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  • Super easy poem here:
    Damn neighbors’ kids keep taking my lawn chairs… 〴⋋_⋌〵
    So I nailed them down to the deck ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

    Can you figure it out?

  • @screamoutloud Either your story is a copy of another story or SFK decided it was good and took all the credit.

  • Please post my “Text Messages” story. I worked really hard on it and it would be an honor to see it on this website. Xoxo, Jenn3985

  • The Ice Machine (Don’t think it’s not scary just because of the name!)
    I looked around. I just couldn’t find the refrigerator. I just moved, and I’m trying to get use to the place. We moved into an old Victorian house. I poked my head into a doorway. “Ah ha!” I said. I walked over to the fridge, and grabbed a cup. This fridge had an ice and water machine installed in it. I pushed the ice button. Nothing came out. I looked at it puzzled. “Mom!” I yelled. “What?” She asked, coming down the stairs. “The ice machine is on the fritz.” I said, stepping aside for her to fix it. She pushed it, and ice came out. She let go, and the ice still came out. “You’re right! The ice machine is broken.”
    The machine wouldn’t stop shooting ice. Then the cupboard doors started swinging open. The floorboards lifted, and settled. The curtains billowed open. Me and my mom crouched on the ground, covering our heads. “Help! What’s going on?” I said, my heart beating a million miles an hour. The rugs floated up, revealing the words “GET OUT!” written in blood, with an arrow of blood pointing up the stairs. I ran after it, and my mom followed. It lead us to my sisters room. I screamed, and my mom did too. My sister was laying on the bed, and she had been decapitated. Her head was hanging in the doorway, and on her dead corpse, read the words, “YOU’RE NEXT!” I ran screaming down the stairs, and tripped, falling down the whole way. When I got to the bottom, I ran to the kitchen, and picked up the phone. I dialed 911. I put the phone up to my ear. I looked down. The line had been cut. I realized that it was a little too quiet in here. I looked around, looking for my mom. She came in, her eyes black as cole, and said in a raspy: “GET OUT!” I screamed, and ran out the door. I never once looked back. The house was investigated, but my sister and mom couldn’t be found. I went back a few years later, for I was lonely, and was looking for something to do. The moment I walked into the house, The air went icy cold. The curtains billowed, the cupboards swung open, and the ice machine, it shot ice out, forming the words, “THIS IS A HOLY HOUSE, WE WON’T ALLOW CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL ONTO THIS PREMISES, LEAVE NOW!” A dark figure appeared, and the hood dropped. The devil stepped forward. “Welcome home, my child!” I suddenly stepped forward and embraced him. I was home at last. Home with the devil.

    Thanks for reading! If you want to change it a bit, you may! Thanks! Also, if you could respond and tell me if mine was excepted, that would be great. Please consider mine. It would make the devil happy! Or else, he’ll GET YOU! Just kidding. But don’t forget to check under your bed tonight! And fix the ice machine…

  • This is story I made long time ago but didn’t come back to it until now and it have twist ending.

    Late For School

    There was a boy called Jake who was lazy and careless boy. He is always late for school everyday and would often received detention from his teachers. Nothing had changed.

    One morning he woke up and realised that it was nine o’ clock and the school had already started. He jump out of his bed and quickly get dressed, clean his teeth and went out of the door without breakfast. He was annoyed that his mother did not wake him up on time as always.

    On the way to school he had this weird feeling that he was being followed. He would keep looking behind him and saw no one in sight.

    He had to walk to school today because the school bus left ages ago but luckily for him that he lives near enough.

    The school playground was empty. He cursed to his self as everyone had already gone inside.

    Suddenly he noticed why he getting the strange feeling that he being followed. Across the street was a man in black leather jacket. He was watching Jake walking to school.

    Jake try to ignore him and ran into the school. He may hate that place but at least he felt safer than he was outside.

    Everyone must had gone into classroom because he saw no one as he went in corridor. He knew that Mrs Brown will not be happy to see Jake being late again.

    But as he got to her classroom, it was empty.

    Jake was confused. Everyone should be here by nine o’clock. He decided to look for his best friend who normally hang out at the bathroom during the lesson.

    As he turn the man in leather jacket was standing there. He gasped.

    “You shouldn’t be here” the man said.

    Jake quickly escape before he could do anything. He knew this school better than he does.

    Jake could hear his heavy footsteps echoing behind him. His heart pounded like crazy from fear.

    Jake went into one of the classroom and it was empty too. What is going on?

    He hide under the table and start praying that the man wouldn’t find him. However, he did hear him coming.

    “Please don’t let him find me” Jake whispered.

    Suddenly his phone rang. It was his mother calling. Jake quickly check the door to see if the man had heard and he did not.

    Jake answer the phone with tear.

    “Jake?” his mother said worriedly.

    “Mum! Call help. I am being followed” Jake said.

    He could hear his mother frantically searching for something on the other side.

    Finally she came back “Tell me where you are?”

    “I am at school and this man in leather jacket had followed me into school. There was nobody in here and I am scared!” Jake whimpered.

    There was long pause.

    “Mum?” Jake asked, starting to get worried.

    His mother reply with flat voice “What are you doing at school?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s Saturday today” she said “You shouldn’t be at school”

    Suddenly Jake heard the classroom door creaked open.

  • My dad was lying in bed with my mom when he woke up. He saw a shadowy figure standing on the balcony staring at him with white eyes. It just stood there…. Staring at him. He lay in his bed terrified. Joon, our black dog, was right next to the door asleep as the thing put a hand on the window. Joon woke up and started barking at the figure. Benny, our white dog, woke up to the noise and started barking as well. My dad started yelling as my mom woke up and saw the figure on the balcony as she screamed as loud as she could..I woke up from the commotion and walked into the room. My parents stopped yelling and screaming as I looked at the window and said “Natalie?” My parents were freaked out because Natalie was an imaginary friend of mine. My dad immediately grabbed the dogs as he held them in the bed and stared at me. “Natalie, what do you mean?” My dad said nervously. I just stared at my dad and said “She’s standing on the balcony, don’t you see her?” My dad froze with fear as the dogs stopped barking and began whining. “What are you doing up so late Natalie?” I said as my mom stared at my dad with fear. I began to walk up to the balcony door as my mom screamed and grabbed my shirt. I felt my arms jolt in front of me as she pulled me in the bed with her. My brother was asleep the whole time as the shadowy figure made a loud angry groan then the second I blinked it was gone. My mom began crying thinking that if she hadn’t moved, she would have lost me. My dogs stopped whining and didn’t bark for the rest of the night. I slept between my mom and dad for the rest of the night. My parents put white curtains up so that if the creature comes back, they won’t seen it and so I won’t walk up to it. Sometimes I hear a tapping on the window when I sleep in mommy and daddy’s room but they tell me it’s just rain.

  • A few months ago, pretty recent, there was a group of friends on vacation close to the sea. This was the first time they went on vacation together, and they had great plans for it.

    The group of friends had seven members. Three girls, and four boys. The girls were named Alicia, Sam and Jaynee. The boys were named Jack, Kostas, Albert and Mike. They met eachother at the primary school, and didn’t lose contact because they were great friends.

    This vacation was great fun already. They went swimming in the ocean, riding around with the bikes they hired and played games when the weather wasn’t so good for once. Early in the morning, Kostas decided it would be cool to do something fun today. His idea was to go to the woods and play some fun games when there.

    Everybody agreed with the idea and they decided to just go have some fun. They walked through the forest with all seven, and made some jokes and basically talked with eachother. When they came in a more open spot in the forest, they put down a carpet, and made a picknick ready, because it was already afternoon, and they were getting a little hungry. The lunch was delicious, with lots of different sorts of bread, and stuff to put on it.

    After they finished the lunch, and packed their bags again, they went doing a game. The game was chair dance, but in place of chairs, you use trees. They played the game for about a quarter, and after that Jack seemed to have wandered off… He was nowhere to be found, and everybody was screaming his name after he went lost. It was a nice try, but it didn’t help a single bit. That was, when they decided to go look after him. They went in pairs of two, and went searching around the forest. When they came back on the location which was the place they were going to after an hour, they saw there was just four of them… Three of the people seemed to be lost now…

    Only Kostas, Albert, Jaynee and Alicia were left now. They started to get creeped out, and felt afraid, since they had no actual idea where the rest could be. Kostas decided to go search one more time. He went to the place they played the ‘Tree dance’ game. He walked further in the forest on that spot, and saw a little ven a couple ten meters in front of him. He ran to it and saw there was something weird in the water. He thought he saw a glimpse of somekind of green thing.

    He took a peak in the ven, but all he saw was himself. Thats weird, Kostas thought. After searching some more, Kostas gave up and headed back to the location they chose to come back. Nobody was there, except Alicia. ‘Where is the rest?’ Kostas asked. ‘I dont know!’ Alicia screamed, ‘They just dissapeared when i was tieing my shoelaces!’ Alicia sounded really feared right now, and Kostas was feeling really worried as well.

    ‘We should get out now!’ Kostas said. And as soon as he said that, they left the forest and went for their vacation house. When they arrived there, it was all silent and they went to bed immediatly. Later that night, they heard the door being opened. Kostas got out of bed and heard a super loud scream. ‘AAAHHHH!’ He ran downstairs and there were five people, Sam. Jaynee. Jack. Albert and Mike. Being scared for their lives, while Jaynee was pointing at Kostas and Alicia, sputtering: ‘M-m-mon-MONSTER!

    That was the last thing Kostas heard, when he felt a harsh pain at the back of his head. He fell on the ground, and his vision slowely turned black…

    A few days later, the rest of the group returned home and told the story to everyone they met. But nobody believed them… Their parents sent them to a Psycologic, but the boy and the girl named Kostas and Alicia were never to be seen again.

  • Reflection

    One day, Jane was looking in her mirror. She was about to go to a party and she was making sure she looked perfect. Her phone buzzed, signaling that the party was starting. So she whirled around to leave her room – but she noticed that her reflection was a split second behind in her action. Jane squinted, and quickly moved her hand. Again, her reflection was too slow. Jane gulped and with trembling hands took her mirror off the wall. Then, she left for the party and didn’t get back until midnight, when she fell sound asleep.
    When she woke up in the morning, however, the mirror was back on her wall. Jane approached it and stared deep into the eyes of her reflection. Despite the fact that Jane wasn’t breathing, the glass fogged up. Jane reached out to write something in it, but it was fogging up from the other side. While Jane stalled, not moving at all, her reflection quickly wrote something in the condensation. It looked like it said ‘Get Ready.’
    When she was getting ready for school the next morning, she noticed her reflection’s lips silently moving. Jane paused, and pressed her own lips together. Her reflection continued mouthing words, and this time it began smiling a sick grin as it slowly stopped copying Jane. Jane felt her blood run cold, and her reflection’s lips gradually started whispering the words.
    “I am the only person in the world that could flawlessly replace you, Jane,” It rasped, grinning that horrible grin. “If I took you, you would be me and I would be you.”
    Jane swallowed and gripped her doorknob, never taking her eyes off of her reflection, who seemed to be reaching out of the mirror. It silently stepped into Jane’s room. Jane was frozen with fear and couldn’t scream. Her reflection took the mirror off the wall and smacked Jane on the head.
    When Jane came to, she was standing in her room. Except everything was on the opposite side…
    A cold chill ran down Jane’s spine as, through her mirror, she saw her reflection. It was holding a bloody knife and the lifeless bodies of her parents were lying on the ground. Jane leapt through the mirror and the reflection handed her the knife. Then it stepped back into the mirror.
    Jane, in her rage, broke the mirror into lots of little pieces.
    When the sirens came later, they tested the knife and found Jane’s fingerprints all over it. No one else’s fingerprints were anywhere in the room. Jane tried to tell them that it was her reflection, but they just threw her in a mental hospital.
    One night, Jane woke up to an eerie thumping sound. She got out of her small bed and saw a strange figure creeping towards her. The last thing Jane ever saw was a person, completely identical to her except for the fact that it looked like it was made out of little broken pieces.

  • Needle And Thread

    Jamie Thread had been in my class since first grade. He was a nice enough boy, always smiling. But that was the weird thing about him – he was always smiling. His lips seemed scarred, and that wasn’t especially unusual considering how they were constantly stretched to the brink of ripping. Even when kids would brutally injure him, Jamie would be grinning.
    So one day I was curious, and I followed him home. He would turn at the oddest corners, and whenever I would think he would stop, he kept going. Finally he veered left into a dark alley. I would have stayed, but I remembered that curiosity killed the cat. So I turned back around and was about to step into the light when a cold hand grabbed my shoulder. I screamed, but no sound came out. I whirled around, and saw two big glowing white circles. I could also just make out the wide smile of Jamie Thread.
    A raspy laugh that was more of a croak came out of his mouth. It sounded like autumn leaves drifting in a breeze. Then he said something that really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up: “I know who you are, Justin. I know how you been following me all this way. I know you’re wondering why I’m always smiling…” He paused to take a breath, and I could see his eyes glow brighter. “But there’s just one teensy little problem – I don’t wanna tell you about my life, Justin. Because it is none of your-” he twisted my shoulder and I cried out in pain. “Stinking…. business. So I thought maybe I’d teach you a little lesson…”
    I heard what sounded like the striking of a match, and suddenly our faces were illuminated by the light of a small red candle. The wild gleam in Jamie’s eyes made me uneasy. I saw the glint of a needle that had come out of nowhere, and he let go of my shoulder to retrieve a spool of black thread from his pocket. Then, he gave a twisted smile and threaded the needle before shoving it in my mouth. He kept on sewing until my lips were sewn in a sick smile like his, and then he laughed a laugh that made me almost vomit. Finally he set me free.
    That was three years ago. Now I am used to living the life of a sick freak. A freak that scares away his own family, and a freak that lives underneath a dock. So far, one kid has shown a kind of interest in why I am always smiling. I wait for the day that he follows me home. I already have the needle and thread…

  • Anna

    Anna’s mom loved to sew. Her husband had taken their money and left a long time ago, so they lived in a cramped trailer. There was no room for Anna’s mom’s sewing equipment outside, so they had to be inside. Anna always volunteered for the mannequins to be kept in her own room.
    One night, when the clock struck twelve, Anna was awakened by a thump in her room. Her eyes opened and darted around, and she spotted a quick movement of one of the dummy’s arms. Brushing it off as a trick of her eyes, Anna fell back asleep. But she was awakened periodically by these thumps – one at 12:00, one at 1:00, one at 2:00, and so on. Finally, at 4:00, Anna turned her light on and screamed. The mannequins were surrounding her bed, each one holding a knife. Anna kept on screaming. One of the dummies reached out and knocked her unconscious with the handle of its knife.
    Anna’s mother came in the room a few minutes later, wondering what the commotion was. She arrived to find Anna propped up on her bed, knives sticking out at odd angles of her body, and a bloody hole in Anna’s window.

  • When I was a child, there was a store called Maxine’s Mini Antiques. It was located where I used to live. There was a mini version of everything in that store: Bicycles, dishes, computers, bags-you name it! When ever I think about it now, it sends an icy-cold chill down my spine. There was a very creepy doll who was always sitting in a corner. She had black, curly hair with a haunting expression. Her old blue nightgown and black slippers looked like they had bloodstains on them. Creepiest of all, one eye was always open, and one always closed. The doors of the antique store always creaked open and closed on their own, and pacifiers always showed up out of nowhere…
    My mom is an interior decorator so she had to go to Maxine’s Mini Antiques a lot to buy models for her designs.
    It all started on a blustery Friday afternoon right after school. My mom had to prepare a project for her boss that was due on Wednesday. So she had to finish up collecting her models. The store was walking distance from our house, and she took me and my sister there.
    While looking at adorable mini spoons that were very colorful, I got the shock of my life. When I was finished admiring the spoons, I turned around to go back to my sister and my mom. I saw something that horrified me. Lying on the floor, was a bloody pacifier. I heard a little whiny voice screaming “mama!”
    The last thing I remember before blacking out, was opening my mouth to call out.
    I woke up lying on my couch with my mom and sister holding a wet washcloth on my four head. I told them what happened and asked them to call the police, but they didn’t believe me. I decided that I would have to take matters into my own hands, and show it to them.
    I waited until everyone had gone to sleep, and then I picked up a flashlight and snuck out to the shop.
    When I got there, the doors were locked. I exhaled in frustration after trying about fifteen different ways to open them. Then, I noticed that a window was partly broken. I thought: “Maybe the owner won’t notice if it’s broken a little more” Then I walked over to the window, took my elbow, and sent it smashing into the thin glass with a loud bang. The hole I had made was just big enough to squeeze through. I slithered into the shop and landed head-first. My elbow and my face caught on a few pieces of glass and dust. I cried out in pain as some of the glass cut my face when it hit the floor. I stood up, a little dazed, and started to look around. Eventually, I found the bloody pacifier again. I was about to pick it up, when a tiny hand snatched it out from under me. I heard a giggle. Now, I was freaking out. Suddenly, I saw some sort of figure darting upstairs with, what I thought, was the pacifier in its hand. By now, I was scared, and wanted to go home, but I needed my family to believe me. And also, if there was someone dangerous out there, they needed to be caught. So, I worked up all my courage, turned on the flashlight, grabbed the sharpest thing I could find for a weapon, and tiptoed upstairs.
    As I was walking, the stairs creaked really loudly and I felt like the steps would collapse. It was pitch black when I got there and smelled like rusted metal. I had never been up here. The owner said it was off-limits. I don’t even think she had ever been up there. I heard a scuffling noise and a few giggles behind me, and whirled around to see what it was. The thing was going back downstairs. I groaned and chased after it. After staggering to the main room, out of breath, I realized the doll was sitting in a corner again. But wait… It was a different corner… Not the one it was usually in. I walked over to the doll, shaking, and reached out to touch it. Nothing happened. I breathed a sigh of relief. But… What now? Where was the bloody pacifier? I needed proof. Then I realized that the doll had it. “Were you the one that took this from me?” I asked. More like thinking aloud than actually asking her. I sat down, studying her closely. I jumped, not expecting an answer, when I heard a high-pitched voice say: “Yes.”
    “What…how…” I sputtered. “I’ll just tell you what happened, ok? I was an orphan. Miz Claudiope took me under her wing. Life was good, until the murders of 1862, anniversary of the death years. They turned us into dolls, and we all just want more people like Miz Claudiope to save us. We were put in different antique stores, and I got put in this one.” She sighed. “It’s a miserable life, you see? The most fun I have… Is opening doors for people and letting them in, and hiding pacifiers for everyone to find.”
    “So that was you,” I said. “Yes, that was me.”
    We both were silent for a minute. “I just couldn’t let you take the pacifier home and show it to people. It would raise suspicion.” “I understand .” I said.
    I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to wrap my head around what happened. Could it be real? I asked myself. Then… Something occurred to me. It was the year of 1962… Another death days anniversary…

    I am actually very happy sitting in the corner of Crabdon’s Antiques with my sister. Mr. Crabdon is very kind to everyone. I think I am his favorite.

  • Betime

    “Goodnight honey, would you like me to read you a bedtime story?” Asked Julia’s mother

    “Yes please.” Responded Julia

    “There once was a beautiful princess she lived in a tall castle, one day a prince was exploring when he found her, the girl had VERY long hair you see so the prince said Let down your hair and I’ll save you. She did he climbed up grabbed her and they slid down the very long hair then she yanked it back the prince took her to a barbers and got her hair cut to a regular height and after months and months of begging the Princess finally said yes to the prince and they got married and lived happily ever after The end.”

    “That was a great story mommy. Dodo liked it to.”

    “Who’s Dodo?” asked Julia’s mother

    “Him.” Julia pointed to the corner but the mother couldn’t see anything it was dark over there the only light in the room was the nightlight and a small flashlight the mother had for reading, figuring it was just an imaginary friend she kissed her daughter’s forehead and said “I think Dodo liked it also”

    “Goodnight mommy.” said Julia pleased but she was kinda scared and asked her mother to stay there with her until she fell asleep her mom said ok and stayed there. After a little bit her daughter fell asleep and the mother went to her own bed with her husband. she thought Why was julia so scared? it’s probably just a phase. As the mother wa drifting to sleep she heard shuffling she couldn’t tell where it was coming from and guessed it was just her husband. Then she heard something fall that came from her daughters room she woke up her husband and they both dashed into the room. “AHHHHH” Julia screamed as she saw “Dodo” emerge from the corner. The mother thought it was a imaginary friend but it was a man that got in earlier and was hiding in the corner until the mother left and saw that he was grabbing a knife and trying to kill the kid she stopped him grabbed Julia and they ran outside, called the police and they came just as the killer was coming downstairs.

  • So again I’m going to submit until I’m out of ideas

    Isabelle was at the carnival with her friends Lindsey, Ann, Mei, Taiga, Sakura, and Nichole. One of her friends, Lindsey, decided she wanted to get her fortune told. Everyone agreed.

    Ann was the first to get her fortune told. When she walked out of the stand her face was pale. Taiga decided she wanted to go next because she thought it was funny. Taiga walked out and said “make in rain on me!!! Imma be a rich ass mofo!” Sakura was very shy but after minutes of talking, we convinced her to go in. She came out bushing. When we asked her what the fortune teller said, she replied “the lady said that Aidan is going to ask me out on valentines day. He will bring me roses and a big box of chocolates. The only bad thing she said is ‘if you don’t take care of him properly he will die’ or something like that.”

    After Lindsey and Nichole, Isabelle went. When she walked into the tent the room was covered in rugs and velvet. The only light in the room was the ball on the table and it was glowing purple. She sat down on the blue velvet pillow on the floor next to the short Japanese style table. “What would you like?” The lady said, “Palm Reading or a fortune?” It took Isabelle a while but she said fortune. The lady gave Isabelle a cup of water and told her to put 3 things in it. One lock of hair. One fingernail, and spit. Isabelle put all three things into the cup and gave it to the lady. She went pale.

    Isabelle asked her what she saw. It took the lady about four minutes to reply. “You’ll have good fortune if you do what I say. If you don’t you will have bad lick for the rest of your life. First, don’t go home tonight. When you get to your friends house be sure to lock the basement door. Don’t go into the basement until morning. Don’t walk to school until the 17th. And lastly Do.Not.Answer.The.Door to anyone. If you follow all these rules until the 17th you will live a long happy life with the ones you love. If you don’t you will die.”

    Isabelle followed all of the rules the fortune teller gave to her. On the 18th the cops told her that a mental patient the escaped the asylum was stalking her. They had caught the man in her backyard and arrested him. If Isabelle didn’t do what the fortune teller told her to do, she would have died.

    (If you can, please edit this. I won’t mind because it’s probably crappy anyways)

  • So this is one of my first times doing this so it would be cool if this gets posted

    I love it when the rain Is pouring while I’m walking home. I can cry and be sad all I was and no one will notice. A few year back I remember when I walked home I ran into a little girl. She was very sweet and she always wore a blue tattered dress.

    Whenever I saw her it would rain. Whenever I asked her why it always rained when she was here she said the rain was her downfall. I was too little to know what that meant so I kept playing with her.

    One day I saw the little girl but something was different about her. I asked her what was wrong but all she said was her daddy is taking her away. I never met her daddy but I would complain to my mom to try to convince her daddy to stay but my mom would always laugh it off.

    Now that I’m older I brought up the little girl in the blue tattered dress to my mom. My mom told me that when I was little I had a friend that died. She said I was too young and didn’t really get over her death. She told me one day that I had said that the little girl in the blue tattered dress told me I was going to die, all alone, in the rain.

    I was creeped out because the little girl never told me how she died and most of the time she didn’t even talk.

    I walked home from school today. I saw the little girl in the blue tattered dress. She told me today I’m going to die and be with her forever.

    I got scared and started running. It was raining and I couldn’t see where I was going. Then a car hit me.

    I guess the rain was my downfall too.

  • Let me tell you a mystery i wrote about the guy living in apartment 6b and from this you can try to induce what kind of person i am. “Who?” someone might ask. The guy from 6B, everyone. You probably dont know him. But, i assure you he knows you. From his peephole accross the hallway, he watched you every morning as you left for work, every time you left for the gym, and waited every afternoon until you returned home.That anonymous call that you occasionally get? you called the cops however they said that they couldnt help with these cases and you worry. Then you receive those mysterious flowers you get once a week and you believe it to be a completely different person. And you get that special feeling t from wondering if someone likes you? Well the good news he likes you, he always liked you. He at first kept quiet, watching you from the corner of his eye satisfied by simply the sight of you. However monts passed and he saw your boyfriends come and go, thinking “what made them so special.” Something suddenly snapped he couldnt manage from just your site and he became much more…. possesive. He deciced to confront you as you went out do your laudnry down starts. He followed, you being totally unaware since you never met him. He followed you to the back. Locked the door, and slowly approached as you were putting your blouse into the washing machine. The next second you felt a damp towel cover your mouth, then all fades to black. He played around with you until he heard knocking on the door. Confused and afraid, he grabbed you and tossed you into a dryer. By the time antyone open the door half an hour later, the only sound that could be heard was that of a working dryer and and swishing liquids and the smell of fresh blood. By the time anyone opened the door, the guy from apartment 6B had did what he was always good at… he dissappeared.

  • This story is called Rainbows.
    There once was a beautiful girl named olivia. Olivia had a red shirt, an orange backpack, yellow hair, green shoes, and lovely blue eyes. Olivia simply loved to play outside. One day, she was playing outside when she saw a rainbow. But the rainbow… wasn’t rainbow! It was black and grey and white. Olivia shrugged it off. It was most likely to be her overactive imagination.

    In the kitchen, Olivia’s mother heard a bloodcurdling scream. She ran outside to see her little girl dead on the floor, with all of the color in her gone. As Olivia’s mother cried, she looked up. In the sky, there was a very colorful rainbow.

  • Stairs

    um, feel free too make any changes that you need too

    In 1984,there lived a widowed lady by herself who was completely immobile and was bound to her wheelchair. Ever since the death of her husband, she needed the help of a maid who came by the house daily to help the lady with everyday tasks. What made her job even more difficult, was the fact that the two floors of the house were only connected by an old staircase when the widow needed to go upstairs the maid would have to carry her frail body like an infant to the extra wheelchair kept up there one day the police had received a call from the lady there had been a murder.
    Since police units were scarce at the time, and the murderer had long fled the scene only one detective was sent out to investigate the murder. She arrived to see the maids body sprawled out on the floor with multiple stab wounds on her body it had looked as though the murderer had missed many times before finally killing the maid she made sure to note this down in her notebook “are you the police” a sickly voice said from upstairs said the detective looked up to where the voice came from at the edge of the stairs the widowed lady looked down at the detective while sitting in her wheel chair seeing the lady was trapped upstairs during the murder the detective quickly ruled her out as a suspect it was similar to when her husband died she was trapped upstairs when he was suffocated on the couch he questioned her a bit but the detective found her unhelpful and continued with her investigation downstairs finding nothing downstairs she decided that upstairs might have some clues the lady protested a bit but finally gave in the detective searched every room in the house but could not find any clues about the murder as she was leaving the last room she stopped dead n her tracks she realized something a detail so minor it was overlooked in the investigation of her husband’s death

    There was no phone upstairs

    The detective heard a noise from the hall with her gone drawn she rushed out there only to find an empty wheelchair

  • My baby
    There was a couple, years ago that moved in a new house they had a new born baby , The mother really didn’t like the area to raise a child but she did like the house
    it was on the corner. The mother really didnt like how there was two abandoned houses next to hers, then theres a house that looks really small and theres an old man
    sitting on his porch reading the news paper,The next house after him are taken but there was nobody outside, Accross the street was a forest. The mother stayed home all day and watched the baby, while the husband went to work all day he woke up at 6:00 am and came back at 11:00pm so really she was alone most of the time.One day the mother was downstairs in the living room while her baby was upstairs in his room asleep, the mother was thinking about what to write about on her next book because she was a writer. Looking outside the window she then turns around and looks at the stair she hears footsteps in her babys room. First she told her self it was maybe mice, Just then she hears it again but this time louder,she races upstairs to find her baby crying. Picking up the baby she rocks him to sleep, as she was rocking him she closed the babys window.The baby is sound asleep and she puts him down in his crib, she ran down stairs gets her notebooks goes back into the babys room and sits in a the corner in a chair. The mother soon finds her self coming up with ideas just as she was writing she heard a noise downstairs a loud sound, she had no idea what it was, she went down stairs. When she looked around she saw the wall there was a scratch on the wall she had no idea what had made it, scared she grabbed the house phone and runs upstairs to her babys room, locking the door behind her. Grabbing the baby she sits on the floor and calls her husband, no answer, she calls again , while it was dialing she heard click it was the phone from the kitchen she stays quite as she can she hears nothing from the other end of the line. Hanging up she receive a call it was her husband.
    She hangs up the phone without letting her husband say a word, She sits in her babys room with the door lock without realizing it an hour had passed by she didnt realize it, because the whole time she was rocking her baby frighting out of her mind, she keeps repeating
    ” I love you, baby i will never let anybody hurt you.”
    Lost in her thoughts she came back to reality and she remembers her husband was suppose to be home a long time ago, She gets up and puts the baby in his bed and kisses him and tell him
    ” Mommy loves you, ill be right back.”
    The mother steps out the room with the phone in her hand, locking the babys door with a key, As shes walking down the stair she dialed her husbands phone, But then she gets terrified when she hears her husbands phone ringing , it was coming from the kitchen, As she walks towards the kitchen she feels uneasy, she gets a cold sweat,she could feel her heart beating fast, she reaches out and pushes open the door and she dropped the phone , she is looking at her husbands dead body on the floor, he was laying on the ground on his stomach in a big bloody mess he was stabbed in the back of the had about 30 times, his back was sliced down the middle it was open and you could see his spine. Running up the stairs with tear in her eyes she takes out the key and she is shaking, she can barely get the key in the door, But when she does she goes to pick up her baby just to find out he was missing she starts screaming from the top of her lungs while searching the room then she noticed the window open. Somebody ended up calling the police when they arrived at her house they found the poor woman crying in her babys room holding his blanket in the corner rocking her self repeating
    ” MY BABY, MY BABY.” As police got closer she pulled out a gun from under the blanket, she pointed the gun to her head, and pulled the trigger.
    The police search for the baby for months they never found him or no trace who had taken him, Till one day a doctor, his wife and his four year old daughter were looking at a house that was for sale, when they looked inside the doctors wife , took some sticks away from her daughter, The doctor then says, wait a minute, he takes a long look at the sticks and then his eyes grew wide open, “this is human baby bones!” They ran out and called the police. The police had three questions they couldnt answer. One why didnt the mother call the police ? Why didnt she use the gun ? The biggest main question was why was the missing baby found in the old mans house two houses down? The police told the public that they had solved the case of the missing baby. Then they announced the killer, they said they couldnt put him in jail where he belonged because he passed away. Weeks later a random woman comes to the police station and tells the police that guy, that killed the baby was her father. The reason all that was left of the baby, was the bones was because he was a cannibal. Before he passed away he sent me a video, it was very disturbing but in the video he cut the baby up while it was alive, he cut him open in half then he started pulling out his intestines and its liver , heart and everything else, he got ALL the meat out. It was horrible watching someone being skinned alive, and its heart breaking hearing a baby scream as loud as it can , to not making a sound.

    My second story.

  • The Secret
    I have a secret,the only one who knows its is my best friend, Leah. Leah said my daddy is going to leave me tomorrow.I asked my daddy if he would ever leave me.He said no. The next morning my daddy was gone and his bed was empty. I looked everywhere,but all I found was two small drops of ketchup on the floor before his closet. Mommy cried all night, when I asked her if she would play with Leah and I she told me to shut up, mommy doesn’t think Leah is real. Mrs. Gavin says Leah isn’t real and if I talk about Leah she will put me in the time out corner. Leah doesn’t like Mrs.Gavin she told me Mrs. Gavin would quit. The next day at school we had a new teacher. She likes Leah and even asked if I could draw her a picture of Leah. Leah spent the rest of the day posing. Mommy said she doesn’t like me talking about Leah, she said Leah is stupid and she made her cry.Lily said mommy would leave too. I don’t want mommy to go,but I like playing with Leah. Mommy was gone this morning. I cried. Leah said we should go to her garden. I followed her to our secret path. It lead to my well, the one my grandmother had built for me before she died.I opened the well and looked inside at my secret. I remember when Leah was loved by everyone, everyone could see her then. If only she hadn’t found out my secret everyone would still love her. Leah told me my new teacher Miss Hadley would quit too. I didn’t want her to have to quit, but she saw me dragging my mother’s body into my secret well. Do you know my secret too?

  • This is my first story. I’m 11

    Goodbye Ella

    I can’t sleep. How can I? Not after I’ve seen it.

    I see things in dreams. I see what happens tomorrow. And I’ve just the fright of my life. You see, I sometimes dream that my friends are going to have an argument, or that I’ll get a A+ my maths exam. And it always comes true.I see these things in my dreams. And now, I’ve realised I wish I never had this talent. This is what I saw:

    Gunshots woke me up. 3 of them. Then silence. Then another 3. I thought it was firework night, after all, It was the 1st of November, I saw it on my calendar. But then, I heard a creaking noise, coming from downstairs, and my cat yowled. I thought he had just managed to get out of the kitchen, and was walking up the stairs. I wasn’t worried.

    But the footsteps were too loud to be a cat’s, louder than a person’s almost! I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t, and when I opened my eyes I saw a shadow, no person, just a shadow with extremely long feet. I blinked, thinking I was seeing things, but when I opened my eyes again, I saw him. The Clown. His eyes peering round my door, staring at me. I was scared then, but made myself still think I was seeing things, but then he was standing in the doorway, fully dressed as a clown, staring blankly at me. I ducked underneath my duvet, paralysed with fear. I drew up the courage sit up, and hoped He wouldn’t be there. He was. Standing above me, holding a knife. He then whispered: ‘Goodbye Ella’ and it went back. I was dead.

    I’m paralysed. I can’t move, I’m so scared. He appears in all my dreams, but today I’m waiting. It’s the 1st of November. Wait … is that fireworks or gun shots …

  • She was perfect. Tall, pink skin, and deep brown eyes; with such glossy black curls in her hair. She was truly perfect. He stood, waiting by the tree they were going to meet by, going over what he was going to say. He had left so many notes, each with a small fake rose. This was the last note he had left, telling her to meet him. He was such a romantic. He had only known her a few months, much shorter than the last girls, and he was already doing his routine special date. Lost in his thoughts, his head suddenly snapped around, to find that she was finally here. His breath shook with excitement at the thought of all the things he had planned for them tonight. She wore a simple outfit; a modest white blouse, and a blue jean skirt, with a little fake rose, pinned to her collar, just like he’d told her. She held the note in her hand, and looked at it over and over again, making sure she was in the right place at the right time. She thought it was romantic, too. Meeting in secret in a park just outside the city, late at night. “Just a little closer…”, he thought to himself. He wanted to surprise her. She kept moving forward. “Closer. Closer… Almost there…” He clutched the knife in his hand a little tighter. She sat on the bench beside the tree to wait. *snap* She turned around, but it was too late. He brandished the large knife with a malicious grin, too wide for a thin face like his. Most of the girls screamed. She didn’t.


    He lifted her severed head to level with his and kissed it. She was so beautiful, so perfect. He took the knife again, and cut the hair he grasped in his hands from it’s hold on her scalp. The hair cut loose, and her head fell to ground with a sickening splat. He looked down in disgust. Such a pretty face shouldn’t fall to dirty floor. He lay the hair on a table by him, and picked up the head. Oh yes, she was going in his trophy room. He cleaned her neck, and pulled aside a board from the wall of the rickety shack, and put her on a shelf, next to a half decomposed skull. The smell was so powerful and vile, anyone would gag and vomit, but he embraced the smell of rotting flesh. It’s a shame she wouldn’t last. Well, depending how much product she used in her hair. He stroked her head one last time, and closed the board. He grabbed the chunk of hair again and sat down on a broken matress. He pulled a small binder from a stack of books next to him, and put her hair in a small plastic bag. He took a sharpie and wrote her name: “Molly Winters, age 20”. He smoothed out the bag, but the binder still didn’t close all the way. He leafed through the other bags in the book. Eleven in all. He lay back, pressing the book to his heart, and closed his eyes.


    He awoke to the sound of laughter outside. It was ringing and far away, but loud. He took his telescope from a pile of junk, and looked out his window to see two girls. Two beautiful, brown-haired, blue-eyed girls. He smiled and threw on a jacket, and hurried out the door. Sticking to the trees and shadows, he followed them out of the woods, in to the park, and out to the highway, where they hailed a taxi. He panicked and ran toward them. He slammed in to the car, and knocked on the window, signaling the driver to roll down the window. “Do you mind if I ride with you? I need to get to the hospital quick!”, he lied. The girls swallowed it, and told him it was fine. He slid in to the seat next to them, and smiled at them. They chatted for a bit, and luckily for him, they got off first, and walked in to their apartment building. He pulled out a cell phone, Molly’s cell phone, and pretended to get a call telling him to not bother coming to the hospital. He thanked the driver, paid him, and got off the taxi. He made sure he drove away before following them to their room. He hurried, quietly, up the stairs after them, and caught their door closing. What luck he was having. New girls, and so soon after. He pulled some paper and a pen out of his pocket, smiling dreamily as he wrote. When he was done, he left it on their doormat. Something was missing. He pulled a trinket out of his pocket. A small fake rose. He couldn’t wait for the fun to begin. This story is called Roseys, Roseys.

  • One day Tommy and Jack came home and slumped down on the couch after going to Cooking Club at school. They needed to go back to East City Elementary at 7:00 because Tommy was graduating from 6th grade. “Mom, why can’t you come?” asked Tommy. “I already told you. I have errands to run.” said their mom. “Fine…” At 6:45 PM Tommy dressed up and the two brothers walked into the school. It was silent. “Go wait in the gym I’m pretty sure people will come in a few.” Jack had a strange feeling about this. Jack walked in the gym no one was there. After waiting about thirty minutes Jack was texting on his Blackberry Curve when he heard a thump and then another thump that was closer and then he heard coughing in fright Jack looked up and saw that there was an eerie bald man with a long white beard and a bright red shirt along with baggy black pants. The man had a slightly evil grin. An hour passed nothing went on. Jack knew the man was probably a criminal. Jack was so scared he got up and said “I need to go number 1.” The man just smiled and Jack ran to the bathroom. Jack ran into a stall locked the door and went on news websites to find info on the man, nothing. He then went on a website where there was a picture of the man it said:
    Jack was freaked he peeked out he stall door it was clear he ran to his brother, Tommy’s classroom, Room 26. When he was running he heard something or someone following him he dared not look back. He knew this was it. He finally reached Room 26. He ran in and locked the door. The killer couldn’t get in. Jack opened the window he saw a flower vase Tommy’s teacher owned that was smashed on Tommy’s head there were several stabbing wounds to Tommy’s chest the first thump Jack heard earlier was the book baskets falling. Jack fell to the ground and started crying. The door busted open the man walked in with an evil grin and revealed a cleaver. With one swing at Jack, Jack’s head was on the other side of the room to this day the school is rumoured to be haunted. If you dare go in the school Jack’s ghost will seek revenge on the man who killed him even if it wasn’t you he would kill you. Even the bodies weren’t removed yet.

  • X-Ray Visions
    My friend Jessie told me I should download an app called “X-Ray Scanner” so I checked it out and I downloaded it. It was so fun that I never stopped playing it. One day, I scanned my teacher to check out what color was the underwear she was wearing, on an other occasion, I X-Ray scanned some hot girls on the beach, I was obssesed in scanning. Jessie told me I was taking it too far, and I had to stop. But I couldn’t. It was already in my habit. Then it happened. I was in a cafe with my friends. Beside us was a guy with a suspicious look I scanned him and I saw a knife, I ignored it and I thought it was for defense.. Then I had to poop in the bathroom. I stayed there for about 30 minutes, then I came back. To my terror, I saw the suspicious guy stabbing my friend, who is screaming, then he attacked me. Unfortunately, none of us survived. This is just a ghost telling you the story.

  • The Toy Car

    I always wanted this little wooden toy car. It was cheap, but not cheap enough. You see, my parents are poor and don’t have a dime to spend. All I could hope for was Christmas, my Birthday, or the lottery. My family were always buying lottery tickets, but none were winners, in fact, some didn’t even have one number right. I never thought I would get one, then one day in April, money started getting better. I thought that was my chance. Then my girlfriend called and said she had something for me, to wait by the school-house. So I went down there, thinking something good would happen, then I saw something, a tape and a wooden toy car, I took them and went home. I played the tape while playing with my toy car. She came on the screen and said,” You’re playing with the toy car aren’t you? Well, stop right now!!!” I dropped my toy car and it broke. She started laughing hysterically. I was wondering what was going on and just then, the sound of the doorbell came, so I paused the tape and answered it. no one there. Then I came back to the tape and I had paused it on a creepy face she was making. Then my mom came into the room and dropped my sandwich, which she had been cooking. She started screaming. I asked what’s wrong? she replied with saying who is that and where did you get that tape. I said my girlfriend and by the schoolhouse. Then the doorbell rang and my mom answered it this time. It was a salesman. he asked us if we wanted a free tape. My mom said that we didn’t have a tape recorder. I wondered what she was thinking when she said that. Then she said that she was talking about the tape recorder. I said it was there when I got home from the schoolhouse. She said to play the tape forward so I did and murder had happened, and my girl friend wasn’t the victim, but the murderer. I got scared. Then the doorbell rang again and it was my girlfriend with a bloody knife

  • Die Princess Die…

    I had 2 sisters and 2 brothers (I was the youngest) but they all died in a car accident along with my mum and dad. Now, that I live in care.
    It was a lonely night, the night of the accident and everyone in my care home had gone bowling, but me and Susan, our care worker. While she cleaned up I stayed in my bedroom. When a knock came from my bedroom door I opened it thinking it was Susan but a boy came in. I recognized him at once… he was my brother! I was so scared, I was speechless. “Sister” he said “I cannot rest in peace” I tried to calm my nerve, I was talking to my dead brother! “Wh..Why” I asked, Shaking. He grinned and said “I cannot rest in peace not until you DIE!” I screamed. His grin remained “Trying to contact that lady down there? She can’t help you. She’s dead…” He was walking towards me and I was stumbling backwards. I stopped, when I hit the wall. “You were the most loved one in our family. The princess. But it’s not fair.” he whispered into my ear. “THEY are gone. So, DIE PRINCESS DIE”
    He walked towards me and produced a knife. “Any last words?” he laughed. “Yes! I loved all of my family and I understand I will have to join them for their sake. So I feel no pain dying” That was when I felt myself begin pulled up. My body on the ground. I loved my family and I died for them.

    RIP Opel Born 18/8/1999 Died 6/1/2013…

    But I never rested in peace… One of my brothers still lived. The brother who killed me… Killed me… I now know why he said THEY are dead not WE are dead…

  • A babysitter was looking after a new born baby as her parents went out. The baby’s name was Ella.

    1 hour later the babysitter received a phone call, whispering, “black coffee black coffee, check the baby” the babysitter was scared, how did that person know she was looking after a baby.

    she received another phone call only more scary. The other person growled “black coffee black coffee go check on the baby!!!”

    She started to listen to the person on the other phone and checked on the baby. But to her surprised, the baby was gone.

    She checked everywhere on the streets but could not find the baby.

    she went to the police station. all the lights were turned off and then found the baby lying on the floor but not covered in blood but in black coffee.

    Then a police man came to her and said, “black coffee black coffee. I am going to kill you know.” then he sliced her neck and ate the two people.


  • Kokkuri-San
    My friend Stephanie and I were playing this game called “Kokkuri-San”. It’s like the ouija board, but you can do it yourself. We were asking questions like “Will I meet One Direction” or “Will my husband be rich”. I then got the idea of asking it “Will my brothers disease get better” the coin moved slowly to no but jerked back to yes. I was delighted. I asked “when will he get better” and it spelled out “7 days”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I asked “How will the disease get better” and I wish I hadn’t asked that question. The coined spelled out the word “Die”. I broke down into uncontrollable tears. What had I just done?
    I was still shaken, and I never left my brothers side. I cried at night. Every day. If I told my mom she would send me to a physcotic hospital. Eventually, it became a week since I played Kokkuri-San and my brother died. I was broken. I refused to eat, to sleep and to go anywhere. I just sat in his bedroom sobbing. A few months later, I started to get better. I went to school one day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my brother.
    Some time later, Stephanie came up to me. ” I’m really sorry about your brother. But I just need to tell you something. I moved the coin to spell “die”. It’s not your fault.” I went crazy when she said that. I attacked her and started pulling her hair. Rayan, my other friend, picked me off of Stephanie. I say down and started crying again. But then I realized, if it was Stephanie that spelled “die”, then how come my brother died exactly seven days later, like Kokkuri-San told us?

    There are some questions you’re better off not knowing the answer to.

  • THE VIDEO For my 7 birthday my mum got me this old video she siad she useto wacht it with her littel sister aka my ant kellie who died last year. I thanked her and put it in my room later that day my friend came over to have asleep over. We played for abit but then we got bored so we decided to wacht a video lets wacht your new video she said. I put it in the video player and stared to wacht . About 20 minits in to the movie it stared to play tue same part over and over agine. I then realised it was saying something i turned the volum up and it was saying I WILL GET YOU,I WILL GET YOU. When i heard it i nearly stared to cry. The voice was my ant kellie. I didnt tell you this at the start of the story my ant died in a mental hospita she was there because choped off her husbands head and then choped otf her hand. Suddenly the lights went out then i heard a wisper saying i will get you some day.

  • The Creature Under the Bed: 
    When I was about eight, my parents had bought me a new bed with the heading and everything. I was pretty excited since the bed had roses covering the sheets and headboard and looked like anything an eight year old girl could ever want. But after a few weeks, I began to hear a voice coming from under the bed. It was raspy and moster-like, but i never thought it was anything that could harm me. It told me it would always protect me and be my friend. Shortly after, my mother had a baby and the voice had stopped talking to me.
    Eventually, when my sister was eight, she retrieved my old bed. It was still in perfect condintion, and my sister seemed to love it as much as I had. The voice never seemed to talk to my sister, and I was glad. My sister did not need a memory of a voice from her bed talking to her.
    One night, I was up late texting my best friend. My sister entered the room, her eyes sunken in a bit like she hadnt got any sleep and her face was pale. In a shaky voice she said, “The voice is scaring me.” 
    I was shocked and rushed to my sister’s room. I got on the floor and reached my hand out to under the bed. I had to stop from screaming when I felt my hand touching skin, and it wasnt normal skin. It was slimy and scaly, and I quickly withdrew my hand. My hand was covered in dry skin that was slimy and gross. 
    “Hello Max.” 
    I jumped when I heard the voice talk to me. I was so scared, and I didnt reply. It didnt say anything else, and I was glad. 
    We convinced my parents to change my sisters bed, and soon everything was back to normal. My sister finally had gotten some sleep and didnt look sick anymore. 
    Then it happened again. My sister was deathly sick, and the voice had come back. There were little marks on her back, and I was disgusted. Something wouldnt leave her alone. 
    Soon, my sister died. I walked into her old room one day and saw a trail of green liquid leading to her bed. I was curious and looked under her bed where the trail ended. I realized it was probably what had killed my sister. 
    I recoiled in horror when I found two pairs of red glowing eyes staring at me from under the bed. I heard a laugh from the voice that made me shiver and in a raspy voice it said: 
    “Im sorry I killed you sister Max. It wasnt intended. And just to tell you, youre next.” 

  • Dead Ringer

    My sister Becky wanted a mobile phone. When she started wanting one, she suddenly hated me.
    I’m no expert, but I’m guessing it’s because I’ve had a mobile phone for three years.
    Whenever I came near her Becky yelled and punches me,and when I talk to her she ignores me. I couldn’t wait for her birthday because I knew what she was getting.
    And I was right.
    On the sixth of May, Becky recieved a diary, a book… and a Blackberry. I’ve never seen her happier, if I’m honest. She rang everyone she knew on my mum’s phone,and gave them her knew number.
    In minutes, she got her first ever text. Squealing with delight, she read it out loud: “Seven Days,” she said, puzzled. “Mum, what does he mean by: ‘Seven Days?'”
    Mum said she didn’t know.
    The next day, our seriously thick uncle came round with Becky’s late birthday present – the DVD called: The Ring.
    It was an 18 but we watched it anyway.
    After the movie, Becky freaked out, saying that the texts meant she had seven days – now six- to live.
    We sighed and told her to calm down.
    She got these texts daay after day.
    Seven Days.
    Six Days.
    Five Days.
    Becky was really worried. We were just tired of her crying, saying that it wasn’t what she thought it was, but she ignored us.
    Three Days.
    Two Days.
    One Day.
    “Zilch.” Becky read the final text out aloud.
    “The texts will stop now,” I told her, “Zilch means zero.”
    “Oh.” Becky murmered. We happened to be home alone at that exact moment, you see.
    And that’s when we heard it – heavy footsteps, walking down the stair.
    I hid behind the sofa, but my sister had different plans – she ran to the door, unlocked it and sprinted down the street. The last thing I remember was hearing a scream, a screech and a splat. The stalker didn’t kill her, but he predicted her death pretty accuratley.

  • Hey SFK, i realized my other post was kind of crappy and lame so im trying again, hope thats okay(: This one is named “New Doll” <3
    A young teenage girl was walking down the dark, quiet streets. She walked past a street light and it's brightness shone on her pale skin. She felt a little tug at her stomach, and her face felt hot. She had no idea why, though. When it was finally many feet behind her she let out a sigh of relief until suddenly someone whispered in her ear. She couldn't understand what they said, but the voice was sour and clenchy. She froze in shock and immediately pulled out a pocket knife and looked around but there was no trace of anyone.
    She called a taxi and whimpered as she gave her location. Once the taxi arrived, she couldn't feel more relieved. She swung open the car door and stooped inside.
    She told the driver her address.
    "Okay.." said the driver.
    "You're such a doll.. the looks, the attitude.." he trailed off.
    The girl narrowed her eyes. That was the voice that she had heard earlier.
    "What's your name young one?"
    She gasped. "My name is Diana Lexington, and I am no young one! I'm 19 and a half!"
    "ooohh. Let us not raise our temper now."
    Diana sighed.
    "Please just drive."
    The driver hit the pedal.
    Diana was annoyed and felt no good around him.
    At last she was at her house. She opened the door and slammed it behind her.
    She stormed into her house, her red hair flowing behind her.
    "Diana, where have you been?" Her mother asked sternly.
    "I'm sorry, mum. I was late to catch my bus."
    "I was so worried.."
    "I'm sorry. Why were you worried?"
    Her mum refused to answer.
    "Just go to bed love. I'll tell you tomorrow when you get home."
    Diana obeyed her mother and went to bed at once.
    The next day she went into school.
    The day went by slowly, and Diana was worn out.
    Before she made it to the bus ramp she heard the voice again.
    "Come get a ride, doll."
    Diana tried to run, but he grabbed her wrist and threw her into the car.
    He drove off and parked in his driveway. He took a knife and stabbed it into her back and pulled it down.
    She screeched in pain, kicking and turning.. He took the knife out. The cut was deep and a handlength.
    He drove to outside Diana's bedroom window and grabbed a ladder and climbed through her window.
    He sat down in a chair and the mum came bursting in and said:
    The man grinned with one hand in the cut in her back, and brushed Diana's hair with his other hand's fingers.
    "What do you think of my new doll?" he asked.

  • Hey SFK:):) Here’s my story “With you”
    My name is Allison, you can call me Ally.
    Do you hear my breathing? As you read this I am trapped in this room.. with you.
    Nobody else can hear me. Only you. You can close your eyes all you want. I will still be here with you. You can get up and leave. You can run away. I will be here.. with you. When you’re walking on a cold winter day and you feel a breeze you know that.. I am here. With you. Do you wish to know why I am here?
    You forgot about me. I am bringing the memory back.. I am your older sister, do you not remember? Of course not..
    The curse..
    I was erased from everyones memory.. The birth certificate, the family photos..
    Don’t worry though. I’m back here.. with you.

  • This story is called check on the baby
    Ok there are two versions of this story, I will tell both.

    1. One night, a young teenager named Clare was babysitting a newborn, when she received a threatening phone call. All she could hear was check on the baby. But, she just sat there, thinking it was a prank call from one of her friends. The next time the phone rang, she got mildly creeped out, and decided to check on the baby. The baby was fine. So, she went back downstairs. Suddenly , from nowhere, a creepy looking man holding a bloody knife and a post it note written in blood saying the baby is dead, appeared In the window. Clare decided she would call the parents.
    So, she did, and the parents picked up the phone and said what’s wrong? Clare said “there’s a creepy man in the downstairs window with a knife”. The parents said, “okay we will call the police”. “Why” asked Clare. ” because that’s not a window, that’s a mirror!” Said the parents.

    2. So, there was this girl called Gemma, who was babysitting a young child. She got a really creepy phone call from a random dude saying “check on the baby.”. So she went upstairs and the baby was fine. Next, she got another phone call so,she checked on the baby, but the baby’s severed head was hanging on the coat peg , and as she slumped against the wall by the coat peg, crying tears of despair, the baby extended it’s neck and bit Gemma on the face.
    But the baby was dead?????

  • This storie is called I’m not scared of you… I’m scared of that thing behind you..

    Regina always had loved pets and animals. She had two cats three dogs and one horse. She loved all of them and all of them loved her. But one day thing mysteriously went wrong. When Regina couldn’t pay for the rent and her animals any more, she decided to move into a house that her friend owened, who was generously not making her pay rent just for essentials to keeping a house hold active, so she pretty much had a free house. It was a giant house, wondering why her friend didn’t like it and wouldn’t have it all to herself, she helped the removilists get all her stuff in. After a week being there she immidiately new something wasn’t right about the house. Normally her cats would always sleep either side of her head but ever since she moved in the would either hiss at her, or stay right away from her, almost cowering away from her. And that’s not all. Her dogs would usually greet her in the morning with half a newspaper in each of there mouths (she didn’t like to read it any way, and she thought it was cute), and sleep at the foot of her bed, but now they slept outside and the newspaper went untouched every day. Now there’s the horse. Regina absolutely loved horses and rode her horse every day , it would come galloping up when ever she was in sight of it, but now it would just shy away from her and not let her catch it, and when she did, it would try and bite her, but for some reason it would always miss and it’s behind her, she nearly died from this horse afew times from its bucking and kicking at her face. Just when she thought things. Opulent get any worse, it did. After about two weeks the pets started turning on each other, the dogs were attacking the cats who he’d ended up being there dinner, the the dogs turned on each other and they all ended up bleeding to death from the wounds, and the horse you say? Well because Regina couldn’t touch it it got lame in its hooves, the structure of its teeth collapesd and it starved to death. Regina was devestated. She loved all her pets and buried them in the yard. She was crying for weeks, and she kept on seeing lurking shadows at the foot of her bed, at either side of her head and in coming very fast towards her, nudging her. Some times she would find the paper in two in the dining room when she came for breakfast. One night she had a dream she was outside and she saw all her dead pets playing together in the yard, then as soon as they saw her, they ran over to her and started being very affectionate. Suddenly a noise that sent a chill down her spine, one she will never forget. A raspy harsh voice whispered in her ear… ” they weren’t scared of you, they were scared of the thing behind you…”. ( hope you like it every one!!)

  • Hi there scaryforkids
    Here is one story:
    Title: Imaginary friends

    When Georgia was four years old she had lots of imaginary friends. Her favorite one was named Celice and they would always play nonstop.

    By the time Georgia was eight years old she got over her imaginary friends. Georgia made real friends and always invited them over.

    One day when Georgia was 15, a car was about to hit her. She felt as if something pushed her out of the way. Thinking it was just her instincts, she didn’t have any other suspicions. She went on with her life not knowing it was Celice.

    Celice started to get angry. When Georgia was 17 and having a sleepover, they heard a tapping at the window outside her room. Georgia thought it was just somebody trying to prank them. She went to go check and saw nobody was there. She then went back into her room.

    Ten minutes later they heard a louder tapping. Georgia got mad and went to go check again. She opened the window and yelled out, “If you knock again I will call the cops!” She closed the window and went back to her room.

    Twenty minutes later a louder tapping was heard at the window. Georgia was scared now so she called the cops and asked them if they could stay on the line because somebody was tapping on her window and she thought they were trying to break in.

    Twenty-five minutes later a louder tapping happened. Georgia put the cops on speaker and went to go check, scared. She didn’t see anything. She slowly walked to her room seeing if they would come back. When she went back into her room she found all her friends were dead.

    Georgia screamed and ran to her parent’s room. She was frightened at the sight. Her dad’s body parts were scattered everywhere and her mom’s body was on her study while her head was on the bed with a note attached.

    Shivering, Georgia grabbed the note. It read, “Hello Georgia, do you want to play? I have had a great time playing with everybody else but I am done playing with them forever. YOUR TURN! signed Celice!

    Georgia was stunned. She turned around and saw a small figure in a green dress with blood splattered on her. She managed to choke out, ” Celice?” Celice gave her a stern look and said, “I played with you all those years and stayed faithful. I even pushed you out of the way of a car and you do this to me. Is this how you repay me?”

    Georgia closed her eyes and counted to five hoping this was all just a dream. When she opened her eyes she was in a room with all the dead bodies. She ran over to the door but it was locked. She called the police again and they answered. She told them a girl had murdered everybody in her house and she was next. The police said they would be there soon.

    Georgia hung up and heard Celice outside saying, “I just want to play Georgia. Come on and let’s play the funnest game ever. DEATH!”

    Georgia turned around and saw Celice holding a knife. Georgia backed up into a dead body. She screamed with all her might but nobody could hear her as she was in the basement of a three story house.

    Celice unlocked the door and said, “It is more fun when I have to play tag.” Georgia ran out but Celice appeared in front of her and stabbed her in the hand saying in a devilish voice, “TAG YOUR IT!” Celice ran off and said, “LETS PLAY HIDE-AND-SEEK!”

    Georgia ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Celice said,” IT IS MORE FUN WHEN THE OTHER PERSON STARTS TO PLAY!” All Georgia could hear was laughter from all directions. She dropped down on her knees and started to cry. She looked up and saw Celice standing right above her saying, “OH DON’T BE A CRY BABY GEORGIA!”

    The cops arrived and Celice disappeared. The police assumed Georgia was the one who did it. She was too shocked to prove them wrong.

    When Georgia’s boyfriend heard about it he researched the history of that house and found out that a girl named Celise was kidnapped and brutally murdered in it, years ago. Soon after that a new family with a five year old daughter moved in and she made imaginary friends with Celice…

  • Ok this is my first story so sorry if its no good
    Werewolf,by gost wolf
    Ok hay come on babe u are so late were allready at the camp site”,well im srry that im a girl and don’t. You want me to look. Good” ya I do.
    were lost. Went we (bang)ahhhhh. Screams Ziegler” shut up and what was that it looked. Like a big dog”I wanna go home nick I’m scared “stop being a wussy. Ill go see what it waz

  • Faceless

    This is a sequel to 3 Taps

    It hadn’t been long since Nate lost his friends to Slenderman. It was now fall about mid October and it been only 2 months since that fateful night in the summer. In order to help himself recover from the incident he went on a church retreat that was supposed to help a bunch juneviles get on the right track. He was nervous because the last camp had a small buliding with two rooms one for guys and girls. The guys had screwed around the entire time by banging on windows and one night when there was pillow fight some of the girls got back at the guys by sneaking like the huys did and Nate thought it was Slenderman. He was supposed to be in charge of the guys. Two other guys in charge Danny and Andrew were church friends of Phil. The one in charge of the girls Andrea. There were also adults to keep both of them in line. They stayed in place with 2 dorms one for guys one or for girls. It was lovely in the fall. You could see mess hall across the grass You had to take small path in the woods to get to the mess hall but it was worth it as it had 2 tories and a gorgeous view of the camp’s lake. The woods themselves had tons of paths and one of them had a 2 story fort for rope and rock climbing and stuff.

    The fist night after lights out 2 of the boys Cody and Brad snuck out to see a deserted shack at the edge of the woods. 2 other couples Jake and Emily and Meredith and Tim decided to get intimate and came along. They snuck out to the abandoned shack and after a while Jake and Emily and Meredith and Paul got bored. Brad and Cody banged on the front door in an attempt to get inside. The door opened without any issue and black tentacles emerged from the darkness and sucked them in.

    Emily and Jake were walking around a ravine when they heard their names called. They walked into the direction of the voice and were both pulled away by black tentacles. Meredith and Tim went into the woods behind the main building they heard their names coming from someone by the exercise fort. They thought it was a prank and were also sucked away by black tentacles.

    Danny, Andrew, and Nate were asleep in their bunks. It was a warm night so they had their window open. They heard someone shouting help me and it sounded like Meredith’s voice. He woke up Danny and they went outside. They went the back door and saw Brad’s face looking at them from the side. They opened the door and then saw Cody’s face peering at them from around the corner. They followed it but he was gone. Another voice that sounded like Emily was coming from the other direction. Danny went towards the old shack and Andrew towards the training fort.

    Danny heard it coming from a ravine. He went towards it and saw Meredith and Tim’s body lying facedown he turned them over to see they had no face. He still heard Meredith saying help me coming from the ravine. He looked down and saw her face grinning up at him before being pulled down by black tentacles. Andrew heard Emily’s voice coming from the traing fort. He saw her at the 2nd floor. He climbed the ropes and was pulled up by black tentacles.

    Andrea heard bnging on the back door and went to investigate only to see Danny’s face looking in. He seemed to have a suit on. She opened it only to be attacked by black tentacles however she had Bible with her and he couldn’t touch her. He fled and Andrea followed it but he disappeared . One of the adults heard a banging on the back door and looked to see Andrew’s face there. He was in a suit for some reason. He opened it to let him in and was dragged away by black tentacles. Nate heard his screaming and woke up to see something fleeing into the woods from the back. He went out the side door at the end of the dorm. to catch it. Andrea heard it too and they cornered it. It was him. Slenderman. He had no choice but to flee since they both had Bibles. He vanished into nothingness in a puff of black smoke. In the morning Nate and Andrea noticed the door to the shack open. They went in there and saw a horrible sight. The bodies of their friends were there but their faces were completely gone.

  • hi I have a clown story enjoy’

    lilly hated clowns. She also had a phobia of them. But her younger brother loved them. He had a clown toy always sitting on his bed so one night she went passed her brothers room and their it was sitting there just looking at her, she got really anoyed at it and tryed to burn day there was a circus in had to go with her family.she didn’t want as sthey were in a queue she saw one partculer clown upset just staring at her,she shrugged and went on. When they were goin bak home on a forsety road she then saw that clown again. She blinked and it was gone,she thpught she must of immangined it. Then when she was bout to get ready for bed she could hear a clown laughing,and then there he was outside her bedroom window. She shut the curtains and locked the doors and windows, at midnight she heard those noises again she opended the door and wispered mum and dad in their room. No responce, she did it again.not responce,she could then hear creakin behind her,she looked. And saw the clowns shape .then saw Her parents skinned alive.she cryed and then ran downstairs, she got on her bike and went to the police station, the police went to there her parents were not their. Went to her brothers room and on his hands were blood,she screamed and all a long never did she knew that her own brother was a clown and the muderah of her parents

  • A little girl named Ashley had a stuffed rabbit she’d always loved. She took it to the mall, the movies, anywhere. It was made of velvet and stuffed with the softest fluff you’ve ever seen. Around the age of six, Ashley began experiencing nightmares. In these nightmares, she’d be sitting in her bed, when a shadowy figue would appear and snatch away her beloved rabbit. The more often she had these nightmares, she began to develop a habit of chewing on the rabbit when she was scared, upset, or confused. One night, the dream was especially bad, and she wound up screaming. In the dream, the monster had taken the stuffed animal and ripped it open. She began to chew on the rabbit’s paw like always. That day, Ashleys mother noticed that her daughter looked ill, and she complained of her mouth feeling funny. Her mother noticed that the rabbit looked different as well. She took the rabbit and examined it. She found a seam ripper, and tore open the rabbit’s back. She gasped. It was stuffed with bleach.

  • Halloween : by Hugbug2012. ” Hello, my name is Christopher. I’m so exited since its Halloween! Oh, it looks like its time to leave!” . As Christopher was leaving he grabbed his candy bucket. Christopher walked down the street to find a house to get his treats from, but all of the houses were abandoned! Christopher was a very aggressive boy and always was rowdy. He was 16 years old. ” What a horrible Halloween.” Christopher thought. ” All of the houses are abandoned, heck, they’re aren’t any people along the streets!”. Christopher just decided to break down a door of one of the houses. As he examined all of the houses, he found the perfect one. It was a small, red house. As Christopher broke down the door, he found the family hidden in the closet. He ripped them each apart and put their remains in his bucket. Yes, Christopher was a zombie all along, this is the zombie appocolapse.

  • hi guys this is my story, its called ring a ring a roses: there was a girl who had blonde pigtails who was round bout 10yrs old, she was a spolt girl and was very mean. She would scare her classmates by telling horror storries. So one hallaween night she called all of the girls in her class and with the 1 candle . She told them how a girl would haunt these bathrooms at hallaween, and would search the one who had decived her at playing ring a ring a roses, they had sighned a letter saying they would give their soul to the devil in exchange for a game of ring a ring a roses,and the 1 who had did the deal killed the girl. Then suddnly all the girls go scared and ran to their parents. The mean girl was all along laughing then the flame went out. She got scared and opended the door but it wouldn’t then the ghost appered saying you are the one. To this day the 2 ghosts haunt the building with one laughing and the other screaming

  • By CuteKittenz

    Don’t mess with the Devil

    A few years ago, in 2007, there was a young woman called Emily. She always had her hair tied up, and she had lightly tanned skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

    Her mother had a lot of loans unpaid, and she could no longer support Emily and her health, so she took out the money she had saved for Emily in the bank and gave it to her. Emily had just graduated from College, so she had approval to rent a house.

    It was the day for her to leave. She had all her bags packed and it was time to say goodbye. As her mother came to say goodbye next to her car, they both got misty eyes and started to cry. They gave each other a big hug, and as she was about to hop in her car, she saw her mother put something in the boot of her car, follow by writing a text to somebody on her daughters phone.

    ” What was that? ” Emily asked ” Oh, I just put in a little picture of us together, when you were 5 and wrote a little message to a person I hired with some extra change at what time to pick you up ” she replied, ” Ok, well, I should start going before the traffic clogs up ” ” Ok, goodbye darling “. They both hugged each other again before Kelly, Emily’s mum threw her the car keys and Emily revved up the engine. ” I’ll be back soon if we’re lucky ” Emily shouted down the highway.

    4 Hours later, Emily’s navigator started beeping to show her the directions to her destination. She eyed it excitedly and added 10 miles to what was her current speed. She soon arrived at 13 Rosewood Street, Florida A33 2KL and there was a man standing beside the gate. He was about 38, with brown hair and green eyes, quite fit looking, and wearing a suit that had a small logo on it. Emily realised it was the logo of the house owners, Rosewood Housers LTD.

    He gave her a small wave and helped her take her bags in. Emily only had 1/3 of the house, as it had been divided into 3 apartments, she was to rent the top of the house. ” So, you must be Emily ” he exclaimed, smiling in a forced looking way. ” Why yes, I am ” Emily responded, ” you must be the man my mom hired to show me around the house ” Emily assumed. ” Well, I wasn’t really hired, I have to show people the house anyway ” ” Oh ” sighed Emily, a little disappointed after thinking her mom’s wages were a little more affluent, and that she had paid for him to show her about. ” Well, should I show you around now? ” he asked ” Yes, yes please ” she exclaimed

    It was a little dark outside, about as dark as Emily’s eyes, which were actually quite light, but still dark enough to cover the small details. First he took her around the street, which was largely packed with houses.

    ” Over here at the end of the street is the sports centre, where there are three different gyms for different sports ” he announced, pointing to the white and square – shaped building, ” I’ll definitely go there ” she said, smiling a dazzling smile. ” Then over there lives the Canthy family, and Treechoy family, also over there is the Cole, the Barnaby, the Rufus and Adabar family ” he went on, pointing here, there and everywhere. Then there was a long pause before a crooked hand pointed to a dark, colourless and atmospheric house, ” And that, is Ruskin Hawthork’s house ” he warily warned. ” Nobody wants to go there anymore, not since… ” he would not continue ” Well anyway, you should go to the apartment now, you’re sharing it with some really nice neighbours, they’ll help you round the city, bye ” he shouted down the street as he walked ” Bye ” she answered.

    It was the second day, and Emily needed help unpacking. Trust me, she had a LOT of stuff, she called for her neighbours downstairs who helped her. They were a couple, and they actually owned the other two thirds of the house. They both looked mostly the same, Brown hair, Blue eyes, quite pale with freckly skin, a little older than Emily, and their names clinked perfectly. Their names were Luna and Liam, which Emily thought were just perfect, and she wished she could meet that special someone.

    While Luna was sorting out the stuff in Emily’s bedroom, Liam came over to Emily and said ” look, I run a newspaper business and I need someone to give them out in the neighbourhood, I know you’ve literally just moved here, and you should still be settling in but we really need somebody to be a papergirl for us ” he sighed. Emily gave Liam one of her dazzling smiles and three words came out of her mouth

    ” I’d love to ”

    ” Great ” he smiled. ” Could you maybe start tomorrow? But just do one batch today, because we have loads in stock ” he questioned, ” sure ” she said, in a voice that sounded like singing. ” Great, 6 o’clock is ok? I’ll just give you six of them today, drop them off at any house you see, everybody in this little town knows about our business, and, we have another paperboy, Calvin, you’ll see him around that time too ” ” Yeah, six is great, he sounds like a nice guy ” she exclaimed.

    At that moment Luna came in ” so, Emily is going to be our new papergirl? ” she asked. ” New? ” Emily inquired, her brows going further down than ever before in confusion. ” Our old papergirl was the daughter of Ruskin, she would never speak or pay attention, just stare into the blueness of the air, then after you would scream and shout at her for hours, she’d just open her mouth and let out a sound like aa-oo-aa-oo in a whispery tone, like she was trying to communicate with something, then one day she attacked the neighbour who used to live in your current apartment, but she died in hospital because of blood loss ” answered Liam, frowning. ” Oh ” said Emily, a little taken aback ” Well, is Ruskin a nice person? ” once again she inquired, ” Well, when we moved here as freshman graduators, he was a really cheery person, always greeting people down the street, bringing his daughter to all the parties, she was a really nice person too ” exclaimed Luna ” And then all of a sudden, they became very silent and disconnected from society, they would just stand there at that window ” she pointed across the street at where the house was and sure enough, there was a man standing there, staring directly at them ” his daughter was arrested ” she added. ” And then one day, he came over to our house, he told us that we were evil, and we deserved each other, of course, we weren’t together then, and we both owned 1/3 of the house, the last third was bought by the murdered lady above ” they both added ” We thought about what he said, and then we decided we did like each other, so we got it converted by the community centre into two thirds of this house, and eventually got married ” Liam announced, wrapping his arms around Luna.

    ” Are you thinking of having children? ” Emily wondered, scared that if they did she would be alone for a while in the house, having to deal with Ruskin Hawthork. ” No, we’re happy right now, but we do always think about it, and we get near that step sometimes ” Luna mumbled, turning to face Liam and smiling. As they hugged about for a few minutes Emily went around the house, looking at how they had helped her, it looked beautiful, the bedroom had her books stacked on shelves, the bathroom had shampoos ladled on the sink stand and a nice square show and bath. I couldn’t of asked for more, Emily told herself as she cheerily skipped back into the living room where they both stood talking ” Ah herm ” I coughed at them, their heads turning in perfect timing. ” Its nearly 4, I should start getting ready to chuck the papers in peoples yards ” I joked, ” sure ” they both agreed ” Thank you for helping me, you don’t know how much I appreciate it ” I thanked them. ” No worries ” they both said ” It was our pleasure and we’ll see you at six “

  • I worked really hard on this story and hope to see it on this website. The House: One day, a family moved into a new house. They ate dinner and went to bed. While the mother was sleeping, her son came into her room crying. She asked him what was wrong and he said a man with red eyes was in his room. So she went into his room to make sure nobody was in there. There wasn’t, so she put him back to bed. 15 minutes later, her son came back into her room saying that the man in his room now had a long, butcher knife. She started to get scared, so she went back in to see if anybody was there. Still, nobody was there and she put him back to bed. An hour later, she heard noise coming from her son’s room. The mother went into the room and turned on the light. She was greeted by a horrifying sight. Her son was face-down on the floor with a pool of blood spreading around him. She ran downstairs and into the kitchen. When she got to the kitchen, she picked up a chef’s knife and tried to call the police. But it was no use, the telephone cord was cut. After seeing that, she ran to the living room. In the living room she turned on the light. Her husband was hanging by his tie. The tie acted as a noose and his face was all purple and red. Written on the wall in blood were the words: YOUR NEXT. She ran into the hallway just in time to hear footsteps coming down the stairs and the scraping of a knife on the wall.

  • (Sorry needed to edit a few parts.)

