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The Fatal Accident

This morning, I passed by the scene of a traffic accident on the way to work. It must have just happened a few minutes before and smoke was rising from the front of the car where it had crashed into the wall. The car was in terrible condition. The person who was driving must have been going very fast because, when it hit the wall, it crumpled up like a crushed tin can.

I heard a voice and, through the smoke, I could make out a woman’s face, squashed between the shattered windshield and the steering wheel. She had some minor cuts and bruises, but other than that, she looked uninjured. I ran over to her and asked if she was OK. She opened her eyes and just kept moaning softly, “Ow… ow… it hurts so much… help…”

I was relieved to see that she was conscious at least. Just then, the police arrived and, after telling them to call an ambulance for the woman, I went to work.

Later that day, during my lunch break, I told one of my colleagues about the accident. She turned on the TV to see if there was anything on the news. The reporter was saying, “Today, there was a fatal accident in the city center when a speeding car went out of control and crashed into a brick wall. The woman who was driving the car was decapitated and killed on impact…”

The Easter Bunny

A little girl stood in the doorway to her mother’s room and rubbed her eyes.

“Mom,” she said. “The Easter Bunny is in my bedroom and he’s eating candy!”

“Don’t be silly,” her mother replied. “The Easter Bunny gives candy to children, he doesn’t eat candy… Go back to sleep…”

“I can’t go to sleep,” the girl said. “The Easter Bunny is eating candy!” She sounded as if she was about to cry.

Her mother sat up in bed and said, “Just go back to sleep. Please. It’s not even Easter yet.”

The child sighed. “Okay, Mom,” she said as she turned and walked away.

When the little girl got back to her bedroom, she found the Easter Bunny sitting on her bed, still eating candy.

“Mommy just said I should go back to bed,” she said as she fingered a shiny metal dog collar that read: “Candy”.

The Refrigerator

One night, while I was staying at a friend’s house, I had a terrible dream in which I was confined in small, narrow place. I was in complete darkness and couldn’t see a thing. The space was so cramped that I couldn’t even move my arms and legs. The strangest thing was that I was aware I was in a dream. I kept pinching myself and hoping that I would wake up. It seemed like the oxygen was slowly being used up and I was gasping for air. I began to panic and started screaming and hitting the walls with my shoulders. Just when I felt I was on the verge of death, I awoke in a cold sweat.

Trying to calm myself down, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed a strange noise coming from the kitchen. The sound was very faint, but it seemed to be coming from the refrigerator. It was very muffled, but it sounded like someone was crying out for help. I switched on the kitchen light and was horrified to find the refrigerator rattling and shaking. I stood there in shock, staring at the refrigerator and a few moments later, the sounds finally ceased. I was too frightened to open the refrigerator and, instead, I went back to bed.

The next morning, when I was talking to my friend, I told him what had happened. He gave me a strange look and said that other people who had stayed in that room had experienced the same thing. Even now, there are times when I wonder what I would have found that night if I had been brave enough to open the refrigerator.

Save The Animals

Years ago, there was a certain website on the internet that was requesting donations to help poor animals that were hurt or injured. There were terrible images of the injuries each animal had sustained. In one picture, a dog had one of its legs mangled by a lawn mower. In another, a cat’s eye had popped out and was handing on by a thread. In yet another photo, there was a rabbit who had been run over by a car. Its internal organs were hanging out. It was heartbreaking.

The website received a lot of donations from pet lovers and the owner gave regular updates on how the animals were doing, detailing their recovery, step by step. They also posted images showing each of the animals fully recovered and looking happy and healthy. I even donated some money myself, to make sure the other sick animals got the surgery they needed.

However, one day I became suspicious and took a closer look at the photos. When I checked the date and time each image had been created, I was horrified. The picture in which each animal was completely cured had been created prior to the picture in which they were lying in an injured state. I immediately contacted the police and the owner of the website was arrested.

I’m Sorry Mommy

One night, a woman was sitting in the kitchen, reading the newspaper. When she looked up, she saw her six-year old son coming down the stairs, dressed in his pajamas.

“Something wrong, dear?” she asked.

“I had a nightmare,” the boy replied.

“Well you’re safe now,” said the mother.

“I dreamed I was in bed and I heard a sound in Daddy’s bedroom,” he said. “When I looked in the door, I saw these big black things with white eyes. They came out of the closet and they attacked Daddy.”

