Ugly Boy

The Ugly Boy is a creepy story about a beautiful and handsome married couple who give birth to a child who is extremely ugly and disturbing to look at.

Ugly Boy

There was a very beautiful young woman who had always dreamed of being a model. After finishing college, she found work in the fashion industry, modeling clothes for style magazines. As her career progressed, she went on many photo shoots in a variety of exotic countries.

On one of these photo shoots, she was paired with a very handsome male model. They were both very attracted to each other and, one night, they kissed. Soon, the beautiful and handsome pair began dating and they gradually fell in love.

After a few years, they decided to get married. At the wedding, everyone complimented them, telling them that they made a gorgeous couple. Some of the guests said that they were so good-looking that their children would certainly be beautiful. Before long, the wife was pregnant and the happy couple looked forward to starting a family and spending a wonderful life together.

However, when the baby was born, the couple were horrified. It was the ugliest baby anyone had ever seen. The doctors and nurses were speechless. They couldn’t even bear to look at the baby. The mother and father had to stop themeselves from vomiting whenever they caught sight of the disturbing face of their infant son.

As the years passed, the baby boy grew older and his face grew more and more ugly. His eyes bugged out, his nose was deformed and the skin around his mouth was rotting. By the time he was 3 years old, he was hideous and his parents kept the little boy hidden in his bedroom. They never allowed him out of the house and refused to let their relatives, friends and neighbors ever set eyes on him. The good-looking couple were ashamed that they had given birth to a child with such a repulsive and monstrous face.

The strain of having such an ugly child took its toll on their marriage. The couple spent most of their time fighting and arguing. Trapped in the house every day with her hideous son, the wife began to lose her mind. Whenever she looked out the window, she would see other children playing gleefully together and was filled with resentment. Her deranged mind began to develop murderous intentions.

One day, the father decided that spending so much time hidden indoors was not healthy for his wife and son. He suggested that they should go for a picnic at a nearby lake. That day, they drove out to the lake and selected a nice spot, by the edge of a cliff, for their picnic.

Their ugly son said he needed to go to the toilet. The mother told him to pee over the side of the cliff. When the boy was close to the edge, he pulled down his zipper. Suddenly, his mother reached out and pushed him off the cliff.

The father was horrified, but then a strange look passed between the married couple. He seemed to understand what she had done. Without a word, the parents packed up their picnic basket and blanket and drove home. They had finally rid themselves of the ugly boy. When their neighbors asked them about their son, they simply said that he had died after a long illness.

A year later, the wife became pregnant again. Initially, the couple were worried that they would be cursed with another ugly son. However, their fears proved unfounded, because when the baby was born they were delighted to discover that it was a beautiful baby girl. The child looked just like her parents. Unlike their first child, the parents loved and nurtured their little girl. They were so proud of her that they showed her off to their friends and neighbors. The family spent many happy years together.

Time passed and the little girl was almost four years old, she told her parents that she wanted to go on a boat ride for her birthday. On the day that she turned four, the parents drove out to the nearby lake with their beloved daughter. The day was very sunny and they rented a boat and sailed out across the placid waters.

They were in the middle of the lake when the girl said, “Mommy, I need to pee.”

The mother helped the little girl to take off her panties. After checking that nobody was looking, she lifted her daughter up and held her over the edge of the boat so that she could go to the toilet.

The little girl looked back at her father and said, “Don’t let Mommy drop me this time.”


  1. reppir666 says

    Gargoyle: Hey Quazy! I got good news for you!
    Quasimodo: What?
    Gargoyle: You’re not the most hideous guy after all! There’s another ugly guy!
    Quasimodo: Yay! New roomates!

  2. Jado Potato says

    That’s harsh to call your own baby “The ugliest baby that anyone had ever seen.”

  3. HydraGaming_YT says

    I don’t care if my child was ugly i would love it still. This story is sad but kind of predictable.

  4. carlos rivera says

    Is there any mother exists who thinks her child is ugly..? very strange..!!!
    And what she did with him is totally unbelievable but still god fulfilled their desire….


    Woah! From ugly to beauty. Same climax in the story of twin sisters.
    Hey, but it is not always necessary that maximum girls are only the ones who are beautiful…. Boys are also handsome.

  6. DemonicQueenzilla says

    That’s creepy. If that were my son, I’d give him up for adoption, because I wouldn’t want to keep something like that attached to me, or locked away. I mean, I don’t even think anyone would even want to adopt a kid like that, but hey, it’s better than killing it. I wonder what the parent’s reaction were!!! :D 9 outta 10.

