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Himuro Mansion

The Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion) is a japanese urban legend about the dark history of a haunted house and the horrible murders of an entire family who lived there. They say that the video game Fatal Frame was based on a true story. Eager to solve the mystery, many people have scoured maps, trying to find the real location of Himuro Mansion.

Himuro Mansion

According to the legend, the Himuro Mansion is a large, traditional Japanese house that is located in a rocky area somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo. The mansion became famous for being the site of the worst mass murder in the history of Japan.

The Himuro family were said to have practiced ancient and forgotten Shinto rituals that had long ago been outlawed in Japan. One of these occult rituals was called “The Strangling Ritual” and involved the sacrificial murder of a young girl. The purpose of this gruesome ritual was to protect the Himuro family from bad karma which they believed would emerge from a portal in the mansion’s courtyard.

The Strangling Ritual had to be performed every fifty years to prevent the bad karma from destroying the family. They would select a baby girl from within the family and raise her in secret. They called her “The Rope Shrine Maiden”. The girl had to be kept away from the rest of the world, in complete isolation, or else the ritual would not work.

When the time came for the ritual to be performed, they dragged her out to a shrine in the courtyard and tied ropes around her neck, her arms and her legs. Next, a team of oxen would pull the ropes in different directions, tearing the young girl’s body apart. The blood-stained ropes were then placed over a portal in the mansion’s courtyard, sealing the gateway. If the ritual was a success, it would keep the bad karma away for another half century until the ritual had to be repeated.

For generations, this tradition was passed down through the Himuro family. However, during the preparations for the last recorded ritual, something went wrong. The Rope Shrine Maiden fell in love with a young boy she saw from the window of the mansion. This was a disaster because she was supposed to remain pure and free from worldly influences. Her blood and spirit were tainted and when she was sacrificed, the ritual failed miserably because she was no longer pure.

Upon learning of the maiden’s love, the head of the Himuro family became distraught. He was responsible for the ensuring that the ritual was a success. Fearing that disaster would now befall the family, he went on an insane rampage throughout the mansion. He brutally murdered the entire Himuro family, hacking them to death with his traditional Japanese sword, the katana.

The head of the family believed that, by killing them, he was saving them from certain doom. When every person in the mansion lay dead, he fell upon his own katana, committing suicide.

The local people in the neighboring village kept quiet about the story of Himuro Mansion for decades. Ever since then, people have reported a variety of weird happenings or inexplicable phenomenon taking place on the property.

Bloody handprints and large red stains have been found splattered all over the walls inside. Ghostly apparitions have been seen both at night and in broad daylight. As legend would have it, these are the ghosts of the murdered family members. It is said that they will attempt to repeat the failed ritual using whoever is daring or foolhardy enough to enter the abandoned building.

People who enter the house are occasionally found dead, with rope marks on their arms and legs indicating that they had been bound and pulled. Others have been found torn to pieces in the underground network of tunnels that lie beneath the mansion. Nobody knows who made these tunnels or what purpose they served but stories suggest that they were involved in the Strangling Ritual.

There’s also a certain window in the house that has become infamous. They say that if you take a photo of this window, the ghostly image of a young girl in a kimono will appear in the developed photograph.

These incidents have provoked fear in the people of Tokyo, and many believe that those who venture near this area will become cursed. The deaths of seven people on the property are unexplained to this day.

The urban legend of The Himuro Mansion became popular in the west when the Japanese video game, Fatal Frame, was released in English. Ghost stories about the haunted house blew into a worldwide craze. If the legends are true, the Himuro Mansion is definitely one of the most haunted houses in Japan.


  • The Rope Shrine Maidens have a cruel fate
    Unable to see the world, to have conversations
    to feel love and to be free

  • Aw! Those ancient mansions are super pretty! I would love to visit it…but maybe besides this one

  • I still want to go to either japan or austrailia btw that is a terrible and scary ritual

  • @killercat101 Japan doesn’t have more ghosts, they have more legends and the people in Japan are bigger believers in ghosts and the paranormal.

  • I still want to go to Japan even after reading this story!
    I would like to check it myself!
    And other haunted places!
    And I’ve also played all of the Fatal Frame from 1 to 3…
    So I really imagined the story while reading it…

  • this is really really very very boring! i can’t understand what the heck they are saying!

  • As a major, long-time fan of the Fatal Frame series, this story excited me! I would totally go and check it out. The place is real, but I think the story was made up for the game. The U.S. marketed it as a “Based on a True Story, but it’s not said on the original game, so I guess the U.S. needed a gimmick to get people interested.

