Smiley Face

The Smiley Face is a creepy urban legend from Europe about a man who does terrible things to girls who walk home alone at night. This story is also known as The Smile of the Clown.

Smiley Face

One night, a teenage girl went to a nightclub with her friends. They had a great time, drinking and dancing and it was 3 AM by the time they left. Her friends lived in the city but the girl lived in the suburbs. They said goodbye and went back to their apartment, leaving the girl to make her own way home. Unable to get a taxi, the teenage girl decided to walk home on her own.

On the way, she had to cross through a park. It was very dark and all she could hear was the clacking of her heels echoing in the night. She thought she saw something moving in the bushes, so she quickened her pace.

Suddenly, a man appeared from behind a bush and blocked her path. His face was hideous. It looked terribly scarred and misshapen. She tried to run, but he cornered her and grabbed hold of her arms.

The frightened girl pleaded for her life and tearfully asked to be let go. The man’s deformed mouth twisted into a leering grin.

“Do you want death or smiley face?” he asked.

“Please, just let me go,” she cried.

“Death or Smiley Face,” he insisted.

The girl didn’t know what he meant. “Smiley face,” she replied.

Without a word, he pulled out his knife and sliced the corners of the girl’s mouth up to her ears.

Her face was left completely deformed. She was scarred for life. Whenever people saw her in public, they said she resembled a grotesque smiley face.


  1. ScaryRachel446 says

    The only reason why I would chose smiley face is because I’m married and my sister is my daughter. Our parents died…

  2. xXHERRAARRXx says

    LOL SMILEY!!!!!! WUT UP!!!!! Also this is mentioned in
    Kuchisake Onna (is that how u spell it ;)

  3. zombie_pegasister says

    Wut if you picked to die and he gave you a horror movie and if you picked smily face you would get smily fries

  4. Wolf says

    Man, when I watched Smiley which the picture is from, the ending confused me. I also heard that the movie is based on something that actually happened.

    If I also remember correctly, to summon Smiley you need to tell someone your talking to on webcam that you are gonna kill them or something. Then you type “I did it for the lulz.” 3 times then Smiley should appear behind the person your talking to and kill them.

  5. ScaryThingsHappen says

    This reminds me of Kuchisake-Onna except she ask if she is beautiful.And there’s a way out for her.

  6. xx scarygurl xx says

    ^^^ NDNbaby yah ikr cuz it says if u see her on the street, she will say am i pretty then rips off the mask thingy and if you say yes she will make ur mouth like it, if u say no she will slice you and kill ur relatives as well. i think.

  7. NoScareGirl says

    Hey u no that japaneses legend about how that lady got her mouth slit open? Its like the exact same story you all shoulld read it.

  8. ScaryForKidsLuver says

    This is a movie too and shane dawson is in it OMG! I’m so excited for the movie its also based off this legend oh and fyi I just made a account today but I come on here to read scary stuff :D

  9. Monster_Cookiee says

    i walk back nd forth from my grandmas to my moms bc we live right around the corner but they watch me until they cant see me and i mostly run bc is dark and i dont wanna get kidnapped! xD

  10. venom says

    im gonna have nightmares from that face plus im by myself
    oh no its behind me jk if it was it probally slam my face into the keyboaherto35rhgv iouahreguh eruhjghujghhhujg

  11. Rage-Man99 says

    @Banana phone: his face is not actually like that! It’s just a mask! Well in the movie it is, not for for this story though :P

  12. Banana phone says

    smiley face is slit mouth womans husband ROFL I agree with scary rose I will kick his wrinkly old butt no affence smiley face :)

  13. pink_georgia_horse says

    I now know Ima walking home with friends. I ain’t taking no chances.

  14. Madaxeman12 says

    That story is way creepy. But that picture will sure give many people nightmares!

  15. Carcass says

    This picture is from a YouTube video made by (Finebros or TotallySketch) Smiley xD

  16. Dead Girl XXx says

    oh that picture’s from the movie smiley :) people shouldnt trust smiles btw xD

  17. RonanLovesDeath says

    @GhostGirl666 – I recommend you dont look at my comment on Pretty Polly.

