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This is the part of the Website where you get to tell me your scary stories. If you have a really good scary tale swirling around in your brain, you can post it in the comments section on this page. I will read it and, if it’s really good, you will have the honor of seeing it will be posted right here on this page.

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Before you tell us your story, here are a few rules you should follow:
1. Make sure the story is scary. (Who would want to read a story that isn’t scary?).
2. Make sure your story is good. (No lame stories, please).
3. Make sure your story REALLY is good. (I can’t search through 100 bad stories to find 1 good story).
4. Don’t post a bad story. (Please, I am begging you!)
4. Try to use proper spelling and grammar. (Or elze it wil bee hard 2 reed).
5. Don’t spam your story on other pages. Just post it here. I will see it.
6. If your story doesn’t get accepted, please don’t be angry or offended.
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  • Don’t Look Back

    Sandra and her Best Friend, Olivia were sitting on the couch in Sandra’s house. “Sandra, look at this!” “What?” Sandra asked “There’s this thing on Instagram about a 30 day walk challenge.”
    “But, we already walk. Everyone walks.” “Let me finish.” Olivia responded. “You talk a walk around your whole neighborhood. When you finish, you post a pic on Instagram.” “Sounds fun.” Sandra said. “Lets do it!” Sandra’s older brother, Marcus, heard them talking about the challenge. “What about a 30 day walking challenge?” Marcus asked. “Its a trend on Instagram. You walk around your neighborhood and when you finish, you post a pic on Instagram.” “I knew y’all would do that.” Marcus said. “Gotta run!” Olivia said. The girls were chatting while doing the challenge. All of the sudden, they heard “AHHHH!! HELP ME!! HELP ME!!” Then, Sandra and Olivia got a text message from a unknown number. “Did you just get a text that read: Don’t look back?” “Yes, Sandra, I’m scared.” Olivia said, shaking. “Don’t worry, Olivia. This is probably a joke.” “Sandra, I’m not so sure.” “I will prove it to you.” Sandra turned around. “Hey- and she couldn’t get her sentence out of her mouth because a masked man stabbed her in the head. Olivia looked back and commited suicide for the loss of her best friend. The same knife went through Olivia’s head. A person walking by screamed and called the police. The police told their mothers about the deaths of their beloved daughters. Right away the mothers came to the police station. Marcus grinned creepily the whole time… (I hope you enjoyed my story! :D)

  • Summer at my grandparents

    Oh summer! Its my favorite season. Its warm and sunny. But there is one thing I hate about summer. Every summer I have to go to my grandparents house for a couple weeks. Why do I hate my grandparent’s house so much? It is haunted. I’m sure of it. I swear. It really is. My cousin is the manager of the building and he told me about an incident that happened right before my grandparents moved in…. There was a man and his cat in the building and everyday he went to the night club and got drunk. One day he got too drunk and when he got home he cut off his cats head and cooked it for dinner. Then he hid the body somewhere. He accidentally added too much salt to the meal and when he ate it he died slowly. When the manager of the building came up to check on them he found a half eaten cats head and the man’s body on the ground. He called the police and the police searched the building. They could not find the body. So they moved on. But there are other reasons why my grandparent’s house is haunted. Whenever I try to use the shower, it makes a screeching noise. Its the same thing when I try to use the sink. I did the charlie-charlie challenge when I was younger there and I never exited the game. Whenever I go into the bathroom the wind violently slams the door close. When I get into the bathtub it feels wet like someone has been using it constantly. The computer shuts off automatically. Last but not least, when I go to bed I feel something touch my head. (Scaryforkids please post my story. It is all true and I’m at my grandparent’s house now. Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! I’m begging you!!!!)

  • The woman in white

    The woman in white.
    Her eyes are like broken Christmas lights.
    You must beware.
    If she is there.
    She has a grin
    Under her skin
    She has no mouth.
    Or a house.
    She bites peoples heads
    Until they are dead.
    She sucks out their brain
    And hits them with a cane
    A girl was walking
    While she was talking
    The woman in white appeared
    And tripped her to the ground with a spear
    She sucked out her brain
    And hit her with a cane.
    If you encounter the woman in white
    She will give you a fright
    And maybe you might
    End up dead
    With no head

    The end

  • Creepy short poems

    I am dead in your shed.
    Now I am under your bed.

    I yell,”ring the bell!”
    Its time to die.
    Bye bye.

    I cried as she died
    I thought it was all in my head.
    As I killed her from under the bed.

    I am dead.
    I was killed in my bed.
    While playing with thread.

    I am death in white.
    My eyes are like broken Christmas lights.

    It was a hallowing night.
    I looked for children to fright.
    “Hey kid wanna have the fright of your life?”
    Good bye!

    It is hiding under your bed.
    Not in your head.

