Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a short scary story about someone who has a dream in which they receive an invitation to a funeral. It is based on a Japanese horror story.

Snake Eyes

About a week ago, I had a very creepy and unsettling dream. In the dream, I received a letter and when I opened it, I was surprised to find that it was a funeral invitation. Even though I didn’t know whose funeral it was, I decided to go anyway.

When I came to the house where the funeral was taking place, there was a long line of people outside. They were all in a queue, waiting to get in. I noticed that there was a ticket gate in front of the house. Everyone was walking in single file past the ticket gate, handing in their invitation and then going into the house.

Standing behind the ticket gate, there was a woman with long black hair, dressed in black clothes. Every time someone handed her their invitation, she would say, “Thank you, Sir!”, then bow to them and usher them through the gate. This was repeated over and over.

I joined the queue and when my turn finally came, I handed the invitation in at the ticket gate, just like everyone else.

All of a sudden, there was a loud “Ping-pong!” and the ticket gate suddenly closed.

The woman who was at the gate grabbed my arm tightly and glared at me.

Just then, I noticed that the woman’s eyes were not human eyes. She had the eyes of a snake.

The woman opened her mouth and hissed, “I’ve finally found you!”

At that point, I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart piunding so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

For the next few days, I couldn’t get the dream out of my head. The sight of that woman’s snake eyes sent chills down my spine and I couldn’t understand what she had meant when she said, “I’ve finally found you.”

I decided to visit a psychic who lived in the area to see if he could shed some light on the meaning of the dream. When I went to his office, he brought me inside and asked me to sit down. I told the psychic the whole story about what happened in the dream.

As I came to the end of the story, I was telling him, “And when the woman grabbed me I saw that she had…”

“The eyes of a snake,” the psychic interrupted.

“That’s right,” I said. “How did you know?”

The psychic pointed to the corner of the room and with a serious look on his face, he said, “Because she’s standing there watching you right now…”


  1. Sikci Ghoul says

    Guys. I’m pretty sure the person who had the dream was at their OWN funeral, and the dream and snake lady was a warning about their death.

  2. Someone u knew is dead says

    I couldn’t understand this story well but I appreciate your work SFK…..Keep going

  3. starfire says

    Omg this was creepy !! But who was the women and what she ment when she said “I’ve finally found you!”?๐Ÿ˜•

  4. scarygirlie246 says

    so the guy had a dream about a crazy lady that had snake eyes……and then she was real STUPID STORY(no offence) 0/10 snake eyes…

  5. Pixel says

    This is kinda like that one story about the couple who are followed by the Thai woman or something?

    Scaryforkids says: Yes, well-spotted. It is a very similar story. I thought the same thing, but I figured this was different enough to post it.

  6. Dark_Destroyer says

    I can’t help but feel that somehow this is incomplete….which takes away from the “weird” or “creepy” factor.

  7. HorrorFanGirl says

    I’m guessing they were all queuing for hell? Not a funeral? 5.7/10 snake eyes

  8. Anonymous says

    Creepy……i wonder who’s funeral it was in which there was a queue… Someone special.

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