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Secret Admirer

The Secret Admirer is a creepy story about a girl who keeps finding notes and presents in her school locker. It was written by hikerpiker64 (with a little help from me).

The Secret Admirer

It was a normal day at school. A teenage girl named Katie opened her locker, and was shocked to find a single red rose lying inside. Beneath it was a note that read: “From your secret admirer”. She was very excited because she had never had a boyfriend before. Now, a mysterious someone had taken a liking to her. The girl’s heart was bursting with joy!

Every day, when she checked her locker, she found something new inside. Some days, it was a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, other days it was a love poem or a romantic letter. After about a month, Katie was dying to know who her secret admirer was.

One afternoon, she left a note in her locker that read. “Can we meet in the lunchroom tomorrow? I’m curious about who you are. Yes or no, please tick one.”

The next morning, when she opened her locker, she looked at the note and found that her secret admirer had ticked “No”. Beneath that, he had written, “I am sorry, my sweet love, but I cannot take the risk of revealing myself in front of the whole school. However, I shall meet you in a more private venue. You will see me in your house tonight.”

Katie felt as if there were butterflies in her stomach. She was thrilled, but also a little nervous. Her parents were scheduled to go out for dinner that very night. She would be all alone in the house when her secret admirer came to call. She decided to ask her best friend, Alison, to come over and keep her company.

After school, Katie went straight home and started getting ready. Shortly after her parents left the house, Alison arrived at the front door. Katie was getting ready for her date and Alison helped the excited girl style her hair, paint her nails and apply her makeup. They waited patiently for the doorbell to ring. After a few hours, they began to wonder if the secret admirer was ever going to show up.

The girls grew impatient and watched a movie to take their minds off it. As the clock struck midnight, Katie had given up on ever seeing her prince charming. Alison told her friend that she was tired and would have to go home. Katie said goodbye to her at the door, then went upstairs to get dressed for bed.

Just as she was drifting off to sleep, she thought she heard a noise downstairs. She assumed it was just her parents coming home early. The next thing, she heard was the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Then, her bedroom door creaked open and there, in the moonlight, stood a handsome teenage boy.

“Hi Katie,” he said as a smile spread across his face. “I was your secret admirer.”

Katie sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. The handsome boy walked over to her bedside and embraced her, his hands tightly clutching her shoulders. His cheek rubbed against her face and she could feel his hot breath on her neck.

He softly whispered in her ear, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have fallen in love with someone else.”

Before she had time to react, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down and saw that the boy had stabbed her with a knife. As blood dribbled out of her mouth, she collapsed on the bed and struggled to breathe.

“I’m sorry,” said the boy. “You were number three. But, it’s time for me to move on to number four.”

Then, he reached out and pulled the knife from her chest. The life ebbed from her veins and a pool of red spread out across her bedsheets. Katie tried to speak, but all that came out was a gurgle.

“Goodbye, my love,” said the boy as her quietly left her bedroom and escaped into the darkness.

When Katie’s parents came home, they found their daughter lying dead in her room. The father and mother began screaming and crying. Their only daughter had been brutally murdered. Her sheets were covered in blood and a single red rose had been placed between her teeth.

A month later, Alison was back at school. It had taken her a long time to recover from the murder of her best friend. When she opened her locker, she was shocked to find a single red rose lying inside. Beneath it was a note that read, “From your secret admirer…”

(Hey, everyone! I love all your stories! Can you guys give me some feedback on my story, “Secret Admirer” so I can make it better? Thanks! Keep up the good writing guys!)


  • I liked how at the end he friend gets the rose… I wonder is she believes him too and the best friends live up in heaven…

  • Wow! It’s been almost 3 years since I wrote this… crazy. I would say I definitely matured in that time period. :) Anyone still on? If you want to catch up or anything, DM me on my instagram! @_motley_crue_ P.S. To the last commenter, I wrote this story.


  • AMAZING! I’m 11 and I love to write too, could I submit send you something? also if its ok how about posting “cupcakes” by sergeant sprinkles? ty :)

  • That was great!! What a fantastic love story. Lol’ I loved it though. And she wasn’t brutally murdered she was… Romantically murdered… I guess? Lol, okay forget I even said that. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • i came up with this story c:
    Winter Break

    It was a couple of days before Christmas. Jackie’s parents went out for dinner them two alone. They said she had to take care of her younger sister Victoria and younger brother Michael. Victoia was just only 6 months old and her brother was 7 and Jackie was 14. Her parents trusted her. So when they left Jackie went on the computer to look up some gifts for her brother and sister. Jackie’s friend Emily called her they talked and talked and talked. Jackie heard a noise so she told Emily she had to go and checked on her brother and sister.

    ” What are you doing ? ” Jackie asked her brother
    ” Nothing Jackie . ” said Michael
    ” Okay are you hungry ? ” Jackie asked
    ” Yeah , I am ” Michael replied

    Jackie went to the kitchen she warmed up leftovers from yesterday and gave it to her brother. She fed Victoria some gerber. After they were done eating, Michael said he was bored so she put on Spongebob for him in the living room. She put Victoira in her room and she fell sound asleep. The phone rang …

    ” Hello ? ” said Jackie
    ” Hi darling it’s your mom hows everything going ? ” her mom asked
    ” Everything going fine Michael is watching T.V and Victoria is asleep ” she repiled
    ” Good , good , good me and your father heard on the radio that there was a serial killer on the loose in our area ” she said
    ” Um okay mom I’ll make sure that the windows and doors are locked . ” she replied
    ” Okay well bye i love you ” her mother said
    ” i love you too , bye ”
    jackie hung up she made sure that all the windows are doors were locked. When she went in Vicotira’s room her window was open she closed it and locked it. ” she went downstairs her little brother siad he heard a noise she checked the house nobody was there. She put him in his room and he fell asleep. The phone rang again

