The Sleepover is a scary chain letter about a group of girls who have a slumber party that goes WAY wrong.


THIS IS SCARY!!!!! You can’t go back now.

There were five girls who were all friends and were members of a sleepover club. Every Saturday, they would have a slumber party at one of the girls’ houses.

One night, when the girls were having a sleepover, they heard loud noises and screaming outside. It seemed to be coming from the end of the street. They went down to find out what was happening. They learned that a woman had been murdered and the man who killed her was still on the loose.

They ran home as quickly as their legs would carry them. Terrified, they locked their windows and bolted their doors. Everything was quiet for a while, but then they started to hear weird noises coming from outside.

Their imaginations ran wild and they thought the killer was coming for them. Gripped by terror, they hid inside a closet and waited. They heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps kept getting closer and closer and the girls held their breath, afraid to make a sound.

Suddenly, the closet door was opened and a man stood there. The girls screamed and ran in different directions. Four of the girls went downstairs and locked the cellar door behind them. The man caught the fifth girl and took her into the bathroom, where he skinned her alive.

The bathroom was right above the cellar and the four girls were forced to listen as their friend was murdered. They listened to her scratching at the floor and calling their names, but they couldn’t do anything to help her. They heard her die that night.

In the morning, when the man had fled, the remaining girls came out of the cellar. When they went into the bathroom, they were confronted by a horrible sight. There, scratched into the wall, was a final message from their friend:

“How could you have let me die?”

With tears in their eyes, they looked up and saw her flesh dangling from the knife that had skinned her.

If you don’t share a link to this page, then the man will come and skin you alive too, because they haven’t caught him yet. And the girl will make sure you die, so she can pass on the tale.


  1. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Um, you guys know that scaryforkids said these are all fake, right? I mean, u ppl seem stressed

  2. bloodypup13 says

    ok, now i’m freaking out. i don’t have a phone or anything so i can’t send anybody anything!! Goodbye, world! :(

  3. death_angel says

    If that was my friend, I would have grabbed a weapon and try to defend my friend and kill the murderer.

  4. Gore_Juice says

    If I am one of her friends, I’ll surely do anything to help her. I will not just hide and listen, we’re four anyway, the killer is only one.. so yeah, her friends can manage to help her. LOL.

  5. Jeb says

    Yes. it is real. I have been skinned alive. twice. because I didn’t send it. I should have. but I didn’t. and now, I am dead. very dead. so dead, I can hardly type this. It sucks being skinned alive, I can’t eat pretzels anymore because they’re so salty and land on my open wounds. It makes me sad. so, now you know my own story. I am dead. As dead as dead can be. so… forward this to 10 people even though this isn’t an email, or I will come and… drip on you I guess?

  6. ScaryLollipop123 says

    wtf!!!i seriously just read a series of books called the sleepover club with five girls called fliss frankie kenny (laura mckenzie)Rosie and Lyndz look them up plllz im not lying!!!!btw they arent scary books theyre all only 10 (im 11) im soooo freakin scared!!!mayb the books will bring badd luck

  7. skylarfied says

    creepy, i’d hate to have to hear my friend be skinned alive or have my friend hear me being skinned alive….good thing these things are fake

  8. lovememore8 says

    When i got that letter sent to me on my email i forwarded it so fast! Was scared to death xD!

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