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Small stories for kids to read. Tall tales of ghosts, spooks and creepy situations.

Small Story

2. A Rainy Day

One day, I was on my way home from work. I stepped out of the subway and found that it had started raining heavily outside. Luckily, I had an umbrella with me, so I opened it and started walking. After a few minutes, I got the strangest feeling that something was wrong.

The atmosphere was very eerie and strange. As I walked down the darkened street in the pouring rain, I realized that every single person I passed by was standing perfectly still. None of them even had an umbrella over them. They were all completely silent and stood with their backs to me, all facing the same direction. I had to zig zag back and forth as I was walking to avoid bumping into them.

All of a sudden, a taxi pulled up right beside me and the driver rolled down the window. He put out his hand and urgently motioned for me to come over. I told him I didn’t need a taxi, but he kept saying, “Quick, get in! No charge! No charge!”

The taxi driver was so insistent that I decided to take him up on his offer of a free ride. Besides, the people on the street were beginning to give me the creeps. I got into the back of the taxi and with a screech of wheels, we drove off. The driver looked back over his shoulder at me. His face was deathly pale.

“I thought I should help you,” he said, “I saw you walking down an empty street as if you were trying to avoid bumping into people.”

4. The Taxi Driver

This story comes from the Philippines. There was a girl who was attending university. One night, she was out late with her friends. When it was time to go home, she hailed a taxi and got in. She told the taxi driver to take her back to her dorm on the university campus.

As they drove through the city streets, the driver was silent. The girl noticed him staring at her in his rearview mirror. The route he took was not one that she recognized. Afraid for her safety, she was wary throughout the ride, until the taxi made a right turn and she found herself just across the street from her dormitory.

Mildly shaken, she hurried to get out of the taxi, but the driver stopped her. In an urgent voice, he told her that as soon as she got home, she should take off her clothes and burn them. He explained that there was an evil spirit following her. He took a detour to try and ward off the demon. “When I looked at you in the mirror earlier,” he said, his voice shaking, “You didn’t have a head.”

5. The Father-in-law

There was a Japanese woman who fell in love with a young man. He still lived with his parents, so after they got married, she moved in with them.

The young man’s mother was very friendly to her and always treated her with kindness and generosity. However, the man’s father was a nasty individual and was extremely rude to her. He was stubborn and selfish and made everyone’s life miserable.

He was in a wheelchair and the mother had to take care of all of his needs. The old man was incredibly demanding and sat in his chair issuing orders. Every day, he demanded a bowl of Oxtail Soup.

A few months later, the mother passed away. The young woman was forced to take over the duties of caring for her father-in-law. Before long, the old man began to complain about her. He said his wife was much better at taking care of him than the young woman could ever hope to be.

Every day, when she served him a bowl of Oxtail Soup, he would take one mouthful and then spit it in her face. Then he would throw the bowl on the floor and scream, “That’s not what Oxtail Soup is supposed to taste like! Can’t you do anything right?”

The young woman had to endure his criticism every day and eventually it began to take its toll on her. One morning, while she was cleaning out a cupboard, she found a jar of poison. At lunchtime, she was so fed up with the old man’s behavior that she secretly sprinkled the poison into his bowl of Oxtail Soup. With a devilish smile on her face, she served the poisoned soup to her father-in-law.

She watched as the father-in-law started greedily wolfed down the entire bowl of soup. Licking his lips, her father-in-law said, “Ah, now that’s how Oxtail Soup is supposed to taste. Just like my wife used to make it!”

6. The Baby’s Crib

A few years ago, a married couple moved into a new house with their newborn son. One night, the mother heard the baby crying, so she got out of bed and went to see what was wrong. Suddenly, the baby stopped crying. The woman thought that he must have just fallen asleep again, so she went back to bed.

A few hours later, she was awoken by the sound of the baby crying again. The woman got up and went to check on him. As she opened the door to her baby’s bedroom, the crying stopped. She was shocked to see a young boy, around 6 or 7 years of age, standing beside the baby’s crib. He seemed to be stroking the baby’s head and calming him down.