    I search for food
    No food, not good
    I see a child
    That should have a taste that’s mild

    A criminal is on the loose
    He steals shoes
    They still have feet in them
    At least it tastes better than lamb

    A cow is at the window smiling with glee
    The cow holds a knife and points to me
    I wake up and see a cow at my window

    I killed kritter
    She tastes like dinner

    I am the light that flickers on and off
    I am the child’s shadow in the dark
    You can’t see me but I can see you

    The car turns on by itself
    The toy moves off the shelf

    The child’s laughter is from hell
    Someone rings the bell
    The whole town shivers
    Earth quivers

    He points the gun to my head
    I’m not scared
    I’m already dead

    I wail to the whale
    I should have never killed that scuba diver
    Now I am stuck
    There is not even a duck

    Poems, poems
    Such an appeal
    How do you know
    If they aren’t real?

    Mickey mouse is staring at me
    Mickey mouse is smiling with glee
    I thought it was just a doll

    I eat meat
    Human meat
    It tastes like a treat

    The thing from under the bed
    Killed me
    I am now dead

    I hide bodies that are dead
    Under my bed

    The clock stroke 1
    My work is done
    You are dead
    Under my bed

    My reflection says,
    ” I see you!
    Peek a boo!”

  • Hungry baby

    There one was a woman that had a baby. There was a famine in the town and since she didn’t want to kill herself for the baby. She put up a “free hugs” sign near the entrance of the woods and she would kill anyone that comes near. When the mother fed her baby the human meat, the baby licked her lips. When the mother tried some she became a savage. Killing anyone in her path. She and the baby were the only ones in town now. But they were still hungry so the baby got the butter knife from the table and threw it at the mothers back. The mother fell down in pain. Even though the baby was fat, the baby was strong. The mother slowly bled to death and the baby ate her.

  • @Dog fan
    If you read the rules no.5 says to not spam, so no you’re not supposed to spam on other pages or here. I’m sure SFK would get a little p1$$ed and most likely wouldn’t pick you… :l

  • @Oceanica @Dog fan
    Sorry i know i was rude i take that back, it’s just that I think it’d be fair if EVERYONE could get a fair chance for their stories to be read :)

  • @Horrorfangirl, what’s your prob?? We are supposed to. So stop calling us that stuff and start apologizing. I have a set of emojis and I’m not afraid to use them😎😎😎😎😎

  • To all you SELFISH IDIOTS who keep spamming tyour story on this page, i guarantee your story will NOT be chosen! Pathetic fools!!! Get lost!

  • @Dog fan Thanks so much! You’re story is great too! Hopefully ScaryForKids posts one of our stories! :D

  • AirPilot

    You might think the internet was an AMAZING thing, but there is a secret it contains. AirPilot. It is a part of the brain the internet named. It is the consequence of breaking schedule. A friend of mine committed suicide because of it. Here is her story:
    I woke up and I looked at my phone. It had low charge. Usually it would have been fully charged by now, but I forgot to charge it last night. So I put my phone to charge while I took a long shower. When I came out I got dressed and dressed my daughter too. I hated being late to work and my daughter had to go to daycare. I drove my daughter to daycare and I went to work. I arrived at work and at lunchbreak I usually would take out my phone and play games, but it was still on my counter charging. At the end of work, I drove to my house and greeted my husband. He greeted me too but he asked about our daughter and where she was. I was angry and went back to the car and drove to her daycare. It had a sign on it and it said ‘Closed due to vandalism’. I forgot my phone and my daughter was dead just because I broke schedule.

    That was the last thing she said when she shot herself. This is all true. I still have dried tears on my face. Now remember keep your schedule like always. Or you will end up like my friend.

  • @jenn3985, I LOVE your story!!! Its one of the best stories ever!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • “Hide and Seek”

