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Severed Head

The Severed Head is a scary short story about a man who jumps in front of a train. The picture below is a Halloween prop. Looks pretty real, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s just a very expensive prop. If you want to buy it, it costs about $4,500.

Severed Head

Train Tracks

In Japan, a man was severely depressed and decided to kill himself. Out of his mind with despair, he went to a train station and waited for the train to arrive. Just before the train pulled into the station, the man jumped off the platform as the other commuters watched in horror.

The train ran over him, tearing him limb from limb. It was a terrible and gruesome death. The people standing on the platform covered their eyes, not wanting to witness the horrible sight. Pieces of the man’s body flew left and right. His severed head was thrown through the air and landed on the platform.

The other commuters opened their eyes and saw the severed head lying there. They stared at it in horror. Suddenly, the severed head’s eyes fluttered open. It’s mouth moved and it screamed “This is not a show!”

Modeling Competition

A few years ago, I got a letter in the mail. It said I had won a chance to compete in a modeling competition. When I told my Mom about it, she said I couldn’t go. I asked her why not and she told me a story about a girl who wanted to go to a modeling competition. Her parents told her not to go, but she went anyway and she never came back. Her parents reported her missing and people searched for her, but they couldn’t find her. Then, a week later, a box came to them in the mail. It contained the girl’s head wrapped in a plastic bag.

Roller Coaster

My grandmother told me a story about how she used to love riding on this old roller coaster as a child. It was seriously frightening just to be on this thing. There were no seat belts or restraints at all and it had these big wooden stabilizing beams that went over the tracks every so often, which were quite low. If you stood up, you could easily touch these beams as you passed by. Some stupid teenagers even made a game of standing up and hitting the wooden beams with their hands. It was late one evening when my grandmother got on the roller coaster. A group of drunken sailors got onto the ride with her. She sat in one of the carts at the back because she didn’t want to be near them. Just when the roller coaster reached the fastest point of the ride, one of the sailors decided to play a game of daredevil. He stood up to see if he could sit down before one of the beams hit him. He was decapitated and his head landed in my grandmother’s cart. She never rode a roller coaster again.


One high school had an old gymnasium where, late in the evening, students would sometimes report seeing what looked like a single, ghostly hand beckoning from the window. One student saw this hand beckoning to him and innocently walked into the gymnasium. The student went missing and the next day there were two hands beckoning from the gymnasium’s window.


  • In the last one, it says that she is in a cabin, then she is walking out of a tent, and then she is back in a cabin. O_o

  • Well I think that you story is great and when I make my story will you read it please and no mean comments please because I’m only a little girl x

  • @Kish who the freak are you?!?!?!?! I can’t find your comments anywhere on this story!

  • this is a true story.About 5 years ago two kids named Harold and Gabrielle were sitting down on a tree stump when suddenly a suspicious man in black came a forward.”dear Gabrielle and Harold.I have come to say that you need to stay away from this fested tree.You do not listen then you’ll suffer the consequences.”.The two kids said,”But why? This has been our favorite tree since we were 3!We have never done anything wrong.”The man looked at them like “creepy killer on the loose”.”You heard me.LEAVE this horrible place and never come back!!!!!.”.The man disappered out the thin air.Two days later the kids each recived a nicely rapped letter in their mailbox.They both oppened their letter and it said:TO THE TWO KIDS.I KNOW YOU KNOW ME BUT YOU CANT SEE ME.I WILL SEE YOU IN YOUR BEDROOM.TATA!!”They were both scared out of their witts.2 hours past and they went to bed.The next morning they were unable to get out off bed. Both their mothers went to their rooms to find that their children were slashed in their necks and their insides were spawled on the floor.THE END.


  • kish u are so awesome love your stories but anyways the one about the girl at the park is duhm how could you fall for your own story. IDIOTIC!!! oh and dude in the backseat of the car you rock they should’ve died.

  • Once, there was a girl named Jane. She was the prettiest girl in her town. Perfectly curled,blond hair,deep blue eyes and a perfectly shaped mouth and nose. But, she was the cruelest girl in school. She would bully and tease other kids. One day at school, she went to the bathroom to fix her hair. But, what she saw in the mirror was a terrifying sight. Her face was all torn up and blood was dripping down her face. All her bones were showing and all the veins. In the mirror,she sees behind her the wall. It says “One who will be selfish and mean, shall not look like a queen.” She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Then, a girl walked into the bathroom. When she saw Jane, she ran out and was screaming at the top of her lungs with fright. When the girl who was screaming came back with all the other kids and teachers. What they saw was the most gruesomest sight they had ever seen. Her body was mangled and all her body parts were twisted in odd angles. All over her body and face were the words she had seen on the wall. They looked like they had been scratched into her skin. Her face was the same exact thing she had seen in the mirror.
    Tell me what you think!

  • I have a scary story to tell.. it happend to me and btw its not really scary…

    One day i was riding in the car looking out the window. Which was something i liked doing on the way home from school. I saw a house that i never saw before. When i looked in the yard when we stopped at a red light i saw a kid. The Kid was clear looking sitting there. Looked liek she had no eyes. When i turned around for a secound when i looked back there was not trace of a kid sitting by the gate. There was no possible way she ran to her house that was far from were she was sitting…. Creepy right?

