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  • Calling From Downstairs-
    A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, “I heard that, too!”

    Summer after fifth grade, around the end of June, I went garage saling with my mom and grandma in the neighboring town. Had a lot of good buys.

    The last place we hit up was a housing addition the edge of town, where a lot of old people and empty-nesters lived. It was kind of boring, but I thought I would poke around just in case. My mom and gran let me go ahead of them while they browsed, so I went up to the next house.

    It looked pretty normal. I mean, it looked the same as every other house in the addition. Maybe not as many frills, but nothing out of place really. There wasn’t a sign in the yard but the garage door was open and there were tables out. A guy was sitting in a lawn chair at the back of garage. So, legit, I suppose. I went in.

    There wasn’t a lot of selection. And old coffee maker, throw pillows. There was a rack of plus-size womens’ clothing and shoes. No men’s clothes or shoes. Anything that suggested a man lived there.

    The man at the back of the garage sat there smiling the whole time. He was maybe in his late 30s/early 40s, moustache, bald at the top and had a fringe of brown hair that tapered down his neck. He wore a wolf t-shirt and denim cut-offs. He kept crossing and un-crossing his very hairy legs, like with rhythm, and kind of swinging them.
    Beneath another table was a huge box of naked Barbies priced .50 cents a piece. I bent down to inspect them. First of all, the Barbies’ hair was sticky and crusty. Like someone put glue in them. Second of all, they smelt terrible. Like rotten or something, body odor, just inconceivably foul.

    I was pulling away when the man in the back of the garage started asking me questions, like how old was I, where did I go to school. He asked me if I liked the Barbies.

    Not really interested, I said.

    He started talking about his cockerspaniel named Spiffy or something and then let the dog out when it started scratching on the garage door. It started growling at him, like snarling, and it ran around to the back of the house. By then I decided I was done here. He hadn’t really done anything, but he gave me the creeps.

    Leaving already? He sounded disappointed.

    I told him to have a nice day.

    Ran off to my mom and gran, but I didn’t tell my mom about the creeper. I just told her he had a crap selection. Nothing she would like anyway.

    A week or so later we saw on the news a man broke into a woman’s house, tried on all her clothes, molested her daughter. . .and hosted a garage sale at their house, at that housing addition.

  • Playin Piano
    Charlie winced when his wife hit the wrong note on the piano for the thirty-second time that day. He knew it was the thirty-second time because he’d kept count as he went about his daily chores, cleaning the lighthouse, checking the supplies, mending the rowboat.
    Charlie blamed himself for his wife’s latest obsession. He should never have taken Myrtle to attend the concert when that high-flutin’ concert pianist came to town. But it was a special occasion and everyone they knew was going. So Charlie and Myrtle went too. And Myrtle decided right then and there that what she wanted more than life itself was to play the piano.
    Charlie tried to talk her out of it. No one in Myrtle’s family was any good at music. But Myrtle was stubborn. If she couldn’t find a dad-gum way, she’d make one! Before Charlie could count to ten she’d bought a cheap, used piano (that was always out of tune) and hauled it over to the island on her brother Jamie’s fishing boat. From that day on, it was practice, practice, practice. Morning, noon, and night Myrtle sat at the piano with her piano book open, plunking away at the keys. At first, there was not much to hear, and Charlie could ignore the sour sounds. But after a few months, she got better…and a lot worse. There were parts of her song that sounded pretty good; but she never, ever got that one line right.
    There was nowhere on the small island that Charlie could go to get away from the sound of the piano, even when he sat in his favorite rocker out in the woodshed with cotton in his ears. Myrtle’s new hobby was the source of much contention between the husband and wife, who had never argued before in their entire lives. Now they argued every day about Myrtle’s piano playing.
    “At least try to learn another song,” Charlie begged his wife. But Myrtle was stubborn. “I ain’t going to learn another song until I’ve mastered this one. You’ve got to practice to get better Charlie.” And Myrtle went back to her piano and started playing again. Dah-dah-dum-dum-BLAT/ Dum-dum-BLAT-BLAT-ding.
    Things came to a head the day a nor’easter roared down on the island. Charlie and Myrtle were holed up together in the lighthouse hour after hour after hour. Charlie had nothing to do but sit and carve decoy ducks. And Myrtle played the piano. Hour after hour after hour. Around four p.m. Charlie leapt to his feet and shouted at his wife to stop playing the blasted song. Myrtle leapt to her feet and shouted that she was going to practice until she got it right. Something in Charlie snapped. Afterward, he felt bad about the way he chopped up the piano with his axe. After all, it was a valuable instrument. Try as he might, he couldn’t feel bad about doing the same to Myrtle.
    Charlie put on his oilskins, took up a shovel and dug a grave out back of the woodshed. He buried all the little pieces of Myrtle with all the little pieces of her piano. He figured she would have wanted it that way. That night, with the nor’easter raging and pounding the island and the lighthouse rattling and shaking wildly in the blast, Charlie got the best sleep he’d had in months. No more piano playing, ever.
    After the nor’easter blew itself out, Charlie spent the rest of the day cleaning the blood off the floor and walls of the lighthouse. After that, he did his daily duties and carefully noted in the log-book that Myrtle had been swept out to sea by a huge wave while patrolling the beaches, helping Charlie look for shipwrecks.
    In the middle of the night, Charlie was startled awake by a familiar sound. Dah-dah-dum-dum-BLAT/ Dum-dum-BLAT-BLAT-ding. He sat bolt upright with an oath. It sounded just like Myrtle playing on the piano. This was impossible, since she was buried behind the woodshed.
    Charlie leapt out of bed and felt around for his axe. Blast! He must have left it in the woodshed. He picked up a large piece of firewood and carefully stepped through the door into the main room. To his astonishment, he saw a glowing green, translucent piano standing in the place where Myrtle had put it. The keys of the ghostly piano were playing all by themselves. Dah-dah-dum-dum-BLAT/ Dum-dum-BLAT-BLAT-ding.
    Then he heard Myrtle’s voice from the stairway leading up to the light. “Charlie. I told you and I told you. I ain’t going to learn another song until I’ve mastered this one. You should have listened to me!”
    Charlie whirled around and gazed up the stairs. Standing a third of the way up was the translucent white figure of his dead wife. And in her hands, she held his axe.

  • Capsule Toy Machine~~
    A business man walks home one night after a bad day at work, when he notices an old man in a graying suit huddled over a capsule toy machine, with many empty capsules strewn about on the ground. A bit disturbed, he moves on toward home. The next afternoon, after another hard day, the man passes by the capsule machine again and decides to give it a try. When he opens the capsule, he finds a favorite eraser that he lost as a child, and his hair starts turning white and falling out. He marvels at the objects that appear in the capsules; a dog figurine of his childhood pet, a girl figurine of an old crush. Meanwhile, he ages faster and faster, with each turn of the machine’s crank. More of his hair falls out, as do his teeth, and his skin wrinkles. He is so consumed by his obsession with the capsule machine that he doesn’t notice another business man passing by behind him, deeply disturbed by the scene. He collapses as he buys his last capsule. The next day, the passing businessman stops by the machine…

  • This is actually a true story that happened to me when I was about five or six, I swear, every bit of it is true, and it haunts me to this very day. I’m 100% serious when I say this is a true personal experience.

    In the prime of my childhood, when I was nearly six years old, just days before my “golden birthday” on July 6, I was a fairly defiant child. I always enjoyed the feeling I got – a scary, exciting feeling – whenever I broke a rule. The rules I broke typically weren’t extreme ones – I had only broken a single one of the nation’s laws and that was to not touch a bird native to the country, when I had encountered an abandoned baby sparrow with my grandmother and she allowed me to help her care for it. Obviously, I grew up to be quite the rebel.
    Tonight I’m breaking another rule.
    I turned another page, silently as humanly possible. I held the flashlight in between my teeth as I continued to read Harry Potter long past my bedtime. No one noticed, because I had a room all to myself, being the only girl in the family. As the story progressively grew more and more intense, I grew more and more tired (remember, I was five years old and reading Harry Potter, I have every right on this planet to be tired). Eventually, I decided I’d go to bed and read more in the early morning. I burrowed under the covers, with my chubby, round face popping out just above the covers, and lay awake, wondering what was to happen next in the Triwizard Tournament.
    Out the corner of my eyes, I saw two glowing blue somethings outside my window at the foot of my bed. Intrigued, I lifted my head and leaned forward. What I saw that night will never leave me. It has been burned into my mind forever.
    Because out my window, on the roof, I saw something not human; not living; not breathing.
    I could only see above its shoulders, but the thing out my window was pitch black. It had a flat, uneven head, one side flatter than the other. The neck was short, but thin. Not entirely stick-thin, but not a normal neck size. It had two glowing blue eyes with no whites, just two lemon-shaped blue eyes with pupils the color of its deathly black flesh. It had no nose, no ears, no mouth. Only eyes. Only glowing, electric-blue eyes.
    I ran out of bed and went to go tell my parents, but before I left, I looked back at the window.
    The thing was gone. Knowing my parents would never believe me, I crept back into my bed and uneasily drifted off to sleep.
    The next day, during kindergarten, we had free-draw time in art. Using just black paper, scissors, and an electric-blue crayon, I drew the figure I’d seen in my window the previous night, exactly the way I’d seen it. Lopsided head, thin, short neck, perfectly curved shoulders, and those nonhuman blue eyes. I remember my teacher ask, “What’s that you’re drawing, dear?”
    “I saw it in my window last night”, I replied, not a moment’s hesitation.
    My teacher froze. She appeared to be terrified for a second.
    “Is that your imaginary friend?”, she asked, as condescendingly as could ever be.
    “Oh, no”, I piped back. “I never imagine things.”
    It was true. My mother tells me that I never had imaginary friends, didn’t enjoy playing “pretend games”, and never made things up. I was always slightly annoyed when people made up imaginary friends.
    “Well, that’s lovely, darling”, my teacher said nervously, walking away to admire another girl’s drawing of a flower.
    That day, we brought our free-drawings home to our parents. I remember how other kids’ parents oohed and aahed at their children’s drawings, while my parents stared in what appeared to be horror after I explained what it was. Of course, they said the typical “Oh, it’s wonderful” and “Let’s hang it up” that all parents say, but even I wasn’t fooled.
    I remember them hanging it up in the basement. The next day, it was gone.
    Right off the wall.
    Gone. We began going to church a lot more after that, that much I know.
    I’m twelve now, and I have never told anyone this. I don’t recall anything more about my encounter, but I do faintly remember a strong scent in the room when I saw the figure, a scent that I could not put my finger on when I saw the blue-eyed figure, but I now think that it was sulphur.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  • Hide and Seek – Julie and her two brothers Diego and Alex loved to play hide and seek, in the dark. It was getting dark outside and they decided to play hide and seek in the dark. They turned off the lights. Julie counted to 50 then began looking for her brothers. She found her brother Diego hiding behind the counter in their kitchen. She looked around but she couldn’t find Alex. She walked into her room and heard a tapping noise from the closet. ” You should be more quiet Alex i know your in the closet ” She smirked and opened the closet door. “AHA GOT YOU! ” She saw a figure of a boy in the back of the closet she reached out to tag him but her hand touched the wall. Alex walked into the bedroom and laughed at her ” You weren’t close i was in the laundry room!”

