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Taxi Fare

The Taxi Fare is a ghost story written by a ScaryForKids user called galfred. It’s about a taxi driver who picks up an unusual fare on a haunted road, one dark and foggy night.

Taxi Fare

It was after midnight and a lone taxi was driving down the dark country roads. The driver was returning to the city after dropping off a fare. In the absence of street lights, the road looked eerily empty and the pine trees that lined both sides of the road seemed tall and menacing in the moonlight.

This road had a spooky history all of its own. For years, there had been a string of terrible accidents that had occured there. Cars had mysteriously run off the road and either crashed into the trees or slid over the side of the steep cliff.

The locals called it The Road of Death because it had taken so many lives. They said the ghosts of those poor souls haunted the road and many people reported seeing shadowy figures lurking among the trees. Few people dared to drive down the road after dark.

The taxi driver didn’t care. He just kept driving, slowing down now and then to negotiate the dangerous turns. A thick layer of fog was descending from the sloping hills and it covered the road like a grey blanket.

He looked up at the night sky. It looked like a terrible storm was brewing. The road was even more dangerous when it rained. The tyres of a car found it hard to grip the road when it was wet and slippery. Many fatal accidents had happened on a rainy day.

As the car passed under a dark canopy of the trees, the taxi driver saw the dark silhouette of a man standing by the side of the road up ahead.
“What the hell is he doing out here all alone in the middle of nowhere,” mumbled the driver to himself. “Especially on a night like this.”

The man’s face hidden in shadow. He stuck out his hand and waved, flagging down the taxi. The taxi driver slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road, coming to a stop right in front of him.

The strange man opened the door and climbed into the back seat without even saying a word.

“Where to, Mister?” asked the taxi driver.

“Straight ahead,” said the man in a hoarse whisper.

The taxi driver nodded and drove off, heading towards the city. The car was moving steadily through the fog, but there was something strange hanging in the air. Whether it was the dark road, the fog, or this mysterious man, the driver couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“The fog’s getting thicker,” said the taxi driver.

The man just grunted.

“Yes,” said the taxi driver. “It’s a terrible night. May I ask, what were you doing out there all by yourself on a night like this?”

The mysterious man didn’t answer. He just sat there in the backseat, his face hidden in the darkness. The taxi driver focused on driving. The fog was now covering the road, making it hard for him to see where he was going. They slowed to a snail’s pace and the atmosphere in the car was eerie and uncomfortable.

The taxi driver decided to end the silence.

“You know, many poor souls have lost their lives on this road,” he said.

“I know,” replied the mysterious man. His voice had an odd tone.

“There have been many deadly accidents over the years,” continued the taxi driver in a low voice. “They say the road is haunted.”

The man didn’t say anything to that.

”I know who you are…” said the taxi driver in an even lower voice.

The man shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Who am I?” he asked.

“A few hours ago, a bank was robbed in the city,” said the taxi driver. “The thief murdered a security guard and escaped with a large sum of money.”

“Is that so?” asked the man.

“The thief buried the money under a tall pine tree, deep in the forest. he buried it there because he knew about the ghosts that haunt this road. He knew his ill-gotten gains would be safe there. He knew nobody would dare to venture into the forest.”

The man in the back seat slowly leaned forward. He pressed his gun against the back of the taxi driver’s head.

“Have you been following me?” he growled.

The taxi driver chuckled. His laughter grew louder and louder until he was cackling like a maniac.

“WHO ARE YOU????” cried the mysterious man.

The taxi driver slowly turned to face his passenger.

The man gasped and stared in horror.

The taxi driver had no face. Instead, there was a gaping hole in his head where his face should have been. The man could see the inside of the taxi driver’s skull and the rotting skin hanging from his head.

He began screaming and couldn’t stop. He jumped out of the car and ran off into the thick fog, as fast as his feet could could carry him. He could still hear the maniacal laughter of the ghostly taxi driver close behind him. The sound of the unearthly laughter echoed across the valley, making its way through the thick fog and floating up the dark hills.


