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Sorry Mom

“I’m Sorry Mom” is a creepy but sad story about a woman whose son is always misbehaving at school. This story is based on a Spanish legend.

Sorry Mom

There was a woman who lived in a small town in Spain with her husband. The couple had a ​​young son named Federico who was always causing mischief. The parents were at their wits end because the boy was constantly getting into trouble at school.

One morning, the mother woke her son as usual and got him dressed for school. While he brushed his teeth, she prepared his breakfast. After he finished eating, she sent him out to catch the school bus.

She spent the next few hours cleaning the house. It was around lunchtime, when she happened to go into the living room. To her surprise, she saw her son sitting by the window, staring outside.

“Federico!” she yelled angrily. “What are you doing home at this time? Why aren’t you at school?”

The boy was silent and turned to look at his mother. She noticed that there was blood on his forehead.

“Federico, why do you have blood on your head?” she asked.

“Mom, I’m sorry…” replied the little boy.

“Have you been fighting again?” she asked. “Did the teacher send you home?”

“I’m sorry, Mom…” Federico said quietly.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” said the exasperated mother. “Go to your room! When your father gets home, he will decide your punishment.”

The boy hung his head in shame and went upstairs to his bedroom. His mother just sighed and shook her head.

Just then, the phone started ringing. The mother rushed into the hallway to answer it.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other end. “Can I talk to the mother of Federico.”

“Who is speaking?” asked the mother.

“This is the school principal.”

“Oh no,” she sighed. “What did that little devil do now?”

“I don’t know how to explain,” began the school principal. “This morning, Federico climbed onto the roof of the school…”

“I’ve had it up to here with his behavior,” interrupted the mother. “I can assure you that when his father gets home, Federico will get the punishment he deserves.”

“No, you don’t understand,” said the school principal. “Federico fell off the roof and hit his head… I’m so sorry… He died instantly…”

The mother dropped the phone. Tears began to well up in her eyes. She ran up the stairs and burst into her son’s bedroom.

It was empty.


  • Me : sorry mom .
    her : why?
    Me : I’m fat. :(
    her : I’ve told you a MILLION times you have a body like me “skinny”
    me : see? I am FAT!!

    No, NO, jk guys respect mothers of all sizes

  • That was so sad,the mother didn’t even let the boy talk all he said was sorry mom,bet she was sorry at the end.

  • Ahhh omg well I mean at least he said sorry..And the last time she ever talked to him..SHE YELLED AT HIM

    CRYING aaaahahwhhwwhahhwhahhwhwhahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaah

  • this is a true story its called my trip to saskatoon
    my mom was going to a rugh rider game so i had to stay whith her her friend mell and her daghter jojo so when they wher
    driving me to ther house thats when jojo said “mom should we tell her?” mell said “no or else she might get scared and go home.” and i whisperd to jojo saying “what do u wanna tell me?” she said nothing so i sat up stright and waited we went to mc donalds and got an ice cream and im all like “SASKATOON IS AWSOME THERE MC DONALDS HAS ICE CREAM!” we all where like lol well whaterver that night i got scared cuse they live in an apatment ill tell the story later

  • heres my story
    A small 11 year old always was teased but she could never admit it to her mother.So her mother bought her horrible clothes and put her hair in embarrising ways like preschooler pig tails.So the kids laughed and taunghted one day the princepel called the mother informing her that her daughter punched a kid after teasing her.So the mother just went on thinking it was a phase.But the next day The daughter broke a 4th graders arm and gave a 5th grader a black eye.Again the princepel informed the mother but the mother again though she was just playing around.So the next day she gave the daughter a ugly shirt and put her hair up in pigtails.The girl then waited a second the zipped her bookbag and left.Sooner the phone rang the mother expected the princepel but it was the police.It turned out that the daughter grabbed a gun on her way out and ,killed all the students ,a few staff members ,and the princepel.They found her taunghting the dead children yelling “HAHA YOU LOOK LIKE A DEAD PIG HAHA”

  • Freddykruegerfan7 That was a good story considering it was ur first !!!
    That was a good story zombieluverz

  • xXTO LIVE IS TO DIEXx I REALLY like ur story it was amazing! it was also rly frky!!!!!

    Death Bolt: OMG MAN IN THE MIRROW WAS AWESOME! i LUV the twist it was AMAZING :O

  • Ya his mamma was mean but maybe and was really bad?!?!?!? This is a really good story keep up with the good work!! Very sad

  • Here’s my other story that I posted on another site
    House Of Doppelgangers

    My brothers and I have been living in our townhouse for 8 years now, ever since I entered college and my brothers entered high school in an exclusive school in Quezon City, Philippines. Our townhouse is only a 10-minute-walk away from the school, which is very convenient for us. However, because our family business is in the province, my parents have to live there while my brothers and I live in our townhouse alone.

    Several incidents happened in our house which we chose to ignore. In one instance, when my dad paid us a visit, he and my brother were in the kitchen. My brother was washing dishes while my dad was chopping vegetables for lunch. They were both facing the wall, their heads turned away from the door leading to the wash room at the end of the kitchen. From behind them they heard my voice say, “Pagamit ng C.R. Ha,” which is Tagalog for “May I use the rest room?” My brother answered back, “What’s wrong with you?” because he was surprised I was asking permission in our own house. They both turned around and saw no one. They checked the bathroom – it was empty. They went around the house – I wasn’t there. I received a call in my cell from my brother that day, asking where I was. I was at work the whole time. But my brother and father were both certain it was my voice they heard.

