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  • Title: Chatroom

    This story is about a boy named Jake who gets a weird message from a girl at his school.

    *One new message from Jessica*

    Jessica: Hey

    Jake: Hi

    Jessica: You go to my school correct?

    Jake: Yes

    Jessica: Do not turn around

    Jake: What will happen if I do?

    Jessica: Just don’t. Please, I am trying to help you

    Jake: Okay, what about when I go to bed?

    Jessica: … You’ll be safe. I promise

    2 weeks later

    Jake: Jessica!!

    Jessica: Yes?

    Jake: There is someone behind me I just know it!!

    Jessica: Oh, well you spoiled the surprise. Do it!

    Jake: Wh-

    Jessica: Is it done?

    Jake: Oh yes it is done. Is master proud?

    Jessica: Oh, yes I am. What will be done with body again?

    Jake: Take it as my own! I’ll be in touch Master

    Jessica: Yes, you will my Jake

    ((This is my first story so like it or not I love it:))

  • Title: Voices

    The school bell rung, and kids flooded out of the classrooms and into the halls. The teachers were drowned out by the chatter of the students. I could hear snippets of everyone’s conversation. A little of some gossip, and maybe a bit of chat about the math test that day. The point is, it was loud, too loud. I pushed past some people in the hall to get to my locker, resulting in a few bad names and insults.
    I finally got to my locker, and put in the combination. I pulled my books from my backpack out and shoved them into my locker. Taking out my lunch box stuffing it in my pack seemed like it was harder than it should be. Slamming the locker shut, I rested my head on the vents of the locker. Banging my head a few times on the locker, then I heard someone behind me.
    “Hey are you ok?” the familiar voice whispered in my ear, “ you look worried.”
    “I’m not doing so hot right now.” i admitted, “ can we just go home?”
    Delilah nodded her head, “ ok lets go.” she said with a smile.
    The walk to my house was a dangerous one, with a few teenagers that would throw things at us, sometimes they swore and made rude gestures and even would threaten us. Today was no different. The group consisted of four boys and three girls, it used to have a fifth boy, but we haven’t seen him in a long time. It started as the normal stuff, a few beer cans throw, a rock or two, twigs and sticks, but then it got worse. One of the girls remembered the last time we walked home. A couple days ago we walked home from school, that day when we passed the group, he came out, he insulted the teens back, made me throw a rock back at them. That day, the mean old teenagers got mad, they threatened to hurt us.
    The girl whispered to the crowd of teens behind her in a raspy voice. Two of the boys got up and jumped down from the little ledge they were sitting on. They extended their hands toward us and grabbed the back of our school uniforms. Yanking us back one of the boys looked us dead in the eyes and in a soothing, yet menacing voice, he said, “ Hey, we want you to stay for awhile.”
    I yanked back my collar and moined for Delilah to do the same. We bolted from the spot that the teens had taken over, strait to my house. Only to find the door locked. I shook the door knob trying to open it. I failed at opening the door, we pounded on the door, hoping my mother was home. The teenagers caught up to us and grabbed me by the back of my shirt. Swinging me to face him, the boy punched my cheek, in an attempt to hurt me. In a matter of self defence tried to punch him back. He grabbed my arm and used it to punch my own face. At that very moment the door swung open, and my mother saw the scene.
    “Go upstairs NOW.” I saw the anger in my mother’s eyes, it seemed as though the angry energy seeped through her pupils into a puddle on the ground. I ran from the teens grasp and in turn i grab Delilah’s arm and run up to my room.
    Finally free from the terror of the gang of teens, we got on to do our homework. Delilah got out her work and scribbled down some answers, I sighed and grabbed the math folder out of my backpack and pulled a pencil from my desk drawer. A little bit later, I decided to take a break. I pick up my phone and browse through my apps. Something catches my eye, a message, from some random person who goes by the name anonymous_gal. I open up the message and read the mean comments in the message. Somewhere along the lines of ‘you are sooo ugly you should just die and make the world a better place!’. Somewhere win the back of my mind, i heard a voice.
    “This isn’t ok, is it? You can text back you know, be mean too! Just do it!”
    “ No, no, no, no! Don’t, please, don’t!” I screeched.
    “ hey, hey calm down!” Delilah cut in, a worried tone to her voice. I knew that she could only hear me talking, until he breaks free of my mind and takes over.
    “She is so worthless! She only cares about herself, she wants to look good, but got stuck with you! Get her! Hurt her! Do it!”
    “NO! SHE HELPS! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, hoping, somehow, it would drive him away, but it was too late. He took over, i felt his power surging through me, as my sanity was pushed to the back of my mind. All I could do was watch myself beat the only friend I had.
    I saw my own body strutting to Delilah, in a dominant way. She cringed in fear, bracing herself from the lashing blows that followed. I watched as my arm raised, my hand curling into a claw-like fashion. He forced me to claw and maul my friend to the point of her bleeding. Her cries rang out through the house as my nails dug into her cheeks, in the process of doing so let a warm red liquid run down my hand and onto my arm. He hurt Delilah, and with my own body. It made me cry to see her cry as she did. She was bawling and at the same time spewing out things to snap me out of the fear and madness that was controlling me. The next thing that she said forced him to the back of my mind as the sanity came rushing back.
    She said, “no matter what happens, I will stay by your side. Even if it means putting myself in danger, I will find a way to help you!”
    The words were so heartfelt and warming, some of the few things said in that line made me cry, she had said no matter what she would stay by my side, or maybe for as long as she could.
    The next day I decided enough was enough, and i went to the hospital and had them tell me what was wrong with me. There was no scientific explanation for what was happening, so i was sent to a lab to be tested and cured.
    The time I spent in the lab was about a year long, but i did have some company, Delilah visited and so did my family. One day a miracle happened. They came to me and said that the thing in my head was gone, and he wouldn’t bother me ever again.
    After the news spread to my family, they took me and Delilah out for ice cream, a big treat for me after all of the dietary food from the lab. When i was licking the cookies and cream from the cone in my hand i dropped it suddenly and started shaking, because somewhere in my head a voice sounded.
    “Hello old friend.”

