Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a sad ghost story about a girl who sees a mysterious young couple when she is walking on a beach at night.

Scuba Diving

This is a ghost story that my sister experienced. It’s a sad story rather than a scary story. My sister and her friend went on a trip to the seaside. One night, they were strolling along the beach when my sister noticed a young couple walking ahead of them. The couple seemed to be deep in conversation. My sister was trying hard to listen and eventually, she heard what they were saying to each other.

Girl: “I’m sorry…”
Boy: “It’s OK. I don’t mind.”
Girl: “But… It’s all my fault.”
Boy: “Don’t say that. It’s not your fault…”

It was a strange conversation. It seemed like the type of conversation a boyfriend and girlfriend would have after a fight. Because the conversation wasn’t particularly interesting, my sister stopped listening after a while. She was gazing out to sea, watching the sun setting, and when she looked back, she noticed that the young couple had vanished. The beach was long and flat and there were no rocks or sand dunes. There was no place for them to hide. It was as if the boyfriend and girlfriend had disappeared into thin air.

My sister asked her friend, “Where did they go?”

“Huh? Who?” her friend asked.

“The couple that were walking in front of us,” my sister said.

“There wasn’t anyone in front of us,” her friend replied. “We’ve been alone on the beach the whole time.”

My sister got frightened and tried to tell herself that it was just her imagination playing tricks on her. However, she couldn’t get the mysterious couple out of her mind.

Later, when they returned to the hotel, they decided to have dinner in the restaurant. The owner was there, chatting and drinking wine with the other guests. My sister overheard him talking about two ghosts who were said to appear on the beach. As soon as she heard that, my sister rushed over and asked him to tell her the story.

The owner said that, years ago, there had been a young couple who were staying in the hotel. One bright, sunny day, they decided to go scuba diving near the rocks. At first, they were having fun, but towards the end of the dive, the girl ran into trouble. The oxygen tank she was wearing on her back got caught in the rocks and she couldn’t free herself. She began to panic.

Her boyfriend noticed that she was in distress and immediately swam over to help her. However, the tank was jammed tightly between two rocks and it was impossible to pry it loose. He desperately tried to undo the straps on the oxygen tank, so he could free the girl, but those were tangled as well. It was impossible to free her.
The oxygen was running out and there was no time to go for help. The girl waited for death with the few minutes of remaining oxygen. The boyfriend couldn’t bear to leave her. He stayed with her until his oxygen ran out as well and they died in each others arms.

My sister cried so much when she heard that story.


  1. Sikci Ghoul says

    plus there were only a couple of minutes left in the tank, it would take too long to untangle and get unstuck

  2. Sikci Ghoul says

    What part do you not understand about he being STUCK and her tubes being TANGLED?

  3. reppir666 says

    The boyfriend is an idiot..he could’ve free the girl from the scuba tank and swam up together and take turn to inhale oxygen..instead he thought of dying together. This story sucks!

  4. SweetBlood says

    it didn’t make me cry because it’s only a short story and it is detailed but not that emotive. It was great though! is this a true story by the way? I think it is

  5. HorrorFanGirl says

    when i first read this i thought it was gonna be like any other. But that kinda made me tear up- i’m not into romance/sad stories but this was short, simple yet heart saddening. 8/10 oxygen tanks<3

  6. jenn3985 says

    I Just Thought Of Taylor Swift’s Song “Love Story” This Whole Time Lol.

  7. Anonymous says

    But…how could it be impossible to remove the oxygen tank….???
    The way it got stuck there…. In the Same way it can be removed.

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