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Wooden Staircase

The Wooden Staircase is a Japanese urban legend about an apartment whose tenants always leave within a week.

Wooden Staircase

There was an old apartment building in Japan that was seven stories high. The apartments were very small and decrepit and the building had no elevator. There was only a large, dilapidated wooden staircase that spanned seven flights of stairs. Each one had seven steps.

On the first floor of the building, there was a one-room apartment, directly opposite the staircase. The landlord who owned it had a hard time finding tenants to stay in the apartment. Whenever he managed to rent it out, the tenant would suddenly leave, without ever giving an explanation. Every tenant left less than one week after renting the room.

One day, a young man came to look at the vacant apartment. He was a college student and didn’t have very much money. The apartment was very small, but the landlord was asking for a very low rent. The man decided to take the apartment and moved his belongings in a few days later.

The first day that the young man spent in the apartment was a Monday. During the night, he was roused from his slumber by a strange noise. It sounded like a child’s voice, echoing in the staircase near his front door.

“I have reached the first step on the wooden staircase,” said the voice.

“What is a child doing out of bed at this time of night?” the man wondered to himself. However, he was tired from transporting his belongings and just went back to sleep.

The next night, he was again awakened by the same voice calling out, “Two steps on the wooden staircase have I climbed!”

On Wednesday night, the voice cried, “Three steps on the wooden staircase have I climbed!”

The man jumped out of bed and ran to the front door. When he opened the door and looked out, he saw that the staircase was empty. An unnerving thought crossed his mind. “Could it be possible that the staircase is haunted?”

And so it went on the same way, on the fourth, the fifth and the sixth day.

Every night, the man heard the child’s voice calling out. Each time, it seemd to get closer and closer.

Sunday night finally arrived and the man was trembling in his bed. He thought about moving out, but told himself that he must be brave. He refused to allow himself to be scared off by a ghostly voice.

In the middle of the night, he woke to hear something scratching at his door.

A voice cried out, “I have reached the seventh step on the staircase!”

A shiver ran down the man’s spine as he heard his locked front door swing open.

The next morning, the landlord arrived to collect the rent. When he knocked on the apartment door, there was no answer. Suspicious about the whole situation, he took out his spare key and let himself in.

Sprawled across the bed, he found the tenant’s mangled body. His face bore an expression of unimaginable fear. The police came and examined the body, but no cause of the death could be determined. It seemed as if the man had been scared to death.

The apartment is stil vacant today, awaiting a new tenant. Over the years, all of the previous residents have fled before the week is through. They all say they left because they feared what might happen when the voice reached the seventh step.

There are only two people who knows the answer: The dead man and the unspeakable thing that climbs the wooden staircase every night.


  • what… takes a whole day to climb up a stair? Makes you wonder why it’s so slow….or perhaps it’s giving it’s victim a chance. I also wonder why it chooses that particular apartment…I think I would leave before the week is up too.

  • not sure why, but this story creeped me out. maybe the anticipation of what was gonna happen

  • lol that was a funny mario and luigi story. and why are so many stories like I’m on the first step and so on its anoying ( bad spelling)

  • I think the yare just leaving before rent is what the manger thinks. Then he sees the body. * silently pulls a $100 dollar* Oh my god he is dead!

  • tee hee i want to go there and sleep in the room but only for 6 days of course it’s not a matter of fright but a matter of life and death

  • Creature: I have reached the first step on the wooden staircase!
    Next day
    Me: *Comes out and shouts down staircase* SHAWTCHOMOUTH!
    Creature: …..the first step on the wooden staircase I have gone back to.

  • That was scary!!! Quite creepy! I want background info about this, it seems that it would be GOOD

  • I think the ghost was like really annoying and it mustve been butt ugly cuz it scared the dude to death so like yah

  • LOL wouldn’t it be funny if after the thing was on the seventh step, it was just like, “Okay, now I’m on the sixth step again… now I’m on the fifth..” and just went on and on like that up and down the stairs? That would be the most annoying ghost ever! XD

  • Chilling story, Japanese stories tend to be very scary for some reason… Lol XD

  • They were scared to death huh? That thing must be ugly,
    I wouldn’t be suprised if its my history teacher, that thing, we all run before he reaches the door…
    Mr Brown, I hope its not you

  • Second! Woo hoo!
    Mario and Luigi rent an apartment.
    Monday night
    Voice: I’m on the first step!
    Mario: what was that!
    Luigi: umm Mario I think we should leave.
    Tuesday night
    Voice: I’m on the second step!
    Mario: hmmm
    Luigi: Mario stop dreaming that he is the pizza man if you die you ain’t eatin pizza’s.
    Wednesday night
    Thursday night
    Friday night
    Saturday night
    Voice: I’m on the sixth step wait for me mario and Luigi!
    Mario: puff it’s nothing
    Luigi: Mario i think we should be leaving.
    Mario: nonsense!
    Sunday night.
    Voice: Im on the seventh step.
    There was a scratching notice on the door and the door slowly opened. The room was pitch black and everything was very silent.
    Luigi and Mario were alert they caught baseball bats in their hands.
    The creature slowly came towards them.
    The room was silent not a whisper was heard not even the sound of breathing was heard.
    Voice:………………… Boo!
    There were loud sounds of crashing and banging and mario’s and luig’s shouts.
    Next morning the police found Mario and Luigi in their nightgowns DEAD!
    According to the reports they had hit each other the previous night and battered themselves to death.
    The news paper report: Mario and Luigi found dead in their nightgowns.

  • holy curples when i finised reading kidney thieves i just saw dis story pop up!n so sfk mite be doing another story rite dis minute! o.o

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