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4. Don’t post a bad story. (Please, I am begging you!)
4. Try to use proper spelling and grammar. (Or elze it wil bee hard 2 reed).
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  • Part 2 Of Short Horror Stories.

    The last thing I saw was my Alarm Clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long, Rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat upright, relieved it was just a dream. But as soon as I saw my Alarm Clock show 12:06, I saw my closet door creak open.

    I tried to forget the Guy who killed my parents. I couldn’t because he was standing right in front of me. I guess it’s time to go see my parents again.

    I got a text from my Mom. She told me “Hey sweetheart. How are you doing?” My Mom died 4 years ago of Heart Failure. The next thing she said sent a chill down my spine. “Get ready. I will meet you in 1 hour.”

    I got up out of bed and heard someone break into our house. I raced downstairs and just as I dialed 911, a masked man with a gun came at me. That’s when I woke up. Then I got out of bed and heard someone break into our house. I raced downstairs and just as I dialed 911, a masked man with a gun came at me. That dream recurred for all eternity.

    If only I hadn’t poisoned my families drinks, they would have still been alive at this moment. I can’t pay for their funeral’s. I spent all of my money on the poison.

    Our family tradition is to drink blood on every Halloween. I don’t like the tradition even though I like the taste of the blood. We can all thank my grandpa for his Tasty blood. I was sad when my dad killed and drained all of the blood from grandpa.

    I tried to stop the Madness. But I couldn’t because I was already dead.

    I didn’t want to kill my little sister. But I had to. I needed to have all of mommy and daddy’s attention.

  • Short Horror Stories

    I heard the sink turn on in the Kitchen. I live alone. I got up. The water was off. Then I saw what was coming from the sink. It was Blood. Then I went to file a Missing Persons report for my Parents.

    I went to the Park to walk my Dog. My dog was playing around with all of the other dogs. Just then I remembered that this was the Park where a Serial Killer murdered everybody in it. It made me think about how I was one of those people.

    I heard a sound that sounded like glass knocking. I just brushed it off as my Nerves. Then I saw that it was coming from the mirror. Coming out of the mirror was the Girl I killed while she was sitting in her room watching a Documentary about all of the 759 people I murdered. She made 760.

    The Bloody face stared at me through the window. I live on the 19th floor. Next thing I see is a camera in his hands. I look closely and saw that he took a picture of my Sleeping Twin Sister. My Mom came in and asked me who was I talking to. I said its just my imagination. Then I fell asleep. I woke up to a flash of a camera.

    I kissed my Wife and Daughter goodnight. I woke up in a white room with padded walls. I asked the Nurses what I was doing there. They told me I murdered my Daughter and Wife. I thought It was just a Dream.

    She went upstairs to check on her sleeping Daughter. The window was open. The bed was empty. There was blood on the crib. And her closet door was open.

    I went upstairs to see what was making the banging noise. I just remembered I don’t have a 2 story house. But, I still hear the noise. I’m still going to see what is making the noise.

    I saw my Sister walking down the street towards my Apartment. My Sister died when she 16. She had a Heart Attack. She still remembers me.

  • “My Revenge”

    This story is about a Girl named Vanessa Moreno who was Murdered by an unknown killer. Her spirit tells us her revenge story.

    Hello. My name is Vanessa Moreno. I am 21 years old. I am going to tell you my Murder and Revenge story.

    My killer is unknown. He messed with the Wrong person. Okay, enough talk, here’s my story.

    So, I was sitting down on a couch in my Living room, in my house. I had Headphones on my ears, so I couldn’t hear anything.
    Except my Song Playing…
    Then the Glass Breaking…
    Then my Screams… And after that he put the Bag on my head and I blacked out.
    When I woke up, I was locked in a Chamber, strapped onto a Old wooden chair. “HELP!!” I cried.
    The guy who Abducted me answered very Aggressively. “Shut up or I will Kill you before its you’re time to die!”
    Just when he said that, I knew there was a certain time he was going to Kill me.
    “Okay, now’s you’re time to die!” When he said that, he shot me in the head with a Shot gun and then finished me off with a Machete.

    Now, here’s my Revenge story

    When he went to sleep, which was at 3:30 am, I took the same Machete he Murdered me with and Stabbed him in the foot. He screamed in Pain. “Haha! That’s what you get for Murdering me! I hope you burn with the devil laughing while you scream in Pain!”

