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Wedding Album

The Wedding Album is a scary story about a young couple who get married and spend their honeymoon in a strange old mansion.

Wedding Album

There was a young couple who had just gotten married. The wedding was wonderful and they took many photos so that they would remember the happy occasion forever. For their honeymoon, they traveled to France and stayed in a dark old mansion. The first night, the young woman felt scared and despite her husband’s attempts to reassure her, she could not sleep.

To clear her head, she decided to go downstairs to the library and read a little. She selected a book at random from the dusty old shelves, and opened it. Inside, there were only pictures. Pictures of her.

The pictures were from her wedding. The woman was shocked at first, but then she thought about it. Her husband must have put together a wedding album as a surprise for her. He was probably planning to give it to her the next day. She flipped through the pictures in the album, her mind going back to how wonderful the wedding day had been.

When she reached the end of the album, there were more pages with pictures, but they were not of the wedding. In fact, she wondered what these strange pictures were doing in the album. It seemed as if they had been stapled in.

The first page showed a picture of a woman standing in a library, holding a book in her hands. On the second page, there was another picture of the woman, but this time, the library door was open. Feeling a little uneasy, she turned to look at the door. It was closed. On the third page of the book, the door was wide open and a faceless man was standing behind the woman. Again, she glanced over her shoulder, but the door was closed.

Flipping to the last page of the book, she saw that, in the picture, the faceless man was standing right behind the woman, his arm raised and clutching a knife.

The next morning, the husband woke up and could not find his wife. He decided to search the house, but when he got to the library, he found the door wouldn’t open. It was stuck. Putting all of his weight behind it, he pushed against the door with his shoulder and eventually, it burst open. Behind the door, he found his wife lying in a pool of blood. There was a knife sticking out of her back.


  • Well you know who’s going to get blamed for that…so that sucks for him. Ha this story is so old.

  • Predictible..
    I would have loved it if the ending went like this:
    Next morning,the husband wakes up realising that her bride wasn’t present. He wanders around the whole mansion finally reaching for the library. He happens to open the door and to his horror..

    His wife is dancing on Gangnam Style with the faceless man. XD
    The creepier part is that her head has been chopped off xD

  • seriously slender man? i agree to say you are scary for marketing and you go off and kill someone? I thought you were better then that! XD

  • Wow! The husband’s life will totally suck! He just had his wedding then his wife dies. 😞

  • It woulve been better if the ending was as follows…. The husband walked into the library and found a photo album on the floor. He picked it up and saw a photo of his wife leaving the old mansion with another man who wore a ski mask over his face and carried a machete in his hand.

  • @sofiaisepic-
    An album that shows your premature and grotesque DEATH. In the future, though, so that part makes sense. D:

  • it woul have been better if it said this- the next morning the husband couldnt find his wife, he had the wirdest thought she was out in the kitchen so he went down to the library to relax and read. when he got to the library he found not his wife but the book. on the ground. open to a page that ahowed his wife dead in the kitchen cupboard. he was about to turn around to go look when suddenly a gust of wind blew to the next page, him gatting murdered. :D tell me if its better than the actual ending.

  • It’s kinda like that one about the lady and the puzzle. BTW this isn’t mine, I just remember it:D
    There was an old lady who used to do all sorts of jigsaw puzzles. One cold night she had finished them all. Then through her mail slot came a package, it was a new jigsaw puzzle! She was so happy! :D She went upstairs, with her back away from the window, and began immediately doing the puzzle, she forgot that there were stairs up to the balcony outside of her sliding bay window, but since it was locked, she figured all was good. As she found herself at the last few pieces, she noticed that the scene looked like her house, she’s sitting in it with a fully done puzzle in front of her, but there were 3 more pieces to go. As she put them in, her heart skipped a beat. A man with an axe was standing behind the window! Before
    She had a chance, she heard breaking glass, and everything went black.

  • never wander around in a creepy place in france and always go find ur hubby when something goes wrong or even starts to go wrong.+ who would wanna leave a perfectly good exuse to cuddle?

  • Yo,The Ending Was Very Predictable.Needed To Have Some More Suspense.Other Than That,AWESOME!(=

  • @theawesomeness
    There are actually some old French stories about some monster that looks like a faceless man. I think he’s called “the costume” or something like that.

  • Scary…but the ending needs a little more suspense.. But its nice, scary, creepy and very cool! =D
    And btw, i went to a wedding party of my cousin and mom bought a gift, and i found out tht it was an album just like the one in the picture! :O

  • Creeeeeeeeeeppy! It’s like an album that shows you the future or something like that! Cool!

    Stay Cool, Stay EPIC!,

  • i thnk her husband was french and was controlled by the faceless man ghost and y the woman y nt the man at least let them die together and the end was a little obivous needs mre supense but i liked the story strange crazy stalker ghost

  • @theawesomeness
    he had a blank face because, hello, HE’S A FREAKY MONSTER MURDERING THINGY XD

  • hmm, weird that it said the door was open, and then it stayed closed. darn those france people. i bet there was a reason why his face was blank. leave a reply with a guess plz.

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