    The second incident was more creepy, because I myself experienced it. I was leaving for work, my youngest brother was already in school while my younger brother was in his room. I stepped out the door and stood by the front steps locking the door with my keys. Suddenly I heard MY voice in the living room calling my brother’s name: “Rap, baba ka!” (Translation: Rap, come down here!) I fumbled with my keys and tried to open the door, except this time the locks won’t open. I heard my brother running down the stairs so I went to the window to see what will happen. The living room was empty. My brother opened the door for me and asked why I was calling him. I told him it wasn’t me calling him and he couldn’t believe it. After telling the story again, I left him to go to work.

    The third incident happened in my room, more than a year after the second incident. I woke up in the middle of the night – which always happens to me. The first thing I did is check my bedside clock (which I always check when I wake up in the middle of the night for comparison), it was 2:00 in the morning. At the corner of my is a full length mirror which normally faces and reflects the image of my bedroom door. After checking my clock I checked my mirror and saw myself standing and staring at myself in a deadpan way. At first I thought I was looking at my reflection and I even asked myself in my mind, “Why the hell am I sleeping standing up?” But then I felt the bed and knew I was lying down. After a few seconds of staring at my standing reflection, I turned to the other side of the bed and decided to just ignore it.

    The last incident did not happen to me but to my youngest brother, who has always been in touch with the supernatural. It happened just last year, 2007. According to him, he woke up at 5 am and took a bath for school. While getting dressed he noticed that his reflection in the mirror was grinning at him though he wasn’t smiling at all. He got scared and decided to go to school though it was too early. When he was locking the door, he practically screamed when he saw his own head grinning at him from his right shoulder. He walked to school, the whole time with the grinning face that looks like him on his right shoulder which he could see through his peripheral vision. On the way to school, he passed by some shops and saw his reflection with still grinning at him. He noted that although his reflection looks like him exactly, the eyes were somewhat different.

    My brother chose to ignore the doppelganger who stayed with him at school the whole day.

    (I don’t know if it’s real or I’m seeing things anyways thanks for reading)

  • Here’s my own story
    (I’m a filipino)
    Elder Brother

    There this boy I knew named Richt. He lived a bit far from me. His family maltreated him and made him like a slave since he was 6. Now 12 yrs old he planned to kill himself on that night but that night he saw a ghostly figure, the figure he saw is wearing a soldier’s uniform but his color is white, his face is blooodied on his forehead. Richt wasn’t scared because he saw one before and tried to tell everybody but this only worsens his life. Ignoring the ghost, he noticed that the ghost smiled even if his face is bloodied, he decided to talk to the ghost, not knowing that the ghost was his elder brother. They talked all night and realized that he also have the same life and also planned to kill himself before. Richt learned from the ghost that he must continue with his life and move on. And on that day no matter how hard his family hits him he gets stronger his mother took notice and ask what made him like this, Richt said : “I’ve met someone…he was white but wearing a soldier’s uniform, he taught me a lesson to move on” then suddenly his mother broke into tears and Richt ask her what’s wrong, his mother said that his elder brother died in the army even though you two have the same life. Shocked, Richt still remembers that night till’ now.

    THE END (sorry for bad gramar not good at English)

  • xXLovexHurtsXx You’re welcome :)
    Deadgirl XXx Yeah that’s true, but, what was the punishment? Lol XD

    Cool stories ImScaryunoit and GHninja101 :)

  • Heres another story, its actually the sequal to the other one:

    Ghost dog

    When Tom woke up, he saw his dog in the hall. The dog died 10 days ago. He got hit by a car. The dog was growling but it never usually growls. The dog vanished. Tom went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. But he sees a message on the mirror written in blood. It says “YOU SHOULD’VE SAVED ME”. Just when Tom saw the dog, it pulled Tom into the basement which quickly turned into an abandoned house. It was actually The Doom House. Tom then saw Jack, Max, and Flick. They all said “Help us”. Tom then asks “Are you guys my dead brothers?”. They said yes. Tom was shocked because he didn’t realize they died there. He quickly ran out the door and the dog was chasing him. Luckily he made it out the house and was back in his house. But the dog was stuck in The Doom House. Jack, Max, and Flick said “Will you be part of The Doom House?” The dog barked as in yes. Eventually, Tom moved out of the house and never returned.

  • Now I got a new story. It’s called…. (bare with me on the title)
    The Liver And The Broken Heart
    There once lived a beautiful woman in her late twenties. She was married to a VERY handsome man. The thing was, he was also VERY unfaithful. The wife knew he was cheating and she new the woman who he was cheating with. She just couldn’t bring herself confront her husband. That is until one day, she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t want to bring in a child into a troubled home, but she also didn’t want to get an abortion. So she got up the guts to confront her husband. He was acting the way guilty men do, tugging his collar and such, and said the wife was just making false accusations and that those stories are all accusations. The wife decided to play along and try and catch him in the act. The husband was being very cautious of his actions for a couple of months. The wife was also keeping an eye on him. Now, a couple more months had passed and the wife was about to be in labor. The husband was waiting in the lobby of the hospital until the doctors had said the birth was successful and he could go see his wife and child. He walks into the room and sees his wife holding their newborn son. The doctors said that the family could go back to their home the next day.
    The family is back at their house and everything seems to be very delightful. The husband thinks the wife has forgotten all about the accusations and goes back to cheating. It turns out, the wife hasn’t forgotten, but she couldn’t bring herself to confront him again. This goes on for three years until the wife snaps. The husband comes home late and turns on the kitchen lights. He stops in his tracks to see his furious wife, glaring at him and tapping her foot. Her foot goes along with the beat of his heart. He begins to panic and starts to think of an excuse. He can’t. In the heat of the moment, the wife quickly grabs the kitchen knife, and stabs him multiple times in the chest. The light slowly starts to disappear from his eyes as tears fall from his cheeks. Those tears are not his, but the wife’s. She sobs as she continues to stab him, until there is nothing left to stab. She just sits in the kitchen, chuckling and crying. She starts to cut out his liver and heart. The heart has a vein that goes in zig zags. Making it seem that the heart was broken. She places the heart and liver in the freezer and drags the body out into their backyard. She keeps on digging a hole in the ground, and dumps the body in there. The wife cleaned the kitchen, cleaning and cleaning, until the kitchen was spotless. By the time she was done, it was already morning. She went to the freezer and brought out the liver and heart, preparing to cook it. Her son got up from his bed and slowly walked his way to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He asked “What’s for breakfast ma?”. She looked at him and said “Liver and and omelete with ham.” His face started to glow with excitement and said “My favorite food!” She placed a plate in front of him and he started to eat the “breakfast” with glee. ‘What a wonderful son. Enjoying the food his mother cooks for him with enjoyment’ she thought as she chuckled to herself.

