Tonkaraton is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a man who is wrapped in bandages and carries a Japanese sword. If you don’t obey his orders, he will kill you.


Tonkaraton is a Japanese ghost. His body is completely wrapped in bandages from head to toe and he carries a Japanese sword on his back. He appears on a bicycle while singing, “Ton… Ton… Tonkara… ton.”

According to the legend, Tonkaraton appears to people who are walking home in the evening after school. If you meet him, he will cycle up to you and suddenly tell you to say “Tonkaraton”.

If you say it, he will leave you alone and ride off, but if you don’t say it, he will take out his sword and slice you to pieces.

If Tonkaraton kills you, he will wrap up your whole body in bandages and you will become a “Tonkaraton” too.

Note: You shouldn’t say “Tonkaraton” until he tells you to, or else he will kill you for saying his name without permission.

If you wear a bandage on your left hand, he will leave you alone because he will consider you to be a friend.

One evening, a young Japanese boy was walking home after school. All of a sudden, he heard a faint voice in the distance singing, “Ton… Ton… Ton…”

He had heard the rumors about Tonkaraton and was very afraid. He picked up his pace and started walking quickly, trying to get home as soon as possible. However, when he turned a corner, he was suddenly confronted by the sight of a man completely wrapped from head to toe in bandages.

The man cycled up to him and stopped right in front of him. The boy was so afraid, he couldn’t move. The bandaged man took out a sword and held it up.

“Say Tonkaraton,” he growled.

“Tonkaraton,” the boy answered.

The bandaged man chuckled to himself and then cycled off as the boy breathed a sigh of relief.

The next day, at school, the boy tried to tell all his friends that he had encountered the legendary “Tonkaraton”, but nobody believed him. Frustrated, the boy decided to get some proof.

He got a camera and, that evening, he went to the place where he had encountered Tonkaraton. He waited and waited, but the bandaged man did not appear.

Eventually, in frustration, the boy began to shout out loud, “Tonkaraton! Tonkaraton!”

All of a sudden, the bandaged man appeared on his bicycle and with one swift blow of his sword, he cut off the boy’s head.

“Do not say Tonkaraton without permission,” said the bandaged figure and with that, he rode off into the night.


  1. HorrorFanGirl says

    Ok well i said ‘Tonkaraton’ multiple times so rip me, also, shouldn’t he have taken the boys body and bandage him to become a tonkaraton himself so the little boy could show his friends he wasn’t lying? 7/10 tonkaratons :D

  2. Carlos Rivera says

    Why didn’t he wrapped that boy, So he could have been get the proof to show to his freinds…..WTF..He just rode off??

  3. Belladonna says

    The reason I like to read sfk without getting scared is becuz…………..

  4. Dark_Destroyer says

    Idiot boy…he was frightened yet he wanted to encounter him again. The fool should have just considered himself lucky he got away….pssshh everyone and pictures these days.. so why is the dude riding a bicycle.? Thats not very scary….

  5. Princess Of The Dead says

    Aah a whole bunch of new stories were up but I couldn’t see them? What is life

  6. CarbonCrawler says

    Wtf he just rode off!?!?! Wasn’t he supposed to wrap that boy in bandages

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