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Crazy Website

The Crazy Website is a scary funny story about a strange and weird site on the Internet that has scary stories and unintended consequences for its users.

Crazy Website

One day, a boy was browsing the Internet when he came across a crazy website that had a lot of scary stories and urban legends. He wanted to leave a comment on one of the stories, so he joined the website and decided to call himself Devil666. Almost immediately, he began to receive private messages from anonymous people, saying “All praise the dark lord” and “We love you satan”. He was so frightened that he logged off the website and unplugged his Internet connection.

The next day, a group of satanists showed up at his house. They forced their way inside, bowed down in front of the boy and started worshipping him. After that, they killed his parents and sat around the house, smoking, drinking and eating everything in the fridge. When night fell, they put on black robes, lit some black candles and began reciting prayers backwards. The boy grew horns, pointy ears and a tail and started to smell like sulfur.

A teenage girl tried to register on the website as Unidentified_Victim. An hour later, several serial killers showed up at her house and had an argument about who was going to kill her. A fight ensued and the serial killers began hacking and stabbing eachother.

While they were occupied, the girl took the opportunity to flee, but as she was running across the road, she was mowed down by a car. The police managed to scrape her bloody remains off the street, but because she wasn’t carrying a wallet, they didn’t know who she was or where she lived. They buried her in an unmarked grave and, for the rest of their lives, her parents wondered where she was.

Another young girl who found the website gave herself the nickname ClownLover14. Within minutes, a gang of clowns were waiting outside her front door. When she refused to let them in, they started peeking in the mailbox, drooling at the mouth and telling her how cute she was. Her mother called the police and most of the clowns were arrested. However, the next day, when she was on her way to school, a big black van pulled over and blocked her path. She tried to run, but a fat, hairy clown got out and chased after her. He abducted her and, a few days later, her dead body was found by the side of the road.

A married man joined the website and, for some reason, he called himself JoannaCutie. All of a sudden, he started receiving creepy messages from 13-year old boys who were flirting with him. He needed to go to the toilet, but when he walked into the bathroom and caught sight of himself in the mirror, he was horrified. He had long blond hair and an ample bosom.

He immediately ran into the kitchen to tell his wife. The minute she laid eyes on him, she attacked him and started screaming, “I knew he was cheating on me!” He tried to explain, but she slapped his face and pulled his hair. After a while, the two women sat down at the kitchen table, drank a bottle of wine together and cried bitterly about how terrible men were.

After that, whenever people joined the website, they thought very carefully before choosing a username.


    Wait, I’m gonna be a leopard?!?

  • My name is InvisibleGhost, so would ghosts turn up at my house and I wouldn’t know or would I just be invisible?

  • I’m safe :P
    But I would change it to A Girl with a GPA of 4.00 and Smaller Boobs. (*≧▽≦)

  • Meh name is iiForgotten…. will ppl forget me??? Please help me?!?! U SHALL NEVER FORGET MEHHHH!!!! OR I WILL CUT UR HEAD OFF AND GLUE SPARKLES TO YR EYESSS…. ok I’m physo lel bai 😂✌🏽

  • I don’t believe this, but the day after a got my account my parents took me out to eat sushi and i ate it with wasabi and now I only eat my sushi with wasabi O.O

  • Okay…if I joined this crazy website I’d name myself ‘Kaminaismybf’ I’m sorry I’m just obsessed with Gurren Lagann(it’s an anime)…….but would he come?

  • I would join that website if I could be called: TheCutestMostBeautifulMostFamousMostPopularMostEpicMostYoungMostGreatestReaderEVER

  • so if i would convert into a midnight monster, i would be sure to pay a very kind visit (sarcasm detected)to the owner of that crazy website..

  • To be honest…I kinda regret having this username…I mean, I could’ve have a creepypasta related username like Belle_Drowned…She’s the girl version of Ben Drowned according to me

  • YAY!!! I AM A MAGICAL GIRL!! Ok, there’s this incubator thing, called kyubey, who chooses certain girls to fight evil. In return they give you a wish, make you wear these unique cosplay outfits and use these AWESOME weapons!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆 and I’ve got a DUBSTEP GUN!!! (Note: in some stories, I will leave a comment that may be related to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, because I am OBSESSED with the show) ☺️👘🐼🍙🌭🍕🍭🍦🍔🌮🧀🍒🍉🎂🍿🍩🍪🍮☕️ I want food now… 😓


  • Nothing scary should happen to me according to my username…BUT
    I’m ready for anything! *takes out several knives*

  • I’m screwed…death by murderous children and their going to be everywhere,too!