    Now, that’s why you don’t murder an innocent person! You will get Instant Karma!

  • Billy Blend

    Once there was a man named Ian who had a wife named Rose and twin children, Sammy and Samantha. One day Ian went into the living room and saw the kids watching a puppet show. He asked what it was. “Billy Blend.” Sammy answered, and he went back to watching. I stared at the five year old boy and girl. “What’s that?” Ian asked. “A funny show.” Samantha answered. Suddenly someone with a knife came onto the screen. All three people watched in horror as the man started violently stabbing the puppets while blood was splattered onto the screen. I shut off the TV. even after I turned off the television, the screams of the puppets and the sounds of stabbing were heard. I told the children to go find Mom and try to get their minds off of the terrifying moment. I called the TV station and questioned them as to why such a violent puppet show on the kids section of TV. The man was confused, and stated that Billy Blend wasn’t a puppet kids cooking show, but a live action kids cooking show, and it had been off television for 12 years after a man burst into the room and started killing everyone in it…

  • “You Will Regret It”

    One Typical evening, a Teenager who went by Sam, whose name was Samantha was doing her Homework with her Best friend, Emma. Samantha was stuck on #7. There was 40 Math & Reading questions, Typical High school teachers. “How does Mrs. Jenson expect us to figure out #7?” wondered Samantha out loud. The question was asking Samantha and Emma to multiply 47×14.
    “I don’t know, but this is what we should expect being 16 in Forest Hills High School.” replied Emma.” “I just can’t get the thought of what we did to Rachel out of my mind!” said Samantha.
    “Don’t worry, no one WILL know and no one will EVER know!” creepily replied Emma.
    Just then, the lights flickered and the T.V that was playing turned off. Samantha and Emma were Greeted to a Horrible, Terrifying, and Stomach twisting sight. It was Rachel. Rachel looked Horrifying. She was Bloody, her eyes were just black, bloody sockets… Samantha and Emma had gouged them out in such anger and hatred. Rachel was in the bloody T-Shirt and Jeans she had been in the moment before Emma and Samantha dragged her to the Bathrooms and tortured her. Rachel was clutching a Machete in one hand, and a large Gun in the other hand. Samantha and Emma tried to apologize and Pleaded and Begged for Mercy. But, after what Samantha and Emma did, Rachel showed NO Mercy. She beat and tortured them, and just before Rachel killed Samantha and Emma, she whispered in both of their ears, “I told you will regret it.” And did one last whack with her Machete…

    I hope y’all enjoyed my story!

  • This story is called “The Death Timer”.

    There was once a boy named Vinny, but keep in mind, there was ONCE. Not anymore.

    One day he was bored, and he was using the computer, finding ways to pass the time. He was looking on the internet, and found a website called “Death Timer”. He thought that would be cool, so he went on it, in hopes that he can stop the boredom.

    He put in his birthdate, and it showed the timer, which he had expected to be something like 89 years, but unusually, it said 15 seconds.

    Vinny was confused so he waited the 15 seconds.

    When it said “5 seconds” he hears his closet door cream open, and that’s the last we ever heard of him.

  • wow, nobody answered. anyways, the answer to number 1 is that Mary is actually Queen Mary the I(or III I forget), also known as bloody Mary. the silver bells are another name for thumbscrews, cockle shells were also used as torture devices, and the “Pretty maids” are Iron maidens, a horrific torture device, seen in Despicable Me 1, when Edith walks into the spike filled casket, that was an iron maiden. 2: the mice were 3 christian bishops, and christians were highly looked down upon. Bloody Mary, back at it again, burned them at the steak.
    and 3, it is about Jesus coming down on his chariot at the end of days.

  • 1: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? with silver bells and cockles shells and pretty maids all in a row.
    2. 3 blind mice, 3 blind mice, they all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife, have you ever seen such a sight in your life, as 3 blind mice?
    3. She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes, she’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes!

  • nursery rhymes! if you can guess the meanings of these nursery rhymes, post the answers above. I will make a comment with the answers in a few hours.

  • also, who read and liked my story the gray gift box? please say I did if you liked it.

