The Stillwood is a short creepypasta written by Josef K about the fact that there are no wolves in the Stillwood.


There are no wolves in the Stillwood. The gray wolves of Virginia have been extinct for over a hundred years. Surveys conducted by the National Forestry Service determined that no sign of any such animal has been found since 1900. The occasional reports of large predators, just after dusk or late at night, usually by the occasional hiker or party of campers in the Stillwood, receive the same tired reply from Animal Control:

“There are NO wolves in the Stillwood.”

When a pet gets lost in the dark of the Stillwood and never returns, or worse is found mauled to death, the blame always falls on the usual suspects: foxes or wild dogs. A few years back, a family who had just moved to the area discovered their young son had gone missing from their own backyard. They never found more than a few scraps of his jacket and a little blood out at the edge of the forest. The official response from the police was adamant. “This was a kidnapping, not an animal attack,” they said. Old-timers like me just shook our heads and muttered to ourselves:

“There are no wolves IN the Stillwood.”

So, if you want to sleep this close to the forest at night, keep your doors tightly locked and your shutters firmly closed, if just to give yourself some peace of mind, to stop you from catching a glimpse of the Stillwood late at night. And if you somehow find yourself walking near the woods some evening, head home as quickly as you can. Try to ignore the sounds of the night wind, howling through the trees. After all, it will only make your imagination run wild. And if you should happen to see red eyes, shining through the mists and the underbrush, or somehow from the branches above, or even through your windows, if you are blessed enough to make it safely home, take what comfort you can in this thought:

There are no WOLVES in the Stillwood…


  • Well according to the Emphasis it could mean that the Department are actually werewolves and are trying to prevent people from thinking there are wolf-like creatures in there; And that the Surveyors are also Were-Wolves; Thus people are prevented from going in there and If they are they turn or die

  • Best. Thing. Ever.
    Best thing since Betty white
    Even better then the thin man

    I. Love. This. Story.

    Creepy PASTAAAAA~

  • I really, really like this story. Short yet wonderfully written and made it’s point without being too dragged out or blatant. Wonderful, absolutely so.

  • Each time they say it there is an emphasis on a word of the sentence. There are no wolves in the stillwood. There are wolves but not in the stillwood. There are things in the stillwood, just not wolves.

  • @twisted_girl I don’t think Josepf K is a user here, SFK was just mentioning the author of it. ^^ Plus I don’t think length should determine the greatness of a story, the vagueness adds to the suspense of the story. (:

  • for those who don’t get it, it mans there aren’t any WOLVES but there are different things some creepy creatures I suppose

  • Everthing in bold is a lie :) I get it! No- there are
    in- there is something in the wood. WOLVES- they aren’t regular wolves at all. 0_0. Great short story

  • no wolves IN the stillwoods means wolves outside the still woods
    no WOLVES in the stillwoods: not wolves bt werewolves !! wow kind of got it..creepy !

  • This is cool. I really like stories that just creep you out rather than gross you out with tons of gore or senseless. Unexplained violence. Thanks SFK and Joseph K. Especially loved that last line.
    I grew up in the rural south and this remeds me of being a little kids. The rule was you had to be home thirty minutes to an hour before the sun went down otherwise the monsters would come and drag you back to their caves. It was terrifying.

  • I loved this story! So original and an amazing idea! I’m hoping to see more stories from you @Josef K ;)

    Writing tip: Try to make it longer by adding more detail and description :)

  • You guys. Did you realize for the first time in a long LONG time, the first commenter did not type in “FIRST!” ;)

  • There ARE NO WOLVES THERE!! think about it wolves hav been extinct there ….. Although there’s something worse

  • Think about it like this:- There aren’t wolves in the Stillwoods. That may mean that there are wolves outside of the stillwoods!

  • Um excuse me, but can you put sOme decent, and long stories on? I just haven’t seen many good ones lately

  • The emphasis on the final line of the story is supposed to make you realize the meaning. It is saying that there aren’t wolves in Stillwood, but the emphasis on “wolves” shows that there is something else out there, something likely more worse than a wolf.

  • This story is what you think it is lol. There are obviously wolves in Stillwood but people refuse to believe it. Wolves are awesome, my fav animal :D

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