    They call her Itami
    “OOF!” I stumbled off my skateboard as the little girl bumped into me, her bags tearing up.
    “Hey, Watch where you’re going!” I said.
    “S-Sorry. It was an accident.”
    As I help her up, I can see the fear in her eyes.
    “Hey… Sorry, man. Im Michael.” I say to her softly, handing over dropped books and papers to her.
    “I’m Itami.” She says as she pushes her glasses back on her nose. She spoke with a light Japanese accent.
    “You’re not from here are you?” I chuckled.
    “I can tell. Wanna walk to school together?” I offered, smiling.
    “N-No thank you!”
    My smile faded. It was a dangerous neighborhood. No one ever wandered to school alone.
    “Y-You sure?” I started, with a concerned look on my face.
    “I’m sure.” She spoke softly, and started to run off.
    I sighed, and ventured over to Jason’s house to walk to school.
    “And so, that concludes this lesson of the Biosphere.” Everyone was packing up and getting ready for next period. By the time everyone was gone, me and Itami were the only ones in the room.
    I sorted out my books in the organized position (I’m a neat freak, don’t ask.) and headed to the door. I looked back. Itami wasn’t moving out of her desk.
    She looks at me and blinks. “Hm?”
    “Aren’t you leaving for next period?”
    “Oh, right.” she got up and slowly walks out of the room. Practically like a zombie.
    I sighed and headed to Social Studies.
    Everyone was seated for roll call as Mrs.Hansen called out names.
    The door swung open and Itami appeared, she slowly walks over to an empty seat and sits. slowly chewing on something in her mouth.
    I felt a weak sensation slowly overpowering me as I closed my eyes.
    “H-Here.” I said slowly as I fell asleep.
    I had a strange feeling about Itami. Whenever she was around, I fall asleep, she never spoke or moved, and she always disappears at the end of the day. Suspicious, I stayed after school to “Do Extra Credit”. I hid in the bathrooms until everyone was gone.
    I slowly peered out of the bathroom door, and stepped out. I grinned evilly. First things first.
    After I drew a mustache on Mrs.Stubbs’s photo, created a mess in the art room, and played with the equipment in the computer lab, I went to the Secretary desk, where all the attendance, tardiness, and student lists were.
    I sat at the computer, and typed in ‘Student lists.’ all the lists of the houses popped up.
    I searched up ‘Itami.’
    ‘No Results Found.’
    Hm, well she could’ve just moved here. Maybe she hadn’t been put in the system yet.
    I jumped about 20 feet in the air. “what the h-”
    A janitor was standing there, with a flushed face and arms crossed.
    “Oh.. Sorry, sir…” I smiled weakly and slowly walk off, where I trudge home and get a two week grounding, no dinner and going to bed early.
    So much for being a detective.
    The next day, Itami wasn’t there.
    I was wide awake, answered questions, average day.
    Until after school.
    I stayed after a little bit for detention (I was making fart noises in math), I gathered my stuff. It felt like someone was staring at me.
    I looked behind me, and jumped a little.
    Itami was standing there, staring at me blankly.
    I looked at her. “What are you staring at?”
    She didn’t answer. She continued staring.
    “I said, What are you star-”
    “Do you know what my name means?” She asks.
    I was a little startled at her question. She asks it all of a sudden. “N-No.” I managed to get out.
    She stares a bit longer, turns, and walks away.
    waiting until she got to a certain distance, I followed her.
    She exits the building. I exit the building.
    She trudges out to the corner of the street and turns left. Then, she turns to another corner and enters a neighbor hood. She stops at a blue-green colored house.
    I read the address number.
    666 The End Drive.
    Strange. The house had a mixture of odd corners in weird places and jagged glass in rounded areas. Itami disappears inside.
    I followed her inside.
    I now regret my decision.
    The place wasn’t just like any other house. The house looked like a bloody asylum. With pictures of a family. Itami’s family. In each one, there was one family member missing. It was first a father, mother, brother and Itami. The second was the mother, brother and Itami. Then the brother, and Itami.
    The last picture was horribly frightening.
    It was a picture of Itami. She was expressionless with cold eyes, and for some reason, in old slacks. In one hand, she was carrying the severed heads of her dead family members. In the other, was a baseball bat, and a knife.
    “My name is Misery.”
    I jumped and whirled around.
    No one there.
    “My name means Misery.”
    I heard the voice again.
    I see a near-by knife in the living room. I grabbed it, not caring who’s blood it had on it.
    “I am Miserable.”
    She is right in front of me, with black eye sockets. her face was deathly pale and emotionless.
    I screamed and held up the knife.
    She chuckled and, with one swift move, the knife was now at my throat.
    I was breathing heavily, sweat dribbling down my forehead;scared as hell. I didn’t know what to do. Screaming for her to let go, I struggled fighting her.
    She puts her hand around my throat.
    “Come on, now. try to breathe.”
    I couldn’t. she was closing her hand around my throat, tighter and tighter.
    “Do you know why I’m miserable????” She mumbled in a demonic voice. ‘ I suffer from abuse from my parents. My brother got the most attention because he was the second born.”
    She scratches my eye, causing me to screech in pain, and cringe.
    “So they tried to kill me. They tried to kill me because they only wanted one child. I know, because they offered me poison and stuffed me into a tight cup board. I hated them. So much. And I make people suffer the way I did”. The knife was inching closer and closer to my throat.
    I slapped her face.
    She wails in pain, and lets go of my throat.
    I quickly get up, throw the knife at Itami, and flee. I hear her screech as I bolt away, tears streaming down my face as I ran.
    I arrive at my house, my mother staring at me in shock.
    “Hi, Michael. What happened to your neck?? and eye?”
    “Someone-tried-strangling me.”
    “A girl at my school. Itami. She lives on 666 The End Street-”
    “What are you talking about?” My sister, Janie said.
    “I’m talking about a girl name Itami who lives on The End Street.”
    What my sister said next made my spine grow cold, and made sleepless nights for me.
    “There is no girl name Itami, or a street called End Street.”
    (Arigato, Everyone! Um.. The end was pretty predictable, but I spent two days writing this story and worked REALLY hard!! I really really hope you enjoyed it! Sayōnara, everybody!)

  • candy from a smiling man

    It was dark stormy night .lightning whipped at the trees and thunder roared like a lion.
    Ruby tried to sleep,but the storm was very loud and scary.
    Being only seven she wanted to be with her parents but they were out on date.
    ruby looked out her window,it was very dark outside.
    Suddenly there was a flash of light and ruby made out a face with a huge toothy grin and large bloodshot eyes.
    She felt scratching on her door.
    And heard a voice “don’t be scared,wanna come out and play,I have lots of sweets”
    “I’m scared of the dark she replied”
    The man fell silent for a moment “oh that’s to bad I really wanted to give some Sophie candy” he said finely.
    “What’s Sophie candy”ruby asked
    “I name my candy after my friends”the man replied.
    The storm was dying down and the girl fell asleep before she could reply.

    The next day Ruby’s parents were home.she did not tell them about the man she desided she was dreaming and if it were real there parents wouldn’t of believed her.
    In the afternoon her parents went out again to buy Ruby some birthday present after all It was only a fortnight away.

    Ruby watched tv while she waited for them to return.when she went to get a blanket from her room she saw a bag that said Sophie candy.she eat them all and noticed they tasted salty and were squishy and had some kind of red sticky surip inside.then she heard a scratching on the window.she went up to the window and saw the smiling man.
    “Wanna come out and plaaaaaaay,I have lots of candy,I noticed you enjoyed Sophie candy.time I brought some Johnny candy”
    “Okay ill play for a little bit thank you for the Sophie candy and the Johnny candy”
    The girl went outside and the man lead her into the woods.”this is my fun place” he said as they walked.

    When they arrived ruby had eaten all the Johnny candy.
    “What’s ur name”the man asked
    “I’m ruby who are you”she replied
    “Heheheh you can call me the smiling man,I’m ALWAYS smiling heheheheh”
    Mr smiles began to laugh and walked into a shed hidden behind a large bush.
    “I’m going to get my happy stick so we can play” he said
    When he return he was wielding an axe.
    Before ruby could scream he killed her and chopped her into tiny pieces.
    The girls body was never found.

    Fiona was awoken by scratching on window she turned to see a smiling man
    “Wanna come out and play,iv got lots of candy,I name the candy after my friends this candy is called Ruby candy.”fiona ate the candy,it tasted salty,it was squishy and had some kind of red Syrup inside.

    They say The smiling man escaped an insane asylum long ago and is always searching for victims.

  • In the middle of the school year, Sally and her friend Kate decided to play a game, so Sally would go to her friend’s house after school. When the bell rung, Sally packed up her supplies and walked outside.Kate started to talk about the game, but it wasn’t fully explained. The sky turned pale and it seemed like it was getting late and Kate was already ahead. She tried to catch up, but there was no sight of Kate anywhere. She remembered her friend Kate told her she lived past the forest, and told her to be careful of poisonous snakes that will make you hysterical. She nearly laughed at the idea, but she still regretted going into the forest. Luckily, she found a pathway into the woods, but she wondered if she should go back, because it was getting dark.As she trudged through fields of weed, she started to get a bit paranoid about the sounds of the dark woods that taunted her.She still kept strong and continued following the path. When she heard crunching noises behind her, she started to pick up her pace, which followed a whole lot of running . She then closed her eyes tightly and thought of happy thoughts, but even those kinds of thoughts didn’t help.When she finally ran out of the woods, she felt relieved. She turned away from the woods and saw a big house. It was on a slightly steep hill and her friend Kate was in front of it, on her lawn. Sally was really mad at her for going head, but it was completely worthless and she didn’t really feel like talking about it. When they both met up with each other, they started talking about what game should they play as they headed up to Kate’s house.They both decided to play hide and seek, but both of them didn’t want to be it. When they both sat down for a while, they were starting to get bored. When Sally was just about to leave, Kate decided to be it. Sally had a head start to look for hiding places, but it was pretty spacious on all three levels. Sally finally chose a room and hid under the bed. She looked around and found the room a bit weird. The walls were painted of a dark forest and the bed looked crooked and more old than all the other beds. I started to get creeped out, because it was like the forest she went through.She started panicking when all the lights turned off and everything turned realistic. The noises that lay around her and the illusions of creatures and ravaging beasts. Everything was coming closer and she felt she lost her own self into an endless path wandering through dark places that would never exist. She could feel adrenaline into her head and she would lay in a cold coffin of fear. Kate heard a noise in that same room, and all the lights were on. She opened the door and was shocked at the sight that hung still in her eyes. Her friend had blacked out, and not only she looked like she was attacked, but there was a bunch of bite marks on both of her legs.

    (I would like advice if there is any, because I really need it.)

  • Record 13
    A family moved into a house that was supposedly haunted. There wasn’t any evidence of paranormal activity until a young boy found a record in the attic. It was in a box of old items that were dusty and broken. He found another box labeled “DO NOT OPEN: RECORD 13”. He opened it anyways. Particals of first fell of the lid as the boy opened it. It repeated a single broken record. Three weeks later, he found a turntable. He played the record and in a few minutes, he found out he had made the worst mistake of his life. At first, there was no sound. Then, there was a deathly wail and it was silent again. An obscure shadow materialized in the back of the room.
    It began to chase the boy. He ran down from the attic thinking that it would kill him. When he looked ahead, he saw the house was on fire. He then ran downstairs and immediately wished he hadn’t. There lahe rest of his family, dead. He ran outside and saw that the whole neighborhood was on fire At this sight, he went crazy and ran back and forth, panicking. He slipped in a puddle and broke his neck and died onthe the burning pavement.

  • 3 Taps

    Phil and his brother Ben, Steve ad his brother Billy, and their friends Nate, Johnny, Coiin, Ian, and James were going to camp out. Phil was too scared to camp out in the woods behind Nate’s and his house because last time he swore he saw something and thn omething rocked Nate’s camper and shook it violently. At one point the camper was apparently lifted off the ground by an unseen force. Nate who was a 100% pure Christian told them there was nothing to be afraid of and Phil never saw anything and that they were in an earthquake. No report of any earthquake was on the news, or the weather station’s website, or in newspaper.

    They were gathering firewood and roasting marshmallows and talking and laughing. When they heard a coyote howling. The rest went into the tent and Phil took his gun and went to go scare it off since shooting them was illegal in those woods. “Wait for 3 taps on the tent Phil said if you hear movement but not the tapping don’t open the tent”. He grabbed a pop out of the cooler they brought with them and walked off. Phil was gone for 20 minutes then they heard someone or something he scream. “It’s either one of Phil’s pranks or the coyote fleeing. That or he was dumb enough to shoot it” Nate said. A while passed and soon they heard tapping on the tent. 1, then 2, then 3. “That’s Phil” Steve said. It was on coming from the top of the screen. James being one of besides Colin the tallest went to lift the flap. Then he lifted it back up with a look of firight on his face. “That isn’t Phil. It’s a man in a suit and he has no face”.

    “Yeah right” Steve said. He got up and completely unlifted the flap so they all saw him. They recognized “him” or maybe even “it” right away. Phil liked to tease them with stories about him and pretended he saw him. Slenderman. He walked over to the tent and proceeded to open the screen. Colin grabbed an empty soda can and threw it at him. It went through “it” and a black tentacle shout out from “it’s” body and grabbed Coiin carrying him off. Steve and James decided to try and tackle Slenderman. They rushed out of the opening of the tent but couldn’t find him. Two black tentacles then shot out at them grabbing them both. There was only one option left for the remaining 4 to run for their lives. They spilt up Ben and Hohnny running one way and Nate and Billy the other. Nate heading back towards Steve and Billy’s house to get him to safety and Ben and Johnny headed towrds the road. It was night and they didn’t have flashlights and all their phones were left in the tent. Ben and Johnny couldnt see where they were going let alone each other. Ben went one way Johnny went the other and neither knew what happened to each other. By the time they realized what happened it was too late. Ben ended up in the river, Johnny in a thicket of thornbushes. Ben felt somehing slimy grab his ankle before he was pulled into the river. Johnny felt something slimy reach through the thicket before he was grabbed by the neck.

    Nate and Billy were alomst at the fork in the woods that went down the path that halfway to the house. When they got to the 4 way fork, Slenderman was there waiting for them. Nate being the only one smart enough to bring something with him pulled out a Bible while Billy held on to him. Slenderman tried to grab them but the Bible kept the tentacles from touching Nate or Billy. Nate held it out till Slenderman was forced to give up and dissolved into a dark mist. Then he walked Billy down the path. Before they could reach home a black tentacle came out the bushes and grabbed Billy and pulled him into the night. Nate couldn’t explain to their parents or the police what happened that night. The police searched for a while but couldn’t find their bodies. Other than Nate none of them were ever seen again.

  • No Swimming

    Colton was an excellent swimmer and was probably the best on the varsity team. He won state swim meets for Florida a bunch of times. He was a senior and also liked a girl on the senior team Brandy. They got long great and he also got along wth her friends Mackenzie and Katie but her friend Linday was not so nice and neither was Brandy’s boyfriend Cameron mainly because they were also rivals on the team and constantly competed against each other and he was aware of his crush on his girl and often got his buddies all on the swim team Jeff and Shawn,. Jeff was dating Mackenzie and Shawn was dating Lindsay. They constantly bullied Colton and played pranks on him. They wpuls shove him into the pool then wrestle him and try to dunk him etc when the coach wasn’l looking. One day Coloton and his dad went hunting in a radiation infested swamp. Authorities were unaware of this and didn’t close it off. A radiotion ingested alligator bit Colton and he was sent to the hospital. After a while he suddenly disappeared from the hospital.

    Brandy along with Mackenzie, Katie, and Lindsay, along with Cameron, Jeff, and Shwawn stayed after practice to swim in the high school pool. Cameron decided to play with Brandy and she bumped her head on the side causing ther be knocked out. They ran fo help but Katie and Mackenzie stayed. They watched a dark shape come from the ents and bring Brandy to the pool deck. It climbed out in its hind legs and gentky set her down. Then it jumped back into the pool and swam away. When Barndy came to she didn’t remember anything but Mackenzie and Katie said it resmbled an alligator. The guys said they were nuts. Everybody there were no alligators around that part of Florida.

    THey started stories of a man-gator, or gator man. Brandy, Mackenzie, and Katie stayed away from the pool after hours because of that. Cameron, Shawn, Jeff and Lindsay were again there after hours when Lindsay swores she saw red eyes in the vent and left with Shawn. Mackenzie joined her to calm her down but Jeff stayed. Suddenly they saw a giant shape that looked an alligator or rather a bunch of alligators come out of the vent. They tried to flee but there were too many. THe biggest one apparently the leader had big green eyes and really long teeth. He grabbed Cameron and tore him to shreds. Jeff was torn to shreds by the ret of the alligatros. Their friends heard their screams and saw the alligators flee.

    Mackenzie and Katie were onviced that it was Colton and since he liked Brandy he saved her but since he hated Cameron and Jeff he killed them. NO SWIMMING UNAUTHORIZED signs were posted on the pool door after that. Lindsay and Shawn thought it was nonsense since there were no alligators around that part of Florida. Shawn and LIndsay went swimming in a lake and Lindsay felt something pull her down and Shawn tried to save her but attacked by a bunch of alligators. Both were torn to shreds. after that No Swimming signs were posted there. Witnesses saw the alligators attacking but the local authorities. didn’t believe them. Everybody there were no alligators in that part of Florida…

  • -The Ice Cream Man-
    Once, there was a bad young man named Johnny. He pranked his treachers with cruel jokes. He started fights in school, often getting punished. However, it had no effect on him. Johnny just kept getting meaner and meaner. He also would go to parties instead of studying like he was supposed to. This way, he had failing grades. His mother kept saying “Johnny, just be a good boy for once!” And with that, she would break down and cry. Johnny just laughed and kept being the delinquent he was.
    One night at a party, Johnny was talking with his friends when one of them brought up the Ice Cream Man. Johnny smirked. “You don’t beileive that stuff, do you? Only little babies beleive it.” His friend frowned and ignored him.
    ” Johnny, you’ve got to improve your act, or the Ice Cream Man will get you. I’ll trll you guys about the legend.”
    Ignoring Johnny’s insults, his friend told about the legend.
    ” The Ice Cream Man is supposed to be a man who would drive the ice cream truck around the neighborhood. He was a cool guy, and he was really nice, too.
    One day, he heard that his wife died of a heart attack. He couldn’t believe it. Other than his job, his wife was everything.
    A little while after, people say his sanity snapped. He drive the truck around like a madman, and got involved in cannibalism. He would lure kids to his van, then chop off their heads and scoop out their entrails with an ice cream scoop. The van drives around now at midnight. If you dare walk around then, you can hear a man driving around singing ‘I am the Ice Cream Man, running over bad kids with my van. I am the Ice Cream Man, I have a bloody knife in my hand..’
    If you hear him, run home as fast as you can, especially if you are a bad kid.” He glared at Johnny. ” Or else..he will lure you to his van and chop off your head.” He finished speaking and left home. Johnny shook his head and laughed. “That will never happen.”
    At around midnight, the party ended and Johnny left for home. Shortly after turning the curb, he could hear an ice cream truck zoom by a few blocks away. Jhonny glanced for a moment, then cursed himself for being a wuss. He started walking again when he heard a man..singing. Johnny ignored it and kept walking. However, he felt the hairs on his neck go up and felt his hands sweat with fear. He whistled to himself and kept walking faster. He heard the man singing, the words closer. “I am the Ice Cream Man..” Johhny ran this time. He heard the veichle’s ice cream tune, and tripped on the sidewalk.
    As Johnny got up and brushed off his pants, he heard a voice behind him say, “Want some ice cream?” As Johnny looked back, the last thing he saw was a bloody knife.

  • Sorry! There were allotttt of spelling mistakes like years is meant to be tears
    And that beau thing is meant to be bear
    Thanks and sorry
    Kay bye

  • Sup! I’m kinda new here so ya I haven’t
    Thought of a title yet so feel free to choose
    One for me :)!

    “Please help!? Is anyone there??? PLEASE!”
    Okay let me start from the beginning…
    It was a really nice day-not too hot and not to cold.
    So me and my friend and her younger brother set off
    to camp
    “Oh my gosh!!” Jessie complains. “Why did we have to bring
    HIM” she says for the hundredth time pointing at her little brother Sammy
    “Well… you have been asking that the whole entire trip!” And YOUR parents said to take him not me!” I say quite annoyed
    “Are we there yet?” Sammy asks
    “NO now shut up squirt” Jessie snaps at her brother
    “Do you want me to tell mum?” Sammy threatens holding the phone
    “Okay fine sorry!” Jessie apologises
    “Finally we’re here!” I say as we pull up into the forest. “Let’s set up….Here!” I say exploring the forest.
    “My feet are sore and I need to go to the toilet!!” Sammy complains
    “Go behind a tree” Jessie tells him unloading the ute.
    “Are you kidding me?” Sammy prods the tyre with his foot
    As we start pitching the tent up we hear a cold laughter
    Sammy starts edging closer to his sister “W-w-what was that?” He stammered
    “Probably just kookoobarras” I say assuring him
    Sammy doesn’t look convinced
    As soon as the tent is done we all start up the fire.
    “Do you want to hear some scary stories?” Jessie asks
    “YES!” Sammy shouts excitedly
    “Well ask Liggie coz I don’t know any…”
    “You sure you wanna hear it?” I ask
    Sammy nods
    “Okay but don’t come running to us if you pee in your sleeping bag!” I say
    “Well legend has it that out in the forest there used to be a house
    where a woman and her baby used to live. They all say she was a witch! Tricking children
    into thinking that she lost her beloved child they would help her find her baby
    and she would then disappear and then-
    “Okay that is really boring and not scary AT all!” Sammy says yawning
    “Don’t be rude!” Jessie says flicking her brother on the ear
    “Ow! I’m going to bed!”
    “Yeah me two!”
    “Me three!”
    Then there it is again another laugh more louder this time!
    “Kookoobarras” I say
    “But it’s already dark!” Sammy disagrees
    Suddenly we hear someone calling the name Alice
    We then hear hysterical crying.
    “Jessie! Jessie wake up!” I say shaking we awake
    “Mmm what?” She says sleepily
    “There’s someone out there! They’re crying!” I whisper
    Jessie suddenly sits up really fast
    “What? Someone’s out…There?”
    “Should we go help?” I ask heading for the tent door
    She suddenly grabs my arm “Remember? Stranger Danger!”
    I ignore her and start zipping open the door.
    “Hello?! I-I-is anyone there?” I shout into the distance
    Jessie is killing herself laughing. We suddenly see a dark figure walking towards us
    I hold my lamp out and see a young very pale woman standing there wearing a probably once white blouse
    with a long brown skirt that had rips and tears with muddy black sandals. Her makeup was all smudged and mascara was running down her face. She had emerald green eyes and her brown hair was in a loose bun that had lots of twigs and sticks in it. She had obviously been crying for a very long time.
    “Oh I have lost my daughter Alice. You haven’t seen her have you?” She asks then suddenly collapsing into a fit of years
    “Umm sorry no we haven’t” Jessie speaks up
    “Could you please help me find her?? She is my only child and and and-” She starts wailing again
    “What are we meant to do? With…her!?” Jessie asks gesturing towards the woman
    “I don’t know! Lets just help her okay?” I tell Jessie
    Jessie pulls a disapproving look
    “We will help you find Alice.” I say gently to the women
    “Thank you!!! OH THANK YOU!!” She says giving us both beae hugs even though she is so small and skinny.
    “Please follow me! The last place she was seen was walking towards my house in the forest”
    Jessie starts looking a little worried and looks back at the tent which is now 100 metres away.
    “What about Sammy?” She mouthes at me
    “He’ll be fine” I mouth back
    She still doesn’t look convinced
    “This is my home!” The women says
    It is a beautiful old Victorian house with a farm and everything!
    “Oh sorry you didn’t catch my name. I’m Ophelia Sandown!”
    “Nice to meet you Ophelia!” I say reaching to shake hands. I almost pull back in surprise as her skin is as cold as ice but I contain it l.
    Jessie reaches to shake her hand but Ophelia ignores it. Jessie just shrugs it off.
    “MUMMMYYYYY!!!!!!” We hear a high voice towards the farmhouse.
    Me,Jessie and Ophelia start running towards the farmhouse.
    “ALICE?! IS THAT YOU??!” Ophelia shouts
    Suddenly a little girl with dark hair and blue eyes starts running towards Ophelia they are suddenly hugging each other…Very hard.
    “OH MY!! Alice where have you been??!” Ophelia asks
    “Remember you said that we were going to play hide and seek because daddy was home and you didn’t find me and them i was trying to find you but you were gone!!!” Alice says between sobs
    “Oh Alice! Sweetheart I was trying to find you! Don’t ever do that again please!”
    ” I promise” Alice says hugging her mum while me and Jessie are standing there awkwardly.
    Ophelia suddenly starts hugging us
    “Oh you helped me find Alice!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    “Err we didn’t really do anything-” I start to say but Ophelia kept on saying that we did.
    “Please! Come inside! I will get you guys some hot chocolate!” Ophelia says pulling us towards we house
    “Oh sorry we can’t! I have a little brother that’s by himself! So we really need to get-”
    “No no I’m sure he’s safe!” Ophelia says interrupting Jessie
    Suddenly we are at the house inside drinking hot chocolate
    “Okay that was really creepy she just forced us here! I mean we don’t even know her! Jessie whispers to me
    “I don’t know but I’m suddenly really tired” I say nearly passing out
    Ophelia the comes in.
    “Girls you must be so tired!” She says watching us yawn
    “Please come and sleep in one of our rooms! It’s the least we can do!” Ophelia says
    We are just too tired to object so we flop down on a beautiful four poster bed.
    “Good night girls! Don’t let the killer bugs bite!” Ophelia says closing the door with a smile on her face.
    “Pardon?” I ask
    “Never mind dear you just get some sleep.” She says soothingly
    We don’t notice her locking the door and the knifes under the bed
    As soon as we wake up we are locked in the room.
    “”Please help!? Is anyone there??? PLEASE!” We say banging on the door!
    We step back as we hear a voice saying
    “I’m comiiinnnggg!” In a sing song way.
    “Oh crap!” I hear Jessie say
    The door slowly starts opening…And in comes Ophelia!
    “Oh hi! We were locked in! So we didn’t know what to do” I laugh nervously
    Ophelia is smiling each word I say it gets bigger and bigger.
    “Umm are you alright?” Jessie asks Ophelia
    Ophelia brings something out from behind her back…
    “What are you doing?!! I scream
    Jessie starts screaming a blood curdling scream so horrible it’ll make your ears bleed
    Ophelia starts walking towards us with that huge smile on her face.
    “Get away I’m serious…LIGGIE!!!! Jessie screams
    ” STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? I scream at her
    Ophelia turns her head towards me axe poised at Jessie’s head
    “W-w-why are you doing this??” I stammer
    She starts laughing and laughing hysterically
    for me everything starts turning blue and then black dots appear every where
    and the last things I hear “Seeing isn’t believing Liggie, it’s time you know that” Then cold laughter and everything’s black…
    Sammy suddenly wakes up!
    Sorry guys if this is too long or not scary enough this is my first story as well
    but u guys have really cool stories!!! Kay bye!

  • Hi, my name is Aneka the horse lova and I just logged into this site, and I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my experiences. I was soooooooo freaked when this happened, any way I’ll stop blabbing. I was in bed, and sleeping well when I suddenly woke up and needed a drink I tapped on my light ( touch sensitive light) and reached out for my cup when I stopped in my tracks when I saw the reflection in the light. It was a lady dressed in white reaching out to me!!! I broke into a cold sweat and looked around and nothing was there then looked in the reflection and it was still there! I was sooo freaked! This is a very true story, and I hope you believe me. Any way this is my first story and I hope you like it!

  • Dreams
    I started having these dreams from the past few weeks. The first dream I saw was a car accident, which had occurred quite near my house. I woke up from it and thought it was just another bad dream. But soon I realized it was not.

    That afternoon, while I was coming back from the grocery store I saw the car accident happen right before my eyes. It was the same as my dream, every little detail.

    That day I couldn’t concentrate at all in anything. The dream just kept flashing before my eyes. The days passed and the memory of the dream faded. However just as I was forgetting it, one night I saw another dream. This time it was a robbery, but in a different country, the next morning there was news of the same in the paper.

    This time I was quite freaked but couldn’t accept the fact that it was just mere coincidence. But soon I found out it was not just coincidence. The next dream I saw was the death of my grandfather. And it happened. I was very sad.

    After that I had many a dreams all of which came true.
    Now it is 3am in the morning and I just woke up from one of my dreams. I am writing this down before anything happens to me. Because the dream that I saw was, a person probably a burglar breaking into my house and killing me.

  • The Taxi Driver
    This is a funny story

    A man was waiting for a taxi. Then he finally got a ride. On the way, the man tapped the taxi driver on the back,, and he slammed the brakes. Why did you do that?! The man asked. ” Sorry,” said the driver, ” I used to drive a hearse.”n💀👻

  • Ghosts of Gettysburg
    You know, the funny thing about these stories are that the’ll REAL. I SWEAR ON BLOODY MARY’S GRAVE THEY ARE!
    My Grandaddy lives in Gettysburg. It was my sister’s bday, and we all went on a ghost tour. (Where people tell ghost stories). I was sitting on the end of the row, and all of a sudden, I felt a skirt brush TROUGH MY FOOT! I WAS LIKE, WHAT THE HECK?!?!
    In my Grandaddy’s basement, there is a rocking chair. On Christmas, my uncle was sleeping down in the basement. No windows where open, no air conditioning was on either. The rocking chair slowly rocked back and forth…
    Do u guys think my Grandaddy’s house is haunted? Cause its really old. My mom and her family used to visit there in the summer. ( it’s a lake house)

  • Soul Eater(made up not real folklore)

    The Soul Eater is a winter entity that lurks in a section of parks once owned by Native Americans. It is called as such because it eats your soul so you can’t have an afterlife. It is usually encountered on back trails. Afterwords it proceeds to eat your flesh. It sometimes manifests itself in the form of a really strong wind that wraps around you and binds your body and squeezes the life and soul out of you. In it’s physical form it resembles a Yeti but with wings, horns, and claws. it was believed to be created when settlers forced Native Americans out of their land as a form of revenge.

    A teenage couple was hiking on a trail and was going down a hill and rounding a corner when they heard movement in the trees on one side. It was getting dark so they first assumed it was a deer. They saw red eyes and then assumed it was a coyote so the girl got scared. The guy however noticed it was on two feet so he got her out of there fast.

    Sometime later the same guy was hiking on a back trail in the day this time alone. He came up to a lodge used for parties and just riunding the corner when he heard a terrible shriek. He went down some steps to a path by the river and back onto the main trail.

    The guy was hiking again this time at night. It was really dark and the guy kept hearing noises in the trees. He called “Who’s there” and saw red eyes watching him. The creature then glided down and chased all the way down the trail till he reached the clearing where he started and the park was.

    He attempted to report the encounter but the rangers laughed. He swore it was true and they sent one down at night to check. When he didn’t respond and never returned they sent another ranger to check. When that ranger didn’t return or respond they sent a search party consisting of five afterwards.

    They went into a field and onto the back trail and saw a horrible sight. One was dead gun in hand and mutilated and the other appeared to have frozen. They saw red eyes and fired. It hit whatever it was but did nothing.The rangers shared the story at the station and after some research discovered it was called a soul eater. Ever since that night the park has a rule and regulation against going into any park at night during the winter.

    It is unknown what it does in the spring, summer, or fall but some folks believe it takes the form of earthbound critter and hibernates underground while others say it migrates to wherever winter goes.

  • Upside down Horse shoes
    A long time ago, there was a blacksmith who would make horse shoes. One day, a rich man came to his shop and offered him 90$ to get all 10 of his horses shoed. So the next day,the eblacksmith came to his house. Then, he heard a horrible shriek coming from the barn. He peeked around the corner and saw the man feasting on an undead woman. The black smith was horrified, then thought: what a horrible man! I must play a trick on him! So, the black smith went into the barn and thought of a trick: he knows that upside down horse shoes mean bad luck, so he would put on all the shoes upside down. And he did. The next day, he heard that there was a murder. “Yes” the blacksmith hissed, ” that horrid man died from the bad luck!”
    The next day, the blacksmith saw the man. ” impossible!” He said, the mans dead! Then, the two men got into a bad fight, and the black smith got the bad luck, and the man got a snack.💀

  • The Doll House

    There’s a house at the end of the street. It looks like all the other houses. The door’s the same. The windows are the same. But in one room there is something that is difrent. Row upon row of dolls. Smilling like they’re pleased to see you. Hands streched out as if to greet you. Dolls like little children. But where the soul and warmth in the eyes of children is there’s nothing but an empty coldness. The more you stare into those eyes the more that smile looks sly. The more those hands look like they are trying to grab you.

    There was a young girl I knew. She always went where she wasn’t suposed to. She was a pretty girl. With long blonde hair and bright green eyes. The day she went into the house she wore a tartan skirt and black tights. A black turtle neck jumper and red boots. She went to the house and opened the door. Years of mail litterd the floor. She wandered through the rooms. Each full of beautiful antiques all gathering dust. She climbed the stairs and steped inside the doll room. She peered at every doll. She thought they were beautiful. They looked so real. But just as she was about to leave she found she couldn’t breath. Her head swam as she fell to her knees. The room went darker and darker. In the distance a child laughed.

    Noone saw the girl again. Her mother and father were heart broken. But if they went into the house, into the doll room they would see a new doll. With long blonde hair and bright green eyes. Wearing a tartan skirt, black tights, a black turtle neck jumper and red boots.

  • hi scary for kids this is my first story which i write myself i hope u will be kind enough for me to publish this
    There was once a boy who lived with his parents, he had a good job and a good salary which every man desires for. One day he was returning from his office, after doing some extra work , due to which he got late. for reaching his home early he took a shortcut which passes through the cemetery, which was said to be haunted by ghosts , but he was not afraid of ghosts . He was about to get out of the place when he suddenly hears a noise calling his name .he look back a woman with long black hairs and pale skin was standing there . instantly he falls in love with her and propose her and to his surprise she said yes.but there was a problem with this woman that she come to his house after dark and get back before morning. expect this everything was going fine between them . After some time the man started to become ill , he become very weak . then his parents call a priest to cure him and the priest came to their house . he closed his eyes for some time and then told his parents that he was in contact with a evil spirit, then the boy’s parents told him about the girl who came to visit him everyday after dark . then the priest gave a red thread reel to boy and told him to put one end of the thread to the girl’s dress . when the girl came to visit him he put the thread in her dress. in morning after she was gone the boy called the priest and they both go in search of that thread when they pass through the cemetery the boy was nearly fainted after what he saw ” THE THREAD WAS HANGING FROM A GRAVE “

  • Band-Aid Man

    *NOTE: This story is stupid and intended to be so.

    One day a couple was walking in the park. The boyfriend tripped on a rock and broke his face. He was sent to the hospital to get surgery and the woman was told that he would be out in a month. The woman was sad because she hated being alone. One night when the woman was getting ready for bed, she heard a crash coming from the living room. She ran downstairs and saw a huge ugly band-aid monster. She was so scared that she ran into a wall and rolled down the stairs. The monster laughed really hard because it loved slapstick humour. It fell down laughing, but it hit its head on the coffee table and cracked its head open so it died. The woman was so embarrassed by this incident that she ran away to Japan. When her husband came back, he found a dead body covered in band-aids and assumed the worst; that it was his Croatian cousin who recently survived a terrible ‘house fire’ that might have had possible mafia ties; no one really knew for sure.

    PS: Except the mafia.

    The End.

  • Here’s my story @SFK
    It’s just supposed to Be a teenybopper story

    Dear Reader,

    Dear Reader, 
    Hello there 
    Are you curious as of why your receiving a letter from a unknown “person”? Well It’s me. Yes you know me very well. That little shadow you think you saw out of the corner of your eye when you came to get a midnight snack. It’s me , the knocking on your window on those cold stormy nights which you proclaim as “just the wind”. It’s me, That little feeling in the back of your head when you have the nervous feeling that somewhere right now your being watched. Guess what? You are. I’m watching you right now as You read this. Your getting nervous now right? A little shiver go down your spine? Do you hear that breathing in the room? Listen carefully enough and you’ll know I’m right behind you. Yes I am here. So before you go to bed tonight why don’t you check behind your door again? You never know where I could be watching…. Waiting. 

  • Diamond heart necklace
    Once there was a girl called Monique. Her birthday wass coming up and all she wanted was a nice blue necklace, it had shiny gem stones and she would always look at it in a shop window.
    One day her mother, Angela, secretly followed her through the mall, to see what she would like for her birthday. She saw her looking in the shop that sold the necklaces’ window.
    Right next to the necklace Monique wanted was a necklace with a single heart that was encrusted with expensive diamonds. Thinking this was the necklace Monique wanted, Angela bought it for her.
    Finally, when her birthday came, Angela presented her with her necklace. Monique was disappointed but didn’t show it so her mum didn’t feel bad. She didn’t really like it so she left it on her bed. She fell to sleep.
    When she woke up she saw that a few of the diamonds had fallen off the necklace. She didn’t think much of it. She carried on and walked downstairs. When she got there, everyone was having breakfast. She noticed that no-one had bothered to wake her up, tell her they’re having breakfast or even do so much as get her bowl out. She asked them what was up. They just told her they forgot.
    That day at school, nobody noticed her. She had to make a huge effort to speak to her friends or anybody else so she faked sick and went home early.
    The next day she woke up and almost all of the diamonds were missing. She went downstairs and none of her family new who she was. The same thing happened at school. She went to bed early. When she woke up she went downstairs and nobody even knew she was there. As hard as she screamed, nobody noticed her.
    She saw her friends walking to school so she joined them. She said, “hey!” but they didn’t answer and carried on talking. She tried to clap her hands to catch their attention but her hands flew straight through each other ….
    The shop keeper got it back and re-sold it because she knew that it was to die for…

  • Tom’s Dead grave

    Hi this is toms sister talking I am sorry but Tom had sadly passed away it was a dark stormy night and Tom had snuck out of his room at 2 am in the morning. He was going to the movies with his friends. The title of the movie they were about to see was called dead mans grave. It was a fearsome story about a,man who kills himself because his wife died n a terrible car accident. He haunts people who know the driver. ( seeing the driver just walking in the store street ect. Counts)
    Anyway there was only two tickets left but Tom ( and Jill knit were his other friends they were in a group of three) they decided who would watch first and second the movie was playing again after it already ran. So Tom decided to wait and watch the movie by himself. After the movie was over they couldn’t find Tom they looked for about a hour and gave up. They snuck back into there houses and went to sleep. The next day went smoothly. At Night Jill saw Tom he was very faded. He said they forgot to add the most important paper of the movie. That happens in the future. And I was the chosen one whe murders hi. Self and every one he comes in contact with. Guess what’s next Jill…

  • Maniac
    No…No…No…No… Now is not the time for questions. I must get my story out before the song ends.
    It was an august morning around 5:00, just after my cheer classes. My friend, Sarah invited me to her house for a party, so I dialed my mom’s number.
    No answer. “So? Yes or no?” I thought for a moment, and assumed my mom wouldn’t care, “Yeah, I guess so.” She climbed in her car, and I climbed in with her. After we had reached the house, and several other people appeared, we began to dance. There was one face in particular who caught my eye. He was very handsome. He had icy blue eyes, and silky blonde hair. He went up and popped in a disc. “Maniac.” After he pressed play, he looked at me, and began to dance. I had the time of my life, dancing to the same song, over and over. At around eight, I decided to head home. I said to Sarah, “I should go.” “Would you like a ride home?” “Sure.” so I hopped in her car again and we headed home. When we had reached home, I unlocked the door and opened it. “I’m ho-” my parents were dead on the ground in a puddle of blood. A sticky note was on the wall, ‘When the song runs out, so do you.’ and the same song we had listened to that whole night began. “She’s a maniaaaac maaaaaaniaac…” I freaked out, knowing that I couldn’t save myself. And now I sit, listening to the last sentence of the song. The last thing I saw was a pair of icy blue eyes.

    Feel free do edit this story, or correct anything, or send it back with suggestions. Hope to see it one the site, but It’s okay if It’s not.

  • Here is another story wrote by me Mizaki hope you like it
    The man next door
    Have you ever wondered who lives next door especially if your new to the neighborhood. Well once after my brother graduated college he told me the man that lived next door was creepy for once he WAS but a lot times he was fun. But to tell the truth the man…. wasn’t always fun as we thought. One thing was that when I came over to my brothers place 2 years ago like in the summer break we heard hammering and screaming next door. I thought he was watching a movie or something but it sounded so realistic. Thats when my brother got mad and went to complain and like 30 minutes later he came all scared and stuff. I asked him what happened and he told me no one was there and the door was unlocked. He tolled me he checked every room and nothing no furniture was there. The next day we went to the manager and asked if anyone live there and she told us no one. We told her about the man and the hammering and stuff and she just looked at us like WHAT. Then the manager told us some guy died there like 4 years ago while he was making a doll house for his daughter. My bro asked how he died like how and she was like after he made the doll house and gave it to his daughter she didn’t like it and threw it away thats when he killed himself with a hammer. Thats when my bro went up and packed all his stuff and told the manager he was leaving and never coming back ever. And to this day no one lived the place my brother live nor the place the man lived

  • You Better Watch Out. -By Brittany.

    Have any of you ever heard of Slender Man? Or have any of you ever played the game? If you have then you know what I mean when I say Slender Man, is freaking scary. I have thought a lot about telling my fellow writers, and and everyone else on this site who love horror and anything to do with it, my experience with Slender Man…..Here it goes.
    Well, at first I just thought that Slender Man was made up… Just a fictional character created to scare, but upon further research, my thoughts on the subject completely changed. The abnormal experiences all started roughly about a few months ago. My bestfriend Olivia will be mentioned.
    On late nights while walking Olivia home, (she lives right down the road from me) I would start to get an eerie feeling that I was being watched. And although the walk from my house to Olivia’s is only about three minutes….when I was on my way home from walking her home, three minutes, felt like forever. The feeling grew stronger when I was alone. I thought at first the feeling was just from the numerous horror movies we had been watching, or the fact the cop that worked the night shift was a creepy old guy who is always watching when we go on walks, bike rides, or explore around town at night. (usually around 10:00-12/1:00) When we finally ran out of horror movies and kind of just sat at my house on the computer or eating food, and I walked her home, I got the same feeling. (we also got a new cop, who was younger possibly in his 20’s) The feeling got worse, growing when I was walking on my own. So, late one night, I decided to go out on my own and walk. I just sat out in my backyard for like an hour, not planing to do anything, really just listening to music and deep in thought, I got the feeling. The same eerie feeling I was hoping to avoid. I didn’t think nothing of it, and I liked it out there. Cool, dark, and alone. Away from my family, away from the loud television, my sisters constant nagging, and the lights in the house that always seem to be on from daylight till dark. It was just peaceful. But, after awhile of just swinging on the old woofing swing by the ancient tree in my backyard, I decided to go on a walk. Not my usual walk to the park, or just up near the old hill were my cousins grandma lives. I went in the woods. Despite my mothers fears, and her always telling me about the “dangerous” wildlife. I mean, I’ve never thought of deer, snakes, and bears “dangerous”…Then again I’ve never been up close and personal with them. Who would want to? So, I went. I walk out of the gate, climb the the hill, and walked to the railroad tracks to the old trail that lead to the graveyard up in the woods. When I arrived I took a seat on the old wooden bench that had probably been up there for forty years. Nothing unusual happen to begin with. But after a while… I felt it again. This time greater than ever. I ignored it at first. Considering I was far in the woods and it was past midnight. (Your probably thinking I’m an idiot for going in the woods that late at night, and I am). After what seemed like forever up on that old bench, I ventured further into the woods. Near the old school building. The trail to the school was covered in weeds, and fallen trees. I went down it anyway. This is where my mother went to school. I would be going to this school today, if it wasn’t for my cousin and a bunch of his buddies getting drunk and burning it down. I had never been in the building without my mom, and I had never been in the building that late at night. But hey, there’s a first time for every thing…Right? So, I went along with my terrible idea and went inside.
    There was nothing interesting to me in there. Just mountains upon mountains of trash. Apearantly the rest of the town had turned into their personal giant trash can. I’m surprised the old building is still standing. It’s been abused by trash and old men and their beer bottles. I guess the fire didn’t do it’s job. While I was standing in the middle of trash heaven, something in my head told me to go investigate. I didn’t want to though, it was pitch black and I don’t have enough common sense to bring a flashlight. Of course, with me being me, I did it anyway. While searching through the trash mountains found nothing that I thought was worth having. Until after I was finished, I was ready to go home. On my way out I stumbled up on a flashlight, that had no business being there. I picked it up, amazed by what I had saw, although it was only an ordinary object. It wasn’t magic or anything. What I did with it was what any normal human being would’ve done. Even though no normal human being would be doing as I was. I turned it on. Unexpectedly, it worked! I didn’t find no need for it. I had traveled all the way without one, so I didn’t see the point of using one on the way back….but, I took it with me anyway. I didn’t think it would hurt to bring it along. Maybe it could come in handy….So with my new flashlight in my hand, I was on my way.

    As I was walking, when I had finally reached the graveyard, my tired legs couldn’t take no more. I took a break, and sat down on the old wooden bench. As I was setting and catching my breath I got the feeling again. This time topped every other time, it topped every scream during a horror movie, or the pounding of you’re heart after you wake up from a nightmare. That’s when I saw him. I didn’t no what to believe, let alone do. I just sat there, frozen in my seat. It felt as if all the blood had drained from my body. Paralyzed in fear, for what seemed like decades but was only for a matter of minutes, I absolutely could not believe my eyes. When suddenly, out of no where, Slender or what I would rather call the thing, VANISHED. It was gone. I got up and walked home slowly. Not looking behind me, fearing that what might be there may just be Slender man…following me. I focussed my eyes ahead of me not knowing what could be lurking behind any tree or what just might be hiding in the shadows. I went home, crept soundlessly through my back door, put on a pair of pajamas and climbed into my bed. And never spoke to anyone of my experience. Except for now… I warn all of you, be aware of your surroundings. Watch things closely, look behind every object. Make sure no one is watching you or following you. You never no what life can throw at you. The possibilities are endless. You better watch out.

    You. Have. Been. Warned. -Brittany.

  • Okay here goes nothing hope you like it (true story it really happened to my sister but this is a different version the actual one she got out just in time.) It was a Monday and I was walking home from school and, it was like 6:30. The reason it’s so late is that I’m in afterschool softball class. As I was walking home I felt like someone was following me and I thought it was my imagination because the street was empty and there were a lot of disserted houses in my neighborhood. I made sure I was walking quickly because it was getting dark like really dark. That’s when I tripped and I heard footsteps in the darkness. I twisted my ankle and now I Cant move unless someone helps me. The footsteps were louder now and faster too. I tried getting up but I was stuck with pain. Suddenly in the shadows I saw a figure a tall figure. He was wearing a hat and a dark coat. I couldn’t see his face but the moonlight was shinning and that was only source of light. I sat there watching and shivering from the cold. He didn’t move he was standing there watching me. It felt like forever until he actually moved toward me. I was horrified I thought he was going to hurt me that’s when I started moving away but it was too late he was right in front of me. I saw it, I saw his face! He had green eyes his nose was broken from I think a fist fight and he had blonde hair, and an evil grin. I stared in horror waiting for him to attack but nothing happened not until I made my move. My leg started moving again and then I somehow stood up and ran. He grabbed me by the arm but I kept pushing my way out. He grabbed me by the waist that’s when I knew I was goner but I kept kicking and squirming. I tried trashing and hitting more but I was too weak. That’s when I felt pain and blacked out…….5 days later I waked up in a hospital room. My sister Mizaki was sitting in the corner sleeping. As I looked around I saw coat hanger, that’s when the same coat and hat “he” was wearing. Suddenly the door opened and I saw a young man with blonde hair and green eyes with a suit on looking at me. I knew it was him I tried screaming but he grabbed me by the mouth telling me “I wont hurt unless your quiet sweet dreams.”BLACK OUT… ”Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I woken up with a start… it was a dream a dream but when I moved I felt a pain and felt my waist and there was 2 scars on my waist.

  • Jason
    One day I was playing on my wii with my friend, Jessica. We were looking at all of my miis when all of a sudden I saw one I didn’t recgognize, so I clicked on it. It said the name was Jason and it didn’t say the creator. It looked like it had a hockey mask on and it was really creepy so I deleted it. A few days later I went into my kitchen in the middle of the night because I was hungry and I screamed. On the wall I saw the words “You shouldn’t of deleted me, Mary!” in blood. My parents came down to see what happened but they said there was nothing on the wall. I was the only one that could see it! I fear that Jason is coming for me soon. I can’t sleep anymore. I’m sitting in my bedroom right now waiting for him. There is something rustling in the closet right now. The door is opening up……. Goodbye.

  • Put A Smile On

    Their plans were simple enough leave on the last train downtown so that they wouldn’t have to deal with a crowd. However Kirsten’s stupid boyfriend Clayton held hem up by breaking down after picking Matt and Chris. They’d be lucky if they got downtown to celebrate New Years at all. They were in such a hurry that they didn’t see the news about the escaped lunatic who was in that area and the New Years celebration was cancelled for safety reasons. He liked to dress up as a clown and cut his victims mouth from ear to ear as if they’re smiling.

    They got to the train station parked, got out, and began walking inside. THey thought they heard someone behind them. They checked and no one was there. They went through the doors and through the tunnel. They swore they heard it this time. Again, nothing.. It must have been echoing footsteps. As they got they heard someone jump off and go through the bushes. NOw the girls were a bit scared. They payed for a ticket and saw the train waiting for them. Not a soul was on.

    The train doors closed and it started going real fast. Kirsten and Clayton went to the conductor’s booth to tell him to slow down. They went through at least 4 or 5 cars and finally reached the booth. They opened to see the conductor on the floor his mouth slit from ear to ear like he was smiling. Then the one in the conductor’s seat turned and revealed himself. He was was wearing a clown mask with orange hair. He had a yellow suit with polka dots and big clown shoes like Ronald Mcdonald. Kirsten and Clayton tried to run but he cut the power so the door wouldn’t open trapping them inside.

    The others were rfeaked about the power going as they had just entered a tunnel. They used the emergency power to open the doors and go see what happened to Kirsten and Clayton. Chris and Dana saw a man sittng on a seat reading a newspaper and stopped to talk to him. He looked up to reveal and slit Dana’s throat with a knife then stabbed Chris with it. He slit their mouths from ear to ear to look like they were smiling then he went to the next car where Matt and Cindy where.

    Matt and Cindy went into the conductor’s booth and gasped in horrror at what they saw. Kirsten, Clayton, and the conductor were all dead their mouths slit from ear to ear like they were smiling. They ran out of the booth forcing it open with the emergency power. They saw a tall figure dressed in a clown suit heading up the isle. Matt tried to fight him off but got stabbed and he too had his mouth slit from ear ear like he was smiling. This left Cindy helpless as he came for her…

  • The lady in white:-
    I recently moved to a new house everything was great untill last week when i started hearing noisesbut when i check there’s no one there the noises are always coming from the bathroom yesterday i came back from college i was so tired so i decided to take a shower as i was showring i heard someone opend the door i looked but there was no one there i finished showring so i started brushing my hair infront of the bathroom mirror thats when i saw a pale woman with a white dress i was so scared i ran out of the bathroom i thought about it i told myself it was just my imagination so a few days later i forgot about it untill one night i was sleeping i woke up to a scream i saw the lady in the white dress but her dress was dripping blood out of it i was so scared i didn’t dare yo move untill it vanished i didn’t sleep all night i was thinking about it so at the morning i decided to do ome research about the house so i headed to the library i found out that before i moved to the house there was a murder and the lady in the white dress died there her name was jessica and the guy who murderd her wasn’t capturd yet i was so scared thats’s when i knew that the lady in white was just trying to help me i ran to my house as fast as i can i packed all my stuff thats when all the lights in the house went off and i could sense that there was someone in the house someone hit me in the back of my head so i fell when i woke up i was tied in a chair in the bathroom so that no one could hear me screaming thats when the police arrived they catched the killer and put him in prison i asked the police “who called you” they replayed ” you called us” thats when i knew the woman in the wite dress was the one who called them. Sorry if it was tall :)

  • I knew it was the end for me. I was running from my awful past. Every where I would go my past would haunt me. What have I done to deserve this? I have been a good girl right? I only killed her because she stole my precious book. It felt good at the moment to kill her. After I saw what I have done I threw her in the lake next to my house. I felt pure evil and gained power from a dead person. I felt I had superpowers. I had this strange dream in the morning. I was walking with my two friends then suddenly a stranger was following us. I shouted and screamed to leave us. But he kept on following us like I didn’t scream out to him. Then I had the courage to take out a knife out of nowhere and try to aim at his face. I missed then again I strike then I cut half of his face and all the blood was on my clothes. I woke up panting.The next day my dream came true. I loved killing people. That was the truth. My next victim was my cousin. I got sick of her making fun of me. So I grabbed the scissors from the kitchen counter and stabbed her in the stomach. Got rid if her! I quickly cleaned up the place and threw her in the forest for the bugs to eat her. I felt myself going insane. I couldn’t control myself. I was becoming Mr.Hyde. OH how I loved being Mr. Hyde. The next day I killed my mom and Stepdad. I didn’t get what I wanted so got rid of them. I chopped their heads off and threw their bodies in the cellar. I Love Killing! I cracked my neck.It felt good. I cleaned the whole house and made some coffee. Ah it felt good not to hear a sound.What’s next? The dog was barking scared. Killed him. My youngest brother came from the door suffocated him. That was child play. Cool. My boyfriend knocked on the door. I invited him in and made some coffee. He looked around. ”Sally, what is going on?” I giggled. ”Nothing. It’s that it’s quiet.” He looked around. No one was here. ”Where’s everybody?” I looked strange at him. ”Why? Aren’t I enough? I almost shouted.”What’s wrong with you?” I smiled an evil laugh. ”You ask too much questions. It’s time for you to die. He looked at me in horror. I bent down to his neck and bit off. He died like a loser. But when I looked at myself I knew what I saw. A monster from hell. I looked hideous. I drowned myself in the bath and wrote a note to my sister telling her what I have done. But I wasn’t really sorry for the deaths of my loved ones. THE END.
    I hope you guys liked it. It’s my first story.

  • A Night I’ll Never Forget
    -By -GhostGirl-
    “This is it,” I informed myself, as the dark figure that haunted my soul emerge from the bushes. I clasped my hands against my chest, feeling the intensity of my heartbeats as they increased in tempo. A cold chill crawled up my spine and I could inhale the aroma of death.

    It was a dark, stormy night and I had just returned home from a Friday evening’s lessons. As I alighted a bus on my street corner, I’d noticed that it was drizzling so I quickly pushed and shoved myself through other passengers that got off spontaneously and sprinted up Duke’s street.

    Thunder echoed like gunshots in the air, as swift winds circulated the atmosphere. I could hear my neighbor’s dog’s howling at the detrimental weather conditions. As I arrived at the gate of my house, immediately something did not feel right. I suddenly felt a huge lump in my throat so I swallowed hard as I pushed open an unlocked gate.

    As it creaked open, I frantically passed the back of my palm across my forehead, catching a few drops of perspiration and slowly walked into the yard. Suddenly heavy rains pelted from the dark, foggy sky above, pounding the earth with sheer vengeance and splashing all over me. I jerked forward and staggered through slimy moss, getting my newly bought blazers all damp and soiled by the mud. As I shut up a flight of wooden, dilapidated steps and plunged at the doorknob, to my utter disbelief it was locked.

    Disappointment swallowed over me as disapproval colored my facial expression. I carefully descended the staircase and circle around to the back of the house. As I passed slowly along the stoned wall at the back of my house, two things occurred simultaneously. As a loud thunder exploded in the sky, I glanced in a bush ahead of me and saw a sudden moment of a shadow. I began to hyperventilate and suddenly felt the earth moving beneath me. I rushed indoors, forgetting to lock it behind me and started looking for telephone. Without hesitation I dialed the only number that I felt could save my life in a jiffy, the police. I rapidly muttered my name, location and current situation into the receiver as I passed to-and-fro unsteadily.

    As soon as the line went dead, desperation and inflated fear engulfed my mood and a sudden shriek of panic electrocuted my insides, and I was on the verge of throwing up when the backdoor squeaked open.

    I froze like a statue in a museum, unsure whether I should scream or make a run for it. I gave up until the next minute and sprinted through the front door that could have been easily opened from the inside. I raced through the rains, not caring if I were soaked entirely or not, and slipped in the mud, landing on my bottom in the greasy mud.

    As I struggled to my feet, glancing ahead toward the bushes, I saw the dark figure approaching. I held up my hands in defense and inwardly prepared to die. As I stared at the dark figure, my eyes began to water; and before I could withdraw, a well of water came pouring out of my eyes, gushing thickly down my hot, red cheeks. I began to shiver as my heart throbbed against my rib cage, like African drums in my chest.

    “Aalayah!” The stranger called. I squinted through the rain, trying to see the figure’s face. “David!” I exclaimed, running into his arms. “You are so freaking cute when you’re scared.”

    He purred in my ears. “That’s not funny.”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “Look at you, all dressed up in a black raincoat. Why did you make me call the police?”

    I searched for his eyes, and there they were; his emerald green, glassy, glittering eyes were the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
    “I planned the whole thing,” he smirked, “I had my dad answer the phone at the police station, once you called. They diverted your call directly to the main station, where he works.”
    “Nice, your dad’s a cop.”

    I was so relieved; it wasn’t funny. My awfully, sweet boyfriend played a mean prank on me, but I wasn’t going down so easily. I was going to plot my revenge. Avenge him, was exactly what I am going to do!

  • To Feel Alive
    Kendra shivered, trembling with trepidation as she slowly reached out to grasp the handle. She tried to peer into the small, square window but inside was dark, complete blackness. Confused, she glanced around the long, empty alley looking for another door. She was sure she was at the right place. Taking a deep breath, she slowly exhaled while simultaneously turning the handle and gently, slowly, silently pushing open the thick, heavy door.

    Straining her eyes, she subtly noticed large stains on the door, but her thoughts quickly were averted from the stains when a lamp suddenly turned on beside her. A shriek escaped her lips, and Kendra stumbled backwards almost sending herself sprawling onto the narrow alley’s cold, dirty ground.
    Shaken, she timidly called out.
    A deep, gruff voice answered loudly sending chills up her arms.
    “Enter and be seated.”

    Complying, Kendra found herself seated at a long, very long, table. Its vastness overwhelmed her, and she began to feel lightheaded. Perhaps it was from the fear that was starting to swell inside her, or maybe, just maybe, it was the stench that nearly took her breath away at first. She could not place where it came from, but Kendra did note with displeasure that it smelled a bit like blood. Almost… like stale blood if such a thing existed.

    Across from her on the other end of the enormous twelve-foot table sat a man clothed in black. Kendra wondered why a man would wear a suit just for an interview, but she did not question him. She studied his appearance, sensing him doing the same with her. His eyes, shining from the light of the lamp, illuminated a bright green. His pallid skin was quite a contrast to his mouth which, to Kendra, appeared to be very dark. She leaned forward a bit to see him better but had no success. Suddenly, feeling nervous and obligated to speak she said, “Thank you for welcoming me sir. I trust you received my letter.”
    “Letter? I was given no such thing.”
    “You must have gotten it with all my resumes and information papers. I sent them over a week ago.”
    “No, I requested no letters. Why would I need your information when I’ve not a clue who you are?”
    “Sir? I’m Kendra Wusser. I applied for the teaching position at the school, and you needed my information before the interview.”
    “I do believe you have mistaken me for another man.”

    “Are you not Mr. Idrin Kurblud?”
    “Why yes, but you’ve mistaken me for the high school principal who lives just on the other side of town.”
    “Oh, I’m sorry.” Kendra said quickly. “Sir, I must go. I fear I am already late for my interview.”
    Kendra stood, and started briskly walking to the door. Within seconds he’d crossed the room silently and now had a firm grip on her arm.
    “You can’t leave now. Stay, you must. Are you hungry? I know it’s been a long day, and I’m in the mood for something to drink. What will you have?”
    “Oh, really, please, I must leave!” Kendra exclaimed, trying for the door with no luck. She looked back at the man, now able to see that his lips were a bright yet dark, crimson hue. She trembled as he took hold of her long, red hair and laughed.

    “Like fire,” he said. “I like playing with fire… like blood… I like the taste of blood.”
    At that moment he leaned in, pulling her close. She felt a sharp sting in her neck, and she screamed as she felt dizzy from the pain. Slumping to the floor, her head propped against the door frame, her screams began to quiet. Her breathing began to slow, and the last thing Kendra saw were the stains on the door that she initially ignored. They were bloodstains!

    The first thing Kendra felt when she awoke was the pounding pressure in her head. Her eyes felt heavy, and her body felt different. She opened her eyes to see darkness all around her. Why could she see people sleeping around her? Why was she seeing in the dark? Taking a second look around her, Kendra noticed that not one of the bodies were breathing. Crawling closer to them, she realized none of the people were alive. They were all girls, she observed. All about 5’7” with the same long, red hair. Kendra startled, grabbing at her own hair and comparing. With a sinking feeling, she realized she was another victim of this man. She was supposed to be dead.

    Kendra looked at each girl for any signs of how they were killed. Rolling them onto their backs, she could clearly see two almost triangular-looking shapes on the left side of each neck. Slightly gagging, Kendra lifted her own hand to her neck and pulled it slowly away. It was covered with slightly crusted wet blood.

    Then Kendra began to thirst. She felt a small longing sensation in her stomach slowly begin to spread craving throughout her body. She began to shake violently and cried out.
    Suddenly footsteps sounded outside the door, and Kendra saw the door swing open. The man standing there wore a look of complete shock, as if he didn’t believe what he was seeing.
    “What?… How?….You’re… alive….”
    She looked around her, once again taking notice of the dead bodies she was surrounded by.
    “You… tried to kill me?”

    Kendra stalked up to the rather large man. Placing a palm on his chest, she shoved him backward sending him practically sailing back across the room. She stared down at her hand, amazed thinking where did I get that kind of strength?
    Kendra quickly averted her thoughts from her newfound strength as another pang of thirst engulfed her stomach. She dropped to her knees calling out to the stranger, and he came and knelt beside her hesitantly.
    “Thirsty,” she gasped. “I’m… so thirsty…”

    The stranger looked pained momentarily but left the room coming back with a glass of water. Kendra gulped the water down in seconds and began shaking her head.
    “No… so thirsty… I need…”
    The man groaned and motioned for her to come to one of the bodies he was next to. She complied, and they both knelt by the body as he showed her how he drank their blood.
    “There is not enough blood in any of them for them to still be alive, but there is a little bit that you can finish off in each body, and hopefully then your thirst will be quenched.”

    After a slight hesitation, Kendra took her nail and reopened the incisions in the girl’s neck and leaned forward pressing her mouth to the wound.
    As Kendra drank the blood, she began to feel stronger, more powerful. The sweetness over-powered her, and she found herself not able to stop drinking until not another drop would come out. Licking her now-stained, florid lips. She moved quickly to the next girl in the juxtaposed order they were in.

    When she came to the last girl, she paused. Something felt wrong. She noticed this girl was warm rather than cold like the others. Kendra took hold of one of the girl’s wrists as she drank her blood quickly. She found that she had difficultly swallowing the blood and was very irritated by it. When she could finally get no more, Kendra sat back. Exhausted, yet wide awake, Kendra realized she hadn’t let go of the girl’s wrist. She unbound her finger that was hooked in the bracelet. The material felt strangely familiar. Kendra lifted the girl’s wrist to get a better view and twisted it around to the front. Gasping, Kendra glanced down at her own wrist. She began to shake violently as the realization came. She stared into the face of the familiar girl and repeatedly whispered, “I’m so sorry.” There laid her best friend. Her fiery red hair, just like Kendra’s, was pulled back in a messy bun; her once bright blue eyes now dully staring ahead with no life. An almost permanent blush faded on her cheeks. The identical bracelet that each girl wore was tied to her right hand, a symbol of their lifelong friendship, now broken.

    Kendra had just finished off her best friend. She drank her blood and twenty other girls’ blood as well and she felt… alive!

  • I Witnessed:
    I was walking home from my friends house,late,very very late.As I was walking I noticed a garden in a backyard,it was a beautiful garden,roses of all colors were in it.As I stared I also noticed a little girl.She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in all of my exisistance.She had long curly blond hair that reached to her waist.Her bangs were braided in to a little crown that reached around her head and a baby pink bow holding the “crown” together.She was lightly tanned.She had these dancing blue eyes that twinkled like stars in the sky.She had light pink lips that were moving as she sang a little song to herself.She was wearing a knee-length dress that was as white as snow,white,the color of innocence.she wore white sandals.Her beauty was so intense I could only sit there and stare like and idiot.She would make Aphrodite look like a zombie.My gaze broke when I heard angry shouting.I looked at the girl’s father,i assumed it was her dad.He was drunk on anger,high on envy.He was the exact opposite of this sweet,young,innocent girl.He was a fat,tall,man with a beard and chin-length hair,he was hideous,he wore greasy jeans and dirty white t-shirt.He was holding up a long knife.NO!He was planning on killing her!I was frozen,I was of no help,I couldn’t move a muscle.His expression was calm,darkly calm.”Natures first green is gold.Her hardest hue to hold.her early leaf’s a flower,but only so an hour.Then leaf subsides to leaf,so Eden sank to greif.So dawn goes down to day,Nothing gold can stay.I remembered that poem by Robert Frost,Nothing Gold Can Stay.I realizes why he had chosen that poem to speak she is golden,for she can not stay…alive.The girl shooke in fear.The father took her by her hair and slit his own daughter’s throat.As I watched the little girl’s white dress of innocence soak crimson of hatrid and envy.The world was suddenly spinning and everything turned black,within seconds the ground came closer and I was out in the nightmare of unconsiousness.
    I woke up in my bed.I sat up in alarm.Relief wavered over me,”It was all just a dream” I sighed happily.I flipped on the T.V. for entertainment.the news was on,I was fixing to turn it to something else when I saw the girl’s father on T.V.I shuttered with pure horror.The father’s hair was white,with insanity.He had blood-soaked chlothes and the cops were dragging him out.In the background you could see a coroner,they were putting a small corpse in a bag.The father suddenly started singing “I killed my daughter over there!I have blood in my white hair!I destroy all witnesses so please beware!” he sang a madman’s lullaby.He laughed evily and said “I will be back for the witness!”I had a sharp pain in my stomach.I was next on that sychopath’s hit-list all because I witnessed.

  • Here is one I thought of while listning to the radio.
    Musical Murder:
    I was sitting in my car wandering,ok well honestly worrying to myself.I am about to burst out in to tears,I am more horrified in this moment then I have ever been in my entire life!You see,it all started only a week ago,but now it seems lifetimes ago:
    I sat in my room texting my friend Hayley.Like every other 17 year old girls all we talked about was gossip,who is dating who,who dumped who,and who is going to that band’s concert,etc.Suddenly my phone rang.I awnsered it ont he first ring.”Hello?” I said.”Hey Izzy,its me,Hayley” seriously Hayley I thought to myself.”Are you really to lazy to text?” I asked jokingly.”Yeah,hey you dont want me getting carpal tunnel do you?” she asked teasingly.”No,but are you going to that concert with me this Saturday?” I asked hopefully.I loved this band,it is only the best band in the world.”I cant go to the’Muse’ concert,I am grounded from sneaking out to that nightclub.Crap!My parents are home I have to go,bye!” “Bye” I said bitterly in to the dead phone.Great.I am going to have to the ‘Muse’ concert alone.I decided since today was
    Wednseday and I only had 3 more days of waiting till the concert I decided to get pumped up by listing to some of their songs.I grabbed my Ipod and scrolled down till I found “Our Time is Running Out” I listemed to the lyrics,I knew them by heart.”Bury her,I won’t let you bury her”I paused the song.Her?Its supposed to be I wont let you bury “it” not “her.” I listned to that part again it said “it” I shrug off paranioa and continued listening to the song. “I won’t let you smother it,I won’t let you murder her.” Again?It is supposed to be “it” I turned off my Ipod paronia sneaking up on me.
    I was in my car driving up to the stadium where “Muse” was preforming.I pre-bought my tickets online so all I had to do was walk-in.Thousands of screaming fans held up signs such as “We <3 u Mathew!!" and the parallel signs with the word "Muse" inside of it (thats there logo)Muse was performing "Supermassive Black Hole" first,I noticed that Mathew,the lead singer,was staring at me the entire concert.I also noticed that he did the same things with "Our Time Is Running Out" like on my Ipod,saying "her" and not "it" and performing "Uprising" when he sung "Red tape to keep the truth confined" he stared at me with an evil grin.I must be imaging things,to think the lead singer of "Muse" would actually want to kill me,he doesnt even know me!I was walking to my car,when all of a sudden,someone tapped on my shoulder.I spun around,terrified."Izzy,hello!" said Mathew?What the heck was the lead singer of "Muse" doing talking to me?"Hi,how did you know my name?"He took my arm and started to drag me behind the stadium "Where are we going I asked" terrified."Somewhere to talk in private" he said darkly.Once we were behind the stadium where nobody could see or hear us he smiled evily."I know you figured me out" he accused.Great.My suspicions were confirmed.He wanted to kill me.He took out red tape from his bag and with one quick motion taped my mouth shut."Red tape to keep the truth confined" he sung the words from the song "Uprising." He had his guitar in his hand and with one movement he shoved it through my chest.Blood poured out of it rapidly."Im going to murder her,Im going to bury her" he sung the changed lyrics from "Our Time Is Running Out" and then another line from that song "Our time is running out!" Our time is running out?I thought to myself before I saw that he stabbed himself with a knife.This guy is a sychopath!I thought horrified."I have been watching you for a while now,we are just like 'Romeo and Juliet' a tragic love story."Love story?I didnt even know this guy.I started blacking out I heard him reciting Romeo's words from the tomb."Death that hath sucked thy honey of thy breath,hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.Thou art not conquered beauty's ensign is yet crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks.Death's pale flag does not advance there."He crawled towards me."Eyes look your last,arms take your last embrace,and lips,oh you the doors of breath,seal with a rightous kiss!"He kissed me,well the tape,but you get what im trying to say."Thus,with a kiss,I die!"He fell dead and as did I.In the afterlife I found out that my parents knew of his stalking,so they got a restraing order put on him.This is were he went literally insane and thought of himself as in love with me.this is where he thought of "Romeo and Juliet" the "capulets" (my parents) didnt want a montague (him) keeping their "love" apart this is when he got obsessive and watched me sleep at night and followed me everywhere.This is where he had his idea of a "musical murder."

    *the lead singer of "Muse" is not insane or a killer,only an insanely good singer,I hope you enjoyed my story*

  • Hope you like it!

    The Photograph-
    I cannot remember much but, it still brings me chills on my spine. Well,I was sixteen when Nicole , Max, Alexander,
    Rhea, Rachel, Penny, Maddie and Jake(that’s me) went camping. Like every time, we roasted marshmallows on a large bonfire.Rhea, who is very fond of photography, took a picture of all of us. The next day I called up Rhea and asked her to send me the photograph that we took at the campsite via email. Which was my biggest mistake. After a few minutes, I recieved an email of the picture,saw Nicole, Max, Alexander, Rhea, Rachel, Penny, Maddie, Steve and me. Steve? How was that possible? Steve was’nt there at the Camping site and moreover, he isn’t alive. He died at the last camp we went.But, his death remains a mystery. No one know how did he die. I called up Rhea and told her about the picture. But only if Rhea was living anymore.Yes, you guessed it right. Rhea was dead. All my friends and I were astonished about the photo and felt doleful on the loss of Rhea. Later that same night I got a call from Max and he said that Rachel, Penny and Maddy were also dead. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I decided that I would go back at the camping site and find Steve. I traveled along with Max, Alexander and Nicole. As we reached we split up into 2 groups. Nicole and Alexander and Max and me. After an hour or so Max and me found nothing. But, Alexander and Nicole were an hour late. We thought to go and find them.We finally found them
    after sometime. But dead. Now there were only two of us left Max and me. We went back home that night and I thought that I should take a glimpse at the photo once again. To my surprise I saw noticed that Steve disappered from the photograph. The next day, I read an article about the death of Max. I cried and cried. I really thought hard that why did steve’s spirit kill so many people …………Then I realized, it all made sense. I was’nt there last camp when Steve was killed. That is why i am alive. Nicole , Max, Alexander, Rhea, Rachel, Penny, Maddie were killed because they held the secret of
    the death of Steve, or they might have killed Steve which I dont really think they might have done.After all, I still miss my friends. Then I thought that I should take a last look at the photograph, and as I expected …………………the picture was blank.And that was the end of it.
    ——————–the end——————————-

  • The Angel
    One day a little girl named Asia was playing with her doll. The doll was made to look like a angel.The doll was in a horrible condition but Asia insisted on playing with it. Asia’s mother walked into the room and came up with a plan. She would secretly get rid of the doll somehow and replace it with another doll. She did not want her daughter playing with such a filthy doll.That night the mother crept into the daughter’s room and took the doll from the Daughter’s grip. She replaced it with a beautiful porcelain doll. the other doll had beautiful curly blonde hair, stunning green eyes and white skin. The mother doubted giving such a breakable doll to the child.She decided to give the doll to the child. She took the filthy doll and took it outside to the forest. The family was very lucky to be so wealthy. She took the doll to the tallest tree she could find then threw it until it stayed in the tree. The mother ran back to the house. Later that day the mother was making brunch. The daughter had just woken up. “Mama why is there a broken doll in my closet?” The Mom walked into the room and discovered the old doll propped up on the bed. Asia, where did you find this doll!” The little girl was confused. ” It was facing me when I woke up. The mother cleaned up the broken doll and took the old doll to the pool. She hid the doll in the filter. Hoping that it wouldn’t be found again. When the mother walked back into the room she was shocked. On the wall was written ” Why are you trying to get rid of me!” The mom was scared so she ran back to the pool. she checked the filter and was shocked. The doll was gone. Just then she heard her daughter scream. The mother was terrified of what she would find. She ran as fast as she could back to the house. The doll was Throwing knives at the small little girls body, but it was obvious she was already dead. The mom ran to her room. She stayed there for one hour then worked up the courage to step outside of the room.The doll was eating the dead girls body. After that the Mom went crazy and killed herself, over struck with sadness. Some say if you go to that house you can see the doll smiling and running around the house.