  • Welcome back SFK. Nice to see stories again. Hope you(and everyone) like the new batch of stories I wrote while you were gone. I don’t mind them not being posted for a while, as your return makes you probably busy with other stories, and I’m well aware these sometimes take time to post.

    Scaryforkids says: Hi Pete. Glad to see you’re still here and still writing. I’m trying to fix up the site again, so I will be busy for a while. Also, don’t worry if your stories disappear from the comments. It just means I am moving them to my laptop. There are about 4 stories I was in the middle of editing… Your Blood pirate story, Carcass’s Roommate story, a story about a Bagua and a story that I can’t remember offhand… but it was something about “there’s always the true stories”.

  • Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail(originalyl written around Easter)

    Everyone has heard of the Easter Bunny, as well the song that goes with most famous name “Here Comes Peter Cottontal”, but the town of Cottontail, Pennysylvania, has a more sinister version of the children’s character. It all started one spring evening, Iin the beginning of March, when the town’s rabbit population(a rather large one hence it’s name) began mysteriously disappearing, as spring comes rather earky to this town for some strange season. Responding poice officer noticed a fire deep in the woods, after getting a call of a “disturbance” people screaming in the woods late at night. They found a horrifying scene, a group of people dressed in robes, had been viciously mauled and mutilated. They found remains of rabbits in a cicrle. The police assumed Satantists had sacrificed them to some sort of demon, but the ritual went horribly wrong, and whatever it was killed them. Some say the vengeful spirits of the bunnies took revenge on the Satanists. But that wasn the beginning of bizarre events that continue to plague the town to this day. Children who were outside playing would sudden;y saying “Give me candy or I’ll eat them instead”, or a variation thereof. Parents frantically flocked to drug stores trying to get everything from Peeps to jelly beans, to chocolate bunnies, and left them at their front overnight, only to find them gone and the children safely in ved. After it became a recurring problem at Easter season, parents started getting it asa soon as it shelves. Some parents who think it’s a sick joke, or just leave carrots, never see their children again. Eventually however chocalte and candy didn’t satisfy him, and he started eating human flesh, and eating kids mercilessly, A child named Krissy was playing in her backyard, when a man in Easter Bunny suit came out of the woods, and held out an Easter basket, her parents couldn’t stop her in time and they never saw her again. The most horrifying incident was at a family Easter celebration, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The parents decided to let their kids go for an Easter egg hunt in the woods at edge of their grandparents property, with the older kids upervising, All went well for the first half hour or so, then one of them came out of the woods crying, saying they saw a “bunny monster”. The two their fathers, plus their uncle, along with some neighbors, who supplied some shotguns, went in after it. They heard blood curling screams, and then one of the neighbors came out all bloody and traumitized. The police arrived and the neighbor told them a 6 foot rall bunny, brown with fangs and razor sharp claws, charged out of the bushes and ripped them limb from limb. The police went into the woods and found a trail of blood with no trace of the bodies. The police did a sketch which the neighbor identified as the “monster rabbit”, and the man was committed to an asylum. The plolice dubbed the creature “Tyrannosaurus Cottontail” or of course a shortened version, “T-rex Cottontail”. Ever since then the residents adopted a song for the creature set o tune of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”.

    Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

    Roaring down the bunny trail,

    Fe fi fo fum

    Bloodshed’s on it’s way

    You best lock up your house

    Put your kids somewhere safe

    Or you’ll wake up Easter Morning

    And you’ll find he ate them all
    Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail

    Roaring down the bunny trail

    Fe, fi fo fum

    Bloodshed’s on its way

  • The Zombie March

    The Zombie March(or March Of The Zombie Soliders) is an eerie tune, accompaniied by(as it’s name suggests, marching zombies) heard throughout New Orleans on Halloween night. It all started around Christmas 1941, shortly after the United States enetered World War II. An African-American by the name of Hank, was employed by the Hollingsworth family as part of their estat James who recently left for Wold War II and Hank would often console her, usually with jazz music, as he was talented musician and she was quite fond of him and his talent, and eventually they began a secret romance, where he would soothe her with his music . Her father Horace, howver was a major racist, and viewed Hank as a slave, nd of course opposed their romance. Four years later in 1945, when Florence’s boyfriend James returned home, he noticd she kept making excuses to avoid him. Then in October 1945, Horace told James the truth. One night Hank , while on his rounds, was walking by Horace’s private study, when he overheard a plot bewteen him and James. He planned on seeng a voodoo queen, Madae Harriet, and making a voodoo doll of Hank, then we would invite him to perform at a ball had been organizing for months forNw Orleans soldiers who had come home safely, then push the voodoo doll off a table, causing Hank to fall of the stage, hoping the humilation would cause Florance to go back to James, and Hank would never even go near her again. One thing he didn’t count on was that Madame Harriet was in facrt Hank’s mother, and she lover her only son more than anything in the world, she woulld even give up her voodoo if e didn’t approve, and gave him a voodoo doll with no magic, while she and Hank came up their own plan . On October 31st 1945, when Hank went up on stage, He started to play “Oh When The Saints Come Marching Come In, while the solidiers marched up to the stage with beautiful woman being escorted by their arms. James and Florence wre among them, Horace then put the voodoo doll on the table, only to find it wasn’t working, and then a horrifying sight occured, all the soldiers tuned into zombies, and went after Horace. Hank and Madame Harriet had in fact, used a spell that would make his music turn all soliders into zombies, and then obey his commands he made with his music, known as The Zombie March(or March Of The Zombie Soliders). They marched toward Horace and carried him off. Florence went insane, and after the connection between Madame Harriet and Hank both were lynched with Hank vowing to get his revenge by turning all soldiers into zomibes from beyond the grave. One year later on Halloween 1946, a soldier who had grown up in Nw Orleans but moved elsewhere prior to World War II, had come to visit his family, as well as pay respects to all the soldiers from New Orleans who had been killed in the line of duty. As he was approaching the cemtery dates, he heard and eerie of “Oh When The Saints Come Marching Come In , approaching from somewhere in the distance, then he realized that hands were coming out of the ground, and to his horror, all the soldiers moved towards the music as it got closer, then saw a man in a tuxedo with a saxophone, with a bunch of men in soldier uniforms approaching, then realized he had no face, not even any skin just bones, the last words he heard were “Oh When The Zombies Rise From Their Graves, All Soldiers Will Be In That Number, When The Zombies Rise From Their Graves.

  • Jed Bureaugard’s Soul

    *I added the bit about Robert E Lee, and the slaves that were part of the John Brown Renegade, to make this less of a stereotype of the Confederates, and less racist

    I bet you don’t know why these graves are unmarked, or set apart from the rest of these graves. Show of hands, anyone? I t’s because to the United States these were dishonored Confederates, who were disowned because of crimes against slaves, even after 1863, when slavery was abolished. No one really knows this, except a few people. Like my Union Soldier uniform, pretty realistic. Well it has to do with of General Jedediah Bureaugard, and his Confederate Army. Get ready to listen closely, because this will never be taught in your history classroom, this story is to scary, too brutal, for any history book.

    General Jedediah Bureaugard was a man who loves bloodshed and torture. He had a scar on one eye, a hook for an arm, and a wooden peg where his leg once was, and that wouldn’t even come close to stopping him. He and his troops were slave smugglers, they would impersonate Union soldiers and pretend to take them on the Underground Railroad to safety, but really just took them to be chained up in Jedediah Bureaugard’s house, specifically his basement. Like I said before this went on after 1863, even though sllavery was abolished. Ulysees S Grant had Union spies that found out about this, and brought it to the attention of the John Brown Renegade, Union soldiers who had been a part of John Brown’s assault on Harper’s Ferry, and had formed their own fleet in his memory. Instead of fighting on the battlefield, they were tasked were catching slave smugglers, or anyone who supported slavery in generall, and freeing slaves from their control. They had even conduted a successful raid on Harper’s Ferry in honor of John Brown, and most slaves had joined their ranks to free fellow slaves, making their job much easier. Jedediah Bureaugard had been put in charge of slaves by Robert E. Lee and did unspeakable acts to them. He and his soldiers would use various torture devices to harm the slaves for thier amusement. The body count of slaves was difficult to say for sure, because so many slaves were found buried under the floorboards.

