Six Murders

Six Murders is a scary ritual or paranormal curse from Japan. If this ritual is performed, it causes someone to die within six days. This ritual should never be performed under any circumstances.

Six Murders

The Six Murders ritual:

Warning: This is for the purposes of information only. You should never actually do the things described in this ritual.

Step 1: Find a lonely place where there is nobody around and you cannot be seen by anyone.

Step 2: Draw a circle on the ground with your finger. Take off your shoes and socks and stand barefoot in the middle of the circle.

Step 3: Prick the tip of your finger with a knife and let a drop of blood fall to the ground at your feet.

Step 4: Say the following in your mind: “One person is not enough. Two people are not enough. Three people are not enough. Four people are not enough. Five people are not enough. I want six.”

Step 5: Chop off your finger at the base.

Step 6: Bury your finger within the circle and leave. (When you leave, the first 6 steps you take must be in the direction you are facing. After that, you can go in whatever direction you like).

After this, the sixth person you encounter (in person or on the phone) will die within six days. Only the sixth person will die. No other people will be affected.

You must remain silent from the time you prick your finger until the time you encounter the sixth person. If you say even one word during this time, you will be the one who dies.

You must not be seen by anyone from the time you step into the circle until the time you step out. It is unknown what will happen if you are seen…


  1. Aesling says

    No way in hell am I doing this!!!
    With my luck it’ll probably be my best friend or me!!
    I’ll have lost my finger and be a flipping murderer wtf?!?!?!

  2. GemGem1234 says

    if this wants me to chop of my whole finger ill most likely faint before taking the sixth step from the bloody blood loss man

  3. Krae506 says

    Ha, no way in the heck of it i’m doing this. First off it’s killing someone, (and it’s a good chance of it being you) second off your loosing a finger, and its stupid. I rest my case.

  4. Mr.darkness says

    Never gonna happen.. I lov my finger <3.. I got an idea. What if we use fake finger :D XD

  5. JudgementEye says

    ok if I want to kill a random person I would Just make it like any damn horror movie!
    No way in hell I’m gonna chop my finger XD

  6. says

    When it said “chop off your finger” I was like Bruh… No way in Hell I’m going to do that!

  7. tousarentjustforchildren says

    *nervous sweat* what, I wouldn’t mutilate myself JUST to kill a random civilian and make sure no one knew it was me….

  8. CasHere says

    Dig up your finger afterwards and go to your doctor. If s/he asks you how you lost it, lie.

  9. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I am so doing this! *sarcastic tone* why the heck would I cut off my finger to kill a random person. Or anyone, if it was organized in a specific way…

  10. DatTitanBeColossalLike says

    HAHA I’M OUT!!! There is no way I would chop off my finger. Much less, cause someone to die!

  11. fear says

    I have tried this ritual I read it from a ritual b lol I saw my bully and then he died

  12. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Yeah don’t worry. not doing this. I’m not chopping off part of my finger to just possibly kill a stranger. Ha yeah right haha.

  13. evil-kittens says

    well im not sure if i want to do it but the death of my accounting teacher never hurt no one

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