Just then, he turned to look at the woman and suddenly disappeared into thin air. The woman screamed and ran to tell her husband. He got up and searched the entire house, but there was no sign of the mysterious young boy.

A few days later, the mother was talking to one of her neighbours and happened to mention the strange incident that had happened that night. The neighbour already knew all about it. She said that there were rumors that the house was haunted by the ghost of a young boy. He had died of an illness about 80 years before and his body was buried under the house.

The couple dug up the crawlspace under their house and unearthed a pile of old bones. The spot where they were located was directly under her baby’s crib.


  • Father-In-Law reminds me of that one Roman emperor that drank a bit of poison every day so that he could build up an immunity to it or something. He didn’t die from it, but he died from his soldiers because of some rebellion or something. :/
    Also, where are the stories #4 and #1????

  • @Queen Of Dog Meme In an alternate universe where my baseball bat will use me to hit you…

  • So basically we’ve two stories where cabbie drivers played a heroic role..(2nd and 4th) KUDOS to them! They were really nice..though there wasn’t something creepy in the 1st one but still his friend deserves thumbs up! 4th especially creeped me out as i was thinking the whole time that the driver’s gonna be ghost or something…but nice twist! 5th one..idk but was predictible!

  • The pic is awesome. Really unnerveing. Read the comment’s below. I ain’t a story writer, but from a common reader’s POV,
    @Soulserenade your story was good,
    @Superfungirl your story was ok. Mexican isn’t exactly my favourite,
    @nightmare_night your story was one of the best,
    @venom, what the hell dude? Eating her own brother’s meat? That was nasty. Good story anyways. :)

  • I’m from the Philippines i heard this story before. When this happen to you should bury your clothes all of it even your underwear. Or you should put black cover on your head

  • 1) very sad…only a true friend would do that

    5) FUNNY!!! Is the guy immune to poison?!? Cool!

  • the father-in-law is funny. lol. how come he’s immune to that poison? also, the first story kinda makes me sad… that kid is a true friend.. :(

  • i read a different version of the taxi driver except that the warning was supposed to be for the driver

  • Clost Call is sad cuz the friend had to give his hidding place to safe his friend.I don’t get Father-in -law.

  • Haha. So the sweet mother in law was the same. I like the picture, but the ice cream eating kids in parallel world is still my favorite. This page is awesome (includes story, comments, and pic)

  • Ok so here’s my answers
    2.He saw them zig zagging the EMPTY streets as in not to bump into anybody.
    3. The old man’s ghost told them to look at his long since been dead body. Ps. His name is Jack
    5.The mother in law poisoned him many times because of she got fed up with him, but it turns out he’s immune to the poison.

  • haha love the pic. i want toys like that. little human bodies to rip open and pick apart their insides. haha
    a close call was jacked up.
    a rainy day and the father-in-law were hilarious.
    if i was to find a body like in jack in a box i would be like “yes! finally!”
    the baby’s crib was cool and slightly creepy.
    hmm i wonder if that taxi driver saw that chick’s future death.

  • Th Prediction
    One day a girl named Vicki was taking a walk when she came upon a little shack. Out side there was a sign it said The Predictor. Vicki decided she wanted afew things to be predicted so she went inside. A woman was sitting on the floor. She said “Sit”. Vicki sat. “Now ask me what you want”, said the Woman. “Well I wanted to know if me and my boyfriend are going to get married”? asked Vicki. “Your Boyfriend will die on your wedding night”, said The woman. Vicki heart starting racing. She got up and left not wanting to hear anything else. A few days later Vickis boyfriend Michael proposed. Of course she said and she remembered what the predictor said. As their wedding day neared she became more worried about Michael. After her and Michael married they had a after party. Well Michael told Vicki he had to use the restroom so of course she sat and waited. But, after an hour she decided to go see if michael was okay. When she opened the door she discovered a horrifying scene. Michael was stab in the back and his throat had been cut. His wedding ring had been stolen. Vicki broke down and cried. Her mother began to become concerned about her daughter so she dedided to send her daughter to a mental institute. The police never found the person who killed Michael. Today Vicki is till in the institute waiting for answers. (I know there are a few spelling errors.And this isn’t my best work).