  18. DEAD scary says

    This is true, there are millions of smiley face killers all over the world. Theyve been on the news about murdering people. HE IS REAL!

  19. pedro2011 says

    The picture is the antagonist of the movie Smiley by Totally Sketch. I saw it on SHANE DAWSON’S youtibe channel.

  20. danceliketheresnotomorrow says

    I knew it was to good to be true to ask for the smiley face. I would have chosen that! That’s better than death. If there were only two options.

  21. Disasters GoOn says

    @GhostGirl666, actually, yes it is. They say that the killer is a clown, not a woman.

  22. Helen Malfoy says

    When I first saw that picture (it was months ago) I stopped doing these smileys =)

  23. That_Kid_Ali says

    XxdeliciosscreamsxX you can look up the trailer on YouTube. O: it’s by TotallySketch.

  24. xxDeadPorcelainDollxx says

    Love this story soooo much. Kinda like the Joker in “the dark Knight” . >.<

  25. GirlMurderer says

    I saw this on Shane Dawson s channel (YouTube sensation) . Theovie is coming out in October.

  26. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    I LOVE DA PIC!!!!!!!!! i wanna see the movie smileie face, y havnt i ever heard of dis movie? hmm (:o(

  27. B-Lovely says

    Yeah. I think that on the Kuchisake-onna story it did mention a clown or something that did that.

  28. reTARDIS says

    Cool story! And anyways, this man seems like the male version of Kuchisake-Onna…

  29. Icyblu4211 says

    Haha! I guess that’s what happens when you open yourself up for attack! Funny story! Bravo! However, it would’ve been better if the killer was the main character. He deserves the spotlight. What an amazing man! Going where no parent or teacher has ever gone to teach little girls a lesson in a way that they’ll never forget. What an amazing man…

  30. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Stupid girl, she should’ve known.
    @Cola, That story is on the site already.

  31. essense says

    @peanut brittle
    Are you talking about hot chips that are round with a smiley face carved out of it

  32. PeanutBrittle says

    if your sister told you that then she got it from either this site or another. It’s called the keyhole or something

  33. ZKhaotiK3 says

    Wish people would grow up and stop this childish first crap. Picture is awesome but story was predictable

  34. queen of chills says

    that is the UGLIEST face i have ever seen. somthing bad happens every single time a girl walks outside alone in the dark… us girls have really bad luck. i’m never gonna walk outside alone in the dark

  35. OrangeAcid says

    When I saw the “Smiley Face” thing I thought the story was about the video ccalled Mr. Happy Face…it’s really creepy.

  36. killerkat101 says

    here’s my reaction to the picture O_O I wasn’t planning to sleep anyway. As for the story it was pretty good I would of hit his part then would of run away XD

  37. Cola says

    i got a story
    a man was checking into a hotel for a day.his name was will.after he got checked
    , the receptionist said,”what ever you do,don’t go to room 37″.

    will was very curious because room 37 was right down his hall.he decided to look
    even though the receptionist told him not to.he looked through the peep hole and
    saw a woman crying,hands on her face.he left and went to bed.the next day, will
    got up and looked through the peep hole again.all he saw was the color red.while
    he was checking out,he asked the receptionist,”why do people have to stay away
    from room 37?”the receptionist replied,”i might as well tell you what happend.a
    few years ago,a couple checked in.the husband murdered the wife and the husband
    was sentenced to death.and for some reason,they had red eyes.
    (my sister told me this!)

  38. PeanutBrittle says

    no, it was breaded potatoes. I think they were called smilies or something

  39. Jinx says

    I actually really like the picture for some reason XD.
    I suppose this is supposed to be Europe’s version of the Slit-Mouth Woman? Seems like every country has it’s own version.
    Btw @PeanutBrittle I freaking love smiley face potatoes <3.

  40. PeanutBrittle says

    His face reminds me of those smiley face potato things that they use to sell. O.O

  41. xXUNINSTALLXx says

    This picture is from the movie Smiley. If you watch Shane Dawson’s videos on YouTube, you’ll understand everything

  42. scaryrose says

    @htfnutty4575 u are first i was supposed to be forth but some glitch messed it up! mothrf

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