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Twist Ending

The Twist Ending is a spooky short story with a plot twist at the end.

Twist Ending

There was a very famous author named David, who had written quite a few best-selling horror novels. All of the literary critics praised his talent for plot twists and surprise endings. He received a large amount of fan mail every day and some budding authors even sent him manuscripts in the hopes that he would help them get their work published.

While David took pleasure in responding to letters from his fans, he took even more pleasure in stealing the ideas of amateur writers. If he came across a manuscript with a great idea for a scary story, he would use it in one of his own books and deny the author any credit. Then, in order to hide his theft, he pulled some strings with his friends in the publishing industry to make sure that the original author never got anything published in the future.

One day, David received a new manuscript in the mail. It was bound in a beautiful hardcover book. He read the first chapter and felt that he knew how the story would end. As he continued reading, he became more and more certain that he could guess the twist ending. It was growing late, but he wanted to finish reading the manuscript to see whether or not he was right.

When David came to the final chapter, he realized that the last few pages of the book were stuck together. Anxious to read further, he pulled the pages apart. He felt increasingly tired but he still kept reading. Finally, he came to the end of the book. It was exactly the twist ending he had anticipated. The husband had hanged himself just as his wife was committing suicide in the next room. David made a mental note to steal the idea and use it in his next story.

Just then, he noticed that, after the words “THE END”, there was a little hand-written comment from the author. It read:

“I already know that you are planning to steal the ideas in this story. I know, because you did the exact same thing to me the last time I sent you a manuscript. You published it under your own name and didn’t give me any credit. You ripped me off and blacklisted me in the industry. Nobody will accept my novels anymore and I will never again be able to publish anything I write. You have ruined my life and now I am going to have my revenge. You had to pull apart the back pages in order to read this, didn’t you? Well those pages contained a poison. Arsenic, to be precise. Are you feeling tired? That is normal. It’s one of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Soon, your heartbeat will get slower and slower until it eventually stops permanently. Don’t bother trying to call an ambulance. You will be dead before they arrive. You have already beem exposed for too long. Goodbye, David. Some twist endings can be very hard to predict.”


  • Well… that’s what you get for stealing ideas of people who just wanna write just like the author in this story.

  • OMFG best story ever! That was amazing i totaly did not see that coming! The asshole deserved it tho so ha :D

  • Awesome story, there must have been a lot of arsenic mixture on those pages, usually this type of element just causes internal bleeding.

  • ok i have a story but i dont know if its any good. it’s called A Record.

    Cassandra loved old things. You could say she was obsessed. She took daily trips to thrift stores all over town. She spent every Saturday driving all over looking through yard sales. She even went dumpster diving once a month. Cassandra was nice and pretty enough, but because of this obsession she was single and had no friends at age 37. One day she went to visit her grandmother that she hadn’t seen in years. Her grandmother had tons of great antiques. Cassandra coveted all her grandmother had so much that she flew into a crazed frenzy and strangled her grandmother. Then she buried her in the backyard. Cassandra called for a Uhaul and began to gather a bunch of stuff took take home.
    While gathering things, she noticed a loose floorboard. Pulling up the board, she discovered an old untitled record. Curious, she put it on her grandma’s record player and started it. A strange and disturbing song began playing. It went something like this:

    5 bodies hanging
    5 bodies bleeding
    Nobody knows why
    Nobody knows how

    You want to run
    But its too late
    The clock strikes 6
    And its the end

    Scared out of her wits, Cassandra began to gather what she had so far and leave. Just as she was picking up a clock, it struck 6. She felt something cold grab her…

    A neighbor heard screaming coming from the house and called the police. The police searched the house, and found a door leading to the basement. What they discovered down there was horrifying. 5 rotting bodies were hanging form exposed pipes, dried blood underneath each one. Next to them hung Cassandra, just dead. She was covered in deep cuts and dripping blood. There was no trace of anyone being there besides her. As the police was leaving, the record started playing…

    6 bodies hanging
    6 bodies bleeding
    Nobody knows why
    Nobody knows how

    You want to run
    But its too late
    The clock strikes 7
    And its the end

  • YAY!!!! Loved this story. For some reason it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :D JK I’m no psychopath.
    1) A person with a mental disorder causing them to think a lot about death
    2) SEE ABOVE

  • @101horrorgirl101- yes arsenic is a real poison. it is commonly used to poison rats, but many, many murderers have used arsenic to kill their victims.

