Vacant House

The Vacant House is a story about a girl who explores an abandoned building on her street. She suspects it may have been the site of a horrible mass murder that happened years before. This story was written by a user named mastersofscare (with some help from me).

Vacant House

One day, a girl named Samantha was riding her bike down the street when she saw a vacant house. There was a sign on the front gate that read: “House For Rent”. Even though she lived only a few blocks away, she had never noticed the house before. The house was very dilapidated and was practically falling apart. The wood was breaking off the windows, the tiles were falling off the roof and the front door was hanging off its hinges. Peering through the windows, she could see what appeared to be red stains on the walls. It looked like blood.

Just then, she remembered a story she had read in the local newspaper a few years ago. There had been a horrible murder in her neighborhood. A father went insane because he found out his wife loved someone else. He pushed his wife down the stairs and she broke her neck. Then he chopped her body to bit. After that, the crazed father stabbed his son 37 times. But his murderous rampage was not yet over. The father proceeded to drown the family dog in the bathtub. He also suffocated their pet cat. After he came to his senses and realized what he had done, he tied a rope to the ceiling and hung himself.

Samantha wondered if this could be the house where the murders were committed. She was frightened, but also a little intrigued. Being a curious 13-year old girl, she wanted to explore the old place, but she didn’t have time. She had to go home for dinner. Her parents were very protective of her and rarely let her do anything fun. She decided that if she wanted to take a look inside the vacant house, she would have to sneak out while her parents were asleep.

She waited until midnight, then quietly creeped down the stairs of her house and out the front door. In the moonlight, she rode her bike down the road until she came to the vacant house.

As soon as she set foot inside the old house, she saw broken plates and toys lying on the floor. The walls were covered in bloodstains. The whole thing was extremely eerie. She tried to turn on her flashlight, but there was something wrong with the bulb. It wouldn’t work. She was sure she had put new batteries in it a few days before. Samantha tried the light switches in the house, but the electricity must have been cut off. She had to walk through the house in the dark.

Suddenly, Samantha heard a strange sound upstairs, so she decided to search up there. She saw a large bag in the son’s bedroom. She unzipped the bag and was horrified by what she saw. A dead boy lay curled up inside, his face as pale as a ghost and multiple stab wounds in his torso. She was so grossed out, she vomited on the floor.

Wiping her mouth, she backed away and took refuge in the bathroom. There, she saw a dog sprawled over the side of the bathtub. Its head was hanging limply in the bright red water. There was a dead cat lying on the floor under the sink.

Then, Samantha heard a loud moan coming from downstairs. Standing at the top of the stairs, she looked down, but saw nothing in the darkness. Suddenly, she felt something push her from behind. She lost her footing and tumbled down the stairs. She landed at the bottom with a sickening crack. To her horror she realized that she couldn’t move her arms or legs. She had broken her neck.

At the top of the flight of stairs, there stood a woman with a pale face. She was laughing hysterically. In the gloom, another figure slowly walked out and joined her on the stairs. It was a man with an angry look on his face. There was a rope wrapped tightly around his neck and a bloody axe in his hand.

(Can I please have feedback on this story. This is probably my best one yet! So I want feedback!)


  1. HorrorFanGirl says

    this reminds me of the movie ‘GRUDGE’ i’m pretty sure a few of you have seen it.. Awesome story btw!

  2. XxSammixX says

    My name is samantha and i ride my bike around my neighborhood and
    i always see lots of vacant houses. Also i bet i have read every scary stoy
    on scaryforkids and i never get scared. even if i watch the scariest movie
    in the world qnd im only eleven lol

  3. mastersofscare says

    Thanks red flower. :) I got this idea from the grudge, Necromi, but I tried bot to make it a rip-off Lol!

  4. Necromi says

    I feel as if this was a rip off of the Grudge, no offence, but the writing was well.

  5. Rosie says

    Did anyone else notice that the boy was stabbed 37 times? MAYBE CARL THE LLAMA WITH A HAT STABBED HIM 37 TIMES IN THE CHEST!!!! o.0

  6. So_AWESOME says

    That was a pretty stupid of the girl… I mean what kind of stupid girl would go in a vacant house, at night, and by herself. Lol i can see why the woman was laughing. She was laughing at how stupid the girl was. Anyway, that was a really awesome story!! :))

  7. Nini Noggin Head says

    This is a good story. raven98 it kind of reminds me of The Grudge now that you mention it. the guy murdering his wife because she loved someone else.

  8. scary4kids1987 says

    that was great and scary. i live in front of an abandoned house and its the same as they described in the story(when they were describing it from outside).the house has the certains on the windows and some curious to go in there but after reading this story i think ill staysafe and sound.great job mastersofcare

  9. MacabreWolf says

    Hey, masterofscare. If it’s your dream to be a writer I know this great writing site you can make an account on. It’s called The people there are usually great and they can give great feedback. You just have to swap with other people to get read. If you want, you can find me. I go under my pen name: Audrey Burne (yes, I’m a girl)

    By the way, I like this story.

