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Silver Locket

The Silver Locket is a creepy, sad story from Japan about a young girl whose mother dies and leaves her a piece of jewelry as a keepsake.

Silver Locket

There was a Japanese girl named Ikumi who lost her father when she was very young. After he died, her mother was so devastated that she never remarried. The family did not have a lot of money, so Ikumi’s mother was forced to bring up her daughter alone. The poor woman had to work day and night to make ends meet and seldom had a chance to rest.

The mother sacrificed everything to earn enough money to send Ikumi to school. During the day she would wash clothes and clean houses. At night, she would sew clothes and make little trinkets to sell at the market. She wanted to make sure her daughter got a good education and wanted for nothing.

After a while, the days filled with back-breaking work and the sleepless nights started taking their toll on the mother and her health began to fail. One day, when Ikumi was in high school, her mother became seriously ill and collapsed on the floor.

The poor woman took the doctor’s advice and spent some time resting in bed. However, as soon as she felt a little bit better, she started working again. Her health got worse and worse and eventually, she was unable to get out of bed.

The mother knew that the end was near and she didn’t have long to live. While Ikumi was sitting at her bedside, her dying mother gestured to her to come close. The woman took a silver locket from beneath her pillow and placed it in Ikumi’s hand.

“Ikumi, I’m sorry,” said the mother. “From now on, you’re going to have to try and survive on your own. I know it’s going to be hard, so I want you to have this silver locket. If, one day, your life becomes intolerable and you find you can’t go on anymore, please open this locket.”

A short time afterwards, the mother slipped into a coma and died. Ikumi cherished the silver locket and never allowed it to be parted from her. She always wore it close to her heart and the only time she ever took it off was when she took bath. Whenever anyone asked her about the silver locket, Ikumi told them the story of her mother. Everyone felt sorry for the poor girl who was now an orphan.

One day, Ikumi went to the swimming pool with her friends. When they were putting on their bathing suits in the changing room, Ikumi took off her silver locket. Her friends were very curious and asked Ikumi to open the locket and show them what was inside. Ikumi refused at first, telling them that she had never opened the silver locket. However, the girl began to think that it had been a long time since the death of her mother. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to take a little peek. She decided to open it.

Inside the silver locket, there was a small, folded piece of paper.

“What?” sighed Ikumi. “Is that all?”

She couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. She took out the paper and unfolded it. Scrawled in shaky handwriting were the words, “Ikumi, Die!”

(What do you think about this story? Do you like it? What do you think it means? Can you think of a better ending?)


  • I agree with you @saliq. In this anime called Puella magi Madoka Magica, it says that if you make a wish, it would come true but in return, you would have to fight. In this case, ikumi’s mother had to fight through the tough times just to get money. But doing this in so, she started to fall into despair, eventually dying and turning evil by giving ikumi that little note saying ‘die ikumi’… 😔😔😔 it’s sad really, but I’m not sure if that was exactly what you said. But like Sayaka miki said ‘balance means good and bad have to zero each other out… For all the happiness you wish for someone, someone else gets cursed with equal misery’ WAAAAH!!! IT’S SO SAAAD!! 😭😭😭

  • Guys most of you are cursing the girl’s mother, but none of you realize that her mother always tried her best to take care of her daughter. Even when she got weak she still tried to work, just for her daughter. She suffered so much, so much trouble, sadness, pain, desperation, despair, knowing that things aren’t going to be good anytime soon. It breaks people and their will, guys. That women probably had felt like hell when she wrote that message, telling her most precious possession to die. I’m just commenting my opinion. No offense. :)

  • So then the mother wanted the daughter to die when life becomes intolerable because then she can go to heaven? I think so. And so they two can be together.
    But then, how about reincarnation? Japanese people believe in that right? What would it mean for the afterlife?
    Anyways, I feel very sorry for them. Her mother never deserved such a loss.

  • it said DIE because she opened it too soon. her mother told her to open it while she is going through tough times.

  • You should be encouraging your daughter to bear it all, and be strong and live through all the bad times. but no, you’d rather her die they way you did. you’re the best mother ever! *that was meant to be read with sarcasm, if you didn’t realize*

  • You don’t need to end your life just because your life is getting worst.. What are the use of those people who really cares for you?? And why would a mother wanted her daughter to die ??