    “What are we going to do about this, Katt? We can’t keep putting up with this, it’s got to stop,” He looked at his wife with a dangerous glint in his eye.
    “No,” Katt recognized the look, “It’s just going to make whoever it is mad. Please don’t do it, Daniel.”
    “It’s got to stop.”

    Them? Oh they were my parents. I told them to pay attention to the warnings. The morning after they had that conversation, they were dead, my father holding his shotgun and mother in the kitchen. I ran when I had the chance. All across Texas its been happening. But they didn’t listen to me. Of course they didn’t. Our neighbors didn’t listen either, nor my Uncle Will. All of them are gone now. How, you say? I don’t think you’ll understand, but I will try.
    He’s named himself Chupacabra. You’ll understand, the more I tell you, why he’s named so. The tragedies have happened across the Mexican border, not only Texas. I guess you kind of figured that out yourself, the name and all. You hear the name whispered around the campfire at night, but not his. The one he named himself after. The Chupacabra.
    The beast drinks the blood of helpless farm animals. The man drinks the blood of helpless farm hands and takes their livers. It’s disgusting, I know, but someone has to know. That isn’t already dead of course.
    This man, well he’s more beast than human. Anyhow, this… beast will give you three warnings. First he’ll say “Soy Chupacabra. Dispone de tres Dias.” Only a hoarse whisper in the wind, then he vanishes. He then gets one of your animals, kills it, and writes it on your house in the animals’ blood. And it keeps on like that, him counting down and you not paying attention to the warnings. Unless you’re smart, like I was. I knew what was happening. But there’s no way to stop it.
    Before he kills you, he looks into your eyes, smiles his inhuman smile, and says, “Soy Chupacabra.” Then slits your throat with his nails, long hooked things sharpened to a point, and drains you of blood. He digs into your side, rips your liver out, and eats it, relishing every last bite. How do I know all of this? While he did it to mother, I was in the cupboard, being somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. Eating cookies I wasn’t supposed to eat. Seeing something a seven year old should have never see.
    As I relate to you this story, fate has finally caught up to the runaway. A scratching sound on the window, and he’s there. His dead eyes gaze at me through his disgusting black hair, wondering, I suppose, how victory will taste after all these years. I bleakly stare back, daring him. He understands and smiles in return, his rotting teeth black stubs in his bloody gums.

  • Here’s another story I wrote. I think it’s pretty good:
    Tennis Championship
    Vance Lanchosse, a young tennis player, was competing in a national tennis championship. He had worked incredibly hard to get where he was and desperately wanted to win it all. But there was only one obstacle that damaged Vance’s otherwise perfect goal: Chester Triss. Chester and Vance had first encountered each other in the regional competition and competed against each other. Chester won, but Vance still had enough wins to advance to the nationals. Vance knew he could never beat Chester if they made the final two, and couldn’t stand the fact that he might lose when he was so close to victory. The night before the competition began, Vance sat in his hotel room, stressing over the events of the next day. As he thought more about Chester, Vance grew more angry. Then, Vance got an idea-a horrible idea. Early the following morning, Chester had just woken up when his cell phone rang. When he answered it, he was surprised to find it was Vance. “Chester, meet me by the pool around back. We need to talk.” Vance said hastily. “Sure, Vance. Give me a few minutes.” Chester said. Thinking Vance had had a change of heart and wanted to make ammends, Chester quickly showered, got dressed, and went to meet Vance. When Chester showed up at the hotel pool, Vance was nowhere to be seen. “Vance! Are you here?” Chester shouted. After a few minutes, Chester started to leave. But as he turned around, he saw Vance standing behind him, grinning evilly. “Vance-” Chester began to say, but then, Vance pushed Chester into the pool. Then, he held Chester under the way by his shoulders. Chester tried to escape, but couldn’t break Vance’s grip. Vance continued to hold Chester underwater until he finally stopped struggling. As Vance looked at Chester’s body floating in the pool, Vance muttered, “Now nothing stands in my way.” Then, with that, Vance dropped a folded-up piece of paper onto the ground and left. When another competitor discovered Chester’s body, she called the police and they investigated. They discovered the paper Vance had left behind and saw it was a suicide note that appeared to be written by Chester. The police investigated, but they found no evidence of homocide and deemed Chester’s death a suicide.
    (Hope you like it!)

  • She Said She Was A Angel
    Hi, my name is Justin. And I am going to die any minute now. I’m hiding in a tree. And I have enough paper with me to warn you. This is my story:
    A week ago we moved to a house that had just been built. It was the nicest house I’ve ever seen. I picked a room and started to unpack. I happened to look to my right and i noticed a mirror on the wall. It was a small, round mirror with a black frame. It looked as new as the house.
    I approached it and started to fix my hair when I noticed a 13 year old girl. I looked behind my shoulder horrified. Nothing there. The image of her didn’t leave my mind though. Medium length red hair, super pale skin, even though I was scared by the event I found the girl attractive.
    Tonight at midnight I looked in the mirror again. No girl. I turned around and screamed. The girl was lying on my bed. She was wearing a white dress that to my surprise was darker than her skin. Stepping back I asked,”Who are you?”
    Looking up she replyed,” An angel.” I didn’t know what to say. After a moment she continued,”I was sent here.” I asked why. She began to laugh. She wouldn’t stop. Talking over her I asked her name. That made her stop.
    Her once blue eyes became black, her voice got low, her hair turned into fire, her teeth became sharp. I screamed as she began to hover over my bed. She lifted her hands up. As she made a fist my bed started to be crushed by an invisible force. “My name? YOU WANT MY NAME?” I ran out of my room and sprinted outside and here i am.
    She found me! She’s talking. She said she’s here to take me away. She’s climbing up the tree. Mom, dad, I love y

    And that’s the story. Who was she? What was she? Here’s a hint: she thought his soul tasted delious.

  • YOU

    The next time you go to the library, be sure to keep an eye out for a certain book. There is no other book like it, and no copies. It can turn up anywhere in the library. It can be on any shelf, any table, in the hands of any person. The cover is made of leather, and the book is titled “YOU”.

    Once you find the book, don’t open it. Go to the librarian to check the book out. The librarian should give you a strange look and utter “Oh… that one…”.

    Bring the book home. You may be tempted to open the book, but make sure you don’t. At midnight, step into your closet, book in hand, and shut the door. Make sure that all you see is darkness, and that the only noise you can hear is your heartbeat.

    Open the book. In the book contains all of the knowledge of your past, present, and future. As you flip the pages of the book, moving from past events to present events, stop once you reach the end of the present events. You will know when to stop when you see yourself in the closet, reading the book.

    Before you move on to read future events, think about whether you REALLY want to know about the future.

    If you decide not to read further, close the book, leave it on the floor in your closet, and leave. Be sure to keep the book INSIDE the closet. You will notice in the morning that the book is gone.

    If you decide to read your future events, begin to turn the pages of the book. It is extremely important that you DON’T scream when you read about your death. Don’t take your eyes off the book when you see yourself being dragged into the depths of darkness that was once your closet. Don’t blink as you see yourself being torn apart by a hungry beast, the bloody book laying on the floor next to your severed limbs. Don’t be surprised when you feel the beast’s hand on your shoulder…

    I Got this form another friend hope you like it

  • Come A Little Closer…
    There once was a couple who desperately wanted a child.The wife awaited her husband with great news of a baby one fine day in the spring. The husband pampered the unborn child with a full heart until she was born. They named the child Abigail. There was no surprise that she was a daddy’s girl and she was all they ever wanted. On Abigail’s 5th birthday in her adorable English accent she told her parents”Mommy and Daddy I do not want a party I want to spend the day with you at the park”. the couple would do anything for Abigail so off they went to the park.When the day was done Abigail got a purple dress, a red bow, a red jeweled purple diary, and a purple amulet. For the following week Abigail would spread her arms, close her eyes, and repeat the phrase: my my my little friend we’ll be friends until the end you are light as lead soon you will be dead. The couple took Abigail for a walk to clear her mind. Abigail still controlled her heart and told the couple don’t go any further there is great danger ahead but it was no use. With red glaring eyes the couple fell into the witch’s pit of death. “Mommy, daddy” screamed the weeping girl.The couple told her that it was too late and to run home. She knew in her heart to trust them. So Abigail went to the house and she raised herself in secrecy for 22 years for she knew the witch was looking for her. She married in the same house and still managed to keep it secret and had 2 children whose names were Haylee and Hillary.The husband eventually died when the children were 5. Abigail was falling under the witch’s spell and began to die. She gave her children the things she had gotten when she was 5 before dying .Haylee and Hillary were sent to the orphanage along with the witch. Abigail’s amulet made her once again 5 from pure heart but her daughters were poisoned by the witch and now dead. Left in grief and heartbreak again Abigail escaped the orphanage and set off to find the witch and kill her.But the witch had already found her.Dying the same as her parents she was lost in the woods and now unable to fight when the witch whispered” Come a little closer…

    The witch is know as the Lost One because she haunted Abigail for her natural beauty inside and out for Abigail’s pure heart she had wanted someone like Abigail to love her and when she found no one she was very upset then and killed her family after finding Abigail she felt sad and gave Abigail one wish and with her pure heart she wished she was 5 again and that the witch could have her life back and live next door to Abigail and that’s what happened but the witch learned and finally had a family so on a girl’s 5th birthday who is said to have a pure heart will have to do the same as Abigail and will have a chance to start over if they make the right wish they will live a happy life as they wished and if not the witch of the Lost One will ask them to come a little closer to live in a permanant destruction of life without pureness or the right to be a true girl as all should be as Abigail the fair queen of girls with a pure and true heart.

  • My tragic tale (not true :D)

    I save my love elise from my evil tyrant of a brother. We where separated for a while because I had left the castle however I soon found her in Bowerstone Markets where I saved her yet again, she broke up with the man she was engaged to and I proposed. We then got married in a beautiful ceremony at Brightwall where we would buy a house and live together. Everything was going perfectly except the people next door kept arguing and most people hated me because I was a millionaire and was making everybody pay high rent and had to deal with high shop prices. We where very much in love with each other however and we where faithful (Or so I thought). We decided to get physical for the first time unprotected. That was when the problems started. Not only did I get an STD but also I had a black child even though neither of us where black. I was devastated and went next door where I learnt that the neighbours wanted a divorce. In my anger I wanted revenge so I married the woman next door and killed her husband. This just made things worse, we also had a house in Brightwall and soon both my wives where fighting with each other and wanted a divorce. I decided Elise had hurt me to badly. I killed her and our “child” was sent to the orphanage, I then bought a nice house in Millfields for my second and now only wife. I felt sorry for the child who had been sent to the orphanage so I adopted him (It wasn’t his fault after all). Finally after all this lying, cheating, murder, scandal and heartbreak I thought it was all over and we could finally be happy. I became best friends with our neighbours and finally felt as if I belonged. That was when tragedy struck one final time, mercenaries came and killed not only my best friend but also my wife. Now I am all alone and have realised that if I had not been so selfish and stolen Elise from that other man I would have been contempt with my life and could have found somebody else to settle down with and avoided the grief and heartache that has now passed.

  • “15 minutes” – Standing in front of the underground passages and heavy rain dripping loudly in the pavement and ready to take a part in a city’s ghost bus tour with about 10 to 15 people and excitement filled the atmosphere. I arrived in Edinburgh in the afternoon and went to different places zoo, museum, and took many pictures and at 4:00 pm I arrived at the Edinburgh castle and took a lot of pictures at exactly 7:00 pm I returned in to the bus and waited for the tour guide to arrive, after a few minutes he showed up and told us that we are going to the famous underground house that was rumored to be haunted, as we got of the bus my cellphone rang. It was mom she said that she’s worried because I’m not calling her. I said “Mom everything’s fine i’m safe and please call again later because it’s raining hard here and I need to go. Since birth up to now when I left home to study I was never close to another person other than my Mom so I will do everything for her. Then I said ” Mom I’m 18 now so you don’t have to concern yourself. Then she said “Okay son be safe and take care of yourself. Then I said that I’ll be safe even if you don’t remind me that. Then the phone went blurred and hanged “Damn signal” i said to myself. The I notice that I was the only one left in the entrance.“They must have started the tour without me while I was distracted on the phone,” I laughed talking out loud this time. “I’m sure I can catch up to them though,” I said entering the gates in front of me that lead to a flight of descending stone steps.

    As I made my way down the 30 or so steps, I saw what looked like a distant gathering of people amongst dim lights and dust.
    “That must be them,” I said speeding up my pace into a fast walk.
    About 50 yards of fast walking down a narrow stone corridor, I was stopped dead in my tracks.

    Stepping out from a room to my left stood the shadow of a 5ft woman.
    To say I was terrified would be an understatement. My heart jumping into the back of my chest, the breath rushing from my lungs, I looked up at the figure in absolute panic..

    “Calm down,” came a voice breaking what seemed like an eternity of terror and silence.
    “Wh wh wh wh wh wh… who are you?” I asked stammering in shock.
    “The names Alyssa Williams,” she replied stepping from the darkness to reveal herself.

    A woman of about 40 years with long brown shaggy hair, piercing green eyes and a pale skin complexion, Alyssa stood before me blocking the way forward.

    “You’ve been separated from the rest of them, haven’t you?” She asked.
    “I just got held up outside on the phone and lost my concentration, so you could say that,” I replied with a laugh of realising she wasn’t some terrifying monster or ghostly apparition as first thought.
    “It happens all too often. You’ve missed the first 15 minutes of the tour,” she said, “but it’s your lucky day.”
    “My lucky day?” I asked bemused.
    “Yeah, your lucky day,” she said again.
    “How though?” I replied even more confused.
    “The rain that flooded the graveyard above was just too much for the foundations of these old corridors to hold, and now all but you lay dead beneath the collapse of the ceiling. Give my kind regards to your mom for being of great help,” she said walking off back into the dark room she came from.
    (I asked a friend in order to write this story so I can’t take all the credit sorry if u think it is lame pls. bear it with me)

  • I could imagine this that Cry is reading this.. :


    When I was a child, I used to play with my friends. We were a happy bunch. We told different scary horrid stories.. The only story I didn’t for get was… The Lady That Was Scratching the door. It was a story about a woman who has long-ass nails. She was left by her husband… She was going crazy… She was locked in a mental asylum, she always screeched the doors with her nails, begging for someone to open the door. It gave me the creeps, It gave my chills to the spine.. it made me shiver in fear.. I hated being alone in my house.. but, I didn’t like having babysitters sit me.. One day, my parents went to a party. They called a babysitter, a babysitter with long nails…
    When I was in my room.. All alone.. browsing some shit. The babysitter knocked if I was ok. I nodded with a fake smile on my face. I remembered the story.. her nails sent me shivers down my spine. Then, I heard screeching on my door. It was loud, painful in the ears.. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard…


    It didn’t stop, when I opened the door. There was no one there… just… cold wind.. I thought it was just my babysitter pranking me. I sighed in relief.. I walked downstairs to see if the babysitter was still there, she was sitting on the couch and watching tv. i looked behind my door if there were scratches… there were none. I proceeded at what I was doing.. It was already 11 pm.. Parents haven’t arrived yet.. I was waiting for them.. The door downstairs opened.. Thinking that was my parents… The screeching sound continued.. it got more louder than before…. It was fast..


    And then there was hitting on the door.. like someone begging for help..


    I remained silent.. Afraid to move a muscle.. The hitting and screeching stopped.. I opened the door, trying to get my guts together.. Then I saw a lady… all in white.. grabbing my Babysitter’s golden hair… The babysitter was dead.. cold.. skin… her pupils.. her eyes open.. with only white.. the Lady was looking at me with a smile.. the lady had long nails.. So I closed the door quickly again..
    Hoping that she would be gone.. I opened the door.. She disappeared out of nowhere… I was afraid to look back at my room… I looked from left to right.. She wasn’t there.. I was afraid to go downstairs.. I closed the door and went in my room..I remained silent.. my jaw shaking like an asshole… my body shivering.. my spine tingling..
    I covered my ears… I heard my mom and dad opening the door, I ran like a pussy.. I hugged my dad with tears rolling down my face.. I looked up to his face. The lady’s face appeared… All along.. I was hugging the lady… I screamed….

    …. I didn’t move a muscle.. I threw myself away from her.. she got closer and closer.. closer and closer.. closer.. closer.. closer.. And…


    Her ugly face dripping with blood appeared on my face… I screamed at it.. She strangled me with her hand… she held me up the air.. I tried to take it off.. I was struggling to breathe… Her nails almost puncturing my skin..

    I woke up on bed.. sweating like a dog.. It turned out to be just a dream all along.. BUT NO…. She appeared at my face.. She was holding my dead body.. I was dead.. dead. DEAD.. DEAAAADD… DEAD ALL ALONG..

    .. That’s all.. -hat’s off to you- -Bow- c:

    (made by Anominity… I hate nails.. Eeeekkk..)

  • The Boy In The Garden by iwasdeadbeforeidied13.
    My name is Riley Mitchel. This is a true story that hapened to me. All my freinds have had some sort of experience with the paranormal and this is mine.

    I was staying at an old inn for the easter holidays. it had just got new owners and it seemed very pleasnt and relaxing. I booked into room 3 which had a lovely view of the garden out back. I got up early the next morning and looked out of the window. Standing there was a boy about 15. He had dark hair and eyes. He wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans but nothing on his feet. He smiled and waved at me and I smiled and waved back. Then he ran inside. When I went downstairs I expected to see him but he wasn’t there. I asked the landlord whether he’d seen the boy who was staying there. The land lord looked at me and said. “There are no boys staying here. Just you and the elderly couple in room 5.” I was confused but didn’t think much of it. It could have just been a dream.

    The next day I woke up early again and once again I looked out of the window. Standing there was the boy smiling and waving wearing the exact same clothes. This time I didn’t wave back. He looked a little hurt and ran back inside. I went downstairs and told the man at the bar what I’d just saw. He gave me an odd look. “Well noones come in.” He informed me. “Actully no ones gone out either.” I was getting a little freaked out. Who was this boy? Where did he come from? That night I couldn’t sleep thinking about him. When it was round about midnight I heard a strangled voice calling “Mum help me. Mum mum.” Terified I refused to move from under the covers.
    The next morning I didn’t look out of the window for fear of seeing the boy. It was raining so I had to postpone all my plans for the day. Round about lunch time a lady came in. We got chating and she told me she was the previous owner of the place and had lived there with her son. When she showed me a picture of him I nearly forgot to breathe. I recognised him immediately. He’s the boy who waved to me the first two nights I stayed here.” I cried. The woman shook her head. “It can’t be.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because Benji. My son is dead. He choked to death when we were still living here.” She smiled a small sad smile. “He was a very friendly boy. Always waved at the people staying in room 3 whenever they looked out the window.” I checked out that same day. I’m certain Benji isn’t an evil spirit or a vengeful spirit. But I didn’t feel comfortable knowing he was there. I haven’t ever been back to thei nn and I don’t want to go back. I don’t mind the dead as long as I’m a good distance from them.

    Hope you liked it.

  • 2nd story: The Cabin
    (This story is purely fictional)
    One night, a girl was left alone by her parents who was going to attend a dinner party. The girl then watched some extreme horror movies. When the girl decided to sleep, she went upstairs and undressed and put on her sleeping clothes and went to bed. Unaware, there was a man on a wooden cabin behind their house in the woods. As she undressed, he stared at her. The man kept looking until she went to sleep. He then sent his companion to break in the house. The girl’s stomach hurts, so she used the bathroom. When she was finished, she heard a voice saying, “I’ll be seeing you!” She thought her mind was just playing tricks on her, so she went to bed. Then, she heard the voice again, it got closer and it said: “Almost there. Just wait for the surprise!” She slept and when she woke up, she heard the door being scratched. She freaked out when she saw the knob starting to open. When the door opened, a man got in and put out his knife and started stabbing the poor girl to death. When the parents arrived, they saw that the house was so quiet. When they checked on their daughter, they saw the lifeless body of their beloved daughter. The face was so grotesque, almost demonic. They called the police when they saw a cabin and two men with a bloodied knife, and when the police arrived, the first group raided the cabin and the second one investigated the scene. The murderers escaped, but unfortunately, they were shot dead by a sniper. The police saw blood stains around the walls, as if she struggled. But what freaked them out is a bloody writing on the wall. It said: “Why did you not come home early mom?”

  • I love your stories SFK!!! This is my first time writing, so it might not be that good. s

    The night before Christmas
    Angel was in her pajamas sitting on the couch in the living room. It was five minutes until midnight, and she was anxiously waiting for Santa Claus. She dozed off around 1:00. She was awoken by the front door handle moving. Someone was trying to break in. Angel didn’t move a muscle. After about a minute, it stopped. Then she heard a soft mumbling noise coming from the chimney. She closed her eyes as something hit the ground. She peeked out of one eye and saw it was Santa. Something was different about him though. As he threw his sack on the ground, he smiled. Angel instantly knew what was wrong with him. He had at least eight rows of razor sharp teeth. His laugh was sinister. He left the living room and walked down the hallway towards Angel’s parents bedroom. She closed her eyes as tight as she could and eventually fell asleep.
    The next morning, Christmas, she woke up and opened her presents under the tree. Then, she called for her mom and dad to come in there with her. She walked into their room to discover their remains tossed around the room. She started crying and called 911. She was terrified, and when the police got there, tears were streaming down her face. Two police officers came up to the door, but instantly ran away. Angel turned around and saw Santa with the razor sharp teeth. The last thing she did was scream before the room around her went black.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
    This is my third story! (Hope you like this! It’s for creepy pasta)

    This is a true story it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Rex was a store guy.
    He stocked, replaced shelves and even checked out the money register.Rex was helping out a few girls when an older man asked for help, Rex was very kind to the elderly so he said ‘yes’. He grabbed the old man’s bags and headed out of the store. Rex asked if he had a car or something but the man said: “no my car broke down, you don’t mind walking a few blocks do you son?” the man asked, “no sir “Rex replied with a tinkle of sweat going down his forehead. “Just a few more steps” said the old man. When they got there the old man gestured him to the living room to relax. He probably thought the old guy was so grateful he’d get a skate board or ‘motorcycle’! As Rex thought in his mind his stomach bellowed! He went over to the kitchen, and found himself some jar full of chocolate chip
    Cookies! There was something weird about them the dark ‘icing’ looked like it got scratched off? Rex shrugged didn’t really matter. After all it’s a snack before dinner.
    Couldn’t hurt having a few ‘cookies’ to keep the ‘blood sugar level’ from driving him nuts! So he took a few and ate them but then he craved for MORE!! He couldn’t help himself from wolfing the cookies DOWN! But then the jar was empty…oops this belonged to the old man! Then the old man came back from his room.Rex apologized to him “sir Im so sorry I got hungry and ate those ‘chocolate cookies’!” he said feeling guilty. The old man gave a quirky smile” that’s ok my boy! I don’t have teeth or even false ones! All I can do is lick the ‘dark icing’ off them!” Rex looked at the jar and turned pale… He nearly through up!
    But eh it’s a true story! Rex went back to the store to continue his work.
    But he’ll never go near the ‘a chocolate cookie’ especially from elderly men ever again!

    Hope you all like it! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  • Fresh Meat
    One night, when a man was going to have a lunch break, he heard a strange noise from the hallway. It said, “Fresh Meat, fresh MEAT!” The man quickened his pace and ran but reached a dead end. The noise got closer and closer, and the man was so scared he ran again. With bravery, he went out to see what was happening. He saw a delivery man holding a box with fresh beef. The man came in and actually said, “Fresh meat, who ordered fresh meat?” The man let out a sigh of relief and shouted, I ordered the meat! I ordered the meat!

  • “The dance doesn’t end ‘til one, and after we might be going to a friend’s house,” said Mrs. Burke, screwing a dangly earring into her earlobe. “If Alyssa gets hungry, there’s ice cream in the fridge. She’ll tell you where the other snacks in the kitchen are.” At this, eight-year-old Alyssa perked up from her seat at the couch.
    “Is there an official bedtime?” I inquired.
    “Yes,” answered Uncle Ross, shrugging on his tuxedo jacket. “Do you want the real one, or the one you’re going to pin an extra hour onto to pamper her?”
    “Alyssa goes to bed at ten o’ clock. Please read her a bedtime story from one of her bookshelves. She’ll pick.” Mrs. Burke turned away from me, getting her clutch from the kitchen table. Her stiff blond curls wafted the sour smell of her hairspray towards me. When she turned back around, she continued her instructions while I stared intently at her heavily made-up face. She tried so desperately to look young and pretty.
    “Don’t open the door to anyone unless it’s us. My cell number’s programmed into the house phone; in a real emergency you’d better call 911.”
    Lord, she was acting as if this the first time I’d been left home alone, when I’d been babysitting my cousins for years.
    “Give the girl a break, Jen,” protested Uncle Ross, wrapping an arm around his wife’s shoulders. Mrs. Burke moved away from him and went to unlock the front door, leaving me alone with Uncle Ross. “Be good,” he said. “Go to bed at a reasonable time.”
    “Got it,” I said, herding him towards the door. He reached out to ruffle my hair and followed his wife outside. “Bye,” I called out, but only Uncle Ross waved back.

    I watched the progress of the Italian sports car out from the window. Once the car vanished from my view, I loosened the curtains from the tiebacks and drew the flowery fabric over the window. With a sigh, I turned away from the window and eyed the rest of the room.
    It was pristine. The carpet was a blushing pink, with rose-shaped rugs in a deeper hue artistically strewn across the floor. The kitchen table was made of dark polished wood with sharp edges and a glass tabletop. I could faintly see the reflection of the vase of artificial flowers that rested on the table. Next to the door, a shiny glass cabinet resided, full of dolls with plaited hair and dimpled smiles. Their weirdly sinister faces freaked me out, but I knew from Mrs. Burke’s rants that they were very valuable collector’s items.
    The house was immaculate. It was perfect. It was…unnatural, to be honest. The only magazines I could see were glossy and arranged in neat piles on top of the cabinet with the dolls in it, looking as if no one had ever thumbed through them in their life-completely different from my house, where all the magazines were dog-eared and crumpled. I could only remember one instance of Mrs. Burke touching her magazines-when she’d made my little sister put her plate on top of one when we sat at the kitchen table for tea, on one of the few times we’d been over. She’d put the magazine under my sister’s plate so Megan wouldn’t spill crumbs onto the shiny table, leaving the eleven-year-old humiliated.
    “Leslie?” came Alyssa’s high-pitched voice from the next room. “Yeah, coming,” I called back while walking towards her room. Her little face looked up at me anxiously from the flowered armchair she was sitting on. Mrs. Burke certainly had a thing for flowers.
    Alyssa was fingering her long brown plaits. They were tied up incredibly neatly, without a single hair out of place. They reminded me of the dolls in the cabinet. “Do you want to play with me?” Alyssa asked, almost shyly. I’d planned on watching T.V. and texting my boyfriend, but…“I guess it’s okay to play for a while,” I told her, and she jumped down from the armchair eagerly. “What do you wanna play?” I asked.
    “Let’s make bracelets,” Alyssa suggested. Well, that was an odd request, but I nodded and watched as she fetched a shiny white ceramic jar filled with beads. The shininess of this house was starting to grate. She sat down carefully onto one of the rugs on the floor and poured the beads into her fingers. Kneeling beside her, I picked up a silky thread from the tin. “You can make a purple one,” Alyssa told me. As she pointed out the purple beads, my eyes were drawn to her fingers. Or, her fingertips.
    Each and every fingernail had been brutally cut back.
    “Alyssa! What happened to your nails?!”
    She quickly curled her fingers into a fist, hiding the stubs. My loud voice had startled her, as if she was a little mouse. I reached out and gently held her little fist in my hand, rubbing her fingers until she unfurled her fist. Each nail was a tiny sliver, with the surrounding skin a bright, painful pink.
    “Alyssa? Who cut your nails?” I asked, kindly but my voice firm. I had a feeling that I already knew the answer.
    She ducked her head, staring at her hand in my lap. “I did.”
    I know a lie when I see one. “Did your mother cut your nails?”
    Her blue eyes filled with tears. “Yes,” she whispered.
    Appalled, I looked down at her brutally cut nails. “Why-”
    “I had art at my school and I got the paint in my fingernails so mommy said I was an untidy disgrace and I shouldn’t have fingernails if I can’t keep them clean and she cut them off.”
    “What else did she do to you?” My voice was suddenly brusque. I had to know if anything worse was happening in this household. The unnatural perfection of the house, the fingernails…was Mrs. Burke even sane?
    “Nothing. She doesn’t do anything to me. My mommy is the kindest prettiest mommy in the world.”
    “Alyssa! Tell me the truth!”
    She flinched. Her lips started quivering. “Oh no, Allie, don’t cry. If you do then your tears will fall on your dress and it’ll get dirty-”
    Like I’d suspected, this tactic worked better than anything else I could’ve said. Alyssa wiped her eyes carefully. “Alyssa, don’t worry-I won’t ever tell anyone, I swear…”
    I watch as she eyes me suspiciously. “Alyssa. Did she cut your toenails like that too?”
    Her head shakes, jerkily, and so I say, “Alyssa, show me your toes.”
    All of a sudden, Alyssa threw her head back in a loud scream while tugging off her shoes and socks. Her bloody sock lands in my lap as she howls, “I don’t have any!”

  • “Earliest Memories”
    When I was in high school, I was assigned to an “Earliest Memories” sort-of project. Since I had a horrible memory, I had a very hard time with this project.
    One day, I was looking through the attic for anything that could help me. I found a box marked “Max’s Memories” that was layered with dust, so I managed to drag it down and open the box. Inside was a diary, and a few pictures. I thought none of this would help me, but I was proved wrong when I flipped through the diary. I realized this was from middle school, and I knew it would pass me so I packed it in my backpack. I decided to gaze through the pictures since it could help me get extra credit.
    Most of them were from middle school as I suspected. They contained me and a girl that I didn’t recognize. She had long blonde hair, jade green eyes, and small dimples when she smiled. I looked on the back of the picture for my mom’s messy cursive that could hint anything about who she was. It only said, “Max and Lissa Smith.”
    Since I had no recollections of her, I wanted to look her name up. When I did, an article about her popped up. As I read it, my stomach churned and I felt sick to my stomach. Memories of her rushed back to me, and I finally knew her she was.
    I got the diary out and flipped to the last few pages. In my handwriting, I read:
    I feel so horrible. How could I let this happen? Lissa was my best friend and now she’s dead, thanks to me. I spent last night crying, and I am shaken up super bad. I don’t know what to do next. I’m honestly going crazy.
    I only read that paragraph, and then I gazed at a drawing at the bottom of the page. I sickened me more. It was a picture of a girl hanging herself.
    A flashback occurred to me. I was twelve years old, and me and Lissa were walking in the hallways of our middle school. Glances sharp as daggers were directed at Lissa, and her face indicated her anxiety was growing. I tried my best to comfort her, but she shook her head with tears coming down her face. People rudely pointed and laughed at her, and I was so mad at them. My other friends who were the “cool group” in middle school made some insults at her. They then asked me to join them for lunch. I agreed, since I wanted to be popular like them.
    I left Lissa alone the rest of the day. My friends progressed to make her feel as horrible as possible, and I just laughed with them, hoping I was cool.
    The next day, I had learned that Lissa hung herself. I started crying, which resulted in me writing in my diary.
    Snapping back to reality, I felt tears come down my face. I heard laughing behind me, and I turned around.
    Lissa was smiling evilly at me. “You left me alone to go through all that. Now it’s time to repay me . . .”

  • A group of boys were sitting around the local cemetery talking about ghosts and other things, trying to scare each other.
    “Didja here ’bout the haunted house ’round the block?” asked one.
    “Naw. You don’ believe in that, do ya’?”
    “Don’ yew?” A third boy looked on, confused.
    “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout?”
    “The haunted house! Dontcha know?” said the first.
    “Naw. I jus’ got here. Y’all know that!” said the third, and a fourth explained.
    “In that big ol’ mansion ’round over there-” the boy pointed off in a random direction. “- there used to live a woman and her baby. Her husband, well, ‘e wus dead as he cud be, ‘e wus. He died inna war, ‘e did. That woman, she wus sad, but she kept care of that ‘lil baby. Well, one day, that baby got sick! Got the flu, or somethin’. An’ that baby died too. She wus so sad that she killed ‘erself inna fire in the fireplace.” He paused to take a swig from the bottle he was holding. “Ever’one knows that if ya’ go an’ spend the night, she’ll kill ya’!” The boys all shuddered, except for the previously confused one.
    “I ain’t ‘fraid uv a ghost!” He said. The other boys frowned. One spoke up.
    “I’ll pay ya’ twenty bucks to spend the night. Betcha yew won’t!” He smirked at the other boy.
    “Yeah, I will! I told ja, I ain’t ‘fraid!”
    So that night, the boy packed up all the things he would need to spend the night in the supposedly haunted house. The other boys were already there. They watched him go in, then left.
    The boy crept through the house. It was drafty and cold, as well as dark and gloomy. He came upon a room with a couch across from a fireplace. He was reluctant to even step into the room, but he was cold and tired, so he lay down on the couch and fell into a restless sleep.
    In the early hours of morning it started to storm. At six in the morning it was as dark as it had been at midnight, and by seven, it was even darker. The boy woke up. He looked around, momentarily forgetting where he was. He leaned into the warmth of the crackling fire. Suddenly, it turned white and silver. The figure of a beautiful woman was standing before him. On her face was a look of intense grief.
    His friends were outside, waiting for him to come out. They heard him scream and, after a moment of hesitation, ran in to find him. They searched the whole house, but couldn’t find him. His things were gone and the fire place was clean; there were no ashes.
    The police searched and searched, but they couldn’t find him.
    Years later at their high school reunion, when they had just forgotten about that night, they were all walking down at the town square when they saw something that they would surely never forget; where there was usually a flag, instead hung the flattened body of their childhood friend…

  • The phone call.
    All of the “Phone Call” stories have are usually the same. But not this one.
    Three friends were in a bedroom. Tori, Esther and Victoria. The three friends were like sisters. They had sleepier almost every weekend. They blocked out everyone except each other. One weekend on October 18 at 8:36 p.m. Esther went downstairs to get a knife to cut the cake Tori’s mother fixed for them. Tori and Victoria ran an hid in the walk-in closet. When Esther came back up the wooden stairs and back into Tori’s bedroom, Tori and Victoria quickly opened the door and scared Esther. In shock Esther accidentally stabbed herself in the stomach. The two girls in shock ran down stairs to get Tori’s mother. When she came upstairs she bent down next to Esther and cried. They called 911 because they could still see Esther’s stomach go up and down slightly, but the doctors knew noting could save her. The two girls had to spend two years knowing Esther’s death was their fault. The same day at exactly the same time and the same second they revived a phone call. The caller ID said “BFF” and Tori suddenly remembered that is what she put Esther under in her caller ID. But, Esther was dead and the two girls got frightened. Tori picked up the phone. H-h-h-h-hello? She heard Esther’s uplifting voice. “Tori” she said. “Esther ?!?” Said Tori in shock. She covered up the speaker and said to Victoria “Maybe she isn’t dead”. She heard something coming from the phone. “Tori” said Esther. “Yes?”, said Tori. “Look out the window”, said Esther. Tori slowly pulled open the curtains. She saw Esther standing in the driveway, holding the same knife she had been killed with.

  • The walk home
    On Halloween night, I was walking home with my friend from trick or treating. We passed this house with really scary decorations with a bunch of people out front. They all had these creepy masks on and were whispering to each other. We kept walking. Nicky said, “That house was really creepy! What was with all those people in the yard?” I answered, “I don’t know. Maybe there was a party there and theywere leaving.” Suddenly,I noticed that some one that was in the front of that house was following us. He had a mask that lokked like the devil. We started walking faster when another person appeared. He had a zombie mask on. My friend and I turned the corner, and when the people did, I realized there were more. Finally there were around 40 people following us with all kinds of horrible undescribable masks on. We started running, and they just kept following us. We finally got to my house, ran inside, and shut he door. Nicky decided to stay over at my house because she didn’t want to go outside with the creeps. The next morning I went outside and non one was there, so I got the newspaper. When I sat down to read it, I was horrified at the leading story:
    Kate and Greg Simmons were murdered brutally outside their house last night.
    That is all I could read because Kate and Greg Simmons were my parents.
    After the funeral, I moved in with Nicky.
    We will never trick or treat again.

  • Here’s another story I came up with. P.S. Thanks for posting my other story!:
    Chloe Thompson was a high school senior and a real klutz. She was always getting into accidents, like slipping in the hallway and walking into locker doors. But one Wednesday afternoon, Chloe was in a rush to get to algebra class and had to take the stairs down two floors to get there. But as she went down the stairs, she slipped and fell down the stairs, hitting her head and knocking herself unconscious. When Chloe woke up, she was lying on a large soft bed, with a thick quilt over her and a wet washcloth on her forehead. She looked over and saw a small table by the bed with a glass of water on it. Suddenly, a young man with brown hair and blue eyes walked in the room, carrying a tray with pancakes and eggs on it. “Hi, honey. I’m glad that you finally woke up. You took quite a nasty fall.” The man said as he set the tray on Chloe’s bed. “Who are you? Where am I?” Chloe asked, confused. She had barely any idea what had happened, other than the fall. “Oh, that must’ve been a really bad fall. I’m your father, and you’re home.” The man said, gingerly patting Chloe’s head. Slowly, Chloe realized how starving she was, having not eaten in two hours. So she took the fork on the tray, stabbed a piece of pancake, and started chewing it. But as she swallowed the food, Chloe started feeling weird. As she looked at the man, his face contorted into a sinister smile. As Chloe started to black out, the man got close to her face and said, “You should be more careful, dear.”
    Hope you like it!

  • Dancing with the devil,
    There was a girl named Diana who on one particular day hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance and she was so excited about it. She had bought a brand new, sparkly purple dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life. Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined. “Your not going to the dance.” the mother said “But why?” asked Diana. “I’ve been talking to the preacher. He says the dance is going to be for the devil. So you are absoulutly forbidden to go.” her mother said. Diana knodded as if she accepted her mother’s words. But she was determined to go to the dance. As soon as her mother was busy, she put on her new purple dress and ran down to the K.C Hall where the dance was being held. As soon as she walked into the room, all the guys turned to look at her. She was startled by all the attention. Normally no one noticed her. Her mother sometimes accused her of being to akward to get a boyfriend. Although she was not akward that night. The boys in her class were fighting with each other to dance with her. Later she broke away from the crowd and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard a sudden hush. The music stopped. When she turned, she saw a handsome man with jet black hair and on apealing tuxedo standing next to her. “Dance with me.” he said she managed to stammer a “yes” completly stunned by this gorgous man. He led her out on the dance floor. The music sprang up once more. She found herself dancing better than she had ever danced before. They were the center of attention. The man spun her round and round. She gasped for her breath trying to step out of the spin. But he spun her faster and faster. Her feet were hot. The floor seemed to melt under her she spun faster and faster she was spinning so fast that a cloud of dust flew up around them both so they were hidden from the crowd. When the dust settled Diana was gone. The man in black bowed once and disapeared from the crowd. The devil had come to his party and spun the girl straight to hell.

  • I don’t really know what to call this story, so any suggestions will be appreciated:) And I would love for any feedback, thanks guys<3

    One day, my mother sat me down and said she wanted to talk to me. She said she had an important story to tell me, about a girl from my school. This girl was called Angel, who was in my classes, and a few weeks back, had disappeared. I noticed in class, and I did wonder sometimes where she had gotten to. The police thought she was kidnapped so sent a huge search party out, but they never found her. It has been a long time now, but there could still be hope. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    Well, I never knew the story around her disappearance, so my mom told me. Angel was a happy, popular, pretty, funny girl. She knew everyone, every boy loved her and girls wished they were just like her. She lived a perfect life; she had all the nicest clothes, prettiest hair, the most stunning makeup and more. They say beauty is only skin deep. They are right. She was never nice to me, I’ve never known why. Maybe there was some jealousy in her, or maybe she found faults in me that I have never discovered. She gave me cold, hard glares and purposely tried to embarrass me and made me question if I was good enough. She just made my life uncomfortable sometimes. I’m not one to hold grudges though. I would have tried to find out what was the problem, but she vanished soon after that. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    Angel had over 1000 friends on networking sites, and never bothered to think of who she was adding. Requests came in from all areas, old men, 10 year old girls, 20 year old men. She didn’t care. She found talking to people online was easier than in real life. She could fit in more, and impress more people. Besides, most of her ‘friends’ were strangers and it would be a coincidence if they ever did meet. One day, she began talking to a new friend, a girl. She knew nothing about her, only that her name was Amelia. Angel and Amelia spoke every day after that, about boys, hair, makeup, love, and much more. Their friendship blossomed. But maybe they only got on because Amelia flattered Angel all the time. Gave her compliments when she didn’t even deserve them, she wasn’t worthy. Amelia loved to look at pictures of Angel, and commented on how pretty she was all the time. But Angel never knew what Amelia looked like, she never uploaded pictures, and the only image on her profile was a black square. Also, Angel never gave out compliments. Not because she had never seen Amelia, just because she wasn’t that kind of girl. She should have thought carefully about what she was getting into. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    So Angel began asking Amelia more questions. Every day she tried to find out more, as people do. She asked, ‘What school do you go to?’ ‘Where do you live?’ ‘What do you look like?’ and things like that. But every question was met with no response. Amelia would shut off; stop talking for days on end. Without her, Angel was dead inside. She trawled the internet, trying to find a replacement friend, but failed. So every time, she came running back, apologising and begging. And believe me, she wasn’t the kind of girl who apologises. But each time she was forgiven and all was forgotten. This happened a few times. She soon never asked anything, just went with it, because she knew what would happen. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    One day Amelia asked if she and Angel could meet up in person. They had been talking for months now and Angel was desperate to meet up with her best friend. She wouldn’t dare to tell anyone about her friendship though because she knew people would have made her give it up. She could never leave Amelia. So Angel said yes. After that, they didn’t know what happened. But the next thing they knew, she was gone. They are still searching. It’s amazing how much the police could discover just through their chats. Just off the computer. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    After my mom had warned me countless times to stay safe, I was finally allowed back into my room. I quickly logged into my account and looked through my friend requests. No, no and NO. Why are all these people no good? I deleted them all. So that night, I gave up on my account. I deleted the whole thing. I didn’t want to get into any trouble, so this was the best way. I have added lots of strangers, but I don’t care. I’ve spoken to strangers but it doesn’t matter. I’m not worried about them; it’s me they should be scared of. I made sure I deleted all of our conversations. I logged out of my laptop and opened up the secret floorboard. No one else knew about this. I pulled out the sack. My thoughts turned to Angel. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    I shoved the parcel under my bed and fell asleep. I slept very well that night; I had lots of peaceful dreams. The next morning, I woke up early. The house was very quiet. My mom had gone out. So I was by myself. This is what I’ve wanted for a long time now. I need it. Some alone time to really think about my plan. My mom is always around, just bugging me. But today is a new day. I’m sorry I’ve been lying. I can’t help it. I have no choice. So I reached for the parcel and rested it on my lap. And I thought, I thought and thought and thought. About Angel mainly, how sad her story was, how innocent she was. How innocent she looked. But she was evil inside. It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.
    I pulled off the sheets surrounding the bundle. Undid the rope which tied it up. I was hoping to let someone know about my special secret soon, but I needed time to think. They were looking for me, for her. I needed a plan. Stripping into some old clothes, I reached into my drawer and brought out the knife. It had been in there for weeks now, waiting for the right time. I lifted the body onto my bed and began chopping off her features. I sliced off all her skin and plucked out her eyeballs. Her beautiful green eyes. I smashed in her white, pearly teeth. She wouldn’t need them anymore. I cut off all her hair. Her long, thick, curly blonde hair. I gashed open her face, so it was covered in cuts and stroked all her beautiful bruises. No-one would love her now. This was why I made Amelia. She was a fake, and I hate fakes. But now I have to hide, to run, the police are close. I placed the ugly, mangled, twisted body back under the floorboards. Put the board back in place. My secret has been revealed now. You surprised?
    Poor little Angel.
    It was such a shame; she was such a pretty girl.

  • relax Zombie02 your story is fantastically terrifying! (:

    This is for Creepy pasta hope you (ladies and gentleman) like this!
    This one is my second its’ Called: “I didn’t do dat”
    Ok, this felt like years ago, but I still can’t get over the tragic ‘incident’.about my close friend. I had three friends; Melinda, Max and Will. Mel was the only girl (rather then my snoopy sister) to hangout with us.Max was pretty cool kid. I really liked him as neighbor.
    To hangout with Mel, Will, and of course me. I almost forgot to introduce myself: im Phil.
    And last but not least Will. he didn’t speak or talk much, but he did say”hi or bye”. When we saw or met up with him. My group and I; we use to go to the playground. And sneak through a small thicket. There would be a couch, tiny stool and a circular small camp fire. We’d sit down and take turns telling each other spooky stories. But all of that changed on one frightful day…so it was my turn to tell a story the prob was that I couldn’t recall what my story was about! Mel took over she knew I was struggling.Max said he had to do his ‘bussines’ and left. It was an hour after midnight and Max hadn’t come back. I shrugged “he’s probably just having washroom issues” I thought quietly. Will got up to look for him and when he came back I noticed there was a red stain on his right arm. I asked him. What was wrong he didn’t seem to acknowledge what I asked him? instead he peeped out” I didn’t do dat” I looked at him “do what Will?” I asked abit suspiciously. Again he didn’t say any thing. So Mel suggested we go home. Will and she agreed. But i was concerned about Max.Mel told me to ‘relax’ Max knew the ‘inn’s and out’s’ of the town. Only a fool would question him. Next morning I got dressed ate breakfast and headed out. I met up with Mel and Will, but Max wasn’t there .odd he never missed going out with us. Mel said she didn’t know where he was either. Will on the other hand was too quite to just ‘not know where Max was’! Mel said she read a newspaper of an ‘anonymous’ murder on the headline: “A murder at Horton’s Park”. The news ad read. Funny I scratched at the back of my head. It didn’t make sense I sure hope Max is ok.i thought silently. That’s where our ‘secrete’ hideout is. Where my group and I go to! Well it was getting late; I will go and investigate what ‘really’ happened! I thought determinedly.
    Mel told me Will was going to visit her for the night. Just as I turned away ,I couldn’t help but notice there was something strange about Will’s behavior… and what was more ironic was the same red stain on his right arm. So I went to my group’s ‘hideout’ .I was able to retrace Max’s foot steps. I followed them and recalling what he said before taking ‘off’ “just gotta do my ‘thing’” as I searched I made a sick discovery; Max’s stomach was slit open! And there was a written message in the blood: “I didn’t do dat” …I nearly through up. At the filthy display. I shuddered …turned away and I reported to the police. I went home my eyes were blurring with tears over my friend’s loss.” how would I explain this to Mel and Will?”. The thought lingered in my mind. So to relieve myself of stress I watched childish ‘barney shows’ at least this will help me forget…suddenly my cell phone rang! The vibrations nearly made the mobile fall off my dad’s old coffee table! I managed to grab it fling the slide open stick it right on my ear. I heard a panicked heavy breathing voice through the receiver; “hey Phil I need your HELP!! “What’swrong”? I asked; “not much time!! Will’s acting really strange…plllleeeeaaaasssseeeee you GOTTA HELP ME!!!”…..before I could protest or ask further questions, thee dial tone gave a dead silence… I hung up got out of my seat and RAN! To Melinda’s place! As I got there I got a whiff of a horrible smell coming from the kitchen the gross scene made
    Me wish I was blind! Two adult corpses were laying there dead in their seats. I quickly moved on .I just started walking up the stair case… when I heard a girl scream hysterically! It gave me such a fright I almost fell or tripped on the last step! I finally made it up. As I went in what met my eye’s was straight out from a horror movie! Just sheer terror; “Melinda was skinned alive!! And hung! By a hangman’s noose!” I nearly fainted at the scene. And another written bloody message similar to Max’s death! “ I didn’t do dat”.”Ok that was the last straw! I ‘ve had enough!” I heard a creek behind me…I saw…Will just casually standing there like nothing happened! But in his right hand was a sharp meat cleave! I asked him “so you’re the killer? Why are you doing this?” Will peeped in an eerie voice;” I didn’t do dat”.he said with a wide grin that ripped across his face. He didn’t answer me…just came…closer…I bolted past him, down the stairs. And left the house! I had never been so glad to escape out of a killing spree ALIVE! But now Im a 32 grown man but this thought in my memory stills haunts me…even today. I work as a detective, solving crimes, schemes and even murders.
    I was taking a stroll through the park; I noticed a figure lying on its side. My curiosity
    Got the better of me, so I grab a stick and checked it out. I turned it over and it was …a dead male on the dirt ground. I took some samples. And noticed his back was slit open! I could tell it had to be a meat cleave. Because of how deep the cut was! “This just isn’t my night poor guy” I sighed sadly. I saw a man nearby sitting on a wooden bench, reading a ‘times herald newspaper’ I turned to leave and drop these off at the lab. But I could have sworn the man looked awfully similar like Will… and I swear my ears would never deceive me…but I thought I saw him give me a grisly smile…and heard him snicker or chuckle…just as I got to the bus stop I turned away one last time and I heard him whisper very quietly but I clearly made out what he said in a tiny creepy voice;” I didn’t…do …dat”…

    I hope all of you like this! This is for (scarystoriesforkids or Creepy pasta)
    Thank you!(:

  • “Dear Dear Moxie” – Once a girl named Molly who lived with her parents and her brother Kyle. Molly had a doll named Moxie she and Moxie had lots of fun accept that her brother kept on harrassing her and Moxie. Molly told her parents but all they ever say is ignore him but he kept on going so she all she could do is just do what her parents said but all of a sudden Molly felt hungry so she got a snack from the refridgerator to eat and then she sees Moxie her doll on the floor lying there so she picked moxie up and tooked her upstairs with her and Molly founded Moxie really weird because she was on the kitchen floor and she thought Moxie would be doing paranormal stuff in her house. Then when Molly finished her snack she went to the bathroom to take a potty and when shewas done she sees blood on the floor and sees Moxie lying on the floor covered in blood and then Molly got afraid so she went to see where the blood came from then she sees her family found dead inside a cupboard against a wall and Molly started to cry and got got really scared and she would know that Moxie would not do such a thing. And Moxie looked at Molly with a grin and to let you guys know that Moxie face started to chang a lot and it got Molly afraid so badly it gaved Molly the fright of her life so then Moxie was a doll who was a friend but killed Molly with her own little dolly hands so after that Moxie was a doll who was actually a aggressive doll who used to live another family that was poor and abused by other people around them so Moxie decided to kill them so they live in peace not to be around her and was put in a storage to be in another store full of toys and was chosen by Molly to live with her to be best friends and that was a chance for Moxie to kill Molly not to be friends with her so that she could kill her. And in words in blood on the floor Moxie wrote a note it said “Dear Dear Molly you shouldn’t have choosed me as your best friend that you will know i will kill you”. The End (hope yall enjoyed this is my second story I’d made for scaryforkids.) So I hoped you guys really enjoyed Thank You. :)

  • Red Tulip, Red Rose

    There was two sisters, Hana and Eun. Eun was older and braver, smart and always protected her sister, Hana. Hana was younger, pretty and shy. Eun promised that she would protect Hana for as long as she needed help. Eun loved her sister that much.

    One night, Eun’s sleep was interrupted by a loud scream from Hana’s room, she rushed into her room and saw Hana was missing.
    She called out her name and looked for Hana everywhere. Her father and mother was awaked by the screams of Eun calling “Hana!!”
    Her mother and father began calling Eun, “What’s wrong Eun?!”
    “It’s Hana! She’s missing!”

    Her father gave her a sleeping pill to calm her down. Eun fell asleep and awoke again in the morning.
    She got up for breakfast when she went down, she saw Hana eating, with their parents.
    “Hana where did you go last night?!” Eun said
    She pointed at the barn.
    “Why the heck did you go there?! What if something bad happened to you?”
    “I saw him standing there.”
    Her parents where a bit scared.
    Her parents got up and gave her a medicine.
    “Here. This will make you feel better.”
    Eun took the tablet.

    After awhile, she read some books and fell asleep out of boredom. She heard Hana whispering into her ear, “Wake up sister, that man’s harassing me!”
    “Who is?”
    What’s he doing to you??
    He’s hitting me, please Eun!”

    They went down.

    “Why do you keep harassing Hana!?”
    “Why do you keep harassing Hana?!”
    “Eun, Hana is dead! She’s dead!!”
    “I’ll show it to you!”
    Her father showed her Hana’s grave.
    “Now do you believe me?!”

    The next day, her parents saw Eun is missing.

    They looked into the closet where Hana died, and saw Eun there, dead, like somebody suffocated her.

    The following year, Eun’s mom and dad visited their two dead daughter’s graves.

    They put a Tulip in Hana’s tombstone and a Rose in Eun’s.

  • The Snowman’s Revenge

    Sammy Snippet was a strange kid. He always smiled no matter what and always talked to himself. Lance, Eddie, Frankie, Joey and Billy and Thomas always picked on on him. He had no friends and always ate lunch alone and preferred to sit by himself. Lance and his group of bullies always picked him for having “imaginary friends”. One day in the winter when Sammy was walking hm from school Lance went a little too far. As he got out of sight from the high school away from teachers and staff Billy and Thomas shoved him into a snowbank. Eddie and Frankie bombarded him with snowballs then Lance and Frankie held him well the others piled snow on top of him turning him into a human snowman. What they weren’t aware was the fact he was claustrophobic and also got frostbite easily and couldn’t be out in the cold too long. They finished covering him and put some coal for a face, a carrot, some sticks, then a hat and scarf to “keep Sammy warm”. then laughed at their joke and ran away.

    Sammy’s mother got worried and called the poiice who couldn’t find him despite a firm search of the area. One day Billy and Thomas decided to build a snowfort. They made it so big that if it collapsed on them they couldn’t make it out and would die in the avalanche almost instantly. They were finishing and Billy was inside admiring it and Thomas came outside to check it when he noticed a snowman with the hat and scarf they had put on Sammy’s. He tried to tell Billy about it but he couldn’t hear him so he climbed in after him they could see it through a hole in the ceiling they made for air. They swear they saw it’s arm move. Billy had a little brother and assumed he built it and when they were inside the fort and didn’t notice. They turned for a minute and the snowman was gone. A few seconds later they heard the scarping of a shovel and saw snow covering both the roof exit and the front exit. They tried to escape but the fort collapsed on them both and they were trapped in the heavy avalanche.

    Frankie, Joey. and Eddie, and Lance went over to the local sledding hill at night to avoid the crowd during the day. Joey was going down the hill Frankie and Eddie went down the steps to meet him by the trees. They planned on stealing wood from the cabin at the top of the hill o the other side of the woods afterwords for a fire. Lance was already waiting there. Joey was headed down really fast and tried to avoid a snowman in the middle in the path but couldn’t steer his sled. After going under the snowman’s arm something sharp pierced his eye.

    When Joey got to the bottom Eddie and Frankie stared in horror at him. An icicle was jammed deep into his eye killing him instantly. They figured it fell from a tree. When they looked up the snowman that was previously on the hill was now at the bottom standing a few feet away from them. It looked like the one they trapped poor Sammy in. Both its branches were held together and in hem were a shiny metal axe. Eddie tried to run but fell and was decapitated by the axe. Frankie ran in the woods towards the lake but had nowhere to go but onto the thin ice. Unfortunately for him it was thin and he fell through it and drowned due to his obesity preventing him from staying afloat.

    Lance was wondering what was keeping the others. Suddenly he heard footsteps in the woods surrounding him. He saw a large round thing a few feet away holding an axe covered in blood. It got closer and he realized it was a snowman. The very one he had trapped poor Sammy in. It started to get closer but by the time it got there Lance was dead. Frozen in fear. Sammy The Snowman pulled out of his scarf and tied around Lance’s neck to “keep him warm” then hung from a tree branch and just stood there enjoying watching Lance’s frostbitten swing in the breeze.

  • Silent Night Bloody Night

    Back in the 1800’s lived a man by the name of Reverend Johnathan Parris. He lived in Philadelphia and was a descendant of Reverend Samuel Parris. He led a group of religious people referred to as the “Cult Of Parris” by the townsfolk. Him and his cult would bring justice into their own hands by capturing criminals and executing them for their sins. It began to get out of hand he he captured random townsfolk and accused them of witchcraft. He claimed his ancestor told him they were witches and most be killed. This caused an angry mob to track down him and his cult. They fled out of town and into the woods and stopped in an open field. He captured a skilled architect and had him construct a gothic cathedral. He had gargoyles on the roof and ledges and two marble lions on the doorway and demonic doorlnockers. He was rumored to have sold his soul to Satan to escape God’s wrath and ave worship services in his honor. He had the works of Edgar Allen Poe written in stone all over the walls. In the sanctuary were the words to “The Fall Of The House Of Usher”. Other hallways had “The Tell Tale Heart”, “The Raven, and, “Annabel Lee”. Eventually the town located the cathedral and set it on fire killing the reverend and all his followers. This was the last people heard of it however.

    Anyone who dared enter the cathedral either went insane, turned into a murderous lunatic, or just became downright cruel. A nun who tried to use it for an orphanage became cruel to all her sisters and especially the children. She would whip them or hit them constantly for no reason. A rabbi who tried to bless the cathedral went insane and was committed to an asylum. It was rumored it was the spirit of Reverend Johnathan Parris himself who posessed anyone who entered. As a result the cathedral was left alone until a priest converted it into a regular church with apparently no trouble.

    One Christmas Eve a group of teenagers headed into the woods just outside the city. They walked through the abandoned building that seemed to be from he Industrial Revolution and had a lower level but the stairs were cut off and a few upper levels with no stairs plus some rooms and came out the other end to the field. They walked a few feet up a path and came to the church. “We;re not going in there Trevor”. Erika complained”. “It’s too scary Phil” Nicole whined. “We’ll wait out here Greg” Courtney said. “Fine just freeze” Trevor joked. “Yeah we’re gonna be a while”. Phil chimed in. “Fine but you totally have to do something we make you do” Erica said.

    They opened the door. The hallway was lit with candles. The door slammed behind them. They tried it each of them pulling together. No use it was jammed. “Let’s split up and find someone to help us” Trevor said. Phil and Nicole headed to the chapel through another door and Greg and Courtney went down the hallway while Trevor and Erica went into the sanctuary. They saw a priest heading up the isle towards them. He was singing something. They couldn’t make out what. It seemed to be “Silent Night”. It echoed throughout the sanctuary.

    “Silent Night, Bloody Night”

    “All is gory, all is wrong,

    “Let the all mighty father pity the sinners”

    “May their souls be at peace”.

    “Maaay their souls be at peace”

    A long sharp knife came into view. The priest stabbed Trevor killing him instantly but Erika fled to warn the others. She found the dead. They had been stabbed by the knife that killed Trevor. She ran around screaming then heard the priest coming and ran into the sanctuary. She saw her friends all on crucifixes. She grabbed a small one and hid. When she heard him she jumped up and stabbed him in the heart with it killing him instantly. A black shadow fled his body and went up through the church. Erika was still stuck and had to call 911 for help. When they got there she was babbling about priests and shadows. The police attempted to burn the church down after loading the bodies out and were apparently successful but in the morning it was back to where it was standing in the meadow in its original structure as gothic cathedral.

  • Fashion trends

    Close to where my old house was lived a nice girl called Amy. She was 14 when the “terrible thing” happened. Like most girls her age Amy was extremely fashionable. The latest trend at our school was to wear hats with animal faces on them, everyone was doing it ( including me ) so of corse Amy did it to. As her birthday was coming up she decided to ask her parents for one, when they said yes she was filled with joy. Naturally she went to buy it on the nearest Saturday in town. I witnessed the next bit myself as I was in the shop at the same time. She arrived at the mall and immediately rushed to the new store selling the popular head ware. I watched her rush frantically around the store until I pointed out the stand full of hats. She thanked me and then started browsing the shelves. A few seconds later I heard some quiet talking and became curious so I decided to take a peek. I hid behind a pile of boxes and looked at what Amy was doing.

    “I can’t decide!” Amy exclaimed “they are all so cute!”

    There was a man standing with her, I think he must of worked there.

    “I recommend customs” the man said smiling.

    “These customs, how come nobody else has one?” Amy inquired.

    Even though she didn’t look it Amy was quite smart.

    The man seemed shaken “because… Because… Because they are new!” He stammered.

    Amy was satisfied and she followed the young looking man into a room at the back of the store. Just then I felt a pat on my back, there was a huge security guard watching me.

    “Spying are we?” He asked.

    I was thrown out of the store but meh, I didn’t mind apart from the fact that that man looked so suspicious. It gave me the creeps…

    All that week Amy didn’t turn up for school and the hats quickly became old, it changed to headbands and the store closed down soon after.

    It had been a few weeks since Amy had been seen and the police questioned all our class. When they got to me I told them everything and I’m sure they were grateful for the information.

    As the fashions changed rapidly the store never did. The police went to investigate it and “check out” my story. They said there was no door at the back of the shop so they had no choice but to drill through, meanwhile, I was helping the police to make an image of the young man I had seen and luckily for them I remembered him clearly. All of a sudden the police told me that I had done enough and a few days later a newspaper with all the details was released. They said that the man was an escaped mental patient called “Carl Black” age 28 and that he had a particular way of killing. The door was made for him especially, the rest of the people running the store knew about Carl and said he forced them to assist him. Carl’s style was hanging girls on a rack and one by one skinning them and torturing them. The most disturbing element of the report was the fact that he made sandwiches with skin and forced his co workers to eat them.

    After the report Carl escaped again and my family was put into government protection. When we asked why we were told that he had written his name all over his sell wall. We moved here to a nice quiet home, I like it here. Even though we are safe I am still in fear of my life…

  • It was the school disco at my school and the new school bathroom was full to get changed in so I went into the old bathroom that was said to be haunted but i did not believe in ghosts then! It started to rain and i was cold i opened the door into the stall.It locked on its own. “Weird.” I thought but i let it pass.Then i heard a rustle and a laugh behind me I turned round and there right there siting was and evil looking clown staring at me before i had to scream he shouted this riddle.Ye who shall go tonight shall never again see the light! And disappeared I was shivering with fear and I was stuck I could not move.As if someone or something was there.The knocking started it went on and on and on after 10 minutes of knocking there was a dreadful scream .I did not know about horrors such as bloody mary then but now i do. peeked out of the stall and and there was the clown but no wait he was not he was a young boy. “Phew thank god your here” i said but before i could say 1 more word he was the one who screamed! He started laughing but i ran for it and got away quickly. It was time for the Halloween disco and I decided to pass.The next day the school was closed apparently every soul that was in the disco or close died.the whole school had collapsed and it was all in the news! So if you read this story you better pass it on or you will get killed the same way!

  • Satan Claus Is Coming To Town (Up On The Rooftop)

    It was Christmas Eve. Louie “The Sleezeball” McGinty was wandering down a dark alley about to get pay from his boss a leader or corrupt cops that were abusing their authority and killing gang members so they could control the city. He was not only giving them info on the whereabouts of gang members. He stopped to meet him at the end. Nowehere in sight. Suddenly he heard singing “You better watch out, you better cry, you better run for your life I’m telling you why, Satan Claus Is Coming To Town”. “That you boss”? The singing continued “He’s killing naughty people, gutting them out, but don’t worry he won’t kill you if you’re nice, Satan Claus Is Coming To Town. H sees you whhen you’re scheming, he knows what you are upto, he knows if you’re up to no good, but it’s too late to be good anyway.” Just then he saw a red spot in the freshly fallen snow. He cleared the show away to reveal the multilated corpse of his dead boss. THe singing started again. “He sees you when you’re bad, he knows what you are up to, you should have been good for goodness sake but it’s way too late for that”. Just then a huge thud echoed on the ground behind him. He turned around to see a man in a Santa suit with a twisted smile behind him. The last thing he heared was a deep demonic like “Ho, Ho, Ho before his stomach was pireced by the man’s butcher kinfe.

    Elsewhere at the police station all the corrupt police were alone at the station in a meeting since all the straight police had been tricked into going home to spend Christmas Eve with their families. They were celebrating a succesful year. “The boss should be back any minute wth Louie The Sleezeball. Bryan Jones said. Once he’s back we’ll celebrating how close we our to rising to the top. Soon we’ll have all the gangs and crime lords off the map”. He continued some time passed and neither had returned. “What if they’re busted”? One said. “They probably broke down or skid on the roads. Another said. “Jones go check it out”. he ordered. Bryan put his jacket on. “Why him he thought he hated Christmas. Bah humbug he thought. The only reason I’m here is because this i the first year this stupid holiday has actually gone right. 4 years ago he was kicked out of his house for cheating, then last year his girlfriend left him because he couldn’t hold a place forthem and she found someone else, then he got evicted from his apatment last year due to falling behind on rent. He currently lived in a sleezy, run down motel. He always houted Bah Humbug to anyone who said Merry Christmas and would yell at Salavation Army people telling them to shut the hell up and eve kick over their basket. This year Louie The Sleezeball had stolen alot of charity money from Salvation Army buckets and they helpled cover it up. He walked to his patrol car opened the door and started the ignition then pulled out of the station onto the main road.

    Meanwhile in the station the cops wre waiting for Bryan to return when they heard singing coming down the chimney. “Up on the housetop demon claws, here comes bad ol’ Satan Claus. Down through the chimney to make you pay. Here to butcher you to make you pay for your sins. Ho, Ho, Ho who else would? Ho, Ho, Ho who else would? Up on the roooftop demon claws, Down through the chimny with ol’ Satan Claus”. Suddenly the roraing fire in the fireplace suddenly went out. A bunch of black soot filled the room and a figure dressed as Santa appeared out of the chimney. “Heeeeeere’s Satan Claus. I got your presents in my sack. He pulled down his sack off his back it was covered in blood. He opened it to reveal the bloody corpses of Louie Mcginty and their boss. They screamed in terror. Unfortunately being alone in the station no one could their cries for help.

    Bruan arrived at the meeting place. He hadn’t seen them or any form of life tonight for that matter. He walked down the alley. They weren’t there but there were footprints in the show. Boots that definitely belonged to Louie and his boss. He’d recognize them anywhere. Suddenly he heard a deep voice singing. “Here comes Satan Claus, Here Comes Satan Claus, right down Satan Claus lane”. He heard a huge thud right behind him. He turned around to see a man dressed as Santa behind him. The man started singing. “Deck the halls with Brian’s carcass. Fa la la la la la la la la. Brian ran to his car. Opened the door and started it and sped off. Satan Claus jumped on top. He tried to stab him through his window but missed it breaking the glass, He started singing again. “Dashing through the snow in a desperate attempt to live, too bad there’s no use, you’ll die anyway. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way, oh what it is to kill sinners tonight”. Bryan started swerving in an attempt to shake him off but Satan Claus held on tightly. He got back to the station and turned as hard as he could and did a doughnut and finally shook Satan Claus off. He ran into the station for help but couldn’t find anyone. Sudenly heard Satan Claus’s voice seeming coming from everywhere. It was loud, booming, and echoing all over the station. ” Twas the night beforre Christmas and all through the station, only one rat was stirring, the rest of them were all dealt with quickly, all except for the one who was rather quite sneaky, when what to a wondering, to his eyes would appear but a bag contaning the bodies of all his accomplices”. Sure enough Bryan found a bloody sack with the bodies of of his partners in crime including Louie The Sleezeball. Satan Clus continued to speak. “When out on the station roof their arose such a clatter and Bryan ran to see what was the matter”. He went into the main room with his gun in both hands. “He knew in a moment it must be Satan Claus”. Bryan backed up to the chimney. “When all of sudden before Bryan could make a sound, down the chimney Satan Claus came with a bound “. Before Bryan could move two arms grabbed him and pulled him up the chimney. The last thing he ever saw was Satan Claus saying ” and Bryan heard him exclaim as he prepared to kill him Burn in Hell to you all and to the good ones a Merry Christmas”.

  • I’m So Lonely

    Once there was a family who lived in a house, and one day the family decided to go on holiday so they rented out there house to a newlywed couple. as the couple moved in and became situated the wife began to here doors slamming shut and a voice whispering in her ear:” I’m so lonely”. One day all of the noises, footsteps, and whispers were enough for her. She had her husband search the entire house to see if anyone was in the house. After searching the entire house there was only one place left to search, the attic. As the husband opened the door he saw nothing except a little table with chairs, a tea set, and a doll, and when he saw this he walked into the attic to put them away in this little toy chest. Although, when he tried to open it it wouldn’t budge but as he sat there trying to open it he heard a whisper in his ear saying:” I’m so lonely.” Then he just gave up but when he returned downstairs to inform his wife that there was not intruder she had mysteriously disappeared. the husband searched high and low, in the town and outside with no avail. then when he melancholically returned home he had a thought and decided to look in the attic but this time there was no tea set, no table, no toy chest, and no doll. Although, as the weeks past he continued to hear noises and a little whisper saying: “I’m so lonely” and eventually he decided to search one last time for his wife in the attic. although this time the tea set, table, and toy chest had returned but only now there were two dolls. Without thinking twice about it the husband once again tried to open the toy chest and after half an hour of trying it just opened but this time the man was no where to be seen. (I know this story probably sounds rediculous but could you guess what happened to the couple?)

  • Morgan.
    Moran was sweet and beautiful, she was the most popular girl in school. She loves everything and everyone.. Except Reagean. Reagean was mean to Morgan. One day Morgan was walking home from school when she saw Reagean walking home from school. Reagean ran into Morgan purposely “Oops!” said Reagean. Reagean laughed but all of a sudden a car came. It came and hit Morgan and it was all Reageans fault. Reagean laughed then she saw the person get out of the car and call the police. Reagean spied as police cars, ambulances ect. came and investigated the scene. Reagean knew it was her fault, but she ran off and never told anyone about what happened. On June 4th over the summer Reagean received a strange email. It was from Morgan. It was impossible, Morgan was dead. Reagean opened the email anyway. As she opened the email the power went out. Reagen felt a stab in her back. It was piercing and painful. Reagean started losing feeling, and she died.

  • Mirror Mirror

    A little girl named Lizzie who lived with her parents ina small house in California. Her parents didn’t like the house they were living in so, they decided to move out. After they finished packing their stuff they put everything in the van and the house was solded, the parents were happy to move to another place where they could have some fresh air. And Lizzie didn’t really care about the old house anyways all she cared about was the new home they were moving to. An hour later they had made it to their new home it was a big house like a mansion Lizzie was suprised, also her parents too.
    Although Lizzie went around the house just to see a peek of it, her parents were outside unpacking their stuff and to bring it to the house, Lizzie went upstairs to see what was it like. So she did she saw two bedrooms one was a master bedroom and the other one was a normal bedroom so Lizzie went inside of the room it was vacant and the room color was already colored the color was pink, also Lizzie favorite color was pink so she took it as her bedroom so after that she went downstairs to her parents and to tell them about her new bedroom so Lizzie said to them,

    “Hey mommy and daddy I found my new room”. she said with a smile on her face.

    Her father looked at her and said.”Oh that’s nice my little princess”.

    Her mother looked at her with a smile and said.”Oh that’s nice darling. She said the same thing what her father said.
    Lizzie thought her parents didn’t care so she walked away and unpacks her stuff and put her stuff in her new bedroom. All of a sudden once she walks downstairs she walks in front of a door in a hallway and when she opened the door it was a basement, so she went downstairs to see what was it like and then she saw a mirror it was half cracked and it had red stains on it. And Lizzie was baffled she never saw a mirror that had red stains all over it so she looked at it and all of a sudden the mirror had some writing on it in big letters and it said “TOUCH ME”. And Lizzie touched it the mirror gave Lizzie a note and it said.
    And Lizzie wasn’t happy about it and said to the mirror

    “Why should I kill my mom and dad”. With a baffled look in her face.

    The mirror told her again. “GO AND KILL YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER”.
    So Lizzie had no choice so she went downstairs and grabbed a knife and before she would go to her parents she would hide the knife so they won’t know. So Lizzie went to her mother and her mother was cooking and so Lizzie went to her mother and accidentally spilled something in the cooking and her mother was angry then told Lizzie.


    Lizzie said with a grin and said. “NO MOMMY I WON’T”

    So then her mother decided to take her to the basement and lock her in there. And Lizzie wasn’t happy at all she was angry so once again she saw the mirror against the wall and went to it and asked it what should she do and the mirror responsed to Lizzie and said to her.

    “Kill your mother”. And this time the mirror said it with small letters.

    And then Lizzie went upstairs but she forgottened that the door was locked so the mirror showed her where she could find something to open te door at of nowhere the mirror tells her to get a hammer and break free. So Lizzie did when she broked the door and opened it her mother was resting then Lizzie puts the hammer down and gets the knife she hide then went to her mother and her mother woked up and said to Lizzie.

