The Spongebob Lost Episode is a creepypasta story about a legendary bootleg video of the TV show Spongebob Squarepants. The episode is said to be cursed and many of the people who have seen it have either died or mysteriously gone missing.


This image was taken from a corrupted bootleg video of a lost episode of Spongebob Squarepants. The episode is almost entirely composed of incomprehensible static, jumbles of colors or just black screens. The audio seems to be heavily distorted, with a loud, droning buzz occasionally interrupted by shrill metallic screeches.

The bootleg tape itself was found in December 2004 by a group of five teenagers who were rummaging around in a trash can behind an abandoned mental institution. Of these five individuals, two have since committed suicide, one has gone missing under mysterious circumstances, another refuses to comment on the tape and the last hastily agreed to hand over the only known copy of the episode to investigators, shortly after learning about the suicide and disappearances of his other three friends.

Those who have seen the episode say that there is only one short sequence that can be viewed. The image above is taken from this scene, in which the static on the screen gradually lessens and Spongebob is seen standing in a darkened room. He is slouched over and looking downward with a somber look on his face. His eyes are bloodshot and it looks as if he has been crying.

After about 10 seconds, he blinks slowly and lets out a big sigh. Then he reaches out and takes a bottle of pills from a nearby table. The colors keep flickering from light to dark as Spongebob grips the bottle tightly and a single tear rolls down his face.

The colors start flickering faster and faster, and in the background, the screams and cries of children can be heard. Then, the sound drops out and is replaced by absolute silence. Still blinking ominously, Spongebob quickly twists the lid off the bottle and tips all of the pills into his mouth.

The screen twitches and the animation grows darker. Barely visible in the gloom, Spongebob clutches his stomach and collapses onto the floor. Froth spews from his mouth and he vomits pale orange bile all over himself. Then, he lies motionless until the screen returns to static.

The current whereabouts of the tape are unknown and it is suspected that it was destroyed by the authorities. Most of the people who claim to have watched it are dead. The only thing that remains of the lost episode is the single still image you see above. Many people claim that if you stare at the image for a long time, strange things are supposed to happen…


  • I’m a grown ass woman, but I couldn’t stare at that GIF long enough to watch him blink. That shit is unsettling. Props to whoever made it.

  • OMG! It is a GIF! It blinked. Anybody who didn’t see it closed their eyes at the exact same time as it blinked!

  • I looked at the gif once and it blinked like 3 times before I clicked off of it. I found it on google though.

  • Guys, he does blink. ITS A GIF!!! It does blink, though it takes 1-5 minutes. People who say were imagining it, were not. It’s a GIF. If you don’t see it, you blinked.

  • The truth is: The picture is a gif (a pic which has motions). Those who see it blinking are true. Those who are not able to see the blinking must have blinked exactly the same time when the spongebob blinked therefore they missed out the blinking.

  • Lol I looked at the image it blinked and then my internet just failed. I wasn’t freaked out by the blinking but the internet got me surprised.

  • I decided to come back and visit this page/story after almost a year, and this time, I did see Spongebob BLINK. Oddly, I’m not creeped out.

  • yeah it blinked its probably a gif, and I found it weird how they HAD to include that the image was still

  • This s the 2nd time I came to this story, and waited for like a minute or 2, but it DIDN’T blink…I mean come on, you guys are probably imagining it!

  • SpongeBob did not blink…I stared at it for like a full minute but nothing even happened…you guys are lying

  • guys… it blinks its animated picture gif just like family picture the girl and mum and dad and baby normal pic right… then it turns all demonic when the page loads

  • I woke up to get me. Cold pop. And I though somebody was barbecuing barbecuing said o lord Jesus it’s a fire! I ran out I didn’t grab to shoes or none jesus

  • Unbelievable! It…….oh god…..really… Blinked! I’m speechless! Stunned! Its a gif. Pic maked as to blink after 8 seconds!

  • im too scared to stare at it and if it blinks like y’all said that’s creepy why would they have something like that, spongebob is supposed to be a fun loving character

  • i swear to god that when i was reading this,out of the corner of my eye i saw it blink.IM NOT JOKING!

  • Yesterday, I kept starring at the pic so spongebob can blink. Then I got creeped out when I read the last sentence of the story. Today, this guy that worked at my school past away and my school moved my friend to another school.

  • OMFG i just read this with my mate and she finished reading b4 me lol but when she was finished she put her hand over the pic and when i read the end i was like… oh.

  • The .gif image DOES show Spongebob’s eyes blinking once.
    Whoever made the GIF made it so that when he blinks, he won’t blink again for a long time.

    learn2internet lolz

  • it blinked but it wont blink again if u didnt see it blink u blinked d at the same time

  • I was switching my pages on my IPhone and as soon as I clicked on the page that was set to this, Spongebob blinked! I was so scared it made me scream!

  • :OOO Lol me and my friend were watching this and we were just staring at the pic… THEN IT BLINKED! D: We were so scared…!?

  • u dudes need to chill man…the pic. just blinked man…no big deal. haha it would be cool to see this video.

  • I loved this Creepypasta~But I still like BEN and Jeff the Killer better~THses stories doesn’t creepy out this 11 yr old![anymore xD]

  • i didnt see him blink. but if you stare at it long enough the picture starts to fade into the darkness and all you can see is his eyes. did anyone else find the pic cute?

  • Hey sfk, can you like put a picture up, but like put a cover to open saying “WARNING this picture may scar you!” I really need one of those warnings. P.S. you guys are exaggerating. I didn’t even see him blink. BTW, I stared for like a whole minute

  • @DeathlyPrincess Lol it’s a song called Aint nobody got time for that!
    @Aneka the horse lova I didn’t grab no shoes or nothing Jesus I ran out!

  • @forever retarded, I just went down stairs to get me a cold pop, when it smelt like somthin was bbquing! I said oh lord Jesus its a fire! Ain’t no body got time for that!

  • That is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen :’) I WANT MORE!!!!! LOL I didn’t see him blink but that’s what I know it’s supposed to do because when I opened this page in Google Chrome and inspected the picture’s element it said it was spongebob.gif NOT A .jpg or .png or any other picture type. TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • okay so i was looking at my tv that is right next to the computer and i swear to god i saw spongebob blink im not even kidding and then i read the story……

  • Some of u are either lying that you saw it blink or the others just didn’t look at it long enough… Or It may not have blinked cuz it isn’t the original. I can’t see it blink either… *SHRUGS*

  • So what if he blinked? Its what you call a picture video, small animations happen in the picture. And its like the cow head story, they make you look for it, but its not real. I mean, would you believe me if I said there was a video of all the celebrities in the world eating Mcdonalds? And I was the only one who had it?!

  • I came. Saw the picture. Took a picture of it to show a spongebob fan. Lowered the camera and caught him blinking. Then I read the story. Cool.

  • Can you put up the sonny the tragic clown creepypasta? It’s the one about that clown from the sims

  • i watched the pic for 3 mins but it was motionless!it did not blink or nothhing happened!

  • Lol’ before I even started to read I was staring at the GIF. Waiting for it to blink…

  • Oh Yeah! I’ve read about Squidwards Suicide where squidward kill himself and real life kids or something and if you stare at the pic long enough the Spongebob will blink… I’ve read about this like 5 times and googled it like 1000 times…

  • Who else was too scared to look at the picture again after reading that? I think Squidward’s Suicide is worse though.

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