  • The ending could be more suspicious if lkumi had died and her friends would read the note- i told u too open it only when times are hard .. XD

  • The mother wanted her to die when life get intolerable! So that she doesn’t have to bear the hard life.

  • The mom wanted her daughter the die cuz I didn’t get was something bad to happen when she opened the locket???

  • I have questions.
    1) Did her mother wrote this?
    2) Is she dead now?
    3) Can i go eat hamburger?
    4) THIS IS WEIRD!!
    5) Reply please..

  • @Scaryforkids I think you should have made her see something so horrorific that all she could do was lay down and die. Maybe like a really big, steaming pile of 💩.

  • @theawesomeness You are racist,there is nothing and I mean nothing wrong with any race at all,and what do u have against Asians!!!!You are suppose to love others not hate them just because of race and ethnicity!

  • @theawesomeness You are very rude, ever think about somebody else who has a locket with a deep meaning and whats the matter with Asian people? NOTHING!

  • i refuse to read this. reason one being lockets are freaky excuses for jewlery and reason two being Japanese people. Why don’t the women ever die. Heck, Every other girl in the world is more vulerable than the Asian ones. On camp Casey in Korea, the Asians at the school dominated the rest of us at everything.

  • An alternative ending could be: The girl opens the locket and finds three tiny medication capsules, and a piece of paper that says ” take all at once”. What the girl didnt know was that these were VERY strong sleeping pills. Ikumi thought they were NOT very strong pain killers or mustle relaxers. Ikumi’s friends all chanted at Ikumi “Take Them” Take Them”, Take Them. Ikumi took the pills and all her friends were surprised Ikumi swallowed the medication. Later on Ikumi’s friends walked home and Ikumi went to sleep REALLY early. In the morning she didn’t wake up……

  • So when life gets too hard she’s saying to kill yourself? Also,when she says “IKUMI,DIE!” does she kill her or is she just telling her to die?

  • I have a funny ending for it: (not sure if actually funny)

    As she opened the locket, she found a folded note,. As she opened it, it read “IKUMI, DIE!”. Then she accidentaly touched the edge of the paper and started bleeding. She soon died of blood loss.

  • what if a spring-loaded, poison covered,spike pops out and stabs her in the thumb?

  • I think the endin should be: ikumi opened the locket. She peered inside. She could see a small tiny folded paper. She carefully grasped the paper and, with the slightest hand, unfolded it. The paper contained a picture of her mother. She looked beautiful and young and healthy. She had the same comforting smile that she had, telling Ikumi it would be alright. She wore a gorgeous black dress with many intricate designs. Ikumi smiled and shed a tear remembering how much she loved her mother. Just then, she looked closer and more carefully at the picture and was filled with horror. She never returned to her friends and they soon became worried. When they approached where Ikumi had been before, the spotted the locket. It was opened and the same intricate picture lay above it. The same beautiful lady was laying there. Only, the beautiful face was Ikumi’s

  • Jeb: nice ending but not as sad as the original by the ways its ikumi not ikami LOL

  • i know if she is tired of suviving on her own then she can kill her self so she can be with her mom how sad and cute

  • this is how I would have ended it:
    As Ikami opened the locket, a small dart sprung from it, embedding itself in her neck. She collapsed. Her friends quietly approach her with bated breath. She has stopped breathing. One of her friends goes to pull out the dart, but cuts herself on the tip. She suddenly starts gagging before dying herself. the dart was poisoned. as the last friend backs away, she slips on a puddle, falling backward and breaking her skull. The spirit of Ikami has had her revenge.

  • Well….. coool :) But i don’t think she’s gonna suicide… maybe her mother’s gonna curse her and kill her!

  • it said ikumi die in case times were tough,so she wouldnt have to go through the whole process that her mother had to go through,so if she died,she would rest in peace…i think. am i right?

  • I think it should go like this:
    Ikumi opened the locket and looked inside her face drained of color and she dropped to the floor blood trickling from the ends of her fingers. Suddenly she started to twitch and gagged her eyes rolling back in her head. Ikumi then laid on the floor, silent, cold, and unmoving. One of her friends gingerly picked up the locket taking great care not to touch the edges when she inspected the inside of the locket she found small spikes coated in a potent toxin.
    The spikes were arranged in a peculiar formation when she turned it upside down she found 4 letters: L. O. V. E.

  • Yes her mother said to open the locket if life becomes intolerable and you find you can’t go on anymore.. :)

  • She basically is telling her daughter to kill herself, when life gets too hard.


