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Halloween Mask

The Halloween Mask is a scary story about a boy who wants to impress all his friends with a scary costume at a Halloween party. Things don’t work out as planned.

Halloween Mask

There was a boy named Lenny who really loved Halloween. It was his favorite holiday and he always tried to celebrate it in style. Every year, he would save up is money and buy the best mask, the best costume, the best decorations.

This year was no different. Lenny was getting ready to go to a Halloween party at his friend’s house. He got dressed up in a shaggy black coat, big black boots and a long, flowing cape. Then, he put on his Halloween mask and admired himself in the mirror.

It was the scariest, most hideous mask he had ever seen. He was sure that everyone at the party would be terrified when they set eyes on it. He would be the envy of all his friends.

When Lenny turned up at his friend’s house, the party was already in full swing. He could hear the dull sound of music coming from behind the door. He rang the doorbell and his friend answered it. She greeted him and ushered him inside.

He looked around the living room. Some people were dancing and others were talking, laughing, drinking and nibbling at the buffet. There were witches, ghosts, skeletons, vampires and zombies. None of the masks were very scary. Lenny was sure he had the best one.

He stood there and waited for someone to comment on his mask, but nobody paid any attention to him. He was disappointed. Wandering around the room, he tried to give everyone a good view of the mask. He wanted them to be scared. He wanted to cause a stir.

One girl tapped him on the shoulder and started talking to him.

“Hey, who are you supposed to be?” she asked.

Lenny tried to reply, but he found he couldn’t move his mouth. The mask felt too tight. He was embarrassed, so he turned away and went into the kitchen to get himself a glass of Halloween punch.

He tried to pull off his mask so he could take a drink, but it wouldn’t budge. It seemed to be stuck fast to his face. He pulled and tugged on it, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t get it off. Lenny was starting to get worried.

It was hot inside the house and Lenny could feel himself sweating under the mask. He needed to get it off. He needed to get it off NOW.
Grabbing a knife from the kitchen drawer, he went into the toilet and locked the door behind him. He looked in the mirror and started scratching and tearing at the mask, but it really hurt. It was as if the mask was firmly stuck to his skin.

Getting desperate, he took the knife as sliced into the mask, cutting off little strips of rubber and tossing them into the sink.

Gradually, a queue formed outside the toilet and people started getting impatient, knocking on the door and calling out, “What’s going on in there?”

Lenny was in a panic and he tried peeling off the rest of the mask, but it stubbornly stayed in place. He couldn’t understand what was wrong.

What if it won’t come off, he wondered. What if it’s stuck on my face forever?

He began hacking at the mask with the knife again and ripping off little bits.

More and more people were banging on the door. “Come on!” they shouted. “What are you doing in there?”

From inside the toilet, they heard Lenny shrieking, “It won’t come off! My mask! It won’t come off!”

The people gathered outside the toilet gave each other worried looks.

One of the girls was puzzled. “Mask?” she said. “But he wasn’t wearing a mask…”


  • Throughout the beginning, it said that when the girl asked him what he was meant to be he couldn’t talk, but then when he was in the bathroom it said that he was screaming that the mask wouldn’t come off…

  • @disneyman95 good story..!!
    but if the kid wasn’t wearing a mask then how come he was unable to speak??

  • This is very similar to the Goosebumps books about the Haunted mask. The only difference that I can see is that the Haunted Mask is alive, and if you don’t take it off, it will eventually take your body. The only way to take it off is is to have a symbol of love. Here’s the back story; The Haunted Mask was created by a nameless shopkeeper long ago. The shopkeeper had no love for himself, for he was born with an ugly face. As a grown man, the shopkeeper became a scientist in the field of Biological Engineering and in turn used this to create a beautiful human prosthetic face. He made this face of human flesh and made it so that when he put it on it would attach itself to his flesh and would remain so forever. But something went wrong. When he put on the beautiful mask it changed, it became hideous. No matter what he did to stop the decay, the face turned into an ugly monstrosity. The face turned a dead green, its teeth grew into animal fangs, and its flesh became contorted and deformed. The shopkeeper did the only thing he could do. Knowing that the face he made was never supposed to be removed, he took a knife and carved deep into the skin where the mask was supposed to end. This first failed attempt became the Haunted Mask.

    After painfully removing the mask, he tried countless other times to create the perfect flesh mask for him to wear to hide his face. They all failed just the same. It was after his failures that he realized that the reason the masks had failed to remain as they were created was because they changed his outside appearance but not the way he still felt inside: ugly. These feelings in turn were what transformed the faces. They changed to reflect the man he still was on the inside, hideous. The shopkeeper took his failed attempts and put them on a shelf in the back room of a mask shop that he was still working on setting up. He put them there as a reminder of what he was still trying to accomplish. Meanwhile, in the back room of the shop, the first mask, the first failed attempt on the shelf waited and watched, for the day it would gain a body.

  • What was this dude on in order to make himself think he was wearing a mask…did he not put the mask on and he forgot or what? Dude must have been on something….

  • Mind blown! At first I was confused, but then I was just like, WHOA! He ripped his face off!

  • So, wasn’t there any blood? I read the last line at first by accident and then I was like, “Oh my God, his own skin was described as strips of rubber…” Nice story anyway :)

  • OMG! So that was his face?…and was it like that….that when everyone saw him it seemed as if he didn’t have a mask but whenever he saw himself in mirror it was as if he was wearing a mask that mean that a demon was in the mirror..👿👿……
    Anyways Halloween is coming near….so whoever celebrating Halloween wish you a happy Halloween! 👽👽👽👽

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