    “I thought i locked you inside of the basement”. she said

    Then Lizzie said to her mother.”Goodbye mommy”.

    So then Lizzie stabbed her mother a lot of times and kept on going and going until she stopped. Lizzie had blodd all over the place and blodd all over her too. Lizzie wa happy that her mother died. So then she saw her father then her father in the house after work and said.

    “Honey i’m back from work”. He said

    Then he saw his own daughter covered with blood and said to her.

    “What happened here”. He said with fright.

    Lizzie said t o her father and said.” Nothing daddy I hust killed mommy”.

    Her father in fright and siad.” How could you do this. He said.

    All of a sudden Lizziie stabs her father in the chest and her father screamed in pain. Lizzie didn’t really care at all but, one of the neighbors saw what happened and called 911. So bunch of cops come to the neihbor and tells what happened the neighbor tells what happens and so thenthe cops went inside of Lizzie’s home and yells.


    So the cop see Lizzie standing in the center of the livingroom the cop comes up to her and asks her what happened Lizzie told the cop in a whisper.

    “I killed my mom and dad”. She said

    The cop couldn’t believe what such a little girl would do the cop tells her why she did it and Lizzie just told them to go to the basement and the cop wanted to know what was in the basement and Lizzie said.

    “go find out yourself and you’ll see what I mean”. She said

    So the cop did what she said and went inside of the basement and saw a mirror against a wall and the mirror had a note and it was in big letters it said.


    Then out of nowhere Lizzie was behing the cop and said.

    “Mirror Mirror here I am”. She said.

    (Hope you guys enjoyed it and i hope it wasn’t boring also and thank you for reading. And i know i made mistakes in the story and i was kinda in a rush because this took time for me to do the story too. Just to let you guys know.) :)

  • Valentina was part of a group in the 5th grade who would do everything together. They went to dance, gymnastics, shopping and had more sleepovers than one could imagine. Late at night at about 1:00 a.m. They played truth or dare. They dared Valentina to do Bloody Mary she said no thinking something was going to happen. The girls looked as each other with harsh grins. They grabbed Valentina by both the arms. They dragged her across the room and threw her into the restroom. Before they shut the door they turned out the lights Valentina was confused. She thought these girls were her Freinds. She stood up but couldn’t find the light switch but she did find the doorknob. The girls had locked her in though there was no way out. The girls waited for about 5 minutes or so and started to worry. They unlocked the door and went into the bathroom and found Valentina dead on the floor when all of a sudden they saw Valentina’s reflection in the mirror. They tried to run but Valentina skinned them all one by one. She ripped their limbs out and soon there flesh was spread across the barroom floor.

    Valentina is still alive.. In fact she is in your mirror now. Send to 5 people or the next time you look in a mirror Valentina will rip your face off and tear off your flesh. You have 5 minutes. Please hurry..

  • The Student Teacher

    It was one of our school programs in our country,the student’s week,where teachers have to hire a student teacher in their own school to substitute them for teaching.As the week was coming to an end one teacher named Ailyn decided to treat her student teacher ,Alyssa at a nearby convenient store. Alyssa was always shy and conservative but she was at the top of her class.Ailyn asked her what food she’d like to buy. ALyssa said” you maam,you choose” Ailyn told her not to be shy and she brought her here so she could choose. At the end Ailyn gave her a hotdog and Alyssa seemed contented. When they were going to buy drinks she asked her again what she would like to have. Alyssa said “You maam,You choose. In the end Ailyn bought her a Dutch Mill drink because she sees Alyssa drinking it everyday so she thought that it was the perfect choice. After eating they went back inside the campus. The next week she noticed that Alyssa was absent. She brushed it off for a few weeks,but as weeks turned into months she was worried for the poor girl. So she decided to go into there house which was only two blocks away from the school. After classes she went to Alyssa’s house. She called her but no one answered the she noticed that the door was open so she went inside. Then a horrible stench greeted her as she walked further she saw Alyssa’s parents and siblings on the floor all of them were dead she tried her best not to scream. Then she heard the front door slammed It was Alyssa holding a bloody knife and an axe. Ailyn knew she would kill her too so she asked her “Which one are you going to choose to kill me?” she said shakingly. Alyssa said” You maam,YOu choose”.

  • Here’s my story! Hope u like it!
    Title: Spoiled
    There once was a spoiled girl named Grace. She got everything she could ever want and thought her life was perfect. Until she saw it. She passed by a store window and there she saw a cute puppy. She begged her mom to get it for her. Finally, her mom accepted. They bought the puppy and drove back home. That night, while Grace was sleeping, she heard a scream. She ran into her mom’ms room and she was dead, a knife by her side. Her puppy then walked in. “At least you’ll keep me safe.” Grace whispered to the small dog. The next day, Grace came home from school and found her father dead. Once again, her puppy came to comfort her. The day after, Grace’s friend, Sarah, came over to spend the night. Sarah said she was gonna go get her pajamas and she’d be right back. Grace got scared because she was alone after both her parents had been murdered. Then she saw a ghost-like man and woman walk in. Grace realized they were her parents!”Run as far away from here as you can! GO NOW!!” her parents yelled to her. She thought she was just imagining things so she didn’t listen. By this time it had been a while since Sarah had gone to get her pjs. Grace went downstairs and went into the kitchen just to find her friend’s dead body sprawled across the floor and her sweet little puppy, licking her blood up. Grace’s eyes widened, for she knew…the puppy was the murderer! She gazed into the puppy’s blood red eyes, and said, “Good boy, sweetheart. Mission accomplished.”

  • if We do get accepted do you have the right (the creator of the story) to make or display a pic or ‘cover page’ for the accepted story? Or do you or the website maker’s do?
    Like exp: hungry girl has a grudge like kid or woman on the ‘pic’ Because if we do or are please can I or you make my pic creepy silhouette with a red huddie? Please thank you!

  • Hello scaryforkids my sis, inspired me so i will give her the credit she deserves! i love ya sis! (:this story is called Red Huddie. Red Huddie is about a girl who’s friend goes to a relative’s funeral. But there’s alittle twist in the end…

    Once there was a young girl named Atta. She was quite shy, fun to hangout with. She had a close friend named Tyranny and hung out with her, they were very close and
    Atta sometimes called her ‘sister’. Now Atta’s sis always wore a blue huddie.wherever she went. It was very rare that Tyranny would wear her red huddie, she never really wear it unless it was a funeral. Atta knew anyone wears black gothic like ‘outfits’ especially If there were any funerals. But she didn’t dare question her friend about it. Atta went out with Tyranny to play at the park; she noticed it was getting late. And the two went home. Now Tyranny’s grandparents phoned her for an upcoming funeral to attend too. For the weekend. Tyranny turned to Atta trying not to frown. She tried her best to grin but it slipped abit.Atta sensed her friend was unhappy, but she respected her friend’s feelings and didn’t ask.”hey Atta I’m sorry but my grandparents are taking me to my cousin’s funeral…sorry I cant stay” Tyranny apologized guiltily .Atta smiled politely, so the car horn honked outside.” its okay ‘Ty’ maybe when you feel better!” she grinned and left. Atta went down stairs ate dinner and went to bed. There was an eerie creak coming from outside her bedroom…it came closer….the door creaked open slowly…Atta saw a shadowy silhouette of a girl! Maybe ‘Ty’ changed her mind! So she welcomed her to sleep in her room for the night. Next morning Atta got dressed ate some brunch. Tyranny wasn’t even there! She shrugged “maybe she’s at the playground and will meet up with me! “ Atta thought it in her mind. So she went to the park she saw ‘Ty’ but something was different about her…she was wearing her red huddie which she rarely ever wears! …..she didn’t speak…..or seem to acknowledge her….and she didn’t even say hi! Atta shrugged it off again…but she felt a little uneasy…so it was getting darker. Now, before Atta got home she turned to invite her friend but she was nowhere to be found! Atta scratched her head and shrugged for a third time that day. She knew that‘Ty’ could go home not by herself but she knew how to use the ‘buddy system’. So she went inside and got ready for dinner. Before she took a bite of her steamy hot lasagna sitting on her plate, Atta turned to her parents and asked “um ‘Ty’ and I where at the park today mom and dad” she continued “why did ‘Ty’ wear her red huddie? She rarely ever wears it?” Atta’s father looked at his wife and shrugged. And continued to read his news paper.”Uh honey you where at the park all by yourself, there’s no way she would have been there with you” Atta’s mother corrected her daughter. “Mom what do you mean?? I saw her…she was with me!” Atta insisted. Her mother shook her head, “No dear Tyranny went to her cousin’s funeral yesterday. If she was coming to visit you she or her grandparents would have texted you. And you know that Atta” her mother finished. Atta felt a sudden chill make its way down her back “mom if that’s true then who….was ….I …with? “

    (Hope you ladies and gentlemen liked it! Like I said my sis inspired me so I’ll give her the credit (: Please don’t copy but you can suggest on helping with me
    With grammar spelling. This was an inspiration of the novel series ‘To dark to read’ the story called ‘look what’s behind you’ (: Thank you! (;

    There were three friends, Emily, Rose,and Jasmine. They decided they wanted to go to a school that was said to be haunted. Rose thought that it was just a joke.
    “Okay, Rose.” Jasmine and Emily said together. “We’ll go check it out after school today.”
    At school, Rose couldn’t pay attention, she was so scared. She thought that her friends would be to chicken to go to the haunted school. Turns out she was wrong. At 4:15 PM the school bell rung, announcing the end of school.
    “Well, Rose, you ready to go?”, Emily asked.
    “As ready as I’ll ever be!”, Rose lied.
    They walked over to the school. It was much scarier up close. Rose wished she never said it wasn’t haunted. Now she was risking her life just to prove that she wasn’t a chicken.
    “Oh my gosh! This is so spooky!”, Jasmine said.
    “Lets go.”, Rose said with a gulp.
    As they walked in, the floor boards started to creek and the door shut behind them.
    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOME?!?!?!?!?!”, a raspy voice screamed.
    “We’re sorry! Can you please let us out???”, Emily asked in terror.
    “But this is a school!”, Rose said.
    Then, a sharp knife fell from the ceiling and stabbed Rose in the head.
    “ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO!!!”, the horrible voice said.
    They ran and ran until they had to catch their breath.
    “GETTING TIRED, ARE YOU?!?!”, the voice screamed.
    Then, a bottle of bleach forcefully poured down Emily’s throat until she died.
    “HELP!”, Jasmine yelled.
    “ONE MORE LEFT!!!”, the voice yelled.
    Just then, Jasmine escaped out of a window and ran to the police station to tell them what had happened. They just assumed she was crazy and locked her up in a mental ward. To this day, she is still locked up. No one else but her knows what happened that very frightful day.

  • Human Food

    It was March 16, March 17 is Cultural Community Day at my school. Cultural Community Day is when kids bring in food from their culture for other kids to try. My teacher Mrs.Promer asked the kid who are bringing in food to raise their hands. A few kids raised their hands one of them was the new kid Kevin Damagatchi. He doesn’t talk much. Ms.Promer asked “Kevin what is your cultural background?” all Kevin said was “You’ll see…” everyone stared at him in complete silence. Everyone’s been watching Kevin closely since what he said in homeroom.

    The next day was March 17. I walked into school in the hallway there were rows of tables set up with different good looking foods. Kevin was sitting at the end of the Grade 6 hallway in front of the science room, he had no business. This kid, David Promer, Ms.Promer’s son walked up to Kevin and bought food from him. I’ve got to admit, the food Kevin was selling looked pretty nasty. David ate the food Kevin had gave him and smiled “Guys! Come here this stuff is awesome!” People thought David was dumb so they just stared at him. They eventually ended up eating Kevin’s food. There was complete silence for a minute, then they all started complimenting Kevin. I went up to Kevin, “Hey Kevin… how did you make this stuff?” I said. “I won’t tell you but come to my house after school.”

    After school I headed to Kevin’s house he opened the door and took me down to the basement. He opened a door in the laundry room it was cold in there, Kevin turned on the light I screamed in horror there were dead bodies ripped apart.

    That night I was at home babysitting my 3 year old brother he was sleeping. I was in the family room watching cartoons when a news man came on and said “WE INTTERUPT THIS FOLLOWING PROGRAM FOR BREAKING NEWS! A MURDER HAS HAPPENED ON DOFER DRIVE NEAR THE CONDOS NEAR THE BANK! POLICE HAVE SAID THE MURDERER WAS SPOTTED IN 2309 NUMBER CONDO ON THE 3RD FLOOR! ANYONE WITH INFORMATION IS ASKED TO CALL CRIME STOPPERS OR THE POLICE!” I was scared because I lived on the 3rd floor of the condo they mentioned on the news. I heard some footsteps behind me I was scared but I thought it was my brother I turned around and I was stabbed in the head my vision got blured and I realized the killer was Kevin. I was dead.

    My parents got home at 9:00 they found me on the ground with a knife embedded in my head. My brother Tarrance was found chocked to death in his room.
    (Hope you guys like it I was writing it for a few days now and I hope I get a positive review from you guys!)
    There was a knock on the front door my mom opened it.
    She heard “WHAT A TASTY MEAL! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CULTURAL COMMUNITY DAY!” There was a menacing laugh and then DEATH…

  • here’s my 3d story!!!


    There was a boy who went camping with his mom and dad. He was 9 years old. They were roasting marshmallows when his dad said he had to go to the bathroom. After 45 minutes, they started to get worried. The boy searched around the camp site when he reached an eerie forest. The camp director told him not to go into the forest because it was haunted. The boy just ignored him and he ran into the forest shouting
    He was just about to lose hope when he saw his dad standing next to a tree.
    “Dad, I finally found you.”
    He turned his dad around by the shoulder, horrified to see his body fall apart.
    “HELP! HELP! HELP!”, he shouted.
    He turned and saw a bunch of corpses and ghostly figures rise out of their bodies.
    they all started to say “You didn’t listen, and you are now cursed for eternity!”
    Freaking out, he finally found the camp site. When he reached his mom, he said,
    “Something killed dad!!!”
    She didn’t respond.
    Still no answer.
    He ran to every single family, but nobody could hear him.
    That’s when he realized the curse. He couldn’t be heard or seen by any one.
    Thank you so much for reading!

  • Here’s an other story.

    The night of the guinea pigs

    when i was three my mom got me a guinea pig. he was all black and had scary red eyes. one night he waddled into my room and started to hiss at me. i got scared and pulled the covers over my head. as i started to fall asleep i started to feel little teeth sink into my fingers. i turned on the light and saw that all i had on my left hand were bloody stubs. i cried and ran to my mom’s room. when she saw my hands she rushed me to the hospital. the doctor stitched up my hand and wrapped it in a bandage. to this day all i have on my left hand is little stubs.

    i hope you like it and the closest i ever came to getting my fingers chewed off was when my guinea pig accidentally bit my finger when he got excited over a carrot.

  • lets get some things straight! please no negative comments! if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!!! im very sensitive!


    There once lived a girl who was 11 years old. She likes to get into trouble. Tonight was the 1st night her parents would leave her home alone.

    “You can watch television, but whatever you do dont go outside! We heard on the news that there is a deranged killer loose somewhere near this area.”

    “Okay, Mom you can trust me.”

    “Okay, Hon. We’ll be back in a couple of hours. We’re locking the door! Stay safe!!”

    “Mom! Okay!”

    Bye, Hon!”

    She waited about ten minutes to make sure her parents were gone, then she unlocked the door and stepped outside. She began to hula-hoop when she she heard a noise behind her. It was a very tall man with a butcher knife. She screamed, but it was no use. He charged at her and hacked her head to peices. When her parents got home, they saw a horrible scene in the back yard. They called the police and when they arrived, all they had to say was, “The killer striked again.”

    THE END!!!

    I hope you liked it!!!

  • The Whisperer

    Rachel was jumping with excitement when she found out that there was a place for a journalist to write in the middle pages of the school newspaper the free speech but it wasn’t free it was just called that. It said that write your name on the board and next to it write what your article is about and send the article to Emma Harriet’s Email. She looked down the list of names and felt a little defeated there were loads of names but she couldn’t give up. Angela Watson walked past Rachel with her friends laughing, then she looked at the poster. “Oh looky guys! I’m gonna try up for this” said Angela writing her name down. Rachel looked at what Angela was going to do. My trip to Paris it read. Rachel just couldn’t give up so she wrote down her name and left what she was going to do blank. When she got home she will think about it. At lunch she caught up with her friend Valery. Rachel told Valery about what she was going to do. Valery looked at Rachel with a vacant stare. “You nuts!? You can’t go against the most popular girl in school, Angela!” exclaimed Valery. Rachel just shrugged and took a seat and started eating. When she got home she chewed her pen for ages thinking what she would write about. Just then she heard a knock on the door. It was Valery. “Wanna go get some fish n’ chips?” she asked. Rachel thought she would just have a little nip so off they went. On the way home Rachel spotted the football team captain kissing Angela. They both where a couple. Wait. No it was Brooke he was kissing! He cheated on Angela! She took Valery the other way. “Sorry I feel like going this way” she muttered. When she got home she knew exactly what to write about. She wrote an article about why cheating is bad then she went to the internet cafe to write the article as there was no computer in her house. When she got to the cafe she found it was closed. “I only have today to email it!” she shouted. She walked around the town looking for an internet cafe when she came across one in a dark street. She entered and dropped the money on the counter. “An hour’s slot please” she said. The man shook his head and said no computer was available. Rachel pointed to one in the corner. “I don’t know if it works but try it” he said. So Rachel sat down to start writing. With a jolt she wrote and the same as she started she stopped. She had written nothing she wanted to! The writing read cheating is fun a football team’s captain was seen kissing another girl! Before Rachel could edit it she pressed send to Emma’s email. Rachel stared at the screen for a while then stood up and walked home limply. The next morning she found out that she had got picked for the article. Rachel smiled but then remembered yesterday. “Emma?” she said. “I don’t want people to know it’s me who write so instead write the whisper OK?” Emma nodded and soon people where grabbing and paying for the newspaper and reading with interest. Rachel felt extremely bad she had no intention of doing such a thing it just happened! Later in maths she sat next to Will Cain the football team captain and his girlfriend Angela. They both weren’t talking. “Come Angela it was just a simple kiss a little joke” he said cheerfully. “A joke! Joke you’re self you jerk!” Screamed Angela, then she ran out the room bursting into tears. Rachel felt guilty she never knew how much this could harm Angela. After school she and Valery went to the cinema, before the show Rachel went to get some popcorn and there she saw Emma. Emma grabbed a pack of sweets and slammed it into her pocket. When the gourd wasn’t looking she slipped into the film. Rachel was horrified. How could she! Thought Rachel. Straight after the film she felt a jolt and ran to the internet cafe, slammed the money and took the old same computer and started writing. Her writing read E.M was seen stealing sweets and going into the cinema without paying! Watch out E.M is about! Before she could stop herself she hit send. Rachel ran home and hit the hay. She had lots to think about. “You little! One chance just one chance or you’re out!” Emma screamed in Rachel’s face before stomping to class. After lunch Emma trudged up to Rachel and told her that she was fired. Rachel stood there shocked, she felt useless. She told Valery and both of them headed to the cafe to eat. The next day Valery slammed the newspaper in Rachel’s face. Rachel read what used to be the whisperer column. It read. The whisperer had a car accident. Rachel was horrified. She flew out in a rage then the thought hit her. The other articles she wrote all came true. She wrote one which said the Carly brothers will be arrested and it happened! So maybe she would be in a car accident. And that was the last thing she saw before…SLAM! A car hit her and Rachel lay there before she plunged in darkness…

  • The Antique Vault
    This is a story about a teenage boy who was gifted with an antique vault and affected his life forever.

    A teenaged boy named Brayden had his birthday, and as a present, his mother, Allison gave her son an antique vault which she bought at the antique shop. Brayden’s mother loves to collect antiques. His grandparents even said that since she was a child she already has a habit of collecting old items. After his birthday party, his mom helped him move the vault into his room. He was feeling uneasy, but he felt tired from the party and soon dozed off in his bed. At 12:00 pm he was suddenly awoken by a creaking sound. Gathering enough courage he went to the vault and he was shocked. Inside the vault he saw chopped body parts of a woman and a girl. Frantically he ran to his mother’s bedroom screaming and called out “Mom! Mom! Mom! Please open the door!” His mother very worried in what’s happening to her son opened the door and asked what was wrong. Brayden said “The vault! The vault! There are body parts in there!!” His mother said “What are you talking about? I bought that vault completely empty!” After that seeing her son like that she embraced him and decided to check the vault. When she came back she said she had found nothing. It was completely empty. After that Braden decided to stay in his mother’s bedroom and soon he fell asleep. When he woke up it was already 8:00 am. He went downstairs for breakfast, and then he asked his mom in where she had bought the antique vault. Brayden realized that place is not far away so he decided to get dressed and went off to the antique shop. There he met an old lady who was the owner of the shop. He asked her the history of the vault. The old lady said that the vault belongs to a rich family back in the early 1700s.The family was composed of a father, mother, and daughter. One time their family business was bankrupted. They lost all their money and this made the father lost his sanity. One rainy night when his wife and daughter were asleep he went outside their lawn and grabbed an axe which was used to chop wood. He went back inside and chopped his wife, after that he chopped his own daughter. Realizing what he had done, he put their chopped body parts inside the vault and hanged himself. Every time that the vault was sold, the buyer would always come to me saying that they saw body parts inside and sometimes they would see an apparition of a man holding a bloody axe. One buyer said to me crying that he found his daughter dead and returned the vault to me without even asking for refund. Brayden’s eyes widened and the hair in his neck stood up. Worrying for his mother, he rushed to his house and called for his mother. But there was no answer. He dashed up to his room and saw his vault covered in blood and lying on top of it is a bloody axe. Nervously, he approached the vault and with shaking hands he opened the vault he screamed at the top of his lungs when he saw his mother’s chopped body parts in it.It made him lost his mind and was sent into an insane asylum. The vault is still being sold, so be careful of the things you buy.

    Please bare it with me if you think that the story is corny,its my first time and I just based in a book I always read.

  • You’re Not a Monk
    The whole idea of this story is that it is very long and very repetitive. The audience hopes and hopes for a grand conclusion.

    There was a little boy who lived in a far away land. Close to the boy’s home, there was a tall mountain, always covered in snow at the top. Also at the top of the mountain, there was an ancient monastery where ancient monks lived.

    Sometimes, the little boy, as he was riding his tricycle around his yard, would look up at the monastery on the tall mountain and wonder what it was like up there.

    One day, when the wind was blowing down off the mountain, the air turned quite cold and the little boy could hear a very strange noise on the wind. It was coming from the monastery! He could not figure out what could possibly be making such a strange noise and he was curious.

    So, the little boy made a peanut butter sandwich, hopped on his tricycle and started his ride up to the monastery. It took him hours and hours, but he finally made it to the top. He bravely pounded on the massive door to the monastery and the head monk opened the door.

    “Hello, Mr. Monk, sir. Down at my home in the valley below, I heard a very strange noise coming from your monastery. Could you tell me what it is?”

    “I’m sorry,” replied the head monk, “I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

    Sadly, the little boy got back on his tricycle and rode all the way home, in a very foul and frustrated mood. He really did want to know what was making that noise.

    The wind did not blow down off the mountain again until a couple years later. The boy was a bit bigger and stronger now and now rode around town on his bicycle.

    As luck would have it, he was out riding when the wind blew down off the mountain, the air turned quite cold, and he heard a very strange noise on the wind. It was coming from the monastery! He could not figure out what could possibly be making such a strange noise and he was curious.

    So, the bigger boy made a ham and cheese sandwich, hopped on his bicycle and started his ride up to the monastery. It took him hours, but he finally made it to the top. He pounded on the massive door to the monastery and the head monk opened the door.

    “Hey, Mr. Monk. Down at my home in the valley below, I heard a very strange noise coming from your monastery. Could you tell me what it is?”

    “I’m sorry,” replied the head monk, “I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

    Sadly, the big boy got back on his bicycle and rode all the way home, in a very foul and frustrated mood. He really did want to know what was making that noise.

    The wind did not blow down off the mountain again until a couple years later. The boy had grown into a strapping youth now and rode around town on his motorcycle.

    As luck would have it, he was out riding when the wind blew down off the mountain, the air turned quite cold, and he heard a very strange noise on the wind. It was coming from the monastery! He could not figure out what could possibly be making such a strange noise and he was curious.

    So, the strapping youth grabbed a slice of pizza, hopped on his motorcycle and started his ride up to the monastery. It took him 30 minutes, but he finally made it to the top. He pounded on the massive door to the monastery and the head monk opened the door.

    “Yo, Mr. Monk, dude. Down at my home in the valley below, I heard a very strange noise coming from your monastery. Could you tell me what it is?”

    “I’m sorry,” replied the head monk, “I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

    Sadly, the strapping youth got back on his motorcycle and rode all the way home, in a very foul and frustrated mood. He really did want to know what was making that noise.

    The wind did not blow down off the mountain again until a couple years later. The boy was now a young man and often rode around in his new convertible sportscar.

    As luck would have it, he was out riding when the wind blew down off the mountain, the air turned quite cold, and he heard a very strange noise on the wind. It was coming from the monastery! He could not figure out what could possibly be making such a strange noise and he was curious.

    So, the young man bought a burger at a fast food place, got in his convertible sportscar, and started his ride up to the monastery. It took him 20 minutes, but he finally made it to the top. He pounded on the massive door to the monastery and the head monk opened the door.

    “Mr. Monk. Down at my home in the valley below, I heard a very strange noise coming from your monastery. Could you tell me what it is?”

    “I’m sorry,” replied the head monk, “I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

    Sadly, the young man got back in his convertible sportscar and rode all the way home, in a very foul and frustrated mood. He really did want to know what was making that noise.

    That night, he thought and thought about the very strange noise and how he just had to know what caused it. So, he resolved to do something about it the next day.

    The next day, he got in his convertible sportscar and raced up the mountain, slammed on his brakes, and skidded to a stop right in front of the massive door to the monastery.

    He honked the horn of his convertible sportscar until the head monk finally opened the door.

    “Alright, Mr. Monk, I want to know what is making that very strange noise coming from you monastery!”

    “I’m sorry,” replied the head monk, “I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

    “Well, then can I become a monk?”

    “Why certainly! It is quite easy. You must travel the earth and count the number of blades of grass in every field and the number of grains of sand on every beach. When you return with your answer, then you shall be a monk.”

    So the young man left the monastery and travelled the earth. For years and years he counted the blades of grass and grains of sand, until one day he had finally finished. He made his way slowly back to the monastery and found the head monk.

    “Oh, Mr. Monk, I have travelled the earth these past years, counting the blades of grass and grains of sand. I finally know that there are 123,123,123,123,123 blades of grass in the fields and 123,123,123,123,123 grains of sand on the beaches and I would like to become a monk.”

    So the man became a monk. At last, he would now be able to find out the source of that very strange noise coming from the monastery.

    “Mr. Monk, what is the noise coming from the monastery?” asked the new monk.

    The head monk replied, “The source is too complicated to describe in words. I am afraid that you must see it for yourself to truly understand it. This key will show you the answer you seek.”

    “Take this key to the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery. There you will find a long corridor. At the end of the corridor is a door and through the door is the thing that makes the noise.”

    Well, of course the new monk went immediately to the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery and there he did indeed find the long corridor. He walked down the corridor until he could see the door at the end.

    Unfortunately, there were three magical fires that never go out blocking the man from the door. He decided to jump the fires to reach the door. The man made sure the key was secure in his hand, took a running charge at the first fire and leapt!

    Over the first fire he flew, but he dropped the key. The man leapt back over the fire, ran all the way back down the long corridor, out of the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery and back to the head monk.

    “Oh, Mr. Monk! I am so sorry! I went to the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery, down the long corridor to the door, but there were magical fires and I dropped the key in the first one as I leapt over it.”

    “Do not worry, for there is another key and you must overcome tests on your way to enlightenment. The second key, however is far, far away in Canada.”

    The new monk left the monastery and travelled to Canada. It took many years because he had no money, being a monk and all.

    Eventually, he arrived in Canada and managed to track down the key to the door. The monk then had to make the return journey equally as painstakingly, but finally he arrived back at the monastery. Down into the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery he went, until he found the long corridor.

    The three magical fires were in front of him as he took a running start.

    Over the first fire went the monk, key still in hand!

    Over the second fire went the monk, key still- RATS!
    He had dropped the key in the second fire. The monk leapt back over the second fire, back over the first fire, back down the long corridor he walked and out of the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery. The monk went back to the head monk.

    “Oh, Mr. Monk! I am so sorry! I went to the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery, down the long corridor to the door, but there were magical fires and I dropped the key in the second one as I leapt over it.”

    “Do not worry, for there is one more key and we must all overcome tests on our way to enlightenment. The third key, however is far, far away in Australia.”

    The monk left the monastery and travelled to Australia. It took many years because he had no money being a monk and all.

    Eventually he arrived in Australia and managed to track down the key to the door. The monk then had to make the return journey equally as painstakingly, but finally he arrived back at the monastery. By this time, he was quite an old monk.

    Down into the deepest, darkest corner of the coldest, dampest room in the dirtiest, filthiest cavern under the monastery he went, until he found the long corridor. The three magical fires were in front of him as he took a running start.

    Over the first fire went the quite old monk, key still in hand!

    Over the second fire went the quite old monk, key still in hand!

    Over the THIRD fire went the quite old monk, key still in hand!

    He had made it! He’d made the jumps and here he was standing outside the door with the answer to his question. Finally, finally, after so many, many, many years of wanting to know what was making the strange noise, he would know. The answer lay through the door in front of him and he could at last be at peace with himself.

    Slowly, the quite old monk slid the key into the lock. Turning the key a slight ‘click’ was to be heard as the lock moved back allowing the quite old monk to open the door. He pushed the door open and stepped inside.

    Shock and amazement came over him as he finally realized the answer to his question!

    “Do you want me to tell you what it was?”

    “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. You aren’t a monk.”

  • The cotton candy man- There was once a guy that loved cotton candy so much, that he ate it every day and night, one day, he died because of all the candy he ate, but that is not the end, no. There were these people who decided too move into the cotton candy man’s house. One day, Tim, the man of the house decided too go outside and chill for a while, since he was in the stress that he was recently fired from his job. There, before him, he saw a man with a butcher knife on the lawn, the man ran towards Tim and slit his stomach open, then, replaced the intestines with cotton candy.

  • Wrong person- There was once a girl named, Abby, on Halloween night, she decided too to visit the cemetery for fun. As she walked in, she noticed a little girl, holding a butcher knife that stained with crimson blood. The little girl stood up, with that creepy smirk on her face, the little girl chanted “I know…where you live..” Abby screeched, then ran home. She then went into the bathroom for protection, then noticed a little girl in the shower, Abby screamed and used her knuckles too slam against her face, then kicked her in the stomach, the little girl screeched and collapsed in the shower, lifeless. With tears in Abby’s eyes, she noticed it was her little sister, she then turned around, seeing the same girl she saw at the cemetery, she spoke. “Wrong person.” then stabbed Abby in the chest, killing her.

  • The Eye of the Needle
    Once there was a man whose name was Dave. One day Dave made the biggest mistake of his life. He gave away his deepest darkest secret. He decided to eliminate anybody’s knowledge of the secret by taking their life. But he had to act fast, because the people who knew the secret were telling their friends, and they told THEIR brothers and sisters. He decided to be simple, and to leave no trace of the murder, he would stitch buttons in their eyes and so the victims couldn’t scream, he would stitch their mouths shut.

    Dave had no time to lose. Quickly, he found an unopened package of large black buttons. Then he got a needle and thread. He went to the first friend’s house. Then the next, then the next. Through threaenting phonecalls, Dave found the people his friends told the secret to. “I’ll be over at midnight. hee hee hee.”

    Pretty soon, nobody lived to tell Dave’s secret to more. Everyone except for me, that is. Yes. I know Dave’s secret and haven’t been caught. Want me to tell you the secret? Well, I’ll tell you the secret. One time, Dave went naked on live TV. On a completely un-related note, where do you live? I’ll be over at midnight. Hee hee hee.

  • This story is meant to be scary and funny.
    Once there was a boy named Daniel. Daniel would eat pretty much any food that came into sight. One day, the kids at school played a nasty prank on him. When he went to get his milk at lunch, they buried a fake bleeding hand under all the food. When Daniel came back, he sat down, finished his lunch, and looked at the fake hand. He dipped it in his milk, and ate it. “Delicious,” he said. the end.
    I call this story “Delicious”

  • Dear friend its true now i tell the hunted roads of himachal pradesh once a man work in his its too late to close office time 11.15 He want to go home quickly so he choose a shortcut to go home he go on the imagine its fully dark there are trees beside the road he saw a girl wear many jewels and asking lift but he got fear and go fast he didnot gives lift to her after crossing one kilometre he saw same giri asking lift he god more fear and go faster after cross a kilometer he saw a girl again he go very fast he saw her in the mirror the girl running back and say his name he amazed and the girl say give me a lift before many years iam died heare now you the man go fast with fear after he a policeman beside the road he stop his bike and ask water the policeman give water and ask him what happened? The tell him that he says better you didn’t give lift to the girl you give lift to the girl now you are not with life.

  • Mary loved playing with her dolls. Every time you saw her, she would be playing with them. Mary would take her dolls to school, to bed and even the bathroom.
    One day, Mary was playing with them on her way to school. Her favorite was called Lucie. Lucie had lovely golden curls, sparkling, baby blue eyes and shiny white teeth which were always set in a smile (seeing as she was a doll).
    As she was passing the familiar alleyway, she accidentally dropped Lucie in a muddy puddle. Lucie was soaked an dripping wet.
    “Ew!” Mary cried and chucked Lucie in the alleyway. She didn’t notice that Lucie was frowning. School went by normally but her friend, Emily, asked her where Lucie was. Mary said, “I chucked her away because she was dirty.”
    When she was walking back home, she heard growling coming from the alleyway. Mary was terrified so she ran home as fast as her stubby legs could carry her. After telling her parents, and them not believing her, she decided to go to bed early.
    “Mary, I am in your parents’ room,” whispered a eerie voice from her parents’ room, loud enough to wake Mary up and make her panic. Its just my imagination, she thought to herself.
    “Mary, I am killing your parents’,”
    Mary uttered a silent scream. She was petrified. Obviously some kind of murderer has come and broken into my house, she thought, I need to hide. Mary hid under her bed. Suddenly, the door creaked open…
    “Mary, I am in your room,” something whispered from next to her.
    “Mary, I am killing you.”
    Mary felt the sharp jab of a knife against skin. The last thing she saw was Lucie, dripping with blood and holding a giant butchers knife. Then she was dead.
    Lucie disappeared, never to be seen again.

    Rumor has it that if you do the following, you can summon Lucie. Be warned though, you will die.

    1. Hold your favorite doll.
    2. Walk to the nearest alleyway, whisper ‘Lucie’ on every step that you take.3. Chuck your doll into a muddy puddle, if you cannot find one, chuck it at the wall.
    4. Say, “Eicul, Eicul, emoc kcab, Eicul, Eicul,” this is: ‘Lucie, Lucie, come back, Lucie, Lucie,’ but backwards. Make sure you say it correctly or it will not work.
    5. If you have done it properly, Lucie will appear, however, you will be dead.

    It is probably too late to tell you, but Lucie kills all who hear about her as well. She won’t come straight away as she has millions of foolish people to kill, but I assure you that she will come, kill you and gobble up your soul if she is hungry. So it makes no difference if you do the ‘game’. Goodbye, stranger.

  • this is called curiosity,
    there once was a brother and sister named jonathon and laney. jonathon was 13 and laney was 11.they moved into a house in alanta georgia.they were just un packing there stuff when laney saw a little girl in a house across the street.she says”jonathon, theres a girl in that house”.jonathon looks at the house,he sees nothing.”theres no girl at the house laney, its condemed,abandoned.maybe you just miss youre friends too much”.but-go get the other box. jonathon says like hes stressed out.”fine!”laney said angery.she started to march down down when she saw a doll on the second to last step.she heard a said “come play laney”.laney got scared and shouted “WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME”!her mom and dad heard her and said “are you okay!?” yea laney said with fear in her eyes.”where did you get this doll?” laney figured out that she was still holding on to the doll. she threw it down to the ground. i found it she said.well finish packing! mom said
    it was night time when they were done packing.whoo,time for bed kids. “good night mom and dad”both the kids said.
    the lights went off.laney looked out the window.she saw the girl.laney whispers,”what do you want? the girl said come over and see. laney said why? its a surprise.wait! said laney whats your name?renae she said. well my name is-laney renae said.come on laney hurry! ok! said laney
    when laney got outside,renae was gone. renae…..where are you….over here laney looked behind her renae was behind her but it wasnt the girl she was talking to at the house, she had black eyes,sharp teeth and sharp nails. her voice was different. it was like a deep scary voice. then renae said in that tone “lets play laney! laney screamed. renae scratched laney’s chest until you could see her heart.renae took laney’s heart of her body. renae stood up,hovering over laney’s body.she just stood there until she said “curiosity kills”.till this day,renae still wonders in alanta…..still looking for a soul.

  • I know this story is really long but whatever… enjoy! p.s. I know this story really sucks

    The date
    I looked at my reflection in the mirror, not too bad I thought to myself. While I ran my hand through my thick black hair I sprayed it with hairspray and thought my ends could use a trim. My face was pale as powdery white snow and blemish free, something I always strived for. I continued to get ready for my date at my boyfriend’s house with his parents, applying lots of mascara on my already naturally thick eyelashes and smearing ivory colored foundation all over my face. I wanted his parents to like me, and I thought I had to look perfect in order for that to happen. As I approached my closet to get my outfit the doorbell rang. I panicked and grabbed my black dress with the lace back, put it on, ran to the door and opened it just to see the neighbor standing there with Shadow, our Italian greyhound, yelling about how it was scratching at her back door for hours before she caught it. I grabbed my dog and slammed the door in her face, I didn’t feel like listening to her crap. I retreated back to my room with Shadow and again opened my closet. This time when I opened the door cold air blasted all over me and I thought I could hear faint soft whisper in my ear that said, “He is coming, run.” I thought that was weird because I was the only one in the house and it was summer but I shrugged it off. I put on my heels, grabbed my purse, fixed my make up, and sat on my couch. 5 minutes after I sat down the doorbell rang, I thought it was my dumb neighbor again but when I opened the door nobody was there. It gave me the chills and I closed the door and locked it. I felt stupid for locking the door; it was probably some idiotic kids playing ding-dong-ditch, so I unlocked it. Somebody knocked on the door right when unlocked it. I almost screamed but I calmed my nerves and opened it. My boyfriend, Felix was standing there holding a bouquet of blood red roses. My nerves were instantly calmed and I reached out my arms to hug him when he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the door. I was just about to ask him why he did that when I heard a piercing scream from behind me. I turned just in time to see a large man with a meat cleaver holding my dog’s life less head. Felix pulled my arm so hard I thought it might come out of the socket. We ran straight to his car and he threw me into the backseat, jumped into the driver’s side and floored it. I looked out the back window and my heart stopped beating, I saw the man laughing and running down the road after us, still holding Shadow’s head. We were heading to the Police Station and we had to take the road that went through the woods. I had climbed into the front seat when the man suddenly appeared right in front of the car. Felix hit the brakes but we couldn’t stop in time, we smashed right into the man. My head hurt so badly and I looked over at Felix, he had a large piece of glass stuck in his chest, I started crying and grabbed his hand. He looked over at me and told me to run but I refused and said I was going to get him help. “Leah!” He yelled at me, “Go! Before you get hurt by whoever that was, just run and don’t look back!” I kissed him hard and told him I was going to get help. I tried to climb out the window but my leg was broken and I couldn’t get up. I was going to try and get through the back door when something grabbed my leg. I screamed and clutched the seat. I knew it was the man. He pulled harder and my hands slipped off the seat, thus letting him drag me out the window. I hit the hard dirt ground and begged for him to let me go, I heard his gruff voice say “But honey, why would I let go of you? If I do you would run away.” I cried even harder and screamed “WHO ARE YOU?!?!?” He just laughed his insane laugh and said very quietly and softly like he was talking to a baby “I am your real dad honey, they took you away from me when you mother died and I became a little silly” I looked in horror at him, yes he had the same thick black hair, white skin, and green eyes as me. “You’re insane!! You’re not my dad!” I screamed. I saw blue and red lights coming and heard sirens. A police car pulled up and they got out with their guns and shot my birth father in the chest. He let go of my legs and I crawled away from him. He fell to his knees and screamed in pain. I grabbed the police man’s leg and begged him for help; he ignored me and kept yelling things at his partner. I clawed at his legs and screamed again for help, he then lifted me up and put me in the back seat. His partner called for an ambulance and went over to inspect the car crash. I told him that my boyfriend was in there and he needed medical help right away. He leaned into the car and lifted Felix out. The ambulance came after what felt like decades and they helped Felix first. They pulled out the glass and were treating his wounds when a second ambulance came and the inspected me. They put my leg in a splint and told me I would be alright. I didn’t believe them. It had been 3 months and I was talking again. Felix had recovered fully and so did I. We got married years later and had 2 kids. But one night my daughter went missing. Then the next night my son went missing. Then Felix went missing. I keep getting notes every day; they have bloody hand prints all over them. I won’t read them, I already know I’m next. I know my father is still alive and that he won’t stop until he gets me back..

  • These are just a couple of short stories. If ya like em..That would be nice.

    The Dream
    I got out of the shower and decided to call it a night. I get into bed and I immediately doze off. I see a figure outside of my bedroom door, and then I wake up. I wasn’t really scared because I knew it was just a dream. I go back to sleep to the same dream. Only The figure smiled revealing a knife in it’s hand. I wake up again. This time I’m sweating, and panting. I decide to say my prayers this time, that use to always help when I was a kid. After I finish my prayers I fall into sleep again. This time my room is empty. I wake up to see that it is still night time. I’m suddenly confused. I turn over to turn on the light and screamed. There was the same figure from my dream right beside my bed…

    In My Husband’s Skin.
    I woke in the middle of the night sweat from my sleep. It was another nightmare. My side of the bed was soaked from my sweat. I always had nightmares since I was a kid, and it seems the older I get the more morbid the dreams become. I had a dream that I killed my husband because there was a monster in his skin. I sliced his face down to his chest. My husband started caressing my hair telling me that it was only a dream and that I should try to get some sleep. His voice was soothing. I know this might sound foolish, but I wanted to see him, to remind myself it was a dream. I asked him if I can give him a goodnight kiss. But he said no. I asked why and he told me because since I had a nightmare and that it was dark, My mind might make me see something when I look at him, so he told me not to look. I turned to him and was frightened with what I saw. His face was cut from his face down to his chest. He started to look angry “ I told you not to look” he said. I then saw that he was holding a hatchet. “ Are you planning to kill me?” I asked. Then he snarled “ Well you killed me”…
    Stanger in my bed.
    I woke up to the sound of someone coming into my bedroom. When I looked around the room, there was nothing but the usual darkness of the night, there was no light in the room since the curtains were closed. I decided to stop being so paranoid and go back to sleep. I closed my eyes and turned to my left accidently kicking something in the process. I open my eyes to see the figure of my husband lying under the covers in the bed next to me. And I froze. My husband died in a car accident 5 years who was in the bed next to me..
    Hide and go Seek
    Me and two of my friends were bored one evening and decided to go play hide and go seek.
    My parents weren’t home, so we decided to turn off all the lights to make it more creepy.
    My friend Joshua was the seeker, and me and my friend Brandon had to hide. Brandon ran into the bathroom and I ran into my dad’s study which was one of the best places to hide. Only a few minutes passed when I heard “ One”. I thought that meant Joshua found Brandon. I wasn’t worried because I had the best hiding place, so I was expecting to win at the game. Few more minutes passed and I heard “ Two” which confused me because only two of us were hiding. It kinda freaked me out, but I brushed it off thinking Joshua was trying to get me out of my hiding place. Several minutes passed that seemed like an hour and I was starting to get bored. I was starting to wish that Joshua would hurry up and find me. More minutes pass and I had enough. I decide to call a lose so we could go and play videogames. I get out of my hiding place to see a figure standing in the doorway to the study. I’ve looked at it for a good minute but my eyes didn’t seem to get used to the darkness. Soon enough I could see a little, the figure still stay dark, but in it’s hand I could see a knife with blood dripping from it onto the floor. That scared me almost to death. But what really killed me was that a yellow smile with sharp teeth suddenly shown through the darkness..and that’s when I heard it..” Three”…

  • This is my story: Tick Tock-

    Sara was walking home from school barefoot one day. “Stupid bullies, always taking my brand new things!” she screamed. As she walked down the block, she saw a sign; it read “DON”T TAKE THIS BOX” and an arrow pointing at a brown box. “Well, people don’t listen to me, i won’t listen to them!” she decided as she snatched up the box. She brought it home and opened the box to find a clock. She hung it on her wall, and it turned purple. “Awesome! a mood clock!” After admiring her new clock, she read a book. After about ten minutes, the clock spoke: “Tick Tock! Mama’s in the shower! Tick Tock!” Curious, she yelled to her mother, “Mom! what are you doing?”. “Getting in the shower!” her mother yelled back. “Oh! what a coincidence!” Ten minutes later, the clock spoke once again: “Tick Tock! Mama’s gonna die! Tick Tock!” Sara was starting to feel nervous about her clock. “Mom! are you there?” she called. No reply. So she waited, and waited. “I guess she’s OK” Sara reassured herself. But she spoke to soon. “Tick Tock! MAMA’S DEAD! Tick Tock!” At hearing that, she ran to her parents bathroom. As she opened the door, she screamed. Her mother’s shower curtains were all bloody and it looked like her mother was hanged and rolled into them. Sara ran back to her room and cried. There was nothing she could do. But the clock spoke again, “Tick Tock! Brother’s outside! Tick Tock!” Sara looked out her window and saw her brother throwing a Frisbee. “Logan! get inside!” Sara yelled out her window. Startled, Logan threw the Frisbee into the tree. “OH NO!” Sara screamed. She ran downstairs and heard her clock hung in her bedroom, “Tick Tock! Brother’s in the tree! Tick Tock!” As the demonic voice told her this, she ran to the door. Right as she got outside, she heard her clock once again, “Tick Tock! Brother’s gonna die! Tick Tock!” Sara ran to the shed to get a ladder for Logan to climb down on. As she grabbed the ladder, she heard the clock speak, “Tick Tock! BROTHER’S DEAD! Tick Tock!” She ran back to the tree to see a small branch had pierced his neck as he reached out to grab the Frisbee. With tears in her eyes she started to walk back inside when she heard the clock, “Tick Tock! Sister’s in the kitchen! Tick Tock!” Sara ran to the door to find it was locked. She saw her sister walk into the kitchen and open the oven. “Tick Tock! Sister’s in the oven! Tick Tock!” “Emma! Get out of the oven!” Sara tried to help her sister, but she couldn’t hear her. She ran around back and grabbed the spare key under the mat and unlocked the door. When she opened the door, she heard the oven click. “OH MY GOD! THE OVEN LOCKED EMMA IN!!!” Sara screamed. She desperately tried to open it. “DING!” The oven clicked and Sara opened it to find her sister, in ashes. As she walked up the stairs, she heard a snoring noise. She looked in her room and found her dad. When did dad get home? Sara thought. Then someone hit her in the back of the head and she feel on the ground. “Wake up! You are safe! For now at least…” A shining figure spoke. Sara stood and found herself at the gates of Heaven. “What am i doing here? Am I dead?” She questioned. “No my child, you are not dead” The figure told her. “Who are you?” Sara asked. “I am an angel, and i have something that you can use to save yourself” The angel said as it handed her to sharp knives. “I want you to stab the thing in your bed, where he hurt you most” the angel instructed. “But… that’s my dad! He never hurt me before!” She objected. “Your dad is not in your bed, he never was” The angel said. At that moment, everything blacked out and she woke up. “What happened? Oh, the knives” She whispered as she looked at the sharp object in her hands. She quietly walked to her room and peeked in, there was a large black figure in the bed. “The devil! But, he hurt my heart but he doesn’t have one… but he told me they were gonna die, i heard him with my ears, he has ears!” She thought. “She got on his back and stabbed one ear, but hesitated on the other. The figure started to move. “Hurry! Stab the other before he wakes up!” the angelic voice came. The figure opened it’s eyes and started to choke her. “GO AWAY!!!” Sara screamed as she stabbed the second ear. “If i’m going down, YOU are coming with me!” The demon spoke. As the devil started to sink through the bed, she didn’t go past the covers. After she made sure he was gone, she snatched the clock off her wall, put it in the box, and threw it in the trash. Ever since, she never picked up a box on the street.

  • Ugly love
    Scotland Reed, A.K.A Scott, never laid her eyes on such a handsome man. His beautiful hazel eyes, his jet black, straight hair, Everything about him was perfect. But every time she stared at him, he never looked back.
    The final bell rang as she went to get her stuff out of her locker. There she met up with her best friend, Brooke.
    “Hey Scott! I just got the worst homework EVER! We have to write 200 Words about how the Civil War started! Talk about Pure EVIL!” Brooke shouted a little too loudly.
    Scott wasn’t paying any attention. She was thinking about that boy that was perfect for her. “Uh, earth to Scott! Are you there??” Brooke said. “What? oh, sorry. I just saw this boy in class that was so cute! I don’t think he’s interested in me.” Glumly, Scott hung her head. “Hey! Scott, don’t EVER, say that in my face again. You’re beautiful! “No I’m not” Scott Wailed. “And I have to make myself pretty.”

    The next day, Scotland had some makeup and the most fashionable dress. Girls and guys walked up to her, complimenting on how pretty she looked. But only that special guy stayed talking with his friends. Her smile faded. She thought that she needed more fashionable items. Each day, she was more beautiful than Yesturday. More beautiful than any girl in her school. But this didn’t attract her special boy.

    This week, Scott hasn’t came in yet. She was called in sick, the principal said. She didn’t come in the next day, or the next. The school dance was today, and Brooke didn’t want to go without Scott. She had to go anyways. She didn’t want to keep her date waiting. She brushed her teeth, Her hair, and put on her gown. She went out to the car, and drove to prom.
    Everyone from school was at the prom. Brooke and her date, were dancing and having a great time, when the door opened. The music stopped. Everyone stopped dancing and grew quiet. There was Scott. Bleeding from her eyes and lips. Her dress was covered in Seaweed, dirt and blood. Tears were running down her face.She had freaked out about her special boy and decided to look even prettier. She put on her makeup on so hard that they shot out blood. She walked over to her boy and said: “Am I pretty NOW for you? NOW??? I’ll DIE for you If I have to! Right NOW! Goodbye.” then dropped dead.
    Brooke couldn’t believe what she saw. Her best friend was dead. She packed up her things and went home. She later moved to chicago to forget about this.
    One night, As the boy was getting ready for bed, Scott appeared. “Satan told me that if I died, you would too. She grabbed the boy and sent him to the darkness. He was never seen again.
    To this day, the boy is missing and the police are still looking or him. No one knows what happened, but they all know not to ignore someone who is trying to get your attention.

    (This story suxxx!!! :( Lemme know if I should make some changes.)

  • it was a saturday morning and a girl named Andrea was at home asleep with her parents and her dog . Andrea lived a perfect life nothing never went wrong . One day andrea was on her way to her freind Amber house.Amber LOVED RIDING BIKES AND SO DID Andrea so they rode bikes and went to bed and when morning rolled around Amber noticed something diffrent about evreything around people were dressed in white and tears where shedding and Andrea was crying too and then she heard Andrea say ” i cant belive i lost my best friend ” ummm….. maybe there talking about arianna i heard that she was sick so i belive she died so maybe i should just sit here and wait maybe they were waithing for me to wake up. so i went into the living room and then i heard my mom say ” why why my baby girl ” and then i relized that my aunts, cousins, and family was their i tried calling their names and their was no reply so i looked in the casket to see who it was and it was me i remeber when i was riding bikes is all i can rember and i saw police and amberlince and my mom screaming and crying when they came . And it also makes since that when i told her i hate to be in that that is why their was no reply .

  • This is my story called “Walls” and I really hope it gets posted!

    I loved my new house from the moment I saw it. It was huge, and had a lovely balcony that I was nearly obsessed with. I was a fan of the soppy romance movies and I loved the romantic feel of it. A small pond was in our backyard of turtles and fish.

    My parents gave me the upstairs room which I loved. I’d always had a room on the bottom floor and I was excited to be located in the upper section. There was a room right next to mine that made me uncomfortable, although.

    It was just a white room, ceiling lower than most, no windows, and the fan was colored red, orange, blue, and green. It seemed as though this was a child’s room. I noticed the wall was peeling so I ripped it off, seeing a floral design. I ripped the rest of it off and saw that all of the walls were designs of children playing. So it WAS a child’s room!

    I researched it and found that it was a house owned by a mother, a father, and three children. The mother and father got into a fight one day and the mother hung herself, while children were old enough to comprehend what was happening, so they hung themselves in the room. The room with the children playing! It made me uneasy to be in a suicide site…but I shrugged it off.

    Later, I found out that kids who investigated this house disappeared, but the disappearances stopped twenty years ago. This struck me funny, but again, I shrugged it off.

    The next day, when my dad got home from work, he went upstairs, finding me in my room watching a movie. He looked mad. “Son, what have you done downstairs! You made a terrible mess, not to mention wasting food!” I ran downstairs to find pots, pans, eggs, milk, plates, cups, and much more littering the floor. “Dad I didn’t do this!” I screamed. “Yes you did, stop lying!” Tears were streaming down my face. “No I didn’t… I didn’t do this! I swear!” My dad was fuming now. “You’re either lying or you were oblivious to know we were getting robbed. Go to the storage room, now!” I was terrified, not that room! “No dad…anywhere but there…please! I’ll do anything, please!” He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the storage room and locked the door.

    Banging, banging, banging. I turned around and saw that all the faces of the children were now directly pointed at me. I screamed and called for help, but my dad was obviously ignoring me. Then the lights went out.

    “Play with us!” the voice cried. “But in order to do so…you have to be one of us.” And then it all went black.

    * * *

    New people are moving here. The moving truck and everything is here. They even have a kid my age. It’s getting kind of lonely being the only teenager on this wall.

  • “The attic” – My parents got divorced three years ago, and now I was going to my dads house. I couldn’t wait! But I hated the fact that my bedroom there was a dark dusty room that never got cleaned. It was really creepy for me, but overall, I seem to always have fun at my dads house. I came to my dads house, and by the time I did, it was almost nighttime, since he lives on the other side of the state. I walked up the stairs into my room and I crawled into bed. My dad kissed me goodnight and I went to sleep. Haaa-shhhhuuuuu…… Haaaa-shuuuuuuuu……. Haaaaa-STEP! I froze and shot straight out of bed. It wasn’t coming from outside my room, it was coming from the ceiling. I walked out of my bed into my closet, and I noticed the small attic door. “Dad wouldn’t be cleaning, it’s the middle of the night”. I looked at the time. 1:37 am. Yep. My dad definitely wouldn’t be cleaning the attic. As I walked into the closet, STEP! Once again, I froze. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”. But if I didn’t go up there, I wouldn’t know what was making the sound. I slowly opened the door and I walked up the small ladder to the pure darkness. It seemed like every board cracked in that place. I turned on the lightbulb and it barely turned on. I got some light now. I looked around and then I saw a big shadow. “What do you want?” It’s arm cracked with every move it made. It pointed straight at me. I started running out and it chased after me. It was like a big wolf creature, but it was definitely not a human. It was too bad I was a slow runner. It bit me in half. Blood was everywhere. Then, he dragged me out of the bedroom and all the way out of the house. Then he stuck my head on a stick and drilled it in the ground. The next day my dad was put on probation and was accused of murder. Then he searched the attic that day. Can you guess what happened to him? (Hope you like it!)

  • some of this story is true, most of it’s not. I’ll let you decide which is which.
    The Spot
    When I was younger, everything was simple. You went to school, youcame home, you did your homework, and you went to bed. Then I got to middle school. There it was…… Different. The teachers gave you detention if you talked out of turn. Lunch was too short. The lockers were impossible to open. But that was normal. Now, if you didn’t wear the right clothes, you were stupid. I was popular. I am ashamed of it, but I did ruin people’s lives, socially and mentally. One day, I was at the mall with my friends. We went to this shop were all of te clothes were at least $50 because that was were we always shopped. I tried on a super cute green dress with lace on the back, and I bought it. But when I got home, I noticed a spot on it. It was shaped like a full moon, but it wasn’t very big, so I didn’t return it. I wish I had.
    The next day was Friday, and there was a huge party at my best friend’s house. I wore the green dress that night. I was having a good time, until some nerd crashed the party. He looked even nerdier tonight than usual. He was going across the edge of the room, avoiding the dance floor. He was going toward the cellar; I didn’t know why. I thought this would be a great oppurtunity to embarrass him. “Hey Jeff, what’s that loser doing here,” I called. “Sorry, loser, but you have to leave.” He wouldn’t, so I pushed him down the cellar and locked the door. No one would miss him.
    On Saturday, my dad got me a new computer. I emailed my best friend immediatly. I started to go to facebook and shove it in everyone’s face, but then I noticed that there was a little spot right on the middle of the screen, shaped like a half moon. Just like my dress. Then I started to get creeped out. suddenly, I noticed a lot of my things I had gotten recently had the same exact spot on them. I became paranoid. I didn’t want anything. Eventually, my friends ditched me. I was at the bottom of the food chain. Every night, I cried myself to bed because I had lost everything. Now, things I had for years got that spot. My walls were covered with them. By the time I hit my senior year in highschool, I was a mess. One night, right before graduation, I snuck out of my house. I went to my best friend’s house. At least she was my friend when I was in middle school. I remembered all the things we did in that house, like throw that loser David in the cellar… Did we ever take him out? My best friend might of taken him out. I didn’t know. So I opened the cellar door, and I saw a light on, so I went down. What I saw horrified me. There was David, covered with those half moon spots. He told me that he had come to the party because he loved me, and that he still did. At that moment, I realized what a horrible person I was. David had spent most of his life down there because of me, and no one even remembered him. So here I am, writing this story down, in that cellar, with David lokking over my shoulder. I now realize that I have been dying inside since that party. Now it is time for me to die, for I have asked for forgiveness. Before I go, let me give you some advice: be kind to everyone that you know, or you might end up like me.

  • The Bucket
    There was once a girl named Emily. She went for a walk in the run-down part of town. Nobody lived here, and the buildings were deserted. Emily saw a man leaning against a wall. He had a bucket. The bucket had a note attached to it saying, “Money… please donate”. Now, Emily was a polite girl. She asked the man, “Can I give you any money?” He said nothing. Emily asked again. “Can I give you any money?” Still no reply. Since the man wasn’t talking to her, Emily just decided to put some cash in the bucket. But, when she bent down, she saw a head. The head said, “I’ve been waiting for you…” Emily began to scream. Then, the man leaning against the wall lifted his hat off. His head had been severed. The head in the bucket began to laugh evilly. Emily screamed and screamed, but no one could hear her. Emily was never seen again.

  • Wolfy Surprise

    Ian and Miranda had been dating for three months.Every time they had a date during a full moon Miranda would leave early or disappear. So one night Miranda had to leave. “Where are you going?” Ian asked. “Uhmm…No where”, she said as she put on her coat. “Ill see you later”. Miranda walked out of the door. Ian wanted to know where she was going so he followed her into the woods. When the reached a clearing Miranda saw him. “Why did you follow me?” she asked .Her voice sounded angry. “I wanted to know where you were going”. Miranda started to tremble and shake. “You have to leave now!” I an stared at her he didn’t move. “GO! NOW!” “Why?” “JUST LEAVE!” Before Ian had time to run Miranda had transformed into a wolf and had him pinned to the ground…..
    Now No one knows what happened to Ian but, people say if you going into the woods and hear howling it might be Miranda watching you..

  • The Unknown

    Well I know that you might have clicked on here waiting for a scary story. A mash up of horror from the edges of nightmares. Monsters witches goblins and darkness. Well then you might as well go away now. This is a true story, I’m warning you, right I guess your still here. Well no turning back now. I’m going to tell you a story that will inject fear into even those who have never heard of it.

    I was driving, late at night, there wasn’t one car on the road. When suddenly my head lights turned off. This had never happened to me before and the car wouldn’t start. Just as I began to suspect the battery being drained, I heard static on the radio, just a continuous buzz. This was strange as I was a 101% sure that the battery had drained. I wanted to call for help but something glued me to my seat. Something about the static. The more I concentrated the more the darkness descended around me until it was only me and the static of the radio. All of a sudden I started to notice a mutter in the static. I listened closely…

    It said…

    Help me it s nearly here. I sorry to whoevers listening. It’s already rocked the house twice, one more time and it will come in. I don’t have time , I have to tell someone about it, only then will it leave me. Oh no the third rattle, it’s coming , my friend told me to rid himself and now I tell you. It is a being that wants revenge on the world, whoever knows about it, it comes to seek and kill.

    I froze. Just then the car rattled I couldn’t see anything.

    The second rattle just came. I’m writing this and sending it out on the remaining battery on my phone. Only 1% left. All I can say now is…

    The the Unknown is coming for you…

  • bloodrose130902 October 27th, 2012 | 1:53 pm
    This is one of my own stories
    The Gruesome Test:
    Suitors came from all over Japan to woo a beautiful maiden. First they fell in love with her- then they ran away screaming. Some were heard screaming as they raced down the road.
    Suspicious neighbors spread rumors. They suspected the maiden to be a goblin or a fox-woman. Her parents were mystified. Why did their lovely daughter terrify young men? She was gentle happy and hard working. She didn’t complain when helping her mother around the house and never wasted a single grain of rice when she cooked their meals.
    What more could parents desire? Grandchildren. That’s why the couple wanted their daughter to marry. Besides, the aging father needed a strong son in law to help him grow rice. And he needed him soon.
    Arranged marriages had been the tradition for as many generations as anyone could remember. But long ago the father had decided to let his beloved daughter choose a husband for herself. One spring he began to regret his decision. He sat beneath a flowering cherry tree, watching pink petals fall to the ground. Would his daughters youth fade away as quickly as the delicate flowers? Just as he was losing hope that she would never marry, a soldier came striding up to the house.
    “May I court your daughter?” asked the bold young man.
    The father liked his broad shoulders and muscular arms, good for planting rice. “Come right in,” he said, and he happily introduced the young man to his daughter. The maiden moved gracefully about the room serving tea and rice. She seemed shy, speaking softly and lowering her eyes. The young man seemed smitten. When the meal was over, she accompanied him to the door and quietly invited him to come back.
    “But not until midnight,” she whispered, “and knock lightly so you do not awaken my parents.”
    He was surprised, but not half as surprised when he returned that night. The moment he entere the house, she mad a very strange request.
    “You must promise on your honor,” she whispered, “that you will submit a test if your love for me. And promise that you will never tell a living soul what that test is.”
    The young man couldn’t imagine what the beautiful young maiden had in mind but he agreed to remain silent. “On my honor, I will never tell.”
    “Then wait here,” she said. She slid open the paper screen to her room and closed it behind her. The soldier waited impatiently. When she returned she was wearing a loose white garment. Oddly enough, the handle of a shovel was poking out through the hem.
    “Follow me,” she whispered. They moved through the village under a cloudy sky, with only fleeting glimpses of the moon. The soldier followed the white figure ahead if him careful not to awaken sleeping dogs. They slipped through the village streets to the woods beyond, hurrying down the dark road which then lead to an ancient cemetery.
    When the moon emerged from the clouds, they could see old gravestones covered with moss and mold. Here and there, bamboo cups held wilted flowers. Weathered statues if gods stood guard, protecting souls.
    The maiden stood by a grave that looked quite fresh. She pulled forth her shovel and began to dig, flinging clomps of dirt everywhere. Then she dropped to her knees and swept aside dirt with her hands. The soldier could see that she uncovered a small coffin.
    Imagine his surprise when she lifted the lid, opened the white shroud, and tore an arm off the corpse inside. Then she clamped it in her teeth and took a large bite. She chewed it loudly while staring at the soldier. “If you love me you will eat what I eat,” she cried, ripping the other arm off the corpse and tossing it to the soldier.
    He didn’t hesitate. He took a large bite himself. Now he was even more surprised! He never thought human flesh could be so delicious! Until he found out he was eating a candy corpse, made of sugar and rice flour.
    The maiden burst out laughing. “You are the only one if my suitors who did not run away. I want to marry a brave husband and you are the one.”
    You would think the soldier would laugh too. The maiden was kit a monster, after all. But he glowered at her. “Only candy!” He said. ” I thought you were giving me much more.” And he grabbed the shovel and started to dig a real grave.
    This time it was the maiden who ran away screaming.

  • It’s under the bed
    Once there was a little girl named Gertrude. Gertrude lived in a small house with her mother and father. One morning, she did not fit in her little bed, so her dad went to town to get a new one. When he came home, the bed fit her perfectly. Gertrude climbed in and went to sleep. Then, in the middle of the night, she heard scracthing noises. She called her parents. “It’s under the bed!” She cried. “It’s just your imagination.” Her Mom said. She left her to sleep alone. The next night, Gertrude looked under her bed. Two red glowing eyes stared at her. She screamed. Her parents came in, tired. They told her to stay calm. The next night, Gertrude heard a whisper say,”I’m under the bed.” She got so scared. Then, the thing under the bed grabbed her, and Gertrude never returned.

  • Here is my story:
    the vents
    It all started when I moved into this new house. Well not particularly new, from 1860. It always felt like someone was watching you. I live here still, but I am going to tell you the story of what happened…… One year ago I was just moving in. It was freshly painted, had new carpet, and was being fully restored. I sat down on my couch and was very tired. I fell asleep. I had a nightmare about a thing… It looked half skeleton half alive… It had its ribs sticking out, but had flesh inside its ribs. It was sitting there, on the couch , watching me. I looked back at it, and I felt like I was burning. I ran right away. I looked back and it was gone. I ran into my wall in the dream and suddenly woke up. I looked around and nothing was there. I felt creeped out, but It was just a dream. I contined to work. That day, the new air conditioner was coming. I needed to disconnect the other one, and noticed something I hadn’t before. The air conditioner…. Was a door. It only weighed about 20 pounds, but looked like it was real. Behind it, was a door. Not any door, but a metal door. It looked old, but it had no lock. I decided to look inside. I opened the door slowly and there was only a room. Not a normal room though. It was the size of a small house. Why hadn’t The previous owner showed me this? It had an air conditioning vent, so when we got the new air conditioner, it would be a good game room. I hired someone to make stairs from upstairs to that room. It took a few days, but when it was done it was beautiful. I added windows that put in artificial light. (fake windows). I was down there for a few hours, measuring it for dimensions. It was 20 by 20. It seemed so odd I hadn’t known about it. I went to bed that night. I woke up from the same dream I had before. But this time, it was watching me sleep. It was in the vents for the ir conditioning. I woke up and looked at the vents. It looked like two dots… Red eyes…. Watching me… I ran to the safe room ( I had added a door from the house to the room) and sat there. I felt like someone was still watching me. I looked back, at there was the thing. It loomed like before. Exactly. Like in the dream. I tried to run, but the doors disappeared. I looked into his eyes… His soulless eyes. He opened his mouth and showed thousands of tiny teeth covered in blood. He opened his teeth, and out came a mouth. Not just a mouth, a HUGE mouth. He bit off half of my body. Now I look like him. But people who know must die. Right now, I am watching you reading this. Ill see you in your dreams.

    ( sorry if it’s long ) its my first story and would really like if its on scary for kids

  • A while since I made a story! Hi ppl! Btw here’s a story about… SLENDERMAN… :D it’s a made up entertainment purpose story blah blah blah.
    I walked down the lonely woods at the dead of the night with only a flashlight.. Thought it would be a nice time to go then, I catches a glimpse of something at the corner of my eye… I thought it was just my imagination then suddenly I walk in an open plain field then suddenly I get an urge to… COLLECT ALL THE PAGES!!! I did so and soon after searching a few locations at a rusted silo I found a page then my brain says: 1/8 Pages. Umadbro? After all that walking could be exercise! Then suddenly, my heart beats get heavier and heavier then I continue walking and head into some kind of a house maze then I search the entire place… Nothing there. I head out then OMG! I see a note at a as online tank maze headed in there got 2/8 pages. Sudden static occurs then I continue running. Then I run into the woods then– BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….
    Alright that’s all I’m typing now hope you enjoyed my story thanks for reading and have a good night! :)

  • This is my story i call it:
    The secret assassin

    There was once a happy young couple, the househusband’s name was Andy who was a lovely character everyone loved him and his wife Jennifer, both were in their late 20’s and on the 18th of June got married. Although the couple were happy for the next few years Andy couldn’t help but worry for Jennifer who went out 5 days a week at midnight, whenever he asked what was going on Jennifer just got annoyed and complained she wants her own space. One night Andy’s curiosity got the best of him, he very sneakily decided to follow Jennifer to see what was going on, as he watched pretending to be asleep, Jennifer casually got changed, Jennifer got into her car and drove off, Andy went back upstairs, he knew she must have a secret, so the next day while Jennifer went shopping with her friends who picked her up, he put a chip just underneath the car, this chip would allow him to see a red dot on his phone this would be Jennifer. Soon as Jennifer came back from shopping as she said goodbye to her friends, he put on the TV and helped her with her bags. That night Jennifer once again went away. This time as soon as she left he followed her using his phone app he had set up that day, so he quickly got changed and went on his bike, with Jennifer not far in front of him he kept his distance, as he watched Jennifer park after 10 minutes of following, he was surprised where he was, he was at a very small and old cabin that he had noticed a few times, at the back cabin wall Jennifer went round, he went in the small cabin and put his ear to the wall where he could hear Jennifer talking to someone Andy had never seen before what was odd was the man was dressed in black only as and listened he heard the man saying “ah up for another assassination, Tonight I need you to kill Andy” said the man “fine” replied Jennifer, he gave Jennifer a card which as she read she realized she had to kill her husband which she didn’t mind, Andy was shocked, so shocked he didn’t realize both Jennifer and the man had gone. Andy cycled home, when he got home he waited in the hall for 2 minutes to be sure Jennifer was in bed, he realized he must kill Jennifer before she killed him and took a large butcher knife out the kitchen, he had a tear coming down his face, but went upstairs into his and Jennifer’s room where she was sleeping, Andy said “sorry I have to do this” and strikingly stabbed his wife, he started to cry he had defeated his wife, he put his dead unfaithful wife in a bag and buried her, though he was in misery all night what had happened was to much, he took his own life, using the same knife he used to kill his wife.

    By Hannah McBurnie

  • Hey sfk! Its been a while that i had last go to your website. So today im gonna make one of my stories. The White Room.
    One day, my mother took me to a strange house, and left me there. It is very freaky here. When I entered here first, there were 29 of us. But everyday, one person disappears. Everytime after supper, we are told to go to a clean white room in the end of the hallway-except one. The one who is excluded will stay in a secret room in the other end of the hallway. In the white room we are told to wait until they say we can go back in our rooms. But the one who stayed in the other room disappeared, we all thought it was a magical place. Time passed until there were only 3 of us, then 2. It was my time, I was excited to go, maybe it could take me to a wonderful and happy place. They took me there. It was a room made of glass. With my reflection in every corner. Then there was a chair in the middle, they told me to sit there. What I saw was, 29 children in a pool of blood. The horrifying part was, I was in the top of all the bodies, my head chopped off.

  • Heres another one of my stories.


    There was a 6 year old girl who has blonde hair. The girls name was Clair. Her parents were very mean, the meanest thing they ever done was to break her arm when she was 4 years old. She likes to draw stuff, like cars, animals, and her friends She also likes music. She likes songs like deep in the meadow, that was her favorite song. She first heard it when it was playing on the movie The hunger games.

    One night, she accidentally broke the lamp in the living room that costs over 500 dollars. When her father came in he was so mad at Clair that he slammed her to the ground. He suffocated her so hard that he killed her on accident. She died on 12:32 He didn’t notice that she was dead, but when he saw the blank eyes and that she wasn’t breathing, he didn’t care. Her mom didn’t even care either, because she saw Clair as a brat and a stuck up girl.

    When the parents were sitting on the couch, the lights were all blacking out. They thought it was just the power. But they heard strange noises and the lights were fully out. As they were getting freaked out, they heard their daughters voice. Clair was singing deep in the meadow slowly as she got closer and closer to her parents. When she got to her parents, the lights were back on.

    They saw Clair. She had no eyes so her eye holes were showing. She had gray skin, and she said “I hate you mommy and daddy.” and she killed them at 12:32, the same time she died. Now if you go to your bathroom at 12:32 or earlier, and sing deep in the meadow, you will see Clair in the mirror. If shes in a bad mood, she will kill you just like she killed her parents. If shes in a good mood, she will leave you alone unharmed

  • I have this story that I was doing for mt 8th grade English class. I wasn’t done, but she told me that I could finish it at home.. This is the one I’m turning to her when I’m finish writing.. So enjoy it c:. I ain’t good at titles though ;_;

    The haunted house

    I remembered I was skeptic about ghosts. I always thought they were a bunch of foolishness. But, this one thing that changed my opinions about ghosts. That place I’m never going back again. Not even for millions and billions of dollars, I’m still never going back. So, if you are too scared to read this, stop. But if you dare, keep on reading my tale…

    One day, I was a young teenager, no older than 15 years old, I would always make jokes about how ghosts were a bunch of craziness. And I would think that ghosts were pretty dumb and stupid to talk about and believe in. I would say that they were making things up. I would also make jokes about people that says that how I should believe them and all that crap. But, I never do listen.