    One warm April night Jed Bureaugard was sittiing on his porch, enjoying his whiskey when heard music in the distance, It was unmistakenably the tune of “John Brown’s Body”, and the slaves hear it as well and knew it was the Renegade. One of them, who had a rather deep voice, began singing John Brown’s Body“ , and the rest joined him at once, and something was stopping Bureaugard and his troops from silencing them. They all broke into a chorus of

    John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave, /|
    John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave,
    But his soul goes marching on.

    Glory, glory, hallelujah, /|
    Glory, glory, hallelujah,
    His soul goes marching on.

    He’s gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord, /|
    He’s gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord,
    His soul goes marching on.

    John Brown’s knapsack is strapped upon his back, /
    John Brown’s knapsack is strapped upon his back,
    His soul goes marching on

    John Brown died so that the slaves might be free, /
    John Brown died so that the slaves might be free,
    His soul goes marching on.

    The stars above in Heaven now are looking kindly down, /
    The stars above in Heaven now are looking kindly down,
    On the grave of Old John Brown
    His soul goes marching on.

    Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
    While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
    But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slaves,
    His soul is marching on.

    John Brown was a hero, undaunted, true and brave,
    And Kansas knows his valor when he fought her rights to save;
    Now, tho the grass grows green above his grave,
    His soul is marching on.

    He captured Harper’s Ferry, with his nineteen men so few,
    And frightened “Old Virginny” till she trembled thru and thru;
    They hung him for a traitor, themselves the traitor crew,
    But his soul is marching on.

    John Brown was John the Baptist of the Christ we are to see,
    Christ who of the bondmen shall the Liberator be,
    And soon thruout the Sunny South the slaves shall all be free,
    For his soul is marching on.

    The conflict that he heralded he looks from heaven to view,
    On the army of the Union with its flag red, white and blue.
    And heaven shall ring with anthems o’er the deed they mean to do,
    For his soul is marching on.

    Ye soldiers of Freedom, then strike, while strike ye may,
    The death blow of oppression in a better time and way,
    For the dawn of old John Brown has brightened into day,
    And his soul is marching on.

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
    He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored,
    He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword
    His truth is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps
    They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps
    I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps
    His day is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnish`d rows of steel,
    “As ye deal with my contemners, So with you my grace shall deal;”
    Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel
    Since God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat
    He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat
    Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet!
    Our God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
    With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
    As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
    While God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    The slaves kept singing and singing, and Jed Bureaugard and his troops kept being pushed by unseen hands, a mist formd around the slaves, revealing the spirits of the slaves who has sucumbed to the the torture, Jed and his men began to flee, but were blocked in by the arriving John Brown Renegade. Most of Jed’s men were killed or injured, and Silas Harrington, leader of the Renegade, apprehended Jedediah Bureaugard,then oreder his troops to search his house. When they found the basement, they were shocked at the horrifying scene of slaves moaning, some barely alive, boidies were chopped up, abd limbs were scatttered everywhere. They informed Ulysees S. Grant, who informed President Lincoln, who instructed that Jed Bureaugard and his men get the death penalty for these attrocities. Shortly after the Civil War ended and Robert E. Lee sent letters formerly apologizing to Grant and LIncoln for the actions of Bureaugard and his unit, it is said that during the presidency of Grant, he visted Lee a few times, and all he did was repeat phrases like “May God Have Mercy On Me. However, as you read in your history books, the Confederacy refused to quit, and battles kept waging, even though most of the troops were defeated. On April 13th 1865, a mysterious man infiltrated the prison where Jed was kept, and attempted to brake him out, but failed. Bureaugard was excuted, with his final words being “Dixie will strike down the Yankee responsible”. The next night, Abraham Lincoln was shot, leading many to believe the intruder who tried to free Bureaugard was John Wilkes Booth. It is also believed Bureaugard was one of the conspirator, and the the surviving members of his unit framed people to cover up his involvement, and save their own lives. Most of them were released by Andrew Johnson due to lack of evidence due to lack of evidence, however during Grant’s presidency, most were recaptured by the still active John Brown Renegade, and he had evidence the conspirators, abd probaby John Wilkes Booth had tried to dispose of, and had them all executed so Grant could avenge Abe Lincoln. The Confereacy adapted it’s own tune for Jedediah Bureaugard, mocking “John Brown’s Body”.

    Jed Bureaugard’s Soul cries vengeance from Hell

    he will rob all Yankees of like

    like they robbed him of his

    He will take down every Yankee

    in honor of the Confederacy

    for all eternity

    his soul cannot be stopped

    Jed Bureaugard’s soul truly loes indeed cry vengeance from Hell, as his ghost has killed and scared Yankees for decades. Once a group of teenagers decided to explore Jed’s house, the girls were too scared so they waited for their boyfriends. They saw a flash of light, heard bloodcurling screams, then unearthly laughter. They called the police when the boys didn’t come back, and the police found them dead and locked up to various torture devices in the basement. Then there have been encounters right here at Gettysburg Nation al Cemetery. Once a group of eigth graders like yourself, decided that Confederates were “Dixie scum”, as Union soldiers put it, and that it would be a good idea to spit on this grave, which belongs to Jed Bureaugard himself, and then a reenactor in a Confederate costume, who had what appeared to a make up scar and fake hook and fake peg on his leg, told them that “Y’all Yankees need to learn some damn respect”, and pointed his hook at them. The group told a teacher about the incident, but the park said no reenactor looked like that. It was in fact Jed Bureaugard himself. In another incident, a group of ghost hunters saw the ghost of a Confederate soldier floating towards them, he waved his sword at their heads and laughed, but they kept ducking and running and eventually made it to safety. The scariest incident Jed Bureaugard’s ghost pulled was when he appeared as an orb, lanother group of ghost hunters was taking pictures of the battlefield, and trying to talk to the ghosts and stuff, when they saw an orb coming toward them. When they tried to take a picture, it shot forward and sliced all their cameras and electronic equipment in two, then moved towards the cannons. They heard the sound of fuses being lit, and then cannonballs began shooting at them in all directions, fortunateky no one was hurt but they recall hearing the evilest laugh you could ever hear. Gettysburg authorities thought they were making up a story, as no evidence of it was present, especially the shooting cannons.

    Someone has to protect the innocent from his evil, especially in death, that is why I Silas Harrington, leader of the John Brown Renegade, and the one who brought this monster to justice, protect anyone who visits this park from him, much like I did, till that monster decides to go to hell where he belongs.