  • ive got a story

    i woke up and went to the bathroom then i looked in the mirror and noticed there was a small cut on my forehead then i realised there was a huge amount of blood on my hand. i thought it was just a trick my brother was playing on me then i went into my mums room to tell her that he was messing around at his bedtime but she was dead i went back into my bedroom to find my brother dead on the floor with the same cut on his forhead. i ran out of the house to find a man with a knife he ran away from me and it turns out i killed my mum and my brother and if you dont run ill get you to.

  • Here’s a story: There was once an adventurous young man, who loved exploring the world his name was Jeff. One day he decided to travel to Bear Lake, Utah for a short holiday with his friend Dave. They packed their stuff, went into the car and were on their way to Bear Lake.

    They soon reached Bear Lake. They first stopped at a gas station to get more fuel and to buy some food. The manager of the gas station started talking to the men, his name was James, soon the men told him that they are going to the lake. James looked worried, he told the men to be careful when they are near the water, but he didn’t tell them why. The men were now curious. They wanted to know what was wrong with Bear Lake. They then got back into the car and drove to the lake. There was no one else there. They found a nice place near the water and parked the car there.

    Jeff and Dave came to the lake for a swim. Ignoring James’s warning, they ran towards the water and dove right into the cold, dark water. Jeff then felt something rubbing against his leg in the water, Dave swam out of the water very quickly he looked into the water to see a giant snake-like creature wrapping itself around Jeff’s body. Dave ran to the car, took out his rifle, aimed skillfully at the beast and shot at it but none of his bullets had any effect on the beast.

    Jeff was suffocating, his mouth was bleeding, his eyes were closed, he was dying. He was then pulled under water by the Monster. Dave called out for him but there was no answer. Jeff was never seen again. Dave was terrified. He then sat down near the water, he was then pulled into the water by the Bear Lake Monster.

    A few days later, police arrived at the Lake to find an abandoned car parked near the water…

    The End

    Well, I know it’s not a good story but, I didn’t have anything better to write. I just wanted to post something. lol

  • Hey I’m a new user so here’s my story
    Facebook Addiction
    Once there was a man named Dave. He was 36 but he wasn’t married or had any children. He lived alone in a very tiny appartment in New York. He didn’t play any sports or did any hobbies. All he ever did all day was go on Facebook. He would update his status every single hour and change his profile picture everyday. He would play Farmville and Cityville 24/7. He was fat because he never worked out in a gym. He was very pale because the last time he went outside was when he was 30. One day Dave’s mother came over to visit her son. She was disgraced when she found out that her son had no job, no wife, no family, and no money. She said that Dave was addicted to Facebook and she immediately took her son to a mental hospital. Dave was not happy on his first day at the mental hospital. He kicked every doctor or nurse that tried to talk or touch him. The week after that, Dave started losing his mind. He decided that he was done with this place and he grabbed a razor. He cut every doctor and nurse into pieces. The next morning, a pedestrian was walking and he noticed blood near the mental hospital. The pedestrian walked into the mental hospital. What he saw was a very horrific scene. He saw blood everywhere (walls, ceiling, floor, etc…) He saw arms, legs, and severed heads of the nurses and doctors. He called the police but Dave couldn’t be traced. So be careful not to get too addicted to Facebook or you can end up like Dave……

  • Here’s another story:
    When I was younger, I had a best
    friend named Talina. One night I went over to her house for a sleepover on a Friday night. I was very excited. My father took me to her house at 8pm. I was a bit freaked out because the house was old and it looked scary. I knocked on the door, I was greeted by Talina’s mother, she was a very nice lady. She called Talina and told her that I had arrived. Talina came running down stairs to meet me. She then accompanied me to her
    room. There was a bunk bed which was against a grey wall
    , and a television set which rested on a shelf and there was a window behind the TV. Talina was sitting on the lower bunk while I was lying down on the
    top bunk. We were watching a funny movie and the curtain was still open because it was very hot that night. From
    the window I could see an old large tree, with thick branches. It was now 9 pm and
    a bit dark. I then
    peered through the window once again and stared
    at the tree, I felt like I was being watched
    . Suddenly…
    I saw a thin, tall man, with his mouth opened wide and blood dripping from his mouth, his white clothing was stained red from the blood which soaked his body, he was hanging from
    a branch of the tree, with a thick rope around his scrawny neck. I was terrified, I told Talina what I saw but, when she looked
    out the window there was nothing there. She told me that I’m probably just seeing things. I didn’t want to fight with her. So I told her that she’s right. She then closed the curtains and killed the light. By now it was 12pm. We said goodnight and fell off to sleep. I woke up the next morning and left her house early. I never slept over at her house again. Whenever I visited her again, I always had a strange feeling when I went near the old giant tree, on closer inspection I noticed that the tree seemed to have blood stains on it…