  • Meh I forgive you :) here’s a story for you guys its called
    Death Card
    Alot of ignorant people are afraid of tarot cards because they think they’re part of the so-called ‘dark arts’. Don’t listen to that, it’s stupid and most certainly not true. But something unspeakably terrifying happened to me one night that I’ll never forget.

    I own a small cafe` area that serves tea and I give card readings. It was late one night and I was just about to close up when my assistant Kazu asked me something while flipping through the pages of a magazine. He put the the magazine down and looked at me unknowingly. “So how many of your customers have actually gotten the ‘death card’?” he asked “Why do you want to know so badly?” I replied, utterly confused. “Because whenever you see TV shows and stuff, when somebody tarot cards and they get the death card, they die or something.” “Well” I said “Getting the death card doesn’t necessarily mean dying. It could just mean the end of something, but not always the end of life”. “Oh” he replied “Just wondering”.

    About fifteen minutes later, someone walked through the door. “Um…” I said “We’re just about to close…I can give you a reading tomorrow if you come back” “I’m sorry” the person said “But I’m really desperate…I’ll pay you extra…please?” He looked so sad…I couldn’t refuse. “Okay” I said. I took out the deck and began to set up the layout. The first card was “The fool” rightside up. “Hmmm” I said “It seems as though you do not think before you act but nevertheless, you are most of the time comeletely sure of yourself and what you’re doing”. “Yes” he replied “I knew what I was doing…but I shouldn’t have done it” …

    At this point I did not know what he was talking about. “Is someone upset with you?” I asked. “Yes” he said “But it was my fault…I am so terrified…can I please stay here?!” I smiled at him. I picked up the next card. It was “The Devil”. I looked at him and tried to use my own psychic abilities to figure out his personal problem. “This card represents the dark side of one’s personality. Some may play a trick on you or tell a horrible lie that will end up hurting you.” It seemed like he didn’t care or maybe even like he didn’t hear me. I didn’t dare repeat myself, because he was already a nervous wreck.

    I peeked at the next couple cards. I saw that they were all the Death Card. I flipped through the deck quickly. I was horrified to see that THEY WERE ALL THE DEATH CARD. This scared me horribly considering I KNEW that there is only one of each card per deck. In fear of scaring my client even more, I smiled and picked up the card. “Oh!!” I said, not showing the card to him. “Look, ‘the lovers’! Looks like you’re gonna make up with this person soon!” “What about the other cards?” He asked “Aw, they’re not important!” I said . Just then he walked out of my place, knowing that I wasn’t telling the truth. I figured that my little fib was nothing serious, it was probably just my imagination anyway. He smiled at me a little bit and said “It doesn’t matter..I have to face it.” When he walked out the door, I saw someone confront him about something. He looked down and shook his head, but didn’t put up a fight. Just then, someone stuck a knife through his chest and ripped out his beating heart. He yelled so demonically that it scared me even more than the murder itself. I screamed and fainted.

    When I woke up, I was in the hospital and Kazu was standing next to me “You fainted” he said “but apparently somebody got murdered outside the shop…It was pretty gross, I had to stop myself from fainting.

    That night, when I went to sleep, I kept hearing that horrible scream. Then I remembered the card that said someone would lie to him. I remembered lying to him about the cards…If I hadn’t lied to him, that card would have never come up…it was an odd situation in that the cards themselves seemed to have told the future. I’ll never forget what happened that day…and I’ll never forget that the morning after that day, I woke up and on the floor next to my bed, I saw a bloody heart, still beating.