    So, me and my older brother, Vlad, short for the most known vampire in the ancient times or something, he was around 18 or so, I keep forgetting, and his friend, that believes in ghosts and all, Mike were talking about ghosts, which I didn’t really care for anyways. I told Mike that I don’t believe in ghosts. I could tell that his face was more of the I-can’t-believe-that-you-said-or-did-that face than the surprised face. I laughed at the reaction he was making as Vlad sighed and rubbed his pale-ish forehead. “Mike… Please let him have his own opinions..” He said to Mike as he looked at him and to me. Yeah, Vlad is the laid back person, he never does yell, unless he has to though, but that is rare. “Alright then…” Mike said. “Well, how about Kiron going into the haunted house at the end of the neighborhood where your dad is buried at?””Mike, don’t, please.” Vlad looked over at Mike as he gave a wink to Vlad. I looked at the two, with the confused face, then smiled. “Alright, since you want to make me believe in ghosts… What time?” I said, looking at Mike. “In about 30 minutes, when it gets dark.” Mike said with an evil smile. I was confused for a moment, but then shook his hand as the agreement. Vlad shaking his head and sighed. “What am I going to do with you guys?” He said. A minute before I went in there, all I had was a flashlight, my hoodie, and my cellphone with headphones in them, so I can listen to some of the voices in the house, Mike told me I should bring it so he can hear the spirits. Mike looked at his watch and it changed to 8:30 P.M.. He smiled and patted my back as like a ‘good luck’ thing. Vlad walked over and gave me his good luck necklace, a dragon, wrapping around an ocean blue crystal ball, I always wanted that necklace. Our dad gave it to him as a good-bye present when he was dying, and that was when I was with our mom. Vlad always says that our dad put good luck in it before he moved on. I don’t know why or how, but he would always say that. “Wishing you good luck.” He smiled and hugged me and walked off with Mike.”We’ll wait for you out here in the morning!” Mike yelled out and faded into the cold, foggy night. I shivered and hold on to my hoodie and turned my flashlight and stepped inside. It was pretty eerie, but not so scary that I cold run out within a second. I walked around the room, more of a living room. There were some pictures of a young man with his black trench coat. And I noticed a mirror also. It was all dirty and thousands of dust was covering everything up. I walked around some more, and I noticed there were some stairs leading up, looking like a hallway to me.

    I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to go up there, since the wooden stairs looked old and molding, and kind of unstabalized, but the other side of me told me to go up and check it out and looked around the place. I could have swore I heard something. Something like, footsteps, coming down the staircase. I backed away from it, hoping it was just me. I felt goosebumps traveling up and down my skin. I shook off the feeling I had and went upstairs. Halfway up there, the old wood started to break, but I grabbed on to the wooden stairs. I clenched onto the necklace from my brother for dear life.I tried to pull myself up, but then the stairs broke and I fell into the black pit. I felt something cool on my back, I must have landed on concrete. I looked up before the flashlight hit me in the forehead real hard, I notice a black shadow looking down where I fell. Then I heard something laughing. Laughing at me getting hurt, it was like. A demon’s laugh. The flashlight hit my forehead, and everything went black. Hours have passed, and I woke up. I tried to get up off of my back, grunting from the pain on my back. It felt like, thousands of knives stabbed my back. And I looked around, I couldn’t see anything from all of the darkness around me. I was trying to find my flashlight in the dark.As I was looking for it, I felt like someone was watching me. It sent me chills through my pain back, and giving me goosebumps. I felt something and tried to find it. Thank you, it was my flashlight. I checked in my hoodie to see if my phone is still there. It was there. And I looked to see if the necklace was still there. It was still there, all in one piece. I sighed as a relief and looked up at the hole. It was pretty far from me. I knew I couldn’t jump up there. So, I looked around to see if there is anywhere I could find some way out.I noticed that I brought my pocket knife in my pocket. I didn’t know that I brought it with me. And I found a door, it looked like it would lead to somewhere. It was locked and my pocket knife was too small to stab through the door. So, I kicked the door as hard as I could, luckily it worked. I ran out of there and noticed that I was where I first came in.I was happy that I got out of there. I checked to see what time it was. It was around 5:30 A.M. or so. I noticed the mirror again. I decided to wipe the dust off. And noticed that I was dirty, cut, and bruised pretty bad. My upper lip had a little cut , it wasn’t bleeding at all. But it hurts real bad. My forehead had a bump from that stupid flashlight. I touched the mirror gently.There was somebody else besides me. I was paralyzed with fear, only shaking. The mirror cracked, and it started to increase. Causing it to shatter everywhere. I covered myself from the shards coming at me. A few glass shards stabbed me on the arm. I screamed in pain as it started to bleed through my hoodie. I looked around, and notice blood oozing from the walls.I ran into a room and slammed the door. I was panting really hard from all of the running. I felt something cold, feeling like hands, wrapped around my mouth before I screamed. A dark, creepy, low, Lucifer-like voice whispered into my ear. “Get out of my house you’re not invited here..” The growl slithered into my ear. Sending me goosebumps, and making my hair from my body stand up. I free myself away from his grasped and ran out of the house.Vlad and Mike were outside of the house, waiting for me. Vlad was holding a flashlight, and noticed my injuries. I hugged Vlad really tightly, like a little boy hugging his dad that just came back from overseas. I was hurting really bad, but I didn’t care. I was happy to get out of there. Vlad felt me shaking like a leaf, and he hugged me back, trying to tell me that its alright, I was out of the house. Mike stood there in silence. Vlad was pretty surprised that I was hugging him so tight. He knew that it has been forever that I hugged him like this since we were little.Mike never did tell me the back story of the house. I asked him thousands of times, but he never tell me. Vlad had to tell me the story. He said that there once was a man, he was in his 20s. He was a satanist & a cannibal . He would always worship the devil, speaking in some weird language. What he would do is sacrifice a live person. And after the sacrifice to the devil the sould of the living human, he would drink the blood of the person and eat his corpse. Well, one day, a handul of people, not more of 20-30 people, came into his house to kill him. The young man was hiding in the basment throughtout the whole thing. A young man, he was 18 at the time, he brought an axe with him. He told everyone in the house that he would check the basement. He walked over to the basement door, and realized that the door was locked from the inside, so no one would come in to murder the satanist cannibal. He had an idea and told everyone that he couldn’t find the young satanist, so they decided to go home and call it a day. The young satanist heard them and sighed of relief as he heard the door opened and shut, so, he couldn’t here anybody. He unlocked the door slowly and found no one. He slowly closed the door. The young man with the axe quickly but quietly sneaked up to him and chopped his head off. Blood splattered all over his face, his clothes, and his all over his axe. Everyone cheered for the young man for killing the young satanist cannibal. Since then, you young satanist still haunts the old abandoned house, to this day.Since then, I never stepped into the house at all. And since then, I started to believe in ghosts, and I never came back in the house at all. I would stand in the yard, looking at the beautiful house on the outside. I can never go back into the place without running back outside, shaking like a leaf within less than 2 seconds. Even though it was a beautiful house, it has some dark secrets that was shared passed down since that one day..

  • I should say before starting that I’m a firm believer in an afterlife.

    When I was five my family moved from living with my grandmother (my mom’s mom that is) to our own house. My family was never rich so we ended up living in a neighborhood with row styled houses. The neighborhood itself is on the North side of the city of Pittsburgh, my hometown. It has been said to have been built upon a cemetery now I don’t know for sure if that was the case. But I tend to believe it to be.

    So I was the middle child out of five having two older brothers, two younger sisters, and weird things started when I was 13. I was always the last to go to sleep so I was always the only one up. I’d hear footsteps that started from my mother’s room and stop at my sisters. I never thought much of it cause nothing ever happened to cause alarm. But my sisters always spoke of seeing a man standing at the foot of their beds with red eyes. Then at 16 I’d see shadows approaching the shower when ever I’d bathe. The shower was in the basement; a place I did not like going much.

    The first time it freaked me out a little but I eventually became annoyed and would tell them to back up and they would. So I never really was scared until I reached 27. I was living with my sister after having moved back to Pittsburgh from Ambridge, a city 23 miles to the north. It was three am and I went down stairs to watch “Family Guy” which I had missed at eleven. When I noticed a chill in the air at which point the living room quickly grew cold, I mean shivering cold! Thinking it was weird I grabbed a jacket and returned to watching television.

    It was not until I noticed a softball sized orb of white light hovering about chest high next to me out the corner of my right eye that I began to feel frightened. I was also feeling a mix of curiosity as to what it could be so I did not run though that was my first reaction. As I sat there the orb began shinning brightly and the light expanded out from the orb.

    I turned my head to the right and watched as this happened. I was even more freaked out than before but sat there and continued to watch, my curiosity growing and getting the better of me. By now the light had started to take on a human form and I could feel that it was feminine from the energy it was giving off. At some point I stood up and backed away from the couch two steps and heard it say in my head “don’t run.” How or why I was able to hear it in my head I did not know at that time but I do now. I’m psychic, but that’s another story for another site. Anyway, I turned my head away from the sight before me and looked towards the stairs contemplating bolting up them at light speed.

    After looking away for the second time I noticed the orb was gone. Upon seeing that I turned off the television and promptly headed back upstairs. Needless to say I did not sleep that night. I couldn’t, I was too frightened by the event that had just transpired.

    I have never had another such encounter since. Though I have felt someone sit on my bed as I retired for the night after moving into my own place in 2009. Also I’ll feel the occasional presence as well as the occasional tug on the back of my shirt as it falls back into place as if it were raised.

    I nearly forgot to mention that the day of my gram’s funeral she visited me. My gram, being my dad’s mother, passed before Thanksgiving which I knew she would when I went to visit her with my father. I felt someone watching me as I lay there trying to sleep. I realized immediately it was my grandmother but someone else was with her but I did not recognize the energy I felt and could only assume it was my grandfather. I never got to meet him since he died when my father was a child. Actually both of my grandfathers passed when my parents were little.

    That’s my story nothing much has happened since I grew older but I do hear the occasional unexplained noise in my apartment, though I live alone and one time felt someone sit down on my bed just as I was getting ready to go to sleep. But I don’t fear it since nothing bad has ever happened.

  • The doll.

    My mother loves antique dolls. She never buys them though, she says it is too expensive. One day, me and my mum went to yet another antique shop, when she saw it. It was a beautiful doll, with blue eyes and lovely golden locks, however, it was frowning – it was almost as if it was crying. When my mother asked the shopkeeper how much it was, the shopkeeper said, “That doll is not for sale, it carries a curse.” My mom pleaded and pleaded, but he wouldn’t change his mind. She thought I wasn’t looking, so she swiped it off the shelf and walked me out nonchalantly. “They didn’t need it anyway,” she told me,looking at my shocked expression.

    I was worried. The man had told us that it carried a curse, was he joking? It became apparent that he had not, however, over the following few days, doors slammed shut on their own, the TV flickered on and off, when no one was touching it and, on the kitchen floor lay a butchers knife which had not been there before. Every day, the doll grew sadder and sadder, or so it seemed, then it disappeared.

    It was nowhere, nowhere to be found, even after a week. The ‘curse’ was getting violent,we would find knifes in our beds, broken glass and thing would be thrown around by some unseen force. It was on a Monday, after I came back from school, that I saw it on my bed. The doll was crying. Literally crying. It was moving! Then it spoke,”Chuck me away, chuck me away, or you only have another 7 days!” I screamed. It vanished, into thin air, but it came back every day. “Chuck me away, chuck me away, or you only have another 6 days!” On Tuesday. On Wednesday: “Chuck me away, chuck me away, or you only have another 5 days. On Thursday,it came again, repeating the chorus, only with ‘4 days’ as a difference, however, this time, a horrible tall, black figure stood near the wall – 4 feet away from me. I blacked out.

    When I awoke, I was in hospital. It seemed like I had been in a coma for 4 days. I remembered the doll and thought it was my imagination,but when my mom told me that she saw it too, I was horrified. We were both in the same hospital room when it appeared. That was when I realized that the doll had been warning us, “Mum, where is the doll?” I asked. The reply was not my mothers voice, “Under the bed,” it growled in a demonic voice.

    Something crawled out, holding the doll, from under the bed.
    It was hideous! It had black holes for eyes, slits for a nose and razor sharp teeth. It was wearing black – this was the last thing I saw. If only I had listened to the doll, I might have been able to live. This proves that not all dolls are evil.

  • This is my story i live in Australia I went to Mildura with my family and we stayed in a house for a week there was some thing in the house.It had a creepy look it was a wooden house.On our First day nothing went wrong.But on our second day my baby sis who is 3 years old suddenly woke up in the middle of the night i think 3:50 am and started to cry she was looking at some thing and crying very loudly as if she was scared of some thing and we had never seen her cry like that before.Then on the other day I kept a CD on the DVD player and went out with my family for a walk and when we came back the CD was not there.When I searched for it and I found it in Our backyard.the next 2 day was OK.Then it was our last night my elder sis switch on the dishwasher with all the plates and spoon in it and I saw her doing that we went to sleep at night it think the time was around 12:00 am to 12:30 am the the door of our bedroom started closing all by it self and in the morning my father woke us up all the plates and spoon were on the table and the were all dirty and no one even had breakfast yet. the title of the story is “The wooden house”
    “Please leave your comments and tell me what do you think was in the house”

  • Mirrors.

    I hate mirrors. I don’t know why, but every time I look in one, I see a demon. A demon with no eyes. This started 6 years ago, when I was 11, my mother had bought me a beautiful ornate mirror for my birthday. Like all 11 year olds, I was clumsy. I broke it. 7 years of bad luck awaited me…Every year, on the same day I broke it,one of my family members would die. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    1st year: Mom died, June 13, 2006
    2nd year: Dad died, June 13, 2007
    3rd year: Sister died, June 13, 2008
    4th year: Brother died, June 13, 2009
    5th year: Aunt died, June 13, 2010
    6th year: Uncle died, June 13, 2011

    All that leaves is… Me…

    Everyday I look in the mirror, the demon comes closer,bit by bit. I am scared. What if I die next?

    Friday 13th June, 2012 is today. I looked in the mirror. I screamed. The demon was right behind me. With a butchers knife.

    You’re probably wondering how I am telling you this story. When I died, my soul switched places with the demon in the mirror. I was trapped , he was free. I warn you, don’t break a mirror, or I will be forced to come after you and your family… One by one…

  • The Attic:
    Two years ago today, Ashley’s parents were brutally murdered. She was lucky enough to be at a friends house when it happened. The strange thing was that the police never discovered the bodies. Everyone thinks that the killer buried then somewhere in the desert. Ashley is in a new house. Her stepmother and father are out on a date. Ashley is watching TV show that investigates murder scenes. They mention Ashley’s parents. Ashley had decided that she wanted to find her parents and give them a proper burial. She decides to check her old house where they were killed. When she arrives, the door seemed to be rusted shut. So she found a large rock and busted the door open. When she crept in, a disgusting smell of rot lingered from upstairs. She decides to check it out. Every step the smell got stronger and stronger. When she finally reached the top the smell was almost unbearable.There was an attic slightly to the right of the top of the staircase. The smell was coming from there. Ashley is just tall enough to open the door. When she does, the skeletal remains of her parents fall on top of poor Ashley. About two days later a person driving by notices that the doors to the house had been opened. When he goes inside he looks at the top of the staircase. What hes sees still haunts him to this day. Ashley is sitting on the old wood floor. She positioned the bodies of her parents to where they to were sitting. Ashley had finally gotten her family back but worse of all, she was gnawing on the skeletal arm of her mom.

  • The Hooded Man.
    Walking alone down the secluded country streets at night can be frightening. All the distanced streetlamps with flickering bulbs make it hard to see, and that can be the most frightening thing because, you don’t know what is lurking in the dark waiting for you, it could be nothing, but it could be absolutely anything.
    I was sixteen when I saw the true horror that lies in the dark spaces of these country streets, but then again walking six miles to get back home from a party in the dead of night wasn’t the greatest idea. My dad offered me a lift home and I should’ve taken him up on his offer but I was an independent girl, I didn’t need daddy’s help all the time. I left the party at 11:30pm and wouldn’t arrive home until at least 1am, it was freezing when I stepped out of the door of the bar but the thought of getting home and having a tranquil sleep was what made my legs start walking, but little did I know a tranquil sleep wouldn’t be what I was in for that night, it was much worse.
    I was tipsy, but I could walk fine, concentrating on the long, dark, narrow road ahead was hard with all the flickering streetlamps I was walking under, what really got to me though was how lonely these roads were tonight, I was used to walking them frequently when going to the bar but dad always picked me up afterwards and it was never this late normally. The roads were so desolate, one car went past every half an hour, and I had the strangest feeling, the one you feel when something isn’t right. I looked behind me to see if anyone was following me but, no one was. I looked at my phone; it had just turned midnight which meant I was half an hour into my journey just one hour-ish left of walking these lonely roads, another half an hour went past but this feeling inside of me had reached its peak, something is wrong I thought, and I was right. I was three quarters of the way down the long road when I reached a bus stop; a tall, slim man was sat there presumably waiting for a bus, then I thought to myself ‘a bus at this time of night? I didn’t know they ran at this time?’I walked over to the opposite side of the road to avoid walking past him but my eyes were drawn to him. I tried to look at his face but it was concealed under a hood so I just fast walked further down the road.
    There was about twenty minutes until I reached my village, I could see the lights, I felt a sense of excitement come over me but it was suddenly halted a few seconds later by the sound of heavy footsteps behind me, not far behind. I was too scared to look round so I kept on walking but the footsteps got louder and louder and my walking speed got faster and faster, I was at that point where I was just waiting for the hooded figure to reach out and try and grab me, so I turned suddenly and there he was, the figure from the bus stop but only now I could see his face. His hair was black as the night, his eyes were a wild dark brown and very bloodshot, his nose looked broken maybe from a fall, his lips where dry and his mouth was watering. I only caught a quick glimpse of him because I knew I had to run but as I looked down to turn away I noticed the sharp kitchen knife in his hand with a red colored substance on it. It was blood.
    I started to run, tipsy because of the alcohol I consumed and running weirdly because of the high heels I was wearing, I couldn’t scream, my throat was dry and my hands were sweating, I sped down the road as fast as I could but when I was about two minutes from the village I fell, the heel on my shoe had broken, he was getting closer and closer, I tried to crawl but my energy was being sucked out of me, suddenly I felt a shooting pain in the back of my leg, I looked back to see a kitchen knife lodged into the back of my leg, a deep cut spewing with blood. I prepared myself for my last breath in this world then suddenly a gunshot sounded. I looked at the hooded man and he staggered backwards then fell onto the pavement, he was dead. I glimpsed round to see who fired the shot and saw the village farmer standing there with a shotgun, he had saved my life, then I blacked out. I woke up in hospital with twelve stitches in the back of my leg, my dad hovered over me and stroked my hair while I explained the whole incident to the police who then informed me an escaped psychiatric patient had been hiding out on that long road after he escaped from the asylum a few miles away from our village two days ago. I was lucky to be alive. Take what happened to me and use that as your warning to not go walking desolate streets at night. Besides who knows what lurks in the dim lighted streets of your town at the dead of night.

  • I can remember as if it was just last night. It was a few years ago while living in a small house with my family. I usually share a room with my sister but at the time she was at her dad’s house. We had bunk beds and I always slept on the bottom, but for some reason that night I felt like sleeping on the top. A month or two before the event my dad had given me my first roseary and I kept it in my room by the door as a type of protection. The reason I felt the need for protection is because ever since I was a baby I’ve had supernatural occurences happening to me, not all of them bad but a good percentage. Either way, I felt safer with it there. It set my mind at ease. So that night I was watching TV in my room with the lights on. I know that the lights were on because I was on the top bunk and it was obviously easy to see. I must have dosed off for a little because when I woke up it was quiet. I was up for about a minute when I saw the figure. I was a pitch black figure, even with the light on, it was as if it was sucking all the light into it’s dark void of a body. I couldn’t take my eyes off of IT. At the time I was half-asleep and thought to my self that it might have been my mom trying to scare me. That wasn’t the case at all. IT was a small thing, maybe 4 feet tall, like a 5 year old but pudgy. I think I only truly thought that to keep part of sanity in place. I remember my blood running cold at this point, like nothing could get scarier than this. In a quick burst 3 terrifying things happened. The figure disappeared, the light turned off, and the door was slammed shut. I sat there in complete silence and darkness for about 3 minutes saying, “Hah okay mom I get it now turn on the lights” and “Mom I know you did it”. No answer. I finally gained the courage to get up and look around. I jumped off the bad and ran to turn on the lights. Nothing was there. I slowly opened the door, no lights were on except for the bathroom light. Reluctantly I opened the door. My 2 year old sister was just silently sitting in there. I know most of you that read this think that she was the one to do it. But think about it. At the time there was no way she could’ve even reached the light switch let alone slam my door. Which leads to something else, how did she get out of her bed? (she still slept in a crib) I got down on my knees and told her that I would be back and that I was going to go get mom. I don’t know why but I felt a compelling urge to close the door when I left, as though something horrible would happen if I left her exposed. I ran down the stairs into the basement where my mom slept. When I opened the door to her room I rushed to her side and shook her awake. If you can imagine being terrified beyond belief then you can imagine what I looked like when my mom saw me. She looked at me and asked what happened. I answered back saying, “Why’d you do it?!? Why did you have to scare me like that?” As it turned out she had been asleep the whole time and had no idea what happened. I hurriedly told her what happened and together we ran up the stairs to get my little sister. We found her sitting but this time she was bawling her eyes out. This by far was one of the scariest, horrific things to happen to me. We ended staying up together in the living room all night. When I finally looked at the clock I realized that when I saw the figure it was around 3 in the morning. The witching hour. To this day we’ve moved 3 times but we found ourselves back at this house. I’m just waiting for something else to happen. It seems as though the activity is building up inside of here. So I guess the only real reason I posted this is because I need to know if someone has seen this…thing also or something similar has happened to them too. Please, help me and wish me luck.

  • The Strange Man
    This is what had happened to my dad.
    He was in his late 20s and all he liked was to party. He desired it so much. He was at my uncle Xavier’s house. They were close and still are. My dad’s car broke down and he needed to get home. Xavier stopped him.
    “Don’t go, man. Something bad is going to happen, I’m sure of it. Just crash here.” he said. My dad looked at him.
    “I really need to get home and nothing bad will happen. I will take the bus.” Xavier opened a safe and pulled out a gun and handed it to my dad.
    “Just in case. Be safe and don’t trust anyone.” Xavier said. They said bye and my dad walked out. He was in this city or whatever where there were no sidewalks and there were apartments on top of stores and cafe’s. It was a dark night. The moon was full and there was a slight eerie feeling in the atmosphere. My dad sat on the bench by the bus stop, waiting. Then, man sat next to him. He was tall, wore very expensive clothes, had dark hair, long finger nails, a bunch of rings with weird symbols my dad didn’t understand, and fangs? And there was something weird with his face. Everything seemed to be going up. His eyebrows, his eyes. Like when a girl ties a tight ponytail. Then the bus came. My dad sighed with relief and got in. He knew the bus driver really well.
    “Hey man, what’s up?” the bus driver said. My dad waved and gave him the ticket. Everyone was talking like a normal night. My dad sat down. Right when the man my dad encountered came in, everyone was silent. No one moved. The bus driver had a frightened look and just looked straight through the window. Then there was a a flash and a loud noise. Lightning hit the window but the driver didn’t flinch. The man sat next to my dad and told him.
    “I know what you want.” My dad looked at him weirdly.
    “You don’t know what I want!” my dad snapped. The man just stood calm.
    “I know all your desires. I have it all. You can come to my house if you want and I will let you have it all.” he said. My dad was getting annoyed now.
    “Get the hell away from me. I will seriously hurt you. I don’t want anything from you.” my dad said.
    “Okay then. Your loss.” the man said as he got off the bus. Everyone was still quiet. As he walked, the man simply dissolved. Everyone started talking like nothing ever happened. The driver asked my dad scared out of his wits.
    “DID YOU SEE THAT??” my dad nodded quickly. The bus went towards his street and he got off. Then this lady got off with him and said
    “Be lucky you didn’t go with that man. God was on your side.” my dad smiled a little because he felt a good aura around that lady. She was an angel. My dad is not a stupid man. He knew who that strange man was. He was a demon. If my dad went with the demon, he probably would of been dead. Therefore, I wouldn’t of been born. It’s fate.

  • This is actually I riddle story I wrote about two years ago. I hope you like it.

    Closet Killer

    A shrill feminine scream was heard from all nooks of the house, though poor Mary was locked in a closet to be brutally murdered. Her hands were restrained with barbed wire, her feet being nailed to the floor. She cried out in pain, sending another yell through the house. Still more, in the closet were two men towering over her.

    She was crying, salty tears spilling out of Mary’s dull green eyes. Her offenders were young, one had a gentle face of innocence. However, his features at this time consisted of fear, guilt, and sympathy. The other, a sly grin and lusty eyes. He held Mary down, torturing her by sticking needles into her body, and biting her neck until it drew blood.

    “Please brother,” the innocence of the two said to the other, “Why are you doing this to her, Liam? Stop.”

    “No,” the other man stated. He was taller than his brother. His face emotionless, fixed in a blank stare. “You’re doing this to her, Emi. If you could simply get her to-”

    “I hate you!” Mary screamed at him, “I hate you with my mind, my body, right to the depths of my soul! I’ll never love you! Your external appearance is beautiful, but you are evil! Just like Satan!”

    Liam came down to her level and kissed her cheek.

    “Lucifer is a Christian belief,and you’re not a Christian.”

    She struggled away from him, “You don’t know that. You don’t know anything about my religion.”

    Liam stood up and took a knife from the ground. He pushed Emi next to Mary, and held the blade to her throat.

    “Go get the poison, or I’ll slit her throat and prolong her death!”

    The younger man mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.”

    He dismissed himself from the room to get the poison to murder the poor woman with, so she would die in a less painful way. When Emi came back, he was greeted by a horrible sight. His brother lay on the floor of the closet, his mouth sealed by stitches. A cactus was inserted into his anus, with Mary’s hand on it.

    She put her finger to her lip, “Shhh…”

    She yanked the cactus out of Liam, his muscles tensing up, as his back arched. Blood gushed rapidly from the wound. He tried to scream, but the stitches mutilated his face when he tried to part them.

    However, the most gruesome sight of this situation was what was attached to the cactus. Liam’s intestine was pulled out of his body, causing Emi to vomit at the emetic event.

    Once the intestine was entirely out of his body, Mary separated it from the body and started to gnaw on it. However, the Liam was still alive, breathing. His face was torn by the stitches, and crimson liquid poured out of him. Emi wasn’t touched or harmed in any way, but he fell to the ground. Cold and dead.

    Why is Emi dead and Liam alive? That is for you to figure out.

  • Here is another story i call: Emergency Alert System. i always had a fear of emergency alert systems… they just plain scared me….. one day i awoke to my house… all alone. no
    light at all besides the T.V. then all the sudden… the emergency alert system went off.
    the operator said: Flood coming to new york city. anyone outside get to shelter NOW.
    then I saw a mixture of emotions. one was sad, one angry one scared and one….just horrified. then i saw some disturbing images and videos. the system came back on…
    it said: All in shelter. get to the lowest point of your shelter. i ran to the basement.
    then, shocked, i saw a pair of eyes… staring…. at me. then, i got horrified by feeling something cold touch my arm…

  • here is a scary story i call ‘My Friend Jeff’ Once there was a girl, Marie And Dad, Richard. One night, Marie and her dad were asleep. Richard woke up to a horrifying scream, Marie’s scream. h ran into the room. He saw Marie. her face was pale. She said: i s-s-saw
    him…..Dad: Who? Marie: Jeff. he told me his name in my dream. he wore a white mask and had no eyelids. Dad: Marie, O.K. I’ll set up security cameras. then do you promise to go to sleep? Marie: Yes Dad. He set the cameras up… 3:00 in the morning… Richard
    switched the channel to 84 the news channel… then he heard the news say: A killer has broke loose. his nickname is Jeff The Killer. next night… Richard was awaken but this time not a scream…. a loud bang. Richard pulled out a gun and ran into his daughters room to a horrifying scene. Jeff, with a mallet, daughter blacked-out on the floor. the dad dropped his gun bad move Jeff said… 3 days later his body was discovered…. lifeless……..

  • on halloween night

    once upon a time there was me, Emma i’m 10 years old. i an dead. this is my story….
    on halloween night you never know what will happen, you could be minding your own buisness, walking along the street eating your candy as you go along, the BAM! it hits you. in my case it was a candy with a rare parasite in it. it was green apple flavor, my favourite. as soon as i got the candy i ate it. at the time i was trick-or-treating and ended up going home early because i didnt feel good. as soon as i got home i went to bed. so tired….. and cold….. and hot….. all at the same time. eventuallr my parents came upstairs to check on me, but it was too late. well almost. the parasite had moved into my brain and caused it to swell, to swolen and painful to move, so swolen it was pouring out of my ears and nose it had also cracked open my scull. but i was still alive. so verry alive. i was rushed to the hospital immediatly. slipping in and out of concousness, the doctors decided to operate immediatly. they had no time to think they pulled my scull open and scooped evrything out. the idiots only realized what they had done after they did it. the pain…. horrible. i was some how still alive. apperently i was such an amazing specimen i was donated to a government facilatey to be studied. years and years of being looked at under every medical device under the sun i finally snapped and grabbed the closest object i could get my hands on, wich happened to be a chair and smashed in all the facility workers skulls in. then i went to the hospital and scooped out the brains of evry worker there, killing them all immeadietly. lastly i went to my home and slaughtered my “loving” parents who allowed all these tests.
    my friends call me Emma, but everyone else calles me the begining of your end.

  • -I am-

    I am me. My name is Lily, or as my friends call me, little miss delinquent. I hate school. I try my best at being bad. I bunk nearly every day. Until the school called my house. They threatened to take my parents to court, so my parents, who I hate, forced me to go. When I arrived, my teacher sent me to the ‘punishment room’ for being 1 hour late.

    The punishment room is basically a metal box. It had a metal chair stuck to the floor and a single, dim light bulb swinging from the low ceiling. It was almost like a prison cell. The iron bars let in a tiny bit of light and the heavy door had a giant lock on the outside. I had to stay in there all day. I guess my teacher forgot about me.

    In the morning, I could tell by the single ray of light coming through the bars, my teacher opened the door to let another late student in. She was shocked to see me.

    That’s when I snapped. With unbelievable strength, which I didn’t even know I had, I grabbed the metal chair and pulled. It came off the floor with a crack. I swung it at my teacher as hard as I could, and laughed as her blood splattered on the walls. The student she had brought in screamed then ran as fast as his little legs could carry him.

    I ended up chasing him. I killed him in the same way as every other person in the school. First, I pulled out their eyes. Next, I ripped their arms and legs out of their sockets. Lastly, I add the classic ‘ Your Next ‘ message to the wall in the victims blood.

    After finishing off my family, I traveled to the nearest house and murdered them. I repeated this on every family that I felt like killing. You never know, I might come to your house next. Because, I am me. Lily.

    I am me.
    I am a killer.
    I am a psychopath.
    I am a mental patient.
    I am … YOUR DEATH…!

  • There was once a beautiful 12 year old girl called Amelia, which chestnut brown curls and hypnotising hazel eyes. She was very popular and made her school friends jealous. She was skipping towards school when she came across a seven year old girl with pale skin but a pleased smile shone on her face.
    “Whats your name?” Amelia asked gently with a huge grin.
    “I’m Delilah, what’s yours?”
    “Amelia. You have a beautiful name, how old are you?” She wondered.
    “ I’m seven” Amelia was a little shocked that a girl as young as her was all alone, they chatted for a while as school was not going to start for another 15 minutes and she lived nearby. “Where’s your mother?”
    “At home” Delilah quietly murmured “You have beautiful hazel eyes”
    “You have pretty big brown eyes too”
    “Wouldn’t it be great if we could swap” Delilah said but she sounded angry almost as if she was jealous.
    “Yes it would, I’m going to be late for school see you tomorrow Delilah”

    The next day Amelia saw Delilah sitting on the kerb sowing,stitching two pieces of material together.
    “Hello Delilah,what are you making?”
    “Hello, Amy ,can I call you Amy?”
    “Course you can, so what are you making?” Delilah shrugged “You have beautiful eyes.”
    “Bye then” Amelia called, “Bye Bye Amelia.”
    It was unusual for Delilah to be shy. For the next week, Amelia saw the girl everyday and all she would say is “you have beautiful eyes” Amelia started to become slightly worried, she was obsessed and everytime Delilah said this she would sound slightly evil.

    At the weekend Delilah asked Amelia if she would like to come to her house. She sounded so sweet. So Amelia agreed.When she set foot in her house Amelia asked where Delilah’s mother was? But she just shrugged and said “Mommy cant see anymore, I always get what I want” Amelia was confused but followed her anyway. Amelia and Delilah played dress-up games and big ladies and a very unusual game of stitching eyes, that Amelia had never heard of, nor liked and found this game very disturbing. After Amelia had a drink she felt dizzy and she blacked out, when she came around she was lying down and Delilah was peering at her as if she was admiring her work. “What happened?” Amelia asked, rubbing her head, she felt a searing pain from around her eyes. “I don’t know you passed out” Delilah had a small smirk on her face, she didn’t think Amelia would notice. Delilah’s eyes seemed more green than usual. “I’m going to go now bye” Amelia ran out and headed home!

    Amelia had never seen Delilah’s mother. The line “Mommy cant see anymore, I always get what I want” troubled Amelia. As she looked in the mirror the next day her eyes seemed more brown than usual. As if they had swapped eyes, her and Delilah but she tried to push the truth aside. “Mom do my eyes look different to you?”
    “No sweetie” she hummed without giving Amelia’s eyes a glance. “Hmmm…” Amelia thought.
    She decided that she would have to find out the truth for herself. She waited until Delilah walked to the park alone and she climbed through an open window to Delilah’s house. Her house looked different than Amelia had last seen . It was messy, and had an over powering foul smell. She slowly crept up the never-ending stairs, she had never been upstairs before, and she hoped she would never have too again. When she reached the landing she peered at the cobwebs and rickety floor. The attic opening was ajar, the ladders didn’t look very safe but if she wanted the truth than she would have to take the risk… she climbed up and wished she had never known the truth.

    She gasped; in the room were shelves and shelves of eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes. Amelia peered at the transparent shelves ready to collapse and caught a glimpse of her reflection. She couldn’t believe her eyes sockets were swollen and she could just make out 3 stitches on the bottom of each eye.

    But before she could hide, she heard the front door creak open. Amelia couldn’t hide the fact that it was obviously Delilah, what kind of sick person would swap eyes? When Amelia had said she wanted to swap eyes this she hadn’t meant literally. Memories started flooding back she could remember her sitting on that chair in the corner of the attic having her eyes pulled , no wonder Delilah was sowing , she was practicing the perfect stitch.

    Amelia tried to make a run for it but for a seven year old girl , Delilah was not stupid. She grabbed Amelia by the hair and pulled her back. “Have you been in my secret room?” She scowled. Amelia froze “Please don’t hurt me” she said trembling. As Amelia looked closer she could see Delilah was no longer a child she was a woman. She had a womanly figure , broad shoulders , although she was small. She had worn so much make-up to cover up her ageing face. “Wheres your mother,Delilah? Did you hurt her too? Your not seven years old!” Amelia cried shaking, she could see her own eyes sown into Delilah’s face. “I don’t want your eyes anymore I want your smooth skin!” Delilah screamed, she grabbed a knife and cut into Amelia’s neck her face frozen into a scream.

    Weeks after the Police had found the attic and the rotting body of Amelia, she had no eyes and some of the skin on her arms and legs were missing . There was no sign of Delilah , the police had been searching for her for months. There was a note next to Amelia’s body, “I always get what I want signed Delilah.”

  • Tennis Court
    There is a girl named Martha. She is 10 now. She likes mystery and playing tennis. One day, Martha went to the tennis court and playing with her trainer. After the exercise she asked to her trainer about the ghost in here. When Martha asked, her trainer said “there is a ghost in here, I can’t describe it, you should asked the old man at the drink counter”
    Happily, Martha tidy up her rackets and ran to the drink counter. She buy a drink and asked the old man immediately. “ there a ghost in the tennis court?”
    “Yes ” answer the old man.
    “Like what?”Martha getting more confused.”A lady”
    “Lady? That’s great!! You already saw her?” Martha jumped and continue to asked.
    “Yes” said the old man and tidy up the fruits.
    “When? Can I see it too??” Martha jumped around.
    “After the last time that the tennis court at 10 pm, thursday,I tidy up some tennis ball, then I see her at the court holding a racket.”
    “Wow, thank you then” Martha ran in many question spinning in her head, then she decided to check it.
    She took her course at 8 and finished at 9.30
    After she finished, she tidy up her stuff and hold it.
    The old man was finished his work and went to the next tennis court at right side. “Good Luck Martha” said the old man. Martha smiled and kept watching the tennis court. The strange began to appeared.
    The wind stopped blowing and the sky getting darker. And there is a light in the tennis court number one. The ghostly shout aloud a name. Its sound like “Chrissa Montana” then a ghostly girl appeared in the tennis court holding a blue racket and tennis ball. Her hair was blonde with white skin and blue sapphire eyes. With white blouse and skirt and a white shoes she began the fair match. But then, an earthquake happened. Everybody began screaming. The ghost Chrissa was screaming and ran away but she hitted by a big tree that falling.
    Martha had a good look at Chrissa. She is definitely her friend that gone mysteriously.
    “Martha, Martha!” called somebody. Martha opened her eyes and saw the old man. “Wha… “Martha woke up
    “What happened to you?”
    “Chrissa!! Chrissa!!” Martha scream in terror.
    “Chrissa.., she is my grand daughter. Its a tragedy 2 months ago. Before she died she had a tennis match , but.. and an earthquake happened. She got hit by a ball in her face and she got hitted by a tree and died”
    “Bu..but…” Martha can’t believe what the old man said.
    “Yesterday, at 7pm.. I met Chrissa, in my grandpa’s grave…she is crying”


    there was a young woman named keyoko, she was american but had a Japanese name, and when she was in middle school she was teased for it then one day, this guy and his goons came up to her and started teasing her, she got really mad, and when that guy pushed her to the ground,that was it, she finally snapped, her mouth started to bare her sharp dog like teeth slowly her eyes got round and her pupils started to change to a cats,and her nails got longer her ears turned up-ward and on top of her head, and her dyed orange and black hair grew longer and all over her body she grew from 5’9″ to 6’12” her cloths tore and she also grew a tail.
    one of the boys started to cry and run off keyoko let him escape.
    the other boy fainted keyoko left him alone as well.
    then there was only one boy left the one who pushed her to the ground gaven.”l-look im s-sorry! please f-forgive m-me?” he asked all shaky and on the virge of tears. keyoko looked even more mad “HOW ABOUT NO, ALL YOU EVER DID WAS HURT ME! I CANT FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO HURT ME AS BAD AS YOU DID!!!!!” she yelled her eyes turned from a beautiful blue, to a bloody red.”but i apologized!” “SORRY DOSNT CUT IT!!!” and she took her claw and slashed his throat everyone outside from the buildings saw this, and about for girls puked at the sight and when keyoko noticed everyone was watching, her eyes turned back to blue her nails went back to their original size her ears went back,
    she didnt have fur on her body anymore, she was back to her normal height her cloths were all torn.
    she looked at her hand and saw his blood, “so i finally did it? heh” she said under her breath, she started to chuckle, which then turned into a psychotic laugh.
    the principal called the police. but she ran away and there were no signs of her just a trail of giant paw prints leading to the woods.
    and they say if you stay up for the sunrise, you can hear her howl from the big cave in the woods.

  • my third story :D
    the curse
    scarlet found the picture and took it home she examined the picture she found. it was a picture of her family. she heard a scream. scarlet rushed downstairs her two sisters and her dad joined her. downstairs she saw her mum hanging by her scarf. nooo! scarlet screamed. she ran upstairs and collapsed on the bed crying. she took a look at the picture the mum had dissapeared. scarlet threw the picture out the window and decided to take a nap and forget what had happened. in the middle of the night she was awoken by a loud gurgling sound and then a deafening splash. there was a trail of blood leading to the bathroom. there she saw her sister lying face down in the water dead.. she took her sister out and went downstairs and put it where her mum was. she want upstairs thinking about what will happen?would all her family die? the picture lay beside her. she picked it up and noticed the sister was missing. she chucked it in the bin-wait! didn’t she throw the picture out of the window? her bedroom door opened. scarlet’s heart skipped a beat.a masked figure stepped in to the room. scarlet screamed. the man took of the mask. Brock! her best friend. he had scared her but Brock wasn’t scarlet’s friend anymore. without a word he took out an axe and plunged it deep into scarlet’s body.scarlet felt light she plunged onto the bed and into darkness. she awoke in the hospital she saw her dad and little sister .. she was now dead she was now a ghost she was ow never missed again. but mind you every 12:00 she goes into a random persons room and makes them suffer her fate. who knows you might get a visit from a dead person..from hell…….

  • hey im doing my series so here’s my second story in my collection. :D
    Joe is not a monster
    Joe is not a monster
    so don’t make fun of him
    people make names behind his back
    and a guy punched him in the chest
    Joe didn’t tell me to stand up for him
    but he’s my friend so back off all of ya’ll!
    wanna know how i know so much bout Joe?
    i know cause i am Joe’s…
    second head..

  • Alice.

    Alice was a orphan, her parents had died in a car crash. She was looked after by her horrible aunt who would order her to do millions of things a day.
    “ALICE! Cook the food!”
    “ALICE! Clip my toenails!”
    “ALICE! Flush the toilet!”
    If Alice disobeyed, or made a mistake, her aunt would beat her or whip her for ages. One day, Alice got fed up.

    “ALICE! Put the TV on!”
    “NO!” She yelled back,”Do it yourself!” With that Alice ran out of the house. Overnight, she slept on the dirty, dusty and disgusting floor of the alleyway across the street. She awoke to the sound of a police siren and low mumbling.

    “She killed herself – suicide. Chopped her own head off. We can’t find it anywhere. Only her body,” Alice heard the policeman talking. She picked up her old sleeping bag and walked over to her house, hoping to apologise to her aunt about her behaviour. Alice saw police tape all around her house and realization struck her. The policeman were talking about… About her aunt.
    It was Alice’s fault her aunt was dead.

    Alice, suppressing sobs, ran to the house, frantically trying to rip the police tape off the gate.
    “STOP!” Screamed the policeman holding her back,”WHO ARE YOU?”
    “I am Alice, niece of the murdered woman, please let me in!”
    “NO!” He replied.

    Alice watched from the alleyway, waiting for the policemen to leave. Midnight. The police packed away and left, Alice took her chance and strolled nonchalantly down the road. She picked the lock with her hairpin and the door creaked open. The house looked normal, however, as soon as she stepped in a musty smell smacked her in the face. She followed the smell in to the kitchen and was appalled, blood was splattered all over the walls and the floor. A chalk outline of her aunts body was on the floor. It didn’t have a head.

    Crying, she trudged up to her aunts bedroom. Smelling the covers, trying to catch her aunt’s scent, she fell asleep. She heard a thump. Alice woke to find the closet door open, and her aunts head at the bottom. She screamed. Calming down a bit, she put her plastic glove on and picked up the head. Gross! She thought as she put it in a box and carried it down stairs. Leaving it on the bottom stair, she wailed herself to sleep.

    Thump. She jumped out of bed and headed to the source of the noise, it came from the stairs. On the second step lay her aunt’s head. Must’ve been the wind, she thought. She didn’t notice that the windows were closed. Alice wasn’t bothered to pick it up again, she didn’t even feel sad anymore.

    Thump. Alice was just about to go to bed when she heard it again. Peeking through the crack in the door, she was horrified to see her aunt’s head on the third step. She realized that the wind can’t make things fall upwards and that there was no wind. Despite the fact that there was no wind, she heard a eerie whistling that seemed to call her name.

    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m on the third step.”
    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m on the fourth step.”
    Alice was terrified.
    She hid in the closet.

    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m on the fifth step.”

    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m outside the room.”

    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m opening the door.”

    “AAAAALICE!” It said, “I’m outside the closet, goodbye Alice.”

    “AAAAAAHHH!” Alice’s ear piercing scream broke the silence outside.

    The following morning, the police could smell blood. The metallic smell came from upstairs. They saw a line of blood – as if something had been dragged down – coming from the room. After following it, they were horrified. It led to the closet, which was wide open and blood splattered. At the bottom they saw Alice’s head, a look of pure terror on her face, while next to it, the saw her aunt’s head, smiling triumphantly.

  • Dear Diary.

    Jerry Simmons was distraught. His sister -Ellie Simmons- had died. No, she was murdered… By him. He hadn’t thought about what he was doing, he wasn’t even aware of picking up the knife and… Before he knew it, he was being carted off to the Mental Asylum. Strange though it was, Ellie had left him her diary. The warden had let him keep it with him, at night, Jerry would read a page or two before falling asleep. The diary was normal, it would talk about Ellie’s schoolwork and other normal things. At least until Jerry reached the end…

    Ellie had died on the 5th October 2012, however, the last few diary entries were beyond that.

    6th October 2012.

    Dear diary,
    Jerry will pay for what he has done.

    7th October 2012.

    Dear diary,
    Jerry will pay for what he has done.

    8th October 2012.

    Dear diary,
    Jerry will pay for what he has done.

    9th October 2012.

    Dear diary,

    Jerry was scared 9th October was today…

    After reading it once again, he fell asleep to horrific nightmares about Ellie. She would be standing behind him, her face disfigured, her hair long and matted, her nails , claws almost as long as her finger. Drip. Drip. Drip. Blood dripped down her face. That was when the scratching started. Jerry awoke with a jolt. He could still hear the scratching.

    He realized that the diary was wide open.

    Written in blood was the newest diary entry.

    10th October 2012.

    Dear Diary,


    Drip. Drip. Drip. Slowly, Jerry turned around…
    “AAAAAAAAHHHH!” No one heard his scream.
    The same thing he had envisioned was behind him.
    The last thing Jerry saw was a huge claw…

    The police arrived at the massacre in the morning. The whole Asylum had been silently murdered in their sleep. They had been stabbed right in the heart. All except one. The police who found Jerry Simmons were horrified.
    His eyes had been clawed out and lay in a blob beside his body. His limbs had been torn off and lay scattered around the room. Blood covered everything…

    The scariest thing though, was that on the wall in Jerry’s blood were the words: YOU ARE NEXT!


  • “Prom Day” – Ally was very excited for prom. She was going with her boyfriend, who she loved with all her heart. And, she had the perfect prom dress. She was at home, and she was going upstairs to get her prom dress on, when she heard her ringtone go off. Turning around, she looked at her phone, and saw a text from her boyfriend, Jackson. This was the text: “I am not going to prom. I’m sorry”
    Ally ran up to her room crying. She took a pill bottle and drank the thing down. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, and cut on her arm: “it’s your fault Jackson” her last breaths gasped out of her mouth. She died right there on the kitchen floor. Jackson heard the news the next day. He was shocked. That night, he was taking a shower and he heard a female laughter coming from the drain and a constant singing: Jackson, I’m back and you’re about to die. He saw blood coming out of the drain and saw a figure come out of the drain. It looked exactly like ally. “It’s your fault. You didn’t think I was gonna get revenge?”, the figure said, and she slit his throat with the same knife she cut herself with. How do I know this story? Well, I’m Ally. YOU’RE NEXT!

  • Ok if you didn’t realize it’s me I haven’t been on for months possibly a year. Please don’t blame me,my writing may suck because like I said I’m back!!! xD there is barely any stories so at least it’s something.
    Ok guys here it is
    Common Personalities
    Brittany was your everyday, every school type of popular. Silky straight blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and of course a nice body shape. All the boys adored her and she had several friends. Although she was quite rude. Brittany was stubborn always breaking the rules, if you didn’t do as she said you were a loser. Of course her personality caught up to the worst of her. It was Halloween night her and several of her friends went to the rich side of town like the smart 15 year-olds. With there bags full, Brittany’s the most, the group came upon “the house”. Nobody dared, not even Brittany’s friends, to ever take a step on the lawn. Of course Brittany taunted her friends and pushed passed them stomping across the lawn onto the porch. She bounded on the door looking back at her watery eyed friends. Heads bowed down. She rolled her eyes and pounded on the door again. A dim light flickered on and a deep handsome voice called “come in”. The door creaked open an a handsome 16 year old stepped out. He held out his hand and Brittany gasped she loved him at first glimpse. She walked into the house the door slamming behind her. Across the lawn her friend Rebecca watched the door open itself and Brittany hold her hand out toward something, the door slam following. Tears streamed down Rebecca’s face as they waited for a few hours. The flickering light upon the upstairs window, the silence in the streets, all broke by the screams of Brittany. She was never seen again. The boy was never there. What happened. Who knows.

  • Jasmine Humphrey

    There was a girl called Emma and she was extremely sick. She had a rare condition that nobody had a cure for yet. Emma and her mother Amy had lost all hope but then Amy received a letter from a hospital that specializes in the illness. Amy sent Emma there but stayed for 3 days to make sure it was okay. On the first day Emma`s long blonde hair was cut short by nurses. It was a hospital policy and Emma cried her eyes out. On the second day Emma had to make some new friends so Amy took her around the hospital to find one. Amy and Emma were searching all night and Amy was about to send Emma back to bed because it was 12:00 AKA when every patient had to be in bed. Emma was falling asleep when all of a sudden she saw a small silhouette of a girl in the hallway.

    “Look mummy look!” Emma exclaimed.

    *Amy looks*

    “Oh brilliant another girl!”

    Amy rushed over to the girl with Emma at her side. The girl`s hair was long and black with a pink ribbon in it. Her eyes were blue and her face pale.

    “Hello!” said Emma waving

    The girl just stared.

    “Oh… hello…” the girl said “I`m Jasmine!”

    “Hey Jasmine! I`m Emma!” said Emma

    Jasmine looked at Amy and started to cry.

    “I…want…my…mom!” the girl cried

    “Come with us and we will take you to your room!” said Amy

    Jasmine smiled and skipped along with them.

    “How come your hair is long?” asked Emma

    “It grew back. They don`t mind if that happens!” replied Jasmine still smiling

    They carried on until they reached a burned door it was rusty and old. There was red splashes on it.

    “Mine!” exclaimed Jasmine

    “Come to my room tomorrow!” said Emma

    Emma wrote her room number in pen on Jasmine`s hand and Jasmine nodded, she was coming.

    The next day Amy had to leave. Of course Emma was sad but Jasmine cheered her up. Jasmine and Emma played endlessly and made some posters to put on Emma`s plain white wall. Emma asked Jasmine if she liked Justin Beiber because she was a super mega fan but she was surprised when Jasmine said she had never heard of him. After hours of fun Jasmine left so Emma found another girl to play with. Her name was Molly. She was 13, 3 years older than Emma. She was pretty. She had hazel hair and olive eyes.

    “Hello!” Emma exclaimed

    “Hey there!” Molly said

    “Molly…” Emma said

    “Yes???” asked Molly

    “Do you know Jasmine Humphrey?” Emma questioned

    Molly`s eyes widened.


    Emma nodded and Molly just ran away. The conversation with Molly scared Emma but she just shook it off. Probably the stupid kid that nobody likes she thought. That night she heard noises in her room. She got up and she was sweating so she went to get water from the staff kitchen. She was scared so the took a torch and her teddy bear. It was very dark and when she got in the hallway she switched the torch on. She could see her hallway`s staff kitchen in the distance. She began to stroll happily. Her torch turned off. The hallway was plunged into utter darkness.

    “Stupid cheap rubbish!” she whispered

    She heard a dripping sound but it was very quiet. She thought it was the taps. She reached the kitchen but the taps were off and the noise had stopped. This shook her mildly but she just drank some water and headed back to her room. As she got nearer to her room the dripping became louder and louder until… it was deafening! She reached her room and the dripping was extremely loud.

    “What the heck is going on!?” she said

    She looked at the floor and saw blood. She held the toy tightly, she was terrified. Then the door opened… what she saw shook her to the max. It was Jasmine, she had hung herself with blankets and cut her arms and legs. She had also cut off her 2 cheeks. Emma screamed and a nurse heard her. She ran through the corridors and then ran past Molly`s room. Molly ran out. Her face pale.

    “Its from Emma`s room…” she said

    “H…h…how do you know?” asked the nurse

    “Jasmine… Humphrey…” Molly said

    The nurse grew pale as well and ran as fast as she could. By the time she reached Emma`s room she was already dead. Her head, arms and legs all cut off and her body lay on the floor. The nurse pressed the alarm button just before she passed out.

    Amy came that very night after the death of her daughter. She met Molly and what Molly said chilled her to the bone.

    “Jasmine Humphrey was here when I was only 4 the age I moved here. She was very nice but was bullied terribly. Every night she would cut her arm or leg with craft scissors the only thing she had. One night the bullies got to bad. They tied her to the bed and cut her cheeks off. When they left she was in terrible pain so she hung herself. All the bullies were killed in a manner of ways after that by her ghost. Now she roams the halls trying to find another victim. They call her the devil girl because her room was room 666. Nobody goes to room 666 now but Jasmine Humphrey still goes in there. If you go in she will kill you and you will go to hell because apparently there is a hole to hell in there. Only 1 boy was brave enough to ever go in there… he was never seen again…”

    Amy was shocked at this. And went to Emma`s funeral a few days later, the same day when Francine Cross went to the hospital and made friends with a small girl. Her name well her name was… Jasmine Humphrey…

    (Hope you liked it please post it sfk! :D)

  • Lil miss weirdo

    Jess had moved town. She had to because her father Joe got a job with brilliant money there. Jess didn’t want to leave her friends behind but the money was very good. When Jess arrived at her new house she was filled with joy. It was massive! Much bigger than the old one. Jess went on a tour round her new school. She liked it. It wasn’t a good school not many people got good grades there but they all loved it! Jess was showed around the school by a small girl with short black hair. She didn’t talk, if Jess asked her a question she just made yes or no grunts. In the end Jess got fed up. “What the heck is your name?” She screamed. The girl looked at her with an ice cold glare it gave Jess the creeps.

    The next day Jess received her school uniform just before the start of school. Jess looked at it. It was red all over which matched her hair. A red and white stripey tie and skirt and white shoes. Jess loved it! Maybe moving schools wouldn’t be so bad after all. At school everything went smoothly and Jess made 2 friends April and Millie. At lunchtime April told Jess about the little weirdo girl in year 9 that was their year. She had only just moved there but nobody talked to her. When they showed Jess the girl it was the girl she met at the tour. “Look its lil miss weirdo!” April said to the girl in a taunting tone. The girl was eating a sandwich that she suddenly dropped. She pointed at April. April gave a nervous giggle the girl creeped them out.

    The next day April didn’t turn up for school. Mille and Jess were shocked. At lunchtime they went over to lil miss weirdo she was eating a banana and there was a doll in her arm. “Stupid creepy kid. You scared poor April for life!” Said Millie. She threw the banana on the floor, squished it and slapped the girl. The girl pointed at her and creeped them out again.

    The next day Millie or April didn’t go to school but Jess did. Jess was so scared. She went over to the girl and punched her. The girl was holding 2 dolls and she broke one of their arms. The girl was bleeding. Badly. The girl pointed at Jess and Jess was so scared.

    That night Jess came home and called her mom. Nobody called back. She went to the fridge to get some food and found a note on it that said: “Jess honey I’m working extra late. You can help yourself to the food but don’t go out ok? Love from mom xxx” Jess just scrunched up the note and grabbed some ice cream. Jess was eating away when she got a call on her mobile. She thought it was her mom but the number was… 666. Jess picked up “Um. Hello?” She said. All she heard was breathing. “Hang up now a hole!” Jess said angrily. The person hung up. “Kids!” She thought. There was a knock at the door Jess became excited and opened it expecting her mom. That’s all she remembered before the blackout.

    Jess woke from a deep sleep. She tried to move but she couldn’t. She was strapped to a dentist chair. She looked around she was in a dark room with a few red Christmas lights on the edges of the room. Just then a doctor walked in. Wait… Jess realised. It was the one they call… Lil miss weirdo. She was smiling, Jess tried to scream but there was type round her mouth. The girls eyes were black and she had a little kit in her right hand. She opened up the kit and sat on a chair next to Jess. The kit had sewing tools inside and also a syringe with green liquid contained in it. The girl waved goodbye to Jess and knocked her out with the liquid.

    The next day Jess didn’t go to school but lil miss weirdo did. Today she was carrying a new doll that looked strangely like Jess. One of the girls that Jess was also friends with came and slapped the girl. The girl pointed at her and the doll began to cry. When that girl didn’t turn up the next day and lil miss weirdo did and with a new doll everyone kept away from her. That night when the girl went home she lay all her dolls on the dentist char. “Who is lil miss weirdo NOW!?!?” She said to the dolls. They all began to cry and scream but nobody heard them they were just dolls.

    A few weeks later the girl didn’t come back to school and the families of the dead girls found the small room with the dentist chair and a coat rack with their poor daughters dead bodies hanging their. Their eyes were no longer there and their souls had been taken out. It was some kind of evil voodoo. When the police inspected the room they found that in the wall somebody had carved “lil miss weirdo” in the walls in blood… The girls blood…

  • Bloody Red
    Once upon a time,there was a goddess named Cellione.She ruled only one city,Cellione Town,named after her,and she had no mercy.Everyday,she would make the townspeople work,making her a big statue,and if they refused,or did something wrong,she’d send people to beat them up and get their blood.When the statue was finished,she coloured it with the blood from the townspeople.She was cruel,and liked beating up little kids,in front of their parents and other people,and if they ever dared to try and protect them,she’d kill them instantly.
    One day,they grew tired of Cellione.They performed a ritual and summoned her.After that,they attacked her-but then her army attacked the town,and a huge war began.Cellione grew big,and big,and big,and turned into a huge monster.They managed to kill her,but they all died and her blood splattered all over the town.No one was known to have survived in this war.
    A day later,warriors from other countries came to explore the bloody red town.They looked up the buildings and took everything.Most of them left,except one of them.
    He entered one of the buildings,which was also bloody red inside,and saw a little girl,hugging knees and shivering,all covored in blood.She was with red-ish hair on braids,and had extraordinary eyes-they were purple.The warrior felt pity for her and started asking her question.She said she doesn’t remember anything but her name-Freya Sundance.He took her home and raised her as his own,knowing that her parents are already dead.It wasn’t long until she took interest in fighting.
    She grew up a beautiful and sweet child-but at the age of 13,they started calling her Cellione,due to the fact that she was the only survivor of the war in Cellione Town.With the time,she began asking herself what or who she really is.
    She decided to go back in Cellione Town,due to the warnings she recieved-that people who would come there would not come back.Being worried about her,her father forbid her to go,but she told him she needs to know the truth.He agreed,but only on one condition-he has to come with her.
    One day,they entered the town.It was as red as ever,and very creepy.The frightened father would hold Freya’s hand while they walked.
    But suddenly,a huge fog appeared and they lost eachother.They could not hear eachother,either.
    Freya kept walking,until she reached the building she was found in.She opened the door,and froze as she stared inside.
    She was seeing a woman with a pale skin,looking attractive,and about 30 years old.When the woman saw Freya,she held out her arms to hug her.
    -My dear,so long I’ve waited!Come to me!
    Freya didn’t respond.
    -It’s me!Your mother!
    Freya ran towards her and hugged her.
    -I’ve always wanted to meet you,mom..-she cried.-I’m glad you’re alive.Let’s go back to town!
    -My dear..-she let go of her.-I had other plans.How about,we stay here,where we are born?
    Freya was puzzled.
    -There’s nothing here but bloody buildings..
    -Oh,no,my dear,you’re wrong-let me show you.-she took her out of the building,and Freya froze.She was seeing the town,years ago,before it was all bloody.She looked at the statue,and her eyes widened.
    -Isn’t the red colour so beautifying?-the woman said,and at the next moment,she shouted at one of the townspeople.
    -You’re..-Freya backed away.
    -That’s why you didn’t die,don’t you remember,my sweetheart?
    -I’d rather kill myself rather than being your daughter!-Freya screamed,angrily.-I wish I never came here!
    She started to walk away.
    -Where do you think you’re going?
    -Out of here!
    -I’m afraid that’s impossible,honey.-she sliced her throat and blood splattered around.The townspeople stared in horror.
    -You see now what would happen if you ever turned against me?
    The next day,Freya’s corpse was found in the city.Her father cried and cried,but then noticed something strange about Cellione Town.
    -Wasn’t it all bloody red?-he was confused.
    -Yes,it was.-someone said.-It’s just that your daughter belongs here.She’s the one that makes this town normal.

  • Ol’ Green Eyes

    Listen closely my campers and I’ll tell you the terrifying tale of Ol’ Green Eyes.

    A long time ago Inidians romaded all over the land. Once the coloinsts came they started to drive them out but some were stubborn and decided to fight the colonists for their land. Blood was shed throughout the valley. One Indian Ol’ Brave Eyes wwas the greatest soldier of them all. He killed quite a number of colonsts before being decapticated by a mighty solider fighting for the colonists. However his spirit made a deal with a Wendigo and got some of it’s abilties. His eyess were then replaced with a green glow and he had long jagged teeth. He also could jump really high, fly, and possess his victims. In exchange he could never use his powers to help others or do any good with them at all. With that Ol’ Green Eyes was born.

    Shortly after that battle with the Indians the colonists weere settling in and two went to fetch firewood. They heard a horrible laughter and smoke went to find the colonists. They found him walking back toward them They were relieved at first but then noticed something different. His eyes were glowing greeen aand he had long jagged teeth set into a smile. With that they all screamed at once when they saw him eating the arm of the other colonist. They tried to run but he was too fast and darted through the trees and one by one Ol’ Green Eyes slaughtered them all and ate the remains. Then he went into the campsite and ripped open the tents of the sleeping colinsts and took care of them.

    People unfortunate enough to be hiking the valley at night would either have fatal encounters or barely make it out alive. He is said to go anywhere in the valley or even out of the valley to anywhere where woods exist. He also likes to stand in the road holding his head in one hand and scare motorists in the valley If you are in the valley or near any woods the only way to escape him is to drive into the city as he is bound to wooded areas only and nearby homes or buildings. One night two men were fishing at a pond surrounded by woods when one crossed a bridge to use the bathroom. The man swore he saw a human figure dart among the trees and fly across the pond. His friend was gone for a while and he finally saw him coming. When he asked him what kept him he got nothing. When he asked why he was so bundled up nothing. aWhen his friend didn’t answer any of his questions and tore odff his facial coverings only to reveal a pile of burning ashes where his head once was. The man knew Ol’ Green Eyes had got him. He went insane and spent the rest of his life bavbbling about Ol’ Green Eyes.

    Ol’ Green Eyes frequents neighborhood backyards with woods in them. Some kids were playing a game of tag and “It” was sneaking up from the side of the house to creep through the bushes to get them from behind. The other two kids saw OL’ Green Eyes peering from the side of a shed though they assumed it was the kid and didn’t realize it wasn’t till he charged out of the bushes. They assumed it was a deer ssince they ddn’t get a goo look. Later a group of them camped in the woods behind one of their houses. The one who was “It from the tag game decided he’d try and scare them. They heard a horrible laughter and thought it was him fooling around. When he didn’t show up they assmed they assumed it was something else and went to sleep in their tents. Later that night one group was awakened by someone walking around their tent and brushing agaist tent. They recognized their friend’s silouhette and again assumed it was him trying to scare them. Then the silouhette disapeared. Seconds later they heard a thump on their tent and saw two hands rip open the roof and two green eyes starring in at them and smiling at them with a long, jagged teeth on their friend’s body. They burst out of the tent and barely survived the attack and the friend like the colonist had no memory of it.

    That concludes this tale my campers. Remember not to go out after dark or you’ll have your own encounter with Ol’ Green Eyes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Title: House for Crazies

    Story: It was a baseball tournament for my parents and everyone that was a friend of my parents were there, including me and my two sisters. During their game, my littlest sister, Claire, needed to go to the washroom and since it still light out, I decided to take her. I brought my other younger sister too, Rachel. We walked until we found an outhouse then I waited for her. Suddenly I spotted a house not too far from the outhouse I was standing at. I asked them if they wanted to check it out. Rachel was whining and said she wanted to go back but I ignored it and we went. The closer we got, the more uglier the building became. When we were standing right in front of it, I realized it was an abandoned building. Since I was the oldest, I wanted to go inside. They followed me to the door but it had a chain on it. I had found a sharp rock beside it and starting to hit the chain, making a loud sound. Just hearing the sound of the rusty old chain made my ears pierce but soon I had broke the chain. It fell to the ground and I slowly opened the creaking door. I stepped inside and something didn’t feel right. It was as I could hear a voice saying to leave. I ignored it. I turned around to make sure that my sister were still following me and they were. I turned the lights on in a room and saw something horrible. My sisters cried and I told them to be quiet and to not worry. What I saw cannot be unseen from my memory or Rachel and Claire’s memory either. What I saw was a man standing over a woman whose mouth had a mask on it. She had curly red hair and piercing blue eyes. But something didn’t seem right. Her eyes had welled up with tears and her mask, I can’t get it out of my mind, her mask on her face was covered in dark and red blood. Splattered. The man though, he was holding a tooth puller and as soon as I saw that I had knew what happened. Me and my sister booked out of there as soon as we could. When we left I saw a metal post on the chain. It said Mental Asylum. I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you can.
    (This is my first story and I hope you like it.)

  • The scary creature One night, a strange boy and a strange boy summon a creature from a parallel dimension. Some boys that have been friends for years were board so they went too a magic store and so when they were at the magic store they came across a magic book of creature summoning from other dimensions. The boys did not believe in other places and creatures so they thought it would be fun too try. So they went too the place too checkout when they asked how mush it cost the guy was hesitated too sell it and said no. When the boys asked why. He said that the monsters you summon are real and dangerous. But the boys keep on raising the price and it was a good price the greedy person said yes even though he know the dangers and all the trouble this monsters cause. SO when they were home they flipped through the book and they came across a spell that summoned a deadly creature from elsewhere so they got all the stuff put it all in a pot and said the magical words. Nothing happened that’s what they thought in till a portal opened up and out came the most ugliest thing you have ever seen. It was so scary that one of the boys died of a heart attack. The other boy was eaten alive so if you even find a magical book like there’s do not get it.

  • Haunted restaurant.
    One evening in a wrecked plane, a girl and a man investigate a restaurant haunted by the spirit of an old woman. They went out of the wrecked plane after the plane crashed and they found I restaurant when they were about too got inside people told them that they should not go in there that restaurant is haunted of a old woman who was shot by her husband at the very restaurant but they don’t believe in ghosts so they went in any way. SO they got in they saw a waitress they called too her and they gave her there orders and she wrote it on her writing pad and she floated away. That was weird says the girl people don’t float like that or at all. The man said They always don’t. So they called too the manager the manager came and they told the woman what happened and told the manager that o her name tag it said Amy. When they said that the Managers face went white and they asked what was wrong and the Manager said that was not a person who works here anymore but she is a ghost of the woman who was shot by her husband. So they left and never came back.

  • One evening, a scientist and a mental patient receive a skull in the mail. The skull was very scary since it was Halloween they thought nothing of it and put it on a shelf for latter. Then one day they saw the skull glowing they had no idea why it was glowing. so they went too check it out and when they did the skull started too scram and glowing way more what the heck they said. The mental patient saw what he could not believe the skull was floating though the air. Before he had a chance too scream the skull turned him in too a statue. With a scream look in his face of pure terror. Your probably wondering what happened too the scientist well he saw it glowing too see said how is this possible and how does all these sorts of things always happen too me. The skull was glowing and he saw an evil look on the skulls face he was not that scared so he prayed. before he could stop the skull the skull screamed and the scientist saw would make your skin have Goosebumps what was behind him was a zombie corpse with tons of rotting flesh. It was so scary that the skull turned it’s self into stone so he would not have too look at it. But bad news for the scientist though he got eaten alive blood everywhere.It is the tale of skulls.

  • The guy in the mirror OK so are important numbers are on the fridge. All you have to do is feed her and look after her and play games with her no scary stories they scared her. Said the mother. Then the mother and father got in the car and drove of they were on a date so they hired a baby sitter. Her name was Kimmy Nightingale. Suddenly Molly the little girl the baby sitter was baby sitting came down stairs crying. What’s wrong asked the baby sitter well there’s this guy in the mirror. What’s he doing in the mirror. He is holding a severed head covered in blood. When did you see this guy. When I was going to the wash room. He said you were next. The baby sitter thought it was just her imagination like she just had a bad dream or something. With just thinking Molly Just had a bad dream she cooked her some meat and got her into bed and Tucked her in. Then went out of her room and went to the wash room. When she looked in to the mirror while getting ready to brush her teeth she saw a guy in the mirror this time he had no head just a big knife. He reached though the mirror and cut off her head. Hours latter when the parents came home the little girl was down stairs she was scared really scared the mother and dad asked her where’s the baby sitter and the little girl said the guy in the mirror got her and the parents and molly went in to the bath room and they both screamed there in the mirror was a guy with the baby sitter’s head and in it’s hand a knife.

  • Fashionista

    Molly was turning 12 in the winter. It was very cold so her mother decided to buy her a nice, warm, snug scarf. Of course she would buy her something else but its what Molly needed for the weather.

    It was 2 days from Molly’s birthday and Molly had caught a bug thanks to all the heavy snow. That`s when her mother announced that she was going to buy her a new scarf. Molly lit up with joy because apparently there was a new scarf from the company “bubblegum kids wear” noted as a VERY expensive brand. Molly`s mother tried to persuade her to get a scarf from a second hand store but Molly insisted on the scarf from bubblegum kids wear.

    The next day, the day before Molly`s birthday, Molly and her mother went to the mall to buy the scarf. When they reached the bubblegum store Molly rushed inside and she was greeted by lots and lots of clothes which happened to be Molly`s favorite thing in the world! Molly rushed around looking for her perfect scarf when she saw another girl standing looking at an old black scarf. Molly said hi and the girl looked at Molly. A chill went down Molly`s spine because the girl was covered in blood. Molly froze for a moment then she remembered the fast food store. “Ketchup?” asked Molly. The girl said nothing. “How rude!” exclaimed Molly. She snatched the scarf from the girl and the girl started crying. Molly laughed. All she had to do was take the scarf and the girl would be heartbroken. The scarf was horrible so Molly looked at the label to see how much it was. Something was scribbled on in pen but it was to light to read. Molly skipped over to the counter but what she did`nt notice was that the girl had vanished.

    Molly`s mother saw Molly run over to the counter and also the scarf she was carrying. Molly`s mother ran over to her daughter and said “Molly dear you want this?”.
    “Yes, yes!” replied Molly.
    “Um. Ok then sweetie…” said Molly`s mother.
    When Molly went to the counter the cashier looked at the scarf and froze in fear. He gulped and called he friend. His friend came over and she to froze.
    “Um. This is NOT for sale!” she said.
    Molly just threw 10 dollars in her face and grabbed the scarf. The woman grabbed Molly`s mothers sleeve before she left. “Do NOT let your daughter wear that to much ok?”. Molly`s mother just left.

    The next day Molly tried on her new scarf and as soon as she did she said “5…”. Molly`s mother questioned her but Molly denied even saying 5.

    After a long day of ice-skating Molly took her scarf off as she and her mother walked home.

    The next day Molly put her scarf on as soon as she got up. “4…” she said. Molly`s mother ignored her. Molly went off to school and took her scarf off.

    At lunchtime Molly`s mother revived a call from Molly`s school. Molly had collapsed and she cannot breathe. Molly`s mother was horrified and she rushed over to collect Molly. Molly was lying on the floor gasping for air as her teacher and a few friends bent over looking at her. They were worried. One of the girls, Ellie said that Molly has been counting. At break time Molly said the number 3 after she had put her scarf on and at lunchtime she said 4 shortly after putting her scarf on and shortly before she collapsed. Molly`s mother took Molly`s scarf of and Molly took a deep breath. Molly was sent home that lunchtime.

    When Molly got home her mother called into work and said she had to stay with her daughter. Molly was told NOT to put the scarf on at all. She had to go and get an inhaler because the school nurse suspects that she has asthma. Molly went on her x-box for a while and then she heard calling. “Molly, Molly come to me wear me Molly keep me warm. Molly, Molly I miss your neck come to me!”

    30 minutes later Molly`s mother returned home. She called for Molly but no answer. Molly`s mother thought that Molly might be sleeping so she went upstairs. Before Molly`s mother walked into Molly`s room something caught her eye in the bathroom.

    Molly was hanging from the scarf by her neck. Her stomach was slit. Molly`s mother gasped in horror. Blood was every were so Molly`s mother called the police.

    When the police arrived they were told about the strange counting and collapsing. When the police looked at molly the realized something. The carving in Molly`s stomach read the number… 1. The police searched for finger prints and 2 weeks later they found something.

    The fingerprints were from a 12 year old girl Emma that died 10 years ago. She hung herself with the scarf that she had got on HER 12th birthday. It was the same girl that Molly saw in the shop.

    Bubblegum kids wear were questioned and they explained that at the time they were so broke they had a rule: Any scarves that are not needed must be returned to the store. They did this to sell more scarves. The mother of Emma gave the scarf back but they hid it behind all the other scarves because they were afraid to sell it. They got more money in the past years and forgot about the old scarf. Only when Molly decided to buy it they remembered. The pen on the label was the girls name that had been written on so she did not lose it in school. The shop tried to rub it off that`s why it was so light.