  • Here’s a weird Urban Legend: The people in Malaysia call her The Hantu
    Tetek which means ‘Breast Ghost’
    in English. The
    ghost is of a female, she wears no clothing, has long dark hair and she is known for having
    really huge breasts. She uses her large breasts to
    attack her victims by suffocating them
    to death. It is said that most of her victims are young children and unweary men, locals claim that the ghost woman captures her victims and squeezes the life out of them with her giant breasts. When a child goes missing, some parents believe that the Hantu
    Tetek is hiding their child under her breasts. Some say that the Hantu
    Tetek’s breasts are at the back of her body.
    Some people say that she is
    really a witch who died and turned into a ghost woman.

  • Thank you Dead Girl XXx, mel_gibson_fan (I am his fan too! Yay!) and xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx! I love writing stories and soon I will post more stories if you want!
    And also I have read all the stories you have posted and I just love them! They are so original!

  • Hi, I have another story I just made!

    In the mirror
    A young man named Nigel had just arrived in London and was looking for a place with a low rent to stay. He couldn’t find anything suitable and he was a bit tired as he entered the last room available. It was small and cold and looked old, but he was too tired to think of this. He found the rent logical so he decided to stay.
    He was feeling his eyes closing so he headed to the bed. He lied in his bed but he found out that he couldn’t sleep. He ended up starring at the big vintage mirror that was across the wall. For a strange reason, he couldn’t take his eyes of the mirror until he felt his eyes closing.
    “Let me out”.
    He immediately opened his eyes.
    “Let me out, let me out…”… It whispered again.
    Nigel felt cold… “Hello, who’s there?”
    The whisper continued saying the same thing over and over. He thought it was just his imagination, so he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But it was like the whisper was in his head.
    “Let me out; let me out, LET ME OUT!” The whisper had become a desperate scream.
    By that time, Nigel was in cold sweat. He was trying to make himself think that was just a dream. But it was screaming in his head.
    “Let me out, LET ME OUT! Break the mirror, LET ME OUT, set me free” anything it was, it was scaring Nigel to death.
    “BREAK THE MIRROR, BREAK THE MIRROR NOW” it said, and that was it. Nigel went to see what was in there. He had his face very close to the mirror, when with a glance of the moon, he saw in bloody letters: LET ME OUT.
    He got so scared that he fell on the mirror and the mirror fell down and broke. A horrific scream was the last think Nigel heard before it all went black.
    When he woke up he got off the floor and thought to himself “Just a dream”. He started walking towards the bed when he suddenly bumped into something. He tried again, but he fell. He was hitting on a glass wall! He went insane, he wanted to get out! He started hitting the glass, and the only thing in his head was:

  • @DeathIsForever. I wasnt mad, but I found it funny because I had read it before. LMFAO XD

  • I love the stories that you guys posted. Keep it up. I’m sure they’ll be added to the site soon :D

  • THIS IS MY FIRST STORY. Wahahaha! XD Its just a try out. so sorry if this story sucks :))

    Blood was everywhere. Rick stared blankly at his Mom’s head, staring in front of him. It was cut on loose by an insane, madmen using a chainsaw. Its face could not be drawn, Its lips and eyes are wide open as if shouting for help.

    Their nipa hut was attacked by 3 murderers in the middle of the night while they we’re all asleep. He just don’t know why they attacked their peaceful home, they’re not rich nor have any valuable belongings so he don’t know their motives for breaking in their hut. He’s sister was already dead, she was harassed by the man who belonged to
    the group then shot her in the head and in on its vagina, as well as his Mom whose head has been cut through a chainsaw brought by the murderers, all that was left was he and his father whose still fighting back at the trespassers. “RICK! Son! Woke up! I need your help! Go get the BOLO (a long knife) at the kitchen!” yelled his father, there then, he came back to his senses and rushed to their dirty kitchen and came back with the BOLO. He’s already insane and couldn’t take the wrath and anger and the want to kill the burglars. He swayed the weapon to the 1st burglar and it hit and slit its mouth and died. He help his father and swayed again the weapon and cut the head of the other burglar. He rejoiced in thinking he killed all of them, but he didn’t notice the third one armed with a knife standing at the back of his father then suddenly stabbed him and rushed out of the house, escaped. “Papaaaaa!!!!” Rick shouted.
    “Don’t worry my son, I’ll seek revenge for you and and for your Mama and Sister. I will never be in peace until that day comes!”

    After the bloody incident. Rick decided to move into a small town and started working in a construction site for a living.

    As he was roaming around the market area of the town. He unexpectedly seen a person whom he never thought he would meet on a unusual place. “Pfttt.. so you are a fish merchant huh?”

    The next day, Rick decided to shop some fish at the dirty market for dinner.

    “How much does this fish costs?” he asked the fish seller. Just then, the merchant’s face draw a shocked look in his face. He looked like he had seen a walking dead risen from the depths of hell.
    “WHY ARE YOU HERE? HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!? I ALREADY KILLED YOU!?”, the fish merchant said with a trembling look on its eyes as it obviously wanted to run away.
    “OW, SO YOU STILL REMEMBER ME?” Rick answered.