  7. XxTheDarkTimesxX says

    Is it weird that I get deja vu moments with smells like I know I’ve never smelt it before in THIS life time but it smells really formilular

  8. XxTheDarkTimesxX says

    That’s not sad that’s funny! I guess it would be creepy… 10/10 Full moons

  9. TamasakiLion says

    Wow, the mother couldn’t even recognize her own brother before marrying him o_o I guess that would explain the son’s deformed face but not so sure on the daughter…….. WE HAVE A CROSSDRESSER HERE just kidding,

  10. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    @soulserenade ME TOO! I have these crazy deja vu moments. And I’m psychic. O_o
    And the parents didn’t have to KILL their baby. Just get him some plastic surgery.
    I hate when parents care only about their kid’s looks. :(

  11. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    wow that’s jacked up. shoulda just gave the kid up for adoption and had another one. hmmm wonder if they ever found the boy’s carcass.

  12. soulserenade says

    @beachgirl, now me and my dad watch this show, and i keep picking random questinos… AND THEIR ALWAYS RIGHT! well… not always…

  13. beachgirl says

    soulserenade, i have things like that happen too. even one time a said something while i was watchin tv and after i said it the person on tv said the same thing! it was just a short sentence though, but still!!! i have weird things going on a lot lately.

  14. soulserenade says

    … i think i may be reincarnated… i have weird deja vu moments when i have never seen something and suddenly i feel like ive seen it before and know whats going to happen

  15. Hioneda says

    There was a story just like this, with two twin girls who were killed when he mother held they’re hands across the road and they were hit by a truck. Them ending is very similar to this story.

  16. The Red Rider says

    WOOOOOOOOOW. CREEPY. So I guess the boy’s ghost told the girl about the accident

  17. Banana phone says

    lol helen malfoy I havent read jeff the killer @ peanut brittle I think they pasted a picture of ryuk over a babys face smart though

  18. PeanutBrittle says

    okay so i pulled up a picture of Ryuk and compared it with this little kid’s face, it looks almost exactly the same, except for the kid is much younger than Ryuk and he has a black skeleton nose on his face. SFK where did you find this picture? XD

  19. Rage-Man99 says

    Xx Death Bolt xX Really? •_• You know an easier way to get rid of it was to put it up for adoption!! Even though noone will have him.

  20. terrorzombie says

    that lady was sad she should have been proud of her son and y did no 1 find his body. AGAIN it was SAD it’s better to have had then nothing SAD SAD SAD SSSAAADDD……

  21. Banana phone says

    soory bettyqueenofthescreams I wrote it wrong this story is weird funny and spooky at the same time

  22. Banana phone says

    lol beauty of the screams I agree with you ryuk of death note has possesed that boy aaaaahhhh shinigamis are coming for the unborn after handed out death notes

  23. Dead Girl XXx says

    He reincarnated :O Oh this reminds me of ‘The Twins’ story… :D Btw i love this :3

  24. soulserenade says

    what? the Dalai Lama is reincarnated?
    btw coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool story.

  25. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Very very very very(x10) predictable ending…
    Honestly, if I had a child like that in the pic, then I would have committed suicide….

  26. GirlMurderer says

    I heard that back in time people believed dead people would be reborn again but onto animals. I think.

  27. KayKay says

    I think the girl was just a re-carnation of the boy, and that’s why she said that to the dad.

  28. ThaBeast40 says

    ive heard a storry just like that but the other one was wayyyyy better it was two twins and the mom was walking them across the road and one slipped outaf her hands and a car killed her and then she had another baby and they was going across the road agan and the girl said mommy hold me tight this time

    Scaryforids says: Yeah that’s Twin Girls

  29. PinkGhostieGirl says

    That’s so HORRIBLE that she pushed him off a cliff! What a terrible mother!

  30. imgianna says

    NOOOOO!!! 14th!!!! Nice story… LUVVVVVIIIIITTT!! Follow @HanaBomi on TWITTER if you agreeee!!

  31. essense says

    I lOve this story

  32. Shinigamis Shadow says

    @htfnutty4575 ikr! i wouldn’t ignore him/her just cuz they’re ugly,I would have nutured him/her like any GOOD parent would do.^-^ hate the kind of parents who care bout their kids looks.

  33. htfnutty4575 says

    I would love my future children just the way they are. It makes me sick to know people treat their kids like crap while other couples want kids but can’t have any. Sorry for ranting…agian.

  34. killerkat101 says

    Yeah it was like the twin girls one anyway good story. poor boy though it wasn’t his fault he was ugly =(

  35. smoothcriminal says

    I read a same kind story here called twin girls and i kinda feel sad for the guy =[

  36. PeanutBrittle says

    Yeah he does kinda look like Ryuk! I bet he wants some apples. xD
    SFK I like how you had a story called Pretty Girl and then this one was Ugly Boy

  37. gothsuckerpunchsibuna777 says

    first yeah baby That is creepy how did she you know what just forget it

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