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Thank You Dad

Thank You Dad is a spooky little story about a group of kids who sneak into an abandoned house and find an old tape cassette. It is supposedly a true story and it happened in Japan.

Thank You Dad

When I was a junior high school student, there was an old, abandoned house in our neighborhood that was falling into ruin. There was ivy growing thick on the walls and the roof had caved in at some point.

One day, some of my classmates and I decided to sneak into it and explore. It was around 8 PM and the sun was setting. The door was locked, so we had to climb in through one of the back windows.

We went from room to room, finding our way with a flashlight. For some strange reason, there were hundreds of dolls lined up along the walls. Although we were all excited, the atmosphere became tense. None of us spoke to each other and there was an uneasy silence.

Most of my friends were scared and wanted to go home, but I convinced them to stay and explore a little longer. We came to one small room at the front of the house that was empty except for a little table in the middle. As we entered, we could hear the floorboards creaking and groaning under our feet.

I noticed something lying on the table. As I got closer, I saw that it was a letter and there was an old cassette tape beside it. The letter read:

“Thank you Dad”

When I saw the writing, I felt a chill run down my spine and I decided it was time to go. When we got out of the house, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. On the way home, one of my friends and I started talking about the letter and the cassette tape lying beside it.

“What was that?” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he muttered, “but I brought it with me when we left…”

Curious about what the tape contained, we brought it back to my house, put it in my tape recorder and pressed “Play”.

There was nothing but silence.

We sat there and listened for 10 minutes or more, but there was just silence.

After a while, we figured there was nothing on it, so we just left it playing and started reading comic books. Eventually we forgot about the tape.

Then, all of a sudden, we heard a woman’s voice coming from the tape recorder.

It said, “Thank you dad for killing me…”


  • Keep posting SFK, your stories and website are both amazing.

    this is nothing like 13 reasons why.
    It’s supposed to have detail left out, that’s what makes it scary and mysterious, because it leaves your brain to think up the other details, causing paranoia, causing you to be scared. Which is the whole point of the website.

  • Thankyou dad, for killing me….So he recorded it after his death??………..

  • scary factor: 1/10
    cliche factor: 10/10
    twist ending factor: 0/10
    boring ending factor: 10/10

  • Lol this kinda remainded me of 13 reasons why too😅 but there should have been some more detail like why the stupid father killed his daughter? And why the daughter was glad and thanked her dad for killing her?😕 so weird !!

  • feedback: it’s a little too short and way too cliche; there’s also not much tension so it’s not very scary. But it thinks it’s a good start for a beginner and i think you should continue and develop you ideas so you can come up with more unique and interesting one :)

  • Sorry if my story is to long please don’t hate this is the first story I have written and thanks for reading it

  • I have a story it’s called
    “True love?”
    Hey if you are reading this then your her next victim. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but am getting ahead of myself. It all started in the beginning of the school year and Japanese boy named Rhein come to our school I didn’t pay much attention to him, but my friend Delilah was the one he fell in love with. I mean who won’t. She came last year all the way from New York city. She has blonde hair, and light green brown eyes. I have light dark brown hair with green brown eyes.But he fell in love for her. She didn’t pay attention to him and said that I could have him. That’s when I stopped hanging out with her and started hanging out with Rhein. He was a nice guy he could sometimes be a jerk but he was great. I started falling in love for him but his heart was for Delilah. Delilah saw me hanging out with him and I knew she was coming up with a plan. Rhein was going to ask Delilah to be his girlfriend on her birthday which was in January just a few days away but am not worried I know that she doesn’t like him. Her birthday came and he asked her she said that she would get back to him. On Valentine’s day I was going to ask Rhein to be my boyfriend. But Delilah said that she would be Rhein’s girlfriend. I was like omg. Rhein came and said, “Miko guess what Delilah is my girlfriend!” Yay I said looking sad. I went to Delilah and said “what the hell I thought you said you didn’t like him!” and pushed her as hard as I could. She said it’s all in the plan. I understood and let her be. Months past and I had to stand I see Rhein with Delilah trying to get a kiss but she wouldn’t it’s all part of her plan. May 13 I was going to have a sleep over my parents were going out for a week and leaving my by myself. I invited Delilah and Rhein to my sleep over and only them.The came over and we were having a blast around 12:00 pm Delilah went to the bathroom and I was with Rhein. I told him “Rhein I love and I always will” just has I said that Delilah Delilah came up behind Rhein and stabbed him in the heart and I said “but Delilah never did but don’t worry we will always be together” Delilah told me ” see I told you that you could have him forever.” I hugged my sister and got Rhein washed him up and put him in the spare room with all the others. Oh I forgot to tell you Delilah is my twin sister but no one knows also my parents aren’t out for the week there in deep sleep just like Rhein, oh well time to change schools again.

  • Well…the pic is good because the cassette looks kinda warped which makes it seem creepy…you know, cause it all deserted in the woods like that….but the story was not that great. The last line is anticlimactic….sort of…because in a way it seems like the story never even reached its peak. I just think the concept had great potential, but it just fell flat…even though it revealed a father killing his own daughter.

  • ……………………………………………………………………….okeh

  • I’m sorry to be judgemental, but I’m pretty sure the person is dead, and there’s no mentions of ghost in this story.. I think the cassette was something placed down as a prank to be honest with y’all

  • ThankYou dad for killing me… I am now in heaven…a much better place where i wouldn’t be judged anyone… Where i won’t feel betrayed or hurt.

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