    As he said those words, the fish merchant run as fast as he could down the streets when he unexpectedly got run over by a truck in a high speed. Thus make him shattered into pieces. He died staring at the face of his unknown costumer… a man with a smile on his face whom he knew 4 years ago..

    I know its not that creepy :) I’m a newbie btw! haha!

  • and i got a story.
    The Big Toe
    A boy was digging at the edge of the garden when he saw a big toe. He tried to pick it up, but it was stuck to something. So he gave it a good hard jerk, and it came off in his hand. Then he heard something groan and scamper away. The boy took the toe into the kitchen and showed it to his mother. It looks nice and plump, she said. I’ll put it into the soup, and we’ll have it for supper. That night his father carved the tow into three pieces, and they each had a piece. Then they did the dishes, and when it got dark they went to bed. They boy feel asleep almost at once.

    But in the middle of the night, A sound awakened him. It was something out in the street. It was a voice, and it was calling to him. Where is my to-o-o-o-o-e? it groaned. When the boy heard that, he got very scared. But he thought, It doesn’t know where I am. It never will find me. Then he hard the voice once more. Only now it was closer. Where is my to-o-o-o-o-e? it groaned. The boy pulled the blankets over his head and closed his eyes. I’ll got to sleep, he thought. When I wake up it will be gone. But soon he heard the back door open, and again he heard the voice. Where is my to-o-o-o-o-e? it groaned. Then the boy heard footsteps move through the kitchen into the dining room, into the living room, into the front hall. Then slowly they climbed the stairs. Closer and closer they came. Soon they were in the upstairs hall. Now they were outside his door. Where is my to-o-o-o-o-e? the voice groaned. His door opened. Shaking with fear, he listened as the foot steps slowly moved through the dark toward his bed. Then they stopped. Where is my to-o-o-o-o-e? the voice groaned. The boy answered “I ate i-i-it.” “Well i’m going to have to get it somehow” groaned the voice. The boy saw a dark figure walking up to him with a large butcher knife. The figure choped to boy in half and found only a quarter of his toe in the tummy. He took it and left. The next morning, when the boy’s mother came to wake him up, She screamed at the sight of her chopped son on his bed. She looked at the wall and there was a note written in blood that read: I know you have the other 3 quarters of my toe. I’m coming for my toe tonight. The woman screamed and went to the bathroom and pooped. The man didn’t come for her. But she heard footsteps going to the bathroom and a noise as if someone had jumped into the toilet.

    THE END.

  • -The picture
    I was almost dancing in the car in joy as our car came closer to our holiday house. I was waiting my whole life for this day and it had finally come. I ran out of the car, like, before my dad stopped it and got a scolding too. I was the first one to rush in, and decided which room i would stay in. It was an awesome room. It had a big window and the things were arranged beautifully. I kept my backpack and sank on the bed. Sigh, i felt so relaxed.
    When i was observing the room, i saw a picture kept near the window, so i stood up and went over to take it. It was a picture of a family of 4 members. I think they were preparing a meal when the picture was taken because there was a knife and a piece of meat in the father’s hands. What a nice idea to take lots of family photos on my trip here! But anyway, i was too tired to even go out of my room. I jumped onto my bed again and fell asleep.
    I felt a hand on my leg, the fingers running up and down. I slowly opened my eyes, and jumped up in fear. “Wh..who..” was all that came out from my mouth. My heart was racing like it might shatter into pieces. Right in front of me, sitting on the bed with a kind little smile, was the woman in the picture which i thought was the mother. She was wearing the same dress she wore in it. However, A stream of blood had run down her mouth and there was a red mark like a line on her neck. I didn’t know what to do. Should i scream? Or should i talk to her? No. I was too scared. Too scared to do anything, so i sat on my bed with my eyes wide as coconuts and my heart going “thud thud thud…”
    Erm… make it the first part :) You people might not like it if it becomes too long so i have divided it into 2 parts :D I’ll write the next part VERY soon so please stand by, and i really hope u all like it so far, if u read it ^.^

  • Guys i love allllll your stories!!! :D Reading them took so much time cuz there are so many! :D Makes me want to write one as well…. but im not so good at it x)

  • Be My Mommy

    Once, there was a girl, Alice, who loved her mom. Her dad was all the way in china for 2 years.
    One day, she came home and there was a little girl on her bed. It was obvious she was a ghost. She asked Alice, ” Will you be my mommy?” Alice felt so heatbroken so she said, “Of course.” Over the months she took care of the girl, until she was going on a 10-day trip to new york. Alice forgot all about the little girl, until she found her mom had died. Her dad had came home early. When Alice went to her room, she saw the little girl. The little girl said ” You dont deserve to have a mommy” she dragged Alice into a dark room, and kept her there until she died.

    5 months later

    A young girl moved in. She saw the little gir. The little girl said… ” Would you be my mommy?”…

  • I’ve got another story. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I got ready for school and left my house. The night before I had a dream but I couldn’t remember what it was about. The radio was on in my classroom and the music was inturupted. “There is a crazed man on the loose. He is armed and dangerous.” Just then the power went out. One light came on. Deja vu! A strange man tied me to a chair, taped my mouth shut and sliced off my eye lids. He made me watch him murder everyone in the room. Right before he killed me, the police came in and captured him. I had to get surgery and fake eye lids. When I close my eyes, it never feels the same again……

  • This is my 1st time having an account on this site, but I’ve been reading stories with my family since I was 10. I have a story I would like to tell and it’s true. It happened to my grandma when she was 6. It starts off from my grandma’s POV. I forgot to say, she didn’t have a house, but lived in the swamps and lived in a hut called a “Chickee”. Just ask questions if you get confused.