    I have never lied a day in my life since then.
    How was it ill.accept all feedback

  • since im bored, i think im gonna try write a story.
    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASMINE!” friends and family shouted as Jasmine walked in with Catia. Jasmine turned to Catia with a surprised face.
    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZY!” yelled Catia. Jasmine smiled weakly as people came to congratulate her.
    “Happy birthday, Jazzy.” A shiver went up her spine, she knew that voice.She spun around, no one was there. She searched the crowd for Catia. When she finally found her, Jasmine took her to her room.
    “Jazzy, what’s wrong? Your supposed to be happy.” Catia said
    “Catia, please tell everyone to go home. NOW.”
    “But… we’re all having such a good time.” Just then, Jasmine’s mom knocked at the door.
    “There you are, Jasmine. It’s time for the cake!” She said. Catia beamed and dragged Jasmine to the living room. In the hall, the lights flickered on and off. Jasmine had a mini heart attack. She loosened Catia’s grip on her arm and said:
    “Catia, i had a dream… and everything in that dream… is happening right now.” she started crying.
    “And was that dream good or bad?” Catia calmly asked.
    “Horrible, everybody in this house is going to be killed if they don’t leave!”
    “Jazzy, stop being silly. Let’s go cut the cake.” Catia said as she once again dragged Jasmine to the living room.
    A humongous chocolate cake was placed in the middle of the room, with 18 candles on top. Everybody clapped and cheered as she walked in the room. She walked up to the cake and stared at it. Her mother shut off the lights. There was no light, except for the candles.They gave an eerie effect. The pale light shining on her face. She closed her eyes, she wished that what she had dreamed wasnt true. She opened them. Her mom should have opened the lights already.She took a candle from the cake, and shone it around the room. She screamed at what she saw. Everybody in the room was lying on the floor, lifeless. She knew who did it. It was Aniritka. The demon that had been following her for days. She could hear sirens. What’s the point? she thought. Their not gonna believe me. She walked to the front yard, and surrendered. She cried as the police took her away, she closed her eyes. And when she opened them, the policemen were all dead. She screamed.
    “You know i can’t.” she heard him say.
    “WHY NOT!?”
    “Because i’m you.”
    (Plz give feedback! tnx)

  • these storys r pretty weird i lk the father in law story that ones pretty funny. i dont get the taxi driver one

  • The pictures of the stories…….I think that the christmas orbs should of been eyeball lol HaHaHa……!? :D <3

  • About The Father-in-Law…
    Man in wheelchair? Wants soup? Young woman poisons soup?
    Anyone else seeing some resemblances to Dr. Finkelstein and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas here?

  • Well im still figureing ojut how to make a story so ill put one here FWY I LIKE UR STORY…… One sunny afternoon there lived a mother a son and a daughter.The daughter’s name was Angelita and the son’s name was miguelito…ths all started in mexico when miguelito was outside playing and the mother told Angelita to buy 3 higitos(Fig fruits)at the grocery store!When she went to the store she did what her mother asked her to do when she was walking home she got hungry and ate 1 fig fruit!Her mother was waiting for her outside Angelita ran to her….The mother asked her why are there twe fig fruits and not 3 Angelita said she got hungry so she ate one,Her mother said “It was ok” Angelita went inside and washed her hands in the kitchen her mother closed the window in front of the kitchen sink.Miguelito heard a scream and he went running inside and saw his mother washing he bloody hand with knife sticking out of her pocket,Miguelito just rubbed it off and asker where her sister was…his mother said ‘I have no idea she went out looking for u outside’…..Miguelito went outside calling her sisters name until she saw a piece of dark brown hair sticking out of the ground..miguelito was confused before he pulled the hair he heard a noise saying(SORRY ITS IN SPANISH EGLISH DOESNT MAKE TO MUCH SENSE)Hermanito Hermanito mi mama me amatado por comerme un higito…..Miguelito pulled his sisters head out of the ground he was in shock….His sisters head was singing the song…They say that if u go to a cemetary in mexico in the middle of the afternoon if u sing the song in spanish u see Angelita or u hear her sing it!!!(Thanks for reading hoped u guys really liked it)i will post more stories BUT IN ENGLISH! :O!