  • WHOA! That twist threw me off for a sec… I thought the passenger was a ghost or something, and would try to kill the driver, but this is the BEST story I’ve read on this website! No joke! I’m so jealous of you @galfred ^-^

  • China Doll.
    Once there was a family who lived in a small country house who were called Max (39), Dixie (37), Mia (14), Jackson (14) and Andrea(5). Mia and Jackson were out one day looking for Andrea’s 6th Birthday present. They found a china doll with curly blonde hair, just like Andrea’s. So, of course, they brought it. Andrea was so amazed by the present she slept with it every night. One night a terrible storm was raging by the house. Andrea felt the need to have a drink. She went to the kitchen and found her doll. She was sure she had left it upstairs. she had her drink and went back to bed. A few minutes later she heard a song: China doll, one step, coming to get you….china doll, two steps coming to get you…
    And so on until it got to the twelth step and she heard. China doll is here, China doll is near. She ran to her parents but all she could see was the china doll and her parents covered in oozing blood. Her brother and sister were grabbing their bags but it was already to late.. the last thing they heard was”I only wanted to play…HAHA”
    The next morning they found a note from the “family” saying: china doll is cursed… run, run noooowwww.

  • @Pete don’t get me wrong, I can wait for my story to get posted, waiting is not the problem, but the review is. I want sfk to tell me and if it’s bad, at least I don’t have to keep on waiting…

  • Plastic Doll

    In 1958, a small family had been brutally killed during a terrible house fire. Police say that they do not now the cause of the fire and how it had spread so quickly.

    There was once a family called the Woolwich’s. Sarah and Peter Woolwich were the happily married parents, and Thomas (14), Julie (12), Bruno(9) and Katie(5). For Katie’s 6th birthday, her parents had bought her a hard plastic doll that had bright, curly, beach-blonde hair, the most beautiful blue dress ever seen on a doll and a pair of little black high-heel boots that were hidden by the hem of the dress.

    One silent night, after combing the dolls hair and dressing her in a matching night-gown, she set the doll down on the chair by her bed and fell silently into a deep sleep. During the night, the doll came to life and moved itself out of the chair and moved out of the room to the parents room. Taking a small candle and taking it back to little Katie’s room, she lit the candle and rest it in the fluffy carpet, to where it slowly set it alight.

    She climbed back onto the chair and returned back to her normal self. Sitting. Staring. Gazing happily amongst the flames that began to spread over Katie’s bed, burning her hair first. Katie woke up with a scream but was unable to make any noise at all. The fire spread through the door and into the other bedrooms. Scorching each of the members to death.

    Neighbors called into the fire station to complain about a smell of smoke wildly filling the streets. The flames were invisible to anyone else except the doll, and by the time the police and the Fire Investigation team had arrived, the fire had totally simmered down and the family lay in there burnt grave.

    A few days later, police had found the charred limbs of the family amongst the ash, but they had burnt so badly they had practically been turned into ash and all their belongings had been severely charred. Everything had been scarcely ruined..everything..except the doll.

  • A young woman was about to get married, and she decided she wanted to hold the wedding in the backyard of the large farmhouse where she grew up. It was a beautiful wedding and everything went perfectly.

    Afterwards the guests played some casual party games, and someone suggested hide-and-seek so they could get the children to play too. It wouldn’t be hard to find a place to hide around the house.

    The groom was “it,” and the bride wanted to make sure that she won the game. When no one was looking she slipped inside the house. She ran up to the attic, found an old trunk and hid in it. No one could find her. Her new husband wasn’t worried though, he figured she must have just gotten tired and went inside to rest. So everyone went home.

    The groom looked around the house but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He and her parents filed a missing persons case, but she was never found.

    A few years later when her mother died, the woman’s father went to go through his late wife’s things that were collecting dust in the attic. He came to an old chest. The lid was closed and the old lock was rusted over and holding it closed. He opened the lid and was terrified to see his daughter’s decaying body in the chest. When she hid there, the lid had closed and the rusty parts of the lock had latched together, trapping her there.

  • This is so INCREDIBLE! I thought the passenger was some sort of a ghost and that he was going to kill the taxi driver…. Nice plot twist! Didn’t expect it. PLEASE make more stories like this one. 😁

  • Soo the taxy driver don’t care about the haunted road because he is a ghost too.maybe he is the murdered security guard

  • @galfred Wicked plot twist, very well written and scary, I wish there were more stories on the site like this :-)

  • woah, for a second there, I thought that the taxi man would get killed…neat plot twist =)

  • I am totally jelly of these people. SFK, tell me whether you like my story or not. Don’t keep my hopes up.

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