    I was having my 6th birthday party and all my friends were there. My family and friends seem to be having a great time. Only one thing was wrong, my childhood friend, Joe, wasn’t here. He ALWAYS comes to our parties! Holiday, birthdays, or just a dinner. I thought it was strange, so I walked to my mom. She was over at the cooking chickee, making the food for the guests. “Mommy? Have you seen Joe? I can’t seem to find him anywhere.” I asked as I approached her. “Joe? I don’t believe I’ve met a friend of your’s named Joe. Can you describe him to me?” She asked in confusion. “He’s my age with shaggy hair, a long and patterned shirt, and he walks around bare foot.” I said. She looked as if she was in deep thought. “Never seen a boy like that around. Are you sure he’s apart of the tribe? Nevermind, ask your dad.” She said as she shooed me away to finish cooking. I walked over to our sleeping chickee and saw dad with his friends. They were joking around, laughing, and just having fun. I approached my dad and tugged on his shirt. “Daddy? Have you seen my friend, Joe? I asked mommy and she said she has never seen him before.” I continued to question daddy and described Joe to him like with mommy. He said he’s seen a boy like Joe walk around the woods, and go further in. I thanked him and trotted away as he continued with their jokes. I walked into the woods and searched frantically for Joe. It’s not like him to not come over and play with me. I kept on walking and walking until I found this stone. It seemed to have words carved into it with a lot of dust and mold covering it. I dusted the stone and gasped at what I found. I was shivering with fear and wanted to get as far away as possible. HEAR LIES JOE BILLIE 1962-1969. “What’s wrong, Yvonne? Don’t you want to play with me?” That voice. I recognize that voice anywhere. I just chills me right to the bone. I slowly turn around, trembling. I didn’t want to see him, ever. But I couldn’t bear with the fact that I had to lose my friend. The tribal laws can’t let children befriend ghosts, no matter how friendly they are. What I saw sent the air full of shrieks. Joe didn’t look like Joe anymore. Now, he was this, this MONSTER! This THING! His fierce eyes seemed to glare at my soul, his mouth agape showing rows of rotted teeth, and his flesh, his flesh that seemed if I touched him, he would fall apart, his skin would fall of what was left of his bones. I shrieked and blacked out. The only thing I remember from then on is that I was back at my camp. Mommy was questioning me of what I saw, and daddy seemed to be holding me tight saying things like “It’s okay Yvonne” and “I’ll take care of the scary monster”. I never saw Joe after that ordeal, and never wanted to.
    The End

  • Mirrors

    One day, a girl, Marissa, was walking home from school. She was the popular preppy girl at her school. She walked into her home. She was about to look in a mirror but someone said “Dont look in the mirror” it repeated over and over again. She just ignored it. She was standing by her mirror, which was taller then her! She was moving it in differnt ways, getting more point of views. The window was open, and she forgot to close it. She turned and started walking. WHOOSH, a gust of wind came flying through, the mirror fell, and squashed Marissa flat. Thats when the voice said “Told you”. Now, if anyone leaves their window open and has a mirror in their room, they will hear the voice….

  • boy. i’m writing a lot of comments.
    well I’ve got another story and it’s true it actually happened to my friend’s uncle.

    One night, 3 men went out to a club far from their village. On their way back, they started crossing an old bridge. They stopped at a red light and wondered why it was there because no one was crossing the road. Just then they saw a pale white woman in a long white flowy dress cross the road in front of them. After the woman crossed, one of the 3 men said “FINALLY!”, because she took 5 minutes to cross the road. They looked around and the woman was gone. As they drove on, the man who was driving looked in his side-mirror and saw that the woman was following them. “OH MY GOD!!!” he yelled and he stepped on the pedal to go faster. “Hey, it looks as if she’s floating. WAIT. SHE IS. GO FASTER!!!!” said the man beside the driver. They were going at 150 m/h and the woman was going just as fast as them. They saw the fury on her face and started to go faster. The woman went faster too. Soon, she over took them and went in front of the car. The driver closed his eyes and stepped on the brakes as fast as he could. When he opened his eyes, she was no longer there. After they reached home, they immediately went on the internet and researched if there was any tragedies on the bridge. They foun out that that woman was hit and run over by a car. The driver was getting impatient and just hit the pedal and ran over her.




    Three boys went to an old house, woke up the spirits in it and got killed by them.

    Hold your applause. It was my pleasure. You’re too kind.

  • Good story, but heres mine. Its called:

    The Doom House

    3 Boys who were all 15 and the names were Jack, Max, and Flick were walking down the side walk. They noticed a strange house on the end. “We should go up to that house at midnight.” Max said. “I don’t know it looks haunted.” Flick said. “Oh don’t be a 2 year old, it just a ride!” Jack said. “Fine but if you guys want to turn back once we enter, I don’t want to hear it.” Flick said. The boys waited until 11:50. That is when their parents went out for food. Then the boys went to the house. Once they went inside, the door slams shut by itself. “Lets split up into different rooms.” Jack said. Jack went into the kitchen. Max went into the dining room. Flick went into the corridor with 2 rooms. Jack opened the fridge and found rotten flesh in there. “Oh god gross!” Jack said. Max found a head on the table. Flick went into one of the rooms in the corridor. He found a dead body on the bed. He found a message on the wall that’s written in blood. It said “You shouldn’t have done that”. Flick heard creepy laughing then saw BEN. Jack and Max heard Flick screaming. They tried to open the door but it was locked. After a minute the door opened and they found Flick in a pool of blood. Flick was dead. They went into the second room which was a child’s room. They heard a voice that said “LEAVE ME ALONE!”. Max then got pulled in the bed. He disappeared into the bed. Jack quickly left the room. “I have to think of a way out.” Jack said to himself. Then he found the back door. “Of course!” Jack said. “I can go out the back door, climb the fence and escape!” He said. He opened the door. But it was a very tiny room. The door slams shut. He had no idea what he has done. He had awoken all spirits of the house. They had all killed Jack by stabbing him. Those boys parents went to the house when it was morning and found their sons dead. So don’t go to that house at midnight or you might meet your doom.