    I never liked paranormal activities. Even the thought would send shivers throughout my soul. I’m more frightened of ghosts and spirits, than someone robbing my house. My mom had wanted me to be more independent, and, so I packed my belongings and moved into a small apartment.
    In the apartment there were two bathrooms one in my room, and one for the guests. The apartment was quite nice, and the price was affordable, but the only thing strange was my toilet would always flood up red. There was also a huge window inside my bedroom, bathroom, that had a beautiful view. However the red liquid still concerned me, it was not blood-like, so I wasn’t too freaked out. I did ended up calling the landlord and he checked it out.
    “I don’t think there’s anything wrong,” he said. “Alright, so like my toilet is just flooding red liquid? Maybe there’s like a rat there, are you sure everything’s good?” He nodded and that day on I just assumed nothing serious was happening, but frankly my toilet started to flood a lot and that creeped me out.
    I asked my boyfriend at the time,John, to move in with me and he agreed. On the days I didn’t have to go to work, and he did, I’d stay home alone. John was always home late, and I frequently had anxiety staying home. I always had an eerie feeling of some sort that someone was watching me, so I decided to just stay at my mom’s place.
    One afternoon, I was leafing through the internet, at my mom’s house, and saw an ad saying, how dogs could sense things humans can’t. Being the scared person I was, I went to the pet shop and got a dog, that I named Pebbles. Soon afterwards I stopped visiting my mom’s house, because I got confident and said, “Julie its time not to be such a baby.”
    As soon as Pebbles entered my house he started growling and barking. Being the new dog owner, I didn’t know if dogs were supposed to do that. It got to a point where if Pebbles was anywhere alone, he’d just bark and growl at random things, so I had to bring him everywhere.
    One day, John was at work, and I was sitting in front of my closet sorting out clothes, with Pebbles near me. Out of the abyss, Pebbles starts barking directly at me.
    “That’s a new,” I replied uncomfortably.
    Pebbles starts barking louder and I thought he’d thrust his little self on me.
    “Pebbles stop,” I yelled, pointing my finger at him.
    Then, the strangest thing happened. I felt this sensation on my back, it felt like my neck was on fire, and like someone was pushing me. Eventually, Pebbles stops barking and the sensation stops. As quickly as it stopped the sensation begins again. I felt as if someone—or something was just shoving me. It felt like I was giving something a piggyback ride, but I only felt the tension. Shocked and frightened, I could feel myself hyperventilating, I stood up, grabbed my dog, keys, and phone, and then scrambled to my car.
    I sat in the driver’s seat for a little while, thinking whether I should go to my mom’s place or if I should go back up to the apartment. “What if she thinks I’m bonkers?” I thought. I texted my sister saying, how I felt something touching me, and my sister immediately comforts me. I drove to my mom’s house and told her about the incident, my mom hysterically laughs.
    “Jajaja, eres tan graciosa. Probablemente no es tan malo,” laughs mom.
    At that point I didn’t want to talk to my mother. I tell my mother that I think something scratched my back. My mom lifts up my shirt and saw that there were 3 scratches engraved on my flesh. I freak out, but my mom tells me, I probably panicked and scratched myself on accident. I calm down and drank some water.
    “Why is your dog her,” father growls.
    My father did not like dogs, so I couldn’t stay long, at the house.
    “I couldn’t just leave him there,” I protested.
    Eventually, I had to come home, and I was exhausted from the trauma. I went straight for my bed and took a short nap.
    I was awaken by the sound of John coming back from work—I thought, but I was still felt a swarm of relief. I went down from my bed and headed towards the bathroom in my bedroom. The bathroom door was closed, which I thought was a little odd, because from the time me and John lived together, we never closed the bathroom door, unless one of us needed to use the toilet. However, John couldn’t be in the bathroom, because I just heard him come in.
    I came inside the bathroom and lifted up the toilet cover—and then—-I saw blood everywhere on the toilet seat, and in the toilet water, but what horrifies me most was John’s head inside the toilet. I could not scream, nor could I move.
    The only thing that raced in my head was,“T-then who was that that came in?”
    Once I got myself together, I could hear Pebbles barking and the thing’s footsteps come closer and closer to the bathroom. I got all the guts in me and ran towards my window, jumping out of it. I was on the first floor of the apartment complex so the jump was too bad.
    I started yelling and screaming,‘’HELP ME, HELP, PLEASE.” I got my second floor neighbors attention and they called the police. The policeman never found out what the thing was, and I still have the haunted memories of my boyfriend’s head. I had many years of therapy and I still can not stay home alone.

