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Sink Hole

The Sink Hole is a weird story about a gigantic, bottomless pit that appeared in a small town in Florida.

Sink Hole

It happened in a small town in Florida. It happened very suddenly. One night, while the residents were sleeping safely in their beds, a gigantic sink hole opened up in the center of town. The earth collapsed and the concrete fell away, leaving a gaping pit in the ground.

The next morning, the people in the town awoke to find the enormous sink hole. It was 100 feet wide and looked as if it was extremely deep.

One brave man stood at the edge of the hole and shouted, “Hey!” but there was no echo. Only silence.

A young boy picked up a handful of small stones and tossed them into the hole. He waited for the sound of the stones hitting the bottom of the hole, but it never came.

Later that day, a group of scientists arrived to examine the sink hole and find out what had caused it to appear. Despite conducting hundreds of tests, they left, baffled.

The national media descended on the small town, broadcasting footage of the hole on live TV. The newspaper headlines declared it the “never-ending hole” and the “bottomless pit”

A few days later, after all the fuss died down, some people found that the sink hole could be useful. They began to discard their garbage in the hole.

A lot of folks brought out trash cans and bags of rubbish and tossed them down the open shaft. Old sofas, refrigerators, mattresses, televisions and furniture were hauled out and dumped in the bottomless pit.

Men threw in photographs of their ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. Women threw in love letters from their ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends. Criminals used the hole to get rid of guns and knives that had been used in robberies, so the police couldn’t trace them.

There was a man who, unbeknownst to his neighbors, had murdered a little girl. Under cover of darkness, he dragged her corpse out to the sink hole and tossed her in.

A nuclear power plant decided to take advantage of the hole. They loaded up unmarked vans with nuclear waste and, over the course of a few days, all of it went into the sink hole.

It seemed as if everything people wanted to get rid of would be thrown down into the infinite blackness of the bottomless sink hole.

One day, a young boy was walking by the hole when he happened to hear something coming from the depths. It sounded like a man’s voice shouting, “Hey!”

A minute later, some small stones came flying out of the sink hole.


  • This is what we do to planet earth.

    Me: So did you learn your lesson😉?
    People: About what🧐🤔

  • After a long fall there is a really good trampoline waiting for ya awesome. Imma jump. What bout u

  • Its actually quite funny. The nuclear waste will come back to the surface. But even if the dead body bounces back to the surface, still it’s just a girls body. There is no way to prove who killed her. It could have been a black hole with very less mass or more probably a portal made by other intelligent creatures. If it was a portal made by the invading aliens or even made by scientist of some other race for the first time, imagine their surprise and disgust when they see stones, garbage, pics, a dead body and finally, NUCLEAR WASTE!!!

  • “Hey everyone! There’s a bottomless sink hole at the center of the town! Let’s throw things including NUCLEAR WASTES and wait until they’re flying out from the hole!” Sooooo clever…

  • That was nice, MrPsychokiller and Horror Head. And if someone fell down alive, would they come back dead or alive? It should be dead, right? And nice story too :)

  • The thing that gets me is how he says, A men murder a little girl, and dragged her body down to the sinkhole, but the neighbors didn’t know did he do it?

  • Wonderful! the hole is very amazing.. i mean now the things which has already thrown will come back:- dead bodies,furniture,tv,garbage etc.. omg

  • Amazing! So everythings gonna come back to them now! Even the echo, the stones, the trash, the letters, the guns, the knives, the dead body of the girl & even the nuclear wastes! :P :P :P

  • Ooh….. I get it!! At the start the guy yelled “hey!” into the whole and the girl threw the pebbles in and later they came back out……..
    Later all the other stuff will fly out…… Imagine a guy is just walking and all of a sudden a couch hits him in the head!!! Lol XD


    So wise…

  • QStarrDaze:
    If that were true, without a doubt would I jump in.
    You simply do not understand how much I long to fly.
    One does not simply WISH to fly…

  • Something like this happened in Guatemala in like 2007….. But it’s funny how rocks flew up from it.. It’s like the hunger games were something bounces back from this trench in the second book!!! I’m kinda obbssessed wit hunger games… Yep I’m done now

  • something tells me……………………. that guy who murdered that little girl is gonna be in real big trouble soon……….

  • So if someone were to jump in, a few days later they would know what it feels like to fly… Until they crash… Okay, test it on a cat, since they always land on their feet. :3

  • Hmmm.. So probably it’s like:
    1) So the “hey” was echoed back up returning all the stuff
    2) WHAT THE HECK?!??!?

  • Two theories:
    1. The echo rebounded and the gravity from the earth above the objects attracted them.
    2. It was a black hole portal (scientists were baffled.)

  • I don’t get it!!!! I wonder if it is like a thing that when you thrown stuff down it, it comes back up?!?! Somebody plz reply back

  • I can imagine a world pouring out from the sink hole…as it procedes to demolish ours. Couches, and debris from collapsed buildings. Household items and fish! It seems pretty devastating doesn’t it? If you imagine it, it looks kind of fun.
    If you actually think about it, it’s not so scary as it seems. All the objects will just go back down the sink hole because gravity from our side of the planet will push it all down. And the same thing happens at the other side of the pit, which is probably at the other side of the world. If you get a globe and you put Florida in the bottom, you will see that the other side would be on an ocean just to the bottom right of Africa. So once it reaches that side, gravity from that side of the planet will push it down to our side. And since the other side is in the middle of the ocean then all the water there will just sink in. Eventually, after so
    many ups and downs it will all just turn out to be some kind of ginormous water sprout. Kind of like a geyser. With pool temperature water. I would want to jump inside. It’s like a never ending water ride. Though you can get out if you want to.

    You just have to use your imagination…

  • “You get back what you give.” “What goes around, comes around.” “It’ll all come back to you in the end.” Does ANY of this ring a bell?

  • hahahaha XD
    More funny than it is scary. Yeah, are the knives gonna hit someone when they come out?

  • So the chemicals and garbage are gonna come back out causing pollution and the criminals are gonna get caught hahaha XD This is epic. :)

  • lol good story but my theory is all da flippin lazy people threw all of their **** in da hole and it all piled up so the man yelled out 2 da same boy dat threw da stones back at him. hope im right, plz explain sfk

  • Hey! Do you mind packing me a lifetime supply of food and waterand a video camera? Also, a helmet and a bullet proof vest and armor. I’m going down, and my ghost will levitate the camera back up so you can see what I’ll see.

  • here lemme just throwall my trash n stuff into this susicious dark continous hole

  • what if there was a man under the sink hole and they cant hear him because it’s too deep. So when they threw their garbage and stuff, the man used them to stand on and came higher and higher then he shouted Hey,…and threw the stones above……..

  • Oh, I get it, yeah, the hole was so deep it took a while for the echo to rebound and it did and so will everything else thrown inside, including the dead girl… Imagine this scene…
    Towns people watching the items fly back out again. Suddenly a body flies out, townspeople will be like “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” A mother will be like “No, its my daughter!” xD

  • Hey its nice! :O Then all the things they had thrown down would come out again! :OOOOO

  • no it was not endless pit because the man yelled out hey to hear an eco nothing happenthen and few days later he heared it so the hole mush be deeper than the marania trna

    or the hole is know spitting out everything that went inside owell i really like this story pleas epost more

  • lol the sink hole is like a portal, whatever you sent down there voice,rock etc. it will return in an unknown time, so whatever those people in the story had thrown, will come back to them including the nuclear waste, dead girl and wastes

  • Was there a man at the very bottom and when the little boy threw rocks they hit him on the head??? I dont know. I like the part when the murderer threw in the body!

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