  • heres a story i wrote i got bored so yeah its called birthday girl!:jenna woke up earlier that day because she was excited that it was her fifteenth birthday she ran down the stairs hoping to find her favorite blueberry birthday waffles her mother always made for her on her birthday as expected she found a plate stacked high with blueberry waffles her stomache growled loudly so she hungerly began to eat away but this time it was a little diffrent there was also sausage at the side her mother never cooked sausage for breakfast she thaught it was very unhealthy but jenna didnt mind once she was finished she looked up at her mom who was still washing the dishes who still hadent even looked or said anything not even happy birthday she was a little upset thinking her mom had forgot her special day she went upstairs to pout as soon as she sat down her cell phone rang so she quickly dug around in her purse looking for her phone hoping it was one of her freinds calling to tell her happy birthday but she was shocked when she relized it was her mom calling when she awnsered her mom said happy birthday sweetie im sorry i couldnt spend time with you on your birthday but i had to go to work but i promise as soon as i get home we will go out to go do something fun oh yeah i almost forgot make sure your brother gets to his soccer practice ontime it starts in thirthy minutes well i have to go bye sweetie happy birthday jenna just sat there shocked who was the woman in her kitchen she got up and tiptoed down the stairs and peered around the kitchen doorway the women was still there washing the dishes she raced back up the stairs to her brothers room jeremy get up we got get out of her she said but she got back no reply she inched closer to her brothers bed and she was horrified to find her brother cut up in pieces there was blood everywhere she ran to her room crying and she quickly locked her bedroom door after her then dialed the police when they arrived they came in and arested the mental paitient disguised as her mother what he had been washing in the sink was a bloody butcher knife and the sausage jenna ate had turned out to be her brother jeremys flesh and meat she began to sob uncontrollably she ate her own brother! so comment and tell me what ya think

  • @nightmare_night were did your friend get the story from because I already read it but I don’t remember were, and still no new stories :(

  • The first and last ones are kind of sad to me. the first one definelty is, but the last one is… I don’t know. The boy dying at the young age, maybe. :'(

  • @imgianna. In the father in law when she poisons him he tells her that it was just like his wife used to make it. So basically the father in laws wife tried to poison him every day but he didn’t die.

    These stories are great. It was really sad when the boy gave up his giding place to save his friend.

  • glad everythings better :) and my bro…..HE IS PAYING….with his play station….which is currently in hiding :D
    and thanks guys for ur comments on my story if u hav any constructive criticism lemme know :)

  • @scary lady
    Nice story :D ugh, brothers can be douchebags – I could tell it wasn’t your comment as it was a different style :/

  • @brony4life ya sorry about all that! :) we cool?
    oh and guys I wrote a story! it’s kind of sad! @SFK I hope you like it! :)
                Friends Forever
       Maddie was three years old. She was a very creative little girl and was always getting into trouble. 

       Her mother, Nicole, was a troubled 19 year old girl. She had gotten pregnant at the age of 15 and gave birth at 16. She was abused as a child, and she was currently battling through a drug addiction.

         Nicole always neglected Maddie. Maddie would ask,”Mommy, will you play with me?” everyday. Nicole would just spit at her and called her names. Maddie started to make imaginary friends.

          “Mommy, Fredrick made tea!” Maddie said excitedly one day, holding a tea cup in one hand, and  Fredrick’s hand in the other. “Ugh,grow up already! Fredrick’s not real!” Nicole said, showing no interest in Maddie or her friends.

        Every day was the same thing, just a different friend. There was Amber, Mickayla, Samantha, Quince,Fredrick, and others she can’t even remember. Nicole became use to this, eventually.

