Spanish Boys

The Spanish Boys is a ghost story from Spain about two friends who decide to become grave robbers to impress their friends.

Spanish Boys

There were two boys in Spain who were always up to mischief. Their names were Juan and Carlos and they were 13 years of age. The Spanish boys wanted a good horror story to tell their friends. After much thought, they hit upon the idea of ​​going into the local graveyard and digging up a skeleton. The boys knew this would be a horrible thing to do, but they liked the idea of becoming grave robbers. They were sure their friends would be impressed.

The irresponsible boys waited until nightfall so that nobody would see them, then stealthily made their way to the cemetery. After climbing over the wall, they waited for a few minutes to make sure the graveyard was deserted. One of the boys spotted a shovel lying beside a freshly dug grave. This gave them the crazy idea that it would make for an even better story if they dug up a recently deceased corpse.

Neighbors who lived beside the cemetery were awoken during the night by the sound of digging. It sounded as if the dead were rising from their graves. The alarmed neighbors grabbed their sticks, their machetes and their guns for protection. Cautiously, they went out into the night and quietly searched for the source of the strange sounds.

In the darkness, a voice was heard shouting, “Over there!” and they saw two ghostly figures crouching over a grave. The terrified neighbors attacked the ghostly figures, beating, stabbing and hacking them in a fearful panic. Afterwards, they fled and returned to their beds, waiting for dawn to break.

When they returned the next day, the neighbors found the dead bodies of two young boys lying on the ground. Both of them had been badly beaten. Their heads were cracked open and their brains had fallen out. The people were horrified when they realized that the figures they had seen the night before had not been ghosts at all. They were just two stupid kids who fancied themselves as grave robbers.

As they stared at the two corpses, the people became worried that the police would come and arrest them for murder. So, they quickly dug two shallow graves and buried the broken bodies of the two foolhardy youths, before anyone else found out what had happened. The crime was covered up and the two boys were reported missing.

Ever since then, they say the ghosts of the two Spanish boys haunt the graveyard every night, unearthing and desecrating the graves of the people who murdered them. At night, neighbors hear odd screams coming from the cemetery and strange voices yelling, “Where are our brains?” Every morning, the remains of the dead are found dismembered and scattered throughout the cemetery.


  1. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    fools! it they were really spirits they would not be so tangible. by the way, the whole “where are our brains?” thing makes it a bit comical. those boys should have never messed with the dead anyways.

  2. imgianna says

    Boys: You just made us FURIOUS! How dare you kill us?
    Neighbors: We’re sorry! We thought you were ghosts.
    Boys: Don’t act stupid or this is your last day of existence.. REEEEVEENNNGGE!

  3. xFenrirWolfsbanePotterx says

    I enjoyed this, thanks, Scary For Kids.

    And, happy cakeday @Poisoned Love. Have a great day. xx

  4. Prettiestghostyouwillevermeet911 says

    Wowowowowowow! Those people that killed those boys need to be punished…..even though they are dead :[

  5. essense says

    Tell me this
    If your best friend,nanny,mum ect. Died and got burried would you like it of scrawny little teenaged went and dig them up and kept them for them selfs

  6. Dead Girl XXx says

    Ha… serves them right :O They could be up to better mischief! Not digging up graves!

  7. griffin88 says

    Well that was a bit dark…Uh…I’m not usually so dark. Just…I blame science.

  8. griffin88 says

    Disturbing the dead has no consequences. Morally by the human standards of today it does. By biology’s standards it has none. They’re dead. They have no feelings, no mind, no anything. They’re done now. Only use is to return to the soil and make the help the plants there grow. You can easily find a dead body and do whatever you want to it. Nothing’ll happen. If you were dead and someone played with your bones, would you care? No. You’re dead. You can’t. You may say that you would, but that’s because you are alive now. When you are dead you can’t feel that way. You can’t feel at all.

  9. Tali Z'orah Kasumi says

    HAppy birthday again Poisened Love lol.
    What kind of sick people would dig up a recently buried body. Those naughty Spanish boys :)

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