  • The Fear Experience

    Ben, Steve, Nate, Johnny, Ian and James always loved Halloween. From trick or treating to dressing up to playing pranks to vandalizing property. As they got older they stopped trick or treating and played more pranks and vandalized more property. They got so reckless with their pranks and sometimes didn’t notice how scared the victims were especially the children all but Nate the only one of the group with any morals. On a warm, sunny, October afternoon they were walking to the Halloween store after school with the newly fallen leaves crunching under their feet. Once they arrived they quickly began browsing going into their own separate section of the store. Ben jumped as a spider came from the ceiling at him but after coming to his senses realized it was only a decoration. He hated them as well as rats and bats but out of all of them he hated spiders the most. He then grabbed a clown mask and snuck up on Ian who hated clowns and dolls. He shoved him to the ground only to hear the familiar sound of Ben’s laughter as he hit the floor. “You were sooo scared”Ben laughed. Nate who was with Ben chimed in and said ‘Well you were scared of that spider” Ian then grabbed a werewolf mask and snuck up on Steve who was scared of werewolves and vampires and any monster or horror character and was generally easy to get scared by horror movies and wasn’t a big fan of them although he did watch them and didn’t mind sometimes. Ian got James who was scared of witches as he was practically born slightly overweight and was always scared of witches ever since reading Hanzel and Gretel and thought they would cook him since he was nice and plump. James got Johnny with a zombie mask which was his fear. He also was afraid of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and skeletons. Nate was the bravest next to Ben’s older brother who was in college and had no fear.After having all their fun they left the store and found a poster outside advertising The Fear Experiece which was next door. It had a picture of a man in a green hat, purple coat and who had orange hair and white makeup and a cane with a jack o lantern at the top. It read The Fear Experience Where The Greatest Fear is Fear Itself. “Didn’t he hear circus season is over”? Ben said “I think he’s Willy Wonka” Nate said “No he’s the Mad Hatter his outfit looks just like Johnny Depp did in the role”Steve said “You wanna go?” Johnny suggested. Nate threw the flyer in the garbage can as they started walking discussing the possibilty on the way home.This place is in a shopping center and by the mall no less is it going to be any good? Nate said “Let’s try it we won’t know otherwise” Steve said ‘It’s just weird with my brother not taking us and going in front of us he always was the bravest and was the best at scaring people since he was the oldest didn’t you notice how weird it was without him in the store”? Ben said “Oh yeah like when he pranked us every Halloween as well as sleepovers and campouts but he still was the bravest” Nate said “Yeah but we’ll be fine without him” James said They agreed and he said to be there that Friday. They made arrangments to be picked up with their parents and as soon as Friday night came they walked over to the haunted house. The parking lot was deserted. “Guys this doesn’t seem right’ Ian said. ‘Don’t be a baby” Ben said. “We’re probably the first ones we did leave pretty early”. Steve said. “Greetings” The Fear Master said as he greeted them. “My purpose is merely to scare people. I don’t ask for money”. The Fear Master said. He opened the door and shut it behind them. It was sooo dark they couldn’t see each other. They fumbled through the darkness to find the door. Ben who was in front having being the one voted to do so and being the second bravest in the group opened the door. “Found it guys” he said. He then realized they weren’t with him anymore and tried the knob. Stuck. He couldn’t get it to move at all. Maybe this a maze and I’ll see them at the later or at the end he thought. He proceeded down a dark hallway and saw something scurry across the floor. A RAT. It turned its head in the shadows. It had bright red eyes that glared at him. “Fuck I hope that was fake if this plce is infested I’m finding the first exit door and getting the heck out of here”. He thought. He continued down and heard some sort of flapping. FLAP, FLAP, FLAP, FLAP. Then he heard another sound a shrieking of some sort. EEE, EEE. It was getting closer and closer. Then it went right past him with a WOOSH. A BAT. “Oh great he thought a bat if that wasn’t fake I’m finding the nearest emergency exit”. He thought to himself. Then heard another sound. It sounded like a motor. A sort of humming sound. HMMMMM. It was much louder than the bat’s wings and was getting closer. Then he saw it. COCKROACHES. He backed against the wall as they flew past him.”That’s it I’m getting freaked out” he thought . He felt the wall and looked for a big red EXIT sign. “There has to be one here somewhere”. he thought. He felt something silky. It could only be one thing. COBWEBS. They felt so realistic. He bruushed through a few more as he continued down the hallway. The end of the hallway was the worst though. A GIANT SPIDER. “That looks to so realistic but it’s still just an animatronic. What else could it be? Just calm down and look for the door to to another part of the house”. he thought. He felt the wall for a door but couldn’t find one. The spider shot webs at him with its fangs. He couldn’t move. It started to crawl towards him. All he could do was wait then he felt himself falling through a trap door and landed in a snake pit. They slithered toward him and he backed up into a corner and they slithered onto his body then e everything went black. Steven opened a door and heard a voice imitating Bela Lugosi saying Good Evening he then heard a Tocata and Fogue in D minor playing and heard a werewolf howl. Then then heard a thumping of footsteps from behind him and thought it might be one of his friend’s and turned to greet them only to come face to face with Frankenstein’s Monster. “It’s ok it’s just an actor”. he said to himself He ran and ran until his path was blocked by Dracula and The Wolfman. “They’re just actors relax” then he felt the floor open and he fell into a boiler room. He heard an eerie and familar tune. The Elm Street theme. He got up and saw three girls playing jump rope singing an all to familiar tune. 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you, 3, 4, better lock your door, 5, 6, grab your crufix, 7, 8, better stay awake, 9, 10, never sleep again. THen heard the most frightening voice he’d ever hear. “Welcome to your worst nightmare come to life Steven” HAHAHAHAHA. Steven recognized that voice from his nightmares. He turned and saw him. A face he NEVER wanted to see. Freddy Krueger. “You’re you’re” Steven stuttered. “Aw don’t cry everybody has to DIE sometime. Freddy laughed as Steven backed up and the floor gave in. He landed on an empty street. “Is the haunted house over already”? He asked himself. “No he realized I’m on a completely different street and the haunted hiuse and plaza are nowhere in sight. This must be just scenery” He thought. A girl in a tan shirt and wearing a skirt was running down the street screaming “HELP ME”. He looked and saw a masked man in a blue jumpsuit chasing her. He recognized him anywhere. Michael Myers. “Nice setup he thought it looks just like where they filmed the original Halloween. That girl looks and sounds just like Jamie Lee Curtis”. He ran and could hear the Halloween theme playing on unseen loudspeakers. Michael Myers got into a car and chased after him. He ran and ran until he fell off the street into the darkness below. He landed in a field. There was a house in the distance. “That must be the next place” he thought. He walked up to the door. It was open. He went in and all he could her was screaming. “Sound effects obviously he thought”. He looked into the kitchen and saw the screaming wasn’t sound effects. “Just an actress” he thought. He looked on at the gruesome scene. A girl was strapped to the table and a chainsaw was on the wall adjacent to her.. “GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW” she screamed. ” a man entered the room. He had a mask and wore a bloody apron. Steven recognized him as well. Leatherface. Leatherface grabbd his chainsaw and chased Stephen who ran out the back door and fell into a black void where the ground should have been. He awoke in a woods. “How many times is this going to happen” he thought. He was getting tired from all the falling and running. He heard a familar sound. “Ki ki ki ki”. Then he saw a girl skinny dipping in a lake. He then heard the sound of a male screaming. He got into the bushes and watched. “GET OUT OF HERE” the boy screamed to the girl. A hulking figure wearing a hockey mask holding a machete was wallking fast after the boy. This was the horror icon Steven was most afraid of. The one Ben’s brother liked to dress up as to scare all of them at camp outs. Jason Voorhees. Then he watched as the actor playing Jason stabbed the other actor with the machete. “It has to be plastic. He didn’t really kill him. They are just actors.” He thought. A nothrer actress dressed as Mrs. Voorhees came out of the water and pulled the girl intto the water. “Wait a minute Steven thought if these are actors how would they know I’m hhiding here watching them”?, “This is getting freaky. Actors or not I have to stop the maniac in the Jason costume before he kills someone else”. Steven got up out of his hiding spot and tried to sneak away. SNAP. A twig broke under his feet. Jason turned toward the fleeing Stephen. Like with the Halloween theme, the Friday The 13th theme on an unknown loud speaker. played as Jason chased him. Steven went into a shed and pulled out an axe. He then hid behind a tree and waited for Jason to approach. When he did he jumped out and swung the axe at Jason decapitating him. The ground opened up and Steven fell through again. He was now in a swampy area. A sign read Black Lagoon. He didn’t have time to rest this time. A bubbling in the water caught his eye. A green fish-man emerged. He recognized him immediately. The Gill-Man from Creature from the Black Lagoon. It pulled into the blackness of the swamp. Then everything went black. Ian opened a door to a carnival themed atmosphere and a voice imitating Chucky asking WANNA PLAY? it laughed and carnival music set to ‘Be a Clown/Make Em Laugh began. Ian ignored it and moved on and opened a door to a fun house like scenario. The IT theme began to play as clowns appeared and started chasing him. He ran away from them into a darker part of the funhouse. He faced all kinds of obstacles in there including skeletons, bats, and spiders that came down from the ceiling, ghosts that came from a projector, and cooky mirrors. After going sllover the funhouse in rooms that went in circles and hallways went nowhere he finally walked through a door into a dark corridor. He heard a familiar unwanted voice behind him “Beep, Beep Ian”. He turned around and saw that he was facing Pennywise. He ran as fast as he could down a hallway that seemed to take forever to reach the end o as it would stretch and stretch and strech. He went down a slide and found himself in a toy room filled with DOLLS. TIME TO PLAY one said as they all began moving towards him led by Chucky while the theme from Child’s Play 2. Johnny opened his door and heard a voice imitating the Crypt Keeper say Good evening boils and ghouls. He then saw what he didn’t want to see A GRAVEYARD. It was filled zombies coming towards him. Ghosts were floating around. Skeletons and goblins were dancing. Busts were signing. The skeletons were playing a song called “The Skeleton Dance” set to the tune of “Dem Bones. Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones” on fiddles. The signing busts sang”Grim Grinning Ghosts”. Johnny tried to sneak through the “animatronics” “actors” and “special effects” in the graveyard to get to the rest of the haunted house but a hand grabbed him from underneath the ground and pulled him in while Johnny tried to dig his hands into the ground in an attempt to struggle while screaming in terror but the effort failed. James opened the door to a dark forest and could hear a voice impersonating Paul Frees from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride say “Welcome Foolish Mortal” He then followed a trail of bread crumbs that led right up to a gingerbread house. This seemed familiar to James but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The door opened and a sweet old lady invited him in. Once in her face changed to a dark green color and she had long black hair and a black pointy hat. James was scared stiff and couldn’t move as she boiled the cauldron. Once he was in though he went through the other end in blackness. Nate opened the door to Ben’s older brother standing there. Surprised to see him he began to greet him but Ben’s older brother just began to laugh before fading away into darkness . He then saw images of Halloween’s past where Ben’s brother tormented them mercilessly. He heard the Fear Master laugh and laugh and laugh. The Fear Master then appeared only instead of his past appearance he now had red skin, horns hooves, a pitchfork, and a tail, “I hope you had fun, oh did I say you I mean me. You see I only wanted you here to make all you pay as Halloween is my holiday after all and I needed to have some fun”. “One problem I’m not scared” Nate replied. “Oh really” The Fear Master glanced in his eyes and saw it and showed him the exit door. “Very well you’ll find your friends outside”. Sure enough his friends met him outside pale as ghosts then they all went home.