  • (SFK this is a message for you only. If you decide to post this story, delete all the text you are currently reading. this story is meant to be funny, so put it in the funny scary stories section. thanks! ;)
    Horror Stories 101
    1. never kill someone. you’ll end up regretting it.
    2. if you hear any nursery rhymes, RUN FOR IT!!!
    3. if you hear about a crazed killer on the loose, NEVER GO OUTSIDE! unless you want to end up like Nick from Knock, Knock, Knock(P.S, Knock, Knock, Knock is not on this website, I don’t THINK.)
    4. NEVER GO TO ANY PLACE WHERE A MURDER HAPPENED!!! doesn’t matter if the guy killed them with a spoon or has a tomato head, DON’T RISK IT!
    5. never go around saying “Hello?” as if the killer’s going to say “Oh hey how’s it going pal?”
    6. if you are a black guy stay out of anything supernatural. black guys always die first.
    7. don’t think you are safe just because you are a virgin.
    8. if someone goes missing don’t go around calling their name. it reveals your position.
    9. if the killer can only be killed by a gun, don’t even try to kill him. whoever has the gun is going to end up shaking around and missing the shot, or wimp out and throw the gun and run.
    10. use anything to defend yourself, beer bottles, kitchen knives, baseball bats, anything hard really.
    11. don’t think you are safe if you escape. they will come for you.
    12. I don’t care if you shoot them with a bazooka, blast them to bits, or even slit their throats, YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL. take extra precautions to make sure they are dead before you walk away.
    13. if the killer is supernatural, try to find some sort of weakness! ghost: holy water or a crucifix.
    zombie: blows to the head. vampire: garlic, sunlight, counting beans, holy water or a crucifix.
    werewolf: silver, daytime. phantom: holy water or a crucifix. poltergeist: holy water or a crucifix.
    demon: holy water or a crucifix. witch: circle of salt, water(I’M MEEEEELTINNNNNNNNNG!!!!)
    killer back from the dead: this is literally just a zombie.
    14. if the killer is a human, just do what you would to kill a human I guess.
    15. never explore haunted places.
    16. if the doors close and lock behind you, use an ax or a knife to hack down the door.
    17. if you are getting picked off, leave ASAP.
    18. if worst comes to worst, join the killer’s side.
    19. if nobody knows who the killer is, but they know it’s one of them, don’t think it can’t be your best friend just because he’s your best friend.
    20. if you see a little girl, run away instantly.

  • This story was told to me by my friend, her uncle passed away years ago.

    She still remembers while he was in his hospital bed, he was talking alot. Most of the time, he’d talk about senseless things. But there was one thing that he kept talking about & my friend knew that it was something real. It was so real that it haunted her uncle until the last days of his life.

    During the 70s, her uncle was a reserved army who was called on duty one day to help the government contain the rebel movements in one of the remote provinces in Mindanao (Philippines). Her uncle, along with 15 other reserved men, formed a group and went up to the mountains where they thought the enemies were hiding. Three days passed, but no trails or footprints were ever found in the mountains. On their way back, they saw an old mansion that looked abandoned. They were dumbfounded. They took the same path in their ascent but they failed to notice a mansion as grand as the one before them. They were thinking the same thing – how could a team of 15 men not notice a mansion sitting on a mountain?

    Hungry and tired, they decided to go inside the house and, for a change, spend the night under a roof. They were also hoping that they could find something to eat inside, which was very unlikely since the mansion looked like it had been abandoned for several years.

    When they entered the house, they were surprised to see that its interiors were clean and polished. They figured it might not have been that long since someone was in the house. It had seven big bedrooms. In the kitchen, they saw boxes of canned goods that could sustain their group for weeks. Some of her uncle’s comrades proceeded to consume the food in the kitchen. Her uncle, on the other hand, proceeded directly to one of the rooms to take a nap. They weren’t able to get a decent sleep for days. Her uncle checked each room. He was surprised to see that all the rooms had giant wardrobes containing ivory dolls. Her uncle thought it was weird. Who would have wanted to collect such weird-looking dolls? He thought that the owner of the mansion might be a collector or just plain nuts. He tried sleeping in one of the rooms, but he felt umeasy. He could feel the dolls looking at him. That made him uncomfortable. He took his pillows and went down to the foyer and slept in one of the couches. Before finally dozing off, he heard some of his comrades making fun of the dolls, some even snapped the dolls’ heads and threw them all in the garbage bin. Too tired to even share a laugh with the others, her uncle slept. Ignored his hunger and the noise coming from his comrades.