  • That. Story. Was. Aboslutely. Amazing.
    Here’s one of mine:

    2 little girls were browsing through clothes at Abercrombie. One was named Nikki, the other Leah. They were best friends, and they were exactly alike. Nikki had long blond hair, and Leah had long brown hair. Both had deep green eyes. Same height, same tone of voice, same random attitude. So alike it was creepy. Walking home, Nikki and Leah seperated at Nikki’s front lawn. Leah walked across the road to her house, and Nikki clicked open the front door with the key that she stored in her purse. She walked in, flipping on the light switch. “Mom?” She called. No answer. “Mom?” She called again. No answer. Then she remembered. Her mother was out on a trip with her step-father. Placing her bags on the counter, she began to flip through them.

    Meanwhile, Leah was sitting on the couch in her new purple halter top and some shorts. She was channel-surfing, and relaxing. Her cat, Muffin, was curled up on her toes. “Hey Leah?” Her brother, Maxwell, Max for short. “Yes?” Leah answered. “Someones at the door.” Leah walked to the door and opened it. Out in the cold was her friend Nikki. “Close the door!” Nikki shouted. “CLOSE THE DOOR!” Leah closed it frantically, looking through the glass part. A person, tall, with a long, lithe, body, stood at the door, talking to Nikki urgently. Leah could barely make out what the person was saying. “They… coming soon… we need…. make….” Then Leah was disturbed. A woman with long, black, torn hair apperaed. She was dressed all in black, with pale white skin. A grin, from ear to ear, slowly spread over her beautiful face. Her eyes were concentrated on Leah, and her lips were moving. A hand raised up a single, silver-bladed knife. Nikki and the other person stood, open-jawed. The woman smiled again. “Wanna play?”

    It stinks, but HEY! I’M NEW AT WRITING THIS STUFF! :P

  • @griffin88
    It could actually happen, as arsenic is a real poison, and there are people who like to plagiarize stories. But only a slight chance.

  • For scare I give it a 1/10. Not scary, and no chance of it happening to you. For twist endings I give it a 6/10. Didn’t see it coming, but I did know something was up with the pages. It was nice though. For simple enjoyment I give it an 8/10. Rather liked the story as a whole, it wasn’t too long, but also wasn’t badly written. I enjoyed it.

  • @101horrorgirl101
    Of course there is a poison called arsenic. It’s an element on the periodic table.

  • nice story, got good twist in end ;p lol anyway that man deserve to die for getting credit but other didn’t :/

  • @101horrorgirl101
    1)omg lucky!
    2)yes there is a poison galled arseic
    (its pretty awesome actualy)

  • I wonder if this ever happened in real life probably not, it is a clever way to get revenge though.

  • Once there was a peaceful village with peaceful people. Then one day a little boy traveled over yonder and found a unicorn. Then he took out some chili beans and fed them to the unicorn. The boy did not realize that beans were not good for unicorns. The unicorn became constipated and then it exploded. The little boy danced on its guts. Then the other unicorns became so outraged that they ate the little boy. All the unicorns got constipated and exploded. The boy had beans earlier. The unicorns were SO mad that they came back as zombies and shot everyone with lasers that came out of their horns. Everyone died. HAHA.

    The END? More to come!!

  • …..? I thought arsenic was the one that made your hair turn grey and fall out and made you suffer slowly….. Or was that thallium?