    (I think maybe the ending should’ve been a lil’ stronger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • And also, I know i’m commenting way too many times LOL but you authors out there should use google docs to write your stories and then copy and paste it to the comments. I don’t know, it just feels more comfortable :)

    My mother owned a small nail salon down in Chancellorsville. Even 40 years later my knowledge of the salon is crystal clear. Every Sunday I’d go to work with her and help her with the business. My mother had bought the salon for a very inexpensive price, something in my pitiful soul knew the salon had history.
    The owner would not tell us what had happened, but since I was a noisy individual and so I did my research on the area—that had been my biggest mistake. I couldn’t find any information on the nail salon, so I ended up having to use Wikipedia as my source of information. I knew the website wasn’t to be trusted, but I still read the article. Back then, at the end of any Wikipedia article the author who wrote the article, his or her name would be shown. I leafed through the article, until a word caught my guard, “KILLED.” That’s when I read the whole article.
    It had said that the salon used to be an antique shop. The owner of the antique shop had a daughter who died of cancer. Everyday the daughter would visit the antique shop. The owner was not please, for the owner wanted to see her daughter, however she was frightened and for that she had sold it. At the end of the article the author’s name was Annabeth Ken. I thought that was odd because the person who sold the salon, was named Margaret Ken.
    My first instinct was it is probably Margaret’s family member. Little would I know this information would haunt me. It was a fair Sunday and I dressed up to go to work with my mother. I had not told my mother about the knowledge I had known, for I did not want to frighten her.
    That afternoon I went to go get some sweets in the kitchen area. The table was so very close to the door to get in the kitchen, so I decided not to turn on the lights to get my sweets. Thus was a rookie mistake. I hurriedly clutched my sweets and tip-toed out of the kitchen, however just as I was to leave, I felt a presence almost touching me. As a 13 year-old, I was not afraid of spirits, because I did not believe. A grave mistake. It was time to go home, and I was terribly exhausted from the long day at work.
    My mother drove me home and we had dinner. The presence at the kitchen had bugged me, and for that I had then told my mother. All I could see was fear in her eyes. She told me everything was going to be okay and I must go to sleep.
    That night, I could not sleep. I had stomach aches, and did not want to wake my mother. Somehow I fell asleep but woke up bright and early. I felt a gush of needing to hurl, in my gut. I lifted up my gown and was shocked to find letters on my stomach “A.K” was what it read. I rushed into my mother’s room, her sheets were on top of her head. I then was greeted by her whole room with bloody “A.K” letters on her walls. By then I fell to the ground and stared at the blood, not being able to twitch, as I got myself together, I rush towards my mother. Her sheets were still on. I pulled the sheets off her—and then there was a note on her forehead that read “WHAT ARE YOUR INITIALS?” That wasn’t all—I was trembling and as I looked and my mother’s stomach I could see all her intestines out of her body, and pounds of blood all over the mattress.
    I screamed and screamed until my neighbors called the policeman. They searched my house and said that the blood on the wall was my mother’s. They never found out what had happened to my dear mother, but I swore for vengeance. Later that day, I was put into a mental asylum and I was never allowed to see my home again.