  • I don’t have my written story, but I have a weird ghosty experience that happened to me a few years ago. Okay so my house used to be owned by an old lady, she had millions of kitties and kept them in the room thats mine, and the lady got hit by a car outside the house. We also have the ashes of my great-grandfather in the living room and we have alot of my granny’s china and such in the kitchen. Well, my mom got this really really gruesome horror movie that I wanted to watch really bad, but every time we tried to play the dvd, it wouldn’t play. I finally got fed up and started throwing a little fit, then the movie started to play. While we were watching the movie, I noticed the knob on the surround sound control was turning back and forth and the volume kept changing. Then in the middle of the movie when I got freaked out, it automatically cut off. Then I went in my room to go to sleep, I felt a cat on my leg when I tried to sleep x.x we have no pets. ((GHOST KITTEH!!! XDD)) then in the morning my bed was shaking all over x.x it was so weird and it knocked me out of my bed

  • @ Xx Death Bolt Xx
    Probably green? Red? PINK??? Btw too bad for the experience u had… XD
    Ewwwwww look at that creepy picture…. look soo real!!! luv the story abt the girl who wrote a fake story… ^_^

  • lolz. “Suddenly, the severed head’s eyes fluttered open. It’s mouth moved and it screamed “This is not a show!”

  • Can everyone shut up about new stories, please? God, the guy who runs this site has a life too, you know. He can’t dedicate his life to this website.:eyeroll:
    Literature is art. Art can be pretty hard to create, especially if you’re dealing with problems in life, or simply have artist block… I could go on and on about this. Let’s just say that I draw, and I know the difficulites that come in Art.

  • No new stories yet..? Wow
    @horrorgirl… You can try guessing the colour of my hair if you or anyone else wants to?

  • Since Mr. Scary for kids isnt posting LET THE COMMENTS TAKE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One time I was at my house in MI and i had to use the toilet reeely bad. But i had a bad feeling about it. Since I didnt want to ruin my bladder i went. As fast as i could i peed. O_O why am i sharing this?!?

  • scary beary bloody mary They are based on the Demontors and Remus Lupin is m favorite character.

  • I have a story:
    There was once a girl named Bethany who was only nineteen. She married a handsome young man named William. For their honeymoon they decided to go to Wisconsin. So they bought their tickets and went to the airport. They were sitting in the plane a few hours later when Bethany had to go to the bathroom. So, she went in and did her business. Bethany was washing her hands as she looked into the mirror. Bethany was a girl to die for. She had perfect straight blond hair and warm blue eyes. In her reflection, to her horror, she saw an ugly scarred face and tangled black hair. Cold grey eyes were staring back at her. The face was bloody. Bethany opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came.

    Suddenly, the light went out and someone gave Bethany a hard shove.She fell on the ground screaming. Someone tied a rope around her neck in one swift movement. Bethany started choking. Finally, the light came back on. Bethany got up and quickly opened the tap. Instead of water, blood came pouring out. Bethany let out a shriek. Blood was all over her hands now! The thick red juicy blood had a strong rotting smell to it.

    Bethany couldn’t take it anymore. She banged on the door, trying to open it, when she realized all she had to do was unlock it. So she did. And it opened gently. She ran out screaming her head off to her husband. She explained everything. He got up, a worried expression on his face. He held out a bomb with a timer set on it. “Jump!” William said. Bethany saw that no one else was getting up. Whatever, she thought to herself, after all, I only want myself to be alive. “Where did you find that?” She shouted. “In your purse.” William lied. Bethany ran out and tried to open the door of the plane. “Bethany, I’m just kidding!” William tossed the fake bomb in his seat. “Oh baby, I’m sorry to give you such a scare!” William said. It was true, it was just a joke.

    Bethany hugged William. And then she stared behind him in horror. She couldn’t get words out of her mouth. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. Sweat was exploding on her forehead, a shiver ran down her spine. “W-W-i-l-l-i-a-m-m!” She finally managed to choke out. “What happened sweet-” A man sliced of his neck with a long silver blade.

    Bethany went mad. She went insane. She screamed then kicked the airplane door with all her might and jumped out, she killed herself as she landed. Her ghost roamed around looking for the killer and when she did she realized it was her boyfriend from when she was in high school, Jacob Makrylim. She killed him, chopping off his head like he did with William.

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    oh i started the whole feet licking conversation but it was getting out of control so we stopped talking about feet licking

  • We really need to be able to make friends on here… Thank goodness we quite talking about feet licking!!!