  • The House On Hell Hill

    Halloween night 1 year ago

    “I’m not going up here Mike” Sarah said. “Nonsense you don’t believe those old stories”? Mike laughed. “I’m sick of your childish behavior. Instead of watching horror movies or going to a haunted house you have to do something stupid”. “We’re just having fun”. Mike replied. “Watching horror movies and going to haunted house doesn’t have the thrills this does” Dave chimed in. “You two need to grow up seriously” Michelle climbed in. “If you go up there we’re over for good and we’re not getting back together not ever” Sarah said. “That goes for you too David” Michelle said. “Your loss. Your such a party pooper anyway” Mike replied. Sarah and Michelle started back down the street disgusted with the chidish behavior of their now exes. Mike and David started up the hill laughing. “There’s nothing to this”. Mike said “Yeah it’s completely safe. What’s the worst that could happen”? They went through the trees surrounding the hill. It was almost like they were in the woods. The house never had any inhabitants so there was no driveway just grass. After going through all the trees they could finally see the house at the top. From the street it was barely visible. In fact it looked like a typical old foreboding house in any horror movie or tv show or a cartoon or children’s book about Halloween. Up close it looked even more like it was straight out of horror fiction. The house was built in the 30’s. It had a gothic look. It had red bricks, big long windows, and a roof with gargoyles on each side. No one knew who bulit it. It just appeared. According to stories passed on by the neighborhood kids every year since 1934 kids would go up there never to be heard from again with the exception of a select few. In 1935 a spirit allegedly warned kids away but only one of them a young girl obeyed and survived or something like that. Supposedly the young girl wore a special mask on Halloween night, warning kids to do the same, and passed out her mask to kids going up there, trying to warn them of their fate. As a result of these stories the house was dubbed Hell House, the hill was called Hell Hill, or was just called The House On Hell Hill. Not that they believed it. Mike and Dave were too smart to fall for stuff like that. It was obviously just kids trying to scare each other. Mike and Dave reached the top of the hill. At the front of the house they saw something lying in the grass. It was a bag of candy “Some kid must have been up here and got spooked and dropped his candy” Mike laughed. Mike picked up the bag and started unwrapping pieces one at a time. They went inside. The house smelled all musty and damp. There was dust and cobwebs everywhere. They pulled out their flashlights. A portrait of a man was in the stiarway going upstairs. They climbed up there but didn’t find anything. In fact all the rooms were bare. The kitchen and living room were also completely bare. Then they went down into the basement and found nothing other than cobwebs, spiders, and rats found nothing. Then they went outside and around to the back of the house. They saw a barrell and fire pit. There were also two tall poles similar to totem poles. They both had a jack-o-lantern, witch, goblin, and skeleton carved into them. Dave walked over to the barrell. It had a bunch of apples in it. Recent ones in fact. He figured a party up here had been busted earlier that evening and the apples were left behind. He bent down into the barrell and attempted to bob for one of the apples. He then heard Mike choking. He stopped to see what was wrong but could feel something forcing him down further into the barrell.

    1 year later

    Mark and Nick alnog with their girlfriends Hannah and Allison were planning their own trip to Hell House. “Are you sure about going there”? Look at what happened last year. The cops found these two boys murdered. One had a bunch of razor blades in his mouth ad the other was drowned in a barrell” Hannah said. “Those were just accidents. The police did find candy that was tampered with and the kid that drowned must have panicked when he went in that far”. Mark said. “But why was he bobbing for apples at a desserted house”? Allison asked. “Obviously a party happened and those two stayed behind to cleaned up. While they were doing it one ate candy that was tampered with and the other fell into the barrell attempting to eat leftover apples”. School had just gotten out and they were driving past Hell House. They were startled to see a teenager standing out there. They stopped to see what was up. “Isn’t tht place desserted” Nick asked. “It was but I just moved in. my name’s Sam Hain” the kid replied. “You just moved here?” Mark asked. “Yeah I’m a having party tonight. Want to come”? “A party here”? Nick asked Sam nodded. “The reputation of ths place just seems right” “Ok then see you tonight”. Mark drove off. A short time later they stopped due to an old woman standing in the middle of the road. She had a weird mask on “Stay away from that house. she said. Terrible things happen there. If you go you will not come out alive. I went there and I was the only one to survive. Take these makes. It’s the only way to escape. She handed them 4 masks like hers and walkded away. “I don’t buy it. Besides why wear these masks whe we have our own costumes”? “I don’t know she seemed serious Hannah said And that whole party there seems suspicious. A kid moving there randomly and starting a party when no one lived there before. Doesn’t that sound weird”? “Relax babe don’t let those stories get to ya. Mark said. They are just stories ater all”. Mark dropped the others off and went home, relaxed for a while, and got into his cowboy costume. Hannah was going as a cowgirl, and Nick and and Allison were going to be motorcycle biker gang members. He went to get the others and picked Hannah who was wearing the mask the woman gave them in addition to her cowgirl costume. “Take it off babe” Mark said.” I’ll put i pocket but I still think it’s a good idea to have it. They picked up Nick and Allison and drove to Hell House. They began to walk up the long hill. It was a qiet Octobr night. “That’s strange where’s the music”? Alilson asked. “Maybe he didn’t start it yet” Nick replied. They walked up the hill and knocked on the door. No one answered. They walked around to the back. A fire and 4 poles that resembled totem poles were there. The totem poles had a jack-o-lantern, witch, goblin, and a skeleton. There were all straight acroos from the fire right next to each other. Suddenly 4 robed people grabbed them and began to tie them to the poles. Hannah broke free and put o her mask causing the men to give up. Hannah fled promising to come back with help. Mark tossed her his keys. After they were all tied up another robed man, their leader stepped forward. “I see our guests of honor have arrived he said pulling his head back revealing himself as Sam. “I hope you don’t mind being our sacrifices for the evening. It’s not always easy finding sacrifices for our oour lord and master. By the time the girl comes back you will be no more. You can’t stop me, no one can, I’ve been doing this for centuries. Long ago I lived in Ireland went by a different name. I wanted power so sold my soul to to Satan for power and immortality. All I had to do was provide sacrificies for him every All Hallows Eve. I abandoned my name and took on a new one Samhain meaning “Lord Of The Dead”. I terrorized all of Irelandsummoning ghosts, goblins, ghouls, zombies and various creatures and members of the undead while capturing people. Sweets were keft on doorsteps to appease me, faces carved into pumpkins to honor me, and festivals were held every All Hallows Eve in my name. Then a wise village eder who was something of warlock conjured up special masks for the pople to wear. These masks scared off the creatures I summoned and also made my powers useless and caused me and my minions to flee. I didn’t resurface unti Halloween came here in the 30’s. I conjured this house and killed kids that dared to come up to it. The spirit of the village elder warned a group but only one of them a girl headed the warning. She then tried to warn others who with the exception of that girl in your group no one believed her. Over the centuries the soulless body of victims have become part of my cult. Each person I kill makes me stronger. But enough talk time for the ritual. He changed from his human form into black demon with green eyes and yellow teeth. They could only scream in terror as he approached them ready to feed.

  • No Swimming(with some errors fixed)

    Colton was an excellent swimmer and was probably the best on the varsity team. He won state swim meets for Florida a bunch of times. He was a senior and also liked a girl on the senior team Brandy. They got long great and he also got along wth her friends Mackenzie and Katie but her friend Linday was not so nice and neither was Brandy’s boyfriend Cameron mainly because they were also rivals on the team and constantly competed against each other and he was aware of his crush on his girl and often got his buddies all on the swim team Jeff and Shawn,. Jeff was dating Mackenzie and Shawn was dating Lindsay. They constantly bullied Colton and played pranks on him. They wpuls shove him into the pool then wrestle him and try to dunk him etc when the coach wasn’l looking. One day Coloton and his dad went hunting in a radiation infested swamp. Authorities were unaware of this and didn’t close it off. A radiotion ingested alligator bit Colton and he was sent to the hospital. After a while he suddenly disappeared from the hospital.

    Brandy along with Mackenzie, Katie, and Lindsay, along with Cameron, Jeff, and Shwawn stayed after practice to swim in the high school pool. Cameron decided to play with Brandy and she bumped her head on the side causing ther be knocked out. They ran fo help but Katie and Mackenzie stayed. They watched a dark shape come from the ents and bring Brandy to the pool deck. It climbed out in its hind legs and gentky set her down. Then it jumped back into the pool and swam away. When Barndy came to she didn’t remember anything but Mackenzie and Katie said it resmbled an alligator. The guys said they were nuts. Everybody there were no alligators around that part of Florida.

    THey started stories of a man-gator, or gator man. Brandy, Mackenzie, and Katie stayed away from the pool after hours because of that. Cameron, Shawn, Jeff and Lindsay were again there after hours when Lindsay swores she saw red eyes in the vent and left with Shawn. Mackenzie joined her to calm her down but Jeff stayed. Suddenly they saw a giant shape that looked an alligator or rather a bunch of alligators come out of the vent. They tried to flee but there were too many. THe biggest one apparently the leader had big green eyes and really long teeth. He grabbed Cameron and tore him to shreds. Jeff was torn to shreds by the ret of the alligatros. Their friends heard their screams and saw the alligators flee.

    Mackenzie and Katie were onviced that it was Colton and since he liked Brandy he saved her but since he hated Cameron and Jeff he killed them. NO SWIMMING UNAUTHORIZED signs were posted on the pool door after that. Lindsay and Shawn thought it was nonsense since there were no alligators around that part of Florida. Shawn and LIndsay went swimming in a lake and Lindsay felt something pull her down and Shawn tried to save her but attacked by a bunch of alligators. Both were torn to shreds. after that No Swimming signs were posted there. Witnesses saw the alligators attacking but the local authorities. didn’t believe them. Everybody knew there were no alligators in that part of Florida…

  • okay so date with death11 story was impossible so ijust post another story here it is i don’t know what to call it
    part one
    there was once two children named mary and tom . they had a teacher who hailed from england.they were very good at studies so they asked for extra classes .
    the teacher always asked them to go to school at 12:00 but one day they went to school and found a note on the classroom door. it said ” i will be late for class please wait” . the children
    sat on the bench .
    now on the teacher’s perspective
    the teacher came back and found them by the door . the teacher went into the class and started about multiplication tables when tom asked a question”why did you disrespect our mother’s grave” the teacher felt confused as their mother was still alive. then a strange thing happened tom ran towards the window but not reaching it crawlead on the wall to it and mary went out and disappered. the teacher felt confused
    but how could she know that something crawled towards the two children . how could she know that those ‘things killed the two children, how could she know that their heads were still on the bench
    wait for part two it is coming soon
    this is not my story raafy told it to me before we found this website it is just edited by me

  • Darkness
    I am that chill on the back of your neck when you are scared. I am the darkness that exists in the mind of all. I am that feeling you get when you are being watched. I watch your every move, waiting for you to acknowledge me. I AM fear. Now that you have read this, that moment has come. You know about me. Did you feel that chill on the back of your neck? If so, that was me entering the room you are in. Time to whisper prayers…

  • Shadow of darkness: the boys died in a car accident and now they are dead. All they do is watch everyone else playing and swimming while they “spy” on people.

