Woman in the Toilet

The Woman in the Toilet is a scary ghost story about a young man who finds something horrible lurking in his bathroom one night. It is based on a Japanese tale that is supposed to be a true story.

Woman in the Toilet

This is the story of what happened to me just two nights ago.

I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. It was getting late and I decided to take a nice relaxing bath before going to bed. I needed to go to the toilet first.

When I lifted the lid of the toilet, I thought I saw something in toilet bowl. It looked like the shadow of a person’s head.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dim light.

I realized it was the head of an old woman. Her eyes were closed and her hair was spread out and hanging over the sides of the toilet bowl like seaweed.

At first, I was too shocked to do anything. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I just stood there in my underwear staring down at it.

How could anyone fit inside a toilet bowl? Was it a severed head? Was it a Halloween prop?

All of a sudden, the woman’s eyes opened wide and she stared up at me.

I was horrified.

In shock, I slammed down the toilet lid.

I could hear a gurgling sound coming from under the lid. It sounded like muffled laughter.

In a panic, I grabbed basins, brushes and shampoo bottles and plied them on top of the toilet lid, trying to keep it trapped. Then, I ran out of the bathroom and closed the door.

I heard noises from the other side of the bathroom door. It sounded like it was bumping against the toilet lid.

I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it wasn’t human.

I was so scared that I ran out of the apartment wearing just my t-shirt and underpants. I ran downstairs, got a taxi and raced over to the home of my female friend who lived nearby.

I told her what I had seen, but she didn’t seem to believe me. When I calmed down, I even began to question myself. I stayed with her for a few hours, but around midnight, I decided to go back to my apartment and I asked her to come with me.

When I turned the key in the lock and opened the door, the apartment seemed quiet and nothing was out of place. My friend was curious to see what had scared me. She opened the door of the bathroom.

Everything was silent. All of the things I had piled on the toilet lid had fallen on the floor.

My friend lifted the toilet seat and peered inside.

There was nothing there. No woman. Not even a stray hair.

She shut the lid again.

I was still creeped out, so I asked my friend to stay for a while, just in case.

Then I noticed something nasty.

It made me sick to my stomach.

Protruding from under the rim of the toilet were some tufts of long, wet hair.

My friend noticed them too.

She reached out cautiously and opened the lid of the toilet.

The old woman’s face was there, staring up at her. She opened her mouth and began gnashing her teeth.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

In a high pitched voice, she started laughing.

…he he he he he… hehehehehe… HEHEHEHEHE!

As she laughed, her wrinkled skin shook and jiggled. Her black hair shifted and moved like hundreds of tiny snakes.

My friend let out a scream and slammed the lid shut. Holding it down with one hand, she reached out and pulled the lever with her other hand. There was a swirl of water and the jarring laughter was drowned out by the sound of the toilet flushing.

We waited, afraid to breathe.

The flushing sound stopped and the water started trickling back into the cistern.

My friend opened the lid again.

The toilet bowl was empty.

We were both shaking.

She left the lid open and told me not to close it… ever.

My friend decided to go home, leaving me alone in the apartment.

I slept in the hallway outside the toilet, clutching a knife.

The next day, I unscrewed the toilet lid and took it off.

Ever since then, I have been too afraid to go to the toilet.

I am terrified that I will sit down on the bowl to do my business and when I am finished, I will look down and see that woman’s gnarled and wrinkled face staring up at me.


  1. jenn3985 says

    Lady: “HEHEHEHE”
    Me:*Takes a S*** on her*
    Lady:”WTF why would you do that?!”
    Me:”Thats what you get Pipsqueak!”
    Lady: 0_0

  2. Horror_reader says

    -Old lady: hehehe HEHEHE
    -Me: Um..
    -Old lady: ARGH MY FACE

  3. DemonicQueenzilla says

    They should’ve flushed her down the toilet and sh*t and p*ss on her face.

  4. Crystal says

    HEY! GET SOME MANNERS, YOU UGLY, OLD, NASTY OLD LADY! WHY in the WORLD would someone watch me pee and poop? And moreover, if she stayed there, wouldn’t all my poop and pee land on her face and would she smell good then? Hm?

  5. Princess Of The Dead says

    Creepy woman! She watches people pooping! BTW WE WANT BLACK FOG BACK!!!

  6. Dead MONKEY 101 says

    Ooookaay that’s just gross! couldnt the lady find something better than a FREAKING TOILET BOWL!!!

  7. thegoldeneyedgirl says

    I notice that a lot of female ghosts have long black hair. Never anything else

  8. terror beauty says

    Lol what’s she doing in toilet after all? Won’t these ghosts give people a bit privacy?

  9. Creppylittlegeek says

    I should have known that it was based off a japanese creepy story……with the toilet thing…..

  10. bloodylucy says

    (Sigh) when I don’t have an account yet I rad this story and there is no comments yet but things change

  11. Saliq_Khan says

    I showed this story to my friends. We all decided to do one thing if we came across it. Try to poop on it. That’s how Indians are. We are accustomed to such stuff. Ha ha ha

  12. Random_Appearance says

    Living inside a toilet is unbearable, living inside a toilet bowl is another level of craziness! Why toilet bowl???

  13. Blooderella says

    LOL!!! I don’t think that was scary, just funny. That woman is a peeping Tom, heeheehee, watching a dude do his stuff

  14. Jane M.D says

    Funny. If the old lady had a young beautiful lady type of face, then it would be much creepier would it? But it’s good. I can relate to being “afraid” of sh###ing and seeing something bizarre. 7 out of 10 cookies. ^_^ Also good job SFK! I’ve always been visiting this website anonymous cause I’m too lazy to log in. It’s a good thing you’re posting often again. And the layout, wow. > w <

  15. raven72729 says

    She is a weird single lady, I am guessing. But I would move out if I had to poop or pee on a old lady’s face. It could be a old lady next door or what ever and thought she was funny! It would be kinda funny but gross!

  16. FurryKittensAreEvil says

    I haven’t read it, I had to comment he found something lurking in his bathroom? That sounds like it was caca. Hahahha

  17. scarystorylover22 says

    i rate this story with a 9 out of 10 it would have been better if she/he was sleeping and woke up and the toilet woman was right there watching her sleep

  18. scarykid1413 says

    Creepy story! I think it would’ve been scarier if after discovering all the things knocked off the toilet lid, he saw a puddle of murky water leading from the toilet all the way into his room under his bed. Still a good read though. I rate it 7 out of 10 t-shirts with underpants.

  19. Putinadapotatoe says

    wow I’m already scared to go to the toilet and I dont need a story about it! cya I’m gonna start doing my buissness outside hahahaha

  20. iknowwhereyoulive says

    The story was gross… Why Japanese ghost like toilets so much… I wonder… hmm… well first one to comment..

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