  10. CrypticDolly13 says

    Cool story! let this be a lesson, ALWAYS keep the scary movie no-no’s in mind!

  11. Banana phone says

    seeya i checked though but I dont get your answer how do i know bertha liked the killer too

  12. BieberzMyne says

    @Banana phone, lol yeah it is, in a weird way. BTW i think you got it right, i just replied to you, but i forgot lol, you can go check it out soon, kay, lates

  13. mastersofscare says

    @Rage-Man99 they definitely made it better. They put more details in it. And I love the improvement!

  14. Rage-Man99 says

    @Banana Phone(My brother:D) Ur answer was wrong I think.
    @Masterofscare. Do you think they have improved it or they have made it worse? :P

  15. Banana phone says

    lol is this beiberzmyne is this another one of you’re riddles cause you should check on secret admirer I think i answered your riddle right

  16. BieberzMyne says


    You drive home from work, open the car door, get out and you close the car door and lock it. As you walk to your house door you get out your house keys. As you open the door you see two unknown strangers sitting in the middle of the living room on the floor with their hands tied behind their back. You then sneak towards them. As you get close to them you realize that they both have their neck sliced. You gasp and scream and you run towards the phone to call 9-1-1. Before you grab the phone, you see a bloody butcher’s knife, next to it a note. You grab the note first since you’re that curios about what it says. The note says, “You killed both of the people. You sliced their necks and now you have to suffer the punishment.” You drop the note and quickly turn around, behind you, you see your reflection in a mirror with the bloody butcher’s knife. A flash appears and that’s when you wake up in the asylum. The unknown people, which you can’t see, say, “Next time there will be no trace.” Before you know it, you are in an empty room with nothing but a metal bed and a toilet but no window or lights. You then close your eyes and dream of another murder scene.

  17. mastersofscare says

    It still has the same plot, but the details in the story(some of them,) were changed, rage man 99

  18. I call myself demented says

    I think it was actually the mother who killed them all! And she blamed the father!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!!!!! 😱

  19. Banana phone says

    PERPINDICULAR AND EXCELLENT STORY MASTER OF SCARE! P.S I am rage mans brother he he he even ask him

  20. mastersofscare says

    It’s was remodeled by scary for kids and it’s said people call her Sam and so she sounded kinda like a tomboy.

  21. Rage-Man99 says

    @MasterofScare. You should of said that she was a tomboy in the story!:). But it’s still good, reminds me of the Grudge •_•

  22. mastersofscare says

    @Rage-Man99 thank you so much I love this site and it’s such an honor to be on here!

  23. ghostgirl123123 says

    When I type things late at night and they don’t seem right its probibly cuz im tired and I read the story wrong I reread it and relized my mistake lol I fail at night

  24. ghostgirl123123 says

    @mastersofscare,nvr mind the opinion thing i read wrong cuz i read it late last night lol never mind! :)

  25. ghostgirl123123 says

    @mastersofscare, The only part that was like the grudge was when the wife broke her neck on the stairs. The grudge is one of my favs to!

  26. Rage-Man99 says

    @Masterofscare, very very good story! Probably one of the best I have read on here :) that girl seemed very very brave for a girl!

  27. Isabel says

    Hahah!!! The house looks like it has eyes!! IDK if datts the point just getting it out there but greeat story!!!! :)

  28. mastersofscare says

    @That_kid_ali thank you so much for complimenting my story it’s an honor to be posted on here!

  29. That_Kid_Ali says

    Such a great story! :D seriously, one of the best on this site. good job. :3

  30. killerkat101 says


  31. mastersofscare says

    Killerkat101 thank you so much you are literally making my dream of someone actually reading my story and liking it come true!

  32. killerkat101 says


  33. mastersofscare says

    @ghostgirl123123 the grudge is my favorite scary movie. I tried not to copy the grudge as much as I could!

  34. BieberzMyne says


  35. ghostgirl123123 says

    it is a good story it reminded me of the grudge.
    But i dont like how u put ur opinion,not trying to b mean. I just didn’t like how u put ur opinion. :)

  36. mastersofscare says

    Wow I can’t believe you like it so much I’m so happy this is a dream come true!

  37. mastersofscare says

    @scaryforkids thank you so much for posting this! I dream of becoming a famous author, and you just got me one step closer! Thanks again!

  38. raven98 says

    This story kinda reminded me of The Grudge series. Anyways,good one,I really liked it. I hope you’ll post more of your stories.

  39. DeathAwaitsYou says

    OMG! So scary! She did sort of deserve it. Sneaking out at night. She should be dead! Her parents are going to be so sad and depressed. Feel bad for them.

  40. Icyblu4211 says

    Haha stupid girl! She died a slow painful death. A deserved one. “That’s for trespassing on my property!” I think the crazy father should have deserved the role as the main character. He was a good role model. Well, except for when he murdered his OWN family…

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