    Later that month Bubblegum kids wear closed down…

  • Can’t be Seperated
    Age : 9
    Creator : Sunzia
    Time: October 6th 11:16 2012

    Can’t Be Seperated

    One day a young 6 year old stepped into a new school she hated the school she went to kindergarten with. Suddenly she bumped into someone her new friend.
    I’m sorry did I hurt you she said. “It’s fine” I said. “let’s be friends” she said. What’s your name I asked? “it’s Yara” Cool my name is Suzie. They both had the same classes. At the end of 1st grade they became best friends, again they had same classes, and again,magazine,again all the way until 7th grade. They went to a new school. Suzie was surprised years went by, she noticed that everything went fast. The end of 7th grade felt like 5 minutes later. Then they were in highschool like they never finished middle school, then it went in the past to the day they met, then a year dropped and another and another until they were 3. Suddenly you see them as 16 year olds. Suzie woke up in a hospital with people staring at her, this time she was 10. The doctors explained that she had cancer and lost control and fainted. She had one more t
    Day to live and her last word was “I’ll meet you up there Yara” she died then. Yara felt as if she broke, they were so close, it’s been a month and Yara is back in school. It’s been hard to be at Suzie’s funeral and not cry, she suddenly saw her best friends spirit so sad looking but when Suzie saw Yara look at her she was happy and made a signal that means come with me, well duh Yara went with Suzie but before she can reach Suzie’s spirit she got stabbed. Blood fell from her chest and Suzie was shocked. Suzie pulled her up and flew up in the sky. The person who stabbed her was Yara’s Ex friend Sarah. Sarah died a hour later afterYara because Suzie murdered Sarah. So you see Best friends never die they are still friends in heaven and always will be

  • this one is calld die
    at 1st i thort it was a pranck but now im dead and your probly wodring how this happrend well i was reeding a chane letter it was about a girl that came in the closet at 2am and you smell corps and after 5 mints later the smell stops and you see a face steringa at you and she lifts up her hand and kills you thats wast happend to me now that you red this i will come and kill you to nigh at 4am and think your mum and dad will see you dead thik agane i will slit your throte and spt you body somewher your mum anddad whont fied you youv got 10 minets to send this to 16 websites and not your onwn or il see you tonigh when your dead by the way i work for the devil so you whont to to heven youl go to hell see you at 4am

  • This is my first story ever! Enjoy and let me know if there’s something I can change :)!~The Lonely bus girl.Everyday Jennifer had to get on that hell bus. Everday mercilessly the kids picked on her for what she wore , her “eerie” silence on the bus , and even the way she walked to get to her seat. She sat in the very last seat next to no one, which is how she liked it but it still stung a bit when people said things like ” I don’t want to sit by her, that freaking weirdo!” Or “That girl is so ugly no one wants to catch her ugliness!” What she didn’t understand was why? Why did they hate her so much? She never did anything wrong! Her hate for everyone on that bus came and grew but it wasn’t to the point of breaking her sanity.That is , until one day an incident occurred that did
    Push her over the edge. It started when her mother died of a mysterious cause and the police were investigating. After her mother died she wore black everyday to school. Anyway when she boarded and sat down she noticed the some of the girls were looking at her and whispering. This was normal for her but when she heard what they were saying , it made her loose it. ” I bet that freak killed her own mother! She so silent… She must be hiding some murderous intentions!” The girls around her laughed all but one. ” Guys that’s going to far!” A girl said. Jennifer knew the girl vaguely she knew her name which was Cynthia.”What do you know!? She’ll probably come and kill you in your sleep. Just like she did to her mother!” Jennifer was shivering by now. She couldn’t take it anymore . She let out a high pitched scream. The bus driver , not expecting that , crashed his bus. Everyone died except for Jennifer and Cynthia. When Jennifer saw that her tormentors were dead she started laughing. A psychotic laugh.” J-Jennifer? Are you ok?” Cynthia asked. Suddenly Jennifer pulled out a knife and stabbed Cynthia in the stomach 37 times. Jennifer was later arrested and died in jail. They say if you go on the bus Jennifer rode and sit in her seat you can still here her high pitched scream. It gets louder and louder until it deafens you.

  • Death it can’t be Lucy’s time too die take me instead said Lucy’s mom it’s her time too die says death. Lucy was trembling you see death comes too take people who did not die when they were supposed too so death comes too take them too haven or hell. It’s her time so you realize how scared Lucy was. Her mom was despite too save her daughter from death. I’ll make a deal take e instead. No body makes deals with death. So death was growing more angry. So he went too Lucy and cut off her head. The mom could not stop crying. Why me why me me why me she said so mush blood everywhere death had now had his soul that he needed. He was happy the mother not so mush. She was crying a lot. You can imagine. So if you ever see death don’t make him angry because if you do hill cut off your head other then just touching you and taking your soul. If you see death run and pray that he won’t take you. See everybody dies even you.

  • -The Eyes-
    Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? Have you ever felt chills running down your back as a what you you believe is real shadow darts by? Well, I know how you feel.

    One day, I was walking home from school. It was a spring day, with the grass waving slightly in the breeze, and the animals running about. I was just texting someone when I heard a twig snap in the nearby trees. I looked behind me. Nothing was there. I assumed it was our cat roaming around, and I ran up the front steps to my house. The door was open, strangely. I shrugged. My uncle must have forgotten to lock the door yet again. I hopped into the kitchen, where my mom was chopping lettuce for a salad. ” How was your day, sweetie?” My mom said. ” Fine,thanks.” I replied. I still had a ton of homework to do, so I climbed up the stairs to my room. When I was writing my book report, something rustled in my closet, knocking down my sweatshirts. I nearly jumped. I investigated the closet. Again, nothing. I soon finished my assignments when my mom called me down for dinner. I ran downstairs, hoping nothing would scare me again.
    Boy, I was wrong.
    That night, I awoke to the sound of shuffling on our wooden porch. I stood up in bed. Our three dogs were whining and whimpering in the other room, not even barking like they normally did. I took my brother’s crossbow and crept downstairs. In the living room, I fought to keep myself from screaming. A wolf like creature was surroundind my mother, who was pale faced and teary. I had to kill the creature. Raising up my crosbow, I aimed for it’s chest, which was hard, seeing as he was so huge and muscular. Suddenly, his ciery yellow eyes turned to me. I dropped the crossbow, which clanked down the stairs and landed with a thump. I started to sweat and breathe rapidly. The wolf SPOKE, soundind like numerous people in a deep voice.
    ” You dare kill the Shadow Alpha, Ruler of Evil Night? If you do not kill me, I will release your mother, but if you do pick up that wretched crossbow, I shall kill you ALL.”
    I couldn’t say a word. Everything was trapped in my throat, and I swore I would just pas out right there, and the world went black.
    I couldn’t clearly say what happened after that, but what I could remember was a black tarp being draped over 2. people, and alarms and lights flashing. I was out of control, screaming about where my uncle and mother were, until the paramedics sedated me, and the world was again dark.
    Now, I live with my aunt. She protects me and loves me so, understanding what I was going through. But at night, in my dark closet, I swear I can hear drool dripping on the floor, a soft growling noise, and glowing yellow eyes unblinking, staring at me. One day, the wolf will strike.
    -The End-

  • Suiside Girl there was this new girl at school that everybody acted she was dressed in black she was emo but everyone said she was a witch. One day a girl picked on the girl so bad the next day. Her family got a call from the police she killed her self. Now too this day she kills people you pick on other people skin them alive and mail the rest too the parents too teach bullies a lesson there never forget. She is now known as Suiside girl.
    Sorry it was so bad running out of ideas. Any ideas Would be really good.

  • This story is called ‘The Crash’

    My grandma grew up in a town in the mountains of Ecuador. When she was little, she had a cousin that would always play pranks on her. He liked to scared her and get her into trouble.

    One day, her cousin left for a trip with his family. My grandma was at home with her mom washing the dishes. She felt like somebody was watching her, so she looked up at the window over the sink, and saw her cousin standing there laughing. She was mad because he was making faces at her and getting her mad. Suddenly, the cousin started to tear his face off right in front of my grandma, leaving only his skull. Grandma was very scared so she called her mom to come over, but when she got there the boy was no longer there.

    Later that night they got a hone call from the police telling them that her cousin and his family died in a car accident. The mountains were very foggy that night so it was difficult to see, and they drove of the side of the rode and died.

  • Fake Love
    Jean was just surfing through the web, just bored. Her mom was out with her “new boyfriend” and her little brother, Fin, was with her mother. Jean wanted to go to sleep but, she looked carefully, there was a chat-room! Jean wondered “What’s a chat-room?” So she clicked the icon. The website’s name was “” She entered herself as a 15 year old because older hot guys wouldn’t want to meet a little 11 year old (Jean was 11). Jean’s screen name was: loveme4eva. As Jean was talking to other hot guys, she had met a guy who has a screen name that was: 11yroldguy
    Jean wanted to meet him. So, she sent a private message to 11yroldguy.

    loveme4eva: R u actually 11?
    11yroldguy: Why don’t you look at my pic babe?

    Jean clicked on the 11yroldguy’s profile and it showed a picture of a handsome 11 year old boy. Yet, Jean was confused because the handsome boy had his eyes closed.

    loveme4eva: Nice pic. U look like a dead person! LOL
    11yroldguy: sure….. Wanna be my gf?
    loveme4eva: OF COURSE!!! I’d like to say my name is Jean Bagle. And i live in Reno, Nevada.
    11yroldguy: Me too!!! Wanna meet?
    loveme4eva: Ok! How about at a fast food
    11yroldguy: Nahh, how about your house? We can have all the time we need babe.
    loveme4eva: Fine! :D My # is: ****-***
    11yroldguy: Ok. I’ll call ya, i need to go. Bye
    loveme4eva: Ok bye.
    (loveme4eva and 11yroldguy has logged off)

    Jean was SO excited. But she was scared because next week was Halloween. She decided that she wanted to be a white angel with a short skirt. The next day, Jean entered the site found out that 11yroldguy was waiting for her.

    loveme4eva: Hey baby!! How did you know i waz going to log in right now?
    11yroldguy: Mysteries ;) You can call me Mystery
    loveme4eva: Why?
    11yroldguy: Cuz its a mystery!!! :D
    loveme4eva: Sure….. Can i see that pic of you again?!
    11yroldguy: Sorry but i uploaded new pics.

    Jean was excited to see her dream guy again. She quickly clicked “Mystery’s” profile. It had shown a picture of her little brother hanged.

    loveme4eva: Nice prank Mystery. How did you know my little brother?
    11yroldguy: don’t worry….. Is your mom home yet?
    loveme4eva: No, she said that she wanted to know if i can stay alone in the house for a whole week by myself. Wait a sec…. How did you know my mother isn’t here?!
    11yroldguy: It waz a guess. I need to go.
    loveme4eva: Why?
    11yroldguy: …….
    (11yroldguy has logged off)

    Jean logged out too. Jean had thought that it was strange that “Mystery” knew her little bro, Fin. Yet, she was still excited to meet her dream guy. The next morning, Jean got on to see of their were any other pics of Halloween on 11yroldguy’s profile. Jean clicked that picture for the icon. It was horrible….. A picture of Jean’s mom on the floor with a pool of blood. A picture of Jean’s mothers’ boyfriend hanged right next to Fin. Jean was about to faint, until she had a message from 11yroldguy. She slowly opened the message.

    11yroldguy:I know where you live. I’ll be there to makeout with you!
    loveme4eva: How did u….. know? YOU CREEP!
    11yroldguy: Ding Dong!

    Jean heard a loud bang on the front door. Jean ran to her room with the computer and a phone. Then, Jean heard a door slammed to the ground.

    11yroldguy: Come on babe, lets kiss. I’ll find u

    Jean was to horrified to even move. *Shuffle* *shuffle* BANG BANG

    11yroldguy: Open the door. I got a present with my lips.

    Jean peeked under the door. It WASN’T A 11 YEAR OLD GUY!!! IT WAS A MAN WITH A MASK AND AN AXE!!! Jean now brave enough to call the cops.

    Jean: help (whisper) a killer is in my house.
    Cops: We’ll be right over

    BANG BANG (over the phone) then the door slammed open.

    Cops: Little girl, what was that noise?
    Jean: It’s him. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

    The cops had heard a slashing noise. Cops came right after she had been killed. Cops are still investiagting who had killed Jean. About a year later, Jean’s BFF was web surfing and found a chat-room called “” The BFF’s name was Harper. Harper had her screen name as Lovelygirl567, then someone had sent her a message.

    12yroldguy: Hey, wanna be my gf?
    Lovelygirl567: SURE! WHERE DO U WANT TO MEET :D
    12yroldguy: How ’bout ur house?……..


  • Hi sfk I’m gonna make series ok so here’s one my name will be dead ok here’s my first

    The elevator
    I have this weird obsession about elevators they just give me the creeps but this one…. Well let me tell you from the beginning…..I stepped into the elevator it felt dark and cold. It started ascending I got a bit scared then but I managed to calm myself down. It reached the third floor when this fat lady got in unlike other passengers she seemed to stare at me. When I reached my floor the lady got out as well. I lived in apartment 309 and she lived in 314. I came back from school and was ready to go in the elevator when I thought about the lady. I decided to take the stairs. I ran up them like a bullet. I lived on the 13th floor and the top floor was 14. When I got to my room I lay down sweating. Honestly scarlet!! My mum said stop being a baby!! B b but this lady but muuuum!! Shush get to bed! The next morning I stepped into the elevator when I saw the lady was in. I took the stairs. The lady gave a mischevious look. I tripped down the stairs and ended up with crutches. My dad went in the elevator with me. My dad said he had to go to a friends place so I was left in the elevator. The lady stepped in. Hello scarlet she said. How does she know my name scarlet though. The lady smiled and laughed for what seemed like an hour and then with that she pushed the stop button…..
    (Do u like it sfk plz post it plz wrote comments thnx ill be making series!!)

  • Becarful who you met online. Dani was cheeking out her Facebook page she came across a page with the name Steven Ben Filis. He was cute he had a lot of friends. She friend him. He wrote back. Hi my name is Steven Ben Fillis my Hobbes are football and sports and play the guitar. I’m 23 years old. Dani reall liked this guy. She wrote back Hi thank’s for this email I’m 22 years old. I think your hott. After that for mouths they talked online. They became boyfriend and girlfriend. He then asked if he could met each other me sayed to meat at the park. So she reall liked this guy and sayed yes. So when she went there and waited for him to get there is was getting late. So she went home she went too her room. and kept on crying. Her mom went in too her room too see what was wrong with her daughter. She told her mom everything. Ow sweetly that’s because he’s probely human. All humans are like that. Really. So they found out where he lived since h sayed so in his mails. She got there and he saw her and said what are you doing here? You didnot come for ar dre in the park I waited hours for you. Well he said you see my dad’s a va,pits Hunter the reason I didnot come over is because when I told dad about you he said that you where one of the vampires he was after. She then ha an evil grin. On her face he h as her fangs and she came too him and she drank all this blood. When his parents came home they saw the scary site. The police could not fin when. Dani was. Plus the parents could not tell they the truth that Dani was a vampire same with her mom.

  • Keep Running!

    I was running in the middle of nowhere.I couldn’t see anything,it was all pitch black.A faint voice would say:”Keep Running!”.My feet were hurting,but I kept running.I don’t know where,but I had to run.Then I suddenly stopped.
    As soon as I stopped,I blacked out.The next thing I know is that I was lying in a pool of blood.I tried to move,but it caused me great pain.I couldn’t stop hearing the same thing:”Keep running!”I couldn’t run.I was afraid,seeing a black figure beside me.I could hear my own heartbeat.I could see his knife,almost touching my throat,and I could hear his voice telling me to stay calm.It was surprisingly soft.I didn’t say a word,just stared up,trying to have a look at his face.He placed the knife on the floor.
    -You’re safe.-he told me.I was frightened,but his soft voice would calm me down.
    The next thing I remember was that I was lying on my own bed.
    -It was just a dream.-I said with a relief.But the man’s soft voice wouldn’t get out of my head.
    I went to school the other day.When the class started,our teacher started talking about paranormal activity.She asked if we have any questions,and I raised my hand.
    -Is paranormal activity connected with dreams?
    -As far as I know,no.The paranormal activities happen in real life,while dreams don’t.
    I had doubts about that,but I kept quiet.
    When I was walking home,I wondered if I’m going to dream about this man again.Then,behind me,I heard a voice:
    -Keep running!
    I started running again.Then I stopped,and turned around.There was nothing scary.
    -Must be my imagination.-I said with a sigh and went home.
    I was very tired,so I hopped on the bed and fell asleep.When I opened my eyes,I was again lying in a pool of blood.The same man was above me,but this time,I could see his face.I looked in his eyes.They were so blue,so deep,and I couldn’t help but stare.He smiled at me.
    -What’s your name?-I asked him.I had tons of other questions,but I needed to know his name.
    -I can’t tell you.You don’t need to know.
    Afterwards,he said:
    -Can you keep a secret?
    I nodded.
    -I was going to kill you,but you were such a pretty girl.I like you,and I want to make your life perfect.You have to promise me you’ll keep my name in secret,though.Or else..
    He didn’t finish his sentence.He whispered his name in my ear.I nodded again,and he walked away.I stayed still and watched him walk away in the darkness.Then I heard a faint whisper:
    -Why did you do it?Why did you do it?
    Then I woke up,and realised it’s midnight.I went out to have some fresh air,and I saw someone walking towards me.
    -Bestie!-the voice said.I recognized it.It was my best friend,Kara.-What are you doing out here so late?
    -I had a weird dream.
    -What happened?
    I told her everything that happened in both of my dreams.
    -What was his name?
    -I can’t tell you.I promised not to..-I told her.
    -That was a test.-she said.I noticed that her voice changed,and it definetly wasn’t hers.-It was a test,to see if I can trust you.
    I was shocked-it was the same man from my dreams!He revealed himself from the darkness and kneeled.
    -Marry me!-he said.
    Just before I could respond to this question,I heard the same faint whisper I kept hearing.
    -Keep running!
    I ignored it,and said yes.
    Years passed,and my life had indeed been perfect.I’ve been getting perfect grades in High School,alot of fun with my friends,good sleep and dreams,and alot of praises from teachers and other adults.When I also graduated from the university,the man whose name I couldn’t tell officially proposed to me and we got married.The strange thing is,he didn’t look any different from what he looked like when we first met.
    We had two kids-A boy and a girl named Alex and Suzie.Everything was going fine for now..
    Kara,my best friend from High School,rang me.
    -Let’s meet up!We have alot to talk about!-she said joyfully.I agreed,and we met up at a cafe 3 hours later.
    As soon as we sat on a table,she started with the questions.
    -How did you suddenly get so smart in High School?I’ve been compared to you by my parents ever since.It’s not nice.
    -Sorry.-I shrugged.-I just studied harder.
    -Do you remember when the teacher started talking about paranormal activity?
    I nodded.
    -You looked like you’ve seen a GHOST.Ever since that day,you weren’t the same person anymore.What are you hiding from me?
    -I can’t tell you.-I said to her.I somehow knew she wasn’t him,but I had vowed to keep my promise.
    -Why are we friends if we can’t trust eachother?-she cried out,got up,and started walking away.
    -Wait!-I shouted out.I didn’t want to lose her,so I told her everything.When she asked me about his name,I whispered it in her ear,just like he had.
    She frowned right after.
    -Stephanie!-she screamed angrily.-That’s a serial killer that died 20 years ago!
    I couldn’t believe it.It was actually a ghost!
    -Then why would he spare me?
    -Well…-she took out her laptop and typed in something.I looked,and what I saw made me frown.It was an article about him.
    “His rampage also caused to kill his own wife.”
    I scrolled down and saw a picture of her.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.It looked exactly like me!
    Kara slowly backed away,and then ran away.I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me or somebody else.I turned around,and saw him.
    -I trusted you!We had a chance to live a normal life together once again..but you ruined it!
    He pulled out a knife.I froze in terror.In the next minute,I heard the same old faint whisper:
    -Keep running!Keep running!
    I understood then.Whoever was telling me to run was trying to protect me.I started running,and running,and running,until I reached my house.There was no one behind me.I felt very guilty for some reason.I thought of calling the police,but I quickly forgot the idea.
    -You’re safe now.-a female voice called out.I could guess it’s the same voice that told me to keep running.I turned around,and saw..myself.
    -Good thing you finally listened!-she said with a sinister smile.-At first I was about to kill you,but you were such a pretty girl..-she stroked my hair.
    I tried to speak,but I couldn’t.
    -If you could just keep running when I first told you,I wouldn’t have waited for 20 years.Ever since my husband killed me,I’ve been looking for a body.The reason why my husband told you not to mention his name,is because he wanted to protect you from the truth,and from me.I was really about to kill you,but I’m gonna spare your life.
    I sighed with relief.
    -But I’m no longer your reflection.
    She dragged me,and pushed me into the mirror.Instead of breaking it,I went through it.I couldn’t go back.My body was controlled,and I moved just like she moved.
    -Finally!-she said,laughing evily.-You could also get your freedom if someone summons you,which I doubt would ever happen.-Then she walked out of the house.
    I’m still waiting.I’m still her reflection.That will never change.Unless,YOU want to switch places?All you have to do is close your eyes,think of me,and say “Keep running!”three times.That will give me the chance to run away.Come on,come on,you’re such a pretty girl..
    (How was it?I don’t know if it makes any sense..)

  • Hi SFK!I had submitted this story but on the wrong section.I’m gonna remake it.
    An old friend knows the best

    There was once a guy named Bobby Moore.He was 15 years old.Being in a great school,having a few very good friends,and pleasant grades,he loved his life.It didn’t change until one day..
    It was the first day of school,and he was sitting on his desk & talking with some friends.
    -I hope there are going to be hot ladies in this class this year.-said one of his friends,Danny.-All the girls here are just so…eh.
    Bobby ignored this sentence.
    After that,the teacher came in the class.He announced that there will be a new student.They weren’t shocked,until the door opened once again..
    From there,a beautiful girl came in and stood infront of the class.She had a great body,a long,brown hair tied in a ponytail,and green eyes.Bobby stared at her as she introduced herself.
    -I’m Lenny.Lenny Bay.It’s nice to meet you all.
    The other boys responded in admiration.The teacher told her where to sit,and started the class,since there was nothing new for him to explain for this year.
    Bobby started really falling in love with Lenny.He didn’t realise he wasn’t the only one,and told his friends.
    -Lenny is just so perfect!-he said with excitement.
    -Dude…-Danny told him-A hottie like her would never like you.
    The others nodded in agreement.
    Bobby was sad when he heard this,but decided to take a chance.He approached her one day,and told her.
    -I really like you.But a girl like you couldn’t possibly like me…
    -No,I like you too.-she replied with a smile.-Ever since the first day started.
    They talked for awhile,and Bobby asked her out.She said yes.
    They started dating,and ofcourse,the whole school found out.His friends were so angry when they found out,and they had a huge argument.
    -Couldn’t you tell that we wanted her,too?-another one of his friends,Derek said.-What kind of a friend are you?
    They fought and fought and ended their relationship.They never hung out together again,since they were all madly in love with the girl.
    Bobby told himself that Lenny was all that he needed.
    But a rumor had been spreading that Lenny is cheating on him.She denied it,but he refused to listen,and broke up with her in front of alot of people.No one wanted to date her anymore.
    He tried talking to his friends,but they told him to go to hell.He felt sad.He tried talking to his parents,but they just shrugged.They weren’t much of a help.
    While he was walking home,he looked at a speed limit sign.But instead of a number,there was a text.Puzzled,Bobby came closer and read the text.It said:
    “Friends are just like the rest,but an old friend knows the best.”
    Just as he finished reading,the text dissapeared,and the same old big number appeared instead.He thought it was just his imagination and went home.
    He got on the computer and asked for advice online about what to do.He got a reply from an anonymous person that said the same thing:
    “Friends are just like the rest,but an old friend knows the best.”
    He was freaked out now.He got off the computer and went to bed.While he was staring at the ceiling,the same text appeared in the same font.
    “Friends are just like the rest,but an old friend knows the best.”
    Bobby got off his bed,and with inspiration,he rang someone on the phone.
    He was ringing Louise Middlethorn,an old friend that was in his school,but had to transfer.When she picked up,he greeted her and they arranged to meet up.
    When they met,they talked for awhile and Bobby told her everything.She listened carefully with a serious expression and when he finished,she told him:
    -Lenny Bay?I know her.She’s a great girl.She wouldn’t cheat on someone.
    Since he trusted Louise,Bobby nodded and decided to phone Lenny and try to get her back.When he got out the phone,he heard Louise’s voice saying:
    -Don’t bother.Please.
    He looked at her,puzzled.
    -I can’t tell you.-she said,looking away.-But please don’t do it.
    Not understanding what she meant,he said he needs to go,and waved her goodbye as he walked away.When he got home,he was still wondering whether to phone Lenny or listen to Louise.He rang Louise,and asked her why he shouldn’t do it.
    -Just don’t do it,do you hear me?-she said angrily and hung up on him.
    “She’s jealous!”-Bobby thought.-“Just like my other friends!I don’t know what made that text appear,but it was wrong.Old friends are also like the rest.”
    He called Lenny and asked to meet up with her and talk.
    -Okay.-She replied.-We don’t really have much to talk about,but I’m sure I’ll find.
    They finished talking and Lenny hung up.Bobby was very happy,and started preparing himself for the meeting.
    When he arrived to the place he was supposed to meet her,he got a text.
    “It can wait.”he said and looked around for Lenny.
    -Here I am!-a voice said from behind.
    After Bobby turned around,he was horrified.Lenny was standing there,with blood-red eyes glowing,and holding an axe.
    -No one makes me look like a bitch!-she shouted.Then she swinged her axe,and chopped Bobby in pieces.
    The text that he never got to read said:
    “Hey.It’s Louise.I know I wasn’t clear enough.I’m sorry!I know you won’t believe me,but Lenny is possesed by a demon,and is very vengeful!She had two other boyfriends before you,and they were in the almost same situation as you.She did something horrible to them,and I witnessed it.She told me that if I tell anyone,she’d kill me.I see things other people don’t.Her last boyfriend’s spirit was writing a text that’s addressed to you.I never got to read it.I know you think I’m crazy,but DON’T meet with her,or stay alone with her anywhere!Please,I’m begging you!This text will cost my life,but I want you to stay alive!”
    But he couldn’t read the text,because he was dead.
    The next week,Lenny transferred in another school.She dated another guy,but they broke up due to misunderstandings.While he was wondering what to do,he saw a text,but this time,it was written in a bloody-red colour.
    “Friends are just like the rest,but an old friend knows the best.Let me just be straight,avoid meeting Lenny Bay.”
    (Do you like it?I have a very weird imagination xD)

  • “HIM”
    Another fine day in Minecraft. As Stevie grabs crafts his wood pickaxe,he went into the cave.He was happy because of the ores he earned. He wiped off the sweat off his body as he go back to his house. But something paranormal has happened. The door is open. He remembers he closed it. Thinking it was just some strong wind, he went inside and started smelting his iron ore and crafting iron stuff. Then as he go back to his bed,he stepped on something.A journal.Strange,he don’t write any journals so he threw himself on the bed and started reading it.

    August 25,2009
    Ahhhh…Just spawned in this world.Time to chop off trees then mine cobblestones! it was hard too,because my hand hurts but luckily,i made a wooden axe and started chopping off more trees.then i gradually got items.Finally i got stone things so its time to sleep because its night.I don’t want to get killed by some monsters.

    August 26,2009
    I got some iron ores and started crafting iron things.I got many of them.Looks like i am going down there and going to start mining diamonds.

    September 15,2009
    Im stuck on this dang cave.I broke all my items.I regretted what i did.I forgot to get more food.Now im here in this cave,slowly dying.

    September 20,2009
    Im becoming desperate.I am really starting to die now.I tried using my own fists to bust out of this cave.My hands are bleeding now.I must get out of this cave.My knuckles are getting broken up punching this,but i have no choice but to punch stones to destroy them.

    September 25,2009
    It’s getting lonely here.Im really desperate.Out of desperation,i tried eating my left arm.Im finding my way out of here.Im walking now.Im scared,sad,despaired and mad.Its such a shame that im walking by this diamonds and golds.I wonder if anyone could hear my tears falling.I guess i would start to die slowly and painfully.

    October 1,2009
    I can’t take this anymore.Im weakening.It feels like the life force is draining out of me.Im so hungry.I see the black figure that no one wishes to see.Its calling me to join him.Slowly,im starting to close my eyes….goodbye world.

    Stevie was shocked when he sees this.But he felt sleepy so he ignored it and slept.But he woke up in a middle of a cave.He sees someone like him but bloody.He soon realizes it’s the guy who wrote the journal.HE fell to his knees in sadness as he see the suffering of that guy.It looks like him.His eyes were desperate.Slowly the figure came closer and start begging for help.Then the figure carnage him and started munching on him.Stevie woke up with a loud scream.It was just a dream.But when he went outside,he sees that figure.His left arm is bloody.And his right arm has a sword.Not a wooden,stone,gold or diamond sword.It was a completely black sword.And the figure scream “IT’S YOUR TURN TO DIE!” and disappeared in thin air.Now Stevie is traumatized of what he saw.Right now,maybe “HIM” is watching you.

  • I part you don’t under stand on this story it says that woe the girls up my iPad had a gitch so please fix u if you publish it sorry for that.

  • “Halloween yeeks” – Can’t believe it’s Halloween says Lucy she was wearing a cute witch costume. She loved Halloween it was her favorite holiday. She was an only child. The reason she loved Halloween was because of the scary movies and free candy. Mom dad can I. Go out trick or treating? Yes you can but your babysitter will hav Take you. So Lucy and t babysitter went treck r treating but when they got too an creepy looking house I was owned by a creepy old lady. People belived she was a witch. But since Lucy wanted more candy thy went too the hous and nocked on the door. An old wierd looking lady opened the door. Lucy said trecker tret. The lady said you are here for candy aren’t you. Yes said Lucy. Come in then the old day said. Lucy knew better not too go into a strangers house but s wanted candy so Lucy and the babysitter went in. They wen into the kitchen the old lady had an evil smile on here ace in er hads were an ax sh killed the Abuiteer and Lucy very badly. When the police go there there was o old lady. It was so gross hey had too get the FBI but nobody knew whs append and where t old lady went from this day. (I know this sucks just trying too write a story here.)

    This story is called Be Careful Who You Let In – Just don’t be late going too your friends house. Yes mom said Sally had blue eyes and bound hair. She knocked on the door at her friends hose and she opened the door. Come in said her said her friends name was Sam short for Samantha. She ad black hair and brown eyes. Thank’s for coming she said. They were having a slumber party. So they turned on the t.v and the news broke saying there was an killer who broke out of jail near night wing steat. That was te sad stream as Samantha and Saly. I’m scared said Sally. Stop being a baby said Samatha nothing is going too happen too you. So they went too sleep but at 8:00 pm the dour bell rang. Tat woke te Gris up. Saly was barly awake so she told Samantha too get the door so she did. Hours went by ad no word of Samantha Sally Erin too worry so she got p and went too the dor an wen she got tetr she saw Samantha dead with her eyes gin and her mouth us a scream. Then hours went by and te parents of Samantha car hoe and what they found still haughting tem too this day they saw tere daughter Samanta and Saly murrderd and they were missing there eyes. The police ever found the killer so be careful who you open the door to.

  • Enter at your peril – “Why do we have to move?” complained Sophia for the hundredth time. She moaned as the dilapidated old house came into view. Her parents insisted on buying it, being retired carpenters, they loved fixing up strange old houses to make strange new ones. As she stepped inside a musty smell overcame her other senses.

    “Remember, we haven’t checked it out yet because we like the surprise, it could be dangerous. Me and your mother are going to go and get my wallet, silly me, I forgot it in the old house! Anyway, you should go and pick out your bedroom, be careful though,” advised her vibrant father. “Fine!” She replied gloomily.

    Sophia waved as her parents drove away and then walked into the disgusting house. The house was made of wood and the roof was lopsided. A green goo oozed from the sides of the walls, “Horrible,” she said out loud. Sophia eyed the staircase suspiciously, thinking it would fall if she leaned on it, let alone walk up the stairs. After looking around the dining room and kitchen, she noticed a door, probably leading into the basement. She saw a note on the door saying “Enter at your own peril” and was instantly curious.

    While she was waiting for her parents, she decided to go through the door. Slowly Sophia opened the door ominously. Creeeeak… Darkness. All she saw was darkness. Sophia reached into her backpack looking for her flashlight, feeling something slimy, she recoiled in horror. She hadn’t brung anything slimy with her, only her flashlight and school books. Peering inside, she screamed, and dropped her backpack. Out rolled her parents freshly decapitated heads. Sophia fell to her knees and cried, when suddenly the heads opened their eyes and screamed in unison, “RUN!”

    Sophia felt like something was behind her, she turned around and saw me. I guess I got carried away and chopped her into tiny pieces with my trusty axe. Blood covered the walls and I laughed.

    “My mistake, I wrote ‘Enter at your peril’, I should have written ‘Open at your doom’. I wonder who will be my next victim?”

    You have been too interested in my story, you didn’t notice me sneak in to the room with my trusty axe. You are my next victim. Sorry, goodbye.

  • Death…

    The moon, which was the only source of light, rose high into the night sky and the wind howled menacingly. The fog clouded the the gusty trees until all you could see were the points of their heads. Footsteps pounded on the pavement. Thump. Thump. Thump. They stopped abruptly only to be followed by a high pitched shriek,”AAH!”…
    I screamed and rubbed my eyes, for there, in front of me, was a giant rabbit. It had ruby red eyes the size of saucers and two hairy caterpillars were perched on top. His nose twitched and it hopped a step forward. I slowly backed away… There was something odd about the rabbit, more odd then the fact that it was giant, 2 bright gold wings sprouted out of its shoulder blades, flapping frantically.
    “Don’t be afraid!” It cried in an inhuman disembodied voice. Its voice seemed distant and far away. My heart beat quickened rapidly. Boom boom. Boom boom. Boom boom. I took a step back and tripped over the cracked pavement. BAM! Skull clashed with stone and a piercing pain traveled through my brain.
    Head throbbing madly, I asked, “What are you?”
    The reply chilled my very bones as I fainted.
    “Your Death…!”

    Yesterday night, a young woman was found on the pavement, her body mutilated. The picture cannot be shown because it is too horrific. The police advise you to stay indoors, death could be around the corner.

    (It is a fictional story)


    Last 1964 the Dover family moved to Virginia from Massachusetts. They moved to Virginia because there was an unemployment in Massachusetts. They moved to a hilly town of Dominion heights. It was really far from Virginia beach but it was close to Richmond. A large colonial house was sold to them for just $50,000. The neighborhood and surroundings was very peaceful. The couples were Richard and Monica. They had 4 children who were Andrew (16), Emily (14), Anthony (12), and Jane (9). The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 was used and the 1 was used as a guest room, living room, loft/attic, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, basement and a spacious yard. They said that the house was haunted but the family won’t believe it. On their first 3 months of living it was very comfortable but after they encountered some unusual events. At a Friday night, the children were left there, Andrew and Emily were downstairs watching TV while Anthony and Jane were doing their homework upstairs. Minutes later they heard a scream of Jane and Anthony upstairs, The 2 older were rushing upstairs and went to their room immediately their scream stopped and ask them if what happened and they said that they saw a reflection of children playing on their bed. For them not to be scared they were convinced that to stay downstairs to stay together. After Anthony and Jane did their homework they did a little dancing and singing just to have some fun. 3 minutes later, they heard some audible footsteps upstairs. They paused and they stick together. They went upstairs slowly and passed every room until they reached at the end of the hallway. They saw nothing, they decided to go downstairs again but Emily screamed. She saw a headless woman when she passed by in their parents room and they rushed together downstairs. They called their parents and told them that they encountered some paranormal things. The parents said that they will be in a minute. A minute later, they heard a knock and they were relieved because it was their parents. The younger children (Anthony and Jane) explained their encounter while Emily explained it too. Robert said that they will settle it tomorrow morning. By the following morning the siblings rushed together downstairs and ate their breakfast. They took a bath and Andrew was the first one, A couple of minutes later the 3 other siblings heard Andrew screaming and opened the door immediately he was very pale like snow. They asked him that what happened and he said that when he opened the shower curtain he saw a dead corpse. They told it to their parents they want to talk to their old neighbor who is Ellie. Ellie was a 70 year-old woman who was an old citizen of Dominion Heights. She explained it to the Dovers and she said that all of the family commited suicide due to family problems. She said that Anthony and Jane’s room was once the children’s room and the name of the children was Margaret and Francis. She said that they were being murdered by their father. Margaret was 6 and Francis was 9 that time when they were killed. The headless woman in Richard and Monica’s room was the mother of Margaret and Francis. Her name was Amelie. Amelie commited suicide by cutting her head with a sharp slaying knife. She was just 35 that time when she commited suicide. And lastly, the corpse in the bathroom was Amelie’s wife who is William. William was the one who killed Margaret and Francis. He was the Major person in the family who has the most problems. So he decided to kill the 2 children. He convinced his wife, Amelie to kill herself. William was 40 that time. He committed suicide in the tub. The house was built in 1933. They quickly moved to another which is Colonial heights.


  • Red Roses In The Snow
    One day Elizabeth was picking roses in her garden, they had just started to bloom and she wanted to pick as many as possible. When she came back inside she took off her coat and greeted her mother in the dining room, she was preparing dinner for her, her 3 brothers, and her parents. Elizabeth grabbed a vase and filled it with water, while doing this she pricked her finger on one of the thorns but to her suprise, nothing happened but the stem of the rose began to turn red…She blinked and realized that her mother was calling her name so she could set the table, “Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Snap out of it!” Elizabeth helped set the table without a word. Weeks later, winter began and the roses looked beautiful in the winter snow each one of them as red as blood Elizabeth looked at them closely, she realized that there was a problem with the flowers…the thorns where growing sharper and sharper each second! She reached out to grab one and show the abnormally large thorns to her mom, but she cut her wrist on one of the other thorns…the pain was so bad she passed out in the winter snow slowly, the petals began to fall the flowers and fell around her pale corpse that was stained with blood, she layed there… she looked like she was sleeping she was so peaceful. The police never found her body but some say the roses growing was due to a ghost and the ghost dragged her away.
    (Sorry if it is too long but i hope you liked it!)

  • The Tailor Murderer

    There once was a tailor who makes lots of very beautiful dresses in a city near San Francisco.
    Her name was Irina Jones. She had hair that reached her waist, skin fair and white and a
    beautiful face. Irina had many customers in her shop. Everyday, 24 more people would go in
    her big shop full of dresses and buy her dresses. But the actual reason was she wore a dress
    with roses decorating here dress which attracted more people to her shop. One day, another
    tailor opened another shop beside Irina’s shop. She had blonde hair that reached her shoulders
    and she has a happy and cute face. The other tailor’s name was Emma. Soon after, more people
    would rather buy Emma’s dresses than Irina’s. But the main reason was, Emma wore a red dress
    which attracted people to go to her shop. Ah, so that’s why people don’t come to my shop, Irina
    thought. “But I have to concentrate on my work, with scissors in my left hand and needle on my
    right hand. My mother once told me that she used the same scissors I am using when she was at
    my age. The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts”, Irina sang while making more dresses. The
    next day, a murder has been commited in Emma’s shop. Her red dress was taken and she was
    stabbed in the stomach. Irina was concerned about the murder. Who would dare to murder a
    very happy tailor? After they couldn’t find the murder, they assumed it was suicide and that she
    removed her dress before killing herself. 4 hours later, another tailor came, her name was Alice.
    She had waist length blonde hair and a face of a French doll. She had a green ribbon on her
    waist to match her dress which attracted more customers to her shop. Ah, so that’s why people
    didn’t go to my shop, Irina thought. “But I have to concentrate on my work, with scissors in my
    left hand and needle on my right hand. My mother once told me that she used the same scissors
    I am using when she was at my age. The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts”, Irina sang while
    making more dresses. The next day, another murder has been commited. Alice was found hanging
    on the ceiling on her shop like a marionette puppet. Her green ribbon which has supposed to be
    on her waist, has been stolen. Irina became more concerened than yesterday. Why do they have to
    kill a girl with the face of a French Doll? Still, the police assumed that it was a suicide and that,
    she removed her green ribbon before her suicide. After 4 hours, this time, a girl who makes headbands
    opened a shop beside Emma’s shop. Her name was Ali. She had brown hair chin-length and a
    yellow headband which attracted people to her shop. Ah, so that’s why people don’t come in my
    shop, Irina thought. “But I have to concentrate on my work, with scissors in my left hand and needle on my
    right hand. My mother once told me that she used the same scissors I am using when she was at
    my age. The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts”, Irina sang while making more dresses. I’ve finally
    finished my work. The next day, Ali was found beheaded in front of her shop. Her head was near
    her body but her yellow headband was gone. This time, the people believe that there is a Tailor Murderer
    in town. The next day, people continued going to Irina’s shop. But they were suspicious that Irina
    was wearing a red dress, green ribbon and yellow headband. They asked where she got those but
    Irina looked at them with a creepy and malicious smile. The customers attemp to run for the exit but
    the doors were locked. And with one flash, everyone was murdered by Irina. It then reveals that Irina
    was the Tailor Murderer and that, she killed Emma, Alice and Ali. And she may be disguising herself
    as another tailor in your city and wait for the right time to kill you.

    The End.

  • The shadow
    Jessica was so excited for her 12th birthday, she could hardley contain her excitement. In the morning her parents made her pancakes and bacon while she was getting dressed. That day Jessica ate cake and opened up her presents. One was so big, all her relatives had to carry it from the porch! While they were on the porch, the phone rang, and Jessica thought it would be her bf, so she answered it. But all she could hear was a bonechilling scream. She thought that someone was behind her, so she turned around, and she thought she saw a shadow. But the screaming on the phone was creeping Jessica out, so she turned around and hung up the phone. After that, She thanked everybody for coming and emailed her bestfriend, beki, about the phone call. Beki just shrugged it off and said it was just a prank call. So Jessica went to bed. At about 11:30 pm, she woke up with a cold sweat. something was watching her. She slowly turned around and saw a terrifying sight. It was a shadow. The shadow of Beki. But the shadow looked like it was screaming, and it had horns too. The shadow suddenly stopped screaming and walked toward’s Jessica’s bed. Then it crouched down beside Jessica and whispered “your next”. Jessica screamed and ran into her parents room, waking them up and trying to tell them what happened. But her parents didn’t beleive her, so Jessica’s dad walked her back to her room and said ” it was your imagination. Forget about it. And Jessica believed him, so she went back to bed. But she couldn’t sleep. The more she thought about the shadow, the more she believed it was real. At 11:59 pm, she got that feeling again. She sat up and looked at her closet. The door as open. Jessica always closed her closet door. The same shadow came out of the closet, but this time, it’s eyes were glowing red and it had something in it’s hand. Jessica realized what was happening. She started to scream as the shadow ran across the room and pierced her heart.
    The next day, Jessica’s parents came downstairs to eat breakfast and on the wall it said “Your daughter is no more” written in blood. They called the police and they came over right away. But they never found Jessica. At Jessica’s funeral, Beki swore she saw a shadow. But then her cell phone rang and she looked away…

  • VENOM 2-Dog Lover

    “Look Brad! For your safety, I’ll stay with you tonight! Is that okay?” asked Connors, the chief inspector.

    Brad hesitated but recalled of what had just happened to Ives, his colleague. The latter had been killed by a presumed ‘psychopath’ in the Venom nightclub. His life now could be in danger and thus, Brad accepted his superior’s proposal.

    When he finally reached at his apartment, it was at about 3 in the morning. As soon as Connors stepped in, he saw a huge dog which pounced on him. The dog started licking his face and the man could feel the snuffling of a snout pressed on his chest. Luckily Brad came and caught his ‘Rex’ by its collar and said, “Sorry Sir, I forgot to tell you that I had a dog! Don’t worry, he only wants to play!”

    “Oh don’t be,” said the man while dusting his shirt, “I love dogs!”

    The young man laughed and said, “Sir, your room is upstairs! If you need me, I’m in my room!” Brad entered in his room, exhausted and threw himself into his bed. He gave a sigh, feeling drowsy and gradually felt his eye lids becoming heavier until he dozed off.

    After a while he woke up with a dry throat and quite thirsty. He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking of what had happened a few hours back. Ives was like a father to him. “Why would someone kill Ives?” he thought to himself. Just then, he heard a strange ‘panting sound’ coming from the next room.

    He slowly pulled off his blankets and without wearing his slippers he stepped on the cold linoleum floor. The latter turned the handle as softly as he could, pushing the door open just enough to slip in the kitchen. The lights were dim in the room and the panting sound became more distinct.

    The man tried to locate from where it came and he assumed that it was from the living room. As he made a few steps towards the living room, his left foot came into contact with a humid surface. As he looked down, he gawked in horror at the sight; there were bloodstains all over the floor. He felt a cold sweat dripping from his forehead. He moved towards a cupboard and drew from a drawer, his gun. Brad was practically swallowing his heart every other beat and tiptoed into the living room.

    He could notice a man kneeling down and who was doing a constant spiral movement with his hand. As Brad advanced, he saw bloodstains everywhere and his dog’s head decapitated. He wanted to scream and just at that moment, there was a beeping sound. It came from the kitchen; it was the answering machine. “BRAD! IT’S SHANE!!!! GET OUT OF THERE!!! THE PSYCHOPATH IS INSPECTOR CONNORS!!!”

    The kneeling man suddenly turned back and saw Brad having a gun pointed towards him. Brad was all in a sweat and pulled the trigger. To his amazement, all he heard was a ‘click’ sound; the gun was unloaded.

    As he pulled the trigger several times, Connors stood up. The latter gave a hair raising laugh and made Brad notice the huge blood tainted hatchet in his hand…

    well that was my story Venom 2, i have a venom 1 in store…

  • “the bloody love triangle”
    there where two best friends named Emerald and Joy.Emerald was extremely rich while Joy was poor.They met on the first day of school,Emerald was the first one to approach.Days passed and they became best friends.Joy started to have a crush on their handsome but stubborn classmate John,Emerald thought that he was ugly.but Joy liked him anyway.A month passed and Joy’s crush for John has already faded away,rumors started to spread that John had a crush on Emerald,Emerald was so delighted that she actually thought that John was very attractive,she fell for him very quickly but then she found out the rumor wasn’t true but still her love for John didn’t fade and it started to become an obsession.Months passed and Emerald was still crazy for John,constantly making a move on him which made everyday a fairy tale.Their class adviser switched the siting arrangements and Emerald ended up sitting next to John while Joy remained where she was.A month passed and Joy fell for John again,Emerald was so mad at Joy but it didn’t matter because she and John were already together,like “together” together.Emerald and Joy’s friendship was no more.After the school year John and Emerald were still together,when they came to school Joy wasn’t there,Emerald thought that she transferred schools but the real reason was terrible.The class adviser said to the class “Hello children,I know you are all wondering why one of your old classmates Joy is not here,well..during the summer Joy….(silence grew louder)…Joy killed herself!”Emerald,John and the rest of the class were shocked that one of their dear classmates took their own life.Out of curiosity,Emerald asked what happened.The teacher said that Joy slight her wrist in her bathroom but before she died she used her blood to write “I’ll be back” on the mirror with a picture of Emerald and John siting on a bench together stuck to the side.Emerald and John were so terrified that they were the reason why Joy killed herself.After school John and Emerald went to Joy’s house.Emerald knocked on the door and when it opened Joy’s mother opened it and “who is i–.you,you killed my daughter!!!You killed her!You killed her!!!”Joy’s older sister Jean pulled her mother away from them and went outside to talk to Emerald and John in private.”You must be Emerald and John,I’m Joy’s older sister Jean.I’m sorry for my mother’s actions,she just misses Joy so much.” said Jean.”Well she’s probably right though.” said Emerald.Jean told Emerald not to blame herself because it turns out Joy was abnormally impulsive.They chatted about Joy after awhile then at night they went home.Emerald couldn’t sleep because of Joy,she still blamed herself for her death then suddenly she heard a tapping on her window,when she looked she screamed!She saw Joy!staring at her by her window with eyes crying blood,Joy yelled “John is mine!He’s mine!” Joy screamed and broke the window and got in the house,she corned Emerald and tried to reach in her and rip her heart out but before she could she burst into flames as if she was being sent to hell.


    This is a true story.

    I live in the Philippines– a country where ghosts, spirits and elementals are so common almost every Filipino has a story to share. Well, this is one of mine.

    It was way way back. Back when there were no streetlights in our village and the roads weren’t cement yet, just dirt and stone. Back when all the giant mango trees which according to the elderly, were the dwelling places of the earth’s evil spirits, that lined the roads still stood there…challenging the bravery of those foolish enough to wander alone.
    It was an exhausting day and my neighbor’s father (let’s call him Lolo Martinez) was very tired from work. After hours of backbreaking labor under the Philippine sun, he decided to go home early. His good friend offered to accompany him, because he was a little too old and people make fun of him because he’s a faith healer (or witch doctor) and they think he’s crazy.
    Cars weren’t popular back then and their only means of transportation were their legs. It was late afternoon and it was still a little bright enough for them to see without using lanterns. The friend led the way as he guided Lolo Martinez along the main road. He decided to use a shortcut as he could sense Lolo Martinez was having a hard time walking, and the main road was really long.
    But then as they approached the shortcut, Lolo Martinez froze. He recognized the shortcut as the road he believed to be plagued by spirits. He started to retreat, but his friend didn’t believe in all that superstitious crap. He urged Lolo Martinez that it will be alright. He convinced him that going back to the main road would be too much for him to handle. Lolo Martinez said, “Fine. But on one condition. You will do everything I say until we reach the end of the road.” His friend agreed.
    As they were walking, the friend noticed that it was unusually quiet. There were no people around, and he could hear no other sound but the flip flop of their slippers. He was about to start a conversation but Lolo Martinez stopped him. He looked behind them.“Be quiet!”. “What is it?”, his friend asked. Lolo Martinez took a deep breath. “A spirit has sensed us approaching”.
    Of course he didn’t believe him but the friend kept silent. He started feeling jumpy. He felt as if they were being watched. He saw that Lolo Martinez became more and more unlike himself, always tilting his head from left to right and constantly looking behind them, like he was expecting someone to start walking beside them. The friend started moving his eyes towards the trees. There were birds perched on the branches, which he didn’t notice about ten seconds ago. They seem to follow the two men with their piercing black eyes as they walked past. It was getting dark, and the road seemed endless. He started hearing something heavy, like a man dragging his boot on wet sand. It got closer and closer. As they were nearing the end, a thick, sticky liquid fell on the friend’s s head. Lolo Martinez glanced quickly over his shoulder.
    Then the sound suddenly disappeared. Lolo Martinez grabbed his arm. “Whatever you do, DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU! RUN!”, he whispered. The nervous friend wiped the stuff off his shirt and started to run.
    When they finally reached the end of the road the friend quickly asked him, “Why didn’t you want me to turn around? And why did you keep looking left and right?” Lolo Martinez replied, “There was a giant white bird slowly following us with its wings fully outstretched, mimicking us as we walked. It cannot fly or run and it was taller than both of us. It got closer every time I checked. “But that’s impossible! The sound disappeared didn’t it?”, the friend asked. “Yes. That was when it was right behind us. It wanted to eat both of us. It’s wings are so wide I can easily see the feathers on either side!”
    A chill ran up his spine.The friend thanked Lolo Martinez for helping and vowed never to walk that road again.

  • The Bloody Arm
    I used to have a friend named Terry. He really hated this man who we called O.D. I thought O.D. was ok, but Terry, well saying that Terry though O.D. was the worst person on earth is an understatement. We were walking to school when Terry noticed that O.D. was walking across some railroad tracks. Terry picked up a rock and threw it at O.D. It hit him directly on the head. O.D. was unconscious, and his arm was sprawled across the tracks. I slapped Terry then started running. As I was running away, I heard a train coming.
    When I got home, I turned on the TV. The news was on. The news anchor said that a man’s arm was sliced off by a train, but they couldn’t find the arm.
    That night my parents and I were outside looking at the stars. I heard a rustling sound, and a bloody arm emerged from a bush! It grabbed my ankle, but my dad managed to pull it off me. That night we packed our bags and moved out.
    There were still some reported sightings of a bloody arm in the area.


    Scaryforkids says: I have read about 60-70% of them so far… Sorry, I am working on it, but it will take time to post them. I am also writing my own stories and some of these user stories need to be edited etc… Also, I wasn’t expecting people to submit so many stories. BTW if anyone sees a story here they think should be on the site, leave a comment and tell me (but u cant nominate ur own story)

  • A Mirror
    As many of you, probably, know that bloody Mary is supposed to be a way of calling forth a demon from your bathroom mirror. In which you close the doors, eyes closed, standing in front of mirror, chant s-l-o-w-l-y ‘Bloody Mary’ three times while turning in circle. If you open your eyes between the chanting you are, well, dead. Painful death.
    If you do it properly the outcome possibilities are, not one, but two. If you see a black girl disappearing in front of you it means that one of your relatives or friend will die pretty soon. The other possibility is that a black witch will come in front of you which mean (you surely won’t like) that you are going to die.
    Tim was a naughty boy. He would always do all the stuffs he was told not to. One day he heard about bloody Mary, from one of his friend. It aroused his curiosity. Then one day a thought slipped his mental barriers, which was to try it himself.
    As mid-night slowly descended on the world, Tim slipped out of his bed. He then, slowly, crept toward the cupboard. Where he had kept his candles (which he had bought by his pocket money) for he had planned already.
    He tiptoed toward the bathroom which wasn’t far. Slowly opened the door and sneaked inside.
    ‘I mustn’t be doing this. Oh! God. Help me.’ He thought, closing the door behind him.
    Then he switched off the light. Lit the candles. Stood facing the mirror and slowly began to chant ‘Blooooodiiiiiii Mariiiiiiiii’. A cold breeze whistled by his hair. His hair stood up all over his body.
    ‘Blooooodiiiiiii Mariiiiiiiii’ he chanted again. Fear enveloped him. His palms were wet by now. A strong urge to open his eyes swallowed him, but he fuelled his will power to resist.
    ‘Blooooodiiiiiii Mariiiiiiiii’ he chanted for the last time. A dreadful terror on his mind, he slowly opened his eyes.
    He saw nothing. No black girl. No nothing. Just…darkness. Then he heaved a sigh of relief.
    Silly. I was scared of this rubbish. He thought.
    Then something in the mirror caught his attention. He looked closely. Carefully. It was a long black hair. It felt strange. No one in his house had black hair.
    Then, to Tim’s utter horror, the hair grew longer and longer. Then suddenly a head of woman popped out of the mirror. The face was simply…horrible. Her skin carried many dark patches. Her mouth seemed to be just a straight line drawn with a knife. Her eyes-blood hungry eyes-were just a dark hole.
    Tim screamed but his mouth ignored his command. No words came out of him. At just stood rooted at his place. Then the next moment he saw that he had been enveloped by darkness from which no mortal had survived.
    The next morning Tim’s father walked toward the bathroom, unaware of what had happened to Tim. When he opened the door he immediately wished he hadn’t, because what he saw was beyond his reach of expectation. His son, his-only-naughty-but-kind-son, was lying like a stone on the cold floor. Bloodied. Murdered.
    He immediately ran toward his son. Or what was left of his son. His limbs had been torn. His heart was lying, burnt, on the sink. His whole body had been mutilated. His eyes showed a terrible horror. Grotesque.
    His father fainted, seeing his son in such a state, from which he never recovered. So both father and son lay dead, stone dead, next to each other.

  • (This is my best story yet i hope it get posted)
    Diary notes is a scary story about a kid who was murdered mysteriously when the police came investigating the crime scene they found a diary with the following notes:
    4th September
    Today i had a strange dream i was walking in my house hallway there was a man in the end of it i couldn’t stop walking like i lost control of my body i stopped at the edge of his body standing there staring at his face he let out a terrible laugh then he put his hands on my neck and chocked me suddenly i woke up i was sweating my heart was pounding so hard i couldn’t sleep that night.
    5th September
    Today i returned from school so late it was 6pm i kept hearing footsteps behind me but when i turn back nobody is there.
    Tonight i heard whispers in my ear i couldn’t recognize the words i was scared to death but i manged to fall back asleep
    6th September
    my parents where out for dinner i was walking in my house hallway suddenly i had the feeling that someone was watching me i ran to my room locked the door hid under the cover until my parent returned
    Tonight i heard the whispers again they were clear this time the words were YOU WILL DIE.
    7th September
    I Think tomorrow will be the last day of my life…..
    Damn I saw his face in the mirror behind me.
    (Hey sfk i think this story is great if you find it good enough plz post it XD

  • this is called ‘facebook’

    i coulldnnt figure out what happened to my friend on her profile picture it was almost like something was behind her something… EVIL! when i came overto my friend’s house i told her about the picture she simply replied “i didnt do it.” suddenly we heard a little keyboard tapping in the attic when we were up there it was a laptop and a note on the note it said ” peekaboo you put a ugly picture on your profile so i changed it….” then we want straight on the laptop and as her profile picture it was …. the thing i have seen on her last one BUT EVEN CREEPIER! as soon as that she deleted her account and never went to website like facebook ever again!

    ( i hope you like it)

  • look i got another even though i dont think she reads them some day is the titl.e oh mister some day where can you be in my basment behind the tree. one day three boys decided to play a game like blody mary or baby blue they wanted less generic ones. so they went on a guys website three of them the finder no to freaky. says jeff. smiles i get freaked out about clowns. and some day it goes some day i will see you some day where are you someday i will find you and some day is today. hello little children he said murrdering one. the others ran downstairs and turned off all the lights and hid whhhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeee are you. he flung open closet and killed another and jeff ran to the computer and it said to defeat him say some day i will…. if you liked tell me and i will post the rest

  • Scissors Woman
    (I made the story with the idea of the song “Tailor Shop on Enbizaka” by Luka Megurine)
    One evening, there was a baby named Luka, who was born in Japan. She was raised in a poor family. At the age 16, She was already working at a Tailor Shop with her mom who was suddenly ill. On her way home, she bought some tuna and vegetables. When she went to the doorstep of their small house, she saw her mom not breathing, she passed away. She mourned for weeks, after that, she began to work in the Tailor shop again. She found a pair of scissors at her house, lying on the ground. With a note attached to it.
    “My dear daughter, I have something to give you before I go, a pair of scissors. My time has been long now, and I think the Megurine family’s culture will be passed to you, here is the scissors your ancestors used. The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.”
    She used it for knitting sashes and fixing kimonos. But one day, she fell in love with a handsome man walking with a girl with a red kimono. She quickly got jealous and beared a grudge. On that night, she took the lady and killed her with the pair of scissors.
    The people started to get worried.
    Luka also got worried, because she thought that people would know, that she killed the innocent woman.
    She pretended like nothing happened. She went to the street. She saw that man again, but with another girl, a girl with a green sash and tortoise hair. She got jealous and again, she killed her, without knowing it was his daughter. The man greived.
    People were restless, they were close to finding the killer, Luka. Luka did everything for his attention, but she failed. She got tired and finally went to him.
    “Hello..” she said.
    “Hello” he replied.
    “I like you alot. I have been trying to get attention from you. Do you like me?” she said
    “I am sorry my lady, but no.” he faintly replied.
    She was devestated that the man didn’t even care, that night, she took him and kill him with the scissors.
    She was caught and finally killed. But her scissors still remains.
    “The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.”

  • There once lived a charming business man called James. He was a rich man and rather handsome. Now, as you may have already guessed, he was a hit with the ladies. At the age of 20, he married to a gorgeous model named Louella. She was Russian and so alluring with her deep, brown eyes, pale skin and curvaceous figure. They were deeply in love.
    On Louella’s 27th birthday, James bought a flight to Moscow as a surprise. He blindfolded her as they boarded the plane and when she finally was allowed to take it off, she gasped in delight. They shared a passionate kiss and all the other fliers smiled.
    On the birthday trip, James dedicated the holiday for Louella. They would do what she wanted, whenever she wanted. He’d spent thousands of pounds on this trip, and he wasn’t prepared to leave disappointed. They dined at the finest restaurants, swam in the purest oceans, slept in the softest beds and shopped at the most luxurious shops. But James grew tired of this lifestyle. He didn’t know it yet, but he was slowly drifting away from his adoring wife.
    One brisk morning, they walked to the nearest lake to admire the view. The lake was frozen, and a beautiful sight, glistening and shimmering in the pale morning sun. They fed the ravenous swans and marvelled at their feathers. On the long walk back home, James dreamed about his life back home. He was getting rather homesick, but Louella was just too demanding for him to leave. So he stayed.
    However, he started to avoid Louella. He booked her long facials and back massages so he could spend some time on his own. Soon, James realised that he had missed out on a lot with Louella. He began to take nature walks, go fishing, bird-watching, anything he could fit into his precious 2 hours alone.
    One bitterly cold afternoon, he went out to track some deer. They were common in the dense forests which surrounded James’s chalet. He packed his lunch and left early in the morning, avoiding his wife. He soon spotted a group of deer heading to the east so he ran, hurrying to keep up. In his haste, he tripped and with a thump, fell to the ground.
    When he awoke, he was not in the forest anymore. He was in some sort of back alley, covered in cardboard. He gasped and jumped up, ready to run away, when he caught sight of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had silky auburn hair snaking down her back. Her eyes were so blue and piercing, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Hello,” she said, smiling.
    “H-h-hi,” he stumbled, blushing shyly.
    “I see you had a nasty fall. Luckily I was out in the forest, and managed to care for you until you woke. I brought you here, you see, you could’ve been easily trampled. Deer are not as delicate as they look,” she smiled, linking arms with James. “I’m Natasha.”
    They walked around the plaza many times, James too awe-struck to speak.
    “What’s wrong eh? Cat got your tongue?” she laughed.
    “Er, no, sorry. You are just so, so, beautiful. Run away with me Natasha?”
    The girl gasped. But slowly nodded her head, tears dripping down her face.
    This probably sounds a ludicrous idea to you, but to James, it was everything he could have dreamed of.
    “Pack your things then, we will leave soon. Where do you live?” James asked.
    “I have no things, just nature. I do not have a home, I travel with the wind,” she replied, staring at James.
    “So you are homeless?”
    “Yes, I have no home. Is there a problem?” she asked, frowning.
    With that one word, everything changed. James dropped Natasha’s hand and stepped backward. He wiped his hands on his shirt, looking disgusted.
    Natasha’s face dropped. The shine in her eyes went. She took a deep breath. Turning around, she picked up a blue satchel from behind her. She looked around. The small woman made a motion for James to wait.
    “I feel a bad presence, stay here please. It is not safe around here. Stay.”
    James obeyed, sensing a strange feeling in the girl’s voice. She stepped forward and opened her mouth to speak. But no words came out.
    Instead, she plunged a knife into James’s torso, twisting it as she pulled it out. In an instant, James fell to the ground, his vision going black.
    During the last few minutes of his life James heard her singing. A sweet pure voice she had.
    ♫As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke.♫
    And then James was gone.

    So was Natasha, riding with the wind.

  • Potato Girl

    There was once a very beautiful little girl named Annie.She had a long,wavy,black shiny hair and a tan skin.She was about seven years old,and was sent to a very good school.For a few weeks she had studied there,but made no friends.The popular kids ignored her,and she didn’t have people to talk to.This was until one day,when she saw a small girl that looked about her age,sitting outside the school,carefully peeling a potato with a knife.She was rather unattractive,and had a skin with the colour of a potato.She asked the first kid she saw coming about her.He answered that she’s popular as the “Potato Skin Girl”,because of her potato-like skin & habit to peel them.Annie felt bad for her and decided to try and make friends with her.She walked up to her,and spoke:
    -Hello!Why aren’t you going to the classes?
    The girl shrugged and replied:
    -People think I’m creepy because I peel the potatoes.
    -I don’t think peeling them is creepy.-Annie said,smiling.-I’m Annie,by the way.
    -I’m Laurie.-the girl said happily.-And I’m glad you think that.I think you’re the prettiest girl of all.
    Annie was delighted by this compliment,and she knew they’d make good friends.
    -Here,have this potato.-Laurie said,handing her the carefully peeled potato.
    -Thank you!-Annie said to her,smiling widely.She had to go,so she said bye to the girl and went home.Her mom cooked the potato and made some dinner.
    As Annie was expecting,they were good friends.Every day,they chatted and played after school,sharing secrets like real friends would.And in the end of the day,Laurie would give her a potato,preciously peeled.
    But with the time,the other kids started to notice Annie.The popular girls invited her to play with them and she said yes.With the time,she spent less and less time with Laurie,and eventually even stopped spending any time with her.Soon enough,she and her new friends would mock her,call her names & insult her in every way.
    As Annie was walking out of the school one evening,she peered at Laurie,who was sitting on her usual place.Again,she was peeling potatoes,but this time,she did it roughly,and full of anger.Annie was puzzled,but shrugged & walked to the popular girls.Unfortunately,she tripped and skinned her knee badly.
    -It must be a coincidence-She said to herself,while looking at the way Laurie was peeling her potato.
    The next day,she looked at her again.This time she wasn’t peeling.Laurie just cut the potato in two.In the evening,Annie had an accident and broke her leg.
    She was scared.She knew it had to do something with Laurie.The next day,when she tried walking up to her,she saw that she was now chopping the potato in many pieces.Annie began to walk away as fast as she could with her broken leg.But on her way home,she got hit by a car.
    She barely escaped with her life.She had to be put in a wheelchair,had broken her hands,and her brain injury caused her to lose her voice.A person was hired to push the wheelchair to school and back every day.
    Her “friends” started mocking her,throwing rocks at her,call her names,taking advance of the fact that she couldn’t talk.She would just cry,soundlessly.One day,while the girls were insulting & hurting her,to their surprize,Laurie walked up to them with a cold chilling stare.She took an unpeeled potato,and smashed it into pieces with her own hands.That moment,the girls literary exploded,dripping blood everywhere.Annie looked at her with fright.She couldn’t scream or run anywhere.After that,Laurie spoke to her:
    -They won’t bother you anymore.
    Annie was relieved.She thought she had forgiven her.
    -No one will ever dare to bother you anymore.-with a sinister smile,she walked away.As horrified teachers walked up to the bloody place,they quickly came to the conclusion that she had killed them.Annie would shake her head,but they wouldn’t notice.The parents would defend her and say:
    -Our daughter isn’t capable of that!She can’t even lift her hands!
    -Oh really?Well,who else could it be?Ah..the “potato skin girl” that everyone is talking about.I don’t understand these kids.It’s just a legend,after all!
    After that day,the potato girl was nowhere to be seen.Annie couldn’t get what happened out of her head.Other words were also stuck in her head.”It’s just a legend..”
    (Well that was the scariest thing I could think of.Enjoy? ._.)

  • “The Cyclist” – You know how scary the legend of the cyclist is? It always sends a chill down my spine. Wait don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the legend! Well what you waiting for turn the lights on sit comfortably next to a window (I suggest sitting downstairs) are u sitting comfortably? Well let me begin. Long ago in the city of Birmingham there lived Robert Peterson. He was a young old chap! He was play full and always up to mischief with his friends! But most of all he loved tripping cyclists up! He always loved to hear the screaming of boys and girls falling of their bikes. But one day that all changed after the accident he was shifted into a mental hospital he was never allowed out, he was cooped up inside. U want to know what happened that day? Well here it is. Robert was up to his normal mischievous Day his friends came over to his house to play they turned on the radio and started to dance. Suddenly an important news bulletin interrupted them. ATTENTION!!! A CRIMINAL HAS ESCAPED FROM JAIL! SHES A LADY WITH LONG BLONDE HAIR SHE ADRESSES HERSELF AS KATELIN AND SHES ALWAYS DRESSED AS A CYCLIST PLEASE BEWARE!!! Everyone started panicking and screaming but then Robert said relax we don’t live near the jail do we? Plus I live in an apartment on the last floor and the doorman won’t let in a killer right? Some people calmed down but others remained tense. Each and every one of them wanted to go home but Robert wouldn’t listen so they carried on dancing after a while another news bulletin was heard. THE CRIMINAL IS NOW ON CHERRY LANE HEADING UP TO THE SUNNY MEADOWS APARTMENTSYOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS MUST BE LOCKED STAY CALM!! Robert and his friends where now panicking sunny meadows were where they lived! Suddenly they heard a loud ear piercing scream which was coming from their apartment floor right next door! Then their door creaked open and in cam a pretty woman with long blonde hair dressed as a cyclist. Robert asked her name and the girl replied katelin. All of Roberts friends went pale they whispered to Robert that the criminal was dressed as a cyclist she was long blonde and her name was katelin! Robert and his friends screamed! Katelin chopped off half of jack’s body! The girl looked up with a cunning smile on her face then she stabbed Lewis in the heart 10 times and sliced open his belly and ate his internal organs! Jake and Robert almost puked at the site but before they could stutter a word katelin cut off jacks head! Robert screamed and jumped out of the window and only then did he realize he was on the top window but before he could shout for help he hit the ground! He was taken to hospital and he was alive but very badly hurt. His heart was weak his organs were tangled and his belly was very thin and weak. He was taken to a mental hospital because of his behaviour. He tried to explain what happened but no one would believe him and finally after a year he went insane and killed everyone in the hospital! And finally killed him! Now I’m sorry but I had to pass this on if u do not send this to at least one person you will suffer the same now Roberts not that cruel he will let you choose who u want to be murdered like. Jake, jack or Lewis u decide! And die……. (how is my story sfk plz post it it took me ages to write it i wrote it on microsoft cpied it and pasted it took me a month to write it doesnt look long but on microsoft it did!)

  • ok here i dont own the rights to this story samurai One day a samurai was walking in a small japanesse village. he was looking for a place to stay. he knocked on a door the man anwsered and said he could stay. that night they were eating dinner when the mans daughter came and served tea. unlike most girls she did not look away from him he thought she was buetiful can i marry your daughter said the samurai yes but i warn you for some reason every man who falls inlove with her runs away screaming in the night im not afraid he said. lateer that night the daughter told him to meet her outside at midnight but not to tell her parents he had to swear and he did at midnight she said follow me he did and she lead him to the grave yard there she dug up a coffen and pulled out the corpse and then ripped off an arm and threw it to him if we are going to get married you must eat what i eat he took a big bite and was surprised it was candy hahah she burst out laughing you are the first man brave enough to be my housband but the samurai didnt laugh he looked angry CANDY i thought you were giveing me much more and grabed the shovel and started digging himself this time the daughter ran off screaming

  • New Story Posted By Me
    Lizard Man
    There Was Family Of A Mother A Father And 2 Children both of them boys there names were tom and max one night there mom and dad went on a trip so they were home alone there grand ma was there the kids played games then there was a black out the tv turned on then tom was already hiding under the couch a news bulletin came reports of a walking creature have been reported he is 5 feet tall and looks like a lizard then moments later max ran and got……… a stick and said that i will save you then the lights came back on tom came out and then a man appeared the grand ma died of fright (more like sleep)
    tom was turned into stone after looking at the creature eyes mox nearly killed the creature but it said “eta vor burros” and after that the whole city vanished into another realm full of monsters

  • Nurse Joy’s secret is a scary story written by bunny tsukino

    Title:Nurse Joy’s secret
    Summary:Well, where did you think all those Chanseys in the Pokemon Centers came from?

    There is something Nurse Joy does not want you to know. When a trainer stays at night, she takes he/she into a dark basement. In clear canopic jars are severed Pokemon parts. Joy will slowly walk up to you, with a demonic smile on her face.

    She will bring a knife out and sever your fingers. She will get a Chansey arm, out of a canopic jar, and than sever your whole arm, putting the fingers and the skin into the jar in which the Egg Pokemon’s arm was inside. She will get medical sewing equipment out of a plastic bag, and sew the new arm onto the bloody stump where your human arm once was.
    Shortly after, your new flipper-like arms will be controllable by your brain. Joy will gouge out your eyes, cut off your legs, and shove your head into a machine. That machine will deform your face to look like a Chansey’s. She will take Chansey eyes out of another jar, and place them into your empty eye sockets. She will do the same for your other body parts.

    You will wake up, and Nurse Joy will be cutting off the top of your new head. She will carefully take out your brain and place it in a canopic jar. She will take out a well-preserved Chansey’s brain and put it in your head. She will slowly sew the top of your head back on.

    You will wake up in a Pokeball, and will obey Nurse Joys every word. You will be a Chansey. Her Chansey.