    At one point during the night, my uncle thought he heard the others scream. But he was too weak to even open his eyes. He dismissed the screams and thought they might just be drunk or playing pranks on him. He went back to sleep again and woke up the next morning refreshe. He sat on the couch and listened for a sound from his comrades. Hearing none, he thought they were all still sleeping, tired from last night’s “party”. But something in the silence made him anxious. He quickly got up to chexk on the others.

    What he saw made him scream. All of the rooms were filled with blood. His comrades were killed in their sleep. Some of them were stabbed to death. Others had bruises on their necks indicating that they wrre strangled. Her uncle took his gun, and quickly scanned the place afraid that someone might attack him. He ran from one room to another. All of his comrades were already dead. One was even decapitated. Her uncle felt like surrendering to insanity. As an army man, he was a witness to a lot of bloodshed but nothing could compare to what he was seeing then. He checked the rooms to see if the killers left something to identify them with. He was shocked to see that the dolls were all over the place. When he picked one of them, he saw the head was detached from its body. He picked another one, he saw the doll was stabbed numerous times with what looked like an ice pick. Something caught his eye. He slowly turned his head to the right where he caught a glimpse of something moving! It had something in its hands. It looked like a cutter. Fearing he might go insane in a moment or get killed by a moving doll, her uncle ran for his life. He ran nonstop, he ran for hours. And then he reached their camp base.

    He told his captain what happened. He didn’t believe him. Nevertheless, he dispatched several groups of soldiers into the mountain but all reported that they didnt see any mansion up there. Also, none of her uncle’s comrades were seen. They were finally declared missing in action. After a series of test, my uncle was dismissed from the army and was advised not to tell anyone what happened. He was given a chance to go back to Manila and live a normal life. He was sent away from the families and friends of his cimrades for him to avoid questions about what really transpired in the mountain. His superiors apparently took care of everything, including fabricating a seemingly true story of what happened to the soldiers whose bodies were never found.

    But her uncle lived through it. And he died still haunted by the incident.

  • 1. It was the farmer who died
    2. Maid, because there are no corners in a round house
    3. First word of the poem had “I am Behind you”

  • try to solve these riddles:

    1. Foot prints
    A man is found naked with a gun next to him and foot prints all around. the foot prints and the finger prints on the gun match a farmer’s but although he is found guilty, they can’t take him to jail. why?

    2. Murder Mansion
    There is a mansion known as the round house, and it fits it’s name, as it is completely, well, ROUND. The owner is a rich man who is very nice and has a loving family. One day, a scream is heard. The man is found dead. when the police question them, the wife said she was in the lounge relaxing. the chef was preparing lunch. the butler was polishing the silver. the maid was cleaning the walls, down the last corner. and the son was writing a book. who was the murderer?

    3. The Alley
    A woman is walking through an alley way, when a note flies through the air from the wind, and hits her. she opens the note. the note reads:
    I see the night sky full of stars
    Am I the only one who take these things as godly gifts?
    behind the atmosphere, they shine oh so brightly.
    you surely must agree.
    the woman runs from the alley way, screaming in terror, never looking back.

    if you found the answers to these riddles, post them above. I will make a comment with the answers in a bit

  • so the twist is that Damien was possessed. the box was a portal to Hell, and the thing that came for Damien was the devil himself

  • here is a scary story: The Gray Gift Box.

    Let me just tell you, I have no idea where it came from. It just showed up at my door one day. Let’s rewind a bit…