  • @the_yellow_dash no thanks. I think I it’s the japanese girl that commited suicide but before she did drew a picture of a girl staring at you and if you stare at it to long you commit suicide

  • Arsenic is a naturally-occurring substance that is present in small amounts in rocks, soil and ground water. It has industrial uses in some metal working and mining endeavors. Arsenic is also an ingredient in rat poison and pesticides. Although used medicinally throughout history, arsenic is highly toxic and causes death whether ingested in one large dose or through long-term exposure at lower doses.

  • hey everyone go to urban legends and it is one story that has a picture of a pretty woman staring at u. she has no scratches or nothing. then watch the video. u have to stare at her. u will see the picture change. once i saw her eyebrow lift up in curiosity. (p.s.) dnt stare at her for the whole 5 minutes cuz ur gonna commit suicide.

  • Sorry my last comment made me sound like a total geek…


    1. A person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable with computing
    2. A boring and unattractive social misfit
    3. A dengenerate

    Word history and origin: A side show freak

  • @101horrorgirl101

    Arsenic is a real poison. It is a chemical element its symbol on the periodic table is “As” with the atomic number 33. It has a relative atomic mass of 74.92.

  • Hey…. okay this was absolutely creepy! :O That moron deserved it though xD Take that, you knucklehead!

  • My new story just for you, enjoy.

    5 little piggies.

    Naomi, Chelsea, Abbi, Vicki and Ashley all ventured deep into the woods, it was the end of school and even in the early hours of the afternoon the soft fog covered the entire area. It was Naomi’s fifteenth birthday and her and her closet friends were spending the night at the old rusted farmhouse she called home.

    By the time the 5 reached the house it had just reached nightfall.
    They all went inside, put on a movie and felt instantly relaxed, suddenly they heard the doorknob rattle. Naomi knew something wasn’t right, her mother and father were away on a business trip. “5 little girls in a deep dark room, one will dissapear if you don’t run soon!” whispered a dark demonic voice, everyone screamed. Naomi led her friends to the attic. One by one they climbed out the window, right before there very eyes Abbi slipped, everyone reached out for her but it was to late. All four girls watched Abbi fall, she lay motionless is the rose garden, deep cuts all over her body.

    One by one all for girls went down stairs, they all wanted to reach the rose garden before the “thing” did.
    They reached the rose garder and to their surprise Abbi was no where to be seen. “5 little girls went to the attic, one of them fell, so I took her, time to panic!” screamed a voice in the darkness.

    The girls ran, ran back to the house where they thought they would be safe. Naomi, Viki and Chelsea all reached the door and slammed it shut, not even realising that Ashley had been locked out. Each one of them sobbed loudly. A tapping on the window made them all quiet down, “4 little girls ran into the room, 1 got locked out, time to run soon!” screamed the voice.

    The girls knew what to do, they all ran out into the darkness, all of a sudden Chelsea tripped over, both girls, Viki and Naomi turned to help but it was too late Chelsea was already being dragged into the darkness the only sound heard was a loud violent scream and the sound of ripping flesh.

    Naomi and Viki were trembling now, 3 of their friends had been killed, well that’s what they thought anyway. Both girls took of to the forest. Naomi climbing a tall tree and Viki wedged between a large rock nearby. They both agreed to call eachother if anything happened. Suddenly a large sobbing scream was heard throughout the night.

    The sound of Naomi’s ringtone made her calm down. “Hello” Naomi answered, “You left one girl in a rock all alone, 1 little girl is left, you will die!” Naomi screamed, the last thing she felt was the pain of a knife against her neck.

  • I did predict he was going to die… Before the story ended, I tried to predict how he would die, perharps a book attached to a bomb or something, but no, that one was totaly unexpected xD

  • I never saw that coming! But it was easy to predict that the david dude was going to die

  • I’d love to be an author, but not in the horror industry. I love love love reading, but I can’t write it…

  • That was awesome!!!
    They should more stories up like that

  • Wait but if someone discovers heΒ΄s dead wonΒ΄t like the police or fbi or someone try to track the guy who sent him that?

  • FIRST!! haha ok i won’t do that again
    creepy story
    is there an actual poison called arsenic??? probably.

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