        “Mommy,come play with me and Alani!” Maddie shouted one day joyfully. “No!” Nicole quickly screamed back. “Mommy!” Maddie was persistent. Nicole got up and grabbed her by the hair. She threw her into a chair.

        “There is no Alani! I’m not gonna play with you!” Nicole threw her back on the ground. Maddie was very upset. She had tears streaming down her face. She had cuts and bruises all over her face and arms.

        “It’s ok, Maddie.” said a comforting voice. “I’ll take care of it,” 

        Maddie smiled, and hugged Alani. “Thank you,”

        She walked into the living room where Nicole was watching TV. “Go away, brat!” Nicole screamed.

      “Alani doesn’t like how you treat me.” Maddie said. Nicole started floating, her face turned blue. “Alani, stop!” Maddie screamed. Nicole instantly fell to the ground. Nicole ran to the phone and called a priest to bless the house.

       “Alani, they’re gonna get rid of you,” Maddie cried. “We have to stay together!” 

       “I have an idea,” Alani whispered. The ghost took a knife and carved a message into Maddie’s arms. She bled to death. “Now we can be friends forever,”
    lesson learned: DON’T NEGLECT YOUR CHILDREN!

  • Here is a story that is true. My great grandmother told me it. I will be telling it in thrid person though . And i’ll chnage some names so I don’t give out my identy ;)
    The Ghost
    I was in the room with my mom. I was staring at the hall. It wasn’t something that I usally, did but I was just staring. Then I a lady came out of the restroom. She looked like my sister Anna. Long black hair , short . But I couldn’t really see her face.
    ” Hey Anna ! ” I said
    But she didn’t reply.
    ” Anna ? ” I yelled
    This time the lady walked into the living room.
    ” who were you talking to you honey ? ” my mother asked
    ” I saw Anna come out of the restroom, didn’t you see her ? I replied
    ” Anna is in her room sweetheart. ” my mother said
    Anna’s room was next to mine. I went next door and Anna was there.
    ” Hey Jenna ! ” she said
    ” Did you go to the restroom then walk into the living room ? ” I told her
    ” No I just woke up about a hour ago . ” she said
    ” Why do you want to know ? ” she asked
    ” Oh no reason bye .” i said
    I cloesd the door and thats when I realized I saw a ghost.
    Sorry if it was boring it’s not all true just the part of seeing the ghost haha. Sorry if it was short boring or whatever c:

  • Ohhh, great stories! The picture is so creepy, weird and funny…. I was sitting there thinking about the picture. Lol’ Trying to make since of it.

  • @Joslynviscious At first I didn’t get it but I realized that the taxi driver said she was wondering the EMPTY streets when the girl clearly stated that there were People on The streets

  • the taxi driver story made me so scared because i’m actually half Filippino :) and my grandmother said there were a lot of ghosts in the Philippines! :O

  • I need to live in that house…. It’s a six year old kid…. What harm could it do…?

  • I like it when SFK posts a bunch of short stories together. The fifth was my favorite. Dis the father in law get immune to poison or something?

  • The picture is weird, but the stories were awesome! However, when I read the one about the Father in Law:

    Me: *finished reading story and quietly slides the bowl of soup I was eating across the table*

  • the person in ‘raining day’ is weird and demented. well im demented as well bwahahahahahahahahahaha lol

  • The picture’s so cute and all the stories are so good and father in law was a bit creepy he eats poisoned soup?

  • Great stories I especially liked the one about the father in law lol XD, great stories SFK keep them up we love them :)

  • great assortment of stories!! Not just a random collection of gore, but good writing!

    thanks sfk!

  • the picture is flipping gross and flipppppping scaaaaaaaaaaary. lol i get scared way too easily

  • Awesome Stories! Each And Everyone A New Classic.Please Write More.We Can’t Get Enough.

  • @lovegettingfreakedout yea it reminds me of that movie also, I loved that movie xD

  • Jack in the Box doesnt actually match the story name. I dont actually get, Rainy Day. Why did the taxi driver save the person?

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