Silent Hill Room 304

Silent Hill Room 304 is a scary puzzle game to play online. It is a point and click adventure where you must walk around the eerie and deserted town of Silent Hill and look for answers to the mystery.

Hints in case you get stuck:

There is a key in the basement of the apartment building attached to a wire.
There’s another key in the hole in the wall of room 306.
Yet another key can be found in the toilet in the school bathroom.
The password for the computer is ? = : @
Click the lower right bush next to the crossroads in the woods to get the key to the cabin.
The safe combination is 3 5 1 9


  1. RingoClaret says

    for all people who get stuck in school, you must watch the video in principal office until you see the woman in the bathroom.

  2. Superhearts97 says

    I think my heart just stopped.. That creepy lady scared me to death! When I saw the static on the Servalience Cam I started thinkg “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” Lol.. Now THAT is a Scary Game!

  3. Gothic lolita says

    ok ok some one plz tell me were the family is first…. CANT FIND DEMMMMM

  4. mayaloveschoo says

    i just finished it… and i have no clue what happened. so adrian was like helping himself??? what??? i dont get it. my character is adrain…. all along? this doesnt make sense.

  5. autumnisscary says

    what happens when u look throught all the video in the princibles office?

  6. paranormaldalekfreak23 says

    that scarred me so much but i still cant find the family of the keys to doors can someone please help me!!!

  7. stonerman.exe says

    dont go in the wash room after you see the lady on the computer. but i dare you XD

  8. pinkKaygana says

    i just finished the game. turns out adrian was some weird insane dude all along…. oops sorry i spoiled the whole game for ya!!! but srsly, i didnt get the game; they never explained who the lady in the toilets or the weird pop up zombie was…

  9. pinkKaygana says

    im stuck when i get to the school. the cameras in the principals office dont show anything and they dont work, the dude’s family is nowhere to be seen, but they are obviously there when they dont let me leave the school until i check if they are there (which i already did). ANYONE HELP ME PLZ!?

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