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Tanning Lotion

Tanning Lotion is an urban legend about a woman who uses tanning booths and sunbeds to get the darkest tan possible.

Tanning Lotion

There was a young woman who was getting married to the man of her dreams. Her wedding day was approaching fast and she wanted to look her very best. People were always telling her that she looked very pale, so she was determined to get a good tan before the wedding.

The woman went to a tanning salon near her house and tried to book an hour on the sunbed. The staff at the salon told her that, for her own safety, she could only tan for thirty minutes at a time. After the session, she looked in the mirror and found that her skin wasn’t any darker.

When she attempted to make an appointment for another thirty minutes on the tanning bed the next day, the staff informed her that she could only tan twice a week. After her second session, the woman still wasn’t satisfied with the result.

Fearing that, at this rate, she would never have a proper tan, the woman came up with a cunning plan. If the salon could only give her thirty minutes, then she would book appointments at every tanning salon in the city, one after the other.

She spent the next four days going from one tanning salon to another, lying on sunbed after sunbed. Even though her skin was beginning to get a little bit darker, she was worried that it wouldn’t be brown enough by the time her wedding day arrived.

She went to a shop and bought a special brand of tanning lotion. This particular lotion was only supposed to be used by people who had a rare skin condition. The tanning lotion was designed to increase the skin’s sensitivity to light.

She hoped that this would help her skin tan to a lovely golden brown. She slathered the tanning lotion all over her body, letting it soak in. Then she set off for her tanning bed appointments.

Later that day, at the tanning salon, the staff noticed the smell of burning in the air. When they went to investigate, they were horrified to find one of the tanning beds was on fire. After putting out the flames, all that was left on the tanning bed was the charred corspe of the unfortunate woman.

When the autopsy was performed, the coroner discovered that the woman’s internal organs had been cooked from the inside out. By combining the tanning lotion and the sunbed, she had literally cooked herself alive.


  • haha and that’s what happens when you try desperately to be black, white is beautiful too, but black is melanin god-ess!!

  • Honey, here’s some advice. You don’t see wanting to get any lighter, (I’m black) just because someone says I’m too dark. It’s your wedding day, and he married you for you. If you want to change yourself before your wedding day, (which honestly makes no sense to me) then go right ahead but just because someone says you’re very pale and white, doesn’t mean you have to change due to their opinion. Like I said, he married you for you and I’m sure he would like you stay that way. Mkay? Don’t let someone get the better of you because they think your too this or not enough that. You’re perfect the way you are!

  • Stupid woman! If it’s truly the love of her life shouldn’t he love her no matter what “skin tone” she had before she cooked herself alive!

  • I’m almost to a pale colour, but I wouldn’t wanna cook myself alive lol. And this just makes me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Guys I don’t think the pic is from final destination…. I have watched that movie at least 2 times. I don’t remember this.

  • First she’s stupid and desperate to use the lotion.
    Second after she went to all those salons she should’ve been like I give up
    Third and final that’s weird and creepy

  • Final destination!! WHOOO HOOOO WAY TO GO!!!

    I was born dark skinned. and never had to use lotion as my sisters do. I sit and play whenever outside I get darker. they lay on the trampoline with tanning lotion on trying to get bronze while I’m tan. by the time they give up and buy lotion that stains the skin orange (they thought it was tan though :P ) I’m tan they might be darker but its not natural. mine is. wanna know how?

    Me and my Dad have a lot of indian in us! BOOM!!

  • Isn’t this pic from a part of final destination?? Who cares… The groom would have gotten a baked wife…

  • @ whiler haha wow ok then nice one….
    So y didn’t the chick just lay out in the sun? Man ppl and their stupid tanning obsessions…

  • If I was a cannibal. I’d work there; near people who tan and have that lotion. Free meals for Moi

  • LOL! That’s not scary, it’s just absolutely ridiculously hilarious. Okay, maybe being crisped alive wasn’t that hilarious for the woman, but STILL!

  • Final destination the one where they get on the rollercoaster and died and also the bit where the girls go into the tanning booth and burn to a crisp those are the best bits ✌ great story

  • this happened in a bloody mary movie to a guy cause the woman was on the phone for more than a few hours

  • thats why im probally not going to a tanning bed for a long time and if i do im not gonna go that often

  • Why would anyone want to change the way they look? They should be proud and happy the way they are!

  • thats on final destination 3 i think. its gross cuz they were naked and u could see their “thingies” i wuz like 0.o “i’m scarred for life”

  • This is why looking like Vampira pays off! plus no skin cancer or baked insides for meeee!!

  • they did something like this on scare tactics but it was different like the womens skin was bubbling and stuff… u would understand if u watch scare tactics

  • i hate taning man i hate it and it hurts man if you do go for a taning man it will feel like your in HELL MAN IT WILL HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why does everybody think they have to be tan or dark to be beautiful? Many countries consider pale or light skin to be beautiful…and I mean MANY countries.