    A brother named Ethan and his sister Ava are going to play the game, Hide and seek. “Who is going to count first?” asked Ethan. “Me!” responded Ava. “Ok!” said Ethan. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not here I come!” Ethan was trying to be super quiet, hiding in the cupboards. He could hear his sister’s voice saying “Ethan, where are you? Come out where ever you are!” in her squeaky, little voice. Ethan nearly laughed out loud, hearing her voice. “Give me a hint!” yelled Ava. “Beep boop!” yelled Ethan, answering his sister’s question. She checked in the cupboards. “Found you!” said Ava. “Aww man!” answered Ethan, both of laughing. “Ok, now you hide!” said Ethan. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… and his counting was interrupted by his sister screaming. He ran to where he heard his sister’s scream. He found a middle aged man in her room, eating her alive. “NO! STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE!!” Ethan screamed. The man looked at him, with a creepy look. Ethan ran and hid in the closet under the stairs. You need a code to get in the closet. Ethan’s and Ava’s mom told them the code, which is 3619. He ran in with his phone and called 911.
    *Actual 911 call*
    “911 what’s your emergency?
    – Ethan “There is a middle aged man in my sister’s room eating her alive.
    – 911 “Ok sweetheart how old are you?”
    – Ethan “I’m 9 years old.”
    – 911 “Sweetheart can you tell me your address?”
    – Ethan “Um ok my address is 2306 Stack road.”
    – 911 “Ok stay on the line with me and stay calm.”
    – Ethan “Ok.”
    – 911 “The police are on their way. They will be there in 5 minutes.”
    – Ethan “Ok. What do I do? My mom is at the Grocery store and my dad is at work.”
    – 911 “Ok sweetheart, can you unlock the your front door for me?
    – Ethan “Yes.”
    – 911 “Is there anyway you can get your mom in touch by texting?”
    – Ethan “Yes. I just texted her.”
    – 911 “Ok. The police are here. You can come out now.
    Ethan came out and saw the police and his mom. “Mom!” He ran to her and hugged her. They just stood there, hugging each other.
    The police arrested the man. He was sentenced to death. Ethan’s mom thanked the police for the help. His mom adopted a little girl and Ethan and her are best friends. Now everyday the family visits Ava’s grave, not knowing the man escaped prison and is hiding in their basement…

    I hope you enjoyed my story!

  • The Lighthouse Keepers

    There were 3 lighthouse keepers that lived in the lighthouse. The lighthouse was just built then. But one day, when a boat came to deliver the monthly supplies so that the lighthouse keepers could have enough food. The lighthouse was empty. There were 2 sweaters missing from the hangers, Papers everywhere, and a journal. In the journal it said that 1 of the lighthouse keepers cried for four hours because there was a big storm that day, and it said that another one was paralyzed. The leader said to hold hands and pray. At the end, it said, all is well and God is over all. Then they realized that they must have drowned, but they looked at the news that day, and it creeped the captain out, it said on that day that the sky was calm and it was sunny. It still remains a mystery today.
    (The End.)
    (Please post this. I spent hours studying on it and this is all true. ;))

  • I don’t like you

    There once was a girl named Kale. Kale was an average, poor 16 year old. There was a boy next door named Alex. Alex was 17. Alex had feelings of passion and love for Kale. So everyday, when Kale went outside, Alex went outside and waved to her. Sometimes when Kale went to school Alex smiled and winked to her, but Kale tried to show him that she didn’t like him. So one day Kale went to Alex and said, “Alex…i don’t like you.” and then Alex made the face that little kids make when there parents don’t buy them the toy they want. But it looked horrid when a 17 year old did it. So that night while Kale was sleeping, she felt het bed shift. So she looked under her bed. “Aaaaaagh!” Kale screamed. Alex was under her bed grinning at her and trying to get out from underneath her bed. She ran to Alex’s parents and said that their son was in her house. So Kale took out her phone and dialed 911, even though Alex’s parents begged her not to. When the police came they found Alex in Kale’s room. Then Alex said, ” This wasn’t the first time I stalked Kale.” Then the police searched his room, and they found photos of Kale everywhere, but the one that was more creepy was the one of Kale sleeping. It was taking in her house. So Kale lived a happy life afterwards.
    (The End)
    (Please please please post my story!!!! I worked so hard on grammer and i made sure it was creepy!!!!)

  • Together Forever

    There once was a man named Harold. He always wanted a wife. But no woman was interested in him. So he went to the “Lost And Found” store and he found it! The recipe book of life. He tried to buy it, but the sales lady said it is not for sale. The man took out a Twenty dollar bill and gave it to her. She took it and gave him the recipe book. So when the clock stroke midnight, he took out the book, and went to the page that had the perfect type of lady. She was supposed to be kind, sweet, and adorable. So the man followed the recipe but thought,”Most woman didnt like me.” So he added a lot more sugar. When he put her in the oven it began to rain, then thunder and lightning came. When the oven door was opened the man’s eyes were filled with glee. Suddenly she rose and did a fancy pose. She knew she was made for him. Without turning off the oven he closed the door, not knowing he was making more. He and his wife came together and bonded, such a powerful bond it was. They lived together in the house he had built for this day. But she smothered him with her love, he couldn’t even breath. So he asked her, “May I have some space.”
    She said ,”Of course but you can’t leave without your umbrella. I will go with you”
    “I think i forgot my wallet inside will you go get it?” he said leaving himself sometime to escape. He climbed up to the batter, his heart was a bit shattered because he had betrayed her. She was right behind him crying.
    “What did i do to make you want to leave me? Am i not pretty enough?” she said putting more lipstick on her lips.
    “We were supposed to be together forever, remember? Just you and me.” she said as she leaned towards him for a kiss.
    “Get off me you freak! I need some space. Ok?” he said as he pushed her into the batter. As she was about to fall into the batter she grabbed onto his pants. “Together forever. Together forever. Together forever. Don’t you remember? Just you and me. Fall into here with me. Don’t you disagree. We deserve to be free. Only you and me. Together forever. Together forever.” she croaked.
    “I do disagree. You are so creepy.” he said as he kicked her into the batter. Soon she began multiplying in the oven, while he was at home. Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He looked out the window, there were millions of her. They still were chanting, “Together forever. Dont you disagree with me. We deserve to be free. Just you and me in harmony.” They broke the windows and the door. They all got in to sing, “You and me in harmony. Together forever. Don’t you remember?”
    Then they ate him.