  • So blood that tastes sweet is going to kill me???? NOT MY OWN BLOOD!!!!!! I THOUGHT MY BLOOD LOVED ME!!!!!!!!!!! Such a cheater…..

  • Wait, so…

    ZEREF IS GONNA COME TO MY HOUSE?? COOL! But at the same time, he has a curse so I’ll die if he goes close to me

  • Um…. So either I’ll die and become an angel, or Death Angels will be haunting me o_O help me……

  • Guys there will be an angel conventipn tomorrow in my backyard. Feel free to come and eat anything you want.
    The prays will start in about 10 o’clock.
    10:00-10:30 we sing a song “say hi to God”
    10:30-11:00 we pray for Paris
    11:00-12:00 lunchtime
    12:00-14:00 starsinging ceremony to heavens.

    See ya

  • @Ice Queen
    You are now Elsa from the movie “Frozen”. Your yard will be full of 5 year old girls singing “Let It Go” day and night. Mwahahaha!


  • that means I will be attacked by knives????????? Lmfao sticking knives… why I chose thiz name??!!!??

  • If this was about this site, I would be a Greek Goddess! Dude! Oh, but I’m not not good with battle strategy. :(

  • So i will be pretty and 22 years old? THAT SUPER COOL! MY NAME IS EMILY AND I AM 26 YEARS OLD! YAHOOOOO

  • So what will happen to me? Would I be the scary girl that everyone sees my face they would be creeped out? Nnnooooooooooooooooo

  • My username is Scarystorywriter. Does that mean I can write scary stories?
    *writes* Once upon a time

  • @chosen1 I thank you for commenting….. I think I will get converted into a fan of some kids who are scared….. I think @chosen1 you shall be the one chosen by every1 and you will be poplar within seconds…

  • @ FAN OF SCARY STORIES yeah youre safe, then! But me, I am gonna be the chosen one, but my parents will die… Goddamnit! WHy did I choose this name?!

  • Best stories ever read…. But what could my name related to……….. I mean nothing can happen to me right… Please guys comment on it…..

  • M I gonna get 7 vampire friends so that I can hook up with ’em and make 1 of them my lover??? That’s so cool

  • in the second one, they had internet but no dna testing?? they could have simply done a dna test and notified her parents…

  • @ Last Survivor Over the year you would probably grow insane wandering why you were the only survivor. Eventually killing yourself. :)

  • Alicorns aren’t that bad, even if they are covered in blood. Could be worse, on my quotev account, my user name is L E E is a Tribute. I HAVE TO GO TO THE HUNGER GAMES BE RIGHT BACK!!!

  • Hmm… What does my username mean…? I am forced to eat Rainbowz I’m good with that since rainbows are actually mist :D

    Nom Nom…

  • I don’t want Bloody killers standing in front of my house or try to kill me or something! After all, they will be bloody!!!
    Because my username is BloodyKillers! :P

  • HOLY SCONES WHAT IF THIS REALLY IS THE WEBSITE AHH! Then I would be dreaming…. alone. would there be no one else in my dreams? or would I be the only one dreaming?

    lol liked the comments more than the storeh.

  • sk.werewolf.. Hmmmm… Oh no… I don’t wanna see a group of Werewolves outside my front door..!

  • What if it’s THIS website?

    Hmm, Kingdomlife12…. I would be sucked into the medieval days! D:

  • i have username of fairy…can something help to transform me to fairy with pink wings?lol!

  • i am already a living terror (for my parents) LOL! I will haunt every one. It would be awsome to become a living terror for real

  • well I want to say its obviously this site and that would be awesome if I turned into a rainbow, a jenjenrainbow lol :P

  • Lol… the worst they would do to my user I make it rain sparkles pencils. Free pencils for all :D

  • What a lovely story. Suddenly thanking my lucky stars that I indulged my obsession with Howard Hughes while signing up. Do you reckon I’ll actually end up hitched to a dead Texan billionaire aviator? I wouldn’t mind that!

  • Oh why must you remind me about death B-Lovely?! Then, my username should be DeathAwaitsMe, well, we all die eventually.

  • @Death Await You-
    um… I think Death himself would be waiting for you, actually… not the other way around. XD

  • O.o So i’m guessing I will be a dead death god.
    Shinigami means god of death.
    *Hugs Domo and Pikachu plushies*

  • YAY!!!!!!! if my name is hetalia, then a bunch of cute boys are gonna show up at my house!!!!! yay go Japan>u< i love hetalia 4ever and always oh and every1 who likes hetalia should come and join me and my friends group yay for me for having hetalia as my username. oh and will hurt taiwan if she dare comes near my fiancé Japan *killer epic face* ^▼^

  • Ok, so this means that I’m death and I await you not knowing what time you’ll die? Awesome!

