Ten Little Monkeys

Ten little monkeys jumping on a bed
One fell off and bumped his head.

“This is too dangerous”, one monkey said
“Let’s play safe before we wind up dead.”

Ten Little Monkeys

Ten little monkeys went out to dine
One choked on a bone and then there were nine.

Nine little monkeys gone fishing with bait
A shark swallowed one and then there were eight.

Eight little monkeys on holiday in Devon
One fell off a cliff and then there were seven.

Seven little monkeys were chopping up sticks
One chopped too much and then there were six.

Six little monkeys trying to stay alive
One got killed and then there were five.

Five little monkeys swinging on a door
One broke his neck and then there were four.

Four little monkeys had to take a pee
One flushed the toilet and then there were three.

Three little monkeys on a trip to the zoo
A lion got loose and then there were two.

Two Little monkeys laying in the sun
One caught fire and then there was one.

One little monkey playing with a gun
He pulled the trigger and then there were none.


  1. naz the ghost hunter says

    Now that was very funny that even I lought so loud that even my stomach hurt

  2. Staralliance says

    This poem originally came from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, The Ten Little Indian poem. I don’t know that there was another version.

  3. B-Lovely says

    Oh, hey, look at my new camera!
    *shot sound*
    Oh, wait, this ain’t no camera! to3ot

  4. chuckygirl12 says

    so they want 2 b SAFE and then the monkey iz playing with a gun? ya real smart idea. reaaaaaaaaal smart.

  5. batty8000 says

    lol im so the last monkey -puts the gun to my head- i wonder what this does -pulls the triger- X.x

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