    ” Hello ? ” she said
    all she heard was breathing in the phone
    ” Hello !? ” she asked one more time
    still breathing
    ” whatever jerk ” then she hung up .
    She watched some t.v then she heard noises she went upstairs she had a feeling she was being watched. Her brother and sister were asleep. She wne tdownstairs and watched more t.v then the was ringing

    ” Hello ” she said
    ” Um hello ?! ” she said one more time
    ” Look if you call me one more time I’m calling the cops ! ” then she hung up
    She felt scared as if someone was watching her
    The phone rang again
    ” Hello ? ”
    she dialled 911
    ” Hello this is 911 whats your emergancy ? ” the opertator asked
    ” Hello someone keeps on calling me on my house phone they’re saying nothing just breathing ” she said
    I’m sorry ma’am theres nothing we can do for that. the operator replied
    Can you guys trace the number for me ? she asked
    Sure but it’ll take us about 10 to 20 minutes whats your name. they operator replied
    my name is JAckie and thanks . then Jackie hung up
    The phone rang again
    ” hello ?! ” she cried
    ” what do you want from me ?! ” she screamed
    more breathing
    ” Look i called the cops just leave me alone ! ” she hung up and cried
    phone rang again
    ” LOOK JACKAS- ” she said
    ” Jackie get out of your house the person who was calling you is in your house
    She dropped the phone she ran up stairs and something grabbed her he cut her stomach she grabbed a lamp and hit him in the head he fell down stairs. She grabbed her baby sister and her brother when they went down stairs he was gone. the police came to arrest the guy. But they never found him.
    Sorry if my story was to short or too long or boring. sorry for typos and everything like that. SFK is=f you liked it PLEASE put it on your website. I’m pretty sure my story sucked though >.<

  • those jokes are not too old for hiker piker seriously he is digging the jokes right hiker piker

  • How are we to know that bertha liked the man too
    I will make a riddle then
    my was 6 afraid of 7 ???

  • THE ANSWER TO THE RIDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow guys, great answers, you guys are really smart. OK let me explain.
    @Rage-Man99 = Martha meets the man but Bertha dies. Bertha had no idea about the man. Make sense? (same to @dressRus)
    @Banana phone = Wow you were good ha ha. Loved the answer. Well first of all, yes he did kill the mother but he did not kill Bertha. Second, you are right, Bertha didn’t know about the man, as I stated before. Great theory!!!!
    @Rage-Man99, again lol = it may be over the top, but it does make sense though lol.
    THE REAL ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He was a killer, but he only killed the mom. Im not sure how, it didn’t say so. But he didn’t kill Bertha, Martha did. You see, Martha fell for the guy but she noticed her sister Bertha was as well. Martha wanted him for herself so she killed her own sister (Bertha). Is it understandable, if it isn’t please let me know so i can further explain (.^_^.)

  • @Banana phone(My brother) That answer seems a little over the top. Why would the strange man kill the mother and Bertha? I know my answer is incorrect though :P

  • @BieberzMyne the answer is martha kills bertha cuz the first time she met the man she fell in love with at first site was at a blood relatives funeral, bertha is a blood relative too. i know this is a phycopath test but no sadly i am not a phycopath it took me some time to figure it out i had done it with some hints from my therapist, first i figured out that martha killed bertha but then i needed to find out the reason why, when i found out why my therapist mark told me i had passed and wasnt a phycopath, because a phycopath or someone who thinks like one would of figured it out right away. @Rage-Man99 and dressRus u got confused on who was who, @Banana phone u got closer but the strange man didnt have really any motive to kill bertha and her mother, so BieberzMyne u dont have to comment bak because i know i am right. thank u and good night

  • the strange man killed his mother next killed bertha and now martha is next to die quite like secret admirer which is on this page BTW it was Bertha that died not Martha and bertha knew nothing about the strange man martha was the one who loved the strange man so bertha couldnt of died of heart break or depression :) is that right Beiberzmyne please comment on my theory

  • @Bieberzmyne… She got depressed because she didn’t find the guy she fell in love with then she killed herself :P am I right?


    There are two sisters (not identical and yes blood related); let’s call them Martha and Bertha. Martha is older than Bertha. They are at their mother’s funeral when Martha see’s a man whom she falls in love with at first sight. After, she tries to look for this strange man and asks everybody about him but gets nowhere. 6 months of tedious searching she gives up and then 2 months after, Bertha dies. Why is Bertha dead?

  • Thanks hikerpiker64! Anyway, nice story!! It’s freaking UN-typical & UNiqueeeeee!! :”> LOL. Math was so easy :)))

  • Thanks Banana Phone! I actually want to be an author! I usually write comedies though.

  • AWESOME STORY best one I have read in ages hikerpiker64 you should be an author when you grow up lol now alison is gonna catch the secret admirer in her house

  • Hahahaha!! Niceeeee!!! Hope me all the luck fellas! So it’s July 11, we will have our mastery test TOMORROOOOOOOOWWW!! (If you wonder why, i’m from the Philippines)

  • @lacole luv99
    The first thing I thought of was my bloody valentine seeing that picture, so I think it is.

  • If I had but an hour of love, If that be all that is given me, An hour of love upon this earth, I would give my love to thee :D

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