    One sunny day, four friends were coming home from school. They were walking down an emptied street, playing and joking with each other. When suddenly, a note came flying on one boy’s face, Danny, covering his eyes. Not knowing, he bumped into his own friend. “Hey watch it!” The boy said, pushing him away. He fell to the ground, sending the note lying on the floor. Everyone laughed and joked about him. “Very funny” he said, rolling his eyes. He picked up the note lying on the floor. His friends went on; when he took some time to read the note. It was written in red ink, or blood… “See you tonight, signed: Dora”. Who the hell was Dora? He thought. He just shoved it off and got up on his feet. He ran to his friends who were almost on the other site of the street. “What took you so long?” A boy asked. “Nothing, I was just reading the note… It said, see you tonight… Someone named Dora wrote it…” He said, shivering. The note really touched him. “Ha! So scared! He is just scared of a note!” A boy made fun of him. Everyone started laughing. He lowered his eyes to the ground. He was the only coward boy in his friends. He looked at them and said in a strong tone, “I am not scared. I know some people love pranks…” He forced his lips to make a little grin. In real, he wanted to cry. He wanted to cry why he was scared of everything. Everyone went to their houses, and the day passed, until night came. Tonight his parents were going somewhere, so he called all three of them to his house. When they came, they all bought some special items with them. Like, Doritos, Lays, some bottles of Coke and some cookies. He appreciated it, and took the items from them. He went to the kitchen to put the items, when his friends started the TV and lied on the couch. He was really happy today. Bad for him, everything from his mind had flown away. He did not remember anything of the note. After putting the items on the kitchen counter, he went back to the living room to meet his friends. He was just sitting on the couch next to his friends that the doorbell rang. “Now who is it now?” He said. “Maybe it is Dora…” A boy joked. Danny was confused now, who was Dora? Then suddenly he remembered. “Oh, that Dora! Well there is no such thing!” He said, remembering. But, a strange sensation of a muffed up situation produced in his heart. And a shiver ran down his spine. He was scared now. He got up from the couch, and slowly stepped to the doorway. The doorbell rang once more, and he shivered. He slowly adjusted his eyes to the peep hole. Someone was standing at the doorway, a guy in a white shirt…And then he knew what was going on. He ordered some pizza and this was the pizza guy. “How stupid of me!” He joked to himself. He opened the door, and there he was the pizza guy. He reached into his pocket and took out the money to give them to him. And he fetched the pizza from his hand. He closed the door and ran to the living room. “Pizza’s here!” He shouted. Everyone grinned and they all ate pizza with cokes that night. They ate Doritos and Lays and some cookies to get their stomach full. After that, it was time to leave. It was 11:30, and his parents had to come at 12. After his friends left, he sat on the couch and watched TV. An hour passed, and his parents did not come. Now he was worried. He got his cell phone and phoned his dad. When his dad picked up the phone, he said, “Hey Danny, we were just calling you. I am sorry but there is bad news for you…” He said. “What bad news?” Danny asked. His father told him sadly, “I am afraid but a bushfire produced in the forest, blocking the road to come back. I am sorry but you will have to spend the night alone.” Now Danny was scared. He wanted to cry, but he said to his father, “Uhhh… Ok, I will, but please try to come home early…” “We will Danny, now talk to your mother.” His father gave the phone to her mother. She said, “Danny, please try to comfort yourself, and lock the front door and close all the windows that are open, and if someone comes and knocks the door, first call us and then we will tell you to open it or not. But please, take care of yourself.” He said ok and bye and hung up the phone. Now he was really scared. Scared, he went up to his room, making sure the front door and the windows were locked. He brushed his teeth, changed his dress, and went to bed. Not very long after that, he was awoken by a bump in the night. He opened his eyes and looked at the time, 2:45. He was a little scared because it was so dark. A shiver ran down his spine, something wasn’t right. He got up from his bed to have some water. He slowly made his way to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, and was shocked. The light from the refrigerator showed a shadow leaning on the kitchen doorway. He looked at the kitchen door, but nothing was there. He got the water bottle and poured it in the glass. As he was starting to drink, He heard a knock on the kitchen window. Now he was creeped out, he drank the water quickly, and ran up to his room. He locked his room door and got into bed, pulling his covers up to his face. And then, he got it. The room lights. He did not turn them off before going to sleep, he never turned them off. But who turned them off? Before Danny could think of anything, a hand snatched him, pulling him into total darkness.

    (I know the story was bad. Add and remove things if you want scaryforkids, but please, try to post it. This is the second story I am posting here… I am from Pakistan so my English is would be bad, if there are any mistakes in the story, please remove them.)

  • Tell me what you guys think of ” Dream Fariy”… One day I fell asleep and I didn’t wake up. In my dream, I saw a fariy and she was holding a bunny. I thought she was so pretty with her large, ocean blue eyes and wavy brown hair. Then, she extended her mouth and dislocated her jaw like a snake eating a rat, and stuffed the bunny in her mouth. I screamed in horror as the fariy grew larger and uglier. Her fingernails turned into talons, her ocean blue eyes went blank, and she grew a tail. I ran. I didn’t know where I was going, but if I didn’t leave soon, I was sure I was going to die. I ran, and ran, and ran, until I ended up in the middle of the woods. The sun started setting. I was alone, not a creature stiring. But i knew, the fariy-beast was looking for me. She would rip me to shreads with her fangs. I screamed, and screamed until my voice went hoarse. The last thing I remember before waking up was the blank eyes and talons shooting at me in attack. ( A short story called the dream fariy. Its simmaler to the video on youtube called ” Never woke up” its a creepy animated video that inspired this.)

  • Snow Angel

    Once upon a time,there was a girl named Rose.According to her,she had a perfect life-Two best friends,Anne and Star,and two loving parents.There was something special about her-she really,really loved snow.
    One day,an illness brought her mother down.Rose would read stories and prayers to her when she wasn’t asleep or didn’t have a headache.But soon enough,her mother passed away.Rose cried alot.
    Her father would do everything to try and cheer her up-spend more time with her,icecream,stories at night,vacations.She eventually would smile more and more,and be less and less sad about her mother’s death.
    That lasted only a few years,and while he was driving Rose to school,they got in a car accident.Rose woke up in the hospital,and asked where her father is.The nurse told her he had donated his heart to her,because she was badly injured.After that,she would not smile at all.She was an orphan.
    Having her two best friends,she wondered if they would die too,so she did her best to stay away from them.
    As the time passed,she went crazy.She felt the need for revenge.Trying to find out who was the one that killed her father,she came to a conclusion that it was Anne’s father.
    She murdered him one night,but wasn’t sent to jail because of her condition.Anne was so mad at her when she found out,and ended their friendship.As she walked away,Rose repeated “I’m sorry” in tears,even after she could not hear her.
    Winter came along with alot of snow.One morning,Rose looked out the window and smiled a little as she watched the snow.She remembered how she used to make a snow angel,and believed that if you do it long enough,you will become one.She cherished the moments she had with her best friends in the young years.Feeling lonely,she ringed Star and begged her to come over and talk to her.Star was sweet and forgiving,and told her she would come right away.Her house wasn’t far away from Rose’s.But hours passed,and she did not come.She felt sad and went back to her warm bed.She hadn’t been coming to school since that day.
    The next morning she found out that Star was murdered while on her way to the house.After that,she cried for hours.When she finally stopped,she went out the house.She was wearing only a thin night gown and underwear,and not much else.As she stared at the snowflakes,her body felt numb,but she didn’t care.She spinned around,catching the snowflakes,and after that,she finally lied down and felt the embrace of the snow around her body.
    The next day,at Star’s funeral,Anne wondered why Rose wouldn’t come.She thought it’s disrespect,and went to her house right after it ended.She saw a pale figure dancing in the snow and knew it’s her.She shouted at her:
    -Why didn’t you come,huh?!I actually thought you cared for us!What a best friend you are!
    The pale figure didn’t seem to notice.Full with anger,Anne continued to shout.
    -Miss,please calm down.-Someone approached her.She stopped shouting and went home,angry.
    While she was laying on the bed at night,she noticed someone come in.
    -Must be mom-she told herself.After a few minutes,she heard the footsteps come closer.The next second she was staring at the same figure she had seen dancing in the snow.
    -What are you doing here?!Get out,you’re not welcome here!
    -Come with me!-The figure reached out her hand to her.
    -I’m not going anywhere!
    -Come with me!Come with me!-she repeated.
    After that,she dissapeared in the thin air.A few minutes later,she heard footsteps again.She went out of her room and saw two people come in,recognizing one of them as her mother.
    -Honey-She spoke-Your father is alive.The one that was murdered was his twin.
    -I’m sorry for the confusion,dear.-He reached out his hand to the surprized Anne.-I was in another city.
    Anne sighed with relief.
    -Where were you today,by the way?
    -At your friend’s funeral.
    -But it was held in the morning.
    -Your other friend’s funeral.
    Anne just stared at them like it was a joke.
    -But I just saw her!She was in my room!
    -I know you miss her,honey,but she died yesterday.She’s now the snow angel she used to want to be.-her mom replied.
    She couldn’t believe it.She went in her room again and called out for Rose.
    -Rose!I know you were her a few minutes ago!Please,come back!I’ll go anywhere with you!
    Nobody came,and she could do nothing but cry.But when she looked up,she saw Rose staring at her.
    -I want to be a snow angel too.Take me with you!-she cried out.Her friend gave her an innocent smile,then took her hand,and they both got two beautiful,white wings,and both dissapeared from thin air.
    Anne’s body was found the next day,cold as ice,but with a smile on her face.
    THE END.
    (Lol.I think it’s more sad than scary,but,eh.As Jessie J says,Nobody is perfect :P )

  • This is a story I came up with at the last moment, I hope you enjoy! The story is called ” Use your manners.”
    A while back in 2007 a girl named Isabelle was trying out for tennis class. Her mother thought it would be a wonderful opportunity To make new friends and mingle with others interested in tennis. Truth is, isabelle wasn’t interested In tennis, her mother MADE her attend. When she arrived of course she didn’t know anyone or anything there. “Always be polite and listen carefully to the instructor, don’t forget to use your manners, darling.” Said her mother. “Ok sure.” Said isabelle. About an hour later isabelle had tube idea and knew the basics and rules about tennis. She thought everything was fine. A while later a new girl arrived to the group. Everyone fancied her. She had long orange curls in her hair with a green studded bow to match her tennis uniform. Her eyes sparkled blue and shehad perfect clear skin. She had perfect clear skin. She was the perfect package.. isabelle did t like that. She was envious, jealous, jealous because she couldn’t be like her, she had thought that if she approaches her and says something rude and nasty she’d feel bad. So as if nothing was wrong, Isabelle got up and approached the new girl. “Your hair is ugly and so is you’re face.” Said isabelle. She trolled asnif the new girl had done something wrong. She made rude remarks and the most childish comments ever. The girl simply it bored her and went on. Suddenly isabelle remembered her mothers chilling words “Use your manners. ” isabelle suddenly ran home. At night she awoke and saw the girl. She looked different now. Her hair was messed up, her face was covered in blood and suddenly had the figure of her mothers face. She stared for a moment the the Gil spoke “Did you forget to use your manners?” She said. Suddenly she Yanked out her arms from in her jackket and choked isabelle “Don’t forget to say please and thank you.” She mumbled Suddenly isabelle died.

  • This is a little sad and spooky story i just thought of ^.^ sorry about the spelling and such…
    The Prophesier
    My son was a bit not right in the head. He had problems. He never spoke. So, they sent him to live in the ward. And each time i visited him, I became more selfish and i could read my son’s thoughts. You see, he could… prophesize things that came his way. And most of those things were good, I kid you not.But it was the one summer of the early 1944. On the 13th of june, I came to see him in the ward. He had started predicting things on the 13th of every month and on that fateful day, i came to see him… I hadn’t seen him lately, and it was when he was about 20 years old. The nurses sent me a call saying he was acting up. He was silent for his whole life, a brain disorder probably. My husband forsake me shortly after he was born though, a sad way to start… Anyway,it was odd because all he did was sit around the ward all day in his wheelchair…and to suddenly start acting strangely boggled my mind… I arrived at the hospital shortly and went to my son’s room. He was alone and staring out the window. I tried to communicate with him, but he just turned around and stared at me. His limbs were bony and his skin was pale… He stared at me with those slate-gray eyes and never blinked. I was about to leave when spotted a note on the table. I picked it up and read it. In neat ink there was the word, ‘War’. I kept the paper and drove home. the next year, the world war ended… I came to see him often, meaning every month, not because i loved him, but because i was addicted to those little papers written by him often saying things like poverty, darkness, and greed. Of course, those things ended by me getting selected for a lottery and winning the prize, the dark clouds that brought the endless hurricanes and storms to our area disappeared… and even the mayor agreeing to lower the taxes. As I said, I became more selfish every time and only visiting to grab the paper and leave. The last paper that i grabbed, i looked over at my son, his eyes were watering and full of tears and his face was so full of hate for me because i had been the one shouting at him and grabbing the paper with out even saying hello… yes, my son did have feelings, and he was growing sicklier each month…. at that moment i felt true guilt but i went out into the hallway out of my son’s view, shook it off and opened the slip of paper. in neat pencil it said, ‘My life’. I felt guilty but quickly drove home, throwing the paper away. i went to bed and the next morning received a call that my son had died. All of the prophesies came true… war ended, poverty ended for me, darkness ended, and even greed… even my son’s life ended. Then i felt true guilt again and wept, it was my choice to act that way… i mean, i had chose to be selfish to my son’s benefit and now he was gone because i had treated him harshly and neglected him and his doings… So, later that day, i drove to the hospital and packed up my son’s things. I was about to leave when out of the corner of my eye, i found a slip of paper that i could’ve sworn wasn’t there when i was straightening up. I opened it and couldn’t believe the words on the paper. It was the note i receive yesterday, the one that told me that my son’s life was gonna end… instead, the ‘my’ was erased and replaced… the words on the paper said, ‘YOUR life’…

  • Hey, this is my first time writing a ghost story in English. I usually wrote them in Malay language in my blog. So I want to share one of my ghost stories to the readers of this website.

    -Did you just realized?-
    This is a true story, many students had experienced this when they enter a boarding school during high school year.

    There was a boarding school located in a village area. The dorm of the female students located far away from their classes. Here, the dorm usually turned off all the lights at 10pm every night, so all the students must sleep at 10pm. If the students want to do some revision, they need to go to the prep room nearby their dorm. At the prep room, there were many tables and chairs for the students who wants to do revisions there at night.

    One night, a girl wants to do some revision for the upcoming examination. She asked her friends to accompany her, but all of them decline her offer because everyone was too tired studying during the day. Moreover, they heard that there was a girl who was killed in an accident before and her body was cut into half. But she doesn’t believe the story because it was just a rumor. So, the girl ended up going alone to the prep room.

    When she arrived there, she saw another girl studying at a table nearby a window. The girl in the prep room offers her to do some revisions together. She accepted the girl’s offer and sit in front of her. The girl in the prep room is very friendly and clever. They enjoyed themselves by studying and share their problems about their studies together. After 2 hours studying in the prep room, she’s feeling a bit sleepy and accidently dropped her pen below the table. When she’s bending to reach her pen, she saw that the girl whom she’s studying with that sit in front of her doesn’t have half of her body. She was stumbling shocked upon what she was looking at. She was panicked and in the same time she was thinking to leave the room safely as soon as she can. She doesn’t want to stay there any longer and didn’t want to look at the girl’s face at all.
    So she told the girl that she wants to go back to her dorm because she felt sleepy. She packed her things hurriedly and walked fast to the door.

    Suddenly, the girl who stays in the prep room ask a scary question for her that makes her fainted. She asked her ‘Are you sure that you feeling sleepy, or.. Did you just realize my secret??’.

  • (the whole story of “Twin Cats”)
    Twin cats
    My name is John. One day,I was in a mall, buying some groceries.Then I saw two kittens both beautiful. They were giving them away. So I took them. I gave them all my love and attention. I was living alone so I probably needed a companion. They were good kittens- I thought.
    When I was home from work, I lay down to the couch and watch television. There was a news flash. “A couple found dead at lakestar street, bitten and clawed. I was in terror for a minute, then I noticed it was quiet. No meowing no clawing, no anything just the tv. I looked for them, they were missing. I looked for them outside, they were under a car. I immediately ran and got them. I noticed something in their bellies, it was blood. You two must have gotten to a fight. I thought.
    I cleaned them up and fed them. The next day, I was home from work again. Again, like everyday, I sit and watch tv. There was another news flash. “Martha Ellingswelth of Tankyard street, found dead, again, clawed and bitten, what could this creature be?”
    I saw them lying in there beds, sleeping, again their bellies were full of blood.
    I took a sample of the blood, I trimmed the belly fur, and put it in a plastic.
    The next day I took the sample, and decided to DNA test it. I forgot to feed them, i was in a hurry.
    Then the results were super shocking that I couldn’t move of horror. The DNA was from Martha Ellingswelth. I took off, went to my house, and unlocked the door. The cats were very hungry, do they clawed and bit me.
    “John Stewarts from Elderspring Street, found dead 3 hours ago. Clawed and Bitten.”

  • Sleepwalker..
    this story is set in the united states of america, i heard it from my sister … there was this man called charie times and ever since he was little he had sleepwalked. in his sleepwalking episodes he would walk around picking things up and smashing them against walls and floors and every morning his parents would wake up to a terrible mess and it got so bad that they has to put alarms as well as locks on his door to restain him from doing it. but when he got older he moved on and the sleepwalking faded away and when he moved out and got a girlfriend the sleeping slowly came back. his girlfriend eve was terrified when she woke up night after night hearing crashes as he demolished their home. but one night she had, had enough. she didnt know of the consequences of waking a sleepwalker… charlie reacted badly and beat up eva without even knowing. once charlie was finished he went back to bed. their neighbours joe and tina had heard eva’s scream and came rushing over and joe knew where the spare key was so he opened the door… and there in front of them,in the halway was eva’s body,
    bloody and lifeless. tina shouted out charlies name and he came running towards them covered in eva’s blood and there in the moonlight he flashed a kitchen knife at them and it appeared to joe that charlie was still asleep. the couple tryed to get away but couldnt, they were stabbed to death … to this day this legend still circles around america…
    (hiya SFK id really appreciate if youd comment or post this on your website thank you xx)

  • The Man In Black
    Danny Is 16 years old boy who loves his uncle so much when he was little his uncle used to tell him a story about a man dressed in black who kills children Danny used to make fun of the story one day Danny’s parents where out to watch a movie and his uncle was in vacation in England so he couldn’t come and sit with Danny Danny was sitting alone watching a movie when his phone rang it was a message he thought it was another silly offer so he didn’t see it about 5 minutes later the power was off so he was alone in the dark suddenly he felt some sharp pain in his stomach he fell off the couch and all he could see is a bloody knife on someone’s hand he closed his eyes and breathed his last breathe An hour later his parents returned when they entered the house they where horrified the carpet was covered with blood a bloody knife was stabbed in the table and there son Danny was lying dead in a pool of blood his mother fell down crying his father tried to clam her down when his mother opened her eyes she saw Danny’s mobile phone in his hand covered with blood she went to check it the inbox was opened and there was one message that he didn’t open it was from his uncle the mother opened it in it was the words DANNY RUN HE IS COMING FOR YOU
    (Hey SFK if my story is good enough plz post plz comment and tell me if you liked my story it means a lot XD)A

  • I hope you guys like this story. It’s the first one I’ve ever wrote. Please, don’t be rude. I’m a new user although i have been going on this website for years.

    My name is lily and my Sweet Sixteen Birthday is tomorrow. Since my family is comfortable financially, my mom and dad decided to hire a big stretch limo for all 84 other kids going to my Sweet 16, which took place in New York City. I was extremely excited for my Sweet 16. I’ve been looking forward to it for my whole entire life. Before I knew it, it was time to go to bed. My mom called up to me.
    “Lily, you have to get a lot of sleep. It’s a busy day tomorrow! Happy Sweet Sixteen, honey!”
    “OK, mom! Thanks! G’night!” I yelled back down to my mom.
    I got into her pajamas and then tucked myself into bed.

    Light streamed onto the floor of my bedroom, making my room very bright without any lights on. I woke up to the blinding golden sunlight shining on my face. I smiled to myself. ‘Today is going to be amazing.’ I thought. I showered, got into my best dress, curled my hair after drying it, and put on makeup. I slipped on her heels which matched with my dress and stepped downstairs to where mom was preparing a special Sweet 16 breakfast for me.
    “Here you go, honey!” my mom said. “Oh, don’t you look amazing!”
    “Thanks mom!” I said, already eating.
    I soon heard the car arrive, filled with the other 84 girls. My mom had planned it so that the limo picked up all the girls and then me, making me sort of like the grand finale.
    I hopped onto the stretch limo, while everyone crowded around me, wishing me a Happy Sweet Sixteen. The limo glided down the New Jersey streets, soon arriving on the highway. The stretch limo was particularly fancy. One kid stood up on his seat and clicked the button to open the sunroof. He invited two other kids to stick their heads out of the roof. They gladly went. I watched with a smile on my face, happy to see people even enjoying just the RIDE to my party. Suddenly, I hear cries and screams of pain, followed by a splatter of a thick, dark red liquid. Blood.
    All three kids fall out of the sunroof. They are dyed red with blood. They are obviously dead on the ground, but worst of all, they are headless. I happen to glance at the limo driver. He is staring back at the bodies with a deranged, twisted smile. By now, we are parked at the side of the highway. I stumble out the door and start to cry. I glance up, and notice that we are parked beneath an underpass.

    For those who do not get my story, theres a girl who is having a sweet 16 and on the way, three kids stick their head out the sunroof. the limo driver purposely drives under a low underpass while the kids are sticking their head out the roof, chopping their heads off, therefore making the driver a murderer.

  • Be careful what you wish for!
    Sammy was going through her VERY messy things in her room. As Sammy carefully went through her stuff, she found a genie lamp. A small paper was attached to the tip of the lamp and in big letters it said “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!” Sammy just through it to the side and studied the genie lamp. She opened the top of the lamp and a human came out. The man had blue skin, a small little tail on the back of his head, and baggy purple pants. Sammy gasped and said “Who are you?!” The genie replied “I am your genie! I can grant you as many wishes as you’d like. Have this blue neck lace, it’ll grant the wishes and protect you. My name is Adian, at your service!” Aidan bowed and gave her a shiny blue necklace. Sammy was a very greedy girl. Sammy said “First, I want to be rich and popular!” The next minute her room was full of money and she heard the door ring lots of times but, Sammy didnt care. “I wish I had the most beautiful face in the world with the worlds cutest clothes” At that moment Sammy looked inside her closet and had VERY cute dresses. “I wish people saw me as there leader” Immediatly the FBI burst in and made her sign lots of things. “I wish i was in the beach with no humans except for me and Adian” Adian and Sammy were at the beach, the waves were smooth and the sun was setting. “Adian! I feel someone following me, who is following me?” Adian replied “Other things are following you, you wouldnt understand” Sammy was furious “Stop lieing, I wish you went somewhere else” Immediatly Adian disappered. Sammy yawned “Im getting so tired. “I wish i was in my own palace!” Sammy was now standing on a golden floor with a soft bed. “Finally time to sleep!” But Sammy looked at the windows and saw people staring at her and shouting “Sammy is here! Lets get inside!” Sammy said “No, dont get in. Just because I’m popluar doesnt mean you have to stare at me” Sammy soon fell asleep, but she woke up at 3am, by the heat. She looked out the window and people were still staring at her. “STOP STARING AT ME, I WISH YOU WOULD GO AWAY” All disappered, but at that time she heard footsteps comming toward her. She looked up and saw strange thing staring at her. Sammy remembered that at about 12am she took of her blue necklace. One of the strange things that looked at her said “Hi Sammy, your not wearing your necklace now right?” Sammy said “So, that doesnt mean anything!” The strange monster said “You werent suppoesed to be greedy, and you sont have your necklace” The monster took out a knife “You look so good with those cute clothes and with your beatiful face. Come on boys, TIME TO EAT!” The next morning, all that was left were bones and blood dripping from the bed. No one didnt care because they all hated Sammy. Aidan got on Sammy’s grave and spit on it, he said on top of her grave “You shouldve listened to me!”


  • THE ANGEL ( TRUE )!!!!

    my 6th grade teacher told us a story and lately i found out the maening. but first the story: (pretending to be him) at one of my old jobs one day a man that looked homeless walked in. i asked him if i could help him. he nodded. i asked if he was hungry. again he nodded.(after getting food and a drink) the man didn’t eat his food and drink. i ask if he needs some money or a place to stay. he nodded. ( leaves to go talk it over with another worker) when i came back he was gone and the whole time i was outside the door with no other exit in the room.

    meaning: it was a angel. i read that God sends angels to earth to test humans. my teacher was one of those people!

    please tell others this story!!!! blessed be!

  • The Sunday Demon.

    She comes when you don’t know
    And if you don’t do as she wants
    She’ll steal your soul and make it a show!
    Have you ever wondered why you’ve feeled like you’re being watched?
    Well you see…
    She was once a woman in a cell, with a big problem in her way a latch
    She was so upset so she promised that she’ll kill anyone who doesnt believe
    (Oh by the way, you’re next!). I’m not really good at poetry as you can tell. Lol. I hope you guys enjoy it!

  • The Inn

    I take out my cell phone and text my friend, Nancy. “r u sure this is where the haunted inn is?” She quickly replies.
    “that dark tall building at the end of the road is the inn”
    I put the cell phone away. My friend had told me about this place. She said that it once was an old inn that was very popular. According to her, one day a person was killed there and so they shut it down, but that the killer might still be inside. I was bored, and being kind of stupid, so I accepted and followed her directions via text. “So this is it…” I said to myself. “Looks like a mansion.” I walk up to the door and see a note pinned to the door. -DON’T COME IN- I text Nancy about the note, but she didn’t reply. I turn back and start to head home, but it starts raining. I pull my hood up. Lightning. I get scared and run into inn. The second I walk inside I regret my decision. But that’s when I hear a voice. “Help…help…help…” It sounds like it’s coming from upstairs. The creaky steps, the musty smell… I don’t know why I walk towards the voice. I just do. “Help…Help…HELP” The voice is getting more and more anxious. I come up to a door. The voice sounds loud and it is very clear. I slowly open the door, scared out of my mind, wanting to scream but I feel like my vocal cords are gone, I can’t make a sound. “HELP ME NOW!!!” I look around the room. I look everywhere. I hear breathing. It’s behind me… I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look. The face of an old, crazed woman, face mangled, blood dripping from her body, with a knife raised.

  • The Girl that Never slept
    A long time ago there was a girl named Helen. Now her family was very rich. One day Helen was taking a walk into the town with her father. They stopped at a gypsy cart. Her father wanted to ask her a question. “Madame Lianda” said her father. “What is my future like”? “Your future is dark” she said. “One of your children will be cursed”, she said. Helen had two other siblings Jane and Faris. “One of your children will do something bad to upset someone. They are going to place a curse”, she said.Helen and her father rushed out of there and went back to their mansion. “Honey”, Helens father said to her mother. “The gypsy said a curse is going to be placed on one of our children”, Helen’s mother’s jaw dropped. The next day Helen was walking home from her friend, Kasira’s house. She came upon a feild of flowers. Sadly she didn’t know a woman who knows black magic owned the field. When she started picking them the woman came out she was angry . She told Helen to stop but, she didn’t listen. So the woman said some words and then she yelled “GET OUT OF MY FIELD”! Helen looked up and left taking the flowers with her. That night Helen was very tired but, she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes didn’t want to close.She stayed up the whole night. The next night she ws visited by a demon. The demon of no sleep. The demon had long black hair and she was bloody. Helen was terrified she was upset because she couldn’t sleep. the demon spoke “Helen… you have a curse on you..” . Helen didn’t want to beleive but, she remembered what the gypsy said. The next day the demon visited her again “Helen..I have to take your soul…” and so the demon did. Helen was forced to stay awake for an eternity.

  • Shadows~ Shadows, they dance around in the dark hiding their evil desires. They prey on fear and insanity. It’s funny since they are usually the cause of every fear and fear leads to insanity. They have no problems in their life as they hide in corners or behind people and objects, striking fear into the bravest of hearts. You can never run, never hide, because they will always be there, looming and waiting until they see a weak spot to strike. They will slowly drive you insane as you mumble as you hit your head against the wall and bite your nails ‘Go away, Go away, Go away’ over and over as a chant until you finaly grab a knife and slash at your wrists, alowing the red liquid knowen as blood give you freedom from the shadows in the form of death. The shadows will only feel annoyance at this and move on to another victum, to touture and torment for the rest of their misirible life. The immortal shadows only bring death.

  • Haunted Costume
    Lily was preparing for a big play that was coming up in a couple of weeks. When she got her costume she was really happy it was pretty. She stared at it for a moment just to make sure there were no rips or anything. Then she tried it on.As soon as she slipped it on she had this weird feeling. She began to float in the air and then she crawled up the wall. Her mother walked in to see her daughter up on the ceiling staring at her with her head turned all the way around.Her mother was terrified and she called a priest. When he got there Lily was now sitting on the floor in the corner speaking latin and she was still wearing the costume. The priest began to recite words from the bible.Lily spoke and said “You can’t save her!! Now shes wearing the costume!!!” The priest went down the stairs and told the mother something. “Look that costume shes wearing is possesed. A long time ago a woman named Kathy had died in that costume now she possesses it. We must get it off of her before Kathy claims your daughter”. That night Lily’s mother was able to get the costume off of her but, then the demon of Kathy appeared. He face was clawed up and she had an evil grin. Kathy came closer and closer to Lily’s mother and said “Since I can’t have her. I will take you”!! The next day Lily woke and couldn’t find her mother.

  • Lady Killer 2
    One day Amanda was going to visit Liam. He and her have been dating for three months. Liam of course cleared his basement of the dead bodies. When she got to his house he was sitting on the couch staring at the t.v.Amanda sat next to him and kissed him. Liam had recently killed a girl named Jenna but, of course Amanda didn’t know. So that night Amanda decided to sleep over.While she was sleeping Liam brought a girl in the her house her name was Emma. He of course had his way with her and killed her silently. That morning Amanda woke up and found the blood stain on the floor at the end of the stairs. “Liam what is this doing here?” asked Amanda worried. “Oh, I spilled some paint”, Liam said nervously. Liam knew this was the first girl that he didn’t want to kill. “Oh well can you clean it up”? asked Amanda. Liam nodded his head and started cleaning it up, he smiled at Amanda. Later that night him and Amanda had you know what. “Liam I love you” Amanda said. “I love you too”, said Liam. While Amanda was sleeping Liam knew what he had to do kill her.So he but something on the stairs so she would trip. That morning Amanda got up and walked down the stairs then she tripped. She called for Liam. He came and looked at her tears in his eyes and said “Im sorry love but, I must move on to another girl”. He stabbed her in the back and she slowly died. “I love you” she said as her last breath slipped.

  • Andy, I will do the challenge. It might not make you shake or anything like that, but I’ll do it 

  • Lady Killer
    There was a 17 year old girl named Hailey she had tan skin hazel eyes and long brown hair. Of course it was around prom time every boy wanted to go with her but, there was one in paticular that caught her eye. His name was Liamhe had brown hair and blue eyes. Hailey would look at him every day. “Do you want to go to prom with me”? Liam asked Smiling. “Yes, Yes” Hailey said happily.So the night of the prom Hailey had on a white dress. Liam was wearing a suit of course. They both went to prom and happily danced with each other. Hailey thought she loved Liam. Well..a little while later she wanted to go home but, she knew her parents left so she asked Liam if she could go to his house. Of course he said yes. When they got to his she Kissed Liam happily but, Liam wanted to do a lot more then kiss. “No Liam”, Hailey said. ” Come one man,please”. “No I said No”, said Hailey. Liam was a little mad. What Hailey didn’t know was he had a special charm that makes girls do whatever she wants. So that night they did what he wanted. That morning she woke up she was completely naked. She put on Liam’s shirt and ran down the stairs. But, sadly she tripped on one of the steps and twisted her ankle she couldn’t get up. She called for Liam. He came but, he had a knife. He whispered in her ear and said ” Sorry Hailey but, you gotta go. Ill see you soon”. She felt the blade of the knife cut her throat . She died. Liam stared at her body. He drug her body down to the basement with all the other ones of the girls who fell for him.

  • The Haunted chat room
    A boy named 14 year old boy named Jacob gotten home from school and logged on to a chatroom. His username was Jakeisgreat. He talked to different people for hours and hours when then finally he met someone interesting. Her username was Alliewillgetyou. Hey and this girl talked every day of the week tehn one day Jake asked a question. Maybe do you want to met me someday? he asked her.She typed back “Sure at your house tomorrow night. Jake was confused because this girl didn’t know where he lived so he put I live at 54123 Makin Street. The next day Jacob got all dressed up and when his parents left for work he messaged her. Are you almost here. She anwered yeah. A few minutes later. There was a girl with blonde hair standing outside he knew that was her. “Hi im Jacob” He said kindly. “Im allison and I am so happy to finally meet you”, sahe said exitidly. Too bad what Jacob didnt know was Allison was a demon that eats BOYS. As soon as Allison persuaded him to kiss her she kiled him. And she ate him. When his parents got home they discovered blood every wehre but, no Jacob. They did find a note He liked me and I liked him so I decided to eat him signed, Allison. ( For entertainment and its not my best work.)

  • The Cursed Clock
    One day a boy named Nate who was walking back from school. When he spotted a clock lying the grass. On the back there was a note taped to it it said Whoever holds the clock will get the curse of Marolyn Fock. Nate didn’t really care about the note he ripped it off .Nate showed his mother the clock she thought it was cute so she nailed it on a wall in the living room. That night they all went to sleep. At 3:00 A.m Nate woke up. He heard a low moaning saying “You have my clock now you are cursed.Nate became scared but, he was able to fall back asleep. He woke up in the morning and heard his parents fighting, he hated it when they fought. Nate threw on his clothes and shoes and headed for the bus stop he prayed his parents would stop. As he was standing waiting for the bus a few older kids were bothering them “Hey twerp” said th one named Jared give us yourlunch money. Nate knew he didn’t have a choice so he handed it over. Then when Nate got to school his teacher Mrs. Tardon yelled at him. But, then something fell and hit her in her head. She lay on the floor bleeding. All of the sudden a white board marker floated in the air and it started writing something it said Nate you must go. Nate got up and left the school quikly. But, when he got home he discovered police there. “What happened” asked Nate as tears rolled down his face. “Theres been a terrible crime here. The two people inside were killed”, said the officer. “Those two people were y parents”< said Nate. A few months passed and nate forgot about the whole thing. But, then he again discovered the clock. He knew it was fimiliar. So he brought it home and asked his grandmother about it. His grandmother was shocked to see the clock. "Nate where did you find that"? asked His Grandmother. "Outside", he answered. "Nate, that clock belonged to a gypsy.She set a curse on that clock. You must throw it back outside", siad His Grandmother. Thats when Nate knew that the clock caused his parents and his teacher to die. (This isn't my best work. And its not really scary. I made it for entertainment not critisism)

  • here is my “story” i am a critic of horror i have looked through your stuff and even thoug there were good ones i think you can do better i am challenging to post something that will truly shake me i want it to be posted in Tell Me Your Story i want it to be called “the decider” i dont want something cheesy like a werewolf or a monster but something that is real surprise me if you are willing to step up to the challenge i am giving you 2 weeks

  • Joint twins

    There was once a pair of joint twins who lived in a small town in England. They were 2 girls and they were born in America but their parents decided they should move due to bullying.

    The girls names were Amanda and Grace. Amanda didnt mind being joined with her sister. It wasnt the best thing ever but it wasnt the worst was her point of veiw. However, her sister Grace hated being joined to her sister and begged her mom and dad for an operation to seperate them.

    “Please can we get the operation!” She often said
    “Its way to pricey!” Her mother often replied

    Grace hated Amanda and as the girls got older her hatrid got worse and worse…

    As Grace and Amanda`s 14th birthday approached Grace dicided she had enough.

    “What do you want for your birthday Amanda?” Asked her mom

    “Drawing pens and some other drawing stuff please!” said Amanda

    Before her mom or dad could even ask Grace said…


    “Its to pricey…” Said her dad

    That night when eveyone was asleep Grace woke up and dragged her sister out of bed. She tied her sisters arms tightly to the bed with a skipping rope. Then she made sure her sister was sleeping and pulled. She was pulling in the oposite direction and could feel her flesh stretching. The pain was getting unbearable. Just then her sister woke.

    “Ow! What are you doing?” She moaned

    “Giving us our freedom…” Grace replied

    Amanda turned her head and saw blood oozing from her side. Amanda screamed and her mom and dad woke. They rushed into the room and saw a gigantic pool of blood guts veins and chunks of skin on the floor.

    “GRACE STOP!” said their father

    “FREEDOM HERE I COME!” Screamed Grace with one last tug

    Grace fell to the floor wailing in pain. She was free from her sister. It hurt but she was so happy. She turned to see Amanda and when she did she was so frightened…

    Amanda`s skin had been ripped off she was just muscle and bone. Grace pulled so hard that she pulled her own sisters skin off.

    Amanda did not survive but Grace did. The rest of Grace`s life was spent in an insane isylum.

  • i have a story dont know why i bother no one likes them
    here its called gamer. in the middle of the night your playing a brand new game ands it late on a school night but you dont care only one person is on xbox live with you and a new person comes the old one leaves you wonder whats his deal so on your mic you say whats up he says i want it i want i need it i need need what you freak he said easily beating him you i need you your life i need it he said well he said get better at video games your awful and turned off the the xbox and went to bed in the middle of the night he heard stuff on his tv and it was off it said i want want i want i want it I WILL TAKE IT his bedroom door opened and silence was all he wanted …. and antoher even though no one likes them name chatroom well heres a story of mine i hope you like it wont matter in a second i was up late one night chatrooming with 3 friends but it was late so they left i was about to leave when someone new came on i never met him and his user name was blank like nothing there and i was like who are you and hes like i see you and i was like no sheet sherlock im on face time and hes like clever smart @$$ but i mean i see you in your family room on your laptop talking im about thirty minutes from your house and i say yeah right rick that you no reply ten minutes he said yeah right he said here let me show you my face it poped up it was a trap i ripped my own eyes out you may say yeah sure but even when i cant see i will never forget the horror i will never see again kind of like how you dint see when i walked in the room your in and well dont utrn around

  • The Ride In A Train

    One day there was this girl named Jessica. She was looking at the train arrival time-table, and found that her train was about to leave. So she ran to the ticket order counter, and quickly bought a ticket. She ran straight to the train. She is meant to catch and made it. When she got onto the train she saw that the only people on the train were these 3 girls. The 3 girls were all sitting on one seat. So Jessica decided to sit on the seat that was across them.

    On her way down the aisle she saw that the middle girl was staring at the seat she was going to sit on and the girls that were beside her on either side were staring straight ahead. When Jessica sat down she started to get freaked out coz the girl in the middle was staring at her. Then the ticket-collector came to the girl and said, Excuse me ma’m can i see your ticket?

    Jessica replied, Yeah sure.

    When the ticket collecter looked at the ticket he said to Jessica, Sorry ma’am, but you have to come with me your ticket is fake.

    Jessica said WHAT!? No that can’t be! I just bought it 2 minutes ago.

    He said Ma’am, come with me, otherwise I will call the police.

    So she got up and went with the man and went into his office.

    He stared at her and said Look, your ticket wasn’t fake. i did that because the two girl that are beside the middle, strangled her to death before you even got on the train!

  • Dead people cant talk even if they are ghosts.
    Hi my name Nicole and this is MY story to tell, not anyone else if you quit reading good for you, your smart and will not know what is in store, if you continue, you better bring a extra pair of pants. It was a sunny day and i decided to go for a walk in the field in the middle of a desert well all most deserted town. I had a feeling someone was watching me but no one was to be seen and then NICOLE!! OVER HERE! was my neighbor Alfred it was weird that he was out here, no one likes him, he is in the 50’s. He does not talk much but if he wants to talk to me i better go see what it is. Hey there kido! Hi Alfred. Look i made a new hideout wanna check it out, youll be the first one! Okay! he led me in, i was so stupid to trust him! last thing i remembered was a bag being wrapped around my head but now im not alone now abunch of kids are here from the town so i got nothing to worry about. But remember DEAD PEOPLE DONT TELL STORIES! remember that kidos! :)

  • Hi guys! This is a story called ‘Rock-a-die-baby’

    Sophia had a poor family, but loved them with all her heart! There was her Father and Mother. But she mostly loved her little baby brother ‘Jason’. In her house there was only 2 room. A bedroom and living room (They had a stove there to cook their food!) Sophia and Jason shared a bed, while her mother and father slept on the scabby couch. Little did Sophia know but once, her family was rich and lived in a mansion! But after her Father lost his job, it all went downhill from there.

    Jason was sleeping, and Sophia was taking care of him when she heard her mother and father argue! She didn’t catch much, but she heard her Father say ‘We can’t afford to keep 2 children! We need to get rid of one!’. ‘No! There isn’t any care home near by!’ Said her Mother. Sophia was horrified at this, and lay down in the bed and was cuddling in with Jason, wondering who will go. Her father always won arguments so she was sure one of them had to leave…forever.

    The next morning it was pretty sunny and there seemed to be no clouds in the sky! ‘its going to be a lovely day!’ Sophia thought, forgetting about last night. She could see the bright sun, pounding the heat through the hole in her ceiling. After a long day of heat and sun bathing, she went to check on Jason. Knowing her Mother would have fed him she wasn’t that worried. ‘Still sleeping?’ Sophia said quietly, and kissed him goodnight.

    The next morning was another sunny day! This time she wanted Jason to feel the heat, rather than being cooped up in a tiny room all day. When she went to wake him up, she noticed he wasn’t breathing! ‘Mum! Dad!’ She called. They came running in. ‘Whats the matter, deary?’ said her Mother. She told them what’s wrong with Jason. They just stood there with a grin on their faces. ‘Well, he was wasting most of our money so we…’ Her Father stopped.
    ‘Choked him in his sleep’ Said her Mother, delightfully.

    After a week of tears. Sophia finally decided it was best for the family. And that night, she fell asleep. She had a strange dream. Sophia, her Mother and Father were at the graveyard, burying Jason! Placing down that coffin, it moved slightly. Jason came out and said in his childish voice ‘I will be with you forever!’ And flew towards her. Sophia awoke, with a fright.

    She noticed a brand new doll sitting at the bottom of her bed. It looked like a wealthy baby boy. She loved it and thanked her parents, yet they don’t know what she was talking about. Playing with her doll all day, she grew bored. Left it by the river and went home. It fell in…

    That night Sophia had another dream. It was Jacob, all soaked, angry…and rich… ‘You left me there to drown NOW I WILL DROWN YOU!’

    A news reporter says ‘The local river grew larger last nights rain and a flood was formed. It wiped out an old shack, and its family living in it…’

  • Bloody Camping
    Sam,Sarah,Alex and Tom Went out Camping They Built Up The Camp Fire Sat Around It And Started Telling Ghost Stories Then Sam Wanted To Go To Bathroom But He was In The Wildness so he had to do it behind the trees so he went deep in to the forest after 5 minutes his friends started to hear some footsteps they thought it was Sam They Could make out a dark figure moving towards there camp he was holding something in his hand when he got closer they could see him clearly he wasn’t Sam he was a tall man holding a knife Sarah let out a loud scream but it was too late the man already stabbed the knife in her chest Tom ran but the man got him and stabbed him in his back Alex ran too fast that the man couldn’t catch him but after 1 km of running Alex fell and broke his leg Sam finished and returned to the camp a few steps away he could see the man holding Alex head in his hand Sam Backed Up slowly so the man couldn’t hear him when he got so far he ran to the hill he could see his camp but the man wasn’t there suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back he fell don from the hill he broke his two legs and he could see the man up on the hill he was bleeding so hard after 5 minutes he died after 3 days the police got that man he escaped from the insane asylum and hid in the forest and was killing anyone who steps in the forest the police found 8 bodys in the forest all of them were killed by him
    (Another Version)
    Sam,Sarah,Alex and Tom Went out Camping They Built Up The Camp Fire Sat Around It And Started Telling Ghost Stories Then Sam Wanted To Go To Bathroom But He was In The Wildness so he had to do it behind the trees so he went deep in to the forest after 5 minutes he finished and returned to the camp he saw his friends lying in a pool of blood he fell down to his knees and started crying whe he got up he looked back and the last thing he saw was a man holding a bloody knife in his hand
    (hey scary for kids plz post this story i want my story to be posted on this cool website you can post one of the versions or you can post twice of them plz)

  • Little princess
    Sleep well tonight
    Lets walk upstairs
    Let me tuck you in tight

    You seem to be cold
    I can help with that
    Let me tie you with this rope
    Let me lay you on the matt

    Don’t try to scream
    Struggling won’t help
    I will make you dream
    I will make you yelp

    This knife on your neck
    Your blood on the floor
    I now must get going
    Don’t worry,I’ll remember to lock the door

    From the woods I watch
    Under my umbrella I smirk
    Hearing your parents scream
    Makes me love my work

    Oh my next victim
    Who could it be?
    Maybe you,your children?
    My work is so fun
    Wouldn’t you agree?

    A poem of a babysitter who travels around,killing the children that are left to her care

  • Fast footsteps (based on a true story of me)

    It was night, well like 5 am. I woke up because I heard a noise. It was fast footsteps. It sounded more like running but those footsteps where faster than a human can run. My heart was beating like crazy. So i told myself “maybe its just my cat.” but then i found out that my cat was sleeping by my foot. I had to go to sleep but it was too loud. The fast footsteps were running down the stairs then back up like 5 seconds! I was freaked out. No one on Earth can run that fast! Then, the footsteps were coming to the same room I was sleeping in. (The room had no door because it was the family room). Slowly, slowly, then really fast back to the stairs. I could tell my cat heard it because his ears were twitching and he would look to the sound of it. Then, my cat got up and left. I was worried but i knew he was okay. I was just alone in he room, next, I heard like a doorknob turning and letting go. Like if someone were trying to unlock a locked door. It sounded like my brother’s room it was coming from. Finally, like a few hours later, I was still awake. I heard my dad waking up! It was like a miracle because all of the noises stopped!!
    I told my dad about it but he called me crazy. Everyone in my family except for my cousins. So the next day, I had to have prove, I brought my recorder on my phone ready to take action! But I never heard a single sound. To that day forward I didnt hear a single noise. Until I was sleeping in my aunt’s house……


  • The Doll
    One day, a girl named Akira was shopping with her mother. They were at a thrift store, when Akira spotted a life sized doll with glass blue eyes and fake blonde hair. It had an upturned nose and pale plastic skin. She immediately wanted it. “No, Akira,” Her mother said, “remember we aren’t buying anything?” Akira nodded glumly and had her head down the rest of the time. The next day, they stopped by there again. Akira begged her mother and finally, she got the doll. They bought the doll and left.
    When Akira got home, she started to play with the doll. She dressed it up in her outfits and talked to it. She played with the doll constantly. She had named the doll “Aki”. Soon, she began to get bored with Aki. Her mother had bought her a new doll, “Emiko” for her recent 7th birthday.
    For a year, Aki was consumed in the darkness of Akira’s spare bedroom. It got coated with a thick layer of dust, and when Akira finally brought Aki out, Aki was covered in cobwebs.
    “Are you keeping it, Akira?” Her mother asked Akira. Akira shook her head and tossed the doll in the dumpster, for the next few days, she did everything with Emiko until one day, she found Emiko missing.
    She had put on a sad face for most of the day, and then returned to her happy, cheery self. While she was sleeping, she was awoken with a loud THUMP! Her eyes opened, and she heard a high, Barbie like voice whisper, “I’m on the twelfth step,”
    Akira was scared. She knew this person was talking about the twelve stairs leading up to her room. She wondered if her mother was playing a trick on her. But no, her mother could never imitate that kind of voice she heard.
    Thirty minutes passed and Akira heard another thump and someone whisper, “I’m on the eleventh step,” The voice had grown just a bit deeper, and had a madness to it of some sort. Akira hid under her covers until another whisper rang out.
    “I’m on the ninth step,” said the voice. It sounded closer than it did before. Fear swept over Akira and she shrieked softly. Another thump.
    “Eight, seven, six, five steps, now I’m on the fourth step,” Another whisper said thirty minutes later. Akira gulped out got out from under her covers and hid under the bed.
    “Four, three, two, ONE!” A voice whispered after another thirty minutes, and the door burst open. Akira held back tears, wondering if the person would find her. Small footsteps walked closer to her bed. Now, Akira was shaking.
    “FOUND YOU!” A maniac voice said, and pulled her out from under the bed. Akira turned around and saw Aki, with a bloody knife in her hand.
    “Mommy, why did you stop dressing me up? Mommy, I loved you but you stopped loving me.” Aki said, her plastic hand tightly clutching onto the knife. Akira whimpered, now wide eyed.
    “No, no, Aki, I never stopped loving you,” Akira began. “I—I love you, very, very, much!” She said and stood up. She was so fear stricken she didn’t know what to do.
    “No you don’t Mommy, and now you’re going to pay. I love you!” The doll shrieked with such madness, it scared Akira even more. Aki struck the knife deep into Akira chest and smiled a sinister smile.
    Akira’s brown eyes stared up at the ceiling, lifeless.
    Her mother was also found dead, her throat slashed. Police looked at Akira’s diary, and found one chilling entry:
    “I love Aki but Emiko threatened to kill me if I didn’t get rid of Aki.”

  • Hide and Seek
    One night, a girl named Lauren was babysitting her two brothers, Rory and Austin. It was 9:00 P.M, so she sent them off to their bedroom upstairs. As she waited for her parents to return, she soon got bored watching TV. She walked up the stairs and knocked on Rory’s and Austin’s bedroom door. “Let’s play Hide and Seek,” Lauren suggested to them both. They nodded and ran off to hide.
    She closed her eyes and counted to fifteen, then began searching. In the middle of finding the two boys, the power went out, pitching her into darkness. She was now worried because something bad could happen to her brothers. She frantically ran around the huge house calling out their names. “Rory, Austin!”
    There was no answer, and Lauren let out a shriek. She felt someone was choking her. She pried the fingers off her neck and set into a sprint up the stairs. She opened a door and recognized it as the bathroom. She entered it and locked the door. She hugged her knees to her chest in the corner. She could hear loud footsteps out the door, then came a loud BANG! Someone was banging on the door. “Go away!” She screamed.
    She wondered what happened to her brothers. She felt mixed emotions flow through her. She stood up one the banging stop and walked to the door and unlocked it. She opened the door, and waited for nothing in particular. Then someone punched her and she blacked out and fell to the floor.
    When she woke up, the lights were on again. She got up and ran to her brother’s room. She opened the door and found them under the covers on their beds. They came out from under them and hugged Lauren. Then, once again, the power went out. She felt a searing pain in her chest. Something warm oozed down her shirt.
    “This is the best Hide and Seek game ever!” Austin said a sinister smile across his face. In his hand was a knife.

  • (Hey This My First Story It’s Called The Creaking Door)
    The Creaking Door
    Tom is a teenage boy who is left alone in his house all the night his mother worked hard and she usually returns at 11:00 PM his father went insane after the horrible death of thier first daughter and tried to kill him when he was 1 year old but his mom stopped him and killed him one night Tom was watching TV and wanted to eat some food so he decided to make some salad before he entered the kitchen he heard his room door creaking upstairs he thought it was just the wind but that was strange cause he left his room window closed Tom grabbed a knife and chopped the tomatoe but while chopping it he cut off his finger Tom finger was bleeding so hard Tom grabbed a bandage and wrapped it around his finger after that he went to the phone to call his mother so she can take him to the hospital but before he could grab the phone he heard his room door creaking again after that by 1 second the electricity went down Tom was in panic if he couldn’t get to the hospital he will lose his finger after 1 hour he heard his mom car so he went out of the hoose to see her but before he could reach the house door knob he heard the door creaking again he was scared to death but he got out to serch for his mom but when he found her he fell down to his knees and started crying his mom laying down in a pool of blood with a knife stabbed in her heart when he got up he could see that the house electricity returned he looked at his bedroom window he could see a little girl standing at the window smiling and then she disappeard he went back to the house ran to his room upstairs but in the way to his room he could hear the door cracking again when he reached his room the door was opened and there he could see the ghost of his dad holding a bloody knife the same knife stabbed in the heart of his mom and beside him he could see the little girl smiling in a develish way the last thing Tom remebered is the knife being stabbed in his heart
    (this is my first story i hope it get posted and i like my idea about every time the door creacks something bad happens i hope you like it sorry if it was too long)

  • ~Theresa~
    I would watch her from two blocks away. Her smile could light up the universe. Her long golden brown hair with that cute pink bow embedded upon it. Her name was Theresa she was the most popular girl at school and I knew I had zero chance with her I was very chubby and stout and hadn’t even grew any hair on my chin. Everyday I would sit alone at the “NERD” table and stare into her beautiful, sparkling eyes. I sent her notes in her locker everyday saying about how beautiful she was. Im sure that they all ended up in the trash. One day she came over to me and said quietly “I really like your letters” My spirit was filled with joy as she gave me her address and told me “Come over later” I quickly scrambled home and got ready. I put on my best suit and shoes and oiled my hair back. I told my parents I was off to the library and started walking to Theresa’s house. I made a sudden halt at a huge black mansion. The grass was black as if there had been some kind of fire there. The door was filled with termites and some kind of rotting wood. I tried not to mind it and knocked on the door. Theresa came to answer it but this was not the Theresa I fell in love with. Her hair was now black and her eyes were light red. She quickly snarled “Come Inside” I went in and my eyes grew wide with horror. Inside her house was filled with nothing but bodies. I didnt know whether or not they were dead but I knew I wanted to go home. I turned to leave and she whispered in my ear “Baby you’re not going anywhere” She laughed. She outstretched her hand and the door slammed shut. ” You stay here I’m gonna go get something” As soon as she turned her back to go in the kitchen, I ran upstairs. I found a small room and locked myself in it. Then I heard a soft voice “Im not gonna hurt you dear I just wanna give you something” Then I heard the sound of heels coming up the stairs. I quickly glanced around hoping to find a mean of escape , but before I knew it there was a knock on the door “Let me in baby cakes” I quickly hid under the bed while she walked in. “O my I wonder where he is!” she said. “Maybe he’s under the bed.” My heart started to flutter as she stooped down. Soon we were face to face. She grabbed me by my hair and said “You’ve been a bad bad boy” while sharpening her knife. She displayed a small grin and said don’t worry you’ll see me in hell !
    ~The End SFK i’ve been writing lots of stories simply because I love to write and it would make my day if you would just use one of them! Thanks ~Scary-Samii5

  • The Haunted Night
    My job sucked. I was being paid on minimum wage and my job was the smelliest, and the nastiest. I worked as a janitor in a public hospital. Every night was the same I was treated with disrespect by almost every co-worker because I didn’t get the highest grades in college. Every time I tried to stand up for myself it was the same thing “Shut up janitor boy” I wanted to quit so bad but which business company would want to take me? I had dyslexia and I had Parkinson’s disease. So for my own good I would just stay quiet and do my job. One night an unexpected job popped up for Dr. Ligion in another state. She said she would have to start driving now to reach by six am. So it was me all alone in the dark hospital. Truly I was very much afraid but I tried not to panic as it would only make matters worse. Suddenly there was a deafening shatter. My hands began to tremble as I remembered I was the only one here.
    Finally my shift was over I quickly gathered my things and left. As I approached the subway I noticed that it was empty and there were neither any people nor trains so I had to walk. From I had left the hospital I had an eerie feeling that there was another presence behind me.
    But every time I turned around there was nothing there.
    Suddenly I heard a rough, scary voice saying “Come,Come”
    Trepidation slowly elevated up my spine as I saw a black figure in the distance. It slowly started moving towards me. My feet suddenly felt like cement bricks as terror overcame me. It was almost face to face with me when my legs decided to accelerate. The figure said “STOP” and almost immediately I came to a sudden halt. I could not help the tears that had began to drip down my face. The person was tall and had a somewhat crooked back and he had a prickly goatee and bright yellow teeth. “Hi” I said as he stared into my eyes. I tried to scream but my voice had suddenly disappeared. The man laughed and his breath seemed to had knocked me out. I woke up in a coffin beside the man. He looked different his skin had rotted and he had no teeth at all. His hair had disappeared and his face was as smooth as a button. I tried to conserve air but within two hours I had died of suffocation.
    :) its ur girl Scary-Samii 5 again! plz read SFK nd btw ii am 11

  • Leave Now
    The day finally came when my husband and I finally had earned enough money to move into a new house. I’ve been itching to leave this old dump of an apartment and move into a proper house. The next morning i sprang out of bed as I heard the “Pro-Anthonies” moving truck parked outside our apartment. Finally me and my husband could now work towards building our family. The drive was about two and a half hours and my jaw yielded to the force of gravity as i saw a large 3 storey house in the distance. Almost immediately I asked my husband how we afforded it? With an unsure look he said it was surprisingly very cheap. Thinking that it was some kind of discount I brushed it off very quickly. But as their new neighbors saw them they quickly made a sudden halt to what they were doing and hurried inside. Wondering what this was all about I went next door and rang the doorbell. The woman cautiously opened her door. Forcing a smile she said “Hi I am Maggie and have you read the history about that house?” “History?” was my question. She quickly responded “My dear friend for your own good Leave now!” and then i was standing in front of a wooden door. The only thing I could think about was The so called “history” That night i booted up my laptop and quickly started researching. My eyes grew bright when I read that ” This house was the house where Mistress Julia and her husband died. Rumour has it that at exactly 12:00 they kill any victims that are in their house” I quickly ran upstairs and told my husband I begged him to come before it was too late but he was in a very deep sleep. Before I could even blink I heard “Ding Dong!” and looked at my watch. My heart began to beat as if it were a hungry gorilla locked in a cage.
    Then I heard laughter and “Leave Now”. I quickly made my way downstairs and bolted to the door but it was too late the door was sealed shut. I then heard an ear piercing scream. “Johnny! NOOO!” was all I could say before my husband was killed. Then I realised it was now my turn I tried to scream but a cold hand covered my mouth I was dragged into the bedroom and put beside my husband where I was stabbed to death !
    How do you like it ITS REALLY LONG but I love writing stories and if you like it and use it this will not be the last of Scary-Samii5

  • Computer Kid
    P.J dumped his back pack on to the floor. It was friday, and his school didn’t give his class any work on the weekends. He ran up the stairs to his room, and sat down in front of his computer. P.J played on it for hours. Everyday; after school. He had bloodshot eyes from looking at the screen for so long, and pale skin. He didn’t care how much his Mom told him to get off his laptop. That night, he had a strange dream: He was playing on his laptop and then a massed man cam trough the door with a big gun. The he shot him. When P.J woke up, he was in a room with letters, and data (computer stuff; internet etc.) But now P.h is stuck on the internet watching you typing, or anything your’e doing on the web…………………..

  • hi, sfk… im rewriting THE BLOODY TOOTH or whatever u want me too call it lol (pleez tell me if its better
    Bill Jenkins was walking down the road, the sun shining, the birds singing softly into his small ears. But he wasn’t calm at all. he was scared and nervous. he walked swiftly and nervously down the sidewalk because of a horrific event that happened only days before… on that very road… A young woman had been captured, and killed by a serial killer. The serial killer only wanted the young girl’s teeth and one by one, yanked out her teeth and then left her bleeding and stabbed with a knife, to die on the street…
    the serial killer had been al over Bill’s city and had been killing people in this way. Bill was worried very much, but now he was more than frantic now that the killer was last spotted in his very neighborhood! Now, Bill was trying to fill his head with happy thoughts, but the shadows seemed to snap at him and threaten him with certain death. As he speed-walked down the pavement, he spotted something glistening in the autumn, early afternoon sun. A tooth? odd. He bent down to examine it.

    Just then, something grabbed his backpack and pulled him into the alley. He screamed and something punched him in the mouth. He tasted blood and felt his baby teeth knocked out. The person was grabbing for his mouth! He had a deep voice, a dirty, gritty face, untrimmed face and had evil eyes. Bill screamed for help again and, on impulse, grabbed his house keys in his pocket and jabbed the man in the arm with them. The man howled and let go. Bill ran as fast as he could back to his house. As he ran, the man shouted something after him….. something about revenge…

    Bill found his babysitter at home, because his parents were at a conference. The baby-sitter asked why his mouth was all bloody. Bill had to lie. “The bullies again…” he told her “They ALWAYS beat me up like this.” The baby-sitter, Clara, was an expert in first aid, and fixed him up real nice so that you couldn’t tell he was bruised and battered. He went to bed early and tried to practice hiding his lost teeth when his parents came.

    The next day,Clara sent him off. Bill didn’t talk much that day, and spent his time avoiding people and standing alone, like he usually did. And when Bill came back from school, he tried not to talk so much either, for his parents were back, and he didn’t want to cause trouble. Besides, it wasn’t that bad… if the man would have hurt him more, then it would be necessary to tell his parents. Or that’s what Bill thought…

    Bill was only in 3rd grade then, and he still had some of his baby teeth in. He greeted his mom and dad and ate dinner with them. “How was your day at school, Bill?”Asked his dad. Bill nodded which meant, ‘Yes, it was ok” and he bit into his steak and yelped. “Congrats!” Said his mother. “You lost another tooth.”

    That night, after they cleaned him up, his parents examined his mouth, and, not much to his surprise, Bill’s parents freaked out and Bill had to lie again about the bullies at school. His parents scheduled an appointment with the dentist immediately, the next morning. Bill woke up the next morning uneasily because of lack of sleep. He had been tossing and turning all night because of a jaw-ache.

    His parents drove him to the dentist. “You’ll be seeing a different dentist today, and he will tell you about those baby teeth you suddenly lost and how were going to fix you up.” His mother said as they pulled into the lot.

    THey walked in and there was no lady at the front desk, like there usually was, but they waited for a while until Bill’s mother was sure no one was there. “Hello?” She called impatiently. A male voice answered, finally. “Come on down, Bill. Room 13, Examination…” It called. His mother ushered him to the hallway. “Go on, Bill. I’m going to be waiting in the car in the lot. I’ll come get you when it’s time, ok?” She said.

    Bill walked down to the room 13. He walked stiffly because he was sure he’s heard that voice before… He was nervous. What if that man did do bad damage to his mouth… He was also sure that there was no one here. No receptionist, no patients in the waiting room, no dentists walking the halls… He got there. The dentist walked in. He had a dirty, gritty face, an untrimmed complexion and glaring eyes.

    “Hello, Bill.” He said, staring at Bill, putting on his gloves and not moving. He had a deep voice. “Well, how… nice… to see you again.” He chuckled. “Open your mouth.” He ordered. Bill was frozen n fear, but did as he was told as he sat helplessly in the dentist’s chair. The doctor walked over to him and looked inside his mouth. “Ah,” he observed. He sighed and grinned slightly. “Just like the young lady that I fixed a few days ago…” He shook his head. “Well, her teeth were oh so damaged and beyond repair…” He looked straight at Bill. “Good thing I took care of her…” Now he held out his hand for a handshake. His arm had a stitched, grotesque cut on it. Fairly fresh. Bill shook his head and squeaked.

    The dentist took bak at his hand.He strapped bill’s hands to the chair. “Why are you doing this?” He asked. “Who are you?” “Well, Bill, ” the dentist said. “I have a thing for people who mess with me.” He looked at his hideous cut on his arm. “Now, stay still, Bill.” he ordered him as he fished for something in the dental tool drawer. He finally pulled out a long knife covered in dried blood. “This is going to hurt a little…”

    The last thing Bill heard was the strange man whispering something… something about… revenge.

    Whoo! hope you like it, guys! You too SFK. ;)

  • ~*Something in the wall*~

    A family of three moved into a modern,beautiful house. It was spacy,the couple was more than happy,especially after buying it for just a low price. Their little girl,Delilah,explored the house up and down. She was filled with glee and couldn’t wait to start living in her new home. For months the family lived happy. The parents had good jobs,and their beautiful daughter had all she could ever want,including a beautiful room with a fantastic view of the woods.

    One night,the family as asleep. Delilah slept in her bed peacefully when she was awokenn by a sudden noise.


    Delilah woke up and thought nothing for it. So she went back to sleep. A few minutes later. The noise started again.


    Delilah woke up again and looked around her room. The only light was the moonlight coming through the window,and the sea-shell shaped nightlight that was plugged in. Delilah stared into her room for a few minutes when she heard it again.


    Delilah got off her bed and walked around her room. She followed the noise,it seemed to be coming from the wall. She got her ear up to the wall and decided to repeat the sound she had just heard by tapping it on the wall.

    “Tap,tap,tap,tap,tap.” Delilah tapped.

    There was silence. Suddenly after a few minutes. Delilah was responded with a big ‘THUD’ against the wall,as if someone,or something,had punched or slammed its head against it. Delilah fell back and screamed. She ran into her parents room and woke them up. She yelled at them that there was something in the wall. Her parents looked at eachother and explained that it just must be some insects that crawled in and were walking around within the isolation. Delilah was to scared to go back alone,so she slept with them that night.

    The next day the family spent it as if nothing had happened. When night came Delilah didn’t wanted to go to sleep in her room. Her dad walked in the room with her and tapped the wall himself. Getting no response he convinced her that it was probably just ants. With that he walked back to his room,and Delilah fell asleep in hers. A few hours later,it came back again.


    Delilah woke up and looked around her. She shook in her bed,staring at all sides. She heard it again.


    This time it started to echo in different parts of the room,as if it was tapping on all the walls around her. Delilah was shaking in fear. Somehow,she managed to bring up courage to speak.

    “…Hello? Who’s there…?”

    Suddenly all of the noises stopped all at once. This made Delilah’s heart sink in fear. Maybe she had made a grave mistake? There was silence for a few minutes. Suddenly,her nightlight flew from the wall and fell on the floor. Delilah’s eyes quickly turned to the plug,only to see a dark like,thing,claw looking,retreating from the holes of the plug. Delilah was shaking in fear when she screamed for her parents. Her parents walked in,tired. She insisted again that there was something on the wall.

    Her dad simply yelled at her,telling her to stop dreaming of crazy things,and to go back to bed. With that,the parents walked away. The girl satted there in her room,shaking in fear. The noises started again,but more violently.


    It echoed all over the room. Delilah was scared,but also angry and frustruated. She builded up the courage to stand from her bed and walk over to one of the walls. She slowly got her ear to it,and shaking,tapped the rythm back.

    “Tap,tap,tap,tap.” Delilah tapped.

    She prepared herself for another ‘thud’,like the other night. But instead was greeted by something more terrifying,a voice spoke.

    “Little Delilah,Little Delilah,you have found the rythm I like. You will now stay with me forever,within the halls of the walls.”A raspy whisper answered. Delilah froze in fear as the closet door behind her slowly opened. Delilah’s screams echoed through the house before dying out.

    Her parents quickly jumped from their bed and ran to their daughter’s bedroom. They turned on the lights and screamed to their horror. Their daughter was nowhere in her room,as blood covered spots of the carpet,seemingly to drag into the closet. Their parents called 911. The police came and searched everywhere,inside and outside. Delilah was nowhere to be found. The trail of blood leaded into the closet,into a wall. There were no hidden doors,no passages,nothing. The trail simply ended infront of a solid wall.

    Delilah’s parents were filled with grief. They lived inside the house for years to come. They have reported numerous times to have heard their daughter’s voice,echoing within the walls of the house. But after much investigation,nothing came up. So Delilah’s case went cold,and forgotten,never to be revealed in public.

    So now that you know Delilah’s story,what about you? Do you hear taps or clacks in the night? Are plugs unplugged from time to time,even though you swear they were plugged? You better keep a look out whenever you move into a new house. Who knows,there might be something in the wall…

  • hey sfk please read my story is called the innocent i possed it like a week ago. i worked so hard on it is really good just please read it im finishing the secong half but just please read it and everyone else too i know yall enjoy it

  • Rose loved scary stories. She usually spent hours everyday trawling the internet, desperate to find a new story. When she did, she read through it hungrily but was mostly disappointed to find the story didn’t fulfil her needs. Then she came across a new website. It was called ScaryForKids. Now, this website, she had never come across before, so in a rush of happiness, she devoured every story on the website. All except one.
    It was called Button eyes. Every day, with tears welling up in her eyes, she desperately tried to click on the link but nothing came up. She clicked until her hand was literally blistered but still, nothing happened. Rose spent every day on the website, and her parents even called a counsellor because they were so frightened of Rose’s condition. But no counselling could help her.
    The little girl usually left her laptop on all night, after she succumbed to sleep at around 11. But tonight, she stayed up later.
    Rose lay down on her bed and sighed. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was a few minutes before midnight. She had a strange superstition that the story may appear at the stroke of midnight. A few minutes passed. Then, all around, clocks chimed in chorus to announce the morning had arrived. Rose closed her eyes, clicked the link and wished with all her heart that the story would appear. And it did.
    She sobbed tears of joy as she read the story. Exhausted from all of the worrying and staying up late, she fell asleep as soon as she read the last word.
    The next day a new story came up on the website. It was called button eyes; it was about a little girl called Rose, who wouldn’t listen to her parents. She spent too much time on the computer, so, in her sleep, she was murdered and had her eyes replaced with buttons. Let this be a warning.

  • Jordynn
    I was an ordinary girl, im tall, i have long black hair and green eyes, i have pale skin and blood red lips. I had a good life until the trip. 2 weeks ago, i went on a camping trip with my best friends lesli, jamie , mark, and with my crush, adrian. Lesly has mahogany hair with blue eyes, Jamie has munti colored hair and brown eyes, mark has blond hair with hazel eyes, and adrian has light brown hair with grey eyes. We went camping at lake dusk. which is suppost to be haunted. 8 years before, 6 teenagers were murdered by lisa beck. she had long brown hair and forest green eyes. she stabbed everybody to death then went missing. Ever since then there has been 3 killings there. of course we didnt pay attention, we told the story of lisa beck and how she will get you. We just laughed it off of course. ” i heard that she chamged her name to lily anderson and then got a hair cut.” chipped jamie. “i thought she hung herself deep in the woods.” laughed lesly. “what do you think jordynn?” asked mark and adrian at the same time. “I think she was plain out crazy.” i giggled. “i agree.” said adrian. Later that night we all went to sleep. me and jamie shared a tent and mark and adrian shared the other tent. Lesly wanted to brought her own tent to sleep in. I heard a noise like scratching. “jamie do you hear that?” i whimpered. “Yeah. ill go check it out. Stay here.” when she went out there, she screamed then yelled. “DAMN IT MARK!!!’ YOU SCARED THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME!” “GOT YOU BABE!”laughed mark. ” have i told you how much i hate you?” His face paled out. “Whats wrong? Is this another prank-AGHHH!!” she screamed. i waited a few minutes then wen out side. Jamie was ripped in half. her intestines were hanging on the bushes like christmas decorations and her hair was streaked with only one color:red. blood was pouring from her lifeless body. Mark was litearly EVERYWHEE. his head was in a chair with his entrails surounding it. his limbs were burning in the fire and his torsoe was strung up in a tree. “OH MY GOD! ADRAIN! LESLY!” i screamed out into the eeire scilent night. “what is it-DAMN!” he just avoided stepping on some of marks intestines.”i thought mark was pranking jamie, thats why i stayed in the tent.” ” WHere is lesly?” i dont know is she in the tent?”he whispered. “no i just checked.” We went and started searching for lesly. they found her 30 minutes later swimming butt naked. ” hey guys, wait, whats wrong?”she said. “mark and jamie are dead.” i whispered. she got out of the klake and got dressed. ” what were you doing swimming this late?” i said. “oh nothing….” a knike slid out of her sleee and she snaked it into adrians stomach. “just going for a late night swim.” “AGHHHH YOU BITCH!!!!” screamed adrian in pain. “Im really lisa beck, and i have am going to kil you now.” said lisa sweetly. she twisted the knife and pulled it out with the rest of adrians guts. ” Your next jordynn.” I took off into the woods with hot tears streaming down my face. Adrian, mark, and jamie were dead. and if i didnt hurry i was going to be next to die a grusome death. i took out my butterfly knife i always use for protection and waited scilently for lisa to come along. 10 minutes later i hearl soft foot steps that belonged to lisa. “JO my sweetness please come out.” that is when i made my move. i jumped out fropm behind the tree and puncher her in the eye. the i took my knife and plunged into her sholder. she managed to stab me in the leg but i had my knife out of her arm and into her throat.”DIE BITCH” i yelled as i flicked my wrist and slit her throat.

    Now you know what really happened. im currently livibng at bloody oaks insaine asylum in a padded room. It turns out that all of my friends are alive. I know its a lie, they want me to feel better about lisa murdering them. Really they think i done the killings myself. They think i am lisa beck but i am jordynn grey. or am i? I just hope that you can believe that i am jordynn not lisa. you know my story. That i am a survivor of the lake dust murders. that my love is dead, that my best friend was a psycho killer…….. Or am i wrong. am i lisa beck? or am i jordynn grey? That i will never know.

    My first long story. how is it? please tell me!!!!

  • Jack and Jill-

    Just moved into a new house. My things come tomorrow. I find it very unsettling in this house. It’s dark and cold everywhere except for under the covers on the couch watching T.V., which is all I brought. Time for sleep now. Tomorrow starts a new life in a new location.


    Awoke to strange noises in the other room. I shook it off, seeing as how it is an old house after all. I will get used to it in time. My things arrived today. It took three hours to get it all unpacked and organized. I didn’t realize how much I missed my bed until I laid down. I still hear the strange noises occasionally. It sounds like whispers. Sometimes i can swear I see shadows out of the corner of my eye. I shake it off and tell myself, “It’s just your nerves.” Finally time to sleep in my bed once again.

    June/17/2009, 12:00 AM

    Woke to the sounds of a woman screaming, as if she was being murdered. It sounded so close. Like it was inside the house. As I lie there I heard footsteps outside of my doorway. I grabbed my gun and swung open my door with my gun at arms length. I searched the entire house. There was nothing. Not one thing out of place. I stayed up for the rest of the night with my gun by my side, listening to the footsteps.