  • Those…Those Eyes
    There was once a young traveller who was walking alone late one night on a mountain when it started rain cats and dogs.
    He stood under a bus stop and spotted a hotel nearby on a cliff. He went there and asked the manager for a room for one night. He agreed and gave him the keys for the second last room on the topmost floor as all the other rooms were occupied. He agreed and went there. It was a very big hotel but very dirty and there were not more than four or five waiters working there. It gave him shudders to see such a big hall. He opened the door and entered the room.
    In the middle of the night he was suddenly awoken by a very sweet singing of young girl along with a piano. He thought that the song sounded a bit sad. He was a polite and a well-mannered man but the curiosity got the best of him. He went out and peeped through the key-hole of the room from where the singing was coming. On peeping he saw that everything was bright red. He got scared but went to the manager and asked him about the history of the hotel.
    He said that the hotel was once a very grand palace. A princess used to live here. She was now dead. She used to live in the room next to the traveller’s room. She had a very melodious voice and played piano very well. And the main thing that made her the most beautiful and one in a thousand was the fact that she had bright red eyes…

    Many years ago there was a boy his name was Sam, Sam was 16 years old he used to stay in New York but his dad had a better job opportunity in Chicago he was a very young adventurous guy he was also very friendly. Sam was sad that he had to leave New York after all he was missing all his friends and especially his best friend Simon they basically grew up together in New York.So the next day Sam woke up from his long nap and they finally arrived at his new house but the biggest surprise that Sam got was a new puppy his father bought him his farther knew how alone he felt so that cheered him up.So on Sam’s first day at his new high school was just boring the people where unfriendly and didn’t seem to bother about him so days passed and eventually Sam made some new friends. The guys he met where James, John, Kenan and Kyron. They where all welcoming but he just felt that there was something not so right about alot of the people in his school but he didn’t want to let that get to him maybe he was just stressed. So as the days progressed he started noticing kids he knew where disappearing slowly one by one maybe they where sick he thought. Halloween was only a few days a he thought he’d ask the pretty girl Carol to the Halloween ball. Sam:Hey there Carol
    Carol:Hey there Sam how are you
    Sam:Hey I am great
    Carol:and how are you,you look like you want to ask me something
    Sam:Yes would you like to go to the Halloween Ball with me
    Carol:Yes I will
    So Sam took Carol’s number down.
    Sam was going home but just by passing his locker he heard a voice saying please help me please help me Sam thought that he was imagining so he walked away feeling stupid but he heard it again this time it grew louder he was scared so he opened his locker and to his horror he realised it was his friend Kyron was tied and stuck in Sam’s lokcker with a knife sticking through his chest Kyron was afraid but blood was coming out of his mouth as he was talking to Sam.
    Sam: Kyron what is going on
    Kyron:hhh hurry up Sam get me out of hear
    Sam:Okay (Sam cuts the rope and gasps)
    Kyron: I don’t have much time lets get away now
    Sam takes hold of Kyrons hand and asks him what is going on. Sam Kyron says these people including the teachers and also the students are all Satanists including your girlfriend Carol but that’s not the worst part, the worst part is that they are all Cannabils so cover me with a cloth get away from here as far as possible. Sam takes Kyron and explains to his dad everything but his parents don’t believe him or Kyron either so his father yells at him and says you are so Dumb Sam you are going for that ball and I believe that Carol is waiting too late said Kyron. Sam and Kyron take Carol but they don’t realise that Sam’s and Kyrons Parents are following them too the Halloween ball so they arrive with Carol and the party is with it’s music and stuff like that. Sam is afraid of what will happen everything seems normal at first but than everyone looks at Sam including kyrons parents and Sams dad Kyron tries to run but they hold him the kids start biting him he screams but it’s no use so he tries to run and phone the cops but he realises that Sams dad is not his father and is using a mask to look like his dad So everyone eats Sam and Kyron and there is no proof of Sam except his bones.
    Days pass and Kyrons takes of the mask it’s not Kyron but it’s Carol with an Evil grin on her face.
    Sam’s Parent try to look for him but he can never be found and is declared a missing person right to this day.
    I hope my Story gets posted

  • Ghost In The Graveyard

    When I was growing up me and my friends would play a game of Ghost in the Graveyard. For those of you unfamiiar with the game it’s varitation of tag where “it” is a zombie that jumps out scares people andchases them.

    One night we decided to play in an actual cemetery. We told our parents we were sleeping over one house. It was me, my brother Ben, Nate, Johnny, James, Stephen, and his brrother Billy. I was “it” as usual. It was pitch black inside so I could jump out and scare a them at any point. THe best part was this cemetery was huge and went up hill and huge a huge downhill slope as well.

    I went in and hid behind the masoleum waiting for them. When I heard voices I jumped out only to find it wasn’t them. It was another kid with a flashlight. I apologized and he introduced himself as Jake Henshaw then introduced the other kids, Abigail and Tabitha Bertham, Thomas Pruitt, and others I can’t quite remember Joseph something, John so and so. The weird thing was how they were dressed. Jake’s clothes were at least 30 years out of date and the rest were at least 100 years out of date.

    Nate and Ben went to the side of the cemetery. They saw a light and ducked down behind asome tombstones. They saw an old man carrying a lantern and began too panick and decided to try find us before we got in trouble. Johnny and Billy were at the bottom of the hill when they saw a flashlight. They ducked behind a tombstone and looked up to tell me I was cheating and saw Jake walking around. Stephen and James got separated at the top of the hill. James thought he saw kids hiding behind trees but no one was there when he looked. Stephen was looking around when he felt something grab his ankles.

    He got scared and yelled that “it” grabbed him and we all came running up. He was confused when he saw me and pulled his pant legs up to reveal handprints on his ankles. We saw a lantern bobbing and coming towards us and I heard Jake yell “C caw Mcgraw is coming c caw”. Jack and his friends disaapeared fast and we all snuck out over the back fence.

    I was passing by the next morning when I saw the groundskeeper there opening the gate. I asked if he caught any kids last night. He said he never works the night shift. I told him about Mcgraw. and he replied there was no Mcgraw at least not anymore. He said Mcgraw was a highly dedicated groundskeeper who worked day and night and always made sure to check for kids especially but he died at least 50 years ago and even pointed out his grave. When the asked the names of the kid. I gave him the names of Jake, Thomas, Abigail, and Tabitha. He said those names were on graves in the chiderens section of the cemetery. He said that Jake at least the Jake buried there had fallen into a freshly dug grave in the 70’s.

    I went in and saw the grave for Mcgraw and then went over to where Stephen had screamed and we all gathered. There was nothing but a freshly dug grave no marker or coffin. I then went down to the section and saw Joeseph something, John so and so, and the graves for Abigail and Tabitha Bertham, Thomas Pruitt, and Jake Henshaw. It said “In loving memory of our beloved son Jake. The angels came for you too soon”. Then I saw his picture on the grave and froze in terror . It was the same Jake Henshaw from last night.

  • Manrachnid

    There was a boy named Ted who went to this summer camp that was obsessed with spiders and all arachnids. They were all he ever talked about. One day some bullies decided enough was enough. Knowing he had a fear of water they tossed him in and knowing he was afraid of snakes as well as alligators, crocodiles, piranhas, and sharks grabbed some piranhas and water snakes and tossed them in and made him swim to safety. A counselor saw what was going on and took a canoe and paddled out there to save Ted. When he got back the land the boys were gone. Ted and the counselor went on walk and Ted spotted a tarantula and went to see it. It bit him and the counselor too him to nurses office. After that Ted and the counselor went back to the cabin but overnight Ted disappeared.

    No one could find any trace of him as all his stuff was left behind. Later that day one of the bullies was walking in the woods when he ran back to camp screaming that he was chased by a giant spider with Ted’s head. The kids especially the other two bullies laughed but the counselors didn’t think joking about a camper’s disappearence was funny and no one found anything in the woods that even remotely resembled a giant spider with a human face.

    Another bully claimed he saw a giant scorpion that had Ted’s head that chased him and tried to sting him and grab him in his pinchers. Again no one believed him, the counselors didn’t think it was funny, and there was no proof of anything like that. That night the bully that had planned it all was going to bed and had is window open listening to the sound of the crickets. Suddenly he heard what sounded like a little boy humming “Itsy Bisty Spider”. It got louder then he heard the boy humming it. He yelled for the other campers to shut up and then realized it was coming from above him. He looked and saw a spider with Ted’s head climbing on the ceiling, grinning down at him with the creepiest grin he’d ever seen. He was so scared he couldn’t move or scream as Ted lowered him down on a thread and landed on him. In the morning they found the bully dead with his mouth full of spider’s webbing.