    Hi. My name’s Benjamin, but most people call me Ben. This happened in my Freshman year of college. One day there was a knock at my door. Me and my roommate(and best friend), Johnathan Smith answered it. There was a package with Benjamin Hansen on it. I opened it up and inside was a gray gift box. On it was a note that said “Do not open. Pass it on.” I strangely felt drawn to the box as a moth is to light. I called my friend Jack and we looked at it. all of the sudden Jack said “I want to open it.” Me and John looked at him. I was about to say something, but John spoke first. “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” He said. “IT SAYS DO NOT OPEN ON IT!!!” I told him to calm down. “Jack, he’s right. It says do not open.” Jack sighed and said “I feel drawn to that box.” I said “Yeah, so do I.” All of the sudden The white’s of Jack’s eyes as well as the irises slowly began to turn black, and his pupils began to turn white. He started to get all mad. “YOU WANT IT FOR YOURSELF DON’T YOU?!” He snarled. “JUST BECAUSE IT HAD YOUR NAME ON IT?!” I spoke up. “Wait, how do you know the package had my name on it?” Jack glared. I could see the small white pupil in the black balls that were now his eyes. “And what’s wrong with your eyes?” I demanded. He began screaming. “SHUT UP!!!” He screamed. Then he fell back against the wall. His eyes were open and staring forward, but he was making no sound, not even blinking. I called my friends Damien and William(who were roommates). “Hey um, something’s wrong with Jack.” I said nervously as he leaned there against the wall still and silent. They came over to my dorm. I pointed to Jack. “HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED?!” Will asked, freaking out. “Calm down there.” John said. Suddenly, Jack jolted back to reality. “IF YOU DON’T WANNA SEE THIS, GET OUTTA HERE!” He screamed furiously. we backed out and went into the bedroom. Will stayed right outside the bedroom door. We heard the box being opened. Then there was a flash of light. We ran outside to see Will lying on the ground. His eyes were staring right up, and his mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out. John began to pump on his chest and stomach and me and Damien went to Jack. But Jack wasn’t there. All there was was the gray gift box, closed. Me and Damien looked at each other, scared out of our wits. Then John came in, Will’s arms around his neck, supporting him. Will was mumbling, but he was scared and breathing heavily. “Will what happened?” Damien asked. All Will said was “Light… Box… Lid… Off…” Before he slid off of John and fell to the ground. Me and Damien rolled him over. He was staring up ahead like Jack was, but he had normal eyes. “Guys, we gotta get the cops over here!” I screamed, holding Will’s wrist as his pulse was getting slower and slower. “Forget the cops, we need a Freaking ambulance!!!” John yelled. Suddenly Will’s pulse was gone. He stopped breathing. The light left his eyes and became glassy. He was dead. We all looked at each other horrified. Two of us were dead. Damien’s eyes started becoming darker, and his pupils began to become white. Me and John slowly turned towards him. He lunged for the box. Me and John tackled him. He kicked John off, and I was easily shook off of him and he ran towards it and picked it up. I grabbed his leg and tripped him, causing him to fall over. The gray box hit the ground and the lid flew off. A second before the flash, Damien’s eyes became normal, and as what was happening came back to him, he didn’t have time to react. Only John looked away quick enough. This happened about a month ago. Me and Damien are still in the hospital, and John visits us every day. Damien wasn’t able to see, but for a split second before the light I saw something in that box… some sort of portal. it looked like it would lead to Hell. and before I was temporarily blinded, I thought I saw something emerge from the box and head towards Damien. One of the flash’s effects was that I lost memory of a few things before the box opened. I do remember the thing coming for Damien, but I don’t remember what happened a second before the flash. ad I still have to ask Damien why his eyes never returned to normal…

  • here is a poem
    Corn Stocks

    look at all the stocks of corn the farmer has to reap.
    but isn’t it strange that today it seems that the corn stocks weep?
    they cry and sob as they are cut in half by the farmer’s scythe
    I believe I even see some of them writhe.
    I see them every where now, they are in front of my eyes
    but I can’t reach them they are there and that I do despise
    corns stocks, nice and yellow with all of those ears
    but is it just me or are the corn stocks shedding tears?
    it’s been a while since the white and padded walls
    and the white walled corridors and halls
    oh I miss the screaming as I stabbed them till they were dead!
    I just can’t seem to escape the corn stocks in my head.

    for those of you that was confusing for, this is in the perspective of an escaped inmate from an asylum. the corn stocks shedding tears and weeping is representing his past… all the people he killed, the past haunts him. the farmer “reaping” the corn represents him, stabbing them to death. I know that it’s kind of dark, but this is a scary website, so deal with it.

