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Talking Angela

Talking Angela is a scary urban legend about a mobile phone app that allows creepy hackers to interact with kids and take pictures of them.

Talking Angela

Talking Angela started as a mobile phone application used by a lot of children. Angela is a white cat with blue eyes who has a conversation with you and can answer any questions you ask.

Recently, an e-mail began to circulate warning people not to use Talking Angela. It said the app had been taken over by a creepy guy who uses it to spy on children and possibly kidnap them. He has managed to hack into the app and uses it to gain access to personal information on people’s phones.

It is said that if you say you’re over 18, nothing happens, but if you’re younger, the cat starts asking weird things, like where do you live, what are your parents’ names, what is your phone number… etc.

They say the creepy man is able to take photos and record video of you through the phone’s camera and if you zoom in and look carefully at the cat’s eyes, you can actually see him. Sometimes there is just an empty room, but sometimes you can see a creepy guy watching you. Even if you close down the app, it keeps running in the background so he can watch you and take pictures.

Talking Angela Eyes

In one of the more sinister cases, a young girl was talking to Angela and got the scare of her life. Angela asked her age and the girl decided to lie and say she was 30 years old. She was horrified when the cat responded, “That’s a lie. You’re about 11 or 12.” The girl was shocked and stunned. Then, as if it could see the expression on the girl’s face, it said, “I know you’re about to delete me. Take care… Sweetheart!”

In another case, a child was talking to the cat and happened to place his finger over one of Angela’s eyes. The cat said, “Take your goddamn hand off my eye, I can’t see!¨ The boy closed down the app, but later he heard a clicking sound coming from the phone as if it was taking photos of him.

Some Spanish-language websites claim that a young boy named Eli Morenos, who lived in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, disappeared shortly after his mother downloaded the Talking Angela app.

Talking Angela Eli Moreno

One woman claimed that her daughter stayed home from school and was on her iPod playing with Talking Angela. The mother overheard the conversation and said the cat knew her daughter’s name and asked strange questions like, “Hi, where is your brother?”

The girl said, “He’s right here next to me,” and the cat said, “Oh cool!”

Then the cat asked, “So what do you do for fun?” The girl replied, “I dont know”, and Talking Angela’s voice suddenly changed to some sort of weird robotic voice.

It asked the little girl, “When you date, what do you do on your dates?” The child was embarrassed. She got red in the face and said nothing.

Then the cat said, “Stick out your tongue. I’ll stick mine out too. What are some things you can do with your tounge? I can find many things to do with my tounge. Let’s interact with our tongues.”

At that point, the mother said she had heard enough and yelled at her daughter to shut off the app. She was so freaked out that she called the police department and they said they would have their internet investigations unit look into it. They called her back an hour later and said, “Something is behind that cat!!!”

When a police officer came to interview the little girl, she told him that she had been using the app with her cousin and Angela asked both girls their names and her brothers name was what school they went to. It also took a picture of them. When the girl used the app again a few days later, it remembered that she had a brother.

Apparently the cat is also asking girls for their phone numbers and if they’ve had their first kiss yet!!!


  • I honestly don’t know what to believe now. I mean, I’ve used the app when I was about 12, and it didn’t ask me personal questions, but dumb old questions any little kid would ask. As far as I know, these are all just rumors.

  • @Cambodia 1980
    If you dont believe its true then why are you wasting your time by reading this?

  • This app is scary I download it and the first thing it said to me was, “Hi, my name is Angela. What’s your name?”

  • This is true no joke. I got the app when I was in second grade… I got it on my Galaxy. I was playing with the app when my friend took my phone and closed out the app… I asked her why she did it and she said, “cover ur camera with your finger and open it back up.” So I did. Then when I opened it back up it said, “Really Serenity don’t believe that girl next to u. I’m not gonna hurt u. she is lying…” So I said to it, “How do u know my name?” and she said, “I know every thing about you.” That’s when I logged out of it and my phone wasn’t turned on so I couldn’t get messages. then the next day I got pictures from a blocked number and they were pics of me practicing

  • It is true i had the game and i used the camera and he asked how old are you .why i said. im a kidnapper. i said im 30. he said im 10 or 11. im 10. he asked my address. i asked who he was. KIDNAPPER. then i set the app down and told my mom and talking angela guessed what i looked like!

  • I downloaded the game and then some thing totally creepy happened… as I was playing talking angela I said hey, and the cat replied, hello little lady, and I said how r u, angela resoponded better than youll be tonight, and I asked what about tonight? she said “first tell me where you live” (when this happened I didn’t hear about this stalker) so I told her xxx ______ East and it said heres a hint about tonight, some little girl is going to leave her house unwillingly… and at that point I turned of the app and deleted it. luckly, nothing happened to me that night!!! :)… scary…as…SEXYUNICORNS!

  • For those of you who believe this is real, you’re all ignorant of the truth. It never happened. For that person who says their dad saw a figure and that he is a cop, you’re lying. Just tell the truth, you miserable brat.

  • guys my dad is a police and he used infrared on the apps eye and sad to say it actually had the figure of a person on it……..he changed his phone camera to infrared if you guys wanted to know….its quite fun

  • O wow.. I cant believe people would do this! Its just sad, seeing the amount of kids that get kidnapped and tortured/raped/abused.
    Thank god I dont have this app!

  • I actually saw it.I deleted it immediately.good thing my camera was broken so he couldn’t see me

  • When a played a couple years back it had the room in her eyes and i looked back on google to see if it was just a glitch and i found out it was a hacked so i deleted the app but it never asked me personal questions

  • It’s true! One of my friends had the app! She told me that Angela knew what she was wearing, so she deleted the app!

  • oh my gosh that is not only creepy its sick.There are also these talking angela toys that interact with the app…so creepy I wouldn’t get one of those if life on earth depended on it…

  • Guess what? its real! My friend once told me that before taking a shower, she accidentally left the app open. She heard clicking sound from her iPhone and then, she heard Angela say, “You have a nice body.”! O_o Also, me and my friend are just 12 years old…

  • I used to have it when I was chica age 5.But she didn’t ask me any of that stuff because I put on child mode.When I found out I deleted it.I’m now 10 yrs old.

  • Im gonna download it now and see what happens
    But i dont belive in this sort of thing anyway

  • Guyz i think its real.. I searched talking angela in google.. The first thing which came was about that hacker.. Dont believe me ? Then serch googl

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