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School Principal

The School Principal is a scary story about a young girl who is in class when her teacher comes in with some shocking news.

School Principal

My name is Sofia and this happened a long time ago when I was 10 years old and still in elementary school. It was the end of the lunch break and I was sitting in the classroom, chatting to my friends. Our teacher came in and walked straight over to me. Her face was pale and serious.

“Sofia,” she said. “I have some bad news. Just stay calm and listen. Your mother was in an accident at work. Get your things together and go to the principal’s office.”

I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to think. My friends gathered around me and tried to console me. In a daze, I packed my schoolbooks into my bag and headed out the door. The school principal was waiting for me in his office.

“I just got off the phone with your father,” he said. “He told me your mother was badly injured. He’s rushing to the hospital right now and he wants to pick you up on the way. You have to wait for him outside the school gates and he will collect you. Now, hurry along.”

The principal looked at his watch.

“But, Sir…” I said.

“No buts,” snapped the principal. “Go out and wait for him.”

“But, Sir…”

“Young lady!” said the principal impatiently. “Why are you still standing around?”

“But, Sir… I don’t have a father…” I said. “We’re a single parent family. My dad died when I was a baby…”

The principal’s jaw dropped.

After that, there was a big uproar. My mother wasn’t injured at all. She came down to the school and complained. The police were called. Nobody was allowed to walk home alone. Parents started picking their kids up from school, just to make sure they were safe.

To this day, I still don’t know who the mysterious man on the phone was and what he planned to do with me if he managed to get me in his clutches.


  • SFK, I think you are being unfair by insulting gangofghouls…it’s not good….we respect you for your good stories but if you do such things…then we will be forced to leave your site….don’t mind my words but i am in support of gangofghouls… And, another thing…when xx scaryboy xx wrote something that insults mewmewkitteh…and gangofghouls is just supporting mewmewkitteh then why are you insulting gangofghouls in such a trivial matter instead of xx scaryboy xx? xx scaryboy xx is the one needed to be treated harshly…

    Scaryforkids says: It wasn’t a big deal. gangofghouls left a comment trying to impersonate me and make it look like I was agreeing with him/her. I deleted the comment and warned him/her not to impersonate me or he/she would get banned. That’s all.

  • hey sfk, gangofghouls didn’t do anything wrong, he/she was trying to stick up for MewmewKitteh

  • First I thought the principal was the bad guy. Great story, but who was the caller? 9 out of 10 phone calls.

  • Whoa sfk, im a little confused… What did gangofghouls do wrong? He was just sticking up for somebody

  • This story is really good! It’s not scary itself, but the fact of what could’ve happened. What a great idea for a story!

  • @xx scaryboy xx hey,dont just insult the story of MewmewKitteh…..he/she didn’t write the full story and just written the half and asked for anyone who could complete the story… just can’t insult anyone…

    Scaryforkids says: gangsofghouls, do not try to impersonate me. If you do it again, you will get yourself banned.

  • @MEWMEWKITTEH,excellent, wondeful, great job, too good, the story u wrote above is the best story i have ever read on scaryforkids! Where did u got this humour!!
    But now after reading ur story…..I WANT TO CHEW MY OWN LEG OFF!!
    XD XD XD XD :D
    so plz allow me to keep both of ma legs, and please DON’T WRITE ANY MORE STORIES :D
    if i read another one of ur story i’ll surely commit suicide :'(

  • When I was reading the story I looked and I was support to be he third to comment anyway the story was great so who was the guy some weird guy who knew about her.

  • I have a new story :3
    I know I’m supposed to post it in Tell Me Your Story,but I’m to lazy to go find that section :I
    Bffs Forever
    Anabeth rushed into class with her best friend Sandra.Sandra and Anabeth were talking about the new boy at school and how they thought he was so cute.The two girls were your typical boy crazy teen girls,who loved to shop till they drop,and gossip non stop.
    Anabeth said she was going to ask him out for some Froyo tomorrow afternoon,but Sandra said that she should wait awhile until he is a bit more comfortable at his new school.
    Randy was a unique boy.He loved to read,paint,and play sports.He transferred from Valeria High to South Valeria High in the middle of the year,so he didn’t make to many friends.Randy always wore his pitch black hair slicked back and wore neat and proper clothes.

    Sadly this is all I have so far D: Maybe someone could help me with what a have and turn it into their own story?If so,please give me some credit :D

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