the water and began again I was walking home from school…. the man walked over to the girl and stabbed her. The doctor fell on top of her dead. How did he die? (Btw this is a riddle story)

  • DUDE …these true stories gave me goosebumps (>,<) hehehe btw nice stories guys :))

  • hi phantomwolfang! actually ive been looking on dis website 4 3 years but im new at commernting :) oh and hi every1

  • Hi Scary For Kids! I love your site, it’s my favourite website. <3
    Anyways, I wrote a story for your site, please add it!
    I love you guys. <3

    Title: Cursed Necklace
    My mother took me to our storage shed in town yesterday.
    She opened up the door and let me into the shed. There were toys I had played with as a kid, clothes, and other stuff in the shed that I don't remember having. While I was pondering about, looking at toys and boxes full of I-Don't-Know-Whats, I stumbled across an old black box with my mother's initials on it. "Mummy, mummy, what is this?" I asked, thrusting the box into her arms. She smiled faintly. "Oh, love, it's just my old jewelry box. I've had it since I was about your age. Maybe even younger." I smiled too. "Can I have it?" I asked politely. My mother nodded, and handed me the box. "Just be careful with it."
    When we arrived home, I quickly sprinted up the stairs and threw the box onto my bed, and sifted through the diamonds, pearls, emralds, rubies, and gold and silver chains. When what I thought all of the jewelry was spread across my bed, I noticed a choker-necklace on a black chain with rubies. "Wow." I whispered in awe. I slowly unhooked the necklace and strapped it around my neck. I glanced at myself in the mirror. I'll be the first to admit that it looked splendid on me, with my dark blouse and curtaining black hair. I looked like a princess. I descended the stairs to show off the choker to my mother. She gasped. "Take that off right now!" I shrugged. "Why?" Her eyes were wide. "That necklace is cursed." And she ran out of the door.
    I was a bit confused.
    What the hell was that?
    I went back up to my room and took off the necklace.
    "Stupid mum." I muttered to myself as I crawled into bed, sitting the necklace on my bedside lamp table.
    When I awoke the next morning, the necklace was around my neck, somehow tighter. I shrugged, not caring, for I am a skeptical person. I brushed my hair and went to school. I felt so popular that day. All of my friends complimented my gorgeous necklace. I went home that afternoon. My mother grimaced at me, but said nothing. That night, I did the same thing. Took off the choker, put it on the table, and went to sleep. The next morning it was around my neck again, tighter. I called for my mother. "What is it?" she snapped. "Get it off!" I cried. My mother glowered at me. "I warned you." She began clawing at the necklace. "It's not coming off." I panicked as it grew tighter. It grew hard to breath, and I was turning purple. "M-Mum!" Finally, I took a heaving sigh, and my chest dropped down. As I took my last breath, I saw flashes of my mother. My mother as a child, strapping the necklace to people's throats, choking them. My mummy is a murderer. A filthy murderer. And now the necklace has come for me. Curse its beauty.

    Moral: Mother knows best.

    ~Sorry it was long, I hope you liked it!!!! <3~

    Scaryforkids says: I like the twist with the mother being a murderer. I think this story has potential but maybe you could try rewriting it a bit to improve the plot towards the end. If anyone else has suggestons, please leave a comment too.

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX

    You’re new? Well, welcome to the site! I’m glad you like my stories, I’m actually quite new myself! :) I just have something of a knack for authoring. Or so I am told. XD

  • Here is a story I wrote this morning…. feel free to change the title if you wish.

    The Girl in the Picture.
    By; Aleu

    (Do not mistake me for being the narrator. It’s all fiction. I am not the one telling the story, I only wrote it)

    When I was younger, I came across a few interesting pictures in one of the horror books I found at my local book store. There was this one picture in the book that held my interest very well. I loved that picture very much. Every night before bed I would look at. I don’t know why it was so appealing though, maybe I was just amused by creepy things a little too much.

    Over the years I started to get scared of the picture. Sometimes I couldn’t even grip the book it was in so I decided to rip the page out instead.

    A few days after I ripped the page out I saw something oddly wrong with the picture. I looked closely in the left corner of the picture & saw a transparent girl in it. She was never there before.

    Every time I had looked at that picture, she seemed to have came closer & closer. I also felt as if she was staring right into my soul.

    During college I decided that I couldn’t take the picture anymore. It kept haunting me for a few years & I thought it was enough. Everything was fine with the picture until the girl appeared in it, It started to become horrifying.

    I crumpled the picture up with my hands & threw it in the trash. That same night, I heard a knock at my dorm door.

    It was almost two in the morning & I was pretty sure one of my friends from college was just trying to scare me.

    I got up & sighed. I wasn’t expecting anything really.

    I spoke in a light voice “Come in, it’s unlocked.” I was trying my hardest not to get up or wake my room mate up.

    The door opened but nobody was there. I began to panic but eventually calmed down. I got up, closed the door & locked it, then went back to bed.

    Around three in the morning I heard yet another knock. I also had a feeling someone was watching me, but I didn’t know who. I hid under my covers & started to cry. I was such a baby. I had never been so scared in my life.

    Morning had come & I forgot all about what happened earlier. I got up & checked to see if my room mate was up too, turns out she was still sleeping like a rock.

    When getting back in to bed, I noticed something that smelled like blood & that sort. I looked around & found nothing. A few minutes later I decided to wake my room mate up. I pulled on her covers & started screaming. Other students ran into the dorm room worried & curious.

    My room mate had been killed during the night. Her guts were pouring out all over the bed. There was another murder during the night, but in another dorm.

    I noticed something under the bed of hers. It was the ripped out & crumpled page from my book, but there was something much different this time. At the bottom of the picture it read “Throw me out & I’ll kill you!”