  • now for my story.

    There was once a ten-year-old girl who was wearing braids for 2-3 months without ever taking them off. after 3 months, she started complaining to her mom that her head was hurting. Her mother assumed she had hit her head or somethign and let it go. this continued for 2 weeks and the mother kept letting it go. One day, at school, the girl went up to her teacher and told her her head was hurting. The teacher thought it was because of the braids and she undid them. Just then, she saw a spider crawl out of the girls hair and found out that it had laid eggs in there an the baby spider were eating her scalp. She was rushed t the hospital and she died there.

    Not too scary… I know.. but I find it strangely disturbing when I wrote it.
    Please tell me all your opinions to make my stories better!!
    First time I wrote one.

  • @freddykruegerfan7 Great story!
    It Scared me.
    @ghost girl 12354 Nice story! It’s creepy.

    Thank you, I’m glad that you like the story, Gidgy, Dead Reaper, Dead Girl XXx and furrykinz2234 :D

  • mommy why do birds fly? asked Jimmy. I dont know said his mom Jimmy asked a lot of
    questions. His mom was tired of it she really wanted it to stop. Jimmy where on there way to
    the supermarket on the way Jimmy asked his mom mommy why do car take us places
    I DONT KNOW!!!! she yelled Jimmy started to cry and asked mommy why did you yell?
    she yelled again case I wanted to she said just then the childs lock was not on the car door
    and Jimmy jumped out of the car and went splat like a bug! she slammed on the brakes
    and prayed to god and said whay way way WAY!!!!!!!!!!! Just then a car hit her on the raod and she died!!! When the dad got home he called the police and said his wife and son where missing
    the police told him about what happen earlier . He was so mad he thew his cup and said
    why why why why why WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! he yellled and guess what happend he died!
    so dont asked why to many times you know whaat will happen!!!

  • Cool stories on this page guys. I’m rubbish at coming up with stories like that xD

  • XxDeathboltxX u got the story from and I KNOW he did because i am currently on page 37 on and it was in one of the other pages im just saying can you not say that you wrote it next time? and xXto live is to dieXx awesome story

  • Okay, here is my first story attempt…

    The Pig Woman
    So, around where i live, there is this really weird bridge. The legend surrounding it is that some woman who was so deformed she looked like a pig would kill people who drove onto the bridge at exactly midnight. Knowing nothing could happen, I drove there 6 months ago and waited. Under the bridge, I heard what sounded like a woman screaming turning to the sound of a pig squealing. I drove out of there at 90mph, and, looking back, someone was on the bridge with an axe.

    I thought that was the end of it, but it was only the beginning. 4 days after, I got a call on my cell, and, answering it, I heard a voice say “I know what happened. I am coming for you”. That night, the T.V. turned itself on and showed an image of a woman with a pig’s face. I ran to my bedroom.

    The first of every month, The t.v would turn itself on again and she would say something. THe first time it was “I am in your state.” The second time “I am in your neighberhood.” The third time “I am in your street”. Two nights ago it was ” i am outside your house, and i will kill you soon.”

    Last night, i awoke at 11 to the sound of a pig squealing. I ran downstairs and saw her on the T.V. I thought “Wait, this is the second of august, not the first”. Then my eyes adjusted, and i saw it wasn’t the t.v., but the window.

  • lolyou10 lol i love your story :)
    xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx your story was awesome too :) gud luck all of u ^.^
    mel_gibson_fan teehee we use to be friends here

  • @lolyou10, that was a nice story too, good job
    @xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx… Not scary? I’m no more going to the crossroads lol jokes

  • Thanks alot Xx Death Bolt xX :) I’m glad you like it, it’s my first story though, that’s why it isn’t really scary.

  • Thanks, AddictedChiba…
    That was an amazing story, xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx, well done :)

  • I’m sure it’ll be added here Death Bolt :D

    I’ve got a story, sorry if it’s too long or boring. lol anyway here it is:

    My best friend
    Catalina called me one evening
    before dinner. She was crying as
    she told me that her
    boyfriend Carlos broke up with her. He had moved out of the
    house earlier that day
    I called my boyfriend, who was on a
    business trip in New Jersey, and he
    agreed that I should go stay with
    Catalina for a few days to help her
    during this difficult time. I packed my
    suitcase and got into the
    car. It was late, and it would take me
    around 5 hours to drive from my
    house to Catalina’s house. Catalina was
    expecting me to arrive around
    As I traveled down the dark, wet
    highway, I kept feeling
    as if someone or something was
    watching me. I kept looking in the
    rear view mirror, and glancing into
    the back seat. No one was there.
    I was wishing that I was home in
    my bed instead of driving on a dark,
    cold highway. There was almost no
    traffic, and I wished that I
    would soon reach Catalina’s house.
    I turned off the highway just before I
    reached the city, and started down
    the side roads that led to Catalina’s
    house. As I approached a small
    crossroads, I saw a woman step into
    the street directly in front of my car.
    I screamed in fright and slammed on
    my brakes, praying I would not hit her.
    The car shuddered to a halt, and I
    looked desparetly around for the
    woman. Then I saw her, right beside
    my window, looking in at me. She
    had the face of a demon, long tangled hair, eyes glowing orange, and short pointed
    teeth. I screamed as she peered through my
    window, her nails clawing
    at the glass. I put my foot down on the
    accelerator and the car
    raced forward. For a few terrible moments,
    she ran along side the car. Then she fell behind and
    in the rear view mirror I saw her
    Red light
    swirled around her like mist, and she
    pointed after me, her mouth moving
    though I could not make out the
    words. I jerked my attention back to
    the road, afraid what might happen
    to me if my car ran off the street.
    I made it to Catalina’s house in record
    time and threw myself out of the car,
    banging on her door frantically and
    looking behind me to see if the
    demon-faced woman had followed
    me. Isabela came running to the
    door and let me in.
    “Shut the door! Shut it!” I cried
    frantically, brushing past her into the
    safety of the house.
    “What’s is wrong?” she asked,
    slamming the door shut. She
    grabbed my hand and led me into
    the living room. I sank onto the
    couch and started sobbing in fear
    and reaction. After several minutes, I
    managed to tell her my story.
    Catalina gasped and asked “Are you
    sure you were at a crossroads when
    you saw her?”
    I nodded, confused by her question.
    “It must have been La Mal Hora,”
    said Catalina.
    “The bad hour?” I asked.
    “This is bad. Very bad,” cried Catalina. “La Mal Hora only appears at a
    crossroad when someone is going
    to die.”
    Ordinarily, I would have laughed at
    such a superstition, but the
    appearance of the demon-faced woman
    had shaken me. Catalina made me a cup
    of hot chocolate, she also brought my luggage inside
    from the car, and sent me to bed.
    She was so concerned for me that
    she didn’t once mention the break-up
    or Carlos.
    I felt much better the next morning,
    but I could not shake the feeling of
    dread that I had all day.
    Neither of us mentioned La Mal Hora,
    but we were both thinking of her
    when I told Catalina that I wanted to
    go home. Catalina insisted on
    accompanying me. I refused to
    drive after dark. I was afraid I would
    see the demon-faced woman again when I
    passed the crossroads.
    We left the next morning, and we
    hadn’t been home more than 30
    minutes when a police car pulled
    into my driveway. I knew at once
    what it meant, and so did Catalina.
    The officers spoke very gently to me,
    but nothing could soften the news.
    My boyfriend had been murdered on
    the way back to his hotel after
    dinner last night. His body had not
    been found until this morning. He
    had been shot in the head and was
    killed instantly.

  • Story: ice cream

    There was a kid named Justin he was 8 years old he loves ice cream until one hot day.
    On the news it said watch out for the killer in this picture and it said he was near the town justin was in his house then all suddenly. The ice cream truck came into his neighborhood justin ran out for some ice cream man looked familiar but the
    Boy didn’t care he just thinks about ice cream when the ice cream man says: Decide your fate chocolate vanilla or strawberry. Justin thought that he was just kidding so he chooses vanilla then the ice cream man grabs something from under the counter then pulls out a sickle and slices his throat and hangs the boy in the freezer. Then the ice cream driver speeds off and then all of a sudden cops came out of nowhere and said: pull over or we will blow your tires! the crazed killer just continued driving until he came across a cliff and drove straight down it when the cops searched the truck they found nothing but Justin’s white body.

    what a stupid boy.

  • That’s a creepy story O.o
    @Xx Death Bolt xX I like your story! :) kinda reminds me of ‘Humans can lick too’ lol XD

  • OMG This is sad! :’O I love this story! :’O <3
    Kish (XxDeath BoltxX) Your stories are awesome as always :) Love the way you have brought the twists to it :) Green sign.

  • i got a story to tell.xDD
    it’s called:
    The Imaginary Friend

    There was once a boy named Todd who lived alone with his mother. Todd was only five years old. One day, when his mother went to pick him up from school he asked her “mommy, can Jack come home with us today?”. his mom thought he has a new imaginary friend and she agreed. After they reached home, while his mom was in the kitchen, she heard a vase break and ran upstairs. She found Todd there alone, crying. She was very angry with him. “Todd! why did you do this?” Todd answered, “J-J-Jack made me do it!!” Furious, his mom took him by the hand and looked in his eyes “There is no Jack. Jack was never here.” she let him go and went back downstairs. the next day, “Jack” came home with them again. Todd ran up to his room. Afew hours later his mom heard a huge thud come from upstairs. again, she ran up and found Todd in her bedroom lying on the floor clutching to his elbow. “Todd!! what happened!” she asked. Crying, he replied, “I jumped off your closet” she looked towards her closet and found a chair against it. “Why did you do this?!” Todd said “Jack made me do it.” His mother had had enough. “Enough with all this Jack nonsense. “Jack is going home and you are going straight to your room mister.” Todd slowly nodded and went to his room. The next day, his mom decided to put a baby monitor in his room. When “Jack came home that day, she sent Todd to his room to play. As she was making dinner, she heard her son’s voice. “NO JACK NO! MOMMY SAID I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO!!” suddenly, she heard a booming voice come above her son’s voice. “DO IT OR ELSE TODD” again, she heard Todd. “NO! NO!” she saw a dark figure come up to the baby monitor, and the screen suddenly went black. Just then, she heard a blood curdling scream come from Todd’s bedroom. she ran up and found Todd’s body on his bed covered with blood with a butcher knife stuck in his chest. Then she looked at the wall and saw a note that read “YOU WERE TOO LATE.”

    This is my first story xPP.
    Sorry if it’s not tht good.
    hope you liked it xPP xDD

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