    [Gruesome? This was semi inspired by Sarah Winchester; a woman you built a mansion for ghosts. Highly recommend you read an article about it, enjoy!]

    There was a thing–slaughtering the city of Tokyo. No one dared to be somewhere alone. The people of Tokyo called this thing Skedrikama. A young man claimed that he encountered Skedrikama. He implies that he harmed the creature and said it had no face. Others say that the creature goes around ripping people’s faces, with its jaws, until it finds a face of its liking. Everyone who had encountered the creature, who lived to retell the story of Skedrikama never saw the light of day. They refuse to go anywhere and so the creature was never caught. Legends say Skedrikama still haunts the city of Tokyo, thriving for the right face.
    “I think I need to use the bathroom,” I yelled over the crowd of dancing people.
    “Okay Jackson, I’ll be here. Call me if you need anything,” cried Hannah.
    The party was loud and everyone was drinking. Trash was on the ground, people were hurling over plastic bags, and a group of boys were doing wedgie contests. I rolled my eyes and headed towards the bathroom.
    Suddenly, something caught my attention. I could see a man kneeling to the ground. I halted and stared at the masculine man. He wore khaki black pants and his eyes were as red as blood, it scared me. Even in the distance his presence sent shivers down my spine. I had an eerie feeling, but something told me he needed help.
    I started walking towards the man, my head towards the ground, because his eyes would make me hesitate. I could hear the man standing up and coughing. I reached the man, still not looking at his face, but for some odd reason I could feel his face close to mine. By now I was staring at his shadow, he was somewhere between 6 to 7 foot tall, just staring at his shadow made me uncomfortable.
    “Umm..hey dude I–.”His face came so close to mine, I’d thought he’d kiss me.
    Finally, with all my might I made eye contact with him–or did I? I felt this gush of vomit reach my throat and it went rocketing at the man. I don’t remember what happened next, but I awoke in an infirmary. My eyes were blurry and I felt like I’d just awoke from a concussion. “Jackson!” I turned my head, feeling so nauseous. I wanted to open my eyes, but my eyelids were heavy.
    Hannah was clutching on something, she dropped it and started sobbing. I was trying to talk but words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. Hannah darted towards my bed, she snatched a bottle of water and fed me the water. It refreshed my throat and I could finally feel my body. I coughed. I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry
    “Slow down Jackson.” She smiled and wiped a tear from her cheek.
    “W-what happened?” I croaked softly. I tried to sit up on my bed, but gradually fell down. “Careful,” Hannah whispered. She touched my shoulders and sat on my bed.
    I closed my eyes and repeated,”what happened?”
    Hannah sighed, cupping on my shoulders a little tighter. I opened my eyes, facing Hannah.
    “You were sick.” Then the memories flowed through me like echoes of a cove.
    “The guy!” I cried.”Is he okay? I just remembering vomiting on him. Hannah nodded. “Yeah..” she murmured.
    “Where is he?” I said, fearfully. My head rambled. I felt a swarm of anxiety throughout my head.
    “Hannah tell me.” I sounded louder than I expected.
    “You…vomited on him..and you choked him and he died–cause he opened his mouth. Shocked, I sat up on the bed.
    “The thing is–he had no face.
    ”Hannah, is that…Skedrikama..?”

