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Amusement Park

The Amusement Park is a scary urban legend about an abandoned theme park in Canada, called Pennyland, that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a serial killer and his victims.

Amusement Park

According to legend, Pennyland was one of Canada’s most popular amusement parks. During the 25 years it was open, over 200,000 people walked through its gates to enjoy its rides and amusements. However, there was a terrible accident on the ferris wheel and several people were killed. Pennyland was forced to shut down and most of the rides were dismantled. The remaining ones were abandoned and left to fall into disrepair.

Years later, police were called when a dead body was found on the grounds of the old amusement park. A vagrant had collapsed and died of a drug overdose in the toilets. Following procedure, the police made a routine search of the grounds. What they found horrified them.

In the building that housed the old ferris wheel, they discovered two rotting corpses. It was the remains of two young girls. The policeman who came across the bodies was severely traumatized and left the force soon afterwards.

One night, a teenage boy was passing by the abandoned amusement park when he noticed that some of the lights were on. Curious, he decided to investigate. As he drew closer to one of the buildings, a girl suddenly appeared at the window. There were cuts all over her face and she was covered in blood.

The teenager was about to go inside to help her when a strange man emerged from the doorway. He was carrying a bloody knife. Frightened, the boy began backing away. The crazed man rushed towards him. Suddenly, all the lights went out and the building was plunged into darkness.

Scrambling around, looking for something to use to defend himself, the boy picked up a metal pipe. Gripping it tightly, he swung around, ready to fight for his life. Just then, the lights came back on and he was shocked to discover that the man and the girl were gone. All that was left was a bloody handprint on the window.


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