  • What does my name mean? Lol maybe everything’s scary for me or something is scary for me. I have no idea.

  • have you guys ever wondered if its this website! I would be a banana phone lol now that would be weird

  • I want to find that website, and have my username GigiTheUnicorn and maybe I’ll turn into a unicorn!

  • um if i join thaat web, i die by scream out loud o.O i actually laughing out loud cos of this but this suppose to be scxary o.O sorry if grammar noot right grammr freak… lol and spelling if wrrong then soorry! o.o

  • @I-LOVE-UNICORNZ lucky. I’d become a ghost. A pink ghost. I thought my username on here should be kind of related to scary stories but still cute.

  • Maybe… a guy will come under my window everynight and serenades me but his actually taking my soul away slowly. Do u think thats it? please tell me!

  • If I could have a name I woud probably choose one that makes me become spooky and ghostly so I could scare my friends!

  • I’m probably going to get me flesh burned off in a fire, then…. Probably 5 other people will too? I’m not quite sure…

  • I’m going to guess that I would be turned into peanut brittle and get eaten by my grandma or somebody… xD

  • Oh essence calm down i didnt feel bad either and by the way my REAL NAME IS Flame Tooo!!!!! REALLY! Believe it or not! Thank you all!

  • Oh gosh. If the website is this website then a bunch of shadows will probably come to me or something.

  • @essense calm down! Last time I checked,this was a free country! We can say whatever we want.


  • Meglz
    At first these stories weren’t funny but then I read them more and I loved them
    If you don’t have any thing nice to say DON’T SAY ANYTHING
    he tries his best to make every one laugh and he does EXCEPT YOU
    send me a comment if you think so

  • @flamefletcher
    On behalf of this website i would like to thank you for posting these stories and for telling us you r a guy and you are sixteen
    What is ur name

  • wait…so whats gunna happen to me???!!!?!? i am i going to turn into a rose thats scary?? man i should have just put my name -__- or wolfleader >:) then i would be the leader of wolves! or puppyluver!

  • @youknowwhoiam: Actually, it might probably not nice becuase people might send you awkward text messages, you might get stalkers, and theives and killers might know your personal stiff and know your adress and etc. So ALL YE’ PEOPLE! You’d rather just read in that site than even bother to sign up ya’ know! Anyways, i’m lucky I just made my username imgianna becuase my name is Gianna! Yehey! :”>

  • uugggghhhhhhhh what the hell no new stories what the f*** only one today there better be 10 new stories tomorrow and better be really good

  • hmm, TamasakiLion, are you kidding me!If this site was that , I would scream. i looooooove lions!!!! But I would likely shout, too.

  • If this website would be that website..I guess I would be the queen of death. Dead people would worship me and I would cause death! LOL! XD

  • @MegIs: not all the stories here have to be scary there are also funny ones here so i dont know what youre talking about. I think his stories are funny so there you go

  • I guess I will become a rock star now haha. Or 55501 rock stars will come to my house?

  • O.o idk what I would turn into…
    Flamrfletchers parodies shouldn’t end up on this site. They’re not scary, (not funny, no offense DX)
    Dont hate me !

  • Holy cow pants!!
    That means, if this is this website, that i’ll either become acat who is made of jello, or a cat who eats jello!!! I love my username!! :D
    italyparrot would be a hetalia character :D omg!!!
    Please dont judge my weirdness……

  • I mad emy user name alisha-the-pro-sk8tboarder so i can be a sk8boarder and stell be me

  • Thats why when I looked in the mirror I saw a unicorn horn an mane and a tail…rainbow…

  • I betcha anything I will become a Kuchisake-onna spin-off and ask people if I am “Lovely” and if they say yes, they become my brand of “Lovely” too!
    Be Lovely, everyone!~

  • Dear sfk, please give Mario and Luigi their own section of flamefletcher’s stories

  • hey sfk is this site really that site? because if it is this is so awesome! i am still curious about what furrykinz2234 would turn me into ._.

  • hey guys what would happen if you had your username furrykinz2234,kittenlove2234,or puppylove2234? furrykinz idk what i would become but kitten love probably turn into a kitten and puppy love probably turn into a puppy that would be awesome =D

  • I wonder if any username is a good user name on that site. I have no idea what my username would result in.

  • If this website was that website, I would die in a giant ice cube and be frozen blue. Pretty awesome!

