Washing Machine

The Washing Machine is a horror story about a babysitter who hears strange noises coming from the basement.

Washing Machine

There was a teenage girl who was hired to babysit two young children. After the parents left, she put the children to bed and then went downstairs to watch TV.

Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from the basement. It was the washing machine starting up. She was about to go and turn it off, but when she opened the basement door, the noise stopped. Shrugging her shoulders, she returned to the living room and resumed watching TV.

Five minutes later, she heard the washing machine starting up again. She got up, opened the basement door and started walking down the steps. She had only gone down a few steps when the noise stopped again. She went back to watch TV.

Five minutes later, she heard the washing machine yet again. Worried, she went upstairs, gathered the children and ran over to the neighbors’ house to call the police. They arrived a few minutes later and went down to search the basement.

They found a man armed with an axe, hiding behind the washing machine. He had been trying to lure the babysitter down to the basement in order to kill her.


  1. iscareyoutodeath says

    My washing machine turns off if it something hits it or it’s not turned on properly. Maybbbeeeee it;s because he had to turn it on and fit himself behind the machine, he accidently didn’t turn it on properly? xD

  2. scarykid1413 says

    Dumbest killer ever. If he wanted the job done, he could’ve just left on the washing machine until she got all the way down the stairs. He’s obviously not too bright.

  3. Pete says

    @VampirehunterKD, SFK has problems with stories not always showing up, so they repost them to fix it.

  4. VampirehunterKD says

    booohhh ..!! same serial killer concept …. Too boring -_- …. I gave only 2.3 out of 10 scream ..!! Too worst .!

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