“Don’t worry,” said the mother in a soothing voice. She hugged her son close. “That was just a dream. It didn’t really happen.”

The boy continued. “They ripped him up into pieces and then they ate all the pieces and when they were done, they licked up all the blood off the floor. I thought if I ran away fast they wouldn’t catch me but they did and they were going to eat me too but then they stopped and they said they wouldn’t eat me if I promised to…”

“What?” asked the mother.

“…promised to…”

“Come on. You can tell me anything. Promised to what?”

“…promised to distract you while they creeped up behind you. I’m sorry Mommy…”

The woman heard a floorboard creak behind her and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.


  • They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. From the main room I begin to hear popping.
    hahahhaha same… wait, what the fudge!

  • My dogs name is Cream puff.
    Me: Mom, my sister is eating Cream puff.
    Mom: that’s good, why?
    Me: I want it back.
    Mom: tell her to share.
    Me: okay.
    Sister: what?
    Me: can I have some?
    Sister: sure.
    We eat Cream puff happily 0.o

  • I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t name my own dog candy, that is, if I have one of course. But then again, I do have a friend called Candy

  • your correct screaming girl! i love animal and how dare he injured the…..the…………animals???????????

  • Save the Animals…..The owner of the website first took photos of healthy animals and than injured them to collect money???????How….How…..NASTY!!!!!!!!!Didn’he had a heart?????

  • The Last Story I Didn’t Care, I Mean He’s A Young Boy, He Needs The Rest Of His Life. Besides He Said Sorry Didn’t He? The Woman Had A Great Life Already, Fell in love, married, had a child who tricked her.

  • for all who enjoy horror skits the candy one is actually on youtube. i think its made by daywalt or fewdio. its the easter bunny is eating my candy. watch it u wont b sorry you did.

  • About the first one, it could be that she survived a few extra moments, and the police investigated and assumed she was killed on impact. But it was still really good!

  • Fun fact: Severed head actually can survive for a few seconds after being chopped off (although I’ve never heard of one talking).
    @TamasakiLion I think that was Whiler’s way of saying “You’re not supposed to post stories here, for future reference.”

  • omg HOW COULD A LITTLE 6 YEAR OLD SON DO THAT TO HIS MOMMA, oh and i dont get the ending of the easter bunnny sometho\ing about a dog tag


  • Here are some stories I heard or experienced myself:
    1: One time, I was playing hide and seek with my sister and my brother, and my sis and me hid upstairs behind a bunch of boxes in the master bedroom. My brother tried to find us and he was on the opposite side of the hallway from us. We heard him say,”Found you!” and we were very confused, because we saw him run quickly downstairs. We heard him call our names eagerly and we went downstairs to find out what was wrong. He told us when he was in my sister’s room, he heard giggling in the closet. He decided to open it and expect us to be there, but nothing was there.
    2: My sister’s classmate had a friend. Her friend heard of the Bloody Mary thing, and decided to do it. The friend went in the school bathroom and the classmate was on the other side. She saw lights turn off and on in the bathroom then heard screaming. when she went inside , she found her friend had blacked out.
    3: My friend had a classmate.Her classmate heard voices that called her name. she told my friend but it probably wasn’t a big deal to both of them. the rest of the year was fine and I could guess they were friends. When the next year came, my friend looked at her list and saw her last year’s classmate’s name in it. she was happy to see her when school started, but she wasn’t there. Her classmate (or friend as to say) didn’t say if she was going to move away or anything, so my friend guessed those voices did it. (Btw, I didn’t work on this because this was kinda true. The last one made my friend’s classmate sound a bit Kookoo so…….)
    Should I make a story based on one of these? It might sound a bit crucial, but…….idk I’m just gonna make a story :|

  • encase nobody got the ‘bunny’ story,the kid’s dog was named ‘candy’ and someone unknown creature ate the dog…

  • No you see @Xx Bolt xX and @Paradise in really he would get healthy animals then beat them up to look like the animals in the pictures

  • @Xx Death Bolt xX
    You see the owner of the website would get healthy animals, take pictures of them, then hurt them and take pictures. He would post the ones where they were injured on the website, then he would post the ones where they used to be fine afterwards. He asks people for donations when in reality, he doesn’t use it for the animals. He uses them for himself.

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