  • @peanutpete – I don’t mean any offense to your username but if you ever go on that website, dont call yourself peanut Peter. Just in case…l.

  • Mario And Luigi
    Mario registered himself on the website by the user name Luigi because he wanted others to humiliate Luigi.
    While on the website he met a person named Mario. he talked to him and got angry at the other person for stealing his real name.
    So our Mario changed his name to DeadMario123.
    and then the other person suddenly changed his name into DeadLuigi987.
    That night…. Mario and Luigi get into bed.
    They cover up their blankets.
    Mario:Today that Mario is dead!
    Luigi:Yeah today Luigi is dead.
    Mario: Oh god i had so much trouble with him. I wish he dies Today he is really Dead.
    Luigi:That idiot would not listen to me Mario! You are right! That idiot Luigi will Die today.
    Luigi:I feel scared can you put your hand over me Mario?
    Mario Puts his hand over Luigi.
    Mario:Here i put my hand on you. Now you put yours on me.
    Luigi puts his hand over Mario.
    Luigi:Do you know about the scary website on the net it does whatever your username is. That Luigi is dead TONIGHT!
    Mario:Luigi? Do you a Beard?
    Mario checks for a beard on the face that his hand on.
    Mario:You have a beard?
    Luigi:Hey you have hair all over your hand?
    Luigi Checks too
    Luigi:Really? When did you grow it?
    Mario:Ohh i wish the killer kills that Mario. I sure hope he will die tonight.
    Luigi:Me too.
    Suddenly a Man gets up from his sleeping posture and sits between mario and luigi on the bed.
    Man:Yeah You guys are right… You are going to die tonight sleep well.
    Luigi:(Yawn)Thanks I hope you kill Luigi by tomorrow if you do ill give you 5000 dollars its on top of the cupboard in the hall.
    Man:Oh thank you!
    Mario:0_0 (Suspicious)
    Man:Oh dont worry Mario will be dead by morning I promise!!
    Mario:Hmm ok I had a doubt before whether you really had the ability to kill that Mario now that i have seen your ability i can sleep in peace . I am fully Confident that you will kill him!!.
    Man:(Grinning) Retards!.

    The END!

    After a long time i have published a small story here. I actually lost the habit so this story might not be so good.
    Hello Guys!!! Im 16 years old and Im a boy!
    For all those who have a doubt about me you can sleep in peace now!

  • anyway about the last story LOL (sorry if i have bad grammar if you are one of tthose grammar freaks >:P)

  • If this is the website that means i’ll be a super hero or something? just wondering o3o

  • Probably, if you make your name iwillliveforever there will probably be a consequence like ghosts will start haunting you or you’ll start getting bad luck and you wouldn’t wanna even live. Am I right? Which means, even if you make it that way you will still have consequences!

  • Haha. I’m so lucky my username is imgianna because obviously my name is Gianna which means I will just be ME! :)

  • what if: iwantabilliondollars
    would a billion dollars fall from the sky and crush me?

  • Lol,
    @Devil666 It’s This Website!
    OMG! This Site Is Haunted 0_0.
    I Wonder What I Would Become…

  • I’ve got a disturbing mind ._. My username will result in torture and screaming until my voice goes.

  • so i will turn into 98 ravens? XD wish i made my username smthg like Live4ever :D haha the 2nd story was the best! just imagine “ok,i kill her” “no you killed the last time,its my turn now! “what about me? i dont even know when i grabbed my knife last time!” LOL

  • so i will turn into 98 ravens? XD wish i made my username smthg like Live4ever :D haha the last story was the best!

  • Since my username is EmperorOfTheWorld, that means I’ll become the world’s Emperor! :D

  • Mines just That Kid Ali… My names Ali, and I’m still pretty young… More of a teen now though…

  • That was…Kind of bad. :I
    It didn’t exactly have plot, wasn’t descriptive, was kind of stupid, and to top it off made errors in logic.
    Just because she doesn’t have a wallet, doesn’t mean they can’t identify her…

  • Hmmm killerkat101,.so will I like turn into a kat.and start killing people or something like that. Maybe I should change my user name to something that will make me rich.and famous. Hmmm

  • any chance it’s THIS website? would really explain y ppl started runnin from me after I joined…

  • That’d be awesome. Imagine, you could make your username “RichGirl” (or guy) then maybe one day open your front door to find mountains of money. Just daydreaming out loud ^^”.

  • seconed!!lol cool story i wonder what the website is i really want to join then i would chosse a cool user name like to mank my crush like me or somthing

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