    (Sorry if the setup is, well, odd. My cousin was like,” THIS IS HOW AUTHOR’S DO IT.” Btw I wrote this story in 6th grade, so felt like sharing a piece of my mind. Enjoy!)

  • This is called Yinja.

    When I was about two years old, my mother had a stalker. I man named Edward James. He would text her endlessly. Call her all the time. Describe to her in great detail what she was doing. And worst of all, talk to her about my father, who died of brain cancer. Eventually, he was caught by police and charged with stalking and the kidnapping of another girl named Jaci Jackson. He was locked away for three years, until he broke out. One day, he was just gone from the prison.

    He never bothered my mother sience then, not ever. I am twelve now. It’s been seven years sience he broke out, but the day the police notified my mother of his escape, we got a watchdog named Yinja. She was a healthy Doberman, who loved to play. On my thirteenth birthday, my mother and I went out to eat. It was a marvelous dinner. Rice and pork in a bowl. After that, we got ice cream. My mom and I don’t eat much ice cream. When we got home, Yinja was coughing really hard, almost like she was choking on something.

    We brought her to an emergency vet. The vet said she would keep Yinja for the night, and we should go home. Yinja would be fine, she said. We got home late, around 11 pm. My mom didn’t want to sleep without Yinja in the house, so we stayed on the couch all night.

    At 1 am, the vet called us.

    “Get out of your house, now! Leave! No time to explain! Come quick!” She shouted through the phone.

    When we got there, the police were there. The vet said Yinja was fine, but she was coughing and choking on a human toe.

    The police followed a trail of blood to the bedroom, where a man was hiding under my mom’s bed, unconscious. One of my mom’s scarves was wrapped around the bloody stump where his toe was.

    The man was identified as Edward James. They found out the location of his home, and found a room with pictures of my mother back to when she was 17. One was dedicated to Jaci Jackson.

    I don’t know what I’ll do when Yinja is gone.

  • I have got a scary riddle.

    I am Stacy. I have a little sister. Her name is Sarah. I love her and my mother dearly. However one day everything changed when mother died. We cried a lot at the funeral. I was sad. At the funeral I saw a guy. He was very handsome. I didn’t know him.
    He got lost in the crowd before I could find him and I realized I didn’t even know his name. Never mind. After a week, my sister died too. It was very sad. Now I am just waiting for her funeral.

  • The Woman In The White Kimono

    One night, I had a very strange dream. In the dream, I was waiting for the school bus at the bus stop, when I looked up and saw a woman. She had pale almost translucent skin and long black hair which was caked with dried blood. She wore a dirty white kimono, wait but something wasn’t right, her kimono couldn’t be wrapped left over right that would mean she was dead. I looked again and saw her kimono was rapped to the left still I wasn’t imagening things. I closed my eyes for a minute to see if this is actuality real. When I opened my eyes she was still there, but only this time she had two dolls beside her that looked like my parents. She picked up the one that looked like my mom and took a knife out of her pocket and stabed the doll multiple times. Then she picked up the doll that looked like my dad and stabed it too. Then blood poured out of the dolls as they screamed my name. I think then I screamed so loud I woke myself up and the whole house up.

    The next night I had the dream again but instead of my parent it was my sofu & sobo.