    I ran off out of the room scared. Both murdered girls had brown hair, just like me. The killer was the girl in the picture all along. She was trying to kill me, but never did… Yet, that is.

    Till this day I still worry if I will be murdered anytime by the girl in the picture or not… The ripped page today is kept in a picture frame. I cannot stand to look at it though, so I have it wrapped up & stored it away. I will never throw it away, ever again.

    Be aware of your obsessions.. I will never understand mine.

  • @iwannabescared101 well its still like the regular 1 except u turn around 3 times with your eyes closed while saying bloody mary 3 times and after you do that open your eyes and stare in the mirror or you could do the same proccess except u say i took you baby but i think that may be another story about a woman and it doesn’t always work like me i did mine at midnight with a black candle oh also don’t forget to turn the lights off

    @ninjayuuta yep i rlly did try i was scared at first but i thought to myself i can do it and be brave and im still scared to go into darkekened bathrooms but im only 11 so i just barge in quick and turn on the light idk y but i just HATE curtains on showers i always think theres gonna be a killer in there

  • I have a story it’s called shattered: they had been friends since preschool. everyone expecked them to grow apart because they were completely different. Mary was very dark, always frowning never known to laugh. Allison however was more sunshiny always cracking jokes and laughing. they were always together, no one knew what they talked about or why they were even friends. one day they were at mary’s house they were alone because mary’s parents were working. they talked for a little but soon became bored. Allison proposed they play tag but Mary thought tag was too childish so they made up a game instead. in this game they both hid and tried to scare eachother. they both ran in different directions.Allison crept around and hid in the hallway behind a giant glass orb that was mounted on a pedestal. Mary crept away but soon turned around to follow Allison. Mary sat and watched her patiently waiting for Allison to get comfortable. finally the perfect moment had arrived. Mary jumped out of her hiding place as fast as she could, screaming to scare Allison. Allison jumped knocking down the pedestal and the glass orb. the glass shattered it a giant clowd spraying the two girls. blood stained the carpet and they fell. they were found fairly quickly, both girls barely hanging onto life. they both began to recover in the hospital. while still in the hospital Mary had been angry at Allison blaming her for what had happened. the doctors were about to relese them when they found another shard of glass lodged in mary’s skull. while trying to remove it Mary died. Allison was release with multiple scars all over her body. Allison became depressed from guilt and became more like Mary, dark, alone, and sad. she began having dreams about Mary in her dreames Mary was always mad at her, blaming her for what had happened. she began finding shards of glass in her bed and on her floor. the dreams continued with Mary threatening her revenge. soon the glass became smaller to where she couldn’t see them, she was constantly getting sharp paines when she walked in her house, when she layed in her bed glass would pierce the back of her neck. one night during a particularly creepy dream she woke up. standing above her was her old best friend, holding a shard of glass. her eyes filled with hatred. she slowly stabbed allison’s leg and without removing it cut her all the way to her heart where she left it and vanished. a silent tear rolled down allison’s cheek as she died without making a sound.

  • And this is why you don’t collect mirrors!
    @DEAD scary: I like the story, even if you might have gotten it from somewhere. It’s pretty good…
    @furrykinz2234: You seriously did bloody mary and she showed up? Wow… I’m 14 and still too chicken to even go into a darkened bathroom… XD I love a good scary story, though…

  • guys i love ur stories and i espiacly love scary lady,gidgey,and phantom wolf fang, keep up da good work oh and ill write a story 2morrow it was from a assighnment in my english class during halloween :P

  • and uh guys i just finished watching scre4m and my phone started ringing should i pick it up? or answer? ima go answer bcause im such a daredevil no rlly i am i actually tried bloodymary b4 and im only 11 but since i did the correct ritual she showed up :D it was awesome!

  • uh DEADscary your story is good but i don’t think you made it up mayb changed it up a little because its from scary stories to read in the dark and from moonraven09 he makes animation videos from scary stories to read in the dark and y am i being such a snitch! srry i can’t help it even though some like 1 or 2 stories that i posted on here (and neither story is your favorite deadgirl) i took and said that i made up srry i just hate it when ppl say that they made it up when they didn’t srry for beign such a snitch

  • i have a short story i made up :o)
    Smiley Faces
    A girl came home from school, one day, and when she got to her bright pink room, she turnt her TV set on to watch her favourite disney show, Shake It Up. Suddenly, her TV switched to the very first channel to where there was a news bulletin. ” A prisoner has escaped from the English Asylum. He is wearing a bright orange suit with lots of smiley faces on. He is also known as Mr. Smiley Face. Lock all your windows and doors!” She turnt her TV off and walked out her room and into her bathroom for a shower. When she got out, she went and put her PJ’s on and climbed into her bed. Suddenly, she heared creaking in her room and when she opened her eyes, she saw the silhouette of a person, peeking through her door. She instantly thought that it was her mummy and she fell back to sleep. The tip-toeing got louder and louder as someone or someTHING crept into her room. She opend one of her eyes as she saw a dark shadow standing over her with a knife and then it was like a blackout and she died, murdered.
    The next day, her parents found her decomposing body in her bed, with blood pouring out of her tore-open throat. Her room looked the same as before. The parents called 999 and the police turnt up straight away. When they went up into the young girls room, the found that every inch left in her room was covered in bloody smiley faces and in the middle of the room was a small note saying: “I do love my smiley faces!”
    hope you liked it!

  • this reminds me of the sixth sense, how the vomiting ghost girl gives coal a video to give to her dad which shows the mum poisoning her soup ._O

  • Nevermind from spain!!! But seriously, there are alot of stories from mexico about haunted houses and stuff.

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