  • Is this a really urban legend or just some story the game maker invented? great marketing if so…the story is freaking awesomely creepy.

  • The Rope Shrine Maiden that fell in love is named Kirie Himuro in Fatal frame.
    That’s a great game, u all should try it.

  • what the heck!!!! how could such a pure thing as love can make someone impure….
    OHHH by the way quite nice story

  • 1st @Josh Z yeah your safe and so am I safesince I’ve been kissed by a guy. Im a girl btw.

    2nd did anyone else facepalm at the fact that the ritual of killing the girl was to keep bad. Karma away

  • ehem… japan isnt scary. I lived in japan for 12 years and nothing happened. Ghosts DO exists but you can only see/feel/smell etc. in specific places. For example, a abandoned house, a old house, or probably a murky dirty river/lake. Or even a temple! it depends.

  • @kaykay wtf? their still kids so don’t hate and u probably do that too so don’t say sh*t

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  • some people said that the location the himuro mansion is located deep in the forest.

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  • @MegIz you’re so young, yet such a great writer! I turn 14 in almost a month exactly! Wish I could write horror… My friends say i’m alright at it but i should stick to romance.. e.e

  • i like japan cos they got good story and legend :D this one not really creepy, but horrible…

  • I โ™ฅ Japan~! But i’m not after those things! I’m after buying my favorite anime series merchandise. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Wadda you think? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘ –> for me.

  • Himuro Mansion is actually very pretty,but I saw a severed head roll down the staircase.(My mom and I went to see it.)

  • Negative comments are not a big deal it is just that some people curse ob here and there are little kids on here and i dont think they should see that stuff cause some kids repeat it.

  • @Lacole luv99 im 10 OMG what is the big deal about negitive comments its not like their innapropirite or swear

  • @MegIs: wow that was a really creative, it sounds like something a famous writer would write.
    Keep up the good work =)

  • Hi guys! Going to write a new story :)

    Title: Call Me

    Loraine Sullen felt distant since her father died. Everyday she wore his Chicago Cubs baseball shirt, that was too big for her. She didnt care, and still wore it everyday.

    She became happy again. She resumed her 17 year old life. She developed a crush, became popular and had more friends than before.

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    That night, she called the number. Static was the only thing she heard and she scoffed in disgust and ended the phone call. She got a call by the same number.

    “Don’t stay up too late,” A little girl’s voice said, “Or he might get you.”

    Loraine was scared and hung up the phone. Ignoring the call, she stayed up until two a.m. Then she heard a bump in her room. Then the same little girls voice saying, “Come play hide and seek with me!”

    Loraine got up from the couch, too drunk to be scared. She opened her bedroom door and saw a little girl whos lips were sewn shut and her eyes plucked out. She was covered in blood and her face was scarred very badly.

    The little girl laughed. Through the sewn lips, the little girl said, “You found me. Now it’s your turn to hide!” And the little girl jumped off the bed and pried her lips open and ran at Loraine at top speed. She girl growled and bared her sharp teeth.

    Then she disapeared. No poof, no anything. Just gone.

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    Now this duo goes around, killing the girls Zane (crush) gives his number too.

    Watch out. He might give you his number next.

    (P.S all my stories are NOT real.)

  • @scarydeadgirl444 Yea it’s from Japan. Some people make japanese horror films into american ones.

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  • I have played the fatal frame games, thay are my favorite games. They are really scary and addicting. Part two is the best. You guys should check them out if you still have a ps2.

  • Japan is like ghosty! (Probably isnt a word but oh well) My faveourite story from Japan is probably the slit mouth woman one. (Kushisake-onna)

  • I never wanted to go to Japan. From seeing all these movies, The Ring, The Grudge, they scare me like crap.I get scared by reading some stories but I still keep reading them (I guess Iยดll never learn). The picture is freaking me out too. Oh, Japan the place of ghosts.

  • I never want to go there ._. When I was like 5 or 6 I wanted to go to japan. Now I regret saying that DX

  • @Dragon girl I am wiith u on that one!This is why me and my sis love Japanese people,they ALWAYS have good stories=)

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  • @killerkat101: IKR i wanted to go there so bad when i was younger but then i found out about all the weird bathroom ghosts and urban legends and i was like “HELL NO!”

  • Why do the scariest things have to happen in Japan. I was planning on going there when,I grow up, now I don’t think so.

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