Scary Yahoo Prank

Here’s the great Scary Yahoo Prank that you can use to scare your friends. Send them the link or open the page up in full screen and tell them to use the search engine. For best results, tell them to type something into Yahoo and click Search. They’ll get a scary surprise. Click on the picture below to open the Yahoo prank in a new window.

Scary Yahoo Prank


  1. BloodyKillers says

    Oooohhh God! I thought the prank was only the shaking & the writing that ‘Die, you will Die…’ BUT pop up?? It scared the hell out of me cuz the volume was in 100%. :P :P

  2. bullies are losers says

    i wrote you are gonna die and ot worked it showed something like you are gonna die LOOOOl

  3. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    You know, all the “results” are true (on the fake search engine). Everyone dies at some point. LOL

  4. LovelyEmblem3 says

    Haha I first I was like what You’re Going To Die then the picture came out lol not so scary

  5. 12345juliana says

    why would you guys do it on your parents you now they can have a HEART ATTACK or somthing!

  6. a unicorn in space says

    i was on my bed when i did this, and now i need to find a mirror to see if i have a baseball sized bump

  7. ScaryStorieaTeller8700 says

    i did it to my sister and she fell on her butt and cried all night longggggggggggggggggg

  8. furrykinz2234 says

    i tried it and i fell out my chair the vid dont work so idk what to use so ya i tried it …XD i fell out my chair and my butt hurts

  9. nightmares4545 says

    that is scary, im going to use that one on all my friends,
    but mostly on my mom and dad.

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