    The only other incident that happened that summer was the prettiest girl at camp who Ted had a crush on went missing. Everyone said he made her his queen. He was called the Manrachnid and every summer stories of him are told around the campfire. They say that if you bully anyone at camp the Manrachnind, his queen, their offspring, and army of arachnids will come after you and you will never be seen again because you will be made their dinner or turned into one of them.

  • Fatal Painting

    I love collecting art; I consider it my hobby. Just like music, art conveys a message. It describes exactly what someone was thinking when they put it on paper or a canvas. To this day, I don’t know what I was thinking to buy this piece of art.

    It all started when I visited our local Halloween shop. The business only opened up every Fall, but it was so successful that it only needed to be open then. There were so many different items to buy. Costumes, decor, and some of the best candy I have ever tasted.

    The owner bought paintings from out of town tourists and would sell them in the store. I was just about to pay for my candy when I looked up and saw several paintings. Black cats, scarecrows, and other Halloween themes were painted. Not that they were bad, but they were all very unoriginal. I handed the owner the money when I saw a painting sitting by itself behind the owner. I asked the owner if I could take a look at it.

    The painting itself was so creepy that I was lost for words, but I had to have it. The painting depicted a boy hiding behind a wall in the shadows with tears rushing down his face while a monster was walking down a lighted hallway, searching for the boy. The picture was so disturbing but I asked the owner if I could purchase it. It wasn’t on sale until the next day, but he knew I was a good kid and I gave him a lot of business so he let me have it for a cheap price.

    I took the painting home and observed it. It looked as though the paint was fresh so I knew someone had painted it a few days before. After growing bored of it, I framed it up on my wall in my bedroom to let others view it when they came over. My parents came into my room to look at the painting. “There’s something very odd about this painting” my father said “it makes you wonder what is going to happen next”. There was something very unsettling about the way he said that, but I shrugged it off. I kissed my parents goodnight and went to sleep.

    I was awoken in the middle of the night by a crying noise. Where is that sound coming from I asked myself. My parents certainly wouldn’t be up at this hour of the night. I turned on my light and searched my room. There was literally nothing out of the ordinary so I decided that I was just imagining things. It wasn’t very hard to fall back asleep, but I was awoken again. This time, it was by someone whispering. “Help!” They shouted in a whisper. “It’s coming for me!” the voice cried. I turned on my light once again and was horrified to see that the voice came from the painting.

    The little boy was shaking as I stared into the painting and his eyes were fixed on me. I was terrified to see not only his mouth move, but the background was so real. It literally looked as though the image had come to life. “Help me, the monster is trying to find me and eat me!” the little boy cried. I saw the monster searching through doors in the hallway; growling and snarling its teeth, and it would only be a matter of time before he made it down to the end of the hallway. “Go to your left so I can see the rest of the room and I will help you find a spot to hide” I whispered to the boy. To my amazement, the little boy walked where the painting had ended and the rest of the house had opened up into the painting where he walked.

    “Where now?” he said. I searched the living room where he was in and tried to find a spot for him to hide. I told him that he would have to run outside and find help. “But my parents are here and the monster will get them!” the boy cried. “Monsters only eat little kids” I said. “Run outside to your neighbor’s house and tell them it’s an emergency and you need to call the police. Tell them that a killer is in your house right now!” I almost yelled, but keep my voice down so the monster won’t hear me.

    After about five minutes the police arrived and the boy was safe. His parents were not harmed, but the monster was nowhere to be found. “Thank you for your help, i’m so glad that I’M safe now.” the boy said. “What do you mean by that?” I asked. “You better find a hiding spot soon, or it will find you too.” the boy said.

    To my horror, I noticed the hall light turn on and I could hear something growling down the hall.

  • Roommate

    When I first got to my dorm,Samantha was sitting at her desk,typing away on her Facebook. “Hey..” I greeted quietly.

    She jumped a bit and frantically opened Chess Titans. “Hello. I’m Samantha Gilbert.”She replied,eyes still on the screen,Xing out Facebook and an unknown blog of some sort. “I’m Nolan Leon,are you in any of my classes?” Samantha didn’t reply quickly. I had to wait a while before she responded.

    Frankly,I didn’t think she cared because she didn’t look at her schedule placed next to her laptop. “You aren’t in any of my classes. Just room mates I guess. Please don’t touch my things.” I looked around in confusion.

    She had nothing.

    I scoffed.”What things…? You only have a laptop and a satchel with you.” No reply. She shut off her laptop and left. I grabbed my phone the moment she shut the door behind her and called my friend Eve.

    “Hey! I’m like,a dorm away from you. There’s no need to call,dork!” Eve replied in her classic British accent.

    “Yea whatever,look,my new roommate is creeping me out a bit.. She’s freaky weird so far.. Her name’s Samantha Gilbert. I thi-”

    “Oh my G,dude,Gilbert?! Like Elena Gilbert from that vampire diary thingy! She could be a vampire,be careful..” Eve replied sarcastically.

    I rolled my eyes and changed the subject. I told her to come when Samantha would be back and I’d show her how creepy she seemed.

    But she never came back. Least not last night. I woke up to find her staring at me all googly eyed. I fell off my bed as she calmly asked me if I had ever been drunk. “What the hell?! How would you like it if I stared at you while you were sleeping?!” It was only then i I had realized how she looked so innocent. Big green eyes and chubby baby cheeks. I ran my fingers threw my bed hair and replied that I’ve been drunk a lot,but stopped last year due to a hollow realization that I was grown up.

    As I was explaining,I grabbed my phone and called Eve. On the first ring,I ended the call. That was our signal that you could come. “I hate people who drink. They are committing a horrible sin. Bye now.” She walked out of the door the moment Eve walked in.
    “Weirdo,right?” I exclaimed. Eve just shook her head ,”Yeah you are..”

    Throughout the whole year,me and Samantha never talked about anything serious. She would always talk about violent acts. Me and Eve were together after we both knew we didn’t have valentines. So yeah,that’s great.

    On the last day before Spring Break,Samantha came in barging in at 4am with a sparkled knife. My eyes widened once I saw the knife glimmering in the moon light. “Just go to bed. My mum got me this knife,its mine so don’t use it.” I politely nodded in fear she’d stab me with it. The thought of a knife slowly tearing my tissues of meat didn’t go down well with me. With that,she crashed on her bed and fell into a deep slumber.

    The next morning,I crept into Eve’s dorm and plumped onto her couch. When I awoke,Eve was with her roomie on the floor eating cereal. “I know,it’s your roommate,just Google her you idiot.” Eve replied. So adorable.. I opened her laptop and googled “Samantha Gilbert,Manhattan,New York” and what I saw left me baffled.

    “Samantha Gilbert-College Student Brutally Murdered
    Samantha Gilbert Body Found After 2 Months Near College Campus
    Samantha Gilbert Murder Suspect Missing
    College Student’s Murderer Escaped”

    I gasped in awe. I’ve been living with a crazy murderer that’s taken the identity of her latest victim. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to show Eve in fear she’d freak out and leave me. I opened her Facebook which was still activated and read her last status. I noticed she had no pictures of her,only drawings.

    “Samantha Gilbert Going with friends to Haley Garrison’s Party tonite ~ Can’t wait! :D

    April Winter …? Huh? Doesnt she hate u? Like,last week she threw dog feces all over your dorm door. she spread dirty rumors all over campus about u…

    Grace Matthews Lol ill bring my camera,I wonder what she has in store this time :b

    Haley Garrison Ill see you there beautiful ! Haha. (15 likes)

    I googled Haley Garrison ASAP. These were the results:

    “Haley Garrison , Murder Suspect, Gone
    Haley Garrison Seen Months Ago
    Haley Garrison Tried For Murder Of College Student Samantha Gilbert.”

    There were no pictures found of her. Same as Samantha,just crappy drawings of girls. It made no sense. I shut my laptop quietly and turned to see my sleeping murderer roommate.

    “I know you’re looking at me. Why?” ‘Samantha’ whispered. My hands got clammy as I clenched them tightly. “It’s nothing you just have something on your forehead.” She didn’t . But I did. Sweat. I pretended to wipe something off her head with my thumb and nonchalantly flicked the imaginary thing off. “You’re sweating! Haha,did you run around campus or something?” I couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t catch on that I knew she was an insane murderer!

    “I know what you’re thinking. It’s about me. I’m not a murderer. I am the murder.” The mysterious girl spoke.

    “I’m not falling for it,Haley. You can’t convince me to believing you’re Samantha. You killed her.” I began,”I’m not one to believe in that spirit revenge crap. I’m going to call the police. But before I do,just why? Why did you kill such an innocent girl? Hm? It’s a terrible thing.” I held the phone tightly in my hand. This was an awful situation. When she opened her mouth to speak.. Someone began pounding on the door. “Nolan!!” Eve. It was Eve. I let her come in case Haley attacks.

    “Nolan you murdered her! That’s the ghost of Samantha!”

    I tried to run away but it was too late. “You killed me! Remember that time I asked you about drunks? You were drunk when you killed me you worthless piece of-”

    I screamed.

    Everything rushed back. She was the reason I swore off drinking. I remembered that I went to Haleys party and saw her. Samantha had that same satchel on her shoulder at the time. After a couple of drinks,I started yelling at her and I smashed a bottle on her head. Her body went limp. I asked Haley what I should do with her and she told me to throw her near a rich neighbourhood so no one suspects I did it. My thoughts were interuppted by her. “Haley was a suspect because she hated me. I emptied her from organs and replaced them with cotton. Because shes such a doll !! HAAHAA!” I couldnt do anything but stare at her with shame. I was so disappointed in myself. Eve was there simply shaking her head. By the time I wanted to apologise,she hit me with a bottle. Falling on my knees she scowls,”That feels nice doesn’t it?! Soothing right?!?” She hit me with another one,I moaned in agony. “SO VERY NICE!” Samantha yelled. I put my hand on my head in pain and felt a hole I could stick my finger in. Bits of glass fell off my bloody matted hair. Eve left the room with her hands cupped around her hands with streaks of vomit seeping out. Samantha followed,leaving me here to die. I guess you must’ve learned something by now. In my last breaths,I want you to know that whatever you do,it comes back to haunt you.