    (The End!!) (Please post my story on your amazing website!!! I worked so hard on grammer and im sure its really scary!!)

  • Sweet and Salty

    I used to be friends with a man named Cougar. At the time he was a chef and i was unemplowas. I used to be friends with a woman named Savannah…but she told Cougar that i liked him, which was true since he was really likable. I figured out because Cougar told me what Savannah said. So i talked to Savannah and she said that he liked me too. So i thanked her. But then when i was walking i bumped into Savannah. She said that Cougar said that he liked her. We kept on talking behind his back. Saying he was a playboy, and other stuff. So i went to the resturant where he cooks at and i told him that i learned a recipe from my grandma. So i mixed sugar, salt, honey, beans, and dung in a bowl, then I served it to him. Hoping he would see i hid a note under his bowl. As i watched him eat and eat, i said how does it taste. He didn’t respond. I teased him, “Cat got your tongue?”
    He frowned. He opened his mouth. He had no tongue. I almost fainted at the hideous sight. And then he saw the note. It said, “Revenge is sweet.”
    (The End.)
    (Please post my story.)

  • Nobody’s Perfect

    There once was a girl named May. She didn’t want dolls, or pets, or even new clothes. She just wanted to be perfect. One day while at school she acted all fancy. Like she was in those movies where woman take the lead. She wanted to be like that. All sassy and groovy. She wanted the perfect body, face, and hair. On Saturday she made a fool out of her self. She was at a buffet and when she was walking with a glass of juice in her hand, she was trying to walk fancy. Then she only paid attention to her legs. She tripped. All of that juice wet her pants and everyone was laughing. After that May’s mom told May thay no ones perfect. So at night May went outside and crossed the road when she saw a car coming. Her blood stained the streets and she died. She left a note saying,”If no ones perfect, then i don’t belong here.”
    (The end. Please post my story!!)

  • Life

    Have you ever asked yoursef, “What is the meaning of life?” I know every single person here has. Well i have something for YOU. Have you ever had a dream that you or someone you love died? If you had…are you really sure that was a dream? Or are you a visible ghost? Sometimes dreams are dreams. But it can have affects on your behavior. Like a man that dreams of being a dog, and when he wakes up…BOOM he has an amazing sense of smell. So next time you dream of dying, remember…it might not be a dream.
    (The End)
    (Dear ScaryForKids, you dont have to post this story. I made it for fun. But if you want you could. I just took one of the impossible questions and turned it into a paragraph.)

  • Don’t open the door

    There once was a girl named Lily.
    Her mother died of cancer when she was little and they didn’t get to know each other well. Lily was 13 and she lived with her father. Lily and her father were so close they could sense when they were near. They had a powerful bond. One day, Lily’s dad said he would be late when he came home, so he gave money to Lily so she can order dinner and kissed her on the head. Lily came back after hours of school and sat at the kitchen table to do her homework. Shortly after Lily felt a sting in her neck. She felt more and more stings, so she got up, went to the fridge and got an ice-pack. Then she put it on her neck. Later Lily felt hungry so she called the “Joe’s Pizza” and delivered a small pepperoni pizza. Not long after she called, she fell asleep. In her dream, her mom was next to her and said in a faint voice ,”Don’t open the door.” Lily didn’t understand it at first. Then Lily found herself in the sidewalk. She saw her dad in the distance. “Don’t open the door!” He screamed. Then Lily woke up. She heared the door bell ringing. “This must be the pizza,” She murmured. Then she froze. She remembered what her father said. Lily crept towards the door, she looked into the peep hole and she saw her father. “Did you forget your keys?” She asked him loudly. Her father didn’t move. She could only see his face at the time. Then the door bell began ringing intense. It was ringing so fast. She looked at her clock and it was 1:00 A.M. Then after what seemed like 30 minutes past, the door bell stopped ringing. So Lily carefully opened the door…there in front of her was her father’s head hanging from a long wire that lead to the roof. Only his head. Lily began crying. She was so sad she began crying tears of blood. Then she stopped. There was a note on the floor. It said “Now your all alone”
    (The End!)
    (Please post my story! I worked so hard and spent hours writing it. I also worked hard on grammer. Please post it!)

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