  • Don’t scream

    2 friends are texting each other…
    Ash:I can’t find you anywhere. I think I’m lost.
    Surena:I put a tracker on your phone. It says you’re are in the woods.
    Ash:Wait… I think I hear a nursery rhyme. I heard it when I was little.
    Surena:What does it say?
    Ash:Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye.
    Ash:1 to 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.
    Ash:When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn’t that a dainty dish to serve before the king?
    Ash:The king was in the courtroom counting his money. The queen was in the kitchen eating bread and honey.
    Ash:The maid was in the backyard hanging up the clothes…when swoops down a blackbird and pecks off her nose.
    Surena:Do you see anything?
    Ash:I saw a girl with a white shirt with blood on it!
    Ash:I see a house nearby, it might be haunted but it’s better than almost getting killed.
    Surena:Don’t make any noise whatever you do, don’t scream!
    Surena:I don’t want you to die. I love you Ash. Falling in love with my best friend is risky because I don’t want anything bad happening to you!
    Ash:Wow I never knew you felt like that about me!
    Ash:I think I see the girl coming towards the house. I am near the window.
    Ash: Sorry I was running up the stairs.
    Surena:Ok. Understood.
    Ash:Oh no. I hear footsteps coming towards the closet.
    Ash:P.S. I am in the closet!
    Surena:Remember don’t scream!
    Ash:Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. 1 to 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.
    Ash:When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn’t that a dainty dish to serve before the king?
    Ash:The king was in the courtroom counting his money.
    Ash:The queen was in the kitchen eating bread and honey.
    Ash:The maid was in the backyard hanging up the clothes…when swoops down a blackbird and pecks off her nose.
    The end!
    (Please post my story I worked really hard on grammer!)

  • ScaryForKids, Please Post My Story. I Absolutely LOVE This Website. I’m Not Begging Or Anything, I Just Would Like To Have My Story Posted. :)

  • The journey of Edward Tulane

    There once was a girl named Abiline who had a rabbit doll made out of china. She named the doll Edward Tulane. Edward was dressed in expensive clothing. Then, one day, Abiline went on a cruise ship. Of course she brought Edward with her. Then 2 boys went up to Abiline and asked her what Edward did and why he had a locket on his chest. Abiline refused to answer. Suddenly, one of the boys grabbed Edward and swung Edward off the ship.
    “No! Edward is special. He had been cursed with a spell. He can’t go!” That was easily done than said. Edward was sinking to the bottom of the sea and Abiline couldn’t do anything about it. “Is my hat still on my head?” Edward thought. 2 years past and one day Edward saw a net coming towards him. Edward had always been selfish. He was so vain and he loved nobody. He got picked up by a man named Lawrence. “Look what we have here. A rabbit. Lucy will love you.” Lawrence said in a calm voice. They got home. They lived in a red shack. When Lucy layed eyes on Edward she squealed with joy. But they had a daughter that studied voodoo magic and cast evil spells. The daughter saw Edward and put a spell on him. “Ja sui pac du kalo puis keel!” she shouted. Then Edward’s eyes began to get red. Edward stood up and said,” I am at your service!” The daughter was happy with her creation so she threw it in the garbage can. A hobo named Bull that had a dog named Lucy found him. One day they found this abandond train and decided to sleep there. At night Edward’s eyes turned red. He stood up and walked towards Lucy with a butchers knife. Stab! Right before Bull was awake Edward returned to normal before Bull could have seen him. A buglar came during the next night. “Is that what I think it is? A china rabbit!” he said before he kicked Edward out the window. 5 years later Edward was found by a cruel old woman. The woman was drunk. She thought Edward was a scarecrow. A boy named Bryce saw what the old lady had done. Bryce took Edward down and brought Edward to his house. He lived in a little shack. Edward saw something that caught his attention there on a bed was a little girl. She was Sarah Ruth. Edward felt his heart opening. But now he…he…he felt his eyes glowing red,”Not now!” he thought. The urgent feeling of killing someone took over his body. He stood up, walked over to Sarah and took out an average knife and stabbed her in the foot. She died instantly. Bryce saw what happened and ran away crying. The dad came home and took Edward as a remembrance of his daughter. He went to a diner though he had no money. The diner was called “Neal’s Diner”. He ate pancakes and sausage. But he told the waiter he had no money. The waiter called the chef and the father told the chef he could do magic tricks with Edward to repay him. Neal(the chef) took Edward and banged him against the table. There was a big crack! Edwards head had broke into 21 pieces. The father screamed. The father took him to a doll shop and the doll fixer said only if he gets to keep Edward. The father accepted. Edwards eyes began to get swollen. He exploded red fluids all over every single doll. All of the dolls eyes were glowing red. They flew out of the shop. Maybe your doll is one of them!

    (SFK please post my story on your amzing website! I worked so hard on my grammar! Please post my story! Thanks for all of the great stories on this website!):-D

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