    I was plaged by this dream for nights on end each time it was difrent people one night it was my 5 cousins Asa, Hanako-chan, Ako, Nishi and Shiro. Another night it was my 3 obas Suzu, Yumi and Kyoko. Another night it was my 4 ojis Kiyoshi, Akemi, Tomi and Kentaro.

    I hoped and hoped that was the end of these dreams, but the next night it happened again. This time it was my sister Ami. This time it was longer then before. Finaly woke from the dream. I thought it was really strange dream and a really long one too.

    Because, shortly after I was born my whole family was stabed to death.

    Since that day I have never had that dream again.

  • Perfect… Not Anymore.

    It was an average day for Beautiful Julia Taylor. Perfect hair. Perfect body. Perfect life.

    Julia was getting on the bus. As usual, she was talking to her friends, waiting on the 30 minute bus ride home. She always brags about how many friends she has, how big her house is. I used to be her friend, now I’m not. I’m jealous of her. I need her life, I need everything she has, her hair, her body. Now, she just bullies me. This morning, in the third period, I was getting my books out of my locker and ‘perfect little Julia’ comes up behind me and says where everyone could hear her “Hey Bitch, why don’t you get some friends for a change! Huh?” They don’t care, they have no clue what I’m going through.

    Julia is not going to be SO perfect, now. I told her boyfriend, Jake Wilson, that Julia cheated cheated on him with Austin Daniels. Those two absolutely hate each other. He went up to Julia and called her a cheating asshole. This was their conversation:
    Jake: “What the hell, Julia?”
    Julia: “Hey babe, whats wrong?”
    Jake: “Don’t act like you don’t know! You know what you did.”
    Julia: “What did I do, Jake? I really am so confused!”
    Jake: “You cheated on me with Austin! Don’t act like you’re so
    stupid. We’re done, Julia. I can’t believe you did this to me.
    I loved you so much, and this is what how you repay me?”
    Julia: “Jake, please! I didn’t do anything wrong…”

    Julia ran off with tears in her eyes. I grinned, now she knows how it feels to be blamed for something you didn’t do, to be treated like shit.

    One thing done. One more to go. Her life is less perfect now. The more I make her miserable, the happier it makes me. The more she bullies me, the more it amuses her. Next, I sneak out to Julia’s house. School is done, she walks out, she glares at me. I smile back. Hours pass, several boring hours. It’s about 10:00 p.m. I can see through her window, she is with her friend, recording a YouTube video on her channel “PerfectJulia457”. Of course, she has 30,000 subscribers. I sneak in, I hear loud snoring. “Must be her dad.” I whisper to myself. I have a sharp, gleaming Butchers knife in my jeans pocket. I creeped upstairs, and walked into Julia’s parent’s room. Yes, they are asleep. I tip-toed to their bed, the dad was snoring so loud. I took the knife out of my pocket, raised it up, and stabbed her dad, twice in the head, and three times in the chest. I walked over to her mom’s side of the bed. I really feel bad about doing this to her mom, though. She is so sweet. I hesitated. Julia’s mom woke up, startled. “I’m sorry, I have to do this. Goodbye, Mrs. Taylor, have a good time with Mr. Taylor in Heaven…” She screamed, I hesitated. I brought the knife up, closed my eyes, and stabbed her mom in the arm twice, and in the foot three times. Julia and her friend came running in her parents room. She saw me with the knife in my hand,

    “Madison, what the hell did you do?! Why? Why did you do this to me?”

    “I proved my point. Now you know how it feels to lose something you love so, very dearly, Julia.
    You know how I feel, don’t you?” I dragged her by the hair out of the room. I told her friend to tag along. She obeyed me, she walked with a trembling body.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    I told Julia’s friend to go home, quickly. I didn’t want her to suffer, she was so sweet. I pushed Julia against her bedroom wall. She tried to escape, I locked the door. I had the knife behind my back. “The most precious things in life, Julia, are the things you will eventually lose.” I took the knife behind my back and waved it at her stomach. “And one of those precious things, is your life, Julia. Don’t you remember, Julia?”

