Twin Girls

The Twin Girls is a creepy urban legend that is very popular with children in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Twin Girls

There was a married couple who lived in a rural area of Spain. Their house was a modest little cottage, located on the edge of a busy main road. They had two daughters who were both twin girls.

As they grew up, the twin girls were very well-behaved. They never fought or argued. They lived happily together and hated to be separated.

One day, the mother had to go to the shop and buy some milk and bread. She didn’t want to leave the girls on their own so she brought them with her. Grasping both girls by the hand, the mother led them across the busy road.

Unfortunately, the mother had forgotten to look both ways before she crossed the street. Just as they neared the other side, she heard a loud screech and then a horrible crunching sound as her daughters’ tiny hands were torn out of her grasp.

When the mother twirled around to look, she screamed in horror at what she saw and collapsed on the sidewalk. The twin girls had been run over by a huge truck. The bloody remains of the twin girls were splattered across the road.

The mother began crying and sobbing hysterically. Try as she might, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the two big streaks of red that stained the road.

At the funeral the father tried to confort his wife, but she was inconsolable. Over and over, she screamed “This is all my fault! This is all my fault!”

Four years later, the mother and father still lived in the same house beside the road where their daughters had perished. The woman became pregnant again. The couple were surprised when the doctors told them that they would be having twins again.

The parents rejoiced when their two little girls were born. This happy event caused the mother to forget the tragedy of the past. As the twin girls grew up, their mother and father were careful never to mention the previous children. They acted as if the deceased girls had never existed.

One day, the two little twin girls were playing in the garden. Their mother came out and told them to come with her to the shop. As they stood at the edge of the road, the mother took hold of the hands of the two girls and held them tightly.

Suddenly, as the mother began walking across the road, the girls began to struggle and tried to slip out of their mother’s grasp.

“No, Mommy! Don’t hold us!”, cried the twin girls in unison. “We don’t want to die again!”


  1. Crystal says

    I’ve seen this story before on SFK. The one I’m talking about is of the mother and the son who went boating.

  2. Murderous ChildrenEVERYWHERE says

    Aww no murderous children dangit!! Jk loved this story 10/10 twin girls

  3. thunderstream says

    cool!!!A creepy story but can be true..I have twin younger,I liked this story very much..

  4. Haruto Fuller says

    At least they were reborn. This feels kind of depressing as my younger sisters are twins

  5. snowwhite says

    creepy but nice, those girls and their parents were blessed again wow amazing…..

  6. lizett says

    Nice story but, is it true that if you die you might have the changes to live again but in another body and you won’t know that you had another live before.

  7. Sohainaa says

    Creepy story but hasn’t this plot already been used?? Some girl says..”mommy am I pretty” er mom gets sick of it and kills her…new kid born.. Same soul.

  8. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    That’s sad, they don’t trust their mom. :'( At least they’re not back for revenge.

  9. Aimstar22 says

    thats creepy but in a way sweet cos her children are back as if they never left and they dont want to take revenage

  10. I call myself demented says

    They got reincarnated? Cool. But wouldn’t it be like super weird living your life over again just in a different year? Sounds creepy.

  11. Castlerock says

    Not scary and the end was predictable but I like it. The mother is as distracted as some of the moms I see crossing their children near where I live (near a kinder garden).

  12. bratzgirl2233 says

    Omg the picure of the girls look like my polish freinds! One of my freinds is nine years old and one is 12-13!

  13. 0_oDemonChild0_o says

    I thot the girls were gonna find out about the dead girls and then murder their mom
    I no I’m violent….. XD

  14. Dead Girl XXx says

    Well… But who knows?? xD It might happen because of a certain incident (like the one i mentioned) :P Maybe u haven’t yet faced a creepy situation like that…?? xD

  15. Dead Girl XXx says

    scream XD,oh so ur saying thats funny but if u were me at that time, after u go home u’ll notice that ur pants have mysteriously gotten wet…. :P

  16. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ screamXD

    Oh my god!!!!! I think this really is true!!! I was walking on the road with my twin cousins… Actually i was holding the hand of one and my sis was holding the other one’s hand… And suddenly the one i was holding the hands of shoved off her hands and ran away right to a car which was cumin at high speed!!!!!!! Luckily, i managed to pull her back at my side phew just my luck!! I even dream of this story every night now and its a nightmareeee!!!! Oh god dont curse me with these creepy stories pleeaaaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dead Girl XXx says

    The Girls were reborn….hmm….the story is sooo sad but creepy too… i wonder if the same wud happen to my twin cousins??? They look pretty like them…the ones in the picture O_O’ XD XD

  18. HauntedKimberly666 says

    the girls in the pic… they look kinda like dolls so i thought it was gonna be about dolls…guess not :) anyway good story

  19. scream XD says

    i so totally saw dis coming i just knew something like that wuz gonna happen wuz gonna happen

  20. katie4894 says

    tht is really sad but surely the mother would be tht traumatised fom the last time she took he children to the shops over the road she would never do it again?

  21. Balbert says

    Creepy … but also really sad. So, the girls came back … what’s sad is, they don’t trust their mom! :P

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