  • she probably thought her mother was probably gettin a bit loopy when she became ill so she threw the note away and drowned in the pool

  • I think a good ending would be:

    Ikumi popped open the small locket. There was a tiny picture inside. Almost too small to make out. Ikumi leaned forward towards the locket, squinting her eyes as she tried to see the picture.
    Suddenly an invisible force pulled her forward, and a second later, she was gone.
    The open locket clattered quietly against the linoleum floor. A picture of Ikumi’s smiling face had appeared inside.

  • hiii guys i wrote a story wat do you think???
    srry if i spam on stories i rlly want it to be seen
                    Keep the Lights On
       There was a shuffling sound. Shelby’s closet door creaked open. ” Oh Dear God” she whispered. She was terrified of what would happen next.
           That’s when she woke up. She scrambled to the lamp. Light poured into the room. She jumped back into bed and sighed in relief.
          Shelby’s heart was still racing. “It’s ok. Just a dream. A really scary dream,” she would tell herself. She got a book and tried to get her mind off things.
         Suddenly the light went off.  The TV turned to static. Her eyes were still adjusting, but she was able to make out the outline of a disfigured man. “No,no, just,” Shelby suddenly blacked out.
        “I can’t remember anything after that,” Shelby told the man. She didn’t know where she was. Who the man was. She was completely lost.
         ”Well, here’s your room, your clothes. Now get some rest,” a plump lady told Shelby. Shelby looked at the dirt caked walls. The same words were written over and over. Keep the lights on, keep the lights on. Shelby ignored it and continued on to change her clothes.
         She went out to the recreation center with the other girls. “Hi, welcome to the asylum! Sorry, no way to make that sound good,”said a warm cheery voice. “I heard you have Selena’s old room. Did you hear what happened in there?”
     ”No, what happened?” Shelby asked. 
    “Just keep the lights on,” ssid the voice, suddenly changing tone.
      Shelby ignored the warning and went back to her room. She turned the light off and went to sleep. She heard the door creak open. She heard steps getting closer and closer to her bed. Shelby heard something. It was the warm voice.
           Shelby felt hands gently massaging her neck. Her grip tightened. “I said keep the lights on.”

  • and also ive got my own story……

    One Halloween night, a 16 year old girl named May and her friends, Irene, Kate, and Leslie, were out driving to a Halloween party outside of town. So, of course, they took the freeway. The car was slowing down, like it was running out of gas, but the meter said it was full. May and Leslie went to check out the engine. When they opened the hood, there was a hand. A lone bare, hand. They were so frightened they couldn’t scream. Leslie reached out to touch it then IT MOVED! This time they both screamed and Irene and Kate ran out the car screaming. They said there was a man with his flesh torn and a missing hand in the back seat. The girls ran and the car was chasing them slowly. May called the her parents and Irene called 911, on their cellular phones as they ran. But when the cops and May’s parents came, all four girls were soaking in blood. Not their own blood. The cops found a black gemstone, unidentified, in the driver’s seat — covered with blood. The girls went ahead to the party. The address was just a vacant lot but in that vacant lot were many bloody, black, unidentified gemstones.

  • i think the ending should be that she takes the locket off and puts it beside her bag someone walks by and likes the silver locket and steals it and when he or she opens it they instantly die then she walks over and finds the locket in his or her hand and finds a piece of paper and it says “ikumi protect me with all your life and when the times right i will give you 1 wish.wish wisely no fortune or fame no causings of death.p.s. your wish might not be what you want if you arent pecific.”

  • I get it, the mother wanted her to commit suicide so ikumi will no longer feel pain..
    but i think the ending should go like this:
    Ikumi opens the locket and finds a paper. When she unfolded it, there was a picture of her mother in a coffin. But when she looked closer, her mother’s face moved and looked at her.

  • I like this! But maybe if the girl drops dead as soon as she opens it, and then her friends read that the words inside say IKUMI DIE would be a little bit more suspenseful. Still a GREAT Story :)

  • She had the locked for a reason when she was to old and she knew she eventually would die, all she had to do was open the locket and read the paper.

  • I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! When her life becomes unbearablee open and she would die so she wouldnt have to worry

  • This isn’t really scary, but I like the ending. Ooh, betrayal! I bet Ikumi will be haunted by her mother now….

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