    “Madison, please, I’m so sorry…”

    “Remember, Julia? We used to be friends. Now, all that’s over.”

    I raised the knife and stabbed her in the chest.


    “Yes, Julia. Now you’re in the pain you put me in, for years, Julia. YEARS.”
    Can you guess where Julia is?

    (Please post this, I worked so hard on it. :])

  • I Can’t

    There are somethings we as people can’t do, here is a list of some things I can’t do.
    1.I can’t find the key to open this locked door
    2.I can’t figure out what I’m eating is healthy or not
    3.I can’t figure out how do do the trick to get out of a straight jacket without help
    4.I can’t stop thinking what will become of my future.
    5.I can’t help but get lost in my house
    Those are just some of the things I can’t do but the worst things is the stuff you couldn’t stop doing, here is my list.
    1.I couldn’t stop finding those girls
    2.I couldn’t stop taking them in any means
    3. I couldn’t stop making them beautiful
    4. I couldn’t stop their screams
    5.I couldn’t stop those men in blue holding me down
    6.I couldn’t stop the men in white injecting me
    7.I couldn’t find a way to get out of my cell.
    Well I can’t say that I can’t do those without trying now can I.

    (This is my first story so if it’s bad then I’m very sorry)

  • Fools.

    It’s our fifth anniversary.
    It’s my fifth chance of redemption.
    See, I’m on a mission. My master has given me and order to kill my husband.

    Seems easy, oui oui. But I seem to have fallen in love with this bloke. Yet all he does is smother me with affection. I don’t want this.

    I ready a small fancy looking candlelit dinner. I’m ready for this.

    I hear shuffling behind the door. It’s him!

    I grab my extremely fine razor blade, and get ready to kill my love.

    I sit in my seat, legs crossed, blade in hand. He walks in, smiles, and sits down across me immediately. I stand up to hug him.

    I lift his shirt a little, and slide the blade on his skin.

    The night passes quite quickly.

    He suddenly falls over.

    I call 911.

    They ask me the basics and get there as fast as they can. I fake cry.

    They police take me in for questioning.

    Fools. Of course they believe me. Fools.
    How foolish of my husband to love me. Fools.

    I am not one person.
    I an multiple!

    I have been Diana Skye, Freii Dela Rossa, Cory Shay, and more!

    I am everywhere!

    and I have killed friends. Family. Pets. Strangers, even.

    And that’s why I love my job.

    Oh, master will be so happy!

    He’ll finally be able to be free!

    Haha! You thought he was controlling me? No! I am the mastermind, the megamind!

    What?! NO! GET OFF ME!

    They wrap cuffs around my hands.

    I still have the blade.


  • I’m Sorry.

    I had a friend. Her name was Ciara.
    We parted ways for the same reason; school. But we always kept in touch.
    But one conversation I had with her was particularly creepy. Here it is.

    Ciara Chandy: Kacey….I’m sorry.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: For what?
    Ciara Chandy: I did it.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: whAt?
    Ciara Chandy: I killed it.
    Kaceeeeeeeeeey: huh?–

    Ciara Chandy has left the chatroom.

    I can barely make out any type of topic.

    But recently, I’ve been experiencing different types of quote unquote “supernatural” events.

    My cat, Deni, has kept away from me whenever my phone was near me, or when I was holding my phone.

    The phone calls. Those phone calls are driving me insane. All they say is “I’m sorry. He’s watching. I’m sorry.”

    The bathroom door is always open, whenever I close it.

    I recently called a priest to tell me what the hell is wrong.

    He shrieked in terror and cried out “CIARA…SHE DID IT…THE BATHROOM…DON’T.”

    I have no idea.

    Wait what?

    What’s that coming from the bathroom? It smells terrible.

    I walk towards it.

    Ciara stands there, over my parents…my childhood friends who I thought moved away…my boyfriend.

    “And Kacey…”


    “I’m sorry for this.”

    I feel a sharp pain in my chest, until I slump over against the wall, dead.

    The last thing I see?

    A grotesque face of a girl, who I once called my best friend. Face splattered with dry blood, skin peeled off.

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