Weird Photos

Weird photos and scary pictures. These are When-you-see-it type images from Japan. Can you figure out what is wrong with each one? (Answers will be posted in the comments section in a few days).


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


Weird Photos


  1. coolcreep says

    1.there is a a psycho killer face behind the girls
    2.there is a headless guy in the lower level
    3.ugly weirdo face in window
    4. theres a scary face on the bottom beside her leg
    5. theres a black haired girl with to sticks for on the right near the purple sign at the front of the pic
    6. 2 people and only 3 legs
    7. theres another head in the photo
    8.her reflection is diffrent
    9.theres a face in the doorway near the reflection
    10.girls face beside the seat
    11.face on the metal part on the side of the arcade cabinet
    12.ghostly arm beside the doll
    13.face beside the door that is open
    14.hand sticking out of her dress
    15.person jumping of the bridge
    16.theres a hidden face in the rocks
    17.2 mirrors 1 billion reflections wtf
    18.thereis a head under the middle guys crotch
    19.theres a extra head beside the last girl
    20.her phone is black so it matches her hair

  2. SoulSuckah... says

    #1:- Little did they know, a rabid chipmunk was behind them..
    #2:- Steve was working for the government in top secret mission hiccups required him to dig beneath the ground in a train station. However, this was no ordinary train station, in fact, it was actually inhabited by HUMANS!!! Steve was caught on security camera and later had to be sacked since he nearly revealed the headless workman race to the humans..
    #3:-Well, I can’t see anything wrong with this except the fact they have BLACK FREAKING RECTANGLES INSTEAD OF EYES!!! :O
    #4:- It seems like this girl forgot to shave her elbow. How uncivilized.
    #5:- The troll in the corner has a bald spot on the top of her afro.
    #6:- The girl forgot to take her leg out of her bag.
    #7:- The kid has one arm, a single foot and 2 heads. ._.
    #8:- The wall is giving her a reflection?!? >_:D
    #9:- Harry Potter, the monkey edition is stuck in the mirror.
    #10:- Nothing wrong here, except that eye with a FREAKING CHAIR GROWING OUT OF IT!!
    #11:- That girl is eating the game machine.
    #12:- The doll is actually a human called Luigi who got sucked into a pipe and spat into the doll world.
    #13:- Someone forgot to close the door and a hobo took shelter in the closet.
    #14:- That man’s err.. wiener is showing..
    #15:- An escaped government project is climbing the side of the bridge, hungry for humans. This is actually a true picture, it was found on a camera after everyone in the country was eaten, digested and turned into green unicorn monkey hybrids.
    #16:- The phone is only 98% charged! :(
    #17:- A glowing unicorn in one of the mirrors but not all of them?! It’s a conspiracy! Do you think unicorns exist but the higher ups are hiding them from us because UNICORNS ARE EVIL BLOODSUCKING, GLOWING, MIRROR LIVINGERS WHO EAT DUDES WITH CAMERAS?!
    #18:- ERR.. this guy’s PEEPEE is showing too.. Geez…
    #19:- That guy is missing a finger.
    #20:- There’s a ghostly face in the center of the picture!
    So, I bet I got them all right, didn’t I? Maybe make them a little harder next time? :-P

  3. scareddead says

    Guys. When there is number 7 you see a white lace dress near her legs/knees and a lot more hair than there is supposed to be in a pigtail. That’s NOT a doll!

  4. BloodyPrincess666 says

    1.There is a head in the shelves behind the boy
    2.The guy in the lower level has no head
    3.A face in the window
    4.A head beside her
    5.The woman is faceless
    6.The girl on the left side had only one leg
    8.The girl’s reflection is staring at her
    9.In the mirror it looks like there is a head of a man looking at her
    10.A face peeking out
    11.There is a face of a girl in the side of the monitor
    12.A hand and a head in the corner
    13.A girl in the closet
    14.In the woman’s skirt,there is a hand coming out
    15.Somebody jumped in the bridge
    17.The man’s reflection took a picture of him
    18.The guy in the middle,between his pants there is a face
    19.There is a head peeking out
    20.Camera is blending with the girl’s hair

  5. xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says

    Okay after a long and hard stare at the remaining picturs (1, 6, 17) I have gotten these

    1. If you look at the boy just below his arm is a shadow of my head

    6. There are only 3 pairs of legs

    17. Still don’t know

  6. Amelia says

    I’m awful at these. I only see in 3 there is a face in the window and in 6 one of the girls is missing a leg.

  7. dead_meat says

    1.there is a face between girl and boy
    17.the reflection is pointing the camera toward the man (just guessing)

  8. Thomas Whiler says

    Number Six is of two girls; The second girl is fixing the leggings of her Conjoined twin; while she (the one on the right) has only ONE leg

  9. says

    1. ?
    2. Guy hiding on the lower level (Pete) probably waiting to commit suicide by jumping under the train
    3. Face in the window on the left (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    4. Head behind her arm (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    5. Faceless woman at the bottom right (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    6. ?
    7. Head behind the box (Pete)
    8. Her reflection is looking at her (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    9. There is a ghostly face reflected in the mirror (Pete)
    10. Weird girl peeking out from behind chair (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    11. Face on the side of the monitor (Pete)
    12. Hand and face on the right (Pete)
    13. Woman in the closet (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    14. Hand coming out of the womans dress (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    15. Person jumping off the bridge (
    16. The phone tagged a face beside the waterfall (Pete)
    17. ?
    18. Creepy face peeking out between his legs (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    19. Head peeking out behind the last girl on the right (xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx)
    20. This one is supposed to be “where’s the camera” because it blends into her hair. (BLOODY ALICORN)

  10. Pete says

    1. Shadow behind the boy (above his shoulders)
    2. Not sure but I think it has to do with the guy on the lower level
    3. Weird reflections in the window, like Excorcist and Furby type appearances
    4. Head by leg
    5. Mannequin in front
    6. Face in the trees
    7. There’s someone she’s looking at? Unless that’s a doll.
    8. Demon eyes in reflection
    9. Face in doorway
    10. Someone behind seat
    11. Face on the monitor (where the circle is)
    12. Hand reaching for doll
    13. Girl in closet
    14. Hand by leg
    15. Suicide on the bridge
    16. Face in the trees (where the frame and X are)
    17. What looks like a monkey in the glass
    18. Face in middle
    19. Another face in middle
    20. She’s missing a finger?
    Pretty good huh? Did I get them? Best I can think of.

  11. ♥ BLOODY ALICORN ♥ says

    20. WHERE IS THE CAMERA!! You can’t glue a camera to a mirror and expect it to stick!!!!

  12. xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says

    Okay lets do this:
    1. There is a boy behind the girl with the book
    2. Idk
    3. If you look in the window there is a reflection of someone
    4. Theres a head at the side
    5. Some werid girl standing in the front
    6. There is something in the tree on the right
    7. Idk
    8. Her reflection is different
    9. There is a figure in the door way
    10. Weird girl peeking
    11. Idk
    12. Creepy doll
    13. Look in the closet
    14. Hand coming out of the womans dress
    15.person jumping off the bridge in the distance
    16. Idk
    17. Glowing figure in the glass
    18.the guy in the middle netween his pants there is a head
    19. Last girl on the right on her left side is a head thing
    20. There is a blur spot thing beside her dress that might be something
    So did i get them? I tried ….

  13. says

    #15 is something real that happened, the guy tried to take a picture of the scene and caught a person committing suicide at the same time.

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