    Tried to leave the home to go buy groceries among other things. It seemed I misplaced my keys. I kept looking for about ten minutes and they were back in the first place I looked. As I got home I noticed my room light was on. I ran upstairs and to my surprise it was off. I still hear the whispers. It almost as if they are talking to me.


    The day started off as usual, but the voices are getting clearer. I decided to try and record what they are saying. I went through a few old boxes of mine and found my old tape recorder. Went to the store and bought some tapes for it. Time to see what has been lurking in my new home.


    Reviewed the tapes last night. It sounds like a little girl repeating the same sounds over and over. Its the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. Any person who knows a bit about history could tell you that the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme was about a beheading way back when so that was a bit creepy. I kept listening and found yet another voice. It was a mans voice. It sounded very distressed and angry, but more like mumbling. I gave it a rest and decided to lurk the internet. While lurking I couldn’t shake off the feeling someone was standing over me. I got the idea to look up the houses history. Apparently an eight year old girl was brutally murdered, dismembered,then raped by her father. The father took his own life shortly afterward. Needless to say I spent the rest of the night in the living room.


    I had one of the worst nightmares I could ever imagine. It felt almost real. All I can remember is laying in bed, then a man standing over me, whispering a nursery rhyme, and then swinging an axe at me. After that my spirit stood over my body but there was one problem: it wasn’t my body. It was the eight year old girl’s. I could do nothing but stand there and watch him mutilate that child’s body. I could feel the pain with each and every swing he took. The whispers keep getting louder. I’m thinking of going to a psychologist. I’m also going to try to sleep in my room again tonight. The couch makes me too sore.


    Awoke to more screaming. Saw a figure standing over me when i woke up. It didn’t move. It was just standing there. I freaked out and tried to make a run for it. The door was locked. It wouldn’t open either. Something-whatever it is-doesn’t want me to leave this place. I can still hear the screaming. The whispers. I tried taking a shower despite the fact i was still scared. When I got out, I saw his face in the mirror. Not going to take another shower unless that mirror is gone. I don’t care how nasty it is. The shadows and whispers still keep me up anyway.


    As the hours pass, I can still feel the presence following me as I move around the house. Watching me. Always behind me. It never leaves. The whispers. They are all the same. Jack and Jill. I’ve actually grown to like the melody. I sing along occasionally, but when I do they stop. I cant leave. My internet is gone. The phone wont work. I have no contact to the outside world. Someone….help me.


    She has revealed her face to me now.



    She said I will suffer the same fate she has.

    She’s watching me as I write this.

    Her father is watching as well.

    He has the axe.

    They are singing together, too.

    Jack and Jill went up the hill…

    Please tell me if it’s ok

  • :email from a stranger:
    as soon as madison got home from school she plopped down in her favorite chair in her bedroom and grabbed her laptop to check her email when she came across a strange email it was just a picture but it was way too blurry for her too see what it was it made her feel uneasy but she put it out of her mind and went downstairs to watch tv after an hour she fell asleep but when she woke up it was already eleven so she headed upstairs to her room changed into her pajamas and fell asleep in her cozy bed thirty minutes later she heard the familiar ring of her cell phone so she got up to awnser it all she heard was a raspy voice that said “check your email” and then they hung up she cautiosly got up and got her laptop and sat in her favorite chair again she got three more pictures the fist one was something orange but too blurry too see
    she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end she opeaned the next message with curiosity but she found that it was another picture it was orange with blue stripes still very blurry she suddenly filled with fear as she looked down at her pajamas they were orange with blue stripes she felt her heart beat faster as she openened the next message it was her sitting in her room looking at her laptop she gasped and looked around her room her body stiffened up as she felt a blade of a knife across her neck she whimpered as she felt warm blood ooze down her neck her vision blurred as she slid to the ground dying silently the next morning her brother woke up surprised to see his laptop opean so he got up and checked it he got three new emails he opeaned the first one it was a picture but it was to blury to see what it was

  • Hi I love adventures, I only have one thing I need to tell you. You messed up your grammar. “Murder” is supposed to be “Murderer”

  • Boyfriend

    One day I found a boyfriend, his name was Ashton. I loved him a lot. Ashton has blue eyes, dirty blond hair and, a smokin’ hot face. We loved eachother a lot, we would NEVER let go of hands. Ashton told me “i WILL love you forever my angel, I will never let you go”. I found that precious! The next day Ashton asked me “Would you like to go to the prom with me?” I said “Yes, YES, I WILL GO TO THE PROM WITH YOU!!!!!”. So, I dressed in red with red high heels. Ashton was waiting at the door, with a black suit. We danced ate, drank, and played some games. When Ashton and I got back from the Prom we both fell asleep. When I woke up, it was still dark. I tried to get out of bed but a body was on top of me. It was my mom. Her eyes were plucked out, then next to me was my dad, his throat was slit. Both were dead. I was too sad to scream until Ashton came in, holding something behind his back. I told Ashton “Oh Ashton. Help me up” Ashton said back “Okay, grab my hand. We have to hurry a murder is trying to kill you!” So, i quickly got up and ran with Ashton to the car. Ashton told me “We need to go some where in the forest where no one can see you, even the murder.” Ashton drove really fast, obviously he cared about me. As we were in the forest, we found a cabin. Ashton told me “Get in the cabin so no one or the muder can hear you!” I ran inside the cabin. When we got in Ashton said “I’ll lock the doors and you cover up the windows and chimney, so no one or the murder can see you.” I quickly got some blankets from the beds and covered up the window. Once we were finished I told Ashton “Were now safe…… and sound!” Then Ashton told me “No your not” The thing behind Ashton was a knife. I told Ashton “I thought you loved me!!” Ashton replied “I say that to all girls, dont worry it’ll be over with in no time!” Then, i felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Ashton said “See you in hell!!”

    Plz no bad commments!!!

  • Another story from “TheTeller”

    I bring you here today “One last laugh”
    Oscar! “Get down here and finish your breakfast!” “I’m coming mom.” Excited for school honey? “No, not really…” “Sweetie, why not?” “Because mom, the kids there treat kids like us, I don’t know?” “Different” “Well you never know how they’re lives are at home.” Horrible or not, that doesn’t even give them a reason to treat us like dirt. “I know sweetie I went through the same thing when i was little.” I might need a ride home from school. “Why not ride the bus?” I don’t know. “And sweetie what do you mean, kids like us?” Everyone is different, but a “good” kind of different. “Look ma i gotta get to school, love you. “Love you to!”

    “Oh look who it is guys! barf boy!” “Hah” Funny oh my belly hurts. -sarcasticly- “Look kid all you have to do is give us your bling.” Wha? “You know… OMG! YOUR LUNCH MONEY IDIOT!” Well sorry “Fran” but my ma didnt give me any “Bling” today, sucks for you. “No, it sucks for YOU.” -throws in trash can- “Need a hand? I’m Kyle the new kid.” No thanks, but thanks for the offer. Dont sweat it kid. Hey do you wanna come over sometime, my mom makes sick nachos! Ugh-h ok? Okay, see you later trash boy. U-mm okay?

    Sooo what do you do around here? “Nothin really.” So, where you move from? Alabama. Oh nice country. “Yeah…” Not the BEST country but its ighte. “ighte?” Yea mean alright, just a little shorter, well its getting latre you oughta get home, bye.


    “RING!” “Hello?” “Oscar is this you!?!” “Um yes, who is this?” “No time for that!!!! where is Kyle?!” “I don’t know?” But he is acting a little weird. “Make sure you lock all openings to outside! We adopted Kyle and I saw the warning on the ne -static- -screaming- -phone goes dead- “Hello, saw the warning wher? ugh hello can you here me?” -knocks on door- Hello, Oscar are you there its, Kyle. HELLO?! LOOK I THINK THAT KILLER ON THE NEWS IS COMING AFTER ME I NEED TO COME IN PLEASE!!!
    10 minutes later
    -scream, manly scream- Kyle are you ok? -opens door- OH MY GOD! There was laying the dead body of kyle.
    Minutes after police showed up
    Um kid, we got some disturbing news, the killer wasnt kyle but we traced the call that his mom made it was coming um from inside the house, but the thing we dont understand is she died minutes after the call was made.

    But if she died and the call came from inside the house and kyle died wouldnt the killer be still in the house if she died in the house, just then someone behind him had to have one last laugh…

    Hope you enjoyed answer to who the killer was will be commented soon but first i would like to hear your thoughts!

  • Hullo im TheTeller and today ill be telling you a story i made up :)

    They are here:
    One day there was a girl named cassandra, she was a brunette with bright blue eyes she was well known for them, but she always wished she didnt have them, sometimes she went into her parents bedroom crying about how there were people in her room staring at her and clawing outside her window, she had begged her mom to get her contacts, but her mom said contacts wouldnt do any good, cassandra has a friend who is blind, jony a boy that is only 3 years younger than cassandra he is 8, cassandra told jony about the add in the paper about a eye transplant, she didnt know about if it would change the images she sees but she wanted to take the chance, the next day after the surgery cassandra hadnt seen the images in almost a year jony had been in the hospital but cassandra didnt know why, the next day jonys mom had called cassandra and told her that jony was going to get a eye transplant, but sadly they didnt have any eyes so they were wating to give jony the eyes of the patient they were working on, cassandra was happy for jony, the next couple days jony had came back his eyes bright blue, cassandra had told him about the images she saw and that was why she got the transplant, while they were talking this is what was said “hey jony, i was worried about you how was the transplant?” “It was awesome!, I can see perfectly now!” “Yea i had to get a transplant for my eyes because i was seeing these ugly ugly peopl.. then all the sudden jony put his hand over her mouth, “shhhhh theyre here”.

    Hope you enjoyed!

  • There was once a young girl of the age 8. Her name was Raven. She was wandering the streets with her older brother, Nick and sister, Rose and little sister, Sarah. They were passing a shop when Raven squealed “Oh my!” she said. “What a beautiful dolly!”, she continued while pointing a little doll, who was holding up 6 fingers. 5 on her right hand and 1 on her left. Nick looked at it and walked into the shop. After a few minutes he came out with a bag and said “Lets go home”

    When they got home their mother was making lunch and their father was in the lounge-room reading a book. Nick told Raven to go sit on the chair in the lounge-room, which she did. Sarah and Rose followed. “What are you doing, Nick?” the mother asked. “Oh, just giving Raven a present” he replied. The mother walked in and watched to see what it was. Nick then put his hand in the bag and pulled out a little doll, the one Raven wanted so much. Raven thanked Nick a thousand times then ran up to her bedroom.

    “That was so nice of you Nick, but why is the doll holding up 6 fingers?” The dad asked. “I don’t know, guess it’s just the design right?” He turned to Rose and she shrugged, “I guess….” Sarah ran to Raven’s room and asked if they could play dollies together. “That would be lovely Sarah” said Raven and hugged her little 6 year old sister. They began playing, Sarah with her dolls and Raven with her dolls but she favoured one..Her new one. The one she called Lucy, ‘Little Lucy’.

    After a few weeks Raven got bored of her doll, it was just like any other doll now. It sat on her shelf and she barely touched it. To Nick, this was ok. He was only glad that it gave her so much joy before. In his mind, the doll was now a lovely memory of him. But that was not what Little Lucy was thinking.

    One night Raven had a nightmare of Little Lucy coming to life and cutting her up. Lucy tore off her head and removed all the hair, making Raven’s hair her own. Lucy then tore out her eyes and put them in the little holes where Lucy’s eyes should have been. Lucy then cut little bits from her clothes and made them so she could wear them. Lucy grew bigger and bigger, while Raven grew smaller and smaller. Lucy was now Raven. And Raven…was Lucy.

    Raven woke up crying. Her mother and father ran inside her room. Rose following and Nick calmed down Sarah, who was crying about her sister crying. The mother asked Raven what was wrong and Raven told them. The parents were horrified when their daughter and told them such things, and in detail as well. Rose was shocked, “I think it would be best if I stay with Raven for the rest of the night, mother”
    “Well…Okay I guess it will be fine and tomorrow we will take her to a therapist”
    “Okay, goodnight mother and father. Goodnight little Sarah” Rose said, Nick stared at her. “Oh right, Night Nick” She said while laughing. He rolled his eyes and walked out, saying goodnight. Sarah was taken to bed by her mother and everyone soon fell back asleep, everyone but Rose.

    Rose was strangely scared by the doll. She never felt like this is Raven’s room. She always felt happy. She’s slept in Raven’s room before when they had guests over. She didn’t feel like this last time. It was something about how Lucy’s glassy eyes stared at her. How her fingers looked like they were twitching in the dark. Something about the doll did not seem normal.

    Rose ran out of the room as soon as it was morning, she carried Raven along with her. They both stayed on the couch till their parents woke up. “What…What’s going on?” asked the mother as she walked out of the hallway, startling Rose as she did not see her walk out of her room. “We, uh, we decided to sit out here for a while but Raven fell asleep” Rose told her. “Oh well, go get dressed we’re going to leave soon” her mother said then walked into the kitchen. Rose walked off into her room and got dressed. Then she took Raven into her room and picked out a pretty dress for her to wear then helped her get into it. She then brushed Raven’s hair and her own and walked out. The family had breakfast then left.

    By the time they got back it was at least 7pm. They had dinner and got ready for bed. By now it was 9. Raven was playing with Lucy and talking to her like she was real. “So how are you Lucy? Oh that’s good. Hm, he’s not nice. Oh really?” She was talking to herself. Her mother walked over to her and shook her head. “Remember what Mr. Jackson said? Give up the dolls.” She took Lucy and all the other dolls away and locked them in the basement. “Come on everyone, bedtime” they all got up and went to bed.

    That night the mother couldn’t sleep so she decided to get up and get a drink. As she was walking to the stairs she slipped on something. But what? It was a doll. She looked at it. Lucy. But how did she get out? She picked up Lucy and put her back in the basement. She then proceeded to go into the kitchen. She was pouring some cold water into a glass when something struck her eye. She turned around and stared in horror.

    There sitting on the table was Lucy. The mother tried to scream but she couldn’t, she was absolutely frozen in fear. She couldn’t move because in Lucy’s left hand, was a knife. “Don’t you dare…ever put me in that retched basement again” And with that, Lucy jumped up and slit the mothers neck. She then slowly sliced from her neck down her arms, down her sides and finished by dragging the knife down each leg. She peeled off the skin and slowly took out every vein. She cut out the heart and cut it into pieces. She then cut off the mothers head and put it in the oven. She just left the body as it was to heavy for her to carry. She walked downstairs into the basement, as much as she hated it, and sat down.

    The father woke up in the morning about 10 am. “Hmm, what’s that smell?” he asked himself and looked at the side for his wife. She wasn’t there. He assumed she was in the kitchen making breakfast. He got up and took a shower then got dressed and walked outside like usual. He opened the door, got the paper and put it on the table. He suddenly felt weird. Like something wasn’t right. He opened the kitchen door and there it was. Surrounded by blood was his wife, his headless wife. And that’s when he saw the smoke.

    He reluctantly opened the oven door just to see his wife’s head being cooked. He gaped in horror and screamed. Nick came running down. When he saw it he just stood there. Not knowing what to do. The father pushed him out of the room, not wanting his son to see the horror of it all. Nick called the police and within an hour they arrived. Rose was distressed. She couldn’t stop crying. Sarah and Raven didn’t know what was wrong as they weren’t even allowed downstairs in case the slight opening of a door and the peek inside were to occur.

    The police took the mothers body and within 4 hours of them being there, they left. The family were to remain as they always were. Though everyone knows, when someone you love dies no one can ever be the same. The father sat down with his youngest daughters. “Look…I uh…Your, no…Um….Mummy…went on a holiday. She won’t be coming back for a while” He explained. The two daughters were confused. Then Raven said the thing…the thing that scared the father ever so slightly.

    “Little Lucy killed mummy. Mummy didn’t like Lucy…Lucy didn’t like that.” Raven whispered. The father was horrified his daughter would say such things. “Look, if you want proof that Lucy didn’t do it come with me. No one has been into the basement and nothing has come out.” He opened the many locks on the basement door and began walking down slowly. He found the doll. “Look, Look!” Raven chanted. She pointed to the dolls fingers. It only held up 5.

    The father threw the doll down. “Nonsense! It was not the doll now go upstairs!” He shouted. He followed Raven upstairs and locked the door. He made some cereal for them then walked outside.
    “It wasn’t the doll” He kept telling himself this.

    That night as he slept he heard something. He walked out into the lounge-room and picked up a recorder. He played it. It was his wife.

    “There’s something weird going on. I can’t sleep at all and I’m going to get a drink but the weird thing is….I found Lucy on the stairs, well not found I tripped over her! How did she get out of the- wait what was that? Do you hear it?! If anyone finds this message and I’m dead…I think the person who is going to kill me is -”

    It cut out. Then from the recorder a scream. The father took it upstairs and replayed the message while recording it to his laptop. He then edited the sound so it was clear. He then removed his wife’s voice and played it. He was horrified. It said in the background…

    “Little Lucy’s in the basement….
    Little Lucy’s climbing the stairs.
    Little Lucy’s coming to get you.
    Little Lucy’s number is 6.
    Little Lucy says…”

    A pause then in the most horrific, demonic voice ever…


    The husband stared at the laptop. He just didn’t know how to respond. Until he heard it.

    “Little Lucy’s in the basement…
    Little Lucy’s climbing the stairs..
    Little Lucy’s coming to get you..
    Little Lucy’s in the hallway…
    Little Lucy’s at your door…
    Little Lucy’s number is 5…


    The father tried to run but was frozen in spot when the door creaked open. And there at the bottom of the door was Little Lucy…and all her rage. He jumped off his bed and yelled “Get out of my room!” to the little doll. She took no notice. She jumped up and struck his head with a little axe. He screamed in pain. She got a little knife and stabbed him..twice in the arms. Once in each leg and five times in the heart. She tied his wrists down and his ankles and dug her knife in his chest and dragged it down. He screamed and screamed but it wasn’t loud enough. She slit his throat and walked out. She walked into the basement and sat on a box. She now held up 4 fingers.

    The next morning the kids got up. They looked around for their daddy. Rose found him. She screamed and broke down crying. Nick rung up the police and they took the body to a morgue and examined it for any clues or who or what did this.

    Rose…Nick…Raven…and Sarah…no parents…just them. Nick was old enough to take care of everyone. But they couldn’t take care of their hearts. They lost both parents and deep, deep in their minds….they knew someone was next.
    Raven went to the basement and got a few dolls…and teddies…and other toys like unicorns and horses, cats, dogs you name it she had it. She was playing with them…but never once touched Lucy. This…it angered Lucy….but no..she wasn’t going to murder Raven…yet..she was last…Lucy was thrown back into the basement by Nick and Rose. Rose couldn’t and wouldn’t stop crying. Rose asked Nick if he could sleep in her room to protect her from anything that might come in to hurt her. He agreed and got his stuff.

    The kids went to bed. Nick and Rose in one room. And in another was Raven and Sarah. Little Lucy came upstairs. Rose woke to stuff being knocked over. She woke Nick. “Did….did you hear that?” she asked. He listened. A thud. Shuffling of little feet. Ca-reeeeeek of the basement door. More shuffling. Humming. No…singing.

    “Little Lucy’s coming for you.
    Little Lucy’s coming for two.
    Little Lucy’s in the hallway.
    Little Lucy’s at a door.
    Little Lucy murders two more.

    The door came smashing open. Rose almost fainted when the doll walked in with a little chainsaw. Nick got up but his foot got cut with the chainsaw. “Uh uh uhhhh” she hummed and began chopping Nick up. She turned to Rose. Rose went pale. “No…no please…no no no not me! Please I’ll….I’ll do anything!!!” she pleaded and pleaded. “Hmmmm….let’s see…uhh..NO!” Lucy laughed and struck Rose with the chainsaw. It hit her arm. She dragged Rose next to Nick. “I’m gonna make salad out of both of you!” she screamed and hacked them into little, tiny bits. She threw those bits away so no one would call the police, and the police wouldn’t take the girls away. She went to the basement. “Actually…I have work to do” with that she went into Raven’s room.

    She held a pocket knife in her little hand that held up two fingers. She grabbed and doll and ripped it, shredded it, did everything she could do to it. Then did it to the rest. Till there was no more…little dolls, teddies, unicorns or any stuffed toy…left for Raven and Sarah to play with…she locked every door, window and blocked every way to escape. Then hid the keys.

    In the morning Raven and Sarah got up and tried to get out of their room. But they couldn’t. They both got worried…but then the door open…Raven ran out and it shut and locked. “Raven open the door….Raven? RAVEN HELP ME!!” screams from Sarah came from inside. Raven struggled to get the door open. She pulled, tugged and yelled and screamed at it but nothing would work…Then…it just opened up.

    She walked inside and fell to her knees crying. He sister had been mangled, not completely but her arms were torn off and her legs were torn off, her stomach was slashed at and her throat sliced so many times..and the blood…oh so much blood. Raven ran right out of the room and hid in the spare room. She didn’t come out. She just hid, hoping that Lucy wouldn’t come after her. She finally went to sleep and woke up. Nothing…nothing had happened to her…what a relief.

    She slowly walked out of the room and saw Lucy sitting at the end of the hallway. She gasped. She was holding one finger up. Raven ran to Lucy and picked her up. She picked up a stone that she once found outside. It was a shiny stone that she loved so much. She threw it to a window and it smashed. She got a chair and put it to the window then another chair and positioned it outside and she jumped out the window and landed on the chair. She ran all the way down to the cemetery and threw the doll in an open grave. “Little Lucy, your were my friend! But you killed my family! I hate you!!!” Raven ran to her home and into the spare room and hid again. She knew it was the last she had seen of this doll..she didn’t want to leave the house because whenever the family in movies went missing after the evil mastermind was destroyed they would come back. Raven hoped with all her heart this would happen…

    She fell asleep and dreamt of her family…but was awoken to this little rhyme…

    “Raven..raven…little birdy…listen to me now….

    I’m in the graveyard
    I’m coming out of the grave
    I’m walking the streets.
    I’m at your house.
    I’m in your non-living room
    I’m climbing up the stairs.
    I’m outside the bedroom.
    I’m coming inside now….”

    Silence….Raven sighed, “It was all just a dream” she mumbled. Then the door swung open. Lucy was now angry. She spoke in the most demonic voice ever… “LAST…ONE…DIES!!!” Lucy struck Raven with her hands. She basically demolished Raven with every weapon she had cause when the police came they only found blood and dust of the bones laying around with organs. Little Lucy sat in the blood with no hands up. The police stared at the doll and walked out.

    During the night the doll walked back to the store it was sold at. “Ah my little doll, another family gone” said the shopkeeper, placing Lucy back on the stands in the window. The next day and family was walking past. Lucy quickly held up 3 fingers. The little girl stared. “Mummy, mummy look! That doll is so cute and it has 3 fingers up! That’s how many people there is in our family”

  • Mom? Is that you?

    Eve was a 18 year old girl. She was very smart and wise. One day, Eve’s mom was leaving to dinner with a man she met. Before Eve’s mom left, she said “do not open the door to anyone. Not even me. I’ll be back at 11, my little angel ” Eve obeyed the orders. So Eve locked all doors and windows. At 11, Eve went to sleep because she knew her mom had the keys to the house. When Eve fell asleep she had a dream of her mom’s head being cut off. Then Eve Immediatly woke up because of her phone ringing. But it was 1am.

    Eve: Mom??
    Unknown: Hi daughter open the door for you mommy.
    Eve: Why is your voice low?
    Unknown: I don’t want to wake up the neighbors. Now open the door.
    Eve: But you said to not open the door even for you. Don’t u have a key??
    Unknown: Oh no. I forgot my key inside the knife cabinet.

    Eve went to check. No key.

    Eve: there isn’t a single key in there!!
    Unknown: Oh my. I have a bad memory. Open the door my little princess.
    Eve: You never called me a princess, I was your angel. Mom never forgets her keys or my true name. What’s my name, if your my real mom???
    Unknown: Uhhhhh…… I forgot??
    Eve: I’m hanging up you freakin stranger


    It was morning by the time she woke up. Then she decided to call 911 before she left the house. The police came and investagated the crime, Eve came outside with the police. A murder killed Eve’s mom and pretended to be the mom. The police also found the head of Eve’s mom, a note was attached to her for head saying: I’ll get you, once you leave the house. Then Eve saw that all the police men were killed, right then Even felt a knife behind her back. The murder said “Told ya”

  • You’ll see……

    August 1st
    One day Kim Simp (yes Simp is a silly last name) was texting on her phone, Lily, Kim’s little sister came in.
    Lily: Hi Kim, do you want to play with me?
    Kim: No. I’m way too old to play with little babies like you
    Lily: Please!
    Kim: No! Get your own friends to play with.
    Lily: Fine! I will!!! * walks out the door*

    August 2nd
    Kim was just talking on the phone until Lily just burst in
    Lily: Kim, Kim!!!!! I found a new friend
    Kim: Cool. What’s her name? *angry for being interrupted*
    Lily: You’ll see! *happy and leaves*
    Kim is just confused and continues talking on the phone.

    August 3rd
    Kim was playing on her IPod until Lily burst in.
    Lily: I’m so excited Kim!!! My friend is coming in 2 days!
    Kim: Whats her name?!!!!
    Lily: its a surprise. She says that she is excited to see what’s really inside you. Like your heart and your blood! *happy* You’ll see how she looks like.

    August 4th
    Kim was now creeped out, she was thinking about what Lily had said. Lily now came in.
    Lily: Kim. Kim. My friend that were going to play surgery! I’m so excited. She says that she is going to have a real dead body from our house! I guess there is a dead body in the basement or something. Can’t wait!!!! *excited*
    Kim: What is her name?
    Lily: Fine. I’ll tell you….. She told me to call her Death. Pretty funny isnt it?? *happy and leaves*
    Kim decided to go tell her mom about what Lily said.
    Kim: Mom, Lily said that her friend is going to play surgery and her name is Death.
    Mom: Lily is just joking!! Besides Lily has never ever heard what Death mean. So take it as a joke Kim
    Kim: yeah, your right!!! Just a small joke! Hahahah

    August 5th
    Kim’s mom left to work
    Lily: Kim, Death is coming!!
    Lily: She’s here!!!!! *happy*
    Kim decides to answer it. She knows it’s just a little prank “Death” and Lily have planed.
    Kim: Yes???
    Death: I’m here to see Lily.
    Death was a tall person in a hood with boney finger.
    Kim: Nice costume “Death”. Hahahaha
    Lily: Hi Death your finally here!!!!!!!
    Death: Let’s get started! Kim can you show the basement to me. So that we can find the dead body.
    Kim: okay, follow me
    Death and Kim went to the basement. When Kim was in the basement with Death, she was confused about something.
    Kim: Love that costume! But how did you know there was a dead body here???
    Death: There is no dead body. You are the dead body.
    Kim: wait….. what???
    Immediatly the lights turned off. Kim a sharp pain all over the body. Then her heart stopped. She was killed.
    Death: Lily I’m coming up with the body.
    Death was going to see Lily in her room
    Lily: Thanks. I love that outfit your wearing. Where’s Kim???
    Death: She’s playing hiding from us. Now shhh shhh. Let’s get started.
    Lily: But who’s the dead person???
    Death: Lily, I’ve come here to play surgery *smiles*. You’ll see who body it is.

    So Lily and Death took out the heart and guts of Kim (which Lily didn’t know off) But when Lily’s mom got home, she went up to Lily’s room.

    Death: Oh why hello Ms. Simp , Lily and Kim are hiding.
    Ms. Simp: Why are there 2 bodies on the floor.
    Death: Lily wanted to play surgery. So I got 2 bodies from the basement.
    Ms. Simp: Where is Lily and Kim
    Death: You’ll see……. Once you go to heaven…….
    Then there was a sharp pain in Ms. Simp’s back. Then her heart stopped

  • :email from a stranger:
    as soon as amy got home she plopped down in her favorite chair in her bedroom she grabbed her backpack and got out her laptop and started checking her email when she came across a weird message there was a photo it was kinda blurry but it made her unneasy she looked but it was just a photo she tried to tell herself so she tried to ignore she had forgotten completly about it until an hour later she got another email thinking it was her freind she quickly awnsered it only to see it was just another weird photo it was also blurry but she could slightly see a figure in the photo it looked like a person she was frightened all over again she shut her laptop and went downstairs to watch tv to take her mind off of things after a couple of shows she slowly fell asleep when she woke up it was eleven oclock so she got up walked up to her room and changed into some of her pajamas and fell asleep on her cozy bed when she heard her cell phone so she unwantingly got out of bed and checked her phone she got a message from an unknown number the message said check your email so she got up and checked her email three new messages when she opeaned the first message it was a dark in the photo but she could make out something orange so she quickly opeaned the next message with curiosity she saw something orange with blue neon stripes she quickly fille with fear she looked down at what she was wearing she was wearing her favorite orange pajamas with blue neon stripes she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end she checked the last message it was her checking her email then she got a text message it said turn around so she turned around and before she could scream her neck got sliced opean with a switch blade then brother woke up that morning he saw his computer was on so he got up and checked his laptop he got an email but it was too blury to see

  • There once was a house a very small wooden house and in the house was a mother a father a young boy and girl. The girl was very good polite and well behaved were as the boy… the complete opposite. The family were very poor but had 1 treasure to sell if it was a matter of life or death. The object was a huge golden harp hidden under a brown sheet. One day the mother and father went out to try and find jobs and the children were told NOT to touch the harp. They both nodded and the mother and father left. As soon as they did the girl began to play with one of her only dolls were as her brother admired the harp. He stood up and his younger sister watched him. “dont touch it” said the girl “shut up!” demanded the boy. The girl began to cry and curl up into a ball. The boy played a note on the harp and the beatuful sound made him happy inside until… he heard a bloodcurldling scream. He looked back and saw blood coming out of his sisters stomach. When his pearents came back they carried the body into the garden and buried it then they cut off the string that the boy played and buried it with her. The next day the father needed to go the market and left the boy and his mother at home. The boy looked at the harp again and his mother gave him an evil glare. “dont you dare touch that young boy!” demanded the mother “ill do what I want” exclaimed the boy. He played a note and his mother stared then the boy said “see nothing happened!” he turned back to look at the harp and saw an evil face peek out between the strings before vanishing. He suddenly felt a hand on his back he looked round to see his mother gasping for breath hand on her throat. It had been slit. He tried to help but she died. Later on when his father returned they peformed the same ritual. The next day the boy and father sat in. The boy didnt want to pluk a string but as he brused past it he did… he knew what would happen and when he looked around he saw his father hang from a rope around his neck. He got the father down and buried him with the string. Once again he plucked a string then an evil face appeared. “any last wishes son?” said the person. “bury me next to my family. and throw the hole harp on top of my body”. “granted replied the person”. The boy was murdered and his last wishes were granted. If you ever find that house and pluck a note on the harp a family member will die…

  • I just wrote this a few minutes ago its called:
    Marissa’s Address.

    There was a young girl, about the age of 15, and she was babysitting some young kids for the night to make some extra money. She was babysitting a 5, 7, and 10 year old girl. They had to get up early for church the next morning, so they had to go to bed at 8:30.
    The 15 year old, called Jade, put the kids to bed and went to watch her favorite TV show.
    A few minutes later her phone buzzed. She had a text from an unknown number saying “Why are you babysitting when you could be at a party? It’s Saturday night!”
    Jade read the text and replied, “Who are you?”
    She got an answer saying “That doesn’t matter. Tell me all about your self.
    Jade figured this “unknown number” was actually her best friend, Marissa. To fool and confuse Marissa, she decided to tell the “unknown number” all about Marissa instead of herself. See Marissa was always pulling pranks like this and Jade thought it would be funny to confuse her.
    “I’ll tell you all about myself!” she texted back. “My name is Marissa, I’m sixteen, my hair’s brown and curly and goes down to my shoulders.”
    The anonymous texter replied “Maybe we could hang out some time. What’s your address?”
    Jade replied back with Marissa’s address, which was, “5012 Sycamore Street New York, New York.”
    Just then the parents of the kids she had been watching got home. Jade got her check for 50 bucks, went home and went to bed.

    The next morning, Jade went downstairs to find her parents sitting in the kitchen reading the paper and looking worried. Jade decided to ignore it and said, “I made 50 bucks last night.”
    “Honey, have something to tell you.” her mom said. “Sit down.” Jade sat down and her mom said, “Honey, we just read the paper and it says that some serial killer somehow got Marissa’s information and broke into her house. Jade, Marissa was killed last night. They’re still trying to figure out to gave the psycho who killed her the info or how he got it. I’m so sorry honey.”
    With that Jade’s mom gave her a hug and both of her parents left the kitchen.
    Jade realized the anonymous texter hadn’t been Marissa. It was a real creeper and she had just gotten her best friend in the world killed.

  • I have a great story
    The twisted boy
    Way back there was a sheperd.He was young about eighteen.One day he was looking at one of his sheep when some thing pushed him.The boy didn’t get hurt but got worried.He should have known that he was standing on an ancient burial ground.The next day while he was watching his sheep something hit him.He fell down.Something got hold of him and started killing him.The next day when his body was found his head was twisted.His arms and leg badly injured and his body twisted.Now if someone goes there and says “twist me” three times they will have the same fate.

  • hey, i sort of have a story.
    1st-3rd grade i lived in this really old lookin house and i always had weird things happen to me. i think the most active part of that house was my room.(sucks right) i had a friend over and we were just talkin when out of the blue there was a loud SHHH. later we asked my mom if she ever went up stairs(where we were, which was my room) and she said no. we asked if everyone else did and again “no.”
    one time i was playin on the stairs(so again close to my room) when i looked up and saw a man dressed in all black and WITHOUT A HEAD walk into my room! and after i got my courage i went in my room and it was empty.
    i had the toy known as ferbies(don’t know if that is spelled right) and i was playing with it when out of nowhere it said “monsters” in a deep voice and that scared me to death and i ran out of the room. it took me awhile to go back to get it.
    i had a glass doll in my room up against the wall. one day as i left for school i looked at it and it was facing off to the right and when i came back home it was looking left(where my door was)i asked my mom if she or anyone else went into my room and she told me no, and plus everyone was gone all day.
    i hope you enjoyed my story and if you’d like to hear more just say so in the comments. THANKS

  • So, we moved into this house in Bartlett, Tennessee about five years ago, and the one area of the house that has always bothered me is the hallway on the north end of the house that leads to the guest bedroom, my bathroom, my mom’s room, and ends in the stairs that go up to my room. Whenever I go up the stairs it’s always felt like I’m being watched, and it’s more than a little creepy.

    One night, at about 2 in the morning, I’d gone downstairs on one of my frequent fueled trips to the kitchen, and, finding nothing good to eat, I was going back up the stairs to my room. As usual, I had the unpleasant sensation of being watched, but it had been three years since we moved in and I was getting to the point where I could ignore it, so I didn’t think too much of it.

    As I opened the door to my room, I glanced behind me, back down the stairs, and saw a large black shape resembling a dog in the doorway that led to the kitchen. It was a little bigger than a German Shepard, with pale yellow eyes and pointed ears, and was crouched in the doorway, looking up the stairs at me.

    Panicking, I ran into my room and locked the door behind me. I went and sat on the floor next to my couch, which is in the farthest corner of my room. Once I’d calmed down a bit, I noticed that my two pet rats, who’s cage was next to where I was sitting, were cowering in their little house instead of climbing the bars to sniff at me as was their usual form of greeting.

    Nothing else happened that night, but I still get the feeling of being watched in the hallway, and I’ve been terrified of the hallway ever since. Shortly after the experience, the younger of my two rats developed blood-filled tumors and died, the older one following soon after, though neither of them was very old and both had been healthy until that point. I now have a cat who lives in my room, and she sometimes seems to watch something travel across the room at night, or jumps and runs across the room as if something has scared her, and these things always happen at the end of the room where the door to the hallway is.the name of the story is “the black thing in the hallway”

  • Of course I don’t believe in the “the innocent” or whatever! I returned to my room and continued watching TV, when the showed stopped for some breaking news. “The victim has been identifying as Alex carter……..” the reporter was announcing. “….. Because of viewer’s discretion his body cannot be shown……”I couldn’t believe my ears!!! Alex!? Alex Carter!?!?!!?!?! That’s impossible it can’t be him he can’t be dead!!!!!!! Ring-ring, my house phone was ringing. I slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen counter where I had the phone. You will receive 3 calls and then you’ll die. As I remembered what Yvette’s warning a chill ran down my spine? I answered the phone and with a weak voice I said “Hello?’ on the other end of the line I heard a muffle voice “did you hear?” it took me sometime to realize it was Yvette. “About what happened to Alex?” I began to cry when I said it. “Snif-snif the innocent is coming for me now!!!” she said. I could hear her crying as well. I actually began to believe that legend! Melanie stop being so paranoid! Is just a coincidence! I thought. “Umm…. Well I have to go bye.” Yvette said softly. I could hear her blowing her nose. “Bye, Yvette.” I said as I hanged up the phone. I was walking back into the room, when……. Ring-ring. “Ugh…… can they give me a break? “ I complained. “Hello?” I answer irritably. No one answered. I pressed the off button hard. I stood there and blanked everything and everybody out. Until, ring-ring! I answered the phone this time I heard something, I heard like someone talking in a car while it raced. “Hello?” I asked. “The innocent, the innocent, found out what state you’re in looking for your neighborhood!” it sounded like a little girl. “Who is this?” I asked desperately. Whoever it was hanged up the phone. I froze I couldn’t feel my feet or hands. I’m 2 calls away from been dead. I thought. God Yvette was right!!! “Can this be true?” I asked surprised out loud. I decided I had to go to Yvette’s house, maybe she knew how to take this curse or whatever off me. Man I can’t even think right all this stuff going on. I was in my room putting on my brown boots. I was (am) wearing a peach baggy tank top with blue jeans and my black hair tied up in a bow. I was about to walk out when two horrible things happened. First, I could hear cops cars pull up and ambulance sirens. Second my effing phone curiosity got the best of me. I ran to my phone “Yeah?” I answered. It was the same background noises, a lot of air been struck to the phone. “The innocent, the innocent found you neighborhood looking for your house.” This time the little girl giggled. I was so furious I just hanged up. God it seems so much like a prank you know? I thought. I hurried outside. Yvette pulled up in front of her house. “Umm….. Hello?” I’m Melanie Gemi, I live sight in front. What happened o Yvette Lonstain? “The police officer or officer Quainstan (I saw it on his badge). He looked so sad, and then he finally said, “You knew her?” I knew her???? What does he mean if I knew her???? I though. TO BE CONTINUED ………………

  • i worked really hard on this .is long but is really really good.hope yall like it.
    Let me begin by saying I’m sorry. I’m only telling you this because I have to. You can’t stop reading now. You know too much already. I’m here, sitting on my couch staring at the clock on the wall. Its tick-tock booms in my ears. I think about those who love me, my boyfriend Ricky, Kayla my mother, Oscar my dad, ha-ha I was always his little girl, anyways my brother Robert, and all my friends. A tear ran down my cheek. I wish I could take back anything and everything I did to them wrong. I don’t have much time; I’ll be dead within an hour or so. Why am I going to die? It all started when Yvette came knocking on my door like she was being chased by a zombie. Bang-bang, she pounded on my door she kept hitting it and ringing the doorbell. I was in my room watching TV, but I quickly got to my feet and ran as fast as my feet could carry me. “What’s wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!?!?” I asked desperately. Her icy blue eyes shinned with the sun light. But her face was red, and she kept crying. Her black hair was tied all the way back. “Help me!” she said with a hoarse voice. “Come in.” I said. She sat on my leather couch and I offered her some water. “What happened?” I asked sympathetically. “I’m going to die!!!” she said as she gulped water down. “No you’re not, boo’ why would u even say that??” I said padding her shoulder. “Y-y-yo-you don’t understand! “She stammered, and then continued. “La inocente…………” she said softly I gave her a confused look. “It means the innocent in Spanish.” She said. You could see the fear in her eyes. “Well what about it?” I continued, she took deep breaths, and then said. “Ok hmm ……… I guess it’s silly for me to believe that, but I know you won’t. So here it goes, somebody, well not somebody, Alex told me about the innocent. It’s this girl, who was a smart, beautiful, 9 year old girl. But her dad always acted strange he barely ever talked to either of them. When he did speak to the girl or the girl’s mom (his girlfriend) he talked about a secret, he would laugh sometimes and say if you all knew what I did, or I live for this (secret). But he would never reveal it to nobody. He couldn’t tell anyone, and that drove him crazy. According to the legend one night the whole family went out camping were there was a lake. And he stabbed his girlfriend 32 times in front of the daughter, and then he dumped his girlfriend’s remaining in the lake. When it was morning he cut his daughter eye lids off, tied her to a tree. And put dead fish on her face. Bird came and ate her eyes.” Yvette paused, and took a zip of water. Then cleared her throat, and said. “Her dad tried to kill himself but didn’t get through it. The girl’s spirit and soul who once was happy and full of joy, was now an angered evil spirit and full of vengeance. They say you get 3 calls then you die. Everybody who knows of her existence has died. She and her mother were innocent, so were all those people who died.” I looked at her in astonishment. I clapped. “Wow, Yvette that was the greatest story you have told me! “She put the cup on the glass table, and then says “I knew it!!!! I knew you wouldn’t believe me Melanie!!!! Suit yourself!!! But I’m telling you this is real, I got the first call already!” her facial expression changed from worry and sad to mad and desperate. “Yvette, I bet Alex was just pulling a prank on you, ok? Trust me is going to be alright.” I hugged her, and then she left.

  • Me and My family had just moved into our new apartment in Upstate New York. We have two cats,both of them were black domestic shorthair. The first night we were on our computers in the den. We were relaxing listening to some new age piano music, all of a sudden we heard the door open and shut. When that happened the cats were frightened so they ran and hid under the bed. We looked up and saw a full bodied apparition coming in from the entrance of our apartment. She was wearing a long victorian black dress, she had long black hair and as she was floating across the floor she smiled and waved to us, after she left a beautiful perfume permeated the house.

    We also had other encounters with the Lady In Black. I remember getting woke up one night with my father screaming and saying that a woman was sitting on his bed talking to him. He could not see her but he did say he smelled the same perfume we smelled on the night we saw the apparition.

    I have had my cover’s pulled off of me while I slept and my head lifted up and my pillows taken out from under me. I have heard a woman’s voice whisper in my ear and say “Its okay I am here, I will protect you”.

    When me and my father are in the cellar we can hear footsteps walking across the floor of my aunts house when she is not home. I have told her about the footsteps and she said to me that she thinks it might be her dead husband or her son walking around in her house.The title is”Lady In Black”

  • This has been the most dreadful experience in my life. I had never imagined I would see such a day. Me and one of my friends used to go to private tuition in a quite remote place. I have always heard of black magic stories but always took them for a joke. My grandmother and my mum always said that many people practiced black magic in my locality.

    On that particular day, we saw some ten rupees coins in the middle of a crossroad. At that time we of course didn’t bother about silly superstitions. We both picked them up, and nothing strange happened to us on our way. But I didn’t know what was waiting for me in my room. At night, around 9:30, I was combing my hair when I felt someone playing with my hair. I didn’t bother about that and thought that I was imagining things. But then I saw a white woman looking dreamingly in the mirror!

    When I talked about it to my mother she immediately called the priest who did many rituals with a yellow lemon which significantly turned in a reddish type of colour. Then he asked me whether my hair was loose or not. And effectively it was. He said that it followed me by holding my hair. Then I realized that the stories about roaming spirits that my grandparents and parents used to narrate were in fact true.The title of the story is “The coin”

  • Hello everyone! Just to start off, I’m going to be submitting a story that isn’t an original from me. I hope you enjoy it.

    “Blue Eyes”

    Anna and Jennifer were sisters.

    Jennifer had beautiful, long blonde hair and the biggest, brightest blue eyes. She was tall and athletic and very outgoing. Because Jennifer was so polite and outgoing, she was very popular.

    Anna was a plain Jane with straight black hair and dull brown eyes. Anna was very shy and tended to close off most people. She was also a bit cruel, snapping crude remarks at anyone who tried to get close to her.

    Anna hated her sister, Jennifer. She hated her for her hair, for her body, for her personality, but the one reason Anna despised Jennifer was because of her eyes. She felt as though Jennifer’s beautiful, blue eyes were somehow mocking her, reminding her that she’d never be as good as her sister.

    Anna swore every night before she went to bed, that one day, somehow, she’d make Jennifer pay.


    “Anna, I’m home.” Jennifer called, closing the door softly behind her. She had just come back from a party at her friend’s house and was feeling exhausted.

    “Anna?” she called out again. There came no answer.

    Jennifer figured her sister was probably asleep or cooped up in her room, reading a novel or something.

    Careful not to disturb her sister, Jennifer tiptoed upstairs and to her own bedroom. She slipped underneath her covers and fell swiftly asleep.

    The next morning, Jennifer awoke to the dawn’s first rays of sunshine. She once again, tiptoed downstairs, just in case Anna was still sleeping. She wanted to surprise her sister by making breakfast for her.

    A couple hours later, Anna had still not come down. This puzzled Jennifer. Anna had never been the type to sleep in.

    Jennifer went back upstairs and knocked gently on Anna’s bedroom door. There came no reply. “Anna? Wake up.” Jennifer called. There came no reply.

    “Anna? Anna, open this door right now!” Jennifer called, quite agitated. It was quite obvious her sister was ignoring her.

    Finally, after several minutes of no reply, Jennifer turned the doorknob and burst into Anna’s room.

    What she saw, horrified her.

    Then was Anna, hung by the neck. Her intestines strung out of her stomach and laid on the ground in a bloody pool. Her arms and legs were twisted in a terrible way, bending all the way around her body in an inhuman way. Worst of all, Anna’s dull brown eyes were focused on Jennifer, almost as if they were accusing her.

    Jennifer screamed and screamed until her throat went dry. Tears flowed down her face, refusing to stop.

    Jennifer willed herself to stop looking, to pull her eyes away from the horrific sight, but she just couldn’t. Her eyes refused to pull away.

    Finally, in complete anguish, Jennifer reached up to her beautiful, blue eyes and ripped them right out of their sockets, ending all her misery.

  • “Nightmare Spray” ( this is based off of something my parents did at night to calm me down when i was five)

    Marie and James were at their wit’s end. Their daughter, Ella, had just woken them up because she had a nightmare. Again. “Mama, it was the monster! He wanted to eat me!” They would hear it every night, and they had missed lots of sleep because of it. Ella had been having nightmares ever since James had told her a story about the monster that lives under the bed. It had been almost a year since she had heard the story, but it still made her have a horrible time sleeping.
    That day, Marie took Ella to the supermarket. As they rolled their cart past the aerosol cans of air freshener, a light bulb went on in her head. Marie took a can off the shelf and showed it to her daughter. “It smells nice, so it will keep the nightmares and monsters away. You can choose any scent you like.” Ella was delighted and picked out a scent called Orchid Dawn. That night, Ella sprayed the can around her room saying “Nightmare Spray, Nightmare Spray, monsters monsters GO AWAY!” Ella slept peacefully, as did her parents. Everyone was happy and energized in the morning. This continued on for about two weeks. One night, Ella was spraying the air freshener as usual. “Nightmare Spray, Nightmare Spray, monsters monsters GO AWAY!” She was displeased to find that she was almost out of the spray, but they were going to the store the next day, so she figured she could just buy more there. Earlier the next day, Marie was making pancakes for her husband and daughter. Ella had not yet come downstairs. James decided to go to her room and wake her up. When he got to the room, he didnt find his daughter, but instead a crushed can of “Nightmare Spray” A sly smile spread over James’ face as he placed five dollars on the pillow, along with a note that said “It was only air freshener, you know. Next time, et the job done faster.”

  • The tower
    There was once a nice girl named Rapunzel she had very long hair and she was very nice.Her mom loved her daughter very much.One day the mother went on vacation and told her daughter she’d be back in two days.The daughter was a bit scared but she didn’t say anything.The tower they lived in was on top of an old burial ground and one of the rooms was very haunted.The mother told Rapunzel not to open the room on the forth floor.When Rapunzel asked why but all her mother said was that there was pure evil in that room.A few hours after her mom left she was really bored.She though about the room on the forth floor and decided to check it out.She thought her mom was just kidding about it being evil.When she opened the door she felt wrong like a wave of sadness and despair had hit her.She heard foot steps and ran back to her room.She peeked out her bedroom door and saw a bloodied pale man carrying a huge butcher knife.She had let look an phsycotic serial murderer.Rapunzel cried not knowing what to do she sat in her room crying not knowing what to do.There was a window in her room but she was too far up and would die if she jumped.She waited a few hours and heard nothing.She looked out the door and no one was there she ran all the way downstairs and almost ran out the door when her hair was caught on something.The killer then popped out of his hiding spot.He was missing an eye and had a scary smile.Rapunzel was horrified.The killer whispered in her ear”Good-night!”He laughed like a manied and killed her.When her mother came back she found a pool of blood on the ground and Rapunzel was no were to be seen.

  • It’s October 31st, 2012 also known as Halloween, but its also a teenage girl named Rhiannon’s 13th birthday. This is her favorite day of the year, not because it is her birthday, but because Halloween is the one night she isn’t made fun of for being on the darker side. Rhiannon is a Wiccan, she dresses all in black, tends to keep to her self, and the day she found out vampires weren’t real was like when most children find out Santa Clause isn’t real. She was a loner and by her schools hierarchy was a freak, but she didn’t mind, not one bit. Not the mocking not the fact every one was to worried about their own social status to talk to her, not even the vicious rumors about her putting curses on people and drinking a pigs blood on the full moon. She was happy with herself and didn’t need others approval, yet it was a bit relaxing to not be the but of every ones jokes for at least one day. Except for this one fateful night, it all started after school, finally a Halloween on a Friday so she could stay out till midnight if she really wanted to. She arrived home at last where she dressed up in her black cloak that draped around her lean body, black mask that contrasted with her very pale skin, and a black velvet witches hat that covered her long raven black hair. She grabbed her witches broom and headed down stairs of her house when she was stopped by her parents. They asked whom she was going with and she replied with a simple and comfortable answer of “now who would go with the school freak?” and tried to walk out the door and into the twilight that was soon fading into black when her mother reached for her shoulder. Rhiannon turned around to face her mothers face that was riddled with worry. “hunny shouldn’t you be trying to make some friends? You must get lonely all by your self all the time” her mother said. I’m not mom, really im fine. Rhiannon said with a tight smile. An awkward few seconds of silence passed and she hugged her beloved and only daughter and let her walk out into the night. She trick or treated a little bit but she was mostly out their just to see the costumes and enjoy All Hallows Eve. She reached about a mile from her house, into the labyrinth that is her neighborhood, when she ran into a group of kids from her school- Sarah, Kelsey, and Rider- and her eyes hit the floor and attempted to weave my way around them. Sarah stopped her and said “Hey Rhiannon right?” she replied with a quiet “yes” “well we need your help with something, we heard your into like that ghost stuff and stuff like that” Kelsey said. “Really? Im not falling for it! You guys spread all these rumors about me then want me to help you
    ?! Besides all you guys want to do it to humiliate me, its not going to work.” I started to walk away when Rider shouted after me “Please! We messed with a
    Ouija board! We messed up and now there is something after us!! We really need your help PLEASE!” he really seemed sincere so she asked what the problem was and they told Rhiannon to follow them. Rhiannon did as she was told and followed with a quick pace when they came upon a well, it matched their story, a Ouija board and a feeling of something not being right. They told her it was in the well, a demon of a sort. So she walked over to the stone well and peeked over the brim their was a mist, and she thought she saw something, when a black figure screamed and jumped out at Rhiannon this thing jumped out of the well and she screamed in terror and started to recite a spell when the thing and the three class mates stated busting out in laughter, the demon looking thing took off his mask to reveal another fellow student walking over to the other three. She realized what was really going on and anger clouded her vision she walked over to the group and screamed at them, calling them a series of horrible names and threatening to curse them when Kelsey said “Calm down freak it was just a joke.” she planted her feat clenched her jaw and made a fist, she threw it at Kelsey and punched her to the ground. Rhiannon stepped back in a raged daze and was about a foot from the well when Sarah ran up and shoved her, Rhiannon stumbled back even further and fell down the shallow well. Given it was shallow she landed strait on her head and broke her neck, she struggled to breath for about 10 seconds and as she took her last breath she looked up and saw the horrified faced of the people that lead her to her demise, she tried to whisper help but in that instant her life slipped from her grasp. Her mangled body in the bottom well. The Teenagers panicked and ran for it vowing never to speak of it again, later that night Guilt was riddling Kelsey, she laid down trying to sleep it away but her dreams were filled to the brim with the image of Rhiannon’s mangled body. One nightmare was to horrific she woke up with a jolt, she rubbed her eyes and looked at the foot of her bed and saw Rhiannon and her mangled neck and she jumped up-tears running down her cheeks, she whispered ‘oh my god are you alive?’ Rhiannon simply smiled her crooked smile, walked over to Kelsey, snapped her neck and said their now your just like me as Kelsey took her last breath. Next Rider, he watched television trying to get the horrific scene out his mind. But just like Kelsey their was no luck. He closed is eyes trying so desperately to put Rhiannon in the past, when he swore he heard a voice, her voice, Rhiannon’s voice. “Rhiannon im so sorry please tell me that’s you, that your alive!” he said desperately. She appeared right next to him, gave him a crooked smile, snapped his neck, and with his last dying breath she said “I don’t care how sorry you are, you are just like me now!” and floated out of the room. Next was demon boy, he didn’t feel guilty and would out right admit it so he slept like a baby not worrying about a thing, when he woke with a louse CRACK! And pain shooting up and down his spine. Rhiannon appeared right in his face and said “3 down 1 to go” and as he took his last dying breath she stood with her crooked smile and walked away. Finally Sarah, she sat on her bed, brushing her golden hair when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. She said “Come in!” and the door swung open with a thud and standing in the door frame was Rhiannon. She walked closer saying “I have killed off your little friends and want to save you for last. She tried to scream but Rhiannon had come over their and covered her mouth. She started to speak again “I swear I will make your death the most painful!!!” and broke each vertebra on her spine. And with her last dying breath she looked up at Rhiannon and Rhiannon said “Shhhh don’t worry you will be dead in a matter of seconds” shot her another crooked smile and watched the air leave her body. It is said that she haunts that old well and any one that tries to play a prank with that old well will be tripped and break their neck just like the poor soul of Rhiannon.

  • I’ve always been like this.

    My story begins at the age of five.I was a child from a happy family. But I wasn’t happy. I used to have these images, ones which were hidden in the back of my mind.
    I imagined falling and breaking my neck when I climbed trees. Pretty normal right? Well, I pictured them in horrific, sickening detail.
    The images grew nastier and nastier each day, and soon, everything I did was based around my disgusting thoughts.
    But it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t satisfied.
    So I turned on my friends. I imagined them, being hit down as they crossed the road, or drowned in the bath. It had taken over my life, but I just couldn’t stop.
    My grades slipped, I became shy and withdrawn. And then I became isolated. Completely. I was alone. And then I snapped.
    These pictures were just illustrations, like the ones in a biography. But I had no action. So I was the one who ran down my friends and pushed them under. Soon, my actions became words. The ones I’m writing down. You see, I’m writing my autobiography. Right now.
    I’m sorry. You’re next. I’m almost done.

    But I haven’t finished the final chapter.

  • Statues

    There was an 18 year old girl named Sally. Sally lived with her best friend, Rose. They lived in a small town with low population in Ireland. They were very poor and lived in a small shrubby cottage gathered with wildflowers. One day, Rose and Sally went to a small Church not far away from the cottage. On exiting the Church, Sally saw a statue of an angel on one of the balconies. The angel is covering her eyes with both her hands, as if she were crying. She was quite beautiful. She glanced one more time at the balcony. But the angel had disappeared. Sally decided she must have been imagining things. They both left the church and walked slowly to their cottage.
    The next day, Sally woke up to a loud banging at the door.
    Feeling rather annoyed at the constant banging, she opened the door. Standing on the front porch, was the statue she saw a day earlier at the balconies of the Church.

    (A short story, a bit boring.)
    I hope you like it.. If you ever read.

  • This is called Ashley. Hope you like it.
    One day a boy named Tyler was riding his skateboard down his neighborhood when he saw a beautiful girl walking down the street. She had short brown hair that turned gold in the sunlight, big hazel brown eyes that twinkled like Christmas tree ornaments. She was also tall and lean. He walked over and asked her what her name was. She had said her name was Ashley and she had just moved into the neighborhood.”So, do you wanna hang out sometime?”,he said. He was so excited and what seemed like 2 seconds for her to answer,to him, seemed like 2 days.”Sure, meet me same place,here,tomorrow at 6:00. He ran to his house screaming “Hooray”! he felt like the luckiest person in the world.
    the next day, it seemed to finally drag on until 6:00 for Tyler. He ran to the same place that they met yesterday. She saw Ashley walking over with her history book. “Hey Tyler,where is your book, we do have that big history test tomorrow.”,she said. He was shocked. His jaw dropped.”What?”,Ashley asked,”I thought we were going to study.”,Ashley said. Tyler thought for a moment.”This just isnt gonna work out.”,he said. And with that, he ran away. Ashley was mad.”I was just being me, and now, its time for payback for what he has done. He thinks its over, but heck no it isnt!”,she mumbled. She then ran back to her house, waiting for night to come.
    The clock struck 12:00 midnight. Ashley walked out of her house with a big butcher knife and quietly walked up the stairs of Tylers big house. His house was the oldest on the street,so his stairs were crickety. Just before she got to the top,the stair collasped and she fell. she stabbed herself during the fall and she died.
    Tyler found her body the next morning at the bottom of the stairs and he called the police. The police assumed that Ashley was out to kill Tyler, since they were the same age, and what had happened to them. They took the body, but Tyler knew that her spirit was still there, waiting for the right moment.
    The next morning, Tyler was found dead. He had a big butchers knife in his torso. he was found by the neighbors house. That was where Tyler and Ashley first met.
    (Thanks for reading everyone!)

  • The bus stop

    There was a man driving home from work till he sees a beautiful lady waiting by herself at the bus stop her name was Esther. The man asked her if she wanted a ride home and she said yes.

    While they were in the car the man and the beautiful women kept talking about random things and stuff they had in common. The man parked to drop her off and he asked ” would you like to go get a coffee sometime?” and Esther said in joy ” i would love to, meet me at the bus stop tomorrow at 3:00.”

    The man was excited to go on a “date” with Esther she was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen she had long black hair, big brown eyes, and very nice personality. She was everything he imagined his dream girl would be.

    The man was getting ready. He was driving to the bus stop where she told him to pick her up and she wasnt there. The man was confused he figured she was still getting ready so he went to her house and see if she would be there. He knocked on the door and a old lady answered which happend to be Esthers mother. The man said “Hi is Esther there?” The lady looked suprised she said “Oh please come in”

    The man walks in the house and theres so many pictures of Esther. The lady sits down with a sad look and says ” Esther died 4 years ago. She got hit by a bus at the bus stop.

  • One night a girl and her four friends were reading a book titled true monsters. the girls names were Jenny Abby Jessica Katie and Lisa. they were reading a scary story about smiles the clown. his story was he his face was all deformed at the circus he was the funniest clown of all but there were racist and they saw his face. after the show they followed him around back and beat him and beat him. he died he died as they beat him. and if you dare say i smile about smiles at midnight he will come. so Lisa said lets do it no said Abby oh come on said Katie no said Jenny. but at midnight lisa with all of them there yelled I SMILE ABOUT SMILES. WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT they heard someone scream you all die. a clown was there he slit her throat that was not a SHARP thing to do AH hahahahah. they ran he let them go past but then he chased. Katie tried to run but he stabed her in the back come on lets get to the point haahah. they all hid abby ran out of her hideing place right in to his knife. ooops he said i happenstanced there hahahahahhaahhaghahahah.Jessica was about to jump out a window but smiles yelled stop wha why asked Jessica. becuase i have to kill you he yelled and stabed her in the eye. i bet she didnt SEE that one comeing ahahahahah. Jenny however was reading a the book it said the only way to win was to laugh at his jokes. she yelled smiles tell me a joke he said really you want to hear one ok two cannibals are eating a clown one says to the other does this taste funny to you. Jenny laughed he was vanishing hhaahaha. but Jenny didntwhole thing she would forever be insane. the end who liked it

  • @NomNomerzz. The story was pretty good, but you might be able to add on it. It just seems like you were missing something…

  • Cilah’s POV.
    I silently ate my burger, watching the other kids my age play outside. I wish I had the courage to go play with them on the street, but I come from a family of devil-worshippers so they stay way out of my way. I have killed many children, but there is one boy that everyone loves. Worships even. He has a pearly smile and sand coloured hair. I wondered what the newspapers would make up about his death. “Bradley Sheers, killed in a tragic car accident” or “Boy Bradley Sheers murdered by heart of stone” I don’t really have a heart, but if I did have one, It would certainly be made of stone.

    So I set out that night to Brad’s house, a wicked grin on my face, raring to kill.

    His house is a great big Victorian Villa on the end of Albert Street. Pretty neat. I pick the lock with one of the girls at school’s pink paperclip While placing the machete between my teeth.

    Brad’s POV.
    I heard a creak from downstairs. I just assumed it my pet cat moggy looking for mice. I then fell asleep again. I then heard a gigantic CRASH! So I slipped my feet into my tartan slippers and still half asleep, wandered downstairs.I flipped the switch in the kitchen and yelled. My four goldfish, Yoshi, Bubba, Macho and Pikachu were stuck to the wall with pins and below them, sat a tape recorder. A note taped to the recorder said, “PLAY THE TAPE” In blood. So, with a trembling finger, I pressed the PLAY button. The tinkling of a nursery rhyme played then a blood-curdling scream. Then, In a familiar voice, It said, “I come from the family of Devil-Worshippers” I could only whisper one word. Cilah. The girl who never said anything, The girl who always was sitting by the window at the Burger Barn, watching me under her long black fringe kicking the odd coke can in the street with my mates. I suddenly fell to my knees.

    Cilah’s POV.
    I had him under my spell. He had fallen to his knees, And his eyes had rolled right back so I could only see the whites of his eyes. I then whispered in a hynotising voie into his ear, “Your mine.” He then got up from his knees and wrapped his arms around my waist.I licked him up the cheek and we started kissing. I always snog male victims to lower them into my trap better. I then slipped my hand into my back pocket and whipped out the machete. I slit his throat he instantly fell to the ground, dead.I then kneeled down and swiped a bit of blood with my finger, and licked it off. I then stole into the night.
    The next day, nobody noticed Brad’s empty seat.
    You better watch out, she might be out to get you, too.
    Hope U guys liked it. It is my first story as this is a new account x

  • Mommy’s Operation
    Once, there was a woman named Cassie, she was always Active when she was eating, she had a daughter, named Kathy, Kathy was an obedient child. One day, her mother, Cassie, got appendicitis, she needed operation, she was
    sent to the hospital.
    She needed operation, but the father was abroad, so they didn’t have money.
    Kathy begged, but they refused.
    One night, Kathy came to her mom’s bedroom.
    “Mommy, you need operation now…”
    The next day, the dad came in, he went to their room, and ready to unpack his luggage when he was horrified for what he saw. His wife was dead, and Kathy was holding a knife, with splattered blood on the floor and walls.
    “Daddy, Mommy needed operation, so I gave her one.”

  • @MegIz you should definitely continue your story, I really want to hear the rest.
    @NomNomerzz you were NOT the first comment. Clearly. Maybe you meant that day, but MegIz wrote her story and it is before yours. And, why would you do that? God. (Rolls eyes and looks at ceiling)

  • First story, and first comment :)
    This story is called ‘Freddy the neighbor downstairs’
    There was a girl who lived in Tokyo,Japan. Her name was Makato. She lived with here mother and father in a small apartment at the top of a tall apartment building. Her family was friendly with all the neighbors, all but one. He was originally from America but moved to Japan because his girlfriend wanted to move. But she died 8 years ago of a heart attack. The neighbors name was Freddy. No one got on with him since what happened 8 years ago, he just seems ‘down’ all the time. Never leaves his apartment. Never answers his phone (Well, hardly anyway) Will try his best to avoid everyone he is about to come into contact with! No one knows why.

    One day, after lunch. Makato wanted to have an ordinary conversation with Freddy. So Makato and her parents went down one floor to Freddy’ apartment. ‘Hey!’ Said Makato as Freddy slowly opened the door. ‘GO AWAY!’ He shouted, slamming the door! All three of them went home wondering why he was so mean. Until her father went down to have a chat with him…Do you really want to know what happened next?

    Makato’s Father was allowed in, and was actually chatting with Freddy! Nothing abnormal, until the talk was done. And Makato’s father knew so much about Freddy, but wanted to keep it a secret, but not all of it. ‘It turns out Freddy is scared to talk to girls’ Said her father, to Makato. Not too soon, Makato’s mother went down to see if he was ok. She never came back up… So they called the police and they went home with no proof Freddy did anything! But Makato’s mother never came home that night. Or any other night.

    Makato’s father was ready to open up to Makato. ‘So, what is up?’ She said. He started explaining ‘Freddy’s wife new some kind of voodoo. And before she dies, she was scared that he would find another women, so she planted a curse on him. If he was to make contact with any women, his wife would…’ He struggled to continue ‘She would’ He coughed again. ‘Infact, you should just go to bed…Ill tell you in the morning’ He said, struggling to breathe.

    Later that day, Makato went into her fathers room and found and found him dead. Blood all over his bed, his throat had been ripped open! The police came quickly, and when they arrived the body had vanished.

    Makato went to Freddy and screamed at him for answers! After this talk, she felt a rumble in her stomache, but she was not hungry. Police had arrived and took her away for murder. She died in a childrens home, when on footage, a women, Japanese, busrt out of her stomache, and crawled away…

    Hope you guys liked :)

  • This story is a true story. This is a story about something which happened to me, of course it won’t have a name. So scaryforkids if u select this story feel free to give a name you like. This happened to me when i was 8 years old. I was in grade two and our class was presenting a play to the school, so the children participating had to wait after school. I waited after school with some of my friends and my class teacher. After long hours of practice we lined up to go down. Before going i asked my teacher whether i could go and wash my hands. So she sent me and waited with the kids in front of the class. When i went to the toilet it was very dark. The lights were off and all the toilet doors were slightly opened. While washing my hands i felt a sudden chill climbing up my spine. i took a look in the mirror in front of me. I was frightened from what i saw. I saw a women dressed in white, her hair covered her face. Without hesitating i ran out of the girls toilet. My teacher asked me what happened when she saw how scared. I told her everything and she said it was just my imagination. And a my home one of my family member said that it was a sign that something lucky is gonna happen. But i think she just said that to make me feel better. There are lots of scary things that happened to me and i love sharing it with people. It makes me feel better.

  • The Clown
    Part 1

    Laurie Quim put on a bluish-green old vintage Rolling Stone shirt. It matched her turquoise eyes. Her dark coffee colored skin blended in with her brown pants, which was a coincidence. A smile played at the tip of her silky red lips and she swung her sequined tote bag over her right shoulder. She walked out of her boring white room decorated with old rock bands’ posters, and shut the door behind her. She locked it with a special key that hung around her neck with a chain. She climbed down the stairs, kissed her mother and father goodbye and left for the old Circus two blocks away. Her best friend, Brittany, had told Miles, her and Garrett to meet at the demolished place that used to be fun. The Circus had burned down mysteriously, with no explanation for it. It was convenient that she lived so close to it, or else she would’ve had to take her mom’s blue minivan since her silver Porsche was at the car repair shop on 10th street, being fixed since she had run into the Shimmy Spa just down the street after barely getting her driver’s license. She had been so embarrassed. She remembered the moment freshly as if it hadn’t been months since the accident. Laurie thought more about her life on the way there. Her real parents had abandoned her at doorstep, and of course, the people who had found her gave her up for adoption. Now she lived in an admirable happy family with a baby sister and a Great Dane named Bookie. So she did have a happy ending after all.

    She climbed over the iron fence, and fell. She landed on her back. She moaned but got back on her feet and ran to the fields were the Circus took place in her Converse purple sneakers. They were dirty with dried mud and blood, the blood from a previous nose bleed from getting punched on accident after getting in-between a fight concerning Brittany and Mila. She had had a black nose for a while and a throbbing upper lip.

    Fifty feet away in the distance, she saw her three best friends talking to each other. They looked at her a smiled, though Laurie could barely see them. She was panting heavily from running, but didn’t stop. She was a pro at soccer and could run three miles without stopping. Once she reached the group, they discussed with Brittany what they would do at the creepy Circus.

    “Well, I’d thought we’d go ghost hunting,” Brittany smiled with a dazzling front row of pure white, straight teeth. She had said ghost hunting in a sing song voice. Her voice was as beautiful as the lake that Laurie’s family owned. They named it QuimLaur Lake, in memory of Laurie.

    “Oh come on, Brittany. Get real!” Garrett said. Him and Brittany had dated for a year then split up over the way Garrett treated her—which was not very bad. Laurie was up on all gossip that coursed through Greenwich High. It came to her as fast as five seconds after the person of the rumor said it.

    “I brought my camera!” Miles blurted out randomly, and then snorted. He was the official Nerd of the school, but that’s what Laurie liked most about him. They had been best friends since first grade when their class was having an ice cream party when Miles dropped his cone and Laurie had nicely given him her ice cream.

    Brittany’s curly blonde hair moved slightly due to the mild wind. Her dark chocolate eyes glared at Garrett, sending a silent threat to him: Don’t push me. “That’s great Miles! Ghosts on camera . . . leads to big bucks, am I right?” She said excitedly.

    Miles uncomfortably shifted his weight to his left foot and blew his red-orange shaggy bands out of his face. He looked like the young version of Rupert Grint. Laurie had found him super cute.

    “Let’s go before midnight comes. It’s ten ‘till. At midnight, police search the grounds for any teenager. That rat, Mila Joni, tells them that we hang out here every night so they look. Hurry!” Brittney yelled, already standing in the ashes of the destruction. They ran to her and began their adventure of hunting ghosts. Laurie laughed in her mind at the thought.


    “Get the camera out of my face, Miles!” Garrett said, shielding his gorgeously glossy spiky brown hair and hazel colored eyes. He had been irritated the whole time, but no one in the group knew why.

    “Sh!t. We need to leave, like, now!” Laurie exclaimed. She looked around and saw a few beams of light coming from flashlights. “They’re coming!”

    They ran away quickly, but not quietly. Autumn leaves that had fallen off and shriveled up crunched beneath their feet, and their panting all together was as loud as can be. They heard dogs barking in the distance, so they ran even quicker. But something caught Laurie’s eye—bright colors. She stopped and turned to look. There was a clown, watching them. A frown had been painted on his face, and he gave them Get-out-before-I-come-and-get-you look. She grabbed Miles’ camera and took a quick snap of the guy and they sped off, soon meeting at Laurie’s house.


    Saturday Morning:

    Laurie woke up with a pounding headache. She was sprawled on the leather sofa, and the TV was on full blast. It was a news report about a murder.

    “Miles Gellar’s body has been found at the infamous burned down Circus, stabbed multiple times. He had a camera in his hand, which held a special videotape. Please watch closely . . .” But Laurie didn’t watch. The only thing that crossed her mind was: I need that tape.

    (Okay, so tell me if you think I should continue the other part. I really hope SFK can post this two-part story. Thank you, MegIz )

  • The Jelous twin
    Ashley and Brittany were both heding to the bus Brittany went to go sit alone and Scott Ashley’s crush walked to Brittany and whistled he said babe can i sit with you and she said sure not knowing ashley had a crush on him he put his arm around her and she smiled he asked her if she wanted to go out so she said yes they stared to hold hands and ashley got even madder her face was getting red and she was ploting revange so one day brittany went to the mall with a couple of her friends and ashley went too scott’s house and pretended to be brittany she went to him and kissed him on the lips for 5 secs and then he said baby i thought you were going to the mall and she said nah and at 11pm she told scott she would be back she called brittanys cell and said a lie she said she was hurt her sister rushed there and then ashley slit brittany’s neck and she stared crying and asked what she had done and she stared to cry and then cut her head scott rushed out and said SOMEONE CALLL 911 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i loved her she just didnt notice THE END

  • Um, this story is based on happenstance’s story, but I added and edited it.
    Watching you one day
    A boy and his mom had a fight. His mom said he wasn’t allowed to play a new video game. So he said, “Unless you let me play, I’m going to stand in your room all night watching you.”
    She said, “I really don’t care.”
    At 10:00, the boy stood watching his mom. She fell asleep at 11:00, she woke up at 2:00. He was still there. Wow, she thought, he must really want it. She felt bad. She said that he could have it. No reply. He must have fell asleep, she went back to bed. In the morning, he was gone. She went down stairs, her son was eating breakfast. “How long did you watch me?”
    “Oh,” he said, “I left at midnight.”
    The boy kept showing up on that exact day every year, until it is the last day of her life. Right before she dies, she sees the kid for the last time and he finally speaks, “Every time I saw you, I was reminded of how much my mother loved me. Well, before she…went crazy…and…killed me.” The last thing the woman saw was the child crying one single tear sliding down his face.

  • @happenstance, it was creepy, but it probably won’t get posted unless you add a little. Use periods and capital letters. You should add some more. Like maybe the boy keeps showing up on that exact day, until it is the last day of her life and right before she dies, she sees the kid for the last and he finally speaks, “Every time I saw you, I was reminded of how much my mother loved me. Well, before she…went crazy…and killed me.” The last thing the woman saw was the child crying one single tear sliding down his face.