  • She could’ve just follow the instructions of the TANNING SALON! And right that Tanning Lotion was only for people with a rare skin blabla disease? She’s like ODD!! Moral Lesson: Follow Insturctions Like These Or You’ll Die (FILTOYD). Always remember FILTOYD!

  • ahahah final destination xD THATS where i remembered the pic from, and that girl was retarted o.o

  • That is pretty freaky, but I saw this one episode of MythBusters, it is physically impossible to be cooked on a tanning bed. Makes for a good story, tho.

  • when i saw the pic all i could think was final destination ROLLER COASTER OF LOVE!!! SAY WHAT?!?!? xD my mind …… 0-0

  • hide seek.

    Sue hated babysiters. But this one was kinda fun they play trouble and cule
    and lots of outhers games but then they all sat down to watch t.v. A news
    report was on it said a mental person ecsacped from the prison and that they
    should lock the doors sue and joe were scared they lived right next to the prison
    but of corse the babysitter locked all the doors and windows and they hid in the
    accit and sue and joe did not no they had a accit they found lots of cool to
    play quitley with sue found old dolls and a dress up trunk and joe found
    marbles and toy trucks sue wanted to look in the dress up turnk but when she
    opened it there was someone in there sue was scared it grabed sue
    and shut the lid and slit her throat befor she could scream for help she was
    dead.Joe looked for sue he looked and looked but he could not he thought she
    was playing a trick on her but she was not . he thought she was playin
    hide and seek. so he looked in the dress up trunk and he found Sue then he was
    grabed in to the trunk and his thorat was slit with a buther knife and died.
    it turns out the baby sitter was the mental person and killed the kids hope you
    like it i did my best!

  • Ashly and ashlyn’s death *i know right* they die by visiting the tanning salon the guy is on the phone and steps outside while the girls get ready for the tanning session ohnyeah and btw the guy says no drinks but one of me has a drink and puts it on he counter they get in but wait before they did they turned on music: Ohio players – love roller coaster . They start singing along everything’s fine when a lotion on the shelf falls under the door then the door closes slowly pushing the lotion out of the bottle then the girls drink falls onto the heater thingy then the tempurature increases rapidly until it got really hot then soon a wood shelf piece fell between the tanning beds and traps them two then it gets SUPER hot and they start burning and screaming obviously and the guy on the phone hears them and opens the door but it’s stuck then he runs to the front door it’s locked so he just stands there looking in the window then soon while the girls are cooking literally the glass breaks ( which is the pic above ) then they burst to flames and DIE! The end

  • Hey guys!Does anyone of you know what happened with those old stories such as ” Justin Bieber”? Where are they now?

  • Ooo yum! Deep fried and golden brown. Just a pinch of salt and DELICIOUS
    Oh crap i went all cannibalistic again… Have to talk to my shrink about those little outbursts…

  • People who tan themselves are Silly, what’s wrong with being pale? Maybe they love to roast their bodies in the tanning machine lol XD

  • Now that was a funny story flamefletcher
    Wat is up with u with these Mario and luigi stories they are



  • Mario And Luigi challenge each other as to who will become darker in a week.
    They visit many tanning shops.
    Luigi gets darker faster than Mario!
    Lugi:Mario you fat Pig! you cant get dark fast because you are fat!
    Mario:Luigi use your mind! you will get burned to death!.
    The 7th day Luigi was roasted to death with his internal organs too.
    The police arrive and investigate.
    Mario:What happened officer?
    Officer:It seems that Luigi’s internal organs were burned
    except for his brain!
    Mario:What why is that officer!
    Officer:It seems that his head was EMPTY!!
    Mario:Oh i forgot Luigi and me left our brains at the house!
    Officer: -.-‘(Really?)

  • Hehe, just imagine what she said before she fried to death…
    Woman sitting on tanning bed. She smells whats seems like someone cooking meat “Yum, whats that smell? Well whatever it is, it smells so good, I’m going to eat as soon as I’m done with this…”

  • Yaaaay ILY SFK you are posting more and mooooore :D
    Oh btw the pic scares me and the story scares me and tanning scares me :P

  • @That_Kid_Ali-
    Yeah. one of my friends- I think his name was Joey- said that his sister or cousin got skin cancer after tanning too much. It was very sad, I hope she is okay.

  • I saw something like this on 1000 ways to die. But, the girl wa- eh, forget. To much explaining :\

  • is that true scarydeadgirl444? that happened to you?
    woah a new pst every few hours! o_o this person must have a lot of time on their hands!

  • i saw dis on the t.v. show “urban legends”, but still a good story and dat woman is so retarted she shoulve listened >:o

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