    Modify Bonnie please ScaryForkids. Feedback? :D x

  • Movie Night
    Dagny, Sammy, Abby, Daisy, Maisy, Dixie and Winnie, best friends, were sitting in Dagny’s garage watching a movie on the TV Dagny’s dad had installed in the garage wall. There was popcorn and candy spilled on the floor and the seven kids were lying on Dagny’s parents’ two cars: Sammy lay on the hood of a black Subaru with Dagny, Dixie and Winnie on the roof of it. Abby lay on the hood of the grey Jeep and Maisy lay next to Daisy on the roof as the movie played.
    Once “UP” ended, Sammy suggested they watch another movie.
    “Let’s watch ‘Scream’, he said. “Please?”
    Dagny and the other thought about it.
    “My mom wouldn’t like it”, winced Dixie.
    “Don’t be a baby, Dixie!”, laughed Sammy. He threw a fistful of popcorn at her. “C’mon!”
    Dixie threw a cup of M&Ms at Sammy. Soon, the group was enjoying a food fight.
    “I’m turning Scream on nonetheless”, Sammy whispered to Sage, who had just joined the seven. She lived next door to Dagny.
    “Oh, baby”, she mumbled, kissing Sammy on the cheek. “Do it.”
    Sammy kissed her back and turned on ‘Scream’. He turned to Sage and kissed her.
    “Get ready”, he said. “Go.”
    Abby, Dixie and Daisy screamed and hid behind the car as soon as the movie turned on. Winnie and Dagny, who had known each other since they were babies, shuddered.
    “I can’t bear myself to turn away”, Dagny whispered, “But I’m too scared to watch it.”
    “Same”, Winnie said.
    The rest of the garage was chaos. Daisy peeked out from behind the Subaru and screamed.
    “It’s Scream!”, she shouted. “Hide!” She dove into the trunk of the car.
    Everyone was scuttling around screaming. Dagny and Winnie were lucky to flee the scene.
    Sage sat down next to Sammy, taking off her Scream mask. She threw it into a pool of blood.
    “Good job, baby.” Sammy smiled. “Now, we can be together forever.”
    Sammy and Sage were never seen again.

  • Hey SKF this is my first time writing a story so I hope you like it!

    Once there was a woman named Sheila who had two kids, a daughter named Alicia who was 5 years old and a son named Alex who was 10 years old and a loving husband named Anthony. Sheila and her family just moved in to a quiet neighborhood where they can live in peace.
    At the first day on their new house, Sheila told the kids to play around while she told Anthony to unpack the rest of the boxes. While the family was doing this, Sheila wanted to find a job in the new neighborhood that was not that far from her home.So she took a bus to the nearest city to find a job and explore around. She did manage to find a job as a sales lady at a small company selling cloths. While she was being interviewed she managed to get some friends on which one was named Sarah and the other named Rose. Sarah and Rose told Sheila all about the the place and its history. When they were finished with the interview they told each other to meet again sometime. was already getting late a Sheila had to get back to help Anthony unpack the last of the boxes. While she was in the bus, she stumbled upon a talisman with a mirror that someone has dropped. She tried to bring it back to the owner, however the owner could not hear her and walked out of the bus. So instead she took it home with her.
    The next day Sheila met her neighbor who was name was Harry. Harry wanted to welcome Sheila on there new home. Sheila said, “Well come on in, I’ll make you some coffee”.
    While Sheila was doing this Harry managed to look at the fancy talisman that Sheila got. He looked into the mirror and said to Sheila, “Hey fancy talisman, where did you get it?” Sheila responded “Oh I just found it” and took the talisman and hanged it on the front porch. Later that day Sheila told her family that she was going to shop for new supplies. While she was paying for her supplies, the sales woman suddenly screamed “CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you are one of the luckiest customer for you are the 100th customer! You’re prize is a 100,000 dollar gift certificate!” Sheila was overjoyed and went to tell her family right away. During at night Sheila and her family got some unexpected news that her neighbor Harry has passed away due to unexpected illness. Sheila was devastated but she knew it was probably his time. Sheila went to Harry’s funeral to respect his final wishes. When it was her turn to look at the casket she found that it was empty. Looking around she found Harry standing behind her staring at her with cold dead eyes. She screamed only to find Harry back in the casket. “Its just an illusion” she told herself. Early the next morning Sheila invited her friends to look at the house. While Sarah and Sheila were gossiping, Rose found the talisman hanging on the front porch. Rose took it down and looked at it examining the mirror and its feature. After that Rose went to talk to Sheila. During the night, there was a power outage so Sheila went on the kitchen for some matches. While she was looking she saw a police starring at her house. “May I help you” Sheila said. “I was just wondering why all of you lights were on and why there were so many people in your house” said the police man. “Really” said Sheila. ” That couldn’t be because there is a power outage and there should be no lights.
    During the morning Sheila and her friends decided to look at the talisman she found and have it examined. They took it took it to a paranormal expert to have it examined. “This here is what is known as a Bagua” he said “It is said to have the powers to give luck to the owner but death to whom ever looks at the mirror. They say that the devils practiced black magic on this very talisman. It is said also that with every luck the owner gets, the next death will come”. “Really” said Sheila “How do you stop the curse?” said Rose nervously. “I don’t know” replied the expert. I will call you when I have the answer. “Are you sure” said Rose
    “Yes, just be patient” said the expert. “Why are you so anxious?” said Sheila. “Because I too looked into that mirror yesterday” said Rose. “Don’t worry” said Sheila “I will call when the next luck happens”
    To make sure that no one else touches the Bagua, Sheila puts the Bagua on a high shelf. During at night, Sheila receives an unexpected call saying that she won a brand new car along with $600,000. Wow she exclaimed. As she took the new car and the $600,000 she only then remembered about the curse. “I will be right back” she told her kids. Meanwhile Rose was awaiting Sheila’s call. “Why isn’t she calling yet” she wondered. Rose stepped out of her house to try to find Sheila only in time to see a dark figure standing on her doorway. Rose got so freaked that she ran out the backdoor and tried to get to Sheila’s house. She was driving so fast that she did not notice the dark figure standing in front of her. Shocked to see this she got of the road and fell into a ditch killing her instantly. As Sheila and Sarah went to look where Rose is they found a group of people standing by the ditch only to find a wrecked car with Rose inside.
    Meanwhile at home Anthony was looking for his missing papers. “They must be at the top of the book shelf” he said. So he looked at the top shelf and found the Bagua sitting and wrapped around in paper. He took it down and looked at the talisman and the mirror. “Huh this must belong to the kids” he taught. “Kids come here I found a new toy for you guys”. When the kids came down they to looked at the mirror of the talisman. “This does not belong to us but we will take it” said the kids. Unaware that her family is in great danger Sheila drove back home not knowing what will happen to her family. Just as she was driving home she got a phone call from a lottery manager. “Congrats mam, we are selecting random phone numbers and you just got picked, your prize of $300,000,000”. “Oh no” said Sheila. “I wonder who looked into the Bagua” she said. Just then Anthony called about finding a strange talisman and that he was taking the kids to a fair ground this afternoon”. Before Sheila got to answer back the phone went dead. “I have to save them!!” said Sheila. Meanwhile as the kids and Anthony were on the fair they looked at the new roller coaster. “Dad lets go ride it!” said the kids. As they were going in loops and drops they suddenly heard a loud SCREEEEEEEEECH!!! and the next thing they know, the roller coaster fell out of place killing all passengers within the ride. As Sheila got home she got a phone call from the expert. “I know how to stop the curse, in order to do this you must neglect the next luck you have then destroy the talisman”. With that said she neglected the $300,000,000 and smashed the Bagua. Just as that happened the dad and the kids came home. “Hey honey we are home we nearly escaped with our lives on the roller coaster accident oh and we have a surprise for you!” With that the kids came out of the house along with Rose. “But I thought you were dead” said Sheila. “Oh I am” said Rose suddenly turning bloody. “And so are we” said Anthony from behind. As Sheila looking around as the kids and Anthony turning deathly pale and bloody. With that Sheila and Sarah ran off. After 1 year of the bloody incident a new family of one daughter and a mother and a father moved in where Sheila use to live. As the new family was exploring the kids found a funny looking talisman with a mirror. “Look” said the daughter to his father “I found a cool toy” Just at the same time the phone rang ” Hello mam your family just won $1,000,000! congrats”. “Oh” said the mom to his husband and daughter “We are so lucky”
    (Hope you liked the story!!! Please feel free to comment It would help a whole lot Thanks!!)

  • Does SFK have an editing process for submissions? Despite the guidelines at the top of this page, some of these stories have glaring spelling and grammar errors that drive me nuts. It may not matter to everyone, but as a student journalist whose parents are also journalists (YEAH, I know…), something seemingly innocuous such as “your” instead of “you’re” can take the scare factor right out of a story. I’m honestly NOT trying to be a snob here; I like this site, but there’s always room for improvement. If anyone wants help with editing, I’m happy to offer my services. I’m far from immune to mistakes myself and I know I appreciate having a second pair of eyes for aid. (As soon as I typed that, I realized that it makes me sound like the psychos in the stories who steal people’s eyeballs…I guess I’m naturally creepy that way.)

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