  • the dark figures remind me of Dementors off of Harry Potter since they u no had dark cloaks and things and they glided and i thnk tht head is real too. creepy. and the main story we were tlking bout ddnt made any sense. i loved the other storied tho. especially the stories of the comments. great stories i dnt thnk i ll be n bathrooms unelse i hve a person or animal with me

  • one time in the late 1800s after the death of casey jorden there was a string of mass murders the weird thing was the ones who where killed where all kids. The police were stumped about who had been killing all the young kids. Years after this all happened in 1905 the parents of the young children had recieved a letter in there mailboxes. It read If you want revenge for your childrens death come to the orchard and half past. The parents were creeped but they wanted revenge. At half past 12 they went to the middle of the orchard. There were 20 couples. They waited for an hour then they heard foot steps all around them. The next day the farmer was tending to his treess when he saw a gruesome site. All of the parents were hanging by there ankles from tree limbs. Decapitated. On The grass writted in There blood was the words Dont Believe Everything You Read. Next to it was the devils Monogram. A week later the dead adults friends recieved a letter in the mail. This is actually a true story and i think you know what happens to the friends

  • @horrorgirl- yeah, but where to start a convo? Hmmm
    @scarylover- thanks
    @Bettyqueenofscreams- Go ahead and tell your story. I can’t wait

  • These are good stories. I especially enjoyed the last one, the one of the couple and the car, and the girl who created her own story. When is a NEW post coming out, Scary For Kids? Don’t just give us links to things that have been posted years ago!

  • true horror girl and sorry i was being random i hope it didnt disturb you. We should just pick a story to comment on i guess. Here is my story. When i was 7-9 I went to a school in Flint MI called Madison Academy. There was a rummor that was spread about the school. You see it use to be an apple orchard, Heres the rumor. In the late 1800’s A little girl was sent to go pick apples she happily walked along the dirt road. When she got to the orchard she went to her favorite tree and started picking apples. She saw movment in the corner of her eye. But when she turned she saw nothing. She continued to pick the apples. When she heard a sound she began to get scared. She saw the movments again but before she could react somethin slit her wrist. The little girl staggered and fell. Crying when she saw dark figures. One of the figures grabbed her and tied her by her ankles. It hung her from a tree. Another figure sliced the girls head off. The mother got worried when her little girl didnt come back. She ran to the police station and reported her daughter missing. They got in the horse-drawn wagon and went to the orchard. What the police saw was horrifying. They told the mother her little girl had been killed. This rumor is true when you go in the bathroom you see the dark figures in the mirror. If you dont quickly say Casey help! The figures will kill you. Casey is the little girl. She also happens to be my great aunt

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  • i didnt really get scared at ANY of these. how much do they post in a week? these were so BORE-ING but Xx Death Bolt xX i <3 ur stories! now THAT is some scary/fun to read stuff

  • @Kish
    I love your comments…. huh…. so glad we stopped talking about feet licking, it was getting out of control… O.O

  • Heres a story I would like to share… Its not scary, but its true…
    A 16 year old teenage boy lived a normal life of growing up, partying with friends, going to school, etc. But what he loved best was his faithful dog who he called Rocky. One day, in the year 2010, the boy just got home from a friend’s party. It was 11:30am, and feeling tired and sleepy, the boy decided to go to bed right away…
    Suddenly, the boy is awaken by the howling of a dog. Looking at the time, the boy saw that it was 12 midnight. He looked out of his window, thinking that Rocky may have hurt himself. But Rocky was asleep in his kennel not far from the window. He was about to go to bed again, when suddenly a movement caught his eye…
    The movement came from the garage, which the boy could see quite clearly. Struggling to figure out what caused the movement, the boy heard the nearby dogs howling again. When he looked at the garage alittle harder, he could just make out the shape of a person. A shadow perharps. Thinking it was a thief, the boy prepared to go outside, he grabbed a nearby hockey stick which would come in use incase of violence…
    For the last time, the boy looked out of the window again. He saw the shadow move alittle, then it slowly began to glide above the ground. Yes, it glided! The figure was black, a horrible black color unlike he had ever seen before. It wore a hood over its face such that you couldn’t see any part of the face. It seemed to be wearing a long black cloak because its hands and legs were not visible either…
    As the dark figure passed the kennel, Rocky wimpered and didn’t come out. This was rather strange because the dog was an extremely vicious and most feared dog in the neighbourhood. The boy just stood there shocked, not daring to move least the figure saw him.
    The dark figure passed the room window, and the boy felt a rush of wierd feelings such as scared, excited and cold. Rocky remained in its kennel and the dark figure moved around the house 3 times, gliding because the footsteps were not heard. After that it disappeared and was never seen again…
    What the boy saw that day is truly a mystery. The possible solution is that it was a Ghost. An extremely unearthly black Ghost. Nobody would believe the boy if he told anyone so he kept everything to himself.
    The boy will never forget that night, the time a dog and a boy were the only witnesses to see a Black Ghost…
    That boy is me…

  • The highschool one and the one with the married couple and the angry ghost boy were my favourites n_n The rest were…just meh to me.

  • Holy severed head, that looks so real! I hope you are positive that, thats fake…
    The story where the girl posts her scary story and it comes real kinda scares you, doesn’t it?(@the sight owner). Watch out buddy, now you don’t want any of these stories coming true, do you? XD.
    The story of the couple made me lol… I love these…
    By the way, you sure the head is a fake? I had a friend who looked like that went missing a few years ago.,. XD. Jokes, jokes…

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