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13 Steps

The 13 steps is a scary urban legend about Maltby Cemetery in Washington. They say that these thirteen steps lead down to hell.

13 Steps

The 13 Steps down to hell were located in Maltby Cemetery in Washington. There used to be a staircase that began at ground level and descended down under the earth. It was said to be low-grade entrance to the tomb of a wealthy local family.

According to the legend, you had to go to the cemetery late at night and walk down these 13 steps. While descending the steps, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Once you had reached the bottom, if you turned around, you would be confronted by a vision of hell.

They say that the vision would drive you insane. Those who watched people performing this ritual said that they witnessed the person stop at the bottom, turn around and then collapse to their knees in horror. According to some reports, several children emerged nearly comatose from the steps, many of them never uttered another word.

The 13 steps no longer exist. As the story goes, they were bulldozed or filled in with concrete years ago. Since then, there have been severe No Tresspassing limitations on the cemetery and even rumors of kids making expeditions late at night to Maltby Cemetery, armed with shovels, hoping to unearth the 13 steps down to hell.

“My girlfriend and I wanted to see this for ourselves. You have to go down these thirteen steps and then you see a little chair. If you sit in the chair it automatically means that you have sold your soul to the devil. It sounds really creepy. I was at church with my friend and his pastor said that he went there when he was 16 years old and it was the worst experience of his entire life”.

“A group of us headed out to the cemetery in Maltby. We made sure we got there as close to midnight as possible. After about an hour of searching around in the dark, we finally found it. The 13 steps. In the moonlight, you couldn’t see the bottom. We tried using a flashlight and we still could not see the bottom. It was frightening and one of the girls was so freaked out that she couldn’t even look down into the staircase. I decided I was going to go for it, but as I walked down the first two steps, I started to feel a sick.

After the next two steps, I felt light-headed. When I got to the sixth step, I became so cold that I could barely breathe and I could hear muffled yelling and screaming. I was not going any further. I couldn’t even take the next step. When I turned to climb back up, I could feel something pushing on my back and I couldn’t see out up to my friends clearly. When I finally reached the top of the staircase, I realized the yelling and screaming was coming from my friends.

They were screaming that I had disappeared when I went down. I am six feet tall. I couldn’t have been out of sight after having only gone down halfway down. Needless to say, we were all completely freaked out and got out of there as quickly as possible. To this day, every now and then, I dream about the 13 steps that lead down to hell and I always wake up in a cold sweat”.

Note: There is also a “13 Steps” cemetery in Palo called Pleasant Ridge cemetery. There is a set of stairs leading up to the cemetery gate that has 12 steps. But at night, a 13th step is said to appear.


  • Number 13 is always considered unlucky and uncanny. It has some history laced to it which I don’t know yet.

  • Me : Mom?
    Mom : Yes dear?
    Me : I found what I want for my birthday tomorrow.
    Mom : And It is….
    Me : at midnight there doing a sale at the cemetery go, down thirteen steps and grab it for me ok?
    Me : well, you’d be in hell if you did that :p

  • @ lexalina 101
    It does! I love FMAB more though, because it follows the manga~ But the Warehouse 13 thing was a really funny episode in FMA, and this story reminds me of it a bit.

  • I went there a few times as a teen with friends. It is a small cemetery located in a wooded area behind a housing area. There is a house on the land and the person there takes care of the plots. The cemetery is old but I believe a few people have been buried there recently, most if not all are members of the same family. There are some old white headstones with very little information other than a name and a date –all in old script. There is a flat concrete area where I believe the entrance to the crypt was, but has now been filled in. This was never really a full blown cemetery – just a little one for family. It isn’t even located in Maltby, it’s just nearby. You have to walk through woods to get to it, because If you are caught trying to enter, someone will come out of the house – possibly armed (or so I’ve heard) so kids usually get in the back way. The sad part is, people who come there expect to see something and there is really nothing to see. The scariest thing I actually did see was done by a living person… someone had stuck a cat to a tree with a knife along the path in the woods that leads to the cemetery. I feel sort of bad for the people who are buried there… can’t they just rest in peace?

  • wanna hear something creepy but true? ok, i was actually born october 13, 2000…on friday!!! i didnt belive on friday until i saw my birth certificite! how creepy!

  • lexalina101- it does sound like that; the number 13 is always closely linked with the devil, and Christianity certainly took off well enough in Japan. Interesting coincidence.

  • Consider some PLACEBO EFFECT!!
    Try making a person who NEVER heard of this legend go down these stairs, and see whether they experience the same thing.

  • to my fellow anime lovers!,
    doesn’t this seem like the ware house 13 thing from fullmetal alchemist? o.O

    Why would there even be 13 steps to hell anywayz?

    Stay Scared, and STAY EPIC,

  • @ screamXD and queen of chills
    R u guys really into going there??? O_O um, seeing the devil might be fun but getting killed or haunted forever isnt so fun for meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Im getting GOOSEBUMPS after reading all this creepy stuff! I think Im getting ALERGIC to this SITE!!!!!!!!

  • @ FreakyWolf
    Maybe that’s because midnight or really late at night is the time for ghosts and wicked stuffs to come out =D

    And abt this post…um, Im. Never. Going. Down. The. Thirteen. steps. Ever. In. My. Precious. Life… I still wanna live im young!!!!! D’:

  • ima bring my friend then ima pretend to get out a gun (it’l be my fingers) and say GO DOWN THER!!
    hes gonna freak out and probably run down.
    ill be right behind him!

  • I might like to try this one though since I don’t really believe in hell and this urban legend sounds really silly like most of them.

    Still a fun read.

  • i`ve been i got to the 9th step and i thought i heard screaming and i thought i smelled something burning, then i began to feel light headed and past out and had to got to the hospital. im fine now.

  • Wow, now who in their right minds would want to see hell..?
    Anyone going to join me?

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