The Leg

The Leg is a scary Halloween story about a woman who attacks children who trick or treat on All Hallows Eve.

The Leg

The Leg

According to legend, every Halloween, a strange and grotesque old lady roams the streets, preying on children who are trick-or-treating alone. Some call her “The Leg Woman” and others refer to her as “The Legmonger”.

One boy was on his own when he heard a rustling in the bushes next to him. An old woman with stringy, black hair and a hideous, wrinkled face emerged from the undergrowth. The boy was startled to see she was holding a severed leg in her hands and waving it in his face.

“Do you want a leg?”, she cried. “Do you want a LEEEEG?”

The boy assumed it was just a halloween prop, but the woman was so disturbing that he began backing away from her. She persisted, asking him over and over if he wanted a leg.

Finally, the boy said “No! I don’t want a leg!”

A group of adults and children who were nearby, heard a horrible scream ringing out in the darkened street. They rushed around the corner and got the shock of their lives when they discovered a young boy lying on the ground in a pool of blood. His right leg had been completely ripped off at the hip.

If you meet the Leg Woman on Halloween night, be careful. She will come up to you and ask “Do you want a leg?”

If you answer “No”, she will tear off your leg and disappear. If you answer “Yes”, she will grab you and try to attach the severed leg she is carrying to your body.

The correct answer is “I want both my legs!”


  1. Dog fan says

    If its an old lady isnt she supposed to be home with 101 cats watching opra and eating fro yo?

  2. Klaine4Life says

    I think I’ll just go home and watch Netflix THANKS!!!!!!!! PS I would be with my best friend Jackson soooooooo

  3. Saliq says

    That Old lady’s pretty strong to rip off a leg, that too from hip area. Any one has any back story on her? Like what’s her origin?

  4. zombie_pegasister says

    that was kinda funny do you want a llleeggg? but you are pretty much saying I don’t want a leg as in I don’t want 1 leg good thing I go with my siblings and sometimes parents. If I saw here I would run.

  5. sassy123xn says

    Hey guys! This is actually true. I was going trick or treating. Then right nearby i heard a woman asking do you want a leg? She was not talking to me. She was talking to a little girl. She was about to respond, but i have read this artical before, so i shouted, “say i want both my legs!” She did as she was told. She was lucky. She went to me. she asked the same question. but i was sure she wanted a different response, so i said i want to keep both my legs. I was lucky.

  6. possesed_demonn says

    omg! super scared.but when im old, im gunna be like dat! honestly though,warn your children!!!!!

  7. Alene Bernal says

    what’s the old lady gonna do if you said “I Want Both Of My Legs!”? It would be awesome if she leaves you alone…. xD

  8. theawesomeness says

    you know wt. i dont wanna be an old woman in like 60 yrs cause it always has something to do with old people.

  9. infernalthing says

    You